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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they ask tough questions before flopping down millions if not billions into an ipo that. is why they've been doing a coast to coast road show this, is a week from mark zuckerberg has been playing rock star. his face obscured by tinted glass driven with security to a gathering of investors. the road show is private no. cameras allowed at the hotel. we've learned he wore a gray tee shirt and fed his guests curry chicken salad. criticized for wearing a hoody monday in new york. 200 guests being invited to snap up billions of dollars in stock. >> i think it was subdued and people are trying to understand what it's worth. and people are trying to figure out what is it worth. >> questions were raised about how facebook will boost profits from online and mobile ads. facebook acknowledges it lags in making money on mobile
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devices. kevin spain says that may dampen some enthusiasm, but only slight lie this is the ipo of the decade. i think for that reason and reason fundamentals of the business, the usage met tricks and active user met tricks, because it's positive you're going to find many still getting excited about participating. >> facebook did post a video online to sell itself to investors but wasn't played today. many have seen it. what some potential investors wanted as a chance to see, and hear from zuckerberg in person. >> to see zuckerberg and the team z how the -- how, what the give and take is like with the community and how open they're going to be with communicating to wall street about what to expect. >> and mark zuckerberg holds a
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special class of stock that trumps other shareholder autos one of the co-founders of facebook renounced his u.s. citizenship and could reduce his tax bill when it goes public. according to bloomberg news the 30-year-old native of brazil decided it's more practical to be a resident of singapore. the stake could be worth around $3.5 kbrinl by next week and california's budget writers banking on a wind sfaul faul as well. new figures show ipo could provide $1.5 billion in tax revenue. officials say it will be a huge boost. >> and this is great thing. >> the state legislative analyst office believes it could be worth $2.5 billion over five years in, 2004
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google ipo raised $1.7 billion and to. >> a bay area woman who lost her husband and two sons to a mistaken identity gang killing is talking with abc 7 news tonight. she's in the witness protection program we have hidden her face, vick slee here with a story you'll see only on 7. >> danielle bologna says she lost her best friend when her husband was killed they were married 22 years. she lost her sons michael, 20, matthew, who is 16. they were a close-knit family. >> i was just apalled by by the fact that this is no remorse whatever. that i don't know what that person is. and that thing, that took my family is not a person. i don't know what that is. >> the anger towards edwin ramos is understandable. he murdered danielle bologna's
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husband and two sons. june 22, 2008. tony, michael, matthew and a third son, andrew were returning from a family picnic. danielle showed us these pictures from the party. as they drove down in ingleside street the shots rang out from a car driven by ramos. another ms 13 gangster was riding with him. andrew would survive and later testify in court pointing out ramos as a shooter, danielle says first, everyone told her they were in an accident but at the hospital an officer gave her the bad news. >> and said danielle, tony and michael are dead. i was like this can't be happening. and i thought... why me? what did i do to deserve this? >> matthew shot in the head on life support until he died. >> i had to say goodbye to matthew but when i told him i
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looked at his face and i said it's okay. you can go. i'll see you one day. i will see you one day. so i kissed his forhead and i let him go. he was gone. >> last four years have been difficult. >> i was in a days. i didn't know anybody in life could imagine losing half of your family in one day. and in five minutes. >> she's now mom and dad to her 14-year-old daughter noni and surviving son, andrew who just graduated from high school. they're still in the witness relocation program. and the passenger in that car that fateful day is still on the loose. >> and let's just say my life has been stripped. being in protective it's hard. it's not the same. we can't just do what we want to do. we can't just go where we want to go. >> danielle told me about hardships since the murd yes, she lost her home, her husband
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was the bread winner. it destroyed her financial and personal security. her children had to move away from their schools in san francisco. now one footnote. all pictures today were given to us by danielle. she felt none would compromise her safety including the photograph of her taken a long time ago. >> what is just so sad. we saw her shirt reading finally justice is served. does she feel this is enough? >> well, she feels that justice was achieved with a guilty verdict against ramos. but still feels that this is not over because there is someone else out there. she says she's ready to live one day at a time z strive to be the best mother she can to her two children. >> and we've posted your entire interview and the jail house interview with ramos on
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our web site. people can click on abc 7 it's right there. >> the family of oscar grant expressed anger today they were not told johannes mehserle is appealing his conviction. this morning grant's mother and uncle say she the should have been notified under the victim bill of rights and are upset he wants a conviction dismissed so he can get back into law enforcement. >> to allow someone back on the force like that would be a display grais to our community our society and a slap in the face to me. and my family. >> he served 11 months in prison for killing grant. the former bart cop maintains he confused his firearm for a taser. >> as his attorney and fully believing based on evidence that he committed no crime it is my belief he has every right to be a police officer.
