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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, tougher measures place in a plot of farmland taken over by a occupy protestors in albany. they have a fence to try to keep them out. >> an oakley man was victim aboard a plane in russia when it went in earlier in week in indonesia. >> a price of a gallon of gas is on the way up. a combination of demand and refineries in the state going off line is causing the spike. >> that california for you.
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thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. taking look at weather forecast and temperatures are on the way up too. warming trend. good morning. let's get you out the door. it's hazy but not foggy this morning. all airports are running on time. let's talk about those temperatures. we're running mainly low to mid-50s. slightly cooler and had half moon bay. santa rosa in the mid 40s. antioch about 53 degrees. so maybe you need this coat this morning. we'll show you some 90s in the forecast for the mother's day weekend. mass transit this morning, apparently a train hit a parked pickup truck in berkeley. this is on page and third street. it's south of gillman. no injuries were reported but trying to clear the scene. train number 518 has been delayed heading towards
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sacramento. that at least an hour late. i wanted to mentioned the bart, 24th street station was reopened no delays system wide but between 5:00 and 5:30 this morning it was shut down due too a stabbing. >> eric: we begin in albany where u.c. berkeley police are trying to seal off a track of university owned land that has been taken over by occupy protestors. those protestors can leave but they can't come back in. at least that is the way it's supposed to work. amy hollyfield is live there to explain. >> reporter: good morning. police say the land is closed to pedestrians and put an explanation on that, they have put up a big lock sealing the gate. they will open to let people out but not letting anyone in. we did see people, this was taken last night hopping the fence.
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the climbing skills are a plus for occupiers. police are not stopping them. there are u.c. police officers and private security guards here. they were hired by the university. they are patrolling inside the fence and out. the university has said that these people need to leave. they have asked them to. they have sued them and now they have locked them out. but occupiers say they feel like they need to stay here. >> the land is blight not a research opportunity. we cleaned it up and turned it into something beautiful. u.c. berkeley can't win this p.r. war in this situation they are right and wrong and they are not right. >> there are those locked out. they said they plan to stay because they are fund-raising. there are still several occupiers inside and on the outside. they are on u.c. property but
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they have built a makeshift ladder to help people get over that fence. they say they are not going anywhere. university said they need to get out so they can use the land for research. even the police presence isn't impacting the mood and spirit. everybody is feeling positive about what they are doing and have no plans to leave. >> kristen: in oakland, they are planning to meet to end prostitution and explotation of minors and recycles that have plagued the neighborhoods. they say the neighborhoods which span international boulevard between second and 23rd avenues have illegal sex trade activities and robberies. they are meeting at 6:00 p.m. on 17th avenue for a march to address the problem. >> eric: mountain view police have released a sketch of a suspect wanted into two indecent
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exposure incidents involving the same victim. the most recent happened on monday as a 13-year-old girl was walking home from school in the 100 block of the avenue. a man pulled up in a red jeep and exposed himself. in february of 2011 a man exposed himself to the same girl. the suspect in both cases appears to be the same man and police think there may be other victims. in an exclusive jailhouse interview with "abc 7 news" the gang member found guilty of a triple murder in san francisco says he was wrongly convicted. edwin ramos will likely spend the rest of his life for the murders of two people. he admits he is in a gang but he told abc7 news reporter that he is not guilty of murder. >> i was part of like, i plan it
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happen or i wanted it to happen but it's not. >> do you know how many people in jail say i'm innocent? >> 99.9%. >> he claims that a fellow gang member pulled the trigger. we expect to tuned out this morning the names of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's witness list. he filed it to decide whether the mayor was on good ground to remove him. the find will go be sent out to the board of supervisors which will make a final decision. hebrews had his wife in an argument and pleaded guilty to false imprisonment. >> governor brown is one of guest speakers at economic summit at santa clara. summit is aimed at identifying ways to increase job creation and improve ways for the state to compete in the global marketplace. he has pushed his tax initiative
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when he says will help increase the state's economy. he helped deliver the petition to put the measure on the november ballot. it helps fund schools and public safety by wealthiest residents a tax hike and quarter cent on the sales fax. >> it's balanced and fair and it will take a major step forward in putting california in a very solid position. >> there is competing measure facing voters. it would raise income taxes on sliding scale for all californians except for the lowest income earners but the revenue would be earmarked for education. taking a look at this. it looks like yesterday morning with a little bit of haze. >> it does. salmon colored skies behind us. let's take check in with mike. >> look at sunrise, isn't it beautiful as we look from sutro tower and mount diablo.
