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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 13, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, target terror. two american drone strikes killed nearly a dozen members of al qaeda. was this man, the most wanted man in the world, the bombmaker who wants to sew explosives into domestic pets, was he one of the targets? new twist. the case of missing 6-year-old isabel celis takes a dramatic turn. her parents now living separately and her father banned from seeing their other two children. is this a break in the case? and off-screen drama for actress reese witherspoon. she goes to court diving into a family dispute. her father marries another woman while still married to reese's mother. is this new wife trying to take advantage of him? cracking down with lol that those epic texting and walking failed.
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omg. now one town is imposing an $85 fine for tww, texting while walking. we've got the 411. ♪ hey, good morning, everybody. three quick mother's day shoutouts first to my mom, second to new mom bianna golodryga who is out on maternity leave this morning and third to our lovely paula faris anchor of the world news now, filling in this morning. happy mother's day to you. >> thank you. and happy mother's day to my mom carol faris out in michigan and my little kids, i was hoping for breakfast in bed but seeing as my wake-up call was 3:00 a.m., a little unrealistic. >> after the show. brunch in bed. >> potentially, yes. >> a special mother's day's guest in store later this morning. a critical new faze for the john edwards campaign corruption trial. defense team will go on the offense for the first time tomorrow. will they call the former senator and presidential
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candidate to testify and will his mistress rielle hunter take the stand? that's the moment everybody is waiting for. >> potentially a turning point in the case tomorrow. also, the mother of two went out shopping, ended up trapped inside her car stuck down an embankment for three full days. how did she survive? how did she get out? we're going to have the full story for you coming up. but we're going to start here this morning with the latest headlines, and for that, we go to this gentleman, ron claiborne. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. we begin with the drone strikes in yemen taking out 11 members of al qaeda. they're the latest in a string of attacks targeting the terror group and some high-value targets and abc's david kerley joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: ron, this could be a sign that the effort to go after al qaeda in yemen is intensifying coming days after that double agent spy success out of yemen. there were two separate drone attacks in the southern part of this country in the arabian peninsula. as you mentioned, ron, there were 11 in all that were killed. in one attack there was a secondary explosion in a vehicle. that suggests that explosives
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were being carried by that vehicle. now, the first word from yemeni officials to abc news is that no high-value targets were killed. and one high-value individual being targeted is ibrahim al asiri. he is known as al qaeda's master bomber responsible for the failed underwear bomb and bombs in in printers and the bomb which the double agent smuggled out of yemen in the hands of u.s. officials now being studied. al asiri is now on the top list of targets in the counterterrorism battle. doesn't sound like they got him so far. >> david kerley reporting from washington, thanks for that. the u.s. may a banl done a key part of its mission in iraq, training iraqi police officers. the state department has scaled back the training program and may scrap it entirely by the end of this year. "the new york times" reports that the program is growing too costly, and iraqi officials never wanted it. dropping the training could save the u.s. billions of dollars. and in southern california, a massive search is under way for an fbi agent missing since last thursday.
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special agent steven ivens who was said to be distraught and possibly suicidal. about 150 fbi agents, police officers and rescuers are looking for him in rugged mountain territory in l.a. county. and soccer fans in turkey went on a rampage after a championship game. police and fans clashed outside of the stadium after hundreds of people stormed the field at the end of that soccer match. fans threw rocks, set fires and smashed windows. police used pepper spray and water cannons to break up the riot. and, finally, imagine being able to drink all you want, all the alcohol you want and not feel it. well, scientists will reportedly begin testing a pill that could prevent you from getting drunk and if it works it could help alcoholics and binge drinkers and save people from a lot of embarrassing nights. call it a buzzkill kill, paula. >> how about that for a transition into presidential politics now. "your voice, your vote" and same-sex marriage dominating the talk. after the president expressed his favor of it.
