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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in albany where u.c. police are part of occupied parted. they are in inside and locked the protestors out. >> also this morning, community leaders in oakland say enough is enough. they are taking the streets to protest a big increase in prostitution. >> naming names, we expect to find out this morning who suspended ross mirkarimi plans to call a as witnesses in his upcoming ethics hearing. >> i'm mike nicco with a live look at downtown san francisco. it's clear and mild this morning. warmer than average weather
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during the weekend. good morning. if you take bart you need to avoid 24th street mission station. the station is closed but rains are running through the station. will you have to take another station, 16th or an alternate. >> it's friday. everything is supposed to run smoothly. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> eric: we begin in albany where police are trying to seal off university owned land that has been taken over by occupied protestors. the protestors can leave but can't come back in. amy hollyfield is live in albany to explain. >> reporter: good morning. check out the fence behind me. it now has a lock on it. that was put in place by u.c. police. it's dark but there are some police officers who are inside patrolling the area and telling
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people they cannot come in. they are climbing the fence. we took this video of people hopping the fence and occupiers say police aren't stopping them. if you have climbing skills you are able to come and go as you please. these are cal police officers inside the fence and we've seen private security guards here who were hired by cal. the occupiers tell us they are not going anywhere. >> the spirit has been pretty high. everybody is so happy about the support we've gotten from the community. we feel about what we're doing here, even the police presence is hard to bring down the mood. >> reporter: to these people are on the outside partly by choice. they say they are charge of outreach but there are plenty of people inside. they are on u.c. berkeley property. this is known as the gill tract,
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owned by the university a big lot that officials say they do have plans to develop some of it. they say some of it is used for research. these people that are occupying it say it should be used for urban farming. now, they have locked the gates. occupiers say they are not going anywhere. >> kristen: the names of suspended ross mirkarimi's witness list. he had to file the names whether the mayor was on firm ground to remove him on misconduct charges. it will be spent out to the board of supervisors. the sheriff bruised his wife and pleaded not guilty.
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>> most recent innocent happened on monday in the afternoon as a 13-year-old girl was walking home from school in the 100 block of the avenue. a ran man pulled up in a red jeep and exposed himself. in february, he exposed himself to the same girl on middlefield road. police believe there may be other victims. >> hundreds of families and public officials are planning to meet tonight to try to end prostitution and robberies that have bliakd the san antonio boulevard. they are meeting at 6:00 p.m. on 17th and international to call for a strategy to address the problem. >> in a memorial service will be held at newark high school for a
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football player that was stabbed to death at a party. he was killed at a house party in fremont on april 28th. an 18-year-old fremont man has been arrested on murder charges and three juveniles are charged as accessories in the case. funeral services will begin at 6:00 this evening at newark high. in an exclusive jailhouse interview with abc news, the gang member found guilty of a triple murder in san francisco says he was wrongly convicted. edwin ramos will likely spend the rest of his life for the murders of anthony bologna. he admits he is in a gang but told carolyn tyler is not guilty of murder. >> i wasn't part of it, what i mean part of it meaning like planning it all. >> do you know how many people in jail who say i'm innocent, i'm innocent. >> 99.9%.
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>> he claims fellow gang member actually pulled the trigger. ramos believes the jury convicted him to give the family closure. >> protestors plan to plan to be outside graduation ceremonies for u.c. berkeley's law school. for several years in a row they have called for john professor john yu be prosecuted for war crimes. he worked during the bush administration and offered legal opinions. >> kristen: it is now 5:06. we'll get an update on the 24th street station closure the bart station but right now, mind on the weather forecast. >> do i have a mind? >> a beautiful mind. >> thank you so much, mike. >> it's hazy this morning and we have clouds developing in half
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moon bay about five miles. reduced visibility but it's calm outside. hardly a wind anywhere. just a breath out of the south. in oakland, 6 out of south in concord. fairfield, coming at you about 15 miles an hour. take a look what is going to happen today. from now to 7:00 mostly sunny conditions and bay 50s and coast 50 degrees. watch how rapidly it gets warm inland, 35 degrees to 80. mid 70s around the bay and mid-60s around the coast. total sunshine, near 80 around the bay and mid 60s at the coast. then we'll tee see a tapering of the temperatures but still a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 70s inland and low 70s around the bay and near 60 at the coast. they have warmer than average temperatures and a whole lot of sunshine and pollen, tree grass and mold, nothing has changed
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since last time it rained. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we start dropping for mother's day. >> if you take bart. 24th street station closed in the mission due to police activity. now, i did call bart control. they said trains are just running through the station and not stopping. which means no delays system wide. you might want to head over to 16th street as an at national. all other transit systems reporting no delays. but vallejo ferry, they have will buses for the 7:00 departure out of vallejo and 8:30 from the ferry building. accident south 101, south san francisco, it's been on the shoulder for a while and see some chp and traffic is flowing well at 60 miles an hour.
