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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 13, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a shake up tonight at yaw hue. >> the ceo resigned. ross levenson is taking over. lilian kim is live at yaw hue headquarterses headquarterses in sunnyvale. lilian? >> ama, yaw hue employees must be used to this by now.
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this is the fourth leadership change in five years. scott thompson leaves after only four months as yaw hue's ceo. industry analysts say he had no choice but to resign. thish stems from his company biography. he has a degree in accounting, but his resume claims it is in computer science as well. he apologized and blamed an executive search firm for the error, but his credibility had taken a huge hit. >> technology people have an aversion to the suits. they don't want to work for the suits. this guy says i have a computer science degree. i am like one of you. not so much. this was not good. certainly if he would have stayed on it would have been a difficult tenure. >> he is the interim ceo with a strong media back ground. before serving as the vice president and head of global media, levenson wasn't of news corporation's fox interactive media. >> it will strengthen them from their immediate perspective, and yaw hue is a media company.
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but it needs to figure out its social media strategy, and it doesn't have one. so i think the company still is flownderring a bit, but hopefully it will give it better direction. >> the leadership shake up is a big victory under toker of third point, the hedge point who owns most of the shares. he and two other third point nominees will take seats on the board. industry analysts question whether having a hedge fund manager on the board of directors is a good thing. >> their interests tend to be short-term on driving the stock option up not just the quality of the product. the thing you have to look at is is he doing things that are good for the long of h term health of the company? that remains to be seen. >> in a statement issued through yahoo they say they are confident it will benefit from shareholder information and working on leadership to
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unlock the significant potential and value. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks, lilian. yahoo was founded in 1994. in 2000 stock reached an all-time high of $118 a share. in 2008 yahoo squandered an opportunity to sell to microsoft for $47.5 billion. in 2009 waiter barts replaced jerry yang as as the new ceo and beaters lasted only two years before being replaced by thompson. thompson laid off 2,000 employees in the biggest purge. california's budget crisis continues to grow. governor brown is expected to rehe's his re-advised plan to ease the $16 billion deficit. he wants to raise the sales tax and increase taxes on the rich which brown believes the state needs to under if schools and protect public safety. the budget and public safety are an issue at the city
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level. many are battling with pension reform to reduce ballooning deficits. and in san jose, it is creating problems in the police department. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live in the newsroom with more. >> police officers say the pension reform measure b on the june ballot will slash the future takeout pay of officers as much as 50%. the police officers union says the measure is so unreasonable it will force many officers to leave the department which is already understaffed. >> they are leaving in droves. it is really sad to watch. >> he is president of the san jose police officer's union. he is concerned that measure b, a pension reform plan on the june 5th ballot has caused many officers to seek work with other police departments. >> we had an additional 60 or so officers that have voluntarily left. we have probably another 50, 60, maybe more that are in backgrounds with other departments. >> we don't have an option.
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we have continued to slash services throughout our city, and we see nothing but rising pension costs in the future. >> the san jose city councilman is one of the eight council members who helped place the measure on the ballot. officers have taken a 10% cut last year and they are paying an additional 20% for their health in retirement. >> as measure b passes, we will be looking at another 16% hit on top of an 8% hit. we are getting to a 40%, 50% pay hit to an officer's salary. >> this means we will have to go much further and make cuts far greater than they ask for at the beginning of the year. >> they are concerned that with the state's higher deficit, the governor could take more money from cities like san jose dealing with pension costs is the best way to save money and replace gutted programs. >> the pension costs have more than tripled in the last 10 years. pension reform is what is going to allow us to get
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control of our expenses and start restoring services throughout the city. >> he worry bise trying to save money they will sacrifice safety. >> the police officer's union says they will challenge the measure in court if it passes. the city has already betted measure b. once it is passed they will ratify the measure. i'm thomas roman. >> thanks, thomas. in the nation's capital, hundreds of police officers and their families gathered to remember the fallen. it was the last event of national police week. those in attendance held candles as they listened to a prayer praising the officer's courage and commitment. >> thank you for protecting us , for giving us hope, and for never failing to raise help in times of trouble. >> the names of 163 officers who died last year were read allowed. among them was vallejo police officer killed last november by a robbery suspect.