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on saturday mitt romney gave the commencement address at liberty university, which is a christian conservative college and this was his biggest applause line. >> so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [ cheers and applause ] >> so let's bring in george stephanopoulos, the host of "gma" and abc's "this week," and, george, seems the country is kind of split, kind of divided on this same-sex marriage issue. is this an issue that romney thinks he can win on, that he will continue to push? >> you're right that the country is divided. a fair majority support gay marriage, although there's big generational difference, big geographical differences. you saw romney in that speech yesterday but interestingly, paula, in an interview he gave to the christian broadcasting network right after that speech, he was asked how much will he push gay marriage in this campaign. he said time will tell. i think he wants to be very careful about this because even though gay marriage can really help him win his conservative christian base right now, it may
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turn off if he pushes it too much. it may make him seem a little bit intolerant, and even a majority of republicans support no discrimination against gays and lesbians. he's walking a tricky line. the big topic this morning was the bullying 50 years ago. it was 50 years ago, president obama also admitted to doing drugs in high school, but whether or not you think that romney handled this the right way, what's it going to take for the issue to go away? >> well, he's now issued a blanket apology even though he still say he doesn't remember the specific incident and that's raised a lot of eyebrows. you know, i don't think this is going to be the issue that determines the presidential campaign by any means, but i do believe that mitt romney, because he's not that well known right now, people don't know too much about his background, that he's going to have to do more to fill in the blanks in his biography so that incidents like this don't overwhelm his story. >> so good to see you this morning. >> be sure to join george later on abc's "this week," which features a debate of president
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obama's historic shift on the issue of of same-sex marriage. dan? >> thank you, paula, thank you, george. john edwards, the man once considered a serious contender for the white house has sat in a courtroom as prosecutors hammered him as a liar, a cheater and a criminal. tomorrow, however, edwards and his defense team will have their say. but will edwards himself take the stand? and what about rielle hunter, the mother of his young daughter? reena ninan is in washington with the latest. reena, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, dan. good morning to you, as well. you know, for the past two weeks john edwards has sat in the courtroom as he's heard the prosecution slam him, allegation after allegation that he used nearly $1 million of campaign money to protect and hide the identity of his mistress and love child that was conceived with rielle hunter, but tomorrow he will have his chance to tell his side of the story. when john edwards walks into court on monday, it will be his turn to tell his side of the story. the defense strategy, discredit the prosecution's main witness,
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fund-raiser andrew young, who admitted on the stand he and his wife pocketed much of the nearly $1 million for their own personal use, money meant to go to hunter. but in the coming weeks, they're expected to also push that while edwards lied about the affair, he did not violate campaign finance laws. >> we expect the defense to put on a case, and they will try to show reasonable doubt, that there is reasonable doubt that these were illegal funds. >> reporter: and it's likely their witness list could include the former senator's oldest daughter, cate edwards, who has accompanied her dad to court regularly. mistress rielle hunter could help the defense by admitting the money she took was to hide the affair from edwards' wife. and also expected to testify, former members of the federal election commission. >> the defense, i think, its strongest evidence is going to be the former members that we understand will take the stand. they were the ones that governed
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donations, campaign moneys, and we believe they will testify that there was no illegality going on at all, that either this is a gift or this was just something other than a campaign contribution. >> reporter: but the big question, will john edwards take the stand? his attorneys were hoping it would not come to that. on friday their efforts were denied to have the entire case dismissed on the grounds the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to back all the charges. the judge ruled the jury should determine edwards' fate. if convicted of any of the six counts, he could face as much as 30 years in prison and possibly a $1.5 million fine. dan? >> stakes very high. reena ninan, thank you for your reporting this morning. now to the strange twist in the search of that missing 6-year-old girl. she vanished from her home in tucson. her name, isabel celis. abc news learned her parents split up and the father is no longer allowed to have contact with isabel's older brother. so what does this mean?
