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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, they're alive. rushed to the hospital, the dramatic moments when s.w.a.t. teams swooped in rescuing those tennessee girls kidnapped by one of the fbi's most wanted men. the shocking end to the country's biggest manhunt just hours ago. the face of terror? this 18-month-old little girl yanked interest a jetblue plane moments before take-off for being on no-fly lift. questioned by a dozen of agents, until the airline said they goofed. her embarrassed family outraged and speaking out. cover boy, the jaw life dropping photos stirring up controversy all over america. this mother and her almost 4-year-old son making their own headlines. is i too old to be this
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attached. the debate growing this morning. royal forecast. the man who would be king turns up in one of the unlikeliest places doing the weather. why charles went from prince of wales to forecasting gales, and could use a lesson from sam. >> potential for a few flurries over balance balmoral -- who the hell wrote these? as the afternoon goes on. good morning, everyone. sam's job is saved. >> he's no sam champion. come on. >> no, no, no. boy, we exhaled when we got the news yesterday. take a look at these two missing sisters behind a sheet there. the fbi saying the girls were hungry, they were thirsty, dehydrated but they're safe right now and we'll have the latest on that. that's right. the kidnapper is dead but
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but they are safe. that is the good news. a lot of news on the presidential campaign yesterday. mitt romney is not accused of being a bully back in high school. a new report came out yesterday. accusations he helped pin down a classmate and chop his hair off. the question is how much does it matter? how much will it matter? we'll get into that. also, joe biden, yesterday the president told you that he got a little bit over his skis. the vice president apologized to the president. >> oops. and emeril lagasse. it is -- yes, we can't tell you where he is just yet, josh, but he's getting ready to give one mom the surprise of her life. they're creeping up. it's one of our favorite traditions here at "gma." emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. >> and this one is such a good story. >> i cannot wait. first right to the dramatic end to the kidnapping that sparked a nationwide manhunt. one of the fbi's most wanted men dead and the two young girls he was holding captive are finally safe. abc's yunji de nies joins us
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from guntown, mississippi. yunji. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they found the girls just down the road in those dense woods. police say they acted on a tip. soon he was dead and they were finally residued. >> reporter: investigators shielded 12-year-old alexandria and 8-year-old kyliyah bain overnight as they arrived at this memphis hospital rescued after 13 unthinkable days. scared and dehydrated, but alive. >> gave them a big hug and they were hungry and, you know, highway patrol and people had given them food and water. >> reporter: their captor, adam mayes, now dead. police say he shot himself in the head as 31 states and federal officers closed in on the hunting shelter where he was hiding out. they spotted alexandria first lying on the ground, then her captor. >> officers immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands.
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mayes pulled a semi automatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head. [ sirens ] >> reporter: paramedics tried to revive him but the 35-year-old later died at the hospital. despite a nationwide manhunt mayes was found just a few miles from his home. investigators say the girls were relieved to see them. >> they looked as though they had been in the woods for about two to three days. >> reporter: it was two weeks ago today that police say mayes a killed the girl's mother, jo ann bain and their 14-year-old sister adrienne at their home in whiteville, tennessee. police say mayes' wife teresa watched the murders and helped mayes bring the bodice and the little girls back to guntown. teresa mayes is in custody charged with murder and kidnapping. now just 28 hours after putting adam mayes on the fbi's ten most wanted list, the manhunt is over. and these sisters can go home.
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>> they can now restart their lives and live happily hopefully after this. >> reporter: police say this is still a very active investigation. they're trying to figure out if anyone was working to help mayes hide in these woods. meanwhile, those girls have been through so much, they've lost their sister and their mother and authorities tell us now their priority is getting them reunited with their father and back home, robin. >> that is the priority. yunji, thank you very much. let's get right to josh elliott with the other top stories developing this morning. josh. >> good morning to both of you and all of you. we begin with a shocking admission from the nation's biggest bank that has jolted stock markets from wall street all the way to tokyo. this morning jpmorganchase admits it lost some $2 billion in one trading portfolio since april 1st. all on credit default swaps, one of those complex financial instruments blamed, in fact, for the 2008 financial crisis. ceo jamie dimon known as the king of wall street blames errors, sloppiness and bad judgment and it could easily get
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worse. most overseas markets closed lower today as a result. the navy successfully shot down a ballistic missile target. over hawaii. it's released the video right here you see showing the first successful test of a new missile interceptor which, in fact, failed the same test last september. it's designed to protect against potential attacks from iran and north korea. and the parents of an 18-month-old girl are outraged this morning after their daughter was pulled off a jetblue flight after employees thought she could be a terrorist. baby riyanna and her parents were on a flight out of ft. lauderdale when they were told that little girl was on the no-fly list. the parents believed they were profiled because of their middle east eastenen /* heritage. jetblue is blaming a computer glitch. terrifying moment on a basis street in china.
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the little girl you see there falls out of a car, somehow opened the door, but look at her father, jump out of that moving car, scoop her up and, again, the baby, not seriously hurt and thank goodness that that car behind that car found the brake and quickly. finally, one more here. high school baseball team has forfeited a chance to play for a state title. why? because they don't want to play against a girl. the team from our lady of sorrows in phoenix refuses to play mesa preparatory academy because 15-year-old paige sultzbach plays second place, and, yes, she is a girl. our lady of sorrow says it violates school policy to let boys play against girls. one note for our lady of sorrows. back in the delray american little league when i was 12 years old caroline burger was the third best player in our league, and i had a crush on her and she was so good. all right. just saying. >> they thought she was too good. >> could be. >> thank you. >> i love your comment. we'll get to the race for president now.