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every time we show the picture the sun gets farther to the left of mount diablo as we are heading toward the summer solstice. few clouds in the lower left hand corner of the screen. that will bring us few high clouds today and steer cooler weather at us as we head towards sunday. temperatures are above average starting today. all the way through probable sunday. as far as 7:00 this morning, few clouds around the coastguard. temperatures in the mid 40s inland and low 50s around the bay. noon, temperatures are already 80 inland and mid-70s around the bay and near 60' at the coast. 4:00 we've reached our highs forced day. mid 80s and 80 around the bay and mid 50s around the coast. then we'll start tapering, you may need a light jacket and upper 70s around 7:00. low 70s around the bay and near 60 at the coast. with all that sunshine outside
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there will be tons of pollen. temperatures spike tomorrow and then we drop about 4-6 degrees both sunday and monday before more warmth next week. good morning. we're following breaking news in berkeley where a train hit a parked pickup truck. here is a video that we have. this is on page street and third street. no injuries have been reported and the pickup truck has finally been cleared from the tracks but there are delays on amtrak. train number 518, you can see the pickup truck. so no injuries but it did cause delays on the capitol corridor. i want to show you a live shot from berkeley. the accident was just on page and their. this is gillman, it's in this area. freeway traffic is fine but there are delays on capital corridor if you heading toward sacramento. better news on bart, 24th street, that station reopened in
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morning so no problems now. still heavy traffic northbound 17 through santa cruz mountains. >> eric: we are coming up on 6:00 10. >> salmon colored sun. >> i consulted and we came up with salmon colored sky. >> and how a tweak in a blueprint could knock the world trade center off the record books. >> and major tech teal why they are putting the deal for instagram under the microscope. >> and bing's new search engine engine
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good morning. facebook's one billion dollar deal to buy instagram is under the microscope this morning. they are investigating it to determine whether there is have antitrust concerns. they are looking at it closely because of the high profile companies involved. they hope to boost ad revenue by buying the app. if the government blocks the deal they must pay a $200 million termination fee to instagram. >> microsoft is making big changes. they are making revisions to bing. new system will work with facebook and twitter to include recommendations from friends and tweets related to search topics. they are hoping it will loosen
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google's hold on the internet search market. bing has lost $6 billion since the debut in 2009. >> a late change to the design of a needle that will sit atop the one world trade center make lieu the status as the nation's tallest building. 408 foot tall need left lane be enclosed in fiberglass and steel. it will make it nearly impossible to maintain or repair down the road. with that closure many put it in the same category as the antenna not part of the building which means that one world trade center will not be the tallest building in the u.s., earlier this morning we showed you pictures of prince charles of all people doing the forecast. we don't have prince charles but we have the king. [ laughter ] >> where do i go with that one? >> let's open the weather window
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show you a picture. here we go. eric, putting me on the spot like that. thank you very much. 6:16. talk about what is going to happen. what a beautiful picture. watching the sun keep rising but we have to move on. the day has started. it's friday and let's talk temperatures. just updated these, 60 in antioch. low to mid-50s in most other neighborhoods. los gatos and fairfield have joined santa rosa in the mid to upper 40s. cooler in gilroy, 42 degrees. here is what is going to happen. sunny today and warmth will move into the bay and even deeper into the inland. warming trend that hit the coast is moving inland. wamest tom, a little cooler on sunday and but very delightful day to be outside. no rain, just that time of the year. 6 degrees warmer in san francisco today. 8 in oakland. also redwood city.