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280 is fine as well. cones on highway 18 at the summit but there is still out until 6:00 this morning. moving at 47 miles an hour. live shot quickly of the maze, basically traffic is fine right now. >> eric: time is 5:0. >> the facebook's plan to acquire a popular picture sharing site is under the microscope. >> eric: also an i-team investigation gets more attention. how the meat industry is coming to the controversial product's defense. >> and the world trade center really the tallest building in the country? the alteration that may bump it down. >> get a load of the weatherman giving you a kind of a royal touch.
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the abc7 traffic center. breaking news in bart police. right now the 24th street station is closed in the mission and this is what we have so far. a 35-year-old man was stabbed on the platform just around 5:00 this morning. right now there is a woman in custody. no other suspect. station is closed to collect evidence. trains are running through the station right now in both directions.
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we'll keep you posted as we hear more. >> kristen: thanks a lot. facebook one billion dollar deal to buy instagram is under the microscope this morning. they are trying to determine if there is any antitrust concerns. something they do regulators are looking at the price of the deal and high profile of the companies involved. facebook hopes to boost its ad revenue on the mobile app if the government blocks the deal. facebook would pay a $200 million termination fee. an investigation to meat glue by i-team has triggered a national debate. should you have the right to know if you are eating it? it binds small pieces of meat together. yesterday reporters asked makers why restaurants serving steaks are not obligated to tell
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customers. >> it's a fair question, but from their point of view, if you are served a vegetable soup are all the ingredients good for the consumer. >> they are getting the same kind of meat otherwise. it's used in a different way. meat glue manufacturers confirm that glued fillets can be found in restaurants that serve high end meats. microsoft bing is making big changes. revisions will tie night social networking. they will work with facebook and twitter to include recommendations to friends related to search topics. they hope they will loosen
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google's hold on as much zbins and charles may have new career ahead of him. take a second and watch this. >> this afternoon will it be cold, wet and windy across most of scotland. >> that the heir of the british throne giving weather. giving it the royal treatment in the studios in scotland. a he and his wife their advice tinge the studio to celebrate the 60 ath anniversary of the network in scotland. delivering the weather is a lot harder than it seems. we're going to ask mike. we can't see him being worried about this. >> he is a pilot so he has weather training. he knows what he is talking about. >> it was all written for him. >> i see. >> i wonder how mike ad-libs everything he says.
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>> it's always open for him. i'm sure he has san francisco on his mind. >> for the people that are a few cruise ships they are luck can i they are coming in now. a lot of sunshine. it's going to be beautiful. any time royalty i would let them take their crack at it. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it looks spectacular right now. a little bit of cloudiness across the coast but most of that is down around monterey and points southward. let's take a look what is going on as far as our temperatures. mid to upper 40s around napa, santa rosa and half moon bay. low to mid-50s until you get out to out to antioch. heading down to monterey bay. mid to upper 40s around the bay. 43 in gilroy. i will read this because it's right behind me. sunny, warmer at the coast and around the bay today. mostly clear tonight and not be
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quite as cool as it was yesterday. then as we head towards the weekend, looks like it will be warmest tomorrow and temperatures will cool just a little bit for sunday but still above average. today compared to average, check this out, 6 degrees warmer in san francisco. oakland 77, 8 degrees warmer and speaking of san francisco, usually in the summertime they do a good job of selling sweat shirts probably not this weekend. san jose, 85. facebook page, at mike nicco. 75 in plil mil bray and low to mid-80s for the rest of the peninsula. the low mid-50s around the coast. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco, to 73 in sausalito.