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a rally in oakland to call attention to the recent murder of a transgender woman. a group called trans fix organized a vigil outside oakland city hall. the speakers called for police to do more to find the killer of brandy mar tell. mar tell was found shot to death in a car in the early morning hours of april 29th at 13th and franklin street. >> a spokesman for cal berkeley says it will do what it needs to do to remove protesters off its land. members have no intention of leaving the 10 acre agricultural research site in albany. instead they say they are willing to share space with the university's faculty and researchers who need the land. uc berkeley say the occupiers are trespassing on private property and they need to lead. leaved. the defense of john edwards starts tomorrow in his campaign corruption trial. at issue is whether edwards knew about the money used to hide his pregnant mistress from the media in 2008. he lied to his wife,
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elizabeth, who was dying from breast cancer about the affair. experts say edwards may be moralely challenged but it doesn't mean he is a criminal. >> i think it has been proven that edwards is a cheat, a liar, despicable actions altogether. but was what he did a criminal act? that's not at all clear. >> edward maze not testify in his own defense, but his fundraiser will be on the stand. the secret service director will be called to talk about the sex scandal in columbia. a senate committee has scheduled a meeting in 10 days. they want to know what steps are being taken to make sure something similar doesn't happen again. last month the secret service agents were caught in a prostitution scandal just days before president obama's visit. stage one in one of cycling's premiere event got off to a great start. it kicked off in santa rosa this morning. and this evening crews set up a starting gate for stage two at san francisco's marina green.
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the racers will take off from the marina at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow bound for santa cruz. the bay area leg wraps up on tuesday in livermore after a climb at mount diablo. it will finish in southern california on may 20th. of course mike shumann will have today's leaders and a big wipeout later in sports. stage through runs through concord and that's where somebody hacked into a sign alerting drivers of road closures. the sign on the road read "zombies ahead." tonight the sign has been fykedded. fixed. it is going save me a couple years before i need a full face-lift. >> the new procedure that helps tighten your skin without going under the knife. >> and the new law targeting texters, and it has nothing to do with driving. >> hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. we have cool -- cooled down considerably. get ready for a slight warm up
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in our workweek. a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> we made a terrible, egregious mistake. >> three banking executives are out after a $2 billion blunder.
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a face-lift without the scalpel. a minimumly invasive treatment is promising to tighten without surgery. carolyn johnson has a look at the procedure. >> the treatment involves very precise doses of heat delivered under the skin, and doctors say the damage caused by that heat actually produces a beneficial tightening affect.
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>> what i'm concerned about is when i look in the mirror in the morning is i am seeing my whole face is pretty much sagging down. >> she didn't like the lines she was seeing in the mirror, but she wasn't ready for a surgical face-lift. instead she opted for an alternative. >> it is something to do with the firming, the tightening and hopefully bringing that nice line back that i had before. >> in his office in palo alto, james new man is planning to tighten her face with everlastin. >> and one, two, three and you will feel a click here. >> after numbing her skin he uses a handheld device using a row of tiny needles. placed on the skin they pierce the ep dermis and then go into the dermis. it releases heat created by the radio frequency. >> when we can raise the temperature of the skin to a certain range that we can get collagen to contract and get elastin fibers to increase in
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volume. what is happening, carol, is as you hear that noise, the energy is flowing through the tissues. >> he says the energy causes slight energy to the dermis. the goal is to create a plumping affect in problem areas like the jaw line. >> it basically stimulates the body to come in and repair the structures. >> and with the tightness i also felt that my face was plumping. >> she is a 60-year-old aerobics instructor and she was worried about her sagging jaw line. on the left is the before the treatment and on the right a year later. >> it will tighten the skin and it will save me a few years before i have a full face-lift. >> while it is effective at targeting the areas, it will not produce the same results as a face-lift. >> the surgery is still the gold standard. there is no question about that. we are approaching about 20 to
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25% of what we can achieve with surgery. >> carol ray hopes it will be enough to smooth her neck and jaw line. >> dr. newman says the procedure runs about $3500 and is not covered by insurance. most patients he says are able to return to work in two days. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. first it was texting and driving and now texting and walking is becoming a crime. a law in new jersey allows anybody to cite anyone who is texting while walking. they can face an $85 fine. they issued 120 tickets in the past eight weeks. local officials say there were 21 walking accidents this year. >> it is a big distractions. pedestrians are not watching where they are going. >> i don't think i would be putting myself in danger by doing this. >> studies point out many who text while walking veer off their course and others run into obstacles like this woman
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who stumbled into a fountain. her big splash captured by a shopping mall surveillance camera. well, several local hair stylists donated their skills to make it a special mother's day for 25 homeless women in san francisco. the 25 moms go the their hair and make up done and then they were whisked off to a brunch at harry denton's starlight room on top of the sir francis drake hotel. this is the first time they have organized this special event. >> and viewers have been placing mother's day photos all week and we want to share some. >> we got this photo from the mother's day brunch from the elk's lodge in san mateo. she says happy mother's day to the best mom and grandma. >> and her mom, mary, who is 98 years young. >> and this is a picture of silvia with her daughter, reyna, home from an afternoon party. well, hopefully all of the moms had a great day. how was your day? >> it was great. a little on the chilly side.