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here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: for the family of isabel celis, the last three weeks have been heartbreaking. >> we're looking for you, isa. we love you, and we miss you so much. >> reporter: now another shock wave. sources tell abc news that authorities have banned isabel's father, sergio, from contacting his two sons, isabel's older brothers. the boys are now in the custody of their mother rebecca. police won't say why. >> we're not able to kind of share additional details of why we're at this point. >> reporter: this new development, sources say, does not mean investigators are focusing on sergio celis in isabel's disappearance. police will only say last week detectives learned something that concerned them enough to call in child protective services. >> there was a need to institute some measures to ensure the welfare of the older siblings. >> reporter: sergio celis says he discovered isabel missing from the family's tucson home
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the morning of april 21st. her bedroom screen removed. police say they do not have any suspects. >> as they look at this family under a microscope, they're probably seeing a number of things that maybe just aren't right but they may not have really at the end of the day anything to do with isabel's disappearance. >> reporter: isabel's parents, no longer living together, did not return our calls. since their daughter vanished, a thousand tips, tens of thousands in reward dollars and countless searches still haven't been able to find one little girl. >> and we will never give up. we will never give up looking for you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. and now to that mystery in new jersey, the radio host and philanthropist gunned down in her own home. we are learning new details about her last day alive from those in contact with her and new questions about why the police may have confiscated her husband's car. her husband, a prominent area physician and abc's t.j. winick
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is here with the story. >> by all accounts kaufman was a tireless volunteer recognized by new jersey's governor and u.s. senators. all her hard work was finally paying off, and it appeared she had no idea her life was about to come to a sudden and violent end. one friend called april kaufman the blond bombshell of the airwaves. a radio talk show host whose buoyant personality made her a local celebrity and a dedicated volunteer for several charities. kaufman was found in her bedroom at 11:30 thursday morning, shot several times. this is her husband, dr. james kaufman, outside the crime scene after he rushed home. authorities won't say if he's a suspect, but they have reportedly impounded his car, and they insist there is no threat to the public. >> let me put it to you this way, i don't think the citizens of linwood should be running around panicked. >> reporter: kaufman's friends say they weren't aware of any problems, that april was actually in a jovial mood the day before celebrating progress
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on veterans' issues she had been working on. >> she was at the high point of her life after that. i mean she was just like walking on air. >> reporter: lee darby was april's best friend for decades and has spoken with her family. >> we raised our daughters together and they were devastated. her eyes have not been dry. >> reporter: according to friend donna clementoni she sent her an e-mail saying she tried to reach kaufman by e-mail at 9:00 a.m. but couldn't. her body was discovered by a house worker 2 1/2 hours later. >> everybody loved april. i mean she would just light up a room, and she was laser focused on her advocacy. >> reporter: the kaufmans were known to be avid gun collectors. neighbors tell us they had a large vault in the basement where they kept them. police are saying very little right now, but, dan and paula, it appears this was no random crime. >> they say that she's the type of woman that drove a harley and
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a corvette, very wealthy but 90% of everything she did was for others. >> all of a sudden i'm in the mood to go sailing and maybe a little check of the weather with ginger zee. >> wonder why that would be. >> nautical themed outfit. >> the moment you wear stripes. good morning. you know what, i grew up on lake michigan, not sailing but boating a little bit and falling in love with weather there because i saw a waterspout. i remember it very vividly when i was 8. hopefully you'll remember this one. unfortunately, it did cause some damage in pensacola, florida. western florida had some stormy times yesterday. look at the size of that. you really get larger storms off in the gulf there especially waterspoutwise. they can come onshore and create issues as was the case yesterday. today, still a little stormy but more of the heavy rain and, oh, the rain that they need in the southeast, so anywhere from nashville up to pittsburgh is where we find kind of that target of the red. that would be 2 plus inches falling just today into tonight and we also have severe weather possibilities. you have these supercells that