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san jose and livermore, 10 and 12 degrees warmer. sun will set at 8:10, upper 80's in south bay, milpitas, 83. peninsula, 75 from millbrae all the way down to 85 in los altos. not as breezy yesterday so more comfortable. 73 in sausalito. mid to upper 80s in north bay valleys and near 90 around ukiah. mid to upper 70s throughout the east bay shore with hayward at 77. 80 in hercules. mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. 72 in salinas. right now it looks like it will be sunny until 2:00 or 3:00. clouds may make a late surge into the monterey bay. heading to the game tonight, we lost last night to the tigers, 10-6. clear and comfortable, 71
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dropping down to 61. most of us in the low to mid-50s with a few clouds around the coast. notice we're two to three degrees warmer but drop 4-6 degrees on sunday and monday. believe it or not all those temperatures are still above average. >> trains are running but they are late on the capital corridor and this is why. earlier this morning, a train hit a parked pickup truck. you can see the video there. it looks like a slow moving accident. no injuries were reported. in fact the pickup truck was parked a little too closely to the track. it they cleared the pickup truck but there are big delays on the capital corridor. this happened at berkeley at third and page street. if you are heading on interstate 80, traffic is fine but i did want to mention train number 518 is delay and first train delayed as well coming into the bay
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area. bart reporting no delays, there was a closure at 24th street station due to a man being stabbed. a woman is now in custody. and if you are taking the vallejo ferry, mechanical problems in place so 7:00 departure from vallejo and 8:30 from san francisco, you will have buses instead. heavy traffic on 17 northbound and southbound as well due to construction. it's been pretty quiet. bay bridge toll plaza, minor delay for you. >> still ahead a former raider now a 49er says he is ready to get back on the turf. about the signing of wide receiver randy moss. >> how much are you spending for mother's day this year? record
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m=tade with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients.
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what's in your spread ? good morning. let's check baseball scores for you. tonight the a's will try to even their series after losing last night 10-6. meanwhile, the giants return to action in arizona, madison bumgarner goes for his sixth win of the season against the d'backs. few hours 49ers will hold their first practice for rookies in santa clara. yesterday they were marveling about randy moss. they say the 35-year-old
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receiver hasn't lost a step even though he sat out all of last year. alex smith is fired up about having him as a target down field in the upcoming season. >> it's tough to tell he missed a year of football. from my perspective i don't see anything. he is running well and catching well. he is a pro and already has a good understanding of the playbook. >> eric: he is nice big tall target. veterans won't be around this weekend. >> how much are you spending on mom? they will spend 18.6 dmd for mother's day this year. that is co, to estimates. this year americans will spend on average $152 per person on gifts, meals and other presents for mom. that is $12 more than last year's figure. most popular gift is flowers. two-thirds will be buying them
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this year. >> low cost way to celebrate mom's day. here is mom's day photos from carolyn tyler and karina rusk and heather ishimaru. we want to hear from you. go to facebook and click on the mother's day button and upload your family photos and tell us about your mom. you could be featured on abc7 news. >> and mitt romney responds to allegations of being a bully in high school. >> and desperate recovery mission for a downed plane in indonesia. plus waiting for word from san francisco teachers on a crucial strike vote. could they walk off the job? i'm terry mcsweeney live in millbrae with the story how the pain at the pump is s about to turn a major pain in the rump. prices are going through the roof and how to make it hurt less coming up in a live report. >> no hurt affecting usual
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flying. departures out you of houston
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it is friday, may 11th, start of a gorgeous friday. you see the sun. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: gorgeous about to turn very warm. >> let's take a look what is
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going as far as our winds because that is why we have such haze out there. winds are calm everywhere this orange. we have a little bit of a breeze in some areas but there that is going to not change much. near the coast it's been so breezy the last couple of days. temperatures right now are running mainly in the low to mid 50s. we do have that 50 in antioch and mid to upper 40s in santa rosa, fairfield and los gatos. as we head into the afternoon hours, high clouds are here and look at all the 80s into south bay a. mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. 71 in san francisco and mid 60s at the coast. talk about mass transit, delays on the capital corridor because a train hit a parked vehicle in berkeley. vehicle has been cleared but there are residual delays, bart reporting no delays. 24th street station was shut down earlier this morning due to
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someone being stabbed on the platform. northbound 17 there is a new accident. traffic is picking up. it has been quiet, barely a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> this morning, u.c. berkeley police say they are taking tougher measures to cut off the occupy encampment. they informed them they are not allowing people into the area but anybody can leaf. however, last night we saw people climbing over the fence to get back in. about ten protestors remain inside the camp. university says they are ready to try any means necessary to clear the demonstrators by mid may so that university researchers can begin their work in june. >> eric: what should be a happy weekend for oakley family has turned into a time of grief. they are go frying to figure out how to get their father home
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after a deadly plane crash. >> on two fronts, victim is peter adler. he should have been home today. his son turns 18 tomorrow. his son doesn't know if peter's body were among those recovered. 12 bodies have been found so far. all 45 people on board are presumed dead. search efforts are slow going. helicopters have been called off this morning because of the fog. there are 85 ground searchers on the volcano with those bodies. an officer with indonesia says they can't reach many of them because of the steep cliff. peter alder was the only american on board. his son tells us it's hard being so far away from the tragedy. >> you can't get the answers i want right away. you are just waiting, hoping for answers. i'd like to know more about what happened on the flight itself.