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"your voice, your vote." now questions about whether mitt romney's teenage prank went too far. the candidate apologized yesterday after one report that he bullied a classmate by pinning him down and chopping off his hair. dave, i know you've been talking to people there. overnight the bullied boy's family spoke out. >> they are speaking out reacting to that troubling account from those five grown men all former classmates of mitt romney, among them a lawyer, a dentist, a school principal all who described a troubling scene. the group they say including mitt romney pinning down a fellow student and cutting off his hair because he was different. mitt romney's apology comes after five of his former high school classmates described the same incident to "the washington post." the targeting of another boy because most of them thought he was gay holding him down and cutting off his long hair he dyed blond. one of those former classmates phillip maxwell now a lawyer telling abc news it's something you don't forget. when i saw the look on his face it was a look i'll never forget. when you see a victim, the sense of trust betrayed in this boy
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who was perfectly innocent for being different. maxwell said he and romney held the boy down and romney was holding the scissors. i saw it with my own eyes of the it was a hack job, clumps of hair taken off. when romney was asked if he remembered the incident, if he knew the boy was gay. >> you know, i don't remember that incident and i'll tell you, i certainly don't believe that i thought the fellow was homosexual. that was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s. >> reporter: he is now apologizing. >> there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school and obviously if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and apologize. >> reporter: for months now, romney's pranks have been considered a selling point for the campaign. his wife ann. >> he's always playing jokes. i look at him as the boy i met in high school when he was playing all the jokes and really just being crazy, pretty crazy. >> reporter: meantime, another former classmate defending him saying what happened in high
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school was likely a joke too. >> my suspicion is that they jokingly said, hey, let's go cut his hair and went down the hall and, you know, you hold the scissors close to his ear and you make a lot of snipping sounds and you may traumatize the guy a little or scare the guy a little, but no harm, no foul. >> reporter: overnight when abc news met up with one of the sisters of the alleged victim showing her "the washington post" account, her eyes welded up with tears saying even if it did happen her brother probably wouldn't have said anything. later, the family issuing a statement saying the portrayal of john is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. john lauber, the student, died of cancer in 2004. george, one of the men in this account said he ran into lauber at the airport and saw him and ran up to him and apologized and
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he said lauber said to him, this is something i carried with me my entire life. >> more on this from our political analyst matthew dowd. matthew, you saw yesterday after first saying he didn't remember there is now kind of a blanket apology from mitt romney for any pranks that went too far in high school and you saw that statement from the family. does this put an end to the story? >> no, i don't think so, george. i don't think it puts an end to the story. the interesting thing to me about this incident it touches on something that touches on every one of us, our high school experience. most people's high school experiences are right below the surface. the good ones and the bad ones. if you talk to people and have any conversations with people, they know they feel those things. and they've seen incidents like this in their own high school experience. i think mitt romney has not put it to rest and needs to do something bigger and bolder. >> you understand the kwounter argument of this is 50 years ago. everybody makes mistakes in high school, right? >> well, yeah, i understand the counter-argument and entered the national conversation when we were already talking about bullying and its effect on kids in high school so i think though
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it may not be something mitt romney's campaign wants to deal with or president obama's campaign wants to talk about it is something now that mitt romney is going to have to deal with. as i say, in a much bigger and bolder way. >> same-sex marriage now part of the national conversation right now. president obama told robin vice president obama told robin vice president biden got out over his skis on this. the president trying to capitalize. you saw him last night at that big hollywood fund-raiser on the issue. >> well, i definitely think this is an issue especially among voters under 30 years old that he will have a benefit from. i think what this really does, it polarizes the country into cams of 47%, 47%, when we head to election where this is going to be decided by 5% of the vote so i think it polarized the country fairly quickly. >> thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to the latest in the high-stakes john edwards trial. the prosecution rested its case and the defense now gearing up to call its witnesses to the stand and the big question, will rielle hunter testify? abc's bob woodruff has much
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more. >> reporter: edwards emerged from the court after an unusual ending to the prosecutor's case. dramatically illustrating how the former presidential candidate consistently lied about the details of his affair with rielle hunter. the prosecutors close by playing abc's 2008 "nightline" interview with edwards. >> can i say first thank you, bob, for coming. >> reporter: the jury watched him lie about his affair. >> first of all, it was short. >> reporter: about the baby. >> i know that it's not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events. >> reporter: and about what he told his wife. >> elizabeth knows absolutely everything. >> reporter: this case does not have the smoking gun. juries like smoking guns. it has this tape, however. >> reporter: since the interview he admitted he lied about his baby but has stuck by his story he told us almost four years ago that he had no part in the cover-up. >> i had nothing to do with any money being paid and had no knowledge of any money being paid. >> reporter: and determined it seems to keep his career moving
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forward at all costs. one of the final prosecution witnesses, leo hindery, a senior adviser to edwards, told the jury that the night edwards lost in the iowa caucus in 2008, the candidate gave him an urgent task, he asked me to reach out to the obama campaign, hindery testified to be the vp on the ticket. later that month, hindery says edwards was aiming higher. we talked about a long-term goal of his which was to be a supreme court justice. now john edwards' defense team has said the prosecution has just not proven this case. they're going to ask the judge later today to dismiss the case. george. thanks very much. we turn to the story of one woman's fight for her life after a fun day out with friends. a dangerous flesh-eating bacteria is taking a toll on the graduate student's body after an accident while zip lining. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: the same bizarre flesh-eating bacteria that's
7:15 am
already cost 24-year-old amy copeland her leg is now threatening her other limbs as she continues to fight for her life. >> you know, you see your child up there and she's missing one of her limbs and you know that, you know, she may lose two more. >> reporter: the graduate psychology student contracted the bacteria last week when she and some friends went zip lining over the little talapaloosa river in georgia. when the line broke she fell causing a gash in her leg so deep it required nearly two dozen staples to close. doctors believe the bacteria entered her body through that injury. >> this was a perfect storm. she had an injury to her leg. she was exposed to water that had this germ and she was one of those people where the germ just took off. >> reporter: her father says the bacteria has ravaged copeland's body so severely it will likely result in the amputation of both her hands and remaining foot but says the family is choosing to focus on the positive.
7:16 am
>> amy appears to have a normal brain function at this time which is something i'm celebrating because within amy we have a very compassionate heart, an incredible mind of intellect. >> reporter: while copeland remains in critical condition she is showing some encouraging signs. she's described as coherent and alert, able to nod and shake her head. doctors say there's no indication of any brain damage and that her lungs are beginning to heal. i talked to her dad last night. he's a man of such profound faith saying the fact that his daughter is alive right now is nothing short of a miracle. the takeaway if you have a wound that's not betting better, get to a doctor right away. the timing is really critical. >> do not wait. boy, that is one courageous family. >> you got that right. thank you both. prince charles popped up where we're used to seeing sam. right in front of the weather map. he was visiting the bbc scotland
7:17 am
with camilla, if being king doesn't work out, sam, i'm not sure but you may have a little competition as you walk on in. he doesn't look happy. >> okay, buddy. >> abc's nick watts. take a shot. just like you we'll let nick watts explain. >> let's take a look at the weather forecast now and delighted to say we've got a new member of our weather team tonight, let me hand this one over. your highness. >> unsettled picture as we end towards the end of the week. >> reporter: must be choking on their shortbread in the rain. >> windy across most of scotland. we're under the influence of low pressure. >> reporter: this man actually one day will be king with kate flashing her legs all over town, harry picking up humanitarian awards for goodness sakes, this is charles proving there's life and a smile in the old dog yet.
7:18 am
>> there may be a few showers over dumfries house. >> reporter: he kind of owns that place. hence the joke. >> the potential for a few flurries over balmoral. who the hell wrote this script? >> reporter: just like president obama slow jamming the news -- >> the best of the drier and brighter weather -- >> reporter: prince charles is in the groove free-styling. and then camilla had a go. >> outbreaks of rain, such a surprise. >> the rain, of course, will be heaviest on the borders. >> reporter: proving that charles is actually rather good. >> we're coming. >> reporter: he's no sam champion, but if the royal gig goes belly up, there's a gig for him in a big market affiliate. >> temperatures of just 8 celsius and a brink northeasterly wind. thank goodness it's not a bank holiday. >> reporter: he nailed it. faking some chemistry in the
7:19 am
end. >> oh. >> i liked him so much more just on the strength of that. and he was saying on twitter people suggesting perhaps the queen could moonlight in a hardware story maybe, prince harry could drive a cab. all good ideas, guys. all good ideas. >> hey, nick, thanks a lot. >> he's very laid back. >> i like his style. >> sam, can you do the weather in celsius? >> no, i could not. >> there you go. >> but the rain in spain stays mainly on the plains. >> it's friday. >> friday. >> get down on friday. here we go, we'll try to do it this way. show you this area of low pressure that kind of moves into texas. and, by the way, it's been a wet and soggy time. so soggy that take a look at what we like to do in the deep south. i will tell you not to do this. our video -- oh, wait. we don't have video. that was it? that's it. we got to go? you gave prince charles 2 1/2 minutes. i get 10 seconds? that's the weather around the nation. here's what you can expect this morning.
