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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this leadership shakeup is the latest in years. thompson was the fourth ceo in the past five years. >> a lot of it had to do with the fact that yahoo shareholders and directors were not happy with the direction and the revenues of the company. i think if yahoo had been making tons of money people might look the other way, but the fact the company isn't doing as well as it could do, this is a combination of we have a problem and we have an excuse. >> daniel lobe is primarily responsible for the latest lieber shoid change. he is found irof the hedge fund third point,arch yahoo shareholder and has been pressuring to set the company on a new course, and now he and two others from third point will join yahoo's board of directors immediately.
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>> ama: "the new york times" is reporting the chief investment officer for jp mortgage ban chase and two traders who work for her will resign in the wake of a $2 billion trading loss. morgan chase reported the loss last week, sending the stock market into a tail spin. the head of the bank called the loss stupid and sloppy but insisted morgan chase would make a lot of money this corner. >> alan: california's projected $16 billion budget deficit shows the need to put the breaks on spending, but that's not what governor brown has in mind. he has a plan that relies heavily on taxes. >> ama: religious leaders and former san francisco mayor gavin newsom are weighing in on the president's support of same-sex marriage.
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>> reporter: after president obama's historic endorsement of same-sex marriage, some bayar clergy are saying it may be time to take a second look at the issue. >> reverend brown is preaching a sermon of tolerance. >> there are people in thissation who happen to be gay or lesbian, and they deserve to have equal protect under the law. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able too get married. >> that historic endorsement by president obama pushed the subject of same-sex marriage back into the spotlight. former san francisco mayor and current lieutenant governor gavin newsom has role in shaping the national dialogue in 2004 he defied the law and allowed same-sex couples to marry at city hall. and then kaz voters banned same-sex marriage. today he discussed the
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president's new position. >> i'm proud of the president, proud he stood up on prim, proud he is on the right side of history and did it during an election. >> opponents say, whatever the motivation, an attempt to redefine marriage is a step in the wrong direction. >> a matter of social justice. marriage is the only institution that unites kids to their moms and tads. a serious problem of fatherlessness in society we have to think about the consequences of eliminating that institution from the law. >> it is important to note that third baptist church will not be performing same-sex marriages but prom inept social conservatives say that president obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage could be the fuel that mitt romney needs to unight the -- unite the right in november. >> tonight is the end of national police week. in the national's capital police officers gathered to honor fallen comrades.
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families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice were also in attendance. the names of more than 300 officers will be dedicated at the law enforcement officers memorial. among those being honored and remembered is vallejo's jim capu who was murdered last year by a robbery suspect. >> ama: the families of murder victims called for ending street violence. this comes as police in san francisco search for those responsible for killing two men this weekend. dozens joined the healing circle for the southerly support group outside san francisco city hall. still mothers of gun violence victims spoke. one included a woman who lost her son a month ago. >> i'd like to see more young black kids in school instead of standing on corners, wasting their life. >> one man died on friday night and a woman ended up in the hospital after someone opened fire on them along turk street in western addition.
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police hope someone will help them find a p. who -- person who killed another man who died earlier at broad street and plymouth avenue. >> alan: no serious injuries after a plane made a rough landing in napa county. it happened near the pope valley airport yesterday. the plane was taking off and lost power, then flipped over and crashed 500 feet off the runway. according to the indian pa valley register there were three people onboard. the pilot has minor injuries. >> ama: stage one of the amgen tour rate of speed up. -- tour wrapped up. it picks up tomorrow in san francisco at 11:00 a.m. before heading south to accept cruz. the bay area leg wraps up tuesday in livermore. the tour finishes in southern california on may 20th. and our mike will have the leaders later in sports. >> alan: hundreds join in the search for a missing fbi agent
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in southern california. >> ama: a lift for the space shuttle enterprise. >> alan: all hail mom this mother's day. we have photos and look at the best state to be a mom. >> leigh: she is almost a mom. i'm leigh glaser. we had some clearing today. all though temperatures dropped inland as much as 20 degrees. low clouds and fog starts to come back. we look at the forecast c
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>> protesters on a patch of land in albany are city occupying the prompt up to 30 members are still at the site and many of them stayed overnight. a uc spokesman says their equipment is still on the lot despite promises to move their equipment. spokesman also says the university will do what it needs to be done and the faculty has access to the site this week. >> ama: massive search for a missing fbi agent. 100 agents and volunteers are looking for steven eye vans. -- ivans. he was last seep thursday night and there are concerns he might be suicidal. >> marlene is holding out hope for the safe return of her daughter, sierra lamar. sierra's mother issued a statement saying today is a time of reflection and she considers
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sierra to be a miracle. volunteers and sheriffs officials continue searching the fields and open regs reservoirs. >> alan: the world's most powerful mom. >> some good news for college graduates looking for a new job, but bad news if they're looking to pay off a student loan. >> leigh: leg has the forecast. >> mike: giants and a's going in different divisions, and the amgen tour of california's first stage. it was rough one.