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the temperatures came down, especially inland. concord was down by 22 degrees. that's a big trob. drop. and it is because of the area of low pressure off it the coast and bringing us the low clouds and fog. this is a shot from the rooftop cam looking toward the financial district in san francisco. we still have some clear patches inland, but near the coast, the fog is starting to redevelop. temperatures are generally in the mid50s or so. in fact, 55 in san francisco. san rafael, half moon bay 54. 54 out toward livermore valley area. and 58 right now? san jose. shear a look at some of our highlights. it will take you to the midpart of the workweek. we will continue with increasing low clouds overnight. we will also bring in a chance of some localized drizzle. mainly the peninsula, the bay and the coast overnight tonight. it could possibly slow you down a little bit for the morning commute tomorrow with
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the low cloudiness and the pockets of dense fog. after that look for midday clearing, and then we will start to warm things up on tuesday and wednesday. we have been watching the pesky low. this system is responsible for bringing us the clouds. and then clearing us out this late in the afternoon hours, that's why ocean beach saw a little sunshine. it is helping to bring in the strong on shore winds. the motion around this low is clockwise, and we do have quite a bit more low cloudiness, and as it pushes toward the north and east of the bay area, the low clouds and the fog will thicken overnight tonight. temperatures in the midto upper 40s across the bay area. overnight with the drizzle, the low clouds and the fog increasing. if fact, here is a look at our forecast animation beginning at 3:00 a.m. you can see it is picking up a little bit of moisture. most of this will be the mist and drizzle. it is mainly confined near the coast. but you can see as we work our way through tomorrow morning
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this is 9:00 a.m. we still have quite a bit of low cloudiness around the bay area. most of the moisture is well off the coast. and then as we continue through the afternoon we will start to see some clearing and return to some sunshine by late in the day. here is a look at our highs for our monday. it is much like today still running a little below normal for this time of year. 62 for san francisco and napa is 69 tomorrow. interior east bay, antioch, concord and livermore in the low 70s with antioch at 73. 70 for san jose, and we will even look for a 70 for morgan hill. watsonville tomorrow morning overcast afternoon clearing and 66. here is a look ahead at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. you can see for yourself morning drizzle and then we get into a slight dip on thursday and friday. and then we will warm it back up on saturday and sunday. >> thank you so much. leigh. many girls dream of taking a hunky football player to their high school prom. and a connection on twitter helped one young lady in ohio
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land a date with an nfl player. >> hi, joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me? my date backed out. >> she tweets me a lot. she has been a good supporter. she always show up to my appearances. >> wow. >> he showed up in his lamb bore good evening knee. as you heard hayden mention they speak often via twitter. it turns out the 23-year-old missed his prom because he graduated early. cool. >> shu, you were never asked to the prom. >> he seems like a nice guy. being a former nfl player there is no way my daughter is going outs though. good for her. the giants are trying to take two straight from the d-backs. barry zito was on the mound
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barry zito was on the mound celebrating his birthday. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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tonight barry zito celebrated his birthday. his left arm didn't act like it was 34 today. he struck out 5 with three walks and three runs getting his second victory. top of 4 and he rips a two r.b.i single to right. three r.b.i on the day. then in the fifth, see ya. a two-run shot his third of the year. a season high 14 hits and taking two of three. 7-3 is your final. a's hosting the tigers on mother's day. how cute is that? and breast cancer awareness day. that's gone and his third of the season ties the game at one and he goes on to strike out 8 and improving to 4 with 1. austin -- and it was the game winner and cabrera adds some insurance with the single in the 9th. the tigers salvage the series split with a victory. the nba on abc.