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develop in mexico and head north into parts of texas, albuquerque, you're right in the slight risk today, as well so the severe storms and then some pretty severe heat much above average continuing. seattle almost 80 degrees today. sacramento will be 84. pretty incredible. if you're looking for a mother's day forecast, check out the maps and find your home. until then that's the big picture. >> oh, we've got some cumulonimbus clouds on lake michigan. this is what i'll share first with you. this from st. charles, illinois,
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not over the lake, but great all the same. or you can find me on twitter. this is from a lightning strike on a golf course. how neat is that from a lightning strike. i haven't seen anything so vivid and i think because of the colors of the grass anyway. >> looks like somebody dropped a strawberry. >> a smoothie was spilled in the making of that picture. anyway, that outfit is terrific. >> oh, thank you. now you guys need to come in with your docksiders or whatever. i'm obviously not a sailor. >> knows weather, not boating. >> maybe a life preserver is what i'll wear. all right, now to this incredible story, it's a mother of two who found herself in a life-or-death situation, and then she found strength she didn't know she had. her name is veronica mcfoy -- wanted to get her name right. and days ago she crashed her car down into an embankment. as she was trapped there for three days, how did she survive and get out of there? ron claiborne is back with that story. >> dan, her family is calling this a miracle. even her husband said he had
7:17 am
given up hope of finding his wife alive but trapped in the wreckage of her vehicle desperate and scared, she was able to figure out a way to get water and eventually a way to get out. it happened here when veronica mcfoy's van veered off the road flipping over and over landing in a ditch. >> i wondered how i was going to get out. i mean, i was really, really hurt. my back hurt so bad, i couldn't figure out what to do. >> reporter: mcfoy found herself trapped, unable to open any doors in the mangled wreck, fearing for her life. >> to not know whether you're going to make it or not, it's hard. i didn't know how much strength i'd have. >> reporter: days turned into night as she lay stuck in the vehicle unable to get out. the ditch was so overgrown with vegetation, that anybody passing by could not see the van. as the hours ticked away, this mother of two went into survival mode. with no food and running out of
7:18 am
liquids, she used an empty water bottle she had in her van to catch rainwater. >> when it would rain, i would try to get up enough to get the bottle over there to go with -- you know, get the rainwater and i'd only catch a few drops at a time. i got so thirsty that that became like a big focus for me. >> reporter: finally on the third day, she was able to muster her strength and break free through the back window. >> finally after about ten times, it finally broke, and i felt such a big relief come over me. i never thought of myself as being a very strong person. but apparently i'm a lot stronger than i thought i was. >> and mcfoy was able to smash it using a tool she found inside the van. even more remarkable her family says she did this despite breaking her vertebrae, ribs and a chest bone. she's now hospitalized in fair condition and needless to say she is very, very lucky to be alive. >> got a lot of strength to do that.
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>> she really did. >> thanks, ron. >> very lucky. very resourceful. well, we have all done it, walking while texting. and we've all seen those funny videos of people crashing into things as they do it but now one town has had enough. they will fine you if they catch you walking and texting. abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: most of us have done it, walking and texting on the street. it took seconds to see it outside of abc's new york studios. this guy texts off the curb unconcerned that the car turns inches in front of him. he then continues to cross broadway heads down fingers flying. don't try that in ft. lee, new jersey. if police see you you'll get an $85 jaywalking ticket. this after 20 pedestrian accidents so far this year. >> it's a big distraction. pedestrians not watching where they're walking. they're not aware. >> reporter: who could forget the woman texting before taking the plunge into the fountain or this guy texting in a hotel lobby before slamming into the wall.
7:20 am
and remember the guy who was texting only to look up and go eye to eye with a wild bear? yikes. a professor at stony brook university even conducted research on walking and texting. watch the subject slowly drift to his right. texters are 60% more likely to veer offline than nontexters. in london padded posts to prevent texting and walking injuries. back in new jersey, this law is getting mixed reviews. >> i think it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: $85 fine or not, experts agree texting is distracting, potentially dangerous and sometimes just plain rude. something to bear in mind. john muller, abc news, new york. >> do you walk and text, dan? >> i do it all the time even though i know it's totally idiotic. i do it all the time. do you? >> especially in this city where we have subways and cabs fly everywhere. >> i've had to pad certain corners of my apartment. really dumb. >> i didn't think that was for texting and walking but just being -- bad joke.