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>> reporter: brand-new plane was on a demonstration flight for potential buyers from indonesia airline. it disappeared from radar after 20 minutes from takeoff. the crash may have been caused by human error but it's still under investigation. >> kristen: this is unusual. san francisco police may have derailed a scheme to defraud elderly chinese women. they detained six people at san francisco airport. they went to question them as part of an investigation that has been ongoing since march. in april they released sketches of six suspects described as cantonese speaking women in their 40s who they say approached victims and convinced them to give their jewelry for purification. investigators say the suspects had gotten $100,000 by april and in addition, victims paid between $2,000 and $10,000 for
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jewelry which worth only about ten bucks. police inspectors are not saying whether the women they questioned are still in custody. >> teachers with the san francisco unified school district plan to announce their strike authorization vote this afternoon. they cast ballots yesterday. they are facing salary and benefit cuts over the next two years. union contract expires at the end of next month and negotiation for a new deal have stalled. meantime, they are planning to send out 218 layoff notices by next week's state mandated deadline. >> brace yourself for another jump in gas prices. what is so aggravating about this increase. prices are dropping around the rest of the country but only californians are paying more. terry mcsweeney is explaining why we are getting single had out at the pump. >> we are paying more for cleaner air here in california, 16 cents in the past week. the price down here at the chevron, just off of 101, 4.39
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for regular. experts say it will be going up 20 cents a gallon, meens meaning it's going to come out about 5.40 cents per fill-up. take a look at this. you'll see the pump going past the $100 mark for a fill-up. the problem is only a few refineries make this california special blend of clean burning gas. media partner says three of five bay area refineries are closed right now for maintenance. prices are jumping in california. the drop around the rest of the country. but you know who really hurts is cab drivers. i talked to one earlier. >> i just pick up gas the cheapest i can. >> where is the cheapest that you know of?
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>> it's in san mateo. >> how much is it there? >> 4.19. >> but it was less yesterday? >> it was 4.11 yesterday. it went up 8 cents. >> reporter: 8 cents is a major ow. this is average in california, 4.25 today. yesterday, 4.21. now take a look at the three biggest cities, 4.33 is the average in san francisco. 4.22 and 4.26 is oakland. and this is gases, it's really a buddy. i want to let you know, i can go around and find good prices and very bad prices all on the same street. i was just checking out south airport boulevard, the costs co-is 4.11 and it goes on from there. valero, 4.17.
6:37 am
and shell station $4.53 all for the exact same gallon of gas. it pays to shop around. gas prices and economy are among the biggest challenges president obama faces in his reelection bid. according to a new poll, associated press poll shows 65% of americans disapprove the way the president is handling gas prices. that is up from 58% in february and 52% don't like the way he is handling the economy. that is about even with february. president obama will turn his attention to the economy when he visits reno. nevada has the highest unemployment in the nation. he will leave from los angeles where he raised an estimated $15 million from hollywood at a campaign fund-raiser at george clooney's home. >> mitt romney is defending himself over what high school friends say he did almost 50
6:38 am
years ago. they say he was the ring leader in a bullying incident involving a gay student. the target of the bullying was presumably a gay student who had a long been teased for being different. a former classmate told "washington post" he wound up cutting his hair after he was held down. he told fox news he doesn't remember the incident but apologized if he did it. >> mother's day weekend, let's find out what the weather is going. >> it's hazy but not a spare-the-air day. a little humidity and obviously pollution. area of low pressure, new player on the weather map but total sunshine and as it moves across our coast or right near it on sunday, push cooler air in but i think it's going to be a beautiful mother's day. let's roll back today, few clouds around the coast.
