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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in millbrae, have you seen the cost of gas? you probably paid it. guess what? it's going to go up a lot more. i'll tell you how and why. >> also this morning, a bay area man among 45 people killed in the crash of a russian airliner. >> a new report out that california is leading in cyber crime. number one target is smart phones. >> i'm mike nicco. live look at clear skies over san francisco. we have clouds along the coast. how those will lead to cooling over the weekend. >> good morning, i'm frances dinglasan. traffic is light right now. there is an accident i'll tell but on southbound 101. look out for major road work in the south bay. details coming up. >> eric: good morning. 4:30 on this friday. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze.
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brace yourself for another jump in gas prices, but what s aggravating about this prices are dropping throughout the rest of the country but only californians are paying more. terry mcsweeney is live in millbrae to explain why we're being single had out here. >> the price of regular gas has gone up 16 cents over the past week. it's going to go up more than that, 20 cents or more over the next few days. take a look at some people who were filling up in the good old days when it was far more reasonable. the problem is refineries that makes the special clean burning gas are down. our media partner says only a few refineries make the blend and according to analysts there have been a number of refinery
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outages. they say three of five refineries are down. another in washington state is also down. that one could be back up next week. a glimmer of hope there. take a look at some stats. aaa says the average gallon of gas in california, $4.25 today. it was 4.21 yesterday. it was $4 ten-14 days ago. amazing -- san francisco 4.33 a gallon. oakland, $4.26 per gallon of regular gas. that could jump 20 cents per gallon over the next few days. all time high was back in 2008. we're getting close to that $4.60 all-time record. the good news is it's not going to happen is in the next few days but after the next few days the prices should come back down
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after the refineries reopen. we're going to show you, we went over the hundred dollar mark. it is kind of neat to say as long as you don't have to pay it. >> eric: gas prices, the economy is among the biggest challenge that obama faces. the poll shows 65% of americans now disapprove of the way the president is handling gas prices up from 58% in february. 52% don't like the way he is handling the economy. it's about even in february. he will turn his teongs tension to the economy today when he goes to nevada. it has the highest unemployment in the nation. >> kristen: in eastern contra costa family is awaiting word on the loved ones body this morning. an oakley man was one of
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passengers who perished when a russian airliner crashed. >> its grim task. >> it's on almost a vertical steep side of a volcano but searchers have found ten or 12 bodies, all 45 people on board were dead. peter adler from oakley he was is had on come home after wednesday flight. as of last night his family didn't know if his was one of bodies recovered. among had dead are pilots and technicians from france. adler was only american. we spoke with his son who would be celebrating his 18th birthday tomorrow. the family is concentrating on peter home. >> you can't get the answer you wanted right away. it's definitely hard and waiting
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hoping for answers. i would like to know more about what happened on the flight itself. >> reporter: russia's prime minister say the crash may have been caused by human error but it is still under investigation. the super jet was on a demonstration flight for potential buyers from indonesia airlines. it was russia's new model since the fall of the soviet union two decades ago. >> eric: u.c. berkeley police say they are taking tougher measures to can you tell off occupy protestors. they are no longer allowing people to enter the area but anybody inside is able to leave. last night we saw people climbing over the fence to get back in. about ten frevts remain inside the camp. university says they are ready to try any means necessary to clear the demonstrators by mid may so researchers can begin
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their work in june. amy hollyfield will be live at the scene with an update for you at 5:00 a.m.. >> they may have derailed an elaborate scheme to defraud elderly chinese women. they detained six people at san francisco airport. they went to question them as part of an investigation that has been ongoing in march. in april they released sketches of six suspects as described as cantonese women in their 40s when approached the victims and convinced them to give their jewelry for purification. they say the suspects have gotten hundred thousand dollars worth by april. victims paid between $2,000 and $10,000 for jewelry only worth about $10. inspectors are not saying whether the women they questioned are still in custody. >> teachers plan to announce
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their results of their strike authorization vote this afternoon. teachers cast their ballots yesterday they are facing salary and benefit cuts over the next two years. union contracted expires next month and initiations have stalled. meantime, officials are planning to issue 218 layoff notices by next week's state mandated deadline. >> a report ironed by the internet crime complaint center shows california leads the nation in cyber crime. it has been around for a years. the new trend for scam artists is smart phones. they topped 314,000 complaints nationwide last year. california posted the highest total of internet crime cases with more 34,000 followed by florida and texas. nationwide the average victim filed a complaint was duped out of more than $4,000.