7:20 am
back to sam. later coming up on "gma"
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hollywood mystery. what happened to this high-powered movie executive. why police can't rule out foul play. reese witherspoon's family drama. why her mom is taking her dad to court. [ dad ] what's that? you got mommy a mother's day present? from where? whoa. nice. oh, i totally agree... ...she is the best mommy... ever. ♪ it's beautiful. [ male announcer ] save up to 30% on these diamond fashions for mom at kay jewelers. just one more reason kay is the number-one jewelry store in america. what's that? give daddy a great big kiss? ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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good morning, teachers with the san francisco unified school district plan to announce a strike authorization vote. they are facing cuts over the
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next few years. the contract expires next month and negotiations are stalled. they plan to issue 218 layoff notices by next week let's get a check on busy traffic morning. >> especially for mass transit. here is video a train hit a parked vehicle in berkeley south of third street. train number 518 and 527 have been cancelled and you wanted to take the next train. bart reporting ten-minute delays between san francisco and peninsula. heavy traffic westbound across the san mateo bridge. bay bridge toll plaza, a stall. >> when we come back mike will have a look
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off to a hades zi start. westbound from vollmer peak we're looking from. upper 40s in napa and santa rosa. most of us in the low to mid-50s. 61 in antioch. equally be well above average. low to mid-70s in san francisco and upper 70s. low to mid 80s and even upper 80s in east bay and warmer
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♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa yeah ♪ trying to be very quiet right there. >> with a tuba. >> oh, he's not playing it because emeril is sneaking around about to surprise one mom who's got her hands very full with a surprise of a lifetime. it is our favorite series all year long, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. >> look at him sneaking around. >> they're being very good about this. >> the other 500 people, i might add. >> that is coming up in just a little bit. we cannot wait. >> emeril loves it as much as we all do. reese witherspoon, why the oscar winner's mother is suing the father. accusing him of bigamy. she says there's only one problem with his marrying another woman, he is still married to his first wife.
7:31 am
>> even though they've been separated for many, many years. boy, this cover right here, "time" magazine, are you mom enough? let's put it up. it is stirring up all kinds of controversy all across the country. that is a 4-year-old boy right there still getting breast fed. is he too old to be this attached? this created a lot of debate at our dinner table last night. >> a dear friend e-mailed me bright and early saying are you mom enough trying to say some things that outrage. the picture and -- >> people cannot stop talking about it. >> we will as well. right now we're going to get to halle berry. she's taking on the paparazzi. caught on tape when she was picking up her 4-year-old daughter at preschool. abc's paula faris is here with all the details. >> good morning. most feel when it comes to celebs they're fair game but the children, turn the lens away. halle berry felt the paparazzi was stalking her daughter at school, so she did what most would do if they believe their child was being threatened. it happened again.
7:32 am
another case of a big-time celebrity tangling with the much maligned paparazzi. this time it was halle berry outside her 4-year-old daughter's preschool. >> halle has had enough. and confronts the stalkerazzi. >> their target, her daughter nala. >> reporter: the oscar-winning actress angrily confronting photographers when they reportedly got a little too close for her comfort. [ bleep ] but berry is not the only hollywood star upset over prying eyes. >> most of the parents don't want their kids out there in this world. some can't help it. i don't think tom cruise and katie have a choice. i think -- >> how are you doing? >> there's so many paparazzi. >> reporter: sarah jessica parker and salma hayek expressed concern about photographers going too far. >> parked outside your house and they will not move for months. >> reporter: remember britney's meltdown with the paparazzi, spears famously took an umbrella to one photographer's car back
7:33 am
in 2007 but the pressure on halle is extreme. she is still in the midst of a bitter custody battle with her ex and reportedly wants to move to france with her daughter and new fiance where they have stricter laws against the paparazzi. >> i'm doing something honorable. imanswer i'm not harassing people. >> reporter: just four years ago she filed a criminal complaint against a photo agency because they took pictures of her and her daughter in their own backyard. that agency complied and pulled those pictures out of circulation. >> boy, that is so real. >> you don't mess -- if you have a kid, don't come near. >> i know there are celebrities that, yes -- but their children, off-limits. >> leave me alone. >> that's it. have a good weekend. let's get right now to the hollywood movie executive who vanished into thin air. los angeles police now saying foul play cannot be ruled out if 57-year-old gavin smith disappeared. cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: this morning marks 11 days since anyone has heard
7:34 am
from gavin smith. he's a twentieth century fox executive who distributed megahits like "titanic." police are stumped about where he is or even if he's still alive. >> we're helpless. it's horrible. it's horrible. >> reporter: but now there are new questions about exactly where smith was before he went missing. his oldest son, a usc basketball forward reportedly tweeted last month, my dad decided to leave the family last night. real family sticks together. it has since been deleted. smith's family told us he was staying with a female family friend when he went missing. >> last time i saw him was on monday. >> reporter: did he come home monday night? i want to go back to the -- >> we're going to try to not talk about that part. >> reporter: what they will say is that police have spoken to her and when smith drove off from her house in his mercedes they don't believe he was leaving for good. >> she said he was relaxing, watching tv. had sweet conversations and he
7:35 am
was going to be coming up to bed shortly. that's what i know. >> reporter: abc news consulted his celebrity publicist now representing the family. >> i've never seen a family more united in wanting to find their father and their husband. >> domestic issues we need to be aware of? >> no. no. >> reporter: it is a real-life mystery made for a hollywood blockbuster. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> and let's hope they find hill soon. >> family doing all they can. >> sam. >> we'll do our 7:00 weather at 7:30 because we ran out of time at 7:00. let's show you what's going on with the pictures that we got out of texas. so much rain, 2 to 4 inches of rain. now we don't suggest anyone does this but it made for an amazing picture in corpus christi, texas, when you can boogie board down the street in your neighborhood. 2 to 4 inches of rain in a short period of time. dry ground. 100% of the state of texas was
7:36 am
in drought this time last year. now 65% of the state is texas in drought. just because we've made it up with so much rain through the area. into the northeast, burlington, boston, new york, philadelphia, pittsburgh, all coming into the 60s and 70s. this is a very nice weekend. >> now it's time for "gma's" pollen report. high levels lingering from the northeast into the upper midwest with pockets along the south carolina coast. oklahoma, utah and into the northwest. if it looks like oklahoma, you can't catch a break that's because you're getting eat with weed pollen and moderate levels there as well in iowa. along the northern illinois and southern wisconsin zone you're
7:37 am
getting bounded with high pollen in those levels. you can get your local neighborhood pollen report because we know the local way is the important number to get right at at yahoo! george, robin. >> thank you, prince sam. now to the investigation of a hugely popular weight loss business in california. the multimillion dollar venture under fire after the death of five patients. brian ross confronted the doctors behind the business and has much more. good morning. >> good morning, robin. the desperation of people who are horribly overweight and want to get thin has made a lot of people rich. now, as you say, a series of deaths at this one very popular business in southern california has led to a new round of state and federal investigations. few doctors have made more money in the weight loss business than these two beverly hills brothers. julian and michael omidi. they are the men behind a media blitz that has led thousands to