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mid 80s in the north bay valleys. look at that spread as you head to the beaches. much cooler, mid-60s for you along east bayshore, 79 at union city. fremont near 80. mid-80s inland with walnut creek and dublin about 85. same thing for gilroy and mid to upper 50s around monterey bay. here is a look at tonight's game 7:05 first pitch clear and comfortable, 71 down to 61. we lost last night. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. heat peaks near 90 tomorrow. low 80s around the bay and 50s around the coast. here is frances with the latest on bart. >> we're following breaking news where apparently before 5:00 this morning, a man, 35-year-old man standing on the platform was stabbed. this is at the 24th street station in the mission.
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right now the station is closed. police are there to collect evidence but trains are running through the station. as long as you don't get on that station, there shouldn't be any delays on bart. a woman is actually in custody for the stabbing, no other suspects at this time. we'll keep you posted on this. muni and caltrain are reporting no delays, as well. either a live look at bay bridge toll plaza but in davis we're hearing about an accident at mason is blocking lanes. also i wanted to show you a live shot of 280 and highway 17 the connection ramps from 880 to 280 have been open. that was road work that was scheduled until 6:00 but there is road work going on in the santa cruz mountains on highway 17 between summit and bear critically. in fact our waze traffic app, it is slow around 27 miles an hour
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and construction still in effect. someone just reported it's going on. you can get all this information by going to and download a free traffic app. nation's largest bank admits it has lost billions dollars. here is rob nelson with the money report. >> good morning. a shocker from j.p. morgan chase it guessed wrong and lost $2 billion but the ceo says the company remains profitable. not so are the u.s. postal service, a loss of $3 billion, a billion more than a year ago. agency says they are running out of cash and blames congress for failing to give it some help. our spending this mother's day is expected to increase by 8%. retailers seven out of eight plan to celebrate the hollywood
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with traditional gifts. that is america's money. i'm rob nelson. a former raider who is now a 49er says he hasn't missed a step. alex smith is fired up about the signing of randy moss. >> and falcons atop san jose city hall final ab
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let's check sports news. tonight the a's will try to even their series against the detroit tigers after losing last night.
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10-6. the giants return to action in arizona, madison bumgarner goes for his sixth win of the season. few hours 49ers will hold their first practice. yesterday, 49er veterans were marveling about randy moss. he hasn't lost a step even though he sat out last year. alex smith is fired up by having him as a target down field. >> from my perspective i don't see anything. he is running well and catching well. no surprises, he a pro and has a good understanding of the playbook. >> and he is tall and he is fast. he has good hands, all those things. veterans won't be around this
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weekend as only rookie take part in mini camp. >> two days away from mother's day and they are looking for the luckiest mom. here a photos from the news family. from carolyn tyler and from heather ishimaru. we want to hear from you how special your mom is. click on mother's day button and then upload your family photos and tell us about your mom. could you be featured on "abc 7 news". san jose's new falcon babies have names. they are named, hope, horacio and thunder and cobalt. hundreds of people voted on the names. the winners were chosen by students at an elementary school and horace mann school. a late change to the design of a need that will will sit on
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top of world trade center. the 3408 foot tall needle will not be enclosed in fiberglass and steel. it will make it nearly impossible to maintain it down the road. but it's an antenna not part of the building so it will not be the tallest building in the u.s. >> 5:26 is our time. gas prices are about to take a large spike upward. especially around california where we're dealing with the problem. how two bay area refineries are playing a big role in the increase. >> i'm katie marzullo with update on search efforts in indonesia where a russian plane has crashed with a bay area man on board. weather is not helping. >> high temperatures across the country, start pacific northwest 63 in seattle.
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low 70s in new york and d.c. heading to phoenix, 78 and find out any delays, all the major airports running on time. as our regional airports are doing fine. flight tracker at
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you ain't seen nothing yet. it's going through the roof and i'll tell you when and why coming up in live report. >> also this morning, a bay area man is among 45 people killed in the crash of russian airline. >> and new report out this morning says california is leading the nation in cyber crime. number one target is our
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cellphones. >> i'm mike nicco, beautiful picture from mount tam familiar. san francisco in the background. cooling trend begins on mother's day. a man was stabbed at 24th street station. i'll have details coming up. >> 5:30. good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> just when it seemed like bay area gas prices would drop below the $4 mark, they are climbing again but only here in the golden state. terry, how do we get so darn lucky? >> reporter: it is on do with the demand and supply. demand is constant and supply is down and that is why we're seeing prices, 4.39 for a gallon of regular. it's going to be up 20 cents per gallon over the next few days. already up 16 cents to make you
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feel better. take a look at some video we have, our photographer filling up. the pump turning past the $100 mark. don't see that every day and it's good that you don't. the problem is only a few refineries make california's blend of clean burning gasoline. media partner says three of five refineries are closed. prices are jumping in california while they drop around the rest of the country as i found out from a georgia woman this morning. >> yes, gas prices is right around 3.75 or so for regular. so i was a little bit shocked to find out the price. >> it will be nice to go back home? >> yes. a little bit warmer. >> reporter: i'm not sure she enjoyed her visit. take a look at this. california regular gasoline per gallon, 4.25 per gallon.