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>> his lawyer says the conviction has phone shall to negatively affect how officers respond to combattive suspects. he's willing to appeal to the california supreme court. >> we're going to take you inside of a scene of a crime. the apartment in san francisco where a killer started shooting this week in the tender loin at post and hid. there is wayne freedman there live with a look around the apartment unit. >> this is post street looked nompl. and we did take a look at the building today oo. when mary, the girlfriend of dennis left her apartment with personal items she was not in the mood to talk. the place where she used to live remains a crime scene. >> this is where bullets came out and went here.
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>> the holes and plaster qualify as damage. and we can show you those but not the blood running down the window. >> he lived just steps down the fire escape from where this took place. >> he ran on to the fire escape. >> police tracked him to san francisco after minding his mother dead. his girlfriend lived here and we can see evidence of how he set the bedroom on fire. it and surrounding units have bullet holes in floors and ceilings and walls and stairwells. josh got into his unit but has no idea when it may be liveable again. >> i don't know what to do with cleaning the apartment or staying somewhere or who to talk to. i don't know. >> until today, girlfriend was being taken care of by red cross. her father helped her leave
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today. she did not say where she's going. and police detectives were in the apartment today. what they found and what they're looking for they didn't say. but police today did announce the murder weapon in that case is a baseball bat. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news has a new investigation. >> looking into a select group of people important to the local economy. bar pilots who guide cargo ships through san francisco bay are demanding a raise and pull in a hefty paycheck. >> also coming up tonight virus that's can affect your smart phones. hackers new target of choice these days and something to watch out for. >> and gas prices dropping wrefr except here. why california gas may be getting more expensive, soon. >> and there is fog back on
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we've warned about virus that's can infect your computers but the latest threat is smart phones becoming a popular target for hackers and this time, it's your identity they're after. >> this is a coffee shop. you're bound to see people surfing the net with smart phones now close to half one android system. >> i've been one of the very first android users since i had the google phone. >> she says it's more open and apple's iphone and let's you down load apps from more
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places but with that freedom comes a right after this ook there are fake apps coming out. >> this researcher says one claims to be for pinterest. >> there is no official app for the android but a use jer not going to research that and they're going to down load. who know what's they're going to get. >> there is a scam installing a app on the phone when you visit a hacked web site. in the worst says kais saying they can install spy ware. >> capturing you putting in a financial transaction and i can have that report off to a server in estonia and then go transact on your behalf, clean your bank account out. >> what are the things you worry about? >> bank account information. >> i guess i have banking stuff on there. some wells fargo pass words. >> there is firm is that there is a security app for android.
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and this protects against hackers but not common thieves. >> if you lay your smart phone down and zront auto lock in place then it's easy to get in there to gain access to information. >> your phone probably stays logged in to facebook meaning a thief can scam your friends. pattern lock help that's or a more elaborate pass word. >> number and words. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and something else about cell phone security. there is a technology warning for travelers be aware of hotel hot spots. you may get a pop up window that tells you to upgrade but be careful, could be a hacker, fbi suggests update before you leave on vaichblgts and configure browsers soit blocks pop ups. if you need wifi follow instructions in the room then
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verify it through the front desk. there are more tips on ab cl. 7 >> a bay area group calling itself occupy the farm has until tomorrow morning to pack up and leave university owned land or risk arrest. this is they've been camping out using research track as an urban farm. they're evering occupiers two seats in a community leaving but fonl they leave. >> are you going to leave? >> no. we're not going to and that is not the plan. like two seats at the table for a closed meeting. >> uc says it will also drop all pending charges if they pack up and leave by tomorrow, if they don't, uc says all bets are off. >> san francisco teachers have taken their first step towards a strike.