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the clips and grisly and they lead the series 3-1 and trying to complete the come back. tony alan and slam. l.a.'s best took over in the fourth. 21 points and kenyan martin splits up eight. he ices it with the three. clippers win by 10 and they will face the spurs in the western conference. the eastern semis and game one and heat and pacers and lebron james presented with his third mvp trophy and put together an mvp performance. the alley-oop and then in the fourth three on one and james finishes and 32 points and 15 boards and miami takes game one 95-86. we will take a brief timeout before we tee it up at the player's championship. the title is up for grabs. several players had a shot in the pga tour's fifth major. a great finish for you next in
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championship is like a fifth major. several young guns had a shot at the title, but it went to a 33-year-old veteran. number 17 at tpc sawgrass was not a factor today. he started six back and made a run. he fired a 67 and she in the clubhouse at 11 under. the leader with 25 straight
11:30 pm
holes without a bogey until five. first of six on the day. four over 76 and he is done. birdie on 17 and shoots a 70. also in the clubhouse at 11 under. a hole behind fouler and answers with a birdie. but bogey is 17. he is two up and 13 under. birdie 8 -- 18 and shoots to 68. four in the clubhouse. but 33-year-old matt kutcher and winds with a final round 70. his fourth career win. first since 2010. a memorable mother's day for the kutcher family. >> it is an amazing feeling. to play among the game's best and come out on top on mother's day and staying with mom and dad, it is magical. >> it started in santa rosa, a 1 60-mile cruise. he gets a flat tire with five miles to go. a quick pitstop turned out
11:31 pm
lucky. a dozen riders were involved. he avoids the carnage and a sprint to the finish. he comes back to win it in four hours and 42 and a half minutes to take the yellow jersey. stage two is tomorrow from san francisco to santa cruz. earthquakes hosting chias. chivas. he heads it in and the second of the season. the game ends in a 1-1 tie. they are in second place in the western conference. let's go to the ice. the western conference finals and coyotes and kings in the first period. a shot from the red line and goes in. jonathon quick would love to have that one back. now tied at two in the third. it is his seventh goal of the playoffs. they win it 4-2 and they lead the series 1-0. coming up later in the newscast, a table tennis fee nome who is on her way to the
11:32 pm
olympics at 16 years of age. >> cool. >> well, coming up, he was once a notorious criminal, but now the man called shrimp boy says he has changed. what he is doing now and why police are not so sure she new man. >> and a $2 billion mistake and the affect it could have on your money.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. 234* tonight's headlines, a changing of the guard at yahoo. scott thompson has resigned after four months as ceo. thompson was exposed for claiming he add degree in computer science. his degree was in accounting. >> police officials in san jose claim a pension reform measure is forcing officers to get jobs elsewhere. measure b on the june ballot would cut pensions 16%. the city officials say it is the only way to control expenses. jp morgan chase is going to accept the regular sig nation after one of the bank's trading groups lost $2 billion. and the firm's top man isn't making excuses. he admits it was a terrible blunder. t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: what is next for jp morgan chase. last week the nation's largest
11:36 pm
bank disclosed that it had run up $2 billion in losses over six weeks. the ceo jaime diamond was blunt. >> he made a terrible, egregious mistake. >> as for how it happened -- >> we took too much risk. the strategy we had was badly debted, badly monitored. it never should have happened. >> financial stocks took a beating on wall street on friday with jp morgan chase leading the way down. >> this is a huge throw back and years of trying to regain their trust. >> it is a reminder of the battle days of the banking crisis. it comes at a time when the financial industry is seeking to loosen the regulations on trading. >> they made bets on derivatives . they said they can't get themselves in that position. >> one top lawmaker says the jp morgan tau bach kill changed regulations.
