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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning, may 12th police investigate two separate fatal shooting in san francisco. and in three hours volunteers resume their search for 15-year-old sierra lamar, who disappeared nearly two months ago. >> good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's begin with a check of the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, terry. good morning. we are looking at some fog and the low clouds allowing for some pretty poor visibility at the coast. maybe three quarters mile here, half moon bay. it is dense over the golden gate bridge. be careful if you are coming in.
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upper 40s. numbers are cool in the city. 46 in napa while on the peninsula the mid-60s. so your forecast kind of going like this with the low clouds, the fog, and clearing back to the coast for sunshine today with numbers in the midday hour in the mid-50s. and then we will look for a warm to hot day today inland were we are talking low 90s. i will have the ticks in a few minutes. terry. >> thanks, lisa. this morning san francisco police are investigating two fatal shootings from overnight. about 9:30 a man and a woman were shot in the city's western addition of turk and laguna streets. the 27-year-old woman is expected to survive. 594-year-old man died at the hospital. his nephew tells abc7 the victim was disabled and walked with a cane when he suffered a gunshot wound to the neck. the second happened two hours earlier in the oceanview district. it happened in front of a family
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resource center on broad street. he was chased down by two men who shot him several times. no arrests have been made. new attention is focused on the world's oldest profession. least night they marched against prostitution along the believed from second heavy to 23rd. they say it makes the area unsafe for children. they show us how they plan to get rid of the problem. >> this is what has the residents of the san antonio and east lake neighborhood so upset, the working girls. the neighborhood spans international believed between 2nd and 23rd avenue and is among the busiest location for illegal sex activities and robberies. that's why the community held this rally. they are calling for a comprehensive strategy to address the sex trade in oakland. >> the business model includes catering to prostitution. barbara is the oakland city attorney. she is spearheading a legal move to have the hotels of that been identified as a haven for pimps
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and prostitutes shut down. in 2010 her agency sued the national lodge and the economy inn, targeting the properties who she said have had a stunning effect on trafficking. >> we have been trying to get the courts to shut these businesses down for a year so they can change their business model. >> there have been some progress. more than 20 security cameras were installed along international believed. a few aimed in the direction of the national lodge. >> they do what they do, and i do what i do. i have a clean business. >> the march went through the neighborhood and the organizers vowed to return until they are satisfied that the businesses that are involved are pushed out. >> hey, hey, don't you know! [chanting] >> there are additional signs of progress. the oakland school district has trained more than 100 staff members to identify when students may be at risk for sexual exploitation. in oakland, nick smith, abc7
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news. occupy the farm protesters in albany have until 10:00 this morning to leave the university pasture or face eviction. radical u. c. farmers have been on the land for about two years. u.c. said it's time to go and but they also said they would drop all charges and give them two seats on a special committee to discuss the standoff but that's only if they leave by this morning. occupiers say they won't leave voluntarily. also about a dozen demonstrators got into the u. c. admissions office in berkeley yesterday afternoon. they want to double the number of minority students enrolled in the u. c. systems. most the demonstrators were minority students and high schools and community colleges who say they were unfairly granted admission. some were cited for trespassing and released. >> they are asking members of the public to send them evidence to identify those who have damaged property and confronted
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police during recent protests. the city has filed lawsuits against three individuals who were seen smashing windows and spray painting public property. abc7 news spoke exclusively to a woman who lost her husband and sons to a reputed member of the notorious ms-13 gang. they were shot when driving home from a picnic. edward ramos was convicted wednesday and he said he mistook them for rival gang members. they were married to 22 years. the boys were 16 and 20. daniel found about it from the police officers. he said tony and mike were dead, and i was like this can't be happening. and i thought why me? what did i do to deserve this? >> we protected her identity because she and her two surviving children are now in the federal witness protection program.