7:21 am
>> ron's anti-drunk tilt. >> coming up on this mother's day, we want to reveal the winner of this big contest we held for moms-to-be. part of our million moms challenge. hundreds of you sent in snapshots of your bellies with messages, and the grand prize, a trip to australia and a portrait by the famous photographer anne geddes. >> makes me miss being pregnant. this is the winning photo. allison and richard beardstein. here is their prize portrait of geddes with alison and her 6-month-old clara noelle. congratulations, happy mommy day. to find out how you can help mothers and babies, go to very, very sweet photo. >> yes. coming up, reese witherspoon embroiled in a family court fight. this is a bizarre story. her father married another woman while still married to reese's mom. now there are charges of alcoholism, hoarding, dementia
7:22 am
and questions about whether the new wife may be taking advantage of reese's father. >> and we're going to try to sort through all that, right? >> we are. plus, a special mother's day edition of mom testers. thousands of you applied but only three were chosen. is this device that straps a cell phone to your head a way to go hands-free? there's questions about whether these new slippers you put in the toaster to keep your feet warm, whether they work. by the way, a special mother's day guest. we won't tell you who it is but it is a big guest for us. >> might surprise us. and one more thing to tell you about coming up. what would you do if you were 2 years old and you saw what you thought was a real dinosaur? we'll show you one little man's hilarious response in our favorite segment of the week that we call "fixation." you know what it is. keep it here for that, people. we'll see you in a minute. we'll see you in a minute.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] they'll notice you, not your makeup. get all the coverage you want with a natural look and feel with long-wearing bareminerals spf 15 foundation. be a force of beauty. bareminerals, available at macy's. ♪ coming up, reese witherspoon in that really intense family drama. also coming up. >> yes, who doesn't love a surprise on mother's day. all coming up. >> may be a surprise for you. >> really? me? wow. oming up. >> yes, who doesn't love a surprise on mother's day. all coming up. >> may be a surprise for you. >> really, me, wow.
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and the toughest role right now for actress reese witherspoon is in a courtroom, a real-life drama. her family divided in a court battle that pits the oscar winner, her brother and their mother against her father and his new wife. good morning, america, on this mother's day, i'm paula faris in for bianna golodryga, and we want to wish a happy mother's day for bianna, her first mother's day. >> yes, we do. faris and harris riding again on this mother's day, sunday, may 13th. and we've got a big special guest coming up, mystery mom will join us live in a few minutes. also, thousands applied to try out some of those as seen on tv products. we picked three lucky moms to render their verdicts on things like slippers you put in the microwave, to keep your feet warm. paula already saying she wants a pair of those. >> you can't eat them, though. right? i just want to make sure they're not edible.
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and these two little doggies who don't wait around to get their backs scratched. are they dancing the twist? >> actually it looks like something ron claiborne was doing in the commercial break just a few minutes ago which we will also show you in "fixation" coming up in just a few minutes. but we are going to start here with reese witherspoon going to court as part of a bizarre dispute between her own parents. her dad, accused of bigamy, his new wife essentially accused of taking his money. more now from abc's akiko fujita. >> reporter: a visibly pregnant reese witherspoon surrounded by her family walked her father into a tennessee courtroom. inside, the judge deciding this issue, is her 70-year-old father competent enough to handle his own financial affairs? >> conservatorship allows a family member to step in and seize control, if you will, over the person and over that person's finances. >> reporter: the family believes john witherspoon is being taken advantage of by his new wife and unable to protect himself.
7:32 am
it started when the actress' mother filed a lawsuit saying her husband had wed another woman even though betty and john witherspoon were still married. the picture of the newlyweds was splashed across the local paper in a wedding announcement detailing the "intimate double-ring ceremony." in court documents betty says her husband did not recall getting married to patricia an taylor, though taylor tried to take out bank loans in her husband's name. in documents betty says she fears her husband may be suffering from an early onset of dementia. a restraining order was granted to prevent taylor from using the witherspoon name. >> they have a great fear if he's suffering from senility or dementia, that type of thing, that he could damage the witherspoon brand. >> reporter: it's a wrenching family drama. witherspoon's father has been by her side at every step of her career celebrating her star on the hollywood walk of fame, the
7:33 am
oscar win in 2006. now she's trying to give him the support he needs far away from the red carpet. reese witherspoon has not publicly commented on this case but one legal analyst says her case isn't rare. conservatorships are becoming increasingly common as the aging population grows. dan and paula? >> akiko fujita, thanks for that report. for a look at the other top headlines this morning, who should we call? >> um, the guy who does the shuffle. >> how's that again? ron, can you display? >> i'm not doing that. good morning to you again, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news two american drone strikes in yemen have killed 11 suspected al qaeda members. the u.s. has stepped up pressure on the terror group trying to take out high-value operatives including top bombmaker ibrahim al asiri. and hundreds of boston university students held a candlelight vigil for three classmates who were killed in a car crash in new zealand where they were studying. three other students are still in the hospital there.