7:38 am
southern california clinics that offer an outpatient procedure which constricts the stomach with what's called a lap band. >> i tried every diet out there. the lap band was the easiest thing i've ever done. >> reporter: done right, the procedure is a safe technique. but in the last three years, five patients have died after lap band surgery at the brothers' clinic triggering lawsuits and federal investigations. >> they're making it seem so easy, so easy. >> reporter: john, who is blind, says his wife laura died after doctors lacerated her liver during the procedure but then sent her home without revealing the mistake. >> they told me nothing. >> reporter: the clinic's lawyers say laura had other health issues and the lacerated liver was not the cause of her death. but the doctor who operated on laura testified that one of the brothers, julian omidi, told him they made too much money to worry about the death or the cost of a lawsuit. >> and julian omidi's response
7:39 am
to me was, don't worry, we made $21 million a month, 1 million is okay. >> reporter: the brothers deny the doctor's allegations and remain in business despite the new investigations and lawsuits against them. they did not want to talk with abc news. trying to get a hold of you to ask you questions about what's been happening at your clinics. >> nice of you to talk to us. >> we tried to reach you. i want to talk to dr. omidi. >> very nice of you to talk -- >> dr. omidi, can -- >> this is client confidence. >> reporter: no, we just want to talk to dr. omidi. so no comment from them, but they did through their lawyers say there are greater risk with obese patients, and they're professionally accredited and meet the highest standards being challenged by the lawsuits and multiple investigations. >> brian, thank you very much. you can see much more of brian's report tonight. it's a special "20/20," losing it the big fat money pit at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc.
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we're going to go to that strange court battle for the parents of reese witherspoon. even though they've been separated for years they are not divorced and reese's mom is
7:44 am
accusing her husband of bigamy. dan harris has the story. >> reporter: mary and john witherspoon came here with their daughter reese when she got her star on the hollywood walk of fame, have been married for 42 years. you can imagine her surprise when she opened the local paper and saw this wedding announcement saying her husband had married another woman in a quote intimate double ring ceremony at a private chalet. the bride in a full length satin gown and groom in a white linen suit. >> you mean i'm still married. >> reporter: reese, star of "sweet home alabama" is not speaking publicly about the drama but her mother tells an extraordinary story. according to mary who is a retired nurse she and her husband who is a doctor have lived in separate homes in the nashville area since 1996 because of her husband's alcoholism, overspending,
7:45 am
infidelity and hoarding, nonetheless, she says i love my husband and do not want a divorce. she says when she asked john about his marriage, he claimed to have no idea who the woman was, although the affidavit also says john had tried to bring her to reese's wedding last march but tricciane was turned away because she wasn't on the guest list. mary tears triccian e-tailor is trying to take advantage of john who mary says may be suffering from early onset dementia. mary says she's worried tricciane took out bank loans under the name mrs. john witherspoon and says "i fear for my husband's safety. he could easily die through lack of medicine or some other malicious act." >> this is obviously a very difficult situation and for someone who is as private as reese witherspoon, this is really a stressful time for her. >> we should say we reached out to both parties for comment and got no response.
7:46 am
it goes to court in three weeks. according to their wedding announcement they're supposed to have a wedding celebration this summer. it looks like that may not happen. >> thanks very much. josh has the "play of the day." and it's the startling cover that has everyone talking. how old is too old to be this attached? they were born to climb... born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here's the "play of the day." >> here we go. this is fantastic. we know sunday is mother's day, but take a look. a father/daughter dance. we have to share, jessica and dad at her bat mitzvah. sure, it starts like every dance you've ever seen between father and daughter, but wait for it. ♪ >> now, you have to believe, happy and mortified. yes. >> go, daddy. >> go, dad.
7:51 am
>> yeah, yeah. >> and it goes. >> i do have a quick friday report. stay with the kid. get down and boogie. i want to show you this. there's feats of athleticism. take a look at what happened. well, we just showed the end of it, a triple play unassisted. fantastic. here you go. look. >> one, missed the catch. he's out. he's out. whoo! i love it. hey, oh, by the way, all you moms out in america, emeril might be coming for you. our mother's day breakfast in bed. go nowhere. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. >> brought to you by dulcolak school softener. make yourself comfortable. it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. xk school softener. make yourself comfortable. school softener. make yourself comfortable. ♪ dai
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7:56 am
♪ good morning, i'm eric thomas. u.c. police say they are taking tougher measure to cut off access to the occupy camp in albany. they fenced in the university owned property and informed the protestors it's no longer letting people enter but anybody inside can leave. >> good morning. warm weather occupies all of our neighborhoods and not as breezy at the coast. mid-60s there. 71 in san francisco. look at all the low to mid-80s.
7:57 am
even upper 80s in the inland valleys. mothers day will it be slightly cooler. >> two hot spots, westbound 580 as you head through dublin, traffic heavy. slow across the san mateo bridge 15-minute delay because of a crash, as well. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the foot of the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ you're the one oh. >> come out. "gma" is back with you. good morning, america. great crowd here in times square. we're rocking with the deejay. >> dj kiss. she is back. >> we got a little reconfiguration at the desk right now. >> we do. >> prince charles can do the weather, sam can do pop news. >> why not?
8:01 am
we'll show you why not in a moment. >> filling in for lara spending time -- >> yeah. >> not so easy. >> welcome, ginger. >> talking about a provocative cover of "time" magazine, a mom breast-feeding her almost 4-year-old son. the debate is raging. >> boy, it sure is, also, very special event coming up in a few minutes. emeril lagasse is out there somewhere in the united states >> that's right. >> trying to be very quiet. >> in the crowd behind because i'm almost at the house, guys and i don't want to wake up those babies. i can't wait to see those adorable babies and can't wait to see the mom when she realizes she won our breakfast in bed contest. you won't want to miss it. >> he's giving another little bit of a clue there. in just a bit, this mom, miracle mom to seven babies including septuplets. >> all right. i'm grooving. emeril is not the only one that
8:02 am
has a surprise. cameron mathison is standing by live, guess where, when you see the shot -- >> niagara falls. very good. at the bottom. it's a once if a life time event. it's big. it's dangerous. and you'll only see it right here, so gather all your friends and snuggle around the tv set. >> a lot coming up. boy, turn down the music and get news from josh elliott. >> indeed. we'll begin with a measure of relief this morning. that terrifying two-week ordeal finally over for two tennessee girls. abducted by the man who killed their mother and teenage sister. 12-year-old alexandria bain and her 8-year-old sister were found in the mississippi woods last night with adam mayes. just a few miles from his home. mayes shot and killed himself as officers surrounded him. and investors on wall street reacting to a bombshell of sorts from the nation's largest bank, jpmorganchase has revealed that it lost a bhoping $2 billion in just six weeks on a trading scheme that obviously backfired.