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they are afraid of gang retaliation. we posted her interview and our exclusive jailhouse interview with edward ramos on our website. investigators are sifting through tips from all over the country generated by last night's episode of america's most wanted. was it about missing teenager sierra lamar in morgue began hill. abc7 news reporter has a message from sierra lamar's mother. >> this is a mother's day message marlene lamar said she wrote for her two daughters, but especially her 15-year-old sierra. >> i'm reaching out to sierra, letting her know that i love her so much as a mother, and definitely she's a joy in my life and i do refer to my miracle baby. >> that's because she had sierra late in life. she also wrote this letter to keep sierra in people's minds and to help in her search. >> i'm still not giving up. i'm still hopeful.
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and i'm just letting everybody know that this case is still wide open. >> there's been renewed optimism ever since investigators found a red volkswagen jetta with a black hood this week. car had been sighted by witnesses and cameras close to where sierra was last seen march 15th. >> i consider this a strong lead and want to follow-up on it. >> here at burnett elementary school in morgan hill the search will resume with volunteers as it has for eight weeks. >> everybody in the country is asking the question where is sierra lamar. >> sierra's search went national last night. they highlighted the search for sierra and also asking for help in finding the owners of the volkswagen. >> this is national coverage, and it's very important that it's out there at a national level as well as a local level. >> the local search for sierra will resume again this morning where volunteers will gather here at the burnett elementary school in morgan hill. abc7 news. >> from indonesia this morning
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we are getting word that search crews have recovered remains of some of the 54 people who died when a russian plane crashed into a volcano. an eastern contra contra county man is among the flight. the flight went down on wednesday. search and helicopters have been hampered by foggy weather at the crash site and they have yet to find the black box and data recorder that might explain what caused the crash. coming up next, the reaction of superstar jennifer hudson after a jury convicted her former brother-in-law of killing three members of her family also the bay area barber shops that are offering more than a haircut and shave today. what they are doing that could
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entertainer jennifer hudson is thanking people who convicted the man who killed her brother and mother. she teared up when the verdict was read. jurors took three days to convict her former brother-in-law, william balfour, of murder. prosecutors say the former gaining member was jealous of hudson's sister, julia. hudson said she was emotional but relieved by the verdict. good morning america will have much more coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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>> a san francisco man lost a lot more than his car when it was stolen yesterday morning. they also took his dog's wheelchair. the dog has a spinal injury and needs his wheels to get around. he said he doesn't care about the car, but wants his wheelchair back. since the word got out on the internet, he has received several offers to replace the $500 device. his best friend has offered to pay for a new one, but until it comes the dog will have to go without his walks. bay area barbershops will be offering more than a cut and shave this morning. these barbershops are in the black community and that's exactly the reason they have been chosen for sites for health screenings aimed at african-american men. eric thomas has the story. >> at the new chicago barbershop in san francisco's gilmore district it's hard to find someone who doesn't have high pressure. >> it's borderline, but high a little bit.
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>> or knows someone who does. >> i don't, but i have family members that do. >> that was just too much for dr. bill relaford to swallow. the southern californian physician came up for screening for high pressure and diabetes at the one place you are guaranteed to find groups of african-american men, the black barbershop. >> the barber knows what's happening in the community. so now we are leveraging that relationship and talk about eating healthy, exercising and identifying those people who have diabetes and high pressure. >> the centers for disease control and prevention says more than 26% of black men have hypertension. black men are also twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than whites and twice as likely to die from it. much of that stems from diets high in salt, fat and sugar which can lead to obesity. since conversation in the barbershops tend to to be freewheeling, health talk won't be out of place. >> to find black men to get your
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information across is where you are going to find them at. >> and use them to spread the word. >> i would tell them to go get a screening because a lot of people are dying from strokes or, you know, kidney failure, diabetes. >> we have conversations about politics. we talk about our families. we talk about relationships, sports, and now we are talking about our health. the health screenings from this saturday from 11:00 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. for a list of the bay area barbershops taking part go to our website. >> today family and friends come together to raise awareness about transplants and matches. it takes place at guadalupe river park starting with a children's event at 9:00. the 5k run-walk benefits
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patients with leukemia and lymphoma. today's case highlights a boy with leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant but no one in his family is a matching donor so they are looking for someone out there. whatever the event is, it's going to be a nice day do it. a dry day no matter how you slice it. >> unless you have some mist and drizzle right at the coast. >> you had to throw that in. >> because it is dense in spots. i used my wipers a little this morning. here's look from the roof camera. you notice the wind blowing a bit. a west win at 12 and the marine layer covering parts of the city. we will talk about the low visibility and high temperatures today coming up. >> and also coming up, the inge-sanity continues in oakland. brandonen knowledge continues his shot streak with the a's. that's coming up in sports.