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there 95 prgs approved a preliminary strike vote. and teachers say they're faed up faed fed up with cuts. >> we're here to say that that is not acceptable. we're willing to negotiate a contract but not willing to settle for anything that constitutes a reduction in quality of our education. >> it's not expected to happen until the new school year begin autos kaiser permanente struck an agreement giving the california workers pay raises of 3% and maintains fully paid coverage and defines benefit pension plan and health care for retirees and sets performance goals and sets financial incentives to improve their health. >> and there is spencer a
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popular guy here. >> and this is a a typical summer time pattern. fog surging up along the coastline. and this coast is cool to mild. we had toasty conditions. and there is a live view showing fingers of fog this, is a shallow fog layer and it's nice and cool and that is a is a surge of fog along the coastline and filling in now. there are high temperatures today, notice how warm inland. and there is 90 degrees today in san jose and 90 in clover dale. and there is 70s around the
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bay. and highs of only 58 in half moon bay. 67 here in san francisco. 62 in san francisco. 52 in half moon bay and in the mid to upper 80s there is warm conditions inland again, tomorrow, then cooler and breezier and there are competing wind flow today, dry air flowing down north. and there is a flow of fog and we'll start at 7:00 this evening, once again this is a shallow fog layer that will push inland. and there is will burn back quickly. continuing to hold on along
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the coastline. we'll have conditions like this, mild on the coast, warm around the bay and there is highs breaking 90 degree mark. overnight tonight, mild. lows into low 50s. and there is south bay highs upper 80s to 90s in los gatos there is 85 in palo alto. low to mid-60s on the coast and there is 61 into sunset district. north bay highs 81 in novato. near east bay, 76 in oakland. there is 83 in fremont. low 90s at pitsberg and livermore and there is low to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is mother's day mid-80s
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inland. sunny skies. mid-70s around the bay. 50s on the coast. and rest of the forecast period will be sunny and dry. >> nice. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> coming up magazine cover that launched a new conversation about breast feeding. >> this mom has a berkeley connection. just ahead, stay with us.
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with mortgage scams up, a new public awareness campaign is under way. seven metro areas in the top 10 for for closure rates so the ground is fertile for scammers. one man paid 2,000s skpdz lost his home anyway. >> he reduce mid mortgage from 78 $5 to $386. and this i should have known if it sounds that good, it can't be true. i fell for it. >> and unfortunately. the california association of realtors lists these red flags anyone asking for payment upfront or promising to stop the foreclosure process or telling to you stop contact with your lender. >> if you haven't filled up be prepare forward a shock next time you pull into the gas station. average price for a gallon
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went up four cents overnight. and in the last week, analysts say we can expect them to rise another 20 cents because three of the five refineries making the cleaner burning gas are down for maintenance so at their lowest point in 20 years. some are already cutting back. >> i'm using poub lick transportation. this is expensive. and this is not fun. >> there is $2 a liter. >> this isn't so bad? >> no. no. >> and highs talking about $9 a gallon in the rest of the country prices going into the opposite country down six cents a gallon last week. >> the cover of time magazine is causing a stir. now we're learning a bay area connection. there is this picture of the 26-year-old breast feeding her
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son who is almost four years old. she says she was nursed by her mother until age six and the urging of her father who studied in uc berkeley. the article is the way of creating a stronger bond. >> probably snuggle time. it's not nutrition. that they're getting at that point. >> and this has become the top search term. so many hits it crashed. >> coming up next the price of protecting the bay. and why the bar pilots are now demanding more. >> the value of the service i'm not sure you can put a price on that. >> and that is just what they're doing. an abc 7 news investigation is just ahead.
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bar pilots guide cargo ships in and out of san francisco bay now they're demanding more money. >> they claim it's a safety issue but shippers don't buy that. abc 7 news is here now with an exclusive investigation. >> shipping companies have to use bar pilots when the ship comes to san francisco. the state sets fees pilots can charge. but now, the pilots want a raise. shippers say they make enough. last year, each bar pilot brought home $450,000. this san francisco bar pilot says they learned an important lesson after the kos cobuson spoiled oil into the bay. the largest ship to enter the bay. >> i don't believe anyone would have thought that 10 or 15 years ago vessels would reach the size they are now.
6:31 pm
>> they say they need a second pilot on some ship autos the value of our service to the state of california and protecting the environment i am not sure you can put a price on that. >> but they have put a price on it. they want to charge 50% more for ships they believe need two pilots. shippers don't want to pay. >> they have lutly every right to put as many pilots on board they think they need to to get a ship in. >> merchants representative says ship law dictates pilot needs. smallest ships around 460 feet and 12,000 tons. the bar pilots get paid about $3500. the newer ships are a thousand feet and longer, sometimes mer than 100,000 tons. costing more than $20,000 to pilot. and fabiola is 140,000 tons costing $34,000.