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it hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> ama: took a bit of heavy lifting but the special shuttle enterprise has been separated from the jet that flew it to new york. you can see the engineers working to lift the enterprise from the 747 last night. they used two cranes and a special restraint system to move it to a trailer. then it will be moved to the intrepid museum. >> alan: good news for college graduates, an estimated 7% more grads will find work this year over last year. one reason in the past 18 months
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more than three million jobs have been created and he unemployment rate for graduates hat fallen 2% in a year. now just over 7%. but there is a sobering warning today from the federal reserve bank concerning college loans and the time it takes to pay them back. the estimated 37 million americans with outstanding student loans, more than five million are between 40 and 49 years old and more than # million americans are over 50 and still paying off loans. >> many people flock to the south of market area to check out the how weird street fair. >> ama: tech know music filled the air. organizers picked today, may 13th, because an ancient mayan legend says today would be the celebration of peace. today is their 13th year. >> alan: california is number one when it comes to working mothers.
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a new study by expecting better, puts california at the top when it comes to flexible leave programs for pregnant women and working moms. both state and private workeres also have nursing at work rights. sarah blakeley is the lest of the most powerful moms of 2012 from working mother magazine. others include angelina jolie and susan collins. >> our viewers have been posting mother's day photos all week. >> ama: linda shared this picture of her mother rose and four generations of family. >> this is taneen and her mom pen enemy knell be. >> and chester send his picture of her mom. said it was taken on the best christmas every. >> alan: shay your photos at abc-7 news on tastebook. >> ama: leigh has a check on the
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forecast. >> leigh: i hope everyone gave mom a sweeter. it was cool out there today. concord, down 22 degrees today. and at the low clouds and fog jt moved to the north so we're actually having a nice sunset. this live shot from the high definition east bay camera looking over the bridge. you can see the golden gate bridge in the brown. here's a look at the numbers for today. clear lake, i'm suspect of this one. they're reporting 83 degrees as their high today. cloverdale, dropped to only 70. only 65 in santa rosa. strong westerly winds kept a chill in the air. san francisco, 61. 63 in half moon bay. 75 in antioch. 68 in concord. down 22 from your high of yesterday. 57 today was the nye -- high in livermore, and 74 in san hoe
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sigh. currently, 59 in san francisco. afternoon sun. 60, san rafael. 66, fremont. livermore, 65 degrees. here is a look at some of the weather highlights. the next few days. low clouds, i know they're well off the coast but will return tonight. we'll bring you local drizzle as well. tomorrow morning, low clouds and drizzle. then afternoon clearing. a cool day tomorrow. and then we'll start to warm up as we head into tuesday and wednesday. this is how with started off this morning. dense fog, mist and trizle near the coast, and you can see how quickly, even some of the high clouds that moved through, moved out of here so this is a nice break we're getting in right now. behind the clear patch. more low clouds and fog and that moved in here this evening. the culprit for the cooling also the rapid clearing of the clouds has been the cutoff low right here.