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>> tomorrow a mother's day. take a look at these photos from
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the abc7 news family. you see carolyn tyler, karina rusk, heather ishimaru. we want to hear about how special your mom is. up load your family photos and tell us about your mom. you could be featured on abc7 news. here's an abc7 mom, lisa argen. >> good morning. looking at pretty interesting marine layer out there. we will have a cooler day for mother's day. the view from mount tam. the fog is in and around the city this morning. we will be looking for that to stay with us around our coast. if you are headed to the beaches, make sure you bring a jacket. this is the golden gate bridge. some drizzle here. we are looking from a quarter of a mile to a mile and three
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quarters. definitely dense fog there at times. this morning we are look at numbers ranging from the mid-40s up in napa to 52 in san carlo with mid-50s from fremont, mountain view and san jose. 58 in antioch. so really have somewhat of a narrow spread this morning in terms of the temperatures with a mile and a quarter visibility half moon bay. napa down to a half-mile and nine miles around mountain view. so we are looking at the fog to stay at the shoreline, thinning out a bit. but this morning it is dense in spots. we will look for warm to hot numbers again today. in fact, we are warming up about four or five degrees today. we will see cooler and breezier weather arrive tomorrow with an area of low pressure just off the coast. that's going to bring us a couple of days of some cooler weather. so as we start off this morning, there's the fog. it pulls back. so we will look for temperatures just about 670 around the coast. kind of mild there. warm around the bay and our
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inland valleys topping out as much as 10 degrees above normal. how about the lower 90s. high pressure in the north and low pressure at our coast, and that is providing a wind flow pattern that is bringing the fog up from the south, and trying to sweep it away and the warmer conditions from the north. so those two intersect and we are looking at as much as 35 degrees from here to our inland valleys. so numbers in the mid-80s from yosemite with temperatures in the northern sierra about 70, upper 60s big sur, with mid-90s in between. most 60s up toward eureka. the fog is dense. further south around monterey, and salinas and watsonville. we will look at afternoon sun there. keeping it cool, low 60s there. san francisco, get something sunshine but it will take some time. early on it will be cool and later on 68 and 76 across the bay in oakland. really a nice looking day out there.
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83 in fremont, 88 in san jose, and the warm numbers inland with 66 santa cruz, 70 in watsonville, and the fog not too far offshore. tomorrow the marine layer ushering in a stronger sea breeze and cooler temperatures. highs as much as five to seven degrees cooler for mother's day and the coolest day of the week should be monday. tuesday and wednesday look warmer coast and bay side and then we will cool it back again thursday and friday. so up and down we go, all thanks to the ebb and flow of that fog. >> and i have the feeling that your children are going to be surprising you with a major mother's day tomorrow. >> is that correct? >> yeah, just a feeling. thanks. >> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." good morning, paula. >> good morning to you, terry and good morning to everyone in san francisco. coming up on "good morning america" we have new shock details about the kidnapping of those two young girls from tennessee that sparked a nationwide manhunt, but have
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amazingly been found alive. and more about their terrifying time while being held captive. we will have the very latest. also justice for jennifer hudson. the superstar shedding tears in court as the jury returns guilty verdicts against her exbrother-in-law in the murdering of her mother, brother and nephew. but did her star status sway the jury in any way. and more drama. whitney huston's family agreeing once again to live out their lives on national tv, including her daughter, bobby. but is it too soon for the still grieving family? a lot of people say yes. and finally, our adventure us ace meteorologist, she is now taking on her next talent. she's gone ice boating. she's gone para gliding but now this, the amazing results to come. and i'm not sure about you, terry, but all of a sudden my life feels very boring after look at this video. but it's a pretty cool story and it's coming up on gma. >> are you going to keep sending her out on more and more
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interesting adventures. >> exactly. >> until something goes wrong? >> yes. if you have any interesting adventures over there on the west coast, let us know, okay? >> great white shark fishing. >> maybe deep sea fishing. >> deep sea. we will stop there. >> you know what? she really won't say no to anything so throw it at her and she might say yes. >> thanks, paula. have a great show. >> thanks, tray coming up in sports this evening, matt cain is going to try to be the giants' stopper in arizona. last night the giants lost their ninth in a row to the d-backs, dating back to late last season. here's the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. the giants opened this season by getting swept in arizona by the diamondbacks. they were back in the desert last night for more of the same. let's start by enjoying arizona. pretty. and so is this, melky cabrera in the first. a solo home run, second of the year for melky. 1-0, giants. that's all they would get.