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they include scams from phony job schemes and identity thefts. >> eric: it's almost friday zbloors we have mother's day forecast. >> good morning to you. let's get you out the door and see a few high clouds coming in. few low clouds along the coast but high pressure will dominate our coast. at 8:00 temperatures much like they are right now. mid 40s up in the north bay valleys with mid-50s for the rest of us. as we head towards noon, watch the clouds evaporate. mid to upper 60s around san rafael. 72 in oakland and upper 70s to low 80s. it will very warm away from the coast. 4:00, look at the warm weather inland. we have mid-80s in the east bay valleys. low 80s in the south bay. upper 70s in the north bay.
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80s around the bay like palo alto. then for your evening plans, you may want to grab a light coat. 62 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. low to mid-70s for the rest of bayshore into the south bay and mid to upper 70s as you head inland. don't forget the pollen will be high again today. we have warmer weather tomorrow. slight cooling trend with extra clouds for sunday. coolest weather will be at the coast and then another warming trend for tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. south 101 near south san francisco, actually on the shoulder but a chp at the scene. that should be clearing shortly. traveling is flowing well on the peninsula. major road work going on in the south bay. a couple connection ramps is blocked. one is south 880 to south 280
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and even eastbound 237 the ramp is blocked until 6:00. santa cruz mountains, traffic gets heavy just before 6:00 before they clear the road work. both directions, construction scheduled until 6:00 out to bear creek road. and ferry continues to have mechanical problems, buses in place for the 7:00 out of vallejo and 8:30 departure from the ferry building. overmass transit systems report no major delays. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> eric: next the bay area college is paying tribute for the victim of a deadly yacht accident. >> and big break in the search for vandals that targeted a church. >> washington gets tough with california plans for a high speed rail system. billions of dollars could be in jeopardy. xxrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrso
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>> kristen: good friday morning, 4:42. it's beautiful, organic us on and it's going to warm up certain low our way to warmer temperatures. we'll check in with mike nicco and talk about your mother's day forecast. >> eric: new this morning, one of five sailors killed during the farallones islands will previous receive a posthumous from degree. they will award a before legislators degree in business administration to 25-year-old to jordan frum at the school's commencement. frum died along with four others after their sailboat ran aground near the farallones. >> kristen: san francisco police want you to take a look at photos. the person may have vandalized a
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church. a man with a distinctive neck piece. they want to talk to him about damage done to holy cross church. somebody spray-painted graffiti there. if you have any information about the crime, santa cruz police would like to hear from you. >> eric: obama administration is threatening to pull $3 billion in grants for the high speed rail project. f the legislature doesn't act. transportation secretary has been meeting with state leaders that delayed a $3.7 billion decision until august. they say that is not acceptable. they want to see it voted next month. ski senators are now bowing to the political pressure. they say it requires thoughtful
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deliberation. >> a controversial navy testing program is stirring up more anger. the toll it may be taking on marine animals. >> the search for two sisters kidnapped by their father comes to an end. >> and new controversy on the presidential campaign trail. high school which you means let mitt romney out of the closet. 3q at lysol, we discovered a problem.
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welcome back. high temperatures across the country, 59, denver in 51. seattle, 67. 73 in portland. 66 in boston and low 70s around new york and d.c. storms that are moving away from houston.
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all the major airports on the east coast and midwest are running on time. our regional and local airports are running on time. check out flight tracker at two girls who police say were kidnapped by a man accused of killing their mother and older sister have been released from a memphis city hospital this morning. alexandria bain and kalea bain were rescued in northern mississippi. adam mayes was pronounced dead after he shot himself after he was found in a densely wooded area west of his home. they say mayes kidnapped the girls when he kidnapped a his mother and sister. f.b.i. says the motives were unclear but he may have thought the little girls were his kids. >> there were two little girls
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that he was just absolutely obsessed with. he was claiming that the two children were his. as for the two, they will return home to the care of their father. the u.s. navy says they are training a sonar and explosives could potentially hurt more dolphins and whales in california waters than previously thought. the new research is part of a statement covering navy training covered for 2014 and 2019. the navy estimates the use of explosives and sonar may unintentionally kill more than 200 marine animals and injury 16,000 in one year. previous estimate said it may kill about hundred marine animals. >> new this morning, california organizers are warning drivers to expect delays and plan alternate routes when the tour
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de france starts next week. it starts at sunday morning in santa rosa and cyclists will wind their way around the golden gate bridge before heading down to santa cruz county. tuesday starts in san jose with a race in central contra costa county finishing in livermore. we posted a link on the race schedule on our website at under see it on tv. i believe they are going to block off part of ignacio boulevard for those that live in walnut creek. >> kristen: we know that mike nicco is not forecasting any rain. >> good morning. we are looking at hazy conditions as we look down from mount sutro this morning. you can see sausalito on the right and tiburon on the lower left.