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and shippers say the payment is enough to pay the second pilot. jacob points out each makes the same amount per year, no matter how much work they do. >> individual pilots last year they made, first pilot made $450,000. second pilot made $450,000. pilot at home eating a peanut butter sandwich made $450,000. that is what they're paid to do. >> there is a bill sponsored to set the rate for second pilot and while still under consideration, pilots started charging extra fees and make what the shipper is perceived as a threat. >> how serious was that threat not to bring in a ship? >> unprecedented. >> the cargo ship norma steaming towards san francisco. shipping association says the head of the bar pilots
6:33 pm
threatened not to bring in the norma or any of the larger ships. i team obtained an e mail. >> there is not an actual threat. >> he tells us he was trying to contray vai his safety concern. and shipper as agreed to pay. >> i thought there was an agreement. >> the state stepped in. two bar pilots brought support. they asked for an investigation. state agency regular you'll yates and licenses the bar pilots. >> i don't know what to make of that. this is perhaps a threat. perhaps a offhand comment. i was not there. and there is a basically a narrative that failed to mention the e mail.
6:34 pm
>> there is reverence to communications the crux was just a background. >> the merchants believe it was to be looked at more closely. >> boy like to think if their regulator had been asked to do a report to go through facts and tell us what happened. and put those into a context they'd do that. they chose to ignore the fact and report. >> still based on the report the attorney general released an opinion saying the bar pilots can not charge for a second pilot. and this would take new legislation. >> this is brand new for us. these are the largest ships to visit the west coast. >> pilots back at it again asking to approve payment for a second pilot. this time they have an assembly member spons kbroring this bill. he says he'd like to see them compensated but he doesn't want them deciding when a second pilot is needed.
6:35 pm
>> should public safety be left to their zregs? to the discretion of the legislature who is responsible to protect the public. >> if this bill doesn't pass they say the safety of the bay at at risk if this they don't pass a bill requiring there to be two pilots is there a chance to have one on a super vessel requiring two? there is always that chance. >> and they point out they're being paid by wealthy shipping merchants. and the merchants say if they have to pay more there is a good chance the cost will be passed on to consumers. if have you a tip call at me at i team. >> we watch them come and go. interesting to know what is going on behind the scene autos there is a separate culturement a small group of
6:36 pm
the pilots. it's interesting. >> thank you. >> guilty on all counts. a jury in chicago reached a verdict today in the murder of three members of entertainer, jennifer hudson's family. it took three days to find william bal four guilty. he was convicted of killing hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew after his estranged wife, hudson's sister, refused to reconcile. hudson broke down into tears as heards -- verdicts were read today. he faces a sentence of live in prison. >> a thousand people attended funeral services for junior seau. buried in oceanside after a traditional samoan funeral. he committed suicide in his home two weeks ago. 60,000 people are expected to attend a public memorial for seau tonight in san diego qualcom stadium.
6:37 pm
he was 43 years old. stay with us. more still to come.
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what do you know? the world has become very old. >> plants and dinosaurs roaming the earth again there. >> abc 7 news takes you back 250 million years. >> if that t rex sticking it's
6:40 pm
head out of the roof doesn't startle you, there are friends inside who may. and there is another plant and you have an exhibit starting 250 million years ago finishing 65 million years past. beginning as a baren super continent. >> a lot of rivers and lakes are formed and earth becomes more humid. as that happens, plants are able to evolve there. is more water and more competition. >> plants develop defense mechanisms and flowering plants show up. many of the flora and fauna have roots to those and there is a way to verify they've existed. >> a lot of the ways they know what dinosaurs ate each plants is that there is a group of scientists out there that
6:41 pm
study dinosaur poo. >> there is a show that is interactive. you can feel the earth move. >>. >> there is a lot of late movement and lava flowing. >> you'll encounter massive dragon flies and a turtle that is real. there are wall to wall plants. this is when new plant forms are emerging. you can say it's turned this area into golden gate jurassic park. it's up until october. >> coming up next the president singles out the highlight of his trip to california. >> risky business on wall street. calling for new crack downs on the big banks.
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tonight the biggest bank in america is in new trouble. jp morgan chase being down graded by a rating agency because the bank lost $2 billion in risky financial debts.