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madison bumgarner smoked. high fastball. bottom of five. a gold member paul goldschmidt, his second of the year. both came against the giants. bumgarner, who gave up five runs in the sixth inning. a.j. pollack, his first home run, and then he gets the silent treatment from his teammates. then all right, buddy. going back to last year, the d-backs have beaten the giants nine in a row 5-1 is the final. break out the face paint. a's and tigers, 26,000 at the coliseum. bottom of three, 2-2-game. josh reddick rips it to right center. his 7th of the season. whatever brandon inge is eating, i want some. his third homer in the last four games. that's a three-run shot. 8-2, athletics. reddick again, high and deep. ryan raburn, aloha. right off his glove. three run bomb as the a's demolish the tigers 11-4. aj jenkins already knows what he will be doing the next few months, working out hard.
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jenkins and other 49er rookies hit the field and the receiver from illinois was gassed. he was leaning over there. he wasn't the only one. remember, these players have not been in a game since december most of them. but even the coach wondered what have these guys been doing the last few months? >> we have a ways to go. it's not a panic button or anything. i know where we would be. it's a process from going to a to z and everybody is at a certain point and we will get them there. that's a rap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here with your weekend highlights ton at 5:00 p.m., six and eleven. enjoy your weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. and next it's commencement day for a few bay area universities. we will tell you about that. also an inspirational story. a woman tells abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings about her rise to the top of the male-dominated venture capital industry. >> mortgage scams are on the rise in california. i'm nannette miranda in
6:27 am
sacramento. some tips from realtors and district attorneys to a void becoming a victim 23 you are facing@ñ
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does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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>> as if the economy hasn't hurt people enough, vulnerable homeowners facing foreclosure being cheated by windlers. capital correspondent nannette anywhere an draw has the warning
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coming from sacramento. >> there's nothing i can do about it. >> kenneth hamilton longingly looks at what was once his home for fourteen years. someone else owns it now and has it up for rent. after a major illness the professional photographer tried to save his condo with a loan modification. instead he lost it to foreclosure after giving a broker nearly $2,000. >> he said he could reduced my mortgage from 780 or 785 to 386. and all of this i should have known it can't be true, if it sounds that good, but i fell for it. >> it's stories like hampton's that's behind a new public awareness campaign from the california association of realtors and the california district attorney's association. mortgage scams are up nearly 60% nationwide this year with the golden state a prime target. >> california is a lucrative target for scammers, with seven california metro areas posted in
6:31 am
the top ten for foreclosure rates. >> the state expects more fraud as rip-off artists will probably use the recent national mortgage settlement as a way to lure more vulnerable victims. >> we have seen unscrupulous operators having scammed their own friends and neighbors. in fact, scammers are known to target members of their church and take advantage of their trust. >> some red flags include anyone asking for payment up front. promising to stop the foreclosure process, or instructing you to stop contact with your lender, family or friends about foreclosure. hamilton ran into all of those signs, but it's too late. >> it was nothing but a scam. >> the california department of real estate is also cracking down on the predators. it has revoked more license in the last three years than it
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has at anytime over the past two decades. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> this morning at one of the five sailors killed near the islands in the yacht race last month will receive a posthumous degree. the university will award a bachelors degree in business administration to 25-year-old jordan fram. he will receive his degree today. he died along with four others after their sailboat, the low speed chase, run aground here the islands. the three crewmembers survived. google executive eric submit is the keynote speaker at berkeley today. nearly 3,000 graduates are expected to walk across the stage starting this morning at ten. the ceremony will include speeches, awards, and lots of proud family members. you can also expect a lot of traffic in berkeley around bancroft way and oxford until commencement ends at about 1:30 this afternoon. sonoma state graduating seniors are promising to protest
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an honorary doctoral that will be given to a former executive of city group as well as his wife. he and his wife donated $12 million to sonoma state university but citibank's role in home foreclosures in a federal bailout have some calling their day of commencement a day of shame. the commencement starts at 9:00. the professional business women of california or pbwc reports $28 billion in capital venture investment was made in 2011 with close to 2700 deals. yet almost no industry is nor male dominated than venture capital. we sat down for an in-depth talk to a woman who has risen to the top of this industry, nancy will be speaking this coming tuesday.