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temperatures are right where they are now. by noon look how warm it gets, upper 70s to low 80s. palo alto to the south bay and east bay valleys. 59 in half moon bay. mid to upper 60s around san francisco and san rafael. if you are heading down to santa cruz this afternoon it's going to be about 66 degrees. mid to upper 60s for half moon bay and san francisco. 75 in oakland and upper 70s to low 80s for the north bay. good thing it will cool rather nicely. if you have plans in the evening hours, mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. north bay, 52 in san francisco and 53 in oakland. seven-day forecast, heat peaks tomorrow, 4-6 degrees of cooling for mother's day and then the heat returns tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> freeway traffic has been pretty good this morning. you wouldn't know it at the bay
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bridge toll plaza but metering lights have been turned on. there is no delays at all. cars are zooming right through. here is a live shot. 280 and 17, is fine. highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains there were big delays around 6:00 and an accident at the summit. right now traffic is recovering as you head towards san jose. golden gate bridge looking good right now. 101 through marin county is fine as you head out of petaluma down to the golden gate bridge. there is still delays on the capital corridor because of an earlier train hitting a parked vehicle in berkeley on camilia and third street south of gillmarn. i would avoid the intersection a bit. trains are running but they are a little bit slow. and you can keep track of slowdowns by downloading waze at
6:41 am >> heavy trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report. here is a live look. dow is down 55 points. >> and serious threat from washington about california's high speed rail project. why billions of dollars are now in jeopardy. >> and the downside of technology, how our online lives are prime targets for cyber criminals.
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welcome back. california forecast. look at all that sunshine. 59 in eureka. low to mid-90s in the central valley into palm springs. heading up to the sierra, alpine meadows opened for one last weekend. mid-70s. low to mid-80s around yosemite. if you are heading down to southern california, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, mid to upper 70s around l.a. and upper 50s for san diego. 6:45 and "good morning america" starts in about 15 minutes. here is josh with a preview. >> a good friday morning to all of you coming up, that cover story generating so much controversy. a woman breastfeeding her nearly four-year-old son. is it good for him physically and emotionly. mother who has touched off a firestorm answers her critics. that is next on "good morning
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america" zbloorgs obama administration is threatening to pull $3 billion in federal grants for the high speed rail project if the legislature doesn't ago by june to appropriate the funding. transportation secretary ray lahood has been meeting with state leaders who delayed a decision on the project until august. lahood says that not acceptable. he wants to see the money included in the state budget voted on next month. key senators are now bowing to the political pressure. they say the high speed rail project needs thoughtful deliberation. >> a new report shows california leads the nation in cyber crimes. it says while cyber crime has been around for years. the new frontier is growing ownership of smartphones. it tops 314,000 nationwide last year. california posted the highest total number of internet crime cases with more than 34,000 followed by florida and texas.
6:47 am
sacramento bee reports the average victim was duped out of more than $4,000 including scams from phony job schemes. bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live with how it's impacting the company's highly anticipated ipo. >> demand for facebook ipo is weaker than expected. so far the stock which is supposed to go public next week isn't the generating level of interest that was expected. it's mainly because of concern about facebook's growth prospects. the picture is changing when it comes to planning to acquire instagram. deal to buy it may be delayed by a year as they wait for approval. j.p. morgan chase that has a
6:48 am
bigger problem. the bank dealing with a multibillion dollar loss. this is in a unit that is supposed to limit risk. big issue the bank is not sure what the loss will end up being. position is so big it essentially corners the market in this investment. so shares down more than 9% this morning. all the bank trading lower. stock prices are down. dow and nasdaq and s&p 500, are all down and silicon valley is still lower. paying a monthly fee for youtube. they are considering introducing premium subscription based service. move doesn't mean they are going to charge but they may add premium offerings that you would have to pay for.
6:49 am
weather forecast remains free. >> it's going up. you want to raise the return on the sunshine. we definitely have it in the forecast. a little hazy out there. not a spare-the-air day. a little bit of pollution, a lot of pollen, a little humidity as we look down to san francisco in the background. there is emeryville in the foreground. talk about the temperatures as you step outside. coolest in fairfield and santa rosa, mid to upper 40s. rest of us in the low to mid-50s. antioch, is 60. monterey bay, have been in the 40s. highlights as we head into the weekend, sunshine everywhere today. warmer around the bay and inland. warmest tomorrow and slightly cooler on sunday but it's going to be dry and warm all seven days of the forecast. warmer than average even when we colonel down sunday and monday.