8:03 am
the incident raises new questions now about whether other banks are also taking such risky gambles. mitt romney is trying to refocus his campaign on the sluggish economy but accusations that he was a bully in high school are getting in the way. now, reports that romney and his friends once pinned down a classmate they considered to be gay and chopped off his hair. romney claims not to remember the incident. later, he admitted to doing stupid chings in high school and apologized if anyone was hurt. the family of the alleged victim says the story is factually incorrect. the new prescription diet drug could soon win government approval. an expert panel recommended lorqess be approved. a final fda decision is expected by the end of june. take a look, finally, a wild scene at a safari park in england. a group of baboons swarming all over that new car.
8:04 am
biting the leather, bashing lights and, of course, having fun with the horn. turns out what do you know, all a stunt. hyundai wanted to prove their new car could stand up to abuse -- similar to two baboons trying to -- in the great midwest yesterday. i wish that was a stunt. >> were just hysterical. >> i will say if -- that we get paid to do what we did yesterday. still sort of astounds me. it was a wonderful day. >> you'll share it with us next week. >> oh, yes, we will. >> right now you get paid to do pop news. >> what, did someone say pop news. lara, i love you so much. as we get started your seat cushion is a flotation device. janet jackson looks like she has everything under control much the singer showing off her brand-new body for the first time at the opening of an art exhibit. i got to say, wow! >> yeah. >> wow. now, janet says --
8:05 am
>> we say the wow. >> then you say the wow. >> oh, i keep reading. so she says she's been a yo-yo dieter and credits nutrisystem for helping her slim down. this time she started -- she shares -- wait, what? huh? >> she shared the real key do looking great. >> i'm sorry and here's the secret. >> it's about loving yourself and not letting anybody telling what you should look like. feeling good about who you are and accepting yourself and knowing that you're special and that's the thing. >> hear, hear. amen. >> looks just great. >> all right, turns out bruce willis -- thanks for asking, george, isn't a tough guy. his wife tweeted this photo of the 57-year-old actor and 1-month-old baby mabille ray. the couple's first child together. isn't this like willis' fourth. emma tweeted a beautiful day in
8:06 am
budapest, the loves of my life daddy and mabille cracking each other up. you guys -- you do so much better for lara. can i just -- you guys chat. you're involved and nowle i'm kind of on my own. >> no good jokes. >> you know -- >> never mind. never mind. check this out, sly stallone is really a timeless beauty or just his image is. spotted in a vatican masterpiece by an american college student. take a look at the picture. no, you're saying no. see it side by side. doesn't that -- come on. that's 500 years ago they painted this picture so i guess -- >> huh? >> what does it say? >> i think it says the painter was ahead of his time. centuries ahead of his time. how am i doing. >> great. >> this next video is hugely going viral and barely -- here's our cuddly moment of the morning when bears -- look at this.
8:07 am
watch. they all -- >> aw. >> oh. >> yes. they're just kind of cleaning themselves up a little bit. a litter of -- they're not showing off their fancy footwork. they're actually filing up to groom each other. personally i think it's the cutest thing i've seen all day and, ladies and gentlemen, that is pop news. >> it was great. >> fantastic. >> let's get to ginger zee with the weather. >> sam, great job. congratulations. i think i'd never be able to do the pop news. good morning to the texas pot. what's your name? >> chloe rodriguez. >> first time to new york city and new jersey is what the sign says. welcome. the weather and we'll get more, warm out west. look how warm. check the numbers out here, sunny skies and temperatures in the 90s for vegas. up to 81 for mother's day in seattle. a quick look at what's happening in the midwest.
8:08 am
a cold front going to push through some scattered showers. warm in front of it, but it won't be for long. now, top news we'll go back in to sam. >> nothing looks bo s better th ginger zee. i'll take you over prince charles. morning menu, inside the huge cover -- controversy right now, yeah, there it is, there's the magazine cover. now, is this child actually a
8:09 am
little too old to be this close to mom in this way? we'll look at that. also, emeril lagasse is somewhere in america. emeril, well, he's right there in america but we'll widen out the picture in just a minute. emeril, look out, it's a mailbox. "gma's" morning menu brought to you by zyrtec, love the air. ♪ cause i like how it feels mo to you by zyrtec, love the air. ♪ cause i like how it feels cigarette? you coming? i'm good. alright. [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette,
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8:13 am
coming up, "good morning america's" breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas' english muffins and bagels. it is pretty hard to miss the cover of "time" magazine right now. a woman breast-feeding her almost 4-year-old son. and this provocative picture is
8:14 am
actually just a snapshot of a growing trend called attachment parenting. abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: look closely at the photo. nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks. jamie grumet is a 26-year-old mother from los angeles who is breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old son. "time" magazine's jaw-dropping cover story on a back to nature some might say fringe way of raising kids called attachment parenting, the cover and idea of parents behind it are sparking a heated debate even stirring up the ladies on "the view." >> that boy is like 32 years old. >> he's in college. >> this is insane. >> she's got her boob in his mouth. >> if you can spell milk, you should not breast-feeding. >> reporter: children are attached often this a sling to their parents 24/7 including sleeping in the family bed and they breast-feed on demand for as long as it takes. >> you play baseball?
8:15 am
oh, nice catch. my yam bial lick believes hyper attentive parenting like this doesn't spoil a child but fosters security and wrote a book called "beyond the sling." still, when not promoting attachment parenting -- ♪ >> reporter: she's starring in the sitcom account the big bang theory." you're breast-feeding a 3-year-old. a lot of people would say what are you doing? >> i'm breast-feeding a 3-year-old. he's actually 3 and a half me meeting the needs of a child who's almost done being a baby but is not done. >> mom, let's play in the rocking chair. >> reporter: lynn is a new york city mom who plans on nursing her 2-year-old son tobin for as long as he asks. >> our culture sexualizes breasts and we've lost their biological function in child rearing. >> reporter: "time's" cover girl jamie grumet agrees telling the magazine "the more people see it, the more it'll become normal
8:16 am
in our culture." when asked if extended breast-feeding is disturbing or wrong grumet says they are people who tell me they'll call social services on moore or that it's child molestation. i don't think i can reason with those people. she says my mother breast fed me until i was 6 years old and self-weened and felt comforted and nurtured. juju chang, abc, new york. >> joining us is dr. jennifer ashton author of "your body beautiful" and currently co-hosts "the revolution." good to have you. >> good morning, robin. >> all right. litsdz's weigh in here. looking at the cover and i had friends who are just as outrageds, are you mom enough? but just first of all 4 years old is that too old. >> if you're asking me for my breast, yes. i don't think it makes me less of a mother but when you weigh risk versus benefit, this is a low-risk activity. there are a lot of benefits to breast-feeding but where do you draw the line, 7, 10, 12?