6:34 am
>> that must have been difficult for you coming up through the ranks. how was that? >> you know, i just applied a lot of hard work, and i just tried to put that issue aside and be so well-prepared for every meeting that i went into or every assignment that i was given. of course, starting a firm, which is a great task for women, you are de facto the boss, and so there's any really coming up the ranks. but in venture capital it was sort of interesting because it it is a very competitive industry. only 11% of venture capitalists are women. a very small percentage. i think what helped me is because we were so specialized and it really leveled the playing field given my domain expertise. >> you are on a panel and it's called trailblazing women driving invasion, and clearly -- driving innovation, and clearly you are a trail blazer.
6:35 am
>> you know, it's the first time for this conference that there's ever been a panel on venture capital. here we sit in the heart of innovation in the world and what funds innovation? it's venture capital. what's interesting, and why i think women are particularly well suited for venture capital, we all think it's about technology. but in fact if you ask any venture capitalist what's the key to success, it's all about management. it's all about the people that you are backing. and, you know, i think women are particularly good at judging people. and that's really the key to success in venture capital. my advice would be don't be intimidated and follow, follow the area you are most passionate about. >> nancy floyd will be speaking at the professional business women of california conference this coming tuesday, may 15th at moscone center west in san francisco. cheryl jennings will be there as well to emcee the session. for more information on the event we have a link on our we
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shall site. under "see it on tv." lisa argen is here talking about a very fine forecast. >> yes, with the temperatures coming back up today. we had some cooling yesterday with a healthy sea breeze. here's a look from julymer peek. here's the reservoir where you can rent a boat, do some kayaking. looking to the east we will have numbers in the 90s today. i will explain next. >> are you going kayaking on mother's day? >> maybe. >> also ahead, the virus that is can affect your smartphone. we will show you things to watch out for. >> an airline passenger pace for extra legroom but doesn't get t i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side the airline won't refund her money until i get involved.
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we've all heard about the viruses that can infect your computers, but the latest threat is the threat on that device in your pocket or purse. this time it's your identity the hackers are after. here's jonathan bloom. >> visit a coffee shop and you are bound to see people surfing the net with their smart phones. more than half run google's android operating system. >> i've been one of the first android users. >> she said she chose android because it's more open than the i-phone and lets you download apps from more places. but with that freedom comes a
6:40 am
risk. >> there's fake apps coming out. >> one seems to be for the popular sharing site pin-trist. there's one problem with that. >> there's no official pin terrorist app for the an tried but a casual user is not going to necessarily research that. they will download and then who knows what they will get. >> there is a malicious app when you visit a hacked website. thieves can use that trick to install spyware. >> as you input a financial transaction, i can remotely have that report off to a server in estonia to capture that and can do transactions on your behalf, clean your bank account out. scary things. >> what do you worry about people getting their hands on if they get into your phone? >> banking information. i have banking stuff on there, wells fargo passwords. there's enough fear that his firm is the latest to launch a security app for android must like the anti-virus software you
6:41 am
have to on your pc. it protects against hackers but not common thieves. >> if you lay your smartphone down and you don't have an auto locking feature in place, it's easy for me to get in there and gain access to your information. >> your phone probably stays logged into facebook meaning a chief could impersonate you and scam your friends a pattern lock helps prevent that. or a more elaborate pass ward. >> a number and words, and you have to spell it out, 15 digits. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> planes are more crowded these days and many passengers try to upgrade their seats for a little breathing room. one woman found out paying more is not a guarantee guesting more. here's michael finney with the story. >> it was all first class and it was expensive. >> nancy was a pan am steward he is back in the 1950s when they back in the 1950s when they were still called stewardesses. >> they were definitely treated beautifully and the food was
6:42 am