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counterclockwise circulation. you can get a sense of high clouds that moved through overnight and as the low push towards the north, just kicked our scoured out the low cloudiness and fog. what is going around all of this right back in here. this is going to move back in tonight, so we'll continue to see increase in low clouds, fog and also might be able to wring ute few drops at the coast. overnight, temperatures, mid-to upper 40s, low 50s temperatures the east bay. antioch, 52. and here's the forecast an nation. this is 10:00 tonight. you'll notice that second wave of low clouds moving in. you'll notice also the forecast model picking up a little pit of moisture. most of -- that's 5:00 a.m. in the morning. most of this in the form of heavy mist and drizzle. so wet pavement tomorrow morning, bit 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, should start to clear out and see sunshine. temperatures tomorrow, much like today. maybe a degree or two cooler.
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low 70s in the east bay. antioch, 73. 71 for concord. morgan hill, 70. 66, watsonville. a cool day tomorrow and then after that high pressure rebuilds. warming us back into she 70s and 80s. a slight dip thursday and friday. temperatures come back down and next weekend looks mild and sunshine. >> alan: shu is here with mother's day at the coliseum. some a's are going to need their moms moms to kiss their boo-boos. >> mike: that's at it. cespedes on the dl yesterday, today weeks. the catcher cook a day with with a thumb and brandon inge with a strained groin. segue smith drills it to right off verlander. it's gone. ties the game. verlander then strucks out eight, balfour with the bases
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loaded. you can't walk home the game-leading run. miguel cabrera adds insurance with an rbi sing until the night. tigers avoid the sweep. >> our team is about picking each other up. so thought we did a good job. pitching kept us in the game. >> meanwhile the giants trying to take two straight from the d-backs, birthday boy, barry zito on he hill. allowed the runs, second win of the year. top four, the single to right. 4-1 giants in the fifth, see ya. two-run shot. his third of the year. giants, season-high 14 hits, 7-3 your final. >> let's tee it up at the players championship, which is like a fifth major. several players a shot at the
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title. the famous island green. not a problem today. martin laird made a run. birdie on 7. in the clubhouse at 11 under. kevinna, 25 straight holes without a bober -- without a bogey. rickie fowler, long birdie on 17. shoots a 70 in the clubhouse hat 11-under. matt kuchar answers. birdie of his own but bogeys 17. 2-up at 13 un. matt kuchar has this tap-in on 18. wins in the final round. his fourth career win, first since 2010. his family celebrating mother's day in style. >> i'm about to buckle. such an amazing feeling. play amongst the game's best, come out on top, do it on mother's day, staying with mom and dad. it really is magical. >> mike: can't get better than that. nba on abc.
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game seven, clippers and griz. clippers led the series 3-1. memphis looking to complete the comeback. allen puts the griz up three but l.a.'s bench took over. the clippers win by 10, face the spurs in the semifinals. >> eastern semis game one. heat and pacers. lebron james, third mvp trophy. put together an mvp performance, dwayne wade with the alley-oop to james. then in the fourth. lebron knows how to finish. 32 points, miami takes game one, 95-86. to the pitch. manchester city needs a win to secure the championship. 2-1 when zecco head in the corner kick, tied at two. two minutes later. the game-winner, two stoppage time goals gives map chester city the first championship in
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44 years. >> the amgen tour in california started in santa rosa, 115-mile cruise through the county. a quick pit stop turned out to be lucky. he avoids the crash three miles from the finish. a dozen racers involve. avoids the carn national in a sprint to the financial. -- finish. wins in 4:32-point 5. takes the yellow jersey. tomorrow, from san francisco to santa cruz. we'll have an update on the traffic issues other in the morning. >> alan: see that blur of colors. >> ama: a new record for "the avengers", and a knew -- new milestone the movie had. >> innovate and inspire with tina brown. join abc-7 for the professional business women of california conference may 16th in san francisco. ♪
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>> genius. >> ama: "the avengers" has hit the billion dollar muck. it was number onety box office over the weekend, earning $103 million. the first movie ever to earn that much in its second weekend. worldwide the movie has earned just over $1 billion. >> dark shadows opened up number two. think like a man is number three, the hung games is number fur, and that's the top five anytimes. >> that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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