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it was 4.21 just yesterday. there is no way to go to get a great deal. san jose about 11 cents under that and oakland 4.26. they will be jumping up 20 cents a gallon. that would put san francisco about 4.53. all time high in california would be 4.60. so right now california is at 4.25. still, very high, if you want to save some money. fill up your car today. as bad it is today, it will be worse in a few days from now. >> kristen: thanks for that advice. you can see gas prices and economy are going to be among the biggest challenges president obama will face in his bid for
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reelection. they show 65% of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling gas prices up from 58% in february. and 52% don't like the way he is handling the economy. he will turn his attention to the economy today when he visits reno. nevada has the highest unemployment in the nation. he raised an estimated $15 million down from los angeles last night at a campaign fund-raiser at the home of george clooney. >> what should be a happy weekend for an oakley family has turned in time of grief. they are trying to get the body of their father after a deadly plane crash. >> kristen: katie marzullo is here and timing makes it rough. >> not only his son's birthday but he was supposed to come home after this last flight. now it turns out both of those
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things and agony of not knowing if peter adler's body has been recovered. search efforts are slow going. this is in the newsroom, helicopters that were helping in the search had to be called off because of thick fog. visibility is down to 15 feet. there are about 85 soldiers, police and volunteers on the ground on the steep side of that volcano in indonesia, steepness hindering efforts. head of search and rescue operation 12 bodies have been recovered since the crash on wednesday. all 45 people are presumed dead. peter adler was the only american on board. his job was to sign off on the new plane. this is brand-new plane for potential buyers. we spoke with his son yesterday. he said the dad's co-worker called to tell him the news. adam adler who turns 18 tomorrow is staying strong. >> i planned to go to medical school, it was all for him.
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he is my father and make him proud. >> reporter: russia's prime minister says the crash may have been caused by human error. it's under investigation. 21 minutes after takeoff they asked permission to drop the plane 4,000 feet in altitude. then they disappeared from the radar immediately afterwards, a lot of investigation is being done. san francisco police may have delayed an elaborate scheme to defraud elderly chinese women. they detained six people at san francisco international airport as they were getting ready to board a plane. police inspectors went to question them as part of an investigation that is an ongoing since march. in april they released sketches of six suspects described as cantonese speaking women in their 40s that approached victims when they were walking alone and convinced them to give their jewelry for purification.
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they say the suspects had gotten about hundred thousand collars worth by april. victims paid between $2,000 and $10,000 for jewelry worth only about ten dollars. they are not saying whether the women they questioned are still in custody. >> eric: temperatures with the san francisco unified school district are planning to release their vote this afternoon. they cast ballots yesterday. they are facing cuts of salary and benefits over the next two years. current contract expires at the end of next month and negotiations for a new agreement have stalled. meantime, officials are planning to issue 218 layoff notices by next weeks state mandated deadline. >> a new report issued by internet crime complaint center shows california leading in cyber crime. cyber crimes have been around for years but the growing ownership of mobile phones and smart phones.
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it topped 314,000 nationwide last year. it's up 3.4% from the previous year. california had the highest total with more than 34,000 followed by florida go and texas. they report nationwide the average victim was duped out of 6 more than $4,000. they include scams from phony job scams to identity theft. >> eric: time to look at the weekend friday. mother's day is coming up. >> kristen: very important. >> biggest pressure is get to the and birthday was last week and so now what do you come up with. anniversary is at the end of the month. >> slightly warmer than yesterday. 1-4 degrees warmer. same in napa and antioch about 2 and one degree cooler than yesterday.