7:34 am
president obama honored some of the nation's top cops at the white house on saturday. 34 winners of the -- of a national police association award were praised for their sacrifices and courage. and finally on this mother's day, today may be one of the busiest days of the year at church. a new survey finds that mother's day ranks right after easter and christmas in peak church attendance. father's day, however, is near the bottom of the poll. time now for the weather and over to the incomparable today ginger zee. >> all right. i like that one too. thanks, ron and good morning, everybody. happy mother's day and mother's day is today but by tuesday we're starting hurricane season in the eastern pacific. look at this already activity trying to brew up and if it does, aletta would be the name of that storm. shouldn't make landfall. neither should this but this is really fascinating. atlantic hurricane season doesn't start till june 1st but already a low pressure hybrid weird system trying to kick up. water temperature only 66. already an active start. i want to leave you with a look
7:35 am
across the nation on this mother's day and a final look at just a few mother's day >> this weather reportas been >> this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen's passat. i hope you have a great mother's day. kids, you don't have to have great weather to do a great breakfast in bed. >> unless it's 3:00 a.m. >> lot of moms thanking ginger. >> thank you, skipper. coming up here on "good morning america," hundreds of moms applied, but we can only pick three of you to try out some of those ads seen on tv. products like this hands-free handset for busy moms. does it work? our mother's day's edition of "mom testers" after this quick break. >> love all the mom testers. plus the video you and your moms don't want to miss. the 2-year-old who went toe to
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♪ i love our test music there. >> it sounds like something from an '80s sci-fi movie. >> but it's not. okay. so how cool is it to be a mom tester on mother's day? thousands of viewers applied to try out the products that we've all seen on tv like a skillet made from crushed diamonds. will this make mother's day even more egg-citing? >> boy, that's the worst pun i've ever heard. >> ever in the history of the world. >> save me. becky worley, abc's tech contributor, has the answer. check it out. ♪ >> reporter: this mother's day give mom a gift you know she'll love. >> approved. >> reporter: that's right, another edition of "gma" mom testers. >> let's give it a try. >> reporter: three "gma" viewers and three new as seen on tv products. will they get a mom approved or a mom disappointed? let's meet our moms. from mahopac, new york, adrienne
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eppolito, mom of three. from chicago, illinois, yvette taylor, mom of one boy and one on the way. and from fair oaks, california, kerri olson with two boys and one girl. first up, since it is mother's day, we figured we'd start our moms off with a little relaxation. >> hot booties are the greatest solution to cold and achy feet. >> reporter: after some quality time in the microwave, our moms' booties were warmed up and ready to go. >> feel nice and warm now. >> reporter: the booties were hot but not particularly relaxing. >> they're raising my body temperature, but i don't know that my feet feel any better. >> reporter: and while kerri wouldn't use the product herself, the hot booties got a thumbs up from her kids. adrienne, she gave a thumbs up. >> they feel really nice, comfortable and warm. >> reporter: she loved them as did the rest of her family. >> they match your collar.