6:50 am
everybody is going up 4 degrees warmer. santa rosa 4 degrees warmer. fremont, 3 degrees warmer. concord is 86 and san jose is 85. oakland may drop a degree down to 77. let's start in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s today. check all that cool air in the house unless you want to run the air conditioner. 81 in fremont. east bayshore, mid to upper 70s else where. mid to upper 80s in the south bay today. cupertino, 85. 75 in millbrae. 78 in san mateo. cool weather for people that live on the peninsula, kristen? >> and we're going to have low temperatures in the sunset. mid-70s in parts of downtown san francisco. think 71 will be as warm as it gets in the financial district. mid-60s at your beaches. monterey bay, clouds may sneak
6:51 am
in and then we have mid-80s as you head inland. heading out to the coliseum, dropping down to 61. we lost last night 10-6 to the tigers. look at the absence of clouds, we touch 90 inland. mid 50s at the coast. 4 to six degrees cooler sunday and monday and another surge of warmth tuesday and wednesday and thursday. happy mother's day. >> thank you. good morning. traffic on the freeway has been good this morning. we have a few problems. here is a live shot of the oakland maze, an accident has been reported at 580. chp is on their way but traffic is getting by. this is westbound 80 heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza where there is no delays. metering lights are on. clays to capital corridor.
6:52 am
due to an earlier accident with a train. vehicle has been cleared. it was just a parked car. no injuries. there is residual delays. bart is reporting no delays. 24th street, that was the station. ride across the san mateo bridge reports of heavy traffic westbound near foster city a few minutes ago. it is moving a little slowly but no problems report. is the traffic app. u.s. navy says it is training and testing 6 so near and explosives could potentially hurt more dolphins and whales in california waters than previously thought. new research is part of an environmental impact statement of testing plan for 2014 and 2019. they estimate the use of
6:53 am
explosives and sonar may unintentionally kill 200 animals in one year. a previous analysis estimated the test might injury or kill 100 marine animals. >> new this morning, amgen organizers are warning drivers to expect delays and plan alternate routes when tour de france goes through next week. it starts at santa rosa on sunday morning. on monday, they will wind their way from the marina across the golden gate bridge before heading down highway 1 to santa cruz county. tuesday it starts in san jose before racing through central contra costa county and finishing up in livermore. we posted the schedule on our website at >> in about seven minutes we'll hand you off to "good morning america." here are five things you need to know. u.c. berkeley police they are taking tougher measure to cut off access to the occupy
6:54 am
encampment. cal informed protestors it's not allowing people to enter the area but anybody inside is able to leave. >> teachers in san francisco plan to announce the results of preliminary strike authorization vote during a noon hour press conference. they cast ballots yesterday the current contract expires at the end of next month. >> a eastern contra costa man are among those killed when a plane crashed in indonesia. he aboard the demonstration flight when it went down. his family is trying to figure out how to get the remains back to the u.s. >> mitt romney is defending himself over what high school friends say he did almost 50 years ago. they say he was the ring leader in a bullying incident involving a gay student the at a school in michigan. romney says he doesn't remember the incident but he is sorry if it did happen. >> and president obama will
6:55 am
leave los angeles later this morning where he raked in an estimated $15 million from hollywood's elite last night in a campaign fund-raiser at the home of actor george clooney. he will address the economy during a stop in reno nevada. nevada has the highest unemployment. >> before we go. one final check on weather and traffic. >> let's look at the current conditions. kind of hazy. it is sunny as we look towards al ka traz from vollmer peak. -- alcatraz. low to mid 50s everywhere else. as we head into the afternoon hours, the biggest jump in temperature will be around the bay shore and inland. we'll be getting close to magic 90-degree mark where a lot of people turn the air conditioner on. low to mid 80 in the south bay. mid to upper 80s in the north bay valleys.
6:56 am
77 in oakland. 64 in half moon bay. for mother's day it's going to be cooler but still it will be nice. just a little brisk at the coast. mid 70s for the rest of us. we're going to check the bay bridge toll plaza for you. i think you'll like it. no delays but the metering lights are on. unfortunately we just have a new crash reported by the chp southbound at 92. with the exclusive traffic map you can see that it's it is moving at 43 miles an hour southbound. things could slow down a little more. no injuries reported. i want to take you to the san mateo bridge, there was slow traffic but apparently it turned out to be a stall on the shoulder. i don't think it will cause too much trouble. >> it's mother's day weekend. that is it for this edition. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news in on twitter and
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