8:17 am
it's a slippery slope. >> but physically, okay, you're saying one thing but people are also saying psychologically could it have an effect. >> we don't have the long-term data on that, robin. we have to follow this 4-year-old and lots of them until they're 40 and see if they win a nobel prize, a serial killer or normal but i think it's also important to remember most moms are not trying to hurt their kids but trying to do what's best for their children. i don't think this is like putting a cigarette in your child's hand. >> no, no, but anything good from this. >> i always say any time we are talking about breast-feeding in this country it's a win/win. lots of benefits for the mom. lots of benefits for the baby just maybe try to ween them before they go to college. >> i don't think that happens too much. >> no. >> i think you hit it on the head. moms do the best they can. >> yes. we're all trying. >> that's it. have a great mother's day. >> you too, thank you. >> george? >> time for one of our favorite events of the year at "gma." emeril's breakfast in bed. 13th year of celebrating a
8:18 am
special and deserving mom and, emeril, you have outdone yourself on the search this year. we're about to meet one very big, very happy, very young family and the mom who makes it all possible. >> hey, george, i'm right outside of stacy kerry's house here in pennsylvania. i can't believe this lady. what she's gone through for these seven children. ♪ whoa whoa you got the best of my love ♪ >> i'll knock on the door. ♪ whoa whoa >> hi. are you stacy kerry? >> yes. >> do you know when i am? >> yes. >> i'm emeril lagasse with "good morning america" and guess what, you have won our mother's day breakfast in bed. are you excited? can i come in? can we put a mike on you real quick? >> okay. >> we'll get a mike on you real
8:19 am
quick. how are you? are you surprised. >> what -- >> come here. i got to show you something. oh, my gosh. you're all in on this. i got to tell you, we got a super surprise for you. are you surprised? all right. well, listen, i'll tell you what. here's what we're going to do. my good friend robin roberts, she has the story. check it out. >> where? >> angel lick little faces happy, peaceful. no one could ever tell that just 11 months ago their mother was staging a desperate vigil praying they all would survive. >> i just never met somebody in my life that was so able to overcome these things in her life and she did it like it was a breeze. >> reporter: being a mom had always been a dream for
8:20 am
34-year-old stacy kerry. from the time she and her sisters were little girls. >> we always talked about how when we got older we would have kids and our kids would be close and friends. >> it was really important to have kids. i mean our theory, no point in getting married if kids weren't in the situation. >> reporter: in her job as a took placer she was surrounded by kids but at home she and husband brendan struggled to start their family. >> it was years of trying and fertility treatments and it was hard. >> she had to go through the shower buying baby furniture and brendan said she came home crying thinking it would never happen. >> i could see it in her eyes. she was always cheerful and everything but you could tell deep inside it was eating her up. >> reporter: finally after six long years of trying their miracle baby, julianna came along. >> when she had julianna, she was, gosh, the world to her. >> reporter: but they wanted julianna to have a sibling so
8:21 am
within a year stacy was pregnant again but this time a surprise. >> i'm pregnant, she said. it's great. but with six babies. >> reporter: six babies growing inside of her and with them came a mixture of joy and fear. >> six babies is extraordinarily high risk. >> what she did to me was god wouldn't give me more than i couldn't handle. >> reporter: that theory was put to the test when two months before the babies were born stacy was admitted to the hospital. >> to not leave a hospital room for 60 days is like you're in a prison cell. >> reporter: finally june 1st of last year, no more waiting, the babies came 13 weeks early, emma, samantha, olivia, john, patrick and connor. teeny, tiny bundles of love. all between one and two pounds. for stacy intense worry multiplied by six. >> they only had about a 5%
8:22 am
chance of everybody being home. we're not talking about low risk situation. >> of course, pray we have everyone praying. >> reporter: stacy remained relentlessly upbeat. >> i'd say how is emma doing today and she'd go she'll have a better day tomorrow. she kept herself calm for the family. >> reporter: slowly the fragile babies came home. >> it was a miracle. it really was a miracle. >> reporter: but they were not out of the woods yet. over the winter more hospital visits, baby patrick struggled the most. >> he -- he wanted to be out and when she put him down she used to get so upset. he would struggle more with his breathing when he wasn't being held. i just wanted to be with him all the time she said. >> reporter: as winter gave way to spring, the kids are now defying expectations. >> how well a premature baby does depends on the home they go home to.
8:23 am
they're doing so well because of her home. >> reporter: so this mother's day, "good morning america" and emeril lagasse celebrate a mom whose love has kept her magnificent seven going against all the odds. >> i look up to her. so brave, so courageous, so loving. >> today is happy's mother's day. you are the best. >> you're one of the best things that ever happened to me. i love you with all my heart. >> stacy, i think you're america's most deserving mom so happy mother's day. >> we're just so proud of the mom you are. i don't know how you do it every day. >> reporter: and if her precious sextuplets could talk they surely would echo the feeling of julianna. >> i love you, mommy. >> that's me. >> so, stac, are you a little surprised. >> yeah, a little. >> a little surprised. what do you think about all this love coming to you on mother's day weekend. look at all of those beautiful
8:24 am
faces right there. is that not unbelievable? >> yeah. >> god bless. just so amazing. brandon, how are you doing? >> very good. nice to meet you. >> i would say happy mother's day to you too but there's another surprise for you, okay. because i got you right now. okay. you have like the fab four, right? all right. well, let's bring the fab four in here real quick because colleen, oh, there's colleen. oh, you know who is responsible for this? >> no. >> you know who nominated fyou for this. your dear friend colleen and, look, there they are. look, i got more surprises, come here, i got more surprises. come on, come on, everybody. i got more surprises. you know how much you're loved? how absolutely -- ow they love you? well, let me tell you something, you're a teacher, right? >> okay. how about your students. how about from the high school, the middle school, how about the school? [ cheers and applause ]
8:25 am
>> everybody is so happy. ♪ >> now are you really surprised? >> it's great. >> oh, i tell you what, we have got -- we have got a lot of surprises. colleen, how are you doing over there? yes, indeed. ♪ >> all right. >> you want to say anything to your buddy? >> oh, it's amazing. ♪ >> and look at this one. julianna, how are you. say happy mother's day to mom. >> yay! >> happy mother's day. we have got a lot more surprises. >> oh, my god. everyone is here. >> let me tell you, the fab four, where are you? come on in here. what do you got to say to your pal over here? oh, look at those babies. you don't mind, bring her in.