wonderful. 45 people on an airplane. that was a lot of legroom. >> things sure have changed. today extra legroom costs extra money. however, nancy was willing to pay that extra fee recently. you see, she was going on a very, very long trip to the most remote place on earth, antarctica. >> i needed to put my legs up, scoot around a little bit, wiggle. >> she had to fly elsewhere first. four $120 she would get four extra inches of legroom and her seat would recline 50% more. >> yes, thinking all the time i'm going to get a huge, big seat like on pan am. >> but when she got on the flight, nancy said her seat was narrow and barely reclined. the flight attendant said there were no other seats so she sat cramped for twelve hours. >> if you wanted to cross your legs you had to make a particular effort to get your
6:43 am
legs up and over the. the seat in front would come here and you couldn't sit up and couldn't have your tray out. >> the packed plane contrasted sharply with her final destination, the vast, pristine snow-scaped antarctica where the only civilization belongs to these penguins. >> penguins galore. >> the trip was worth the long haul, but when she got home she told delta she wanted a refund for the legroom she didn't get. >> they kept going on in circles and said sorry, but we can't do anything about it. but we will give you a voucher. >> delta will not refund her money. offering her only sky miles or a one-year voucher toward a future flight. nancy wanted her money back. >> and that's why i got in touch with michael finney because i felt that they owed me what i paid for. >> we contacted delta airlines and within days an agent sent nancy this e-mail. saying the concern you shared with kgo tv has been sent to my attention there.
6:44 am
there may have been something we overlooked. and delta will refund the $120. the airline tells us delta regrets that this situation occurred, and has worked directly with the customer to resolve the issue. >> and thanks to kgo and michael finney. >> delta did not explain why nancy did not get the legroom she paid for nor a refund. the airline said it was against company policy it discuss customer cases. if you have a consumer problem let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> california wildfire season has started early and it's already been voracious with more than 800 fires so far. here we are the second week of may and that's triple the number of fires in the state this time last year. cal fire is warning everybody the unusually dry conditions are a result of a shortage of rain and snow over the winter months
6:45 am
today is the final day of the wild fair awareness week declared by the governor jerry brown. two weeks ago we got our last dose of rain. now that it's gone, temperatures are soaring and fire season is here. >> yes, and 90s are returning to the inland valleys. that's warmer than yesterday and ten degrees warmer than average. right now a look from our sutro camera. there is sunshine but also fog around the bay. it's created visibility problems at the coast. here's the roof camera. winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour. we are looking at partial sun he is shoreline but cool temperatures there at our beaches, and we will see that spread anywhere from 30 to 35 degrees today with temperatures making it down to the 50s. right now 50 half moon bay, 48 in the city, mid-50s from mountain view, fremont, san jose, san carlos at 52 and 53 by the delta and 353 also in
6:46 am
livermore. so the fog has reduced visibility to less than a mile at times, a mile and a quarter and half-mile visibility up in napa. six miles in hayward. the highlighted to fog at our coast, dense in spots. it's about 800 to 1,000 feet at times, and warm to hot today inland with 90s returning. that's five to seven degrees warmer than yesterday and cooler and breezes are going back to five to seven degrees of cooling for mother's day. so keep that in mind if you are going to be out today, the warmer day of the weekend, and the the coolest day of the week shaping up to be monday. we will look for the temperatures to continue with this big spread from as much as five to seven degrees just day-to-day. and that is primarily due to the fog and low clouds, but today keeping it mild at our beaches with numbers there typical upper 50s, low 60s around the bay. some warm numbers mainly in the mid-and upper 70s, but inland boy we are topping out in the
6:47 am
low 90s today but just for one day. so if you like that kind of weather, you know where to go. we do have an area of low pressure off the coast that's providing some higher clouds and also is allowing for the fog to be brought up from the south. so we are looking at low clouds and fog from monterey, santa cruz, watsonville this morning and high pressure building to the north. those winds around the high, allowing for the dryer and warmer weather in the inland valleys. and the local fog keeping temperatures elsewhere around the bay. but we will be looking for that area of low pressure to get even closer tomorrow. 84 in yosemite with 68 in big sur with temperatures ranking from the 90s from the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley. 9 san mateo and 85 palo alto and 80 napa, santa rosa crowsa, 83 fremont. upper 60s in the santa clara valley. 82 gilroy with partly cloudy
6:48 am
skies santa cruz. 66, pretty gray there right now. so the cooling trend gets underway tomorrow, and then just upper 70s to near 80 on monday. tuesday and wednesday we are warmer bay and inland and cooler thursday, friday. >> a fantastic mother's day on the horizon. >> looks good. >> thanks a lot, lisa. did you hear the news? the dinosaurs are back. dinosaurs are back. we will show you a new exhibit that's teaching us about these magnificent creatures 250 million years after they roamed the earth.