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where does it put our temperatures? how about in the mid to lower 50s. >> 8:00 this morning, this is what our temperatures are looking like. mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. low to mid-50s. see a few clouds around the coast. lunchtime sunshine for everybody. 59 at half moon bay to mid-50s around san francisco. santa cruz, upper 60s and san rafael. 80 near fremont and also inland valleys. we'll have upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay valleys at 4:00. mid-80s in the east bay valleys. low 80s in the south bay. near 80 around the bayshore. mid to upper 60s around the coast and san francisco. if you have evening plans, crest for temperatures in the 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast and mid-70s inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast, here is what is going on
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tomorrow, even warmer with a slight cooling trend, 4-6 degrees cooler for mother's day. it will be breezy and brisk at the coast. here is frances. >> the 24th street station has been reopened. it was closed between 5:00 and 5:30 after 35-year-old man was stabbed on the platform. a woman is in custody right now. but police had to investigate the scene. everything has been reopened. trains are running through the area and right now, no delays reported. but there is a problem on the capital corridor, a train hit a vehicle, this is on berkeley on page and third street. there was car parked too close to the track. there are delays right now especially train number 518 continuing delays. we don't have word on exactly how long it's going to take to clear the problem. on the vallejo ferry, mechanical problems continue so there will
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be buses for the 7:00 departure from vallejo and 8:30 departure from the san francisco ferry building. also we're seeing slowing in the santa cruz mountains with the exclusive waze traffic app. northbound 17 is slow at 27 miles an hour due to construction that is scheduled until 6:00 this morning. >> time is 5:40. the honor bay area college is paying for one of the victims of deadly yachting accident. washington gets tough for a high speed rail system. why billions of dollars may be in jeopardy.
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welcome back. new this morning, one of five sailors killed at the farallones island will receive a degree tomorrow. they report dominican university will award a bachelor degree to jordan frum. they plan to announce a scholarship in his name. he died when their sailboat ran aground near the fair lonsz. three crew members survived. >> u.s. navy says it is training sonar could hurt more doll it's finances and whales in california waters than previously thought. the new research is part of an environmental impact statement
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covering testing planned for 2014 and 2019. they say the use of explosives and sonar may unintentionally kill more than 200 million animals in one year. previous analysis estimated that it may kill hundred marine animals. >> california's high speed rail may be in jeopardy. the they are threatening to pull $3 billion in grants if the legislature doesn't act. transportation secretary has been meeting with state leaders and delayed a $2.7 billion decision on the project until august. lahood says that is not acceptable. he wants to see the money included in the state budget that is s voted on next month. key senators are now bowing to political pressure. they say it needs thoughtful deliberation. >> the first weight loss pill in
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more than a decade is close to approval. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> the search for two sisters kidnapped by a family friend who claims to be their father comes to an end. we'll tell you how they were scud squd. >> new controversial in in presidential race. mitt romney's skeletons come out
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>> welcome back. california forecast at 5:48. nothing going on live doppler 7-hd. a lot of sunshine, eureka 59. low to mid 90s in the seven tra valley. let's head up to tahoe. it's going to be sunny. 68 today and low to mid-70s saturday and sunday and low to mid-80s with sunshine around yosemite. if you are heading out it will be warm there. >> eric: two girls who police say were dpipd by a man accused of killing their mother and older sister have been released from a memphis, tennessee hospital. 12-year-old and 8-year-old were suffering from dehydration after they were rescued yesterday in northern mississippi. they say the kidnapper, adam mayes killed himself in a densely wooded area near his home. bodies of the girl's mother and older sister were found buried
5:49 am
outside the home. his motives have been unclear but he may have thought the little girls were his. >> if there were two little girls he was absolutely obsessed with. he was claiming that those two children were his. >> as for the two girls they will soon be returned home to their father. >> mitt romney is defending himself over what high school friends say he did almost 50 years ago. they say he was the ring leader in a bullying incident involving a gay student in michigan. the target was a gay student who had long been teased for being different. a former classmate, they ended up cutting his hair after he was held down. romney told to be news he doesn't remember the incident but apologized if he did it. this morning, "time magazine"'s new cover is getting attention. it features a woman
5:50 am
breastfeeding her almost four-year-old son. it's promoting an article on parenting style that focuses attention on a baby's need. one write, i breast-fed both my kids but by the time they can unbutton your blouse it's time to let go. one disagrees, i think the picture is beautiful. its delicate balance between mother and could child, a bond we only experiences with our can child and has a right to breast-feed where we please without being criticized like we are doing a crime. if you would like to weigh in go to facebook. it's definitely hot among moms but magazine covers tend to be provocative to pick it up and buy it. >> that is sort of point. >> it's provocative all right.