8:26 am
you don't mind -- we have a little "good morning america" shirt, i'm sorry there, folks. i'm telling you, look at this. >> thank you. that's my -- >> brandon, how are you. >> very well. >> doing well? let me tell you something, how do you feel about all this? >> it's unbelievable. oh, my god. >> well, listen, you know what -- [ cheers ] >> we have got, ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of surprises coming up but right now we're going back to new york. george, robin, back to you. >> what a moment that was. seeing all those little babies out there and i got to hear more about what stacy feels when we come back. breakfast in bed, as well. our emeril's mother's day extravaganza. don't go anywhere. you'll see all seven of those kids in a moment. >> emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas' english muffins and bagel. a tasty way to start your day.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. amgen tour organizers are warning drivers to expect delays when the bicycle race goes next week. it saturday's on santa rosa on sunday morning. they will race from the marina down highway 1 to santa cruz county. tuesday goes through starts in san jose and finishes in livermore. let's check on the commute. >> it started out that way but we had trouble spots very, slow across the san mateo bridge because of an earlier crash. drive to 101 is 34 minutes. normally it's about 14 minutes. also westbound 580 jammed at you
8:28 am
head through pleasanton to 680 and bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the foot of the switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
8:29 am
m=tade with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ? welcome back. check out how calm the bay water is. you can see some of the haze that developed but not a spare-the-air day. upper 50s in antioch.
8:30 am
high definition showing mid-60s along the coast. 71 in san francisco and low to mid 80s ♪ you got the best of my love whoa whoa you got the best of my love ♪ >> happy friday crowd out here in times square. rocking to dj kiss and, boy, you're really rocking this morning. welcome back. >> let's get back out to stacey carey. there she is. she got the surprise of her life just a few minutes ago, mother of seven, all under 2 years old. six came at once and look at that whole town out there to give her breakfast in bed coming up in just a minute. >> you know, i wish we could give that to every mother in this great country. everyone deserves it but we also have surprises.
8:31 am
cameron mathison, you see that bed -- that is literally the bed she'll have breakfast in but cameron mathison, look at that beautiful spot. niagara falls. can't miss it and he's got a jaw-dropping announcement about an event that will be truly -- >> amazing. >> you'll want to stick around for that. also, obviously the end of an era, what it's been on wisteria lane. this sunday night, felicity huffman here to discuss what it's really like. for the finale, days away now. >> she looks lovely. >> wow. >> giving us the soundtrack, dj kiss, spins for madonna, and she's spinning for us. we love it when she's here. great weekend. >> she's got a style all her own. >> the best dancer in the house. >> by far. by far. we are going to go back to emeril and her mother's day
8:32 am
breakfast in bed. the carey goes through 45 diaper changes, 30 bolts and just for the babies, two loads of laundry every day. back to emeril with our very deserving mom, stacey. emeril? s>> >>. >> stacey, how are you feeling right now? >> a little overwhelmed. >> a little overwhelmed. >> yeah. >> all right. i got your good friend colleen. what made you do this. >> we just love you so much and you've been through so much. we think you're amazing so happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> well, all your girlfriends are here. the fab four here to help you. look at these beautiful faces right here. i got to tell you, all right, now i got to live up to my expectations here. the bed, breakfast in bed. get in the bed. >> get in? >> go ahead. get in the bed. >> all right. got a little help from my
8:33 am
friends. i know you're eating healthy these days but i also know you got a sweet tooth so we have incredible waffles we made with candied bacon and fruit and a fruit smoothie. what i wanted to tell you was this besides breakfast i made you a diaper cake. no, i'm just joking. but basically there's a lot of diapers there that -- that's like a whole week's supply of diapers for you, all right. right? which is unbelievable. it's an unbelievable task right there. but i'll tell you what, between the diapers, the supplies, the bottles, the form la, you know what, our friend at thomas' -- where's brandon? where did he go. come on in here, big. come on. sit right here. i got to tell you our friends at thomas' english muffins, we got a little check for you that's going to help a little bit with some of the diaper, some of the formula, okay.
8:34 am
so there's the check, okay. $5,000. i'm sure it's going to help a little bit with this breakfast, right? but you know what, the folks at thomas', spe specialize in breakfasts so guess what, we and they, thomas', you guys are going to get breakfast for a year. come on in, guys. come on in. breakfast for a year. what can we say? >> wow. >> now what do you got to say? brandon, you got something you want to say to this beautiful lady. >> happy mother's day. we're all proud of you. >> so tell me about the babies. i know -- aw, look at you. you want to see mommy? yeah. >> mommy's girl. >> so tell us about the babies. >> oh, they're wonderful. john, connor, back there, olivia. >> olivia. >> patrick and samantha.
8:35 am
>> look at samantha. oh, look at that. where's the big girl? there's the big girl. come on, you get in bed with mommy. all right. >> wow. what can we say, folks? here we are. yeah, have a little bite. have a little bite. isn't that good? isn't that good? so now what do you have to say to america about mother's day? >> happy mother's day. >> just a little surprised, huh? >> yes, yes. thank you so much. >> what a wonderful, wonderful surprise. happy mother's day, oh, yeah. ellie, come on. what do you have to say to your, sis? >> we love you seven and all wanted to do something for you because we know you sure as heck don't have time to do anything for yourself right now. >> all i want to say is aulden, hilda and cherie, happy mother's day. back to many new york.
8:36 am
>> truly fun. you can tell she is used to doing for others as her sister said but what a great treat for her. find the recipes for these mother's day treats at at yahoo! we have a bo-fer for weather. >> a bo-fe rchlth. >> extreme team time. >> kick it off. >> this is where it gets real. >> right into the weather forecast. we need to get to that before kissing needs to start, not between sam and i. >> oh. >> i mean -- >> here we go. >> anyway, you saw the warm-up in the northeast. that's what's happening this weekend. a look at what's going to happen for the rest of the nation. i want to fly across the nation, give you an idea what's happening and mother's day forecast. >> happy mother's day, mom, by the way and to every mother around the country. take a look at the mother's day cities. toni, it's your 60th -- i never like to say the number.
8:37 am
>> this is the kissing i was talking about. >> okay. >> and josh. >> okay. >> josh has to get in. >> happy mother's day. >> yeah. >> all right. this weather report brought to you by little caesar's pizza. >> thanks, you guys. one more mother's day feature. ali and i are part a feature to help save mothers and their babies with aids. take a look. >> i believe -- >> i believe. >> i believe. >> i believe. >> i believe. >> i believe. >> by 2015. >> by 2015. >> by 2015. >> by 2015.
8:38 am
>> by 2015. >> children everywhere. >> children everywhere. >> children everywhere. >> can be born free. >> can be born free. >> can be born free. >> can be born free. >> of hiv. >> believe it. do it. >> committed to this. neefrly o nearly one every minute. make sure they're not born with hiv. go to at yahoo! cameron mathison live at niagara falls. look how spectacular that is. he has an epic announcement. "good morning america." "good morning america's" breakfast in bed brought to you by thomas'h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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♪ ah, dj kiss and felicity huffman dropping it like it's hot and dj friday on "gma." it's always hot. now, to the announcement we've been waiting for. it is, indeed, a once if a life time event that you'll only see on abc. a stunt so big and dangerous it was actually illegal for more than a century until right now. we'll meet the man who convinced two countries to let him risk everything and all for you. he'll tell us exactly what he plans to do right there at niagara falls. but first cameron mathison has the story of the man gearing up to bring you, seriously, the most death-defying stunt you will ever see. ♪ gladys knight. >> reporter: bowl, daring. >> robby knievel has done it. >> reporter: gravity defying.