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6:51 am
the world has become very old at the conservatory of flowers. at prehistoric park prehistoric plants and dinosaurs are roaming the earth again in an exhibit. don sanchez takes you back 250 million years. >> if the t-rex sticking its head out of a glass roof at the conservatory doesn't startle you, there are other monstrous friends inside who may. add giant ferns and other plants, you have a plantasaurus rex. an exhibit starts 250 millions years ago. it begins as it broke apart. >> as it happens, a lot of rivers are formed, lakes are formed and the earth becomes more human. as that happens plants are able to evolve. suddenly there's a lot more
6:52 am
water, a lot more nutrients and there's a lot more competition. >> plants develop defense mechanisms and flowering plants show up at the end of that period. many of today's fauna has roots to that time and there's a way to verify they existed. >> one of the ways a lot of scientists know which dinosaurs ate which plants, which plants were around and which they preferred, there's actually a group of scientists out there that study dinosaur poop. >> that's probably the first time we've used that word. push a button and you will hear about it or feel the earth move. it's interactive. >> at the time a lot of volcanic activity. a lot of plate movement and lava flowing. >> and massive dragon flies and a turtle. it's real. and wall to wall plants. it's about the time new plant forms were emerging and the earth was shifting. you could say the conservative of flowers has turned this area into golden gate "jurassic park."
6:53 am
the dinosaur exhibit is up until october. coming up next how you can help support the largest single day food drive and you don't have to leave your home to do it. we will show you.
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $16 million megamillions drawing.
6:56 am
nobody got all six. however, a ticket bought at the shell in san jose got five. and that's worth more than $200,000, which isn't bad. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $25 million. and a tour of california organizers are warning drivers to expect delays and to plan alternate routes when the tour de france style race pedals through the bay area next week. the race starts just before 11 on monday. they will wind from the marina, north across the golden gate and south to santa cruz county. tuesday's racers go through -- start in and go to central con straw costa county and finish in livermore. we posted a link for road closers and the race schedule on our website under "see it on tv." a reminder of the 20th annual stamp out hunger food drive is out today. it's the largest drive for bay area food banks.
6:57 am
it's a big one. to participate in that, all you have to do is simply fill a bag with nonperishable food items and place it by your mailbox before your regular mail delivery time. this is the chance to help stamp out hunger. just a bag full of canned foods and you are done, they are happy. it's a great idea. it's a great day to put food out and to do to anything else you are planning on doing today, right? >> yeah. if you are going to the coast, though, it will be cool and inland it will be hot. kind of typical around here, although temperatures above average today with low 90s returning to our inland valleys. livermoreed 1, concord 90. for san jose a pretty warm day there with 88. 68 in the city with partly cloudy skies. the fog, well, it's kind of playing peek-a-boo at the coast. some areas will see sunshine. mid-60s santa rosa crude." foggy there. we will look for more cooling tomorrow on mother's day. coolest day is monday and then we warm up midweek. >> thank are joining us on the
6:58 am
saturday morning news. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and have a great day.
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