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we're pretty mild. take a look at temperatures. mid to upper 40s around napa, santa rosa, half moon bay. rest of us in the low to mid 50s. mountain view, upper 50s. antioch is 64 degrees. monterey bay, temperatures in the upper 40s, heading inland, 44 in gilroy. sunny and warmer around the coast and bay today. it will be pretty clear tonight. not as cool as this morning. it will still be warm tomorrow but not be quite as warm as we head into mother's day but no rain in the forecast. let's talk about today's changes san jose, 85. two degrees warmer. fremont will be three degrees warmer. san francisco and oakland pretty much the same, 71 and 77. down in the south bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and cupertino, 85 degrees.
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heading up the peninsula, mid-80s. low 80s around rohnert park. out at the coast low to mid-50s on the bay side. near 70s to 73 in sausalito. mid-80s in the north bay. mid-50s out at the coast. it wouldn't be nearly as breezy as yesterday. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. mid-80s in east bay valleys in concord and walnut creek around 85. mid to upper 60s around monterey carmel. salinas, 72. mid 80s as you go to deeper into morgan hill few clouds. low to mid 90s in the central valley. heading to the sierra, 68 in
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tahoe to 80 in yosemite. heading to the a's game, we lost 10-6 last night. dropping down to 61. few clouds along the coast. temperatures in the low to mid-50s and tomorrow will be the warmest day with near 90 inland and mid-50s at the coast. will it be coolest on monday. i was telling you about the road work in the santa cruz mountains on highway 17. apparently those orange cones are in the lanes of traffic and some of them are getting stuck in their cars but highway at the summit this is highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains heading to downtown san jose, south 880 to south 280 that connection ramp is blocked until 6:00 this morning. traffic is light all around the bay area. live shot of the maze everything is looking good. there was road work scheduled in
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the eastbound 880 direction but it's been cleared. contra costa county, there is know trouble at all. highway 24 that connects heading over to the caldecott tunnel. heads up for tonight, you want to avoid the streets near at&t park. there is concert and it will be very crowded and consider mass transit if you are heading there >> kristen: that is going a lot. caltrans are reminding drivers dumbarton will be shut down over memorial weekend. we got an upclose look what is planned. crews will be installing a new joint to help with the shock of an earthquake. they will close on 10 p.m. friday may 25. they have planned to open 5:00 a.m. tuesday may 29th. >> the bridge will be closed on
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in order to do this work. but when motorists drive it on tuesday morning they won't notice anything. >> kristen: you can sue the bridge as an alternate. mass transit was mentioned and download our exclusive waze traffic app. it will help you keep on top of any traffic approximate. >> bart's new rail cars will be made by a canadian company. they voted to award a contract to the canadian company. they are expecting to knriv them by 2017. they will replace the existing fleet of cars which are among the oldest in the nation. only 66% of the cars components will be made in the u.s. the new cars will cost bart $896 million. >> tom brady's efforts to find a
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kidney for his mentor were not successful. brady credits coach tom martinez to be the player he is today. he with a wasn't on facebook to encourage people to visit matchingdo martinez died before a match was made but brady's pleas did help someone. one will receive a kidney later this month. both live in boston and that area and he was inspired by brady's out reach. he was determined to help someone in need to help them with a new kidney. >> eric: republican presidential candidate mitt romney is defending himself over what high school friends say he did almost 50 years ago. he was the ring leader in a bullying incident involving a gay stewed at a school in michigan. target of the bullying was a
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presumably gay student who had long been teased for being different. a former classmate that romney ended up cutting his hair when other students held him down. he says he doesn't remember the incident but he apologized if he did it. >> have you seen him? helping to track down a man that victimized people twice. >> and how suspended share ross mirkarimi plans to defend himself. >> and you'll hear from the man convicted of a could gang shooting. an innocent man tells his side of the story. we have word of a bart closure at 24th street station. frances will talk about that when we come back. >> eric: stay with us. clclclclcl
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