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>> reporter: and so she gave the hot booties a big mom approved and dog approved. next, continuing our mother's day theme, we decided to reward our moms with some bling. well, kind of. >> the yoshi blue diamondware skillet. >> it does look like crushed diamonds. ooh. >> reporter: once our moms were able to look away from the yoshi blue, they got cracking, cracking eggs, that is. >> not sticking at all. >> reporter: all three moms were impressed with the yoshi food cooking capability. >> looks like you're doing a pretty good job. >> reporter: and the taste test? >> like it? >> uh-huh. >> the eggs passed the yoshi blue test. >> reporter: turns out diamonds really are a girl's best friend. our moms gave the yoshi blue a unanimous mom approved. finally, a solution for multitasking moms. >> the only device on earth that's truly hands-free. >> reporter: the gojo hands-free headset, it takes your phone,
7:43 am
straps it to your head, yeah, you heard that right. testing the gojo became a family affair. and while it kept their phones attached -- >> nice. >> it's good. >> can you dial hands-free? >> no. >> reporter: our testers found having your phone attached to your head was, well, as awkward as it sounds. >> to tell you, it's definitely not comfortable. >> this part here digs into the other part of the scalp. >> reporter: all three moms decided they'd stick with using their phones the old-fashioned way. they gave the gojo hands-free headset a unanimous mom disappointed. i don't know really what they're talking about. this thing really looks cool, but we did reach out to the folks who make it, the all-star products group and who make the hot booties. here's what they had to say. they said "the hot booties are designed to warm chilly feet when relaxing on the couch or under the covers and scored high marks for comfort and satisfaction when worn as instructed during prolonged testing with consumers."
7:44 am
now, as for the gojo hands-free it underwent high testing and got high marks for consumers since it became available this year but, guys, i haven't seen a lot of tech mobiles walking down the streets of san francisco or silicon valley with it on so maybe slower to adopt out here. >> slow to adopt. hard pressed to see why, but, becky, thank you very much. while my co-pilot -- >> relaxing on the couch. with the hot booties on. i like them. >> let me say we are actually looking for dads to get involved in this thing and become a dad tester, go to on yahoo! i'll get it out eventually. let us know why -- i'm so distracted by the pink to my right here. let us know whether -- why we choose you to test a father's day product. >> coming up next, a segment called "fixation." we show you the best videos for the week. one of them is this one. doggie disco. we'll tell you what they're
7:45 am
doing after a quick break. keep it here on this sunday morning on gma. we'll be right back. 'll be right back.
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ ♪ who do you want me to be -- >> time for "fixation." you know the deal. we show you crazy videos, ginger. >> starts in california. and their little babies can do something special to one of our favorite wedding songs. check it out. ♪ let's do the twist >> love it. they do this for at least four minutes. >> at least four minutes. >> it's pretty spectacular. yeah. >> are they dancing or just scratching their back? >> he's got a nice leg move. >> we should say ron was doing the twist earlier and he refuses to do it on camera, which is giving me -- paula, what do you got?
7:50 am
>> so there's this little boy, zach, 2 1/2 years old, fixated with dinosaurs, we can say, so he goes to this outdoor exhibit to see the robotic dinosaurs, and upon seeing the robotic dinosaur for the first time, here's his reaction. >> careful, zach. there could be dinosaurs. >> he warned him. >> are you scared? >> what? what? >> what in the world. he's gone. >> he can run faster than that. >> it will shock all of you that -- >> he's gone. >> -- that my "fixation" this week involves animals. it's a rare move for me. let's take a look at this. this is a horse. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> what? who is that? >> a little over a month and dan harris is still talking about animals. >> what is that? whose voice is that? it's bianna golodryga, everybody. happy mother's day, bianna golodryga. how are we doing? >> hi. well, here's jake spencer orzsag. he's 6 weeks old today.
7:51 am
>> beautiful. >> he still has "fixation" on our mind at home. i want to show you my "fixation" video. take a look. hi. ♪ living in a lonely world >> jake is watching bianna sing on broadway. >> do you remember that? >> he doesn't look too impressed, bianna. what's going on? >> yeah. >> my proudest moment, so -- ah. you were in my tummy. >> and, bianna, you look wonderful. jake looks wonderful. we all want to say happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day's, bianna. >> same to you, paula, and happy mother's day everyone at home. i miss you all. >> we miss you right back. we'll be back after this quick break. ♪ you're my obsession ♪ who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me ♪ make you want me to sleep with
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hey, before we go, a little bit of a mother's day surprise. i want to bring in some flowers for one of my favorite moms. her name is paula faris, and it's been such a pleasure having you filling in. happy mother's day to you. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you very much. >> these are so beautiful. >> she'll get brunch from her kids, i hope. thanks for watching, everybody. see you later. body. see you later.
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