6:45 pm
and there is a fallout. >> the ceo admits the timing stinks just as the government is looking into how to implement new regulations spurred by the last financial crisis there is a new example of excessive risk. jp morgan chase's ceo dubbed king of wall street in an emergency conference call, diamond admitted losing more than $2 billion. >> we deserve criticism we can get. feel free to give it to us. >> the fact this happened now is awful. this is outrageous what happened over there. >> and saying the latest revelations will limit the kind of speculation banks can engage in. today senator carl levin said the loss is a stark reminder the need for regulators to establish top effective
6:46 pm
standards. the former labor secretary is hopeful. >> wall street lobbyists have succeeded in creating many loophole autos rice says the reform law has been one of those leading the charge against bank regulations has been jamie diamond a critic of lawmakers saying they don't understand his business. and in that conference call diamond admitted this turns the tables. >> this is very unfortunate it plays into the hands of a bunch of pundits out there it display into fear that's a supposedly well run bank is betting too big. gambling with the entire american economy all over again. but will it lead to tighter controls? >> this is going to be hard to get any change in the regulations between now and
6:47 pm
election. i think you're not going to get anything out of congress between now and the election. >> he says it does change the debate ask could put mitt romney and those defending the regulation of banks more on the defensive. and romney pledge fd effected he will appeal the regulations and jamie diamond says volatility could continue into the next quarter and there could be another billion, main two billion in, losses. >> ouch. >> thank you. >> and this took a toll on wall street today. stock fell nearly $4 a share today. more than 9% of the value. bank of america dropping about 2%. >> following a quick trip to california and nevada president obama back in the white house today. he spoke to a family about avoiding foreclosure a critical issue in that state. the president then listed some
6:48 pm
of the goals of his administration. >> our goal to build an economy where hard work and responsible are rewarded. you can make a good wage, own your home. maybe start a business. and send your kids to college. >> before leaving los angeles a plane through in just before the president took off. jets scrambled it was determined he made a mistake. the president said the highlight of the trip is playing basketball this morning. >> said they're winners and no one got hurt. >> there you go. >> there is a time lapse view from our camera. there is golden gate this afternoon, you can see fog building and building. and there is cool at the coast. tomorrow state wide looking
6:49 pm
for warm weather and tlb will be fog along the coastline. there is highs around 90 degrees there is fog keeping highs into low 60s or so. there is mother's day going to be delightful weather wise, sunny skies, highs mid-80s, mid-70s around the bay. there are temperatures fluctuating a bit next week, up a little bit and still sun year, mild throughout the forecast. >> there are no rains coming wour way. >> 49ers rookie camp shaping up for one draft pick. >> larry beil is up next with that story. ├žkjejeje
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up we told you about co-founder of facebook giving up his citizenship. turns out he isn't the only rich guy defriending the united states. a community bans together to fight prostitution. the plan to move them away from their kids.
6:53 pm
its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is football to talk about. >> yes. there is rookie mini camp. there is a quick lesson for 49ers first round draft pick. there is he must get into shape. not like is he overweight. speed of the game and endurance more demanding in college football and illinois. they worked out today in santa clairea. head coach said it's clear they all need to be fa nat cal. >> it's in the a panic button there. is a process. goal goals from a-x. we'll get them there. >> and this is happening all the time. it's been on the road so. this, you know, i'm back home, and
6:54 pm
i'm going out there. you can see this. there is a different ball game tomorrow. >> and they'll get it. former stanford quarterback davita prichyard invited back to camp. and there is couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw the ball one more time. >> coach just keep calls me up and said what do you think about coming out to rookie camp? i said absolutely. i love the game. i love playing so this is an opportunity to get back into it. >> and that is fun. >> and after the 74 yesterday, 68 today. tiger makes a cut. amazing shot at saw grass today.
6:55 pm
there is up the hill here, he shot a 70. as for tiger started in danger of missing the cut and four straight birdies. and he's two under, on to weekend. brian harmon didn't know he's playing until five minutes before tee time yesterday. shipping from dirt and in and there is a 45 foot birdie putt. 68 today, he's eight under par. serena williams in madrid on blue clay. this is serena here finishing this off with a four hand slam. her seventh win. and he's still in search of
6:56 pm
his first championship. and there is lebron james won his third mvp award. james averaging 27 points per season. going back to archives. five years ago today there is baron davis over andrew kiralinko. then showing off the, well, not a girdle. but slimmerizer, whatever you want to call it. the brace. fun times. >> we have to go back that far? >> yes. good times, yes. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time, see >> appreciate your time, see you
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