8:43 am
since the beginning of time real-life daredevils have captivated the world's imagination from larry houdini to evel knievel. david blaine to nick wallenda. nick wallenda is a sixth generation family member of the legendary circus group, the flying wallendas. a family famous for tricks and flips on the highest of high-wires. wallenda stares death in the face every week on the science channel's "danger by design" premiering june 18th. >> so scary. >> reporter: he holes five guinness world records including the highest walk on the wheel of death without a net. >> and the highest drop from a helicopter. again, no net. and now he's about to take the art of the megastunt to a whole
8:44 am
new level. this summer in an unprecedented live television event we're going to follow him as he takes on his motor mind-boggling challenge ever. all right. let's go to cameron right now and the king of the high-wire. nick wallenda in niagara falls. hey, cam. >> hey, josh and everybody, yes, we are in niagara falls on the maid of the mist so appropriately named for the mist pouring off the falls directly behind us right now and i'm with the man who is going to be right in the thick of that mist. you are redefining the term daredevil. nick wallenda, everybody. now, nick, why don't you tell everybody exactly what it is that you are going to be doing here up there on june 15th. >> well, i'll actually be the first person in the world to walk a tightrope directly across niagara falls from one side to the other. >> now, i'm going to throw stats out here. june 15th, live. this is live. >> it is, it is live. >> live television on abc.
8:45 am
>> you' will be walking approximately 1,500 feet crossing where nobody else has attempted to do. i have to ask you why. >> you know what, it actually started as a dream and started walking a wire at 2 years old. at the age of 6 i visited with my parents niagara falls and saying, it would be cool to be the first person in the world to walk a wire directly across niagara falls. so at 6 years old, seven generations and 200 years of my family, it's just in our blood. this is what we do. >> earlier you were in baltimore performing your high-wire stunt. you almost fell. very, very scary. >> it was. it was. >> are you sure you're up for this. >> yeah, i am up for this. i lost focus and it was a great lesson, a great opportunity to walk a wire to a barge. there was a lot of movement in that cable. i lost a little bit of focus and had me on my "a" game for this. >> a lot of variables here, you know, as far as unknowns.
8:46 am
what's the biggest challenge you think about doing this? >> you know, well, mother nature itself. of course, this is an amazing example of mother nature and the weather. you can see the mist right behind us, how thick it is. i'm going to walk directly through that mist. >> that is -- really quickly, how does one prepare for something as outrageous as what you're about to do. >> the strength -- i'm staying so seneca casino and training on acable that's low to the ground and we'll simulate high wins and heavy mist so i'm prepared for the worst case i'll experience up there. >> really. i'll be watching. the rest of the world will be watching. we say good luck to something you don't want to miss. josh. >> that is going to be unbelievable and you can see nick wallenda walk across niagara falls, no net, on megastunts man on a wire, friday, june 15th and the series about nick's life on the high-wire, "danger by design" on
8:47 am
monday, june 18th. to learn more about nick wallenda and his daredevil family head to on yahoo! the countdown has arrived. felicity huffman joins us to discuss all the goings on o
8:48 am
8:49 am
ready? ♪ feeling sexy and free ♪ raining on me >> listening. what am i doing? love you, dj kiss. over the course of eight years we have watched her endure so much on "desperate housewives." let's see, drug problems to went through cancer, had some marital woes and, oh, those children of your. >> yes, my children. >> the last episode of "desperate housewives." it airs this sunday and felicity huffman is here now to talk about it.
8:50 am
it is an end of an era. >> it is. if you count the pilot it's nine years and it's -- >> does it feel like dog years. >> yes, like dog years so really we've been going for eight years so really 56 years. >> it does feel that way in an affectionate way. >> after 56 years you go i'm sad for the time to go. >> but we had gabby. she was saying it's been tough for all of you to say good-bye. >> i know, there's been a lot of tears. the last table read, it really hit home because before it had been sort of an intellectual exorcism doing what i've been doing for eight years but the last table read was really emotional and marcia and i sat around and reminisced and cried. then i went into the writers' room and asked them a few questions and burst into tears so i've been crying a lot. >> didn't you sneak away with some pages from that last table read? i've been doing my homework. >> i know. >> just saying.
8:51 am
>> there was top secret blue pages no one can take out of the room and i took them out of the room and got a call from abc going, do you have the blue pages? you have to burn them or eat them. >> we know about you being here. talking with the audience. you're just that kind of person, doing things that you're not supposed to do. that's what we love to do. >> i am not allowed to talk to you guys. >> i want to play a clip because your character and your husband's character tom, well, you're going through something a little bit. >> yeah, the last year they can finally break us apart and since it's more than half of the marriages break apart we had to explore that. >> great stuff. >> hey. really? >> yeah, sorry. you going somewhere. >> no, no, i was just -- no. >> lynette, i understand you, you got a life. >> no. no, i really don't. come on in. you want a direct or something. >> no, thanks, i'll just be a minute. >> come in.
8:52 am
tom? >> i'm filing the divorce papers tomorrow. >> oh, i know. you should see the audience. >> i know. i know. it's and not real. >> your real husband -- >> my real husband is great. >> he is. and the walk of fame, you all -- >> yeah, we got -- we both got stars on the walk of fame and had a dual ceremony. our kids came and, oh, there he is showing off his legs. sexy. and aaron sorkin and david mamet stood up and spoke to us and it was something. i don't know what we can repay them with. >> are you in a movie together. >> yeah, bill and a -- it helps when you sleep with the director and producer which is what i'm doing. what? so, yeah, we're doing a movie
8:53 am
called "rudderless." >> you have so much going on. thank you for these eight/56 years on sundays on "desperate housewives." >> thank you. >> we enjoyed it thoroughly. have a good time. felicity huffman, ladies and gentlemen. the real deal. series finale will air this sunday -- i will miss that music too. >> i know. >> may 13th, 9:00 central on abc. we'll be right back. let's dance. let's dance. let's dance. ♪ @j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@j@jj
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8:56 am
dj kiss right there. now, emeril and stacey and their adorable babies this morning. breakfast in bed for mother's day. >> we wish everyone a mother's day and happy birthday to chloe. and your mom on sunday -- >> yes, i will. >> a great sign, chloe.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. union teachers in san francisco plan to announce the results of a strike authorization vote. their current contracted expires at the end of next month and negotiations for a new one or at an impasses. mike, warming up. >> absolutely. warmer and calmer especially at the coast where we'll have light wind. mid to upper 60s. low 70s around san francisco. you can see all the 80s and tomorrow even warmer. slight pullback on mother's day and monday. there is a new big rig accident in the middle lanes around alemany.


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