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>> it is mother's day. let's look at the forecast very important, especially on sunday. >> good morning. looking eastbound toward mount diablo. a little hazy and making it beautiful as the multicolor of the pollution and haze as the sun comes up around 6:03 this morning. how to dress when you step outside. mid 40s around napa. low to mid 50s until you get to antioch, 63. monterey bay, we have mid to upper 40s around the bay. as you head inland. 53 in salinas down to 43 in gilroy. warming trend will start to move into the gray bai and inland. bay gets two days of warming. will it be sunny everywhere this afternoon. warmest afternoon is tomorrow. slightly cooler tomorrow. dry and warm through the extended forecast. for today, 24-hour temperature
5:52 am
change, santa rosa, 85, 4 degrees warmer. fremont is 3. concord, 86, san jose, 83. san francisco will be the same at 71. oakland could drop a degree down to 77. let's started in the east bay valleys. warmest weather 85 in dublin to walnut creek up to dublin near 90 for you. sunshine on the east bay shore with mid to upper 70s. fremont and hercules, we could crack 80. down in the south bay, mid to upper 80s. heading up the peninsula we started in the mid 80s drop to low 80s around redwood city and menlo park. low 50s along the coast. low to mid-50s but not as breezy as yesterday. we'll have low 70s for downtown and south san francisco. heading to the north of san rafael all the way through santa rosa, mid-80s through the wine country. as you head farther to the north of cloverdale, upper 80s.
5:53 am
quite a contrast from the coast. mid-50s. heading down to the monterey bay we could see clouds sneak into carmel and monterey late this afternoon. mid to upper 60s around santa cruz had was the thanville. 72 in salinas. another delightful evening awaiting you, clear and comfortable, 71 dropping down to 61. cloverdale, santa cruz and everybody else in the low to mid-50s, antioch about 59. accu-weather seven-day forecast, 90 inland. mid-50s at the coast. drop about 4-6 degrees sunday and another 4-6 degrees sunday and warms up again monday and wednesday. have a great mother's day. >> breaking news in berkeley where a train hit a parked pickup truck. this is on track. third street at page street. this means delays on the capital
5:54 am
corridor. train number 518 continues to be delayed, over an hour as you head towards sacramento. we'll probably see delays heading to the bay area, as well. we'll keep you posted. caltrain and muni reporting no delays. on the berkeley incident they are awaiting a tow truck. no injuries. bart is back on track and back on time. there was a person stabbed at the 24th street station. so the police activity had it closed for about half an hour. everything has been reopened and no delays on bart. on freeways, here a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. no major trouble and we're looking good into the south bay. northbound 280 here. northbound 17 out of santa cruz mountains which is sluggish due to construction. new prescription weight loss
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pill. >> here is jane king with this morning's business report. >> good morning, a big problem and a big headache for one of nation's biggest banks, j.p. morgan chase announcing a $2 billion loss. they announced a credit market and market turned against it. they say at this point it is not able to estimate what the total loss will be. >> meantime, the first prescription weight loss drug is step close to approval. it's made by arena pharmaceuticals. they have decided that the benefits outweigh the risks. more than 78 million american adults are obese. >> meantime, alaska getting close to be first states to ban companies to ask job seekers their passwords. they approved it on bill and it heads not senate. i'm jane king, with the
5:56 am
bloomberg big report. caltrans is reminding drivers that the did you mean barton bridge will be shut down over memorial day weekend. we got an upclose look what is planned during the closure. crews will install a new seismic joint. bridge will close to traffic at 10:00 p.m. friday on may 25th and caltrans plans to have it reopened by 5:00 a.m. may 29th. >> the bridge will be closed in order to do this work but when motorists drive it on tuesday morning they won't notice anything. >> kristen: you can use the san mateo bridge during the shutdown and download our exclusive waze traffic app to your phone. it will keep you on top of any traffic problems. >> eric: as a reminder, a train has hit a parked truck that was parked too close to the tracks in berkeley. it could cause delays on capital
5:57 am
corridor. no injuries reported. also new measures are in place this morning against occupy protestors in albany where police have set them to try to keep them off part of university land. >> and how much are you spending on mom this mother's day? the huge amount of money that americans will be paying to celebrate the occasion.
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