11:37 pm
>> the price will be that they will lose their battle in washington to weaken the rule. >> still some are skeptical. >> the banks are figured out how to sir come navigate the rules. >> they say they may lose an additional $1 billion, but say it is not in danger. >> we will earn a lot of money this quarter. it is not like the company jeopardized. abc news, new york. >> jp morgan shaishes are down more than 9%y raising $14 billion in value from the bank. a state lawmaker plans to introduce a bill tomorrow that targets the bonuses of pg&e executives. democratic assemblyman jerry hill's bill will prohibit rate payer money from being used to pay for bonuses based on corporate earnings or share price. and it would require executives to return bonuses if pg&e is fined. the bill is set to be introduced one year after the utility's former ceo peter darby left pg&e after the san
11:38 pm
bruno disas disaster with a $3 -- disaster with a $35 million package. former san francisco mayor gavin new so many are weighing in on the president's support of same-sex marriage. now, a look at how attitudes are changing. >> receive remembered -- reverend brown is preaching a sermon of tolerance. >> there are people in this nation who happen to be gay or lesbian. and they deserve to have equal protection under the law. >> it is important for me to go ahead and uh official -- uh official that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> the historic endorsement by president obama pushed the subject of same-sex marriage back into the spotlight. the former san francisco mayor and current governor has a role in shaping the national dialogue. in 2004 as mayor he defied the law and allowed same sex couples to marry at city hall. in 2008 the california voters
11:39 pm
passed prop 8 banning same-sex marriage. today he was on nbc's meet the press to discuss the president's new position. >> i am proud of the president. i am proud he stood up on principal and i am proud he did it on election. >> but opponents say whatever the motivation, political or otherwise, an an attempt to redefine marriage is a step in the wrong direction. >> marriage is the only institution that gets through to moms and dads. we have to think carefully about the consequences of eliminating it from the law. >> it is important to note that the third baptist church will not be performing same-sex marriages, but prominent social conservatives say president obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage could be the fuel that mitt romney needs to unite the right in november. in san francisco, nick smith, smith,abc7 news. coming up, shrimp boy, the man once involved with a notorious chinatown gang says
11:40 pm
she new man. >> so why do police think he is up for no goods. >> and looks like it will be dry tomorrow, but back east it looks wet. we will do c
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
dismie one of china -- one of chinatown's most notorious gang leaders says he has a new life. so i sat down with him and
11:43 pm
confronted him with information i got from a police source. >> one thing and i make mistake. when i was that age i don't go to school. now i regret about that. >> when he was nine years old raymond chow says he stabbed a man. known as "shrimp boy" on the streets he was the enforcer of chinatown's most notorious gang and spent 22 years in prison. but now raymond "shrimp boy" chow says he wants something different. >> i want to do something for kids, for the community, for myself. >> reporter: these days he works with at risk children in san francisco. and he recently finished his unpublished auto-biography, son of the under world. he is talking to publishers, producers and directors about a possible movie deal and socializing socializing with celebrities including randy jackson of the jackson 5. >> randy trusts me a lot. >> according to chow's book he admits to prostitution rings in the late 80s and extorting thousands from
11:44 pm
business owners owners and battling the rival gangs during chinatown's most violent years. he went to jail for gun trafficking, but not everyone is convinced he has changed. including former police officer nelson young who said he arrested chow in the 80s. >> once are you in the gangs it is difficult to extract yourself from that system. >> i just don't want to sit at home be useless. i know i can do something this my life. >> he currently leads the chinese free masons. he became dragon head after the former leader and the high-profile businessman was murdered in 2006. chow attended the funeral and said he had nothing to do with it. the murder is still unsolved. >> the police still believe you are involved in a lot of criminal activity. is that true? >> what you think? >> i don't know. >> i still wear a monitor. how many years now? oh there is a new model.
11:45 pm
i got a new motto. you know what, i have know -- raymond has nothing to hide. >> according to a northern california gang unit member, chow is being followed closely. >> sometimes you have to look a little deeper. how is he making a living? why is he driving in a mercedes. >> how i make a living is my family support me. my relatives support me. >> police sources say chow is still associating with known gang members. >> if you are trying to be a mentor, why are you still hanging out with these guys who are allegedly involved? >> i don't happening out with them. >> chow says he keeps his distance, but he can't ignore the people who are intertwined in chinatown's community. >> i see every one of them. the people who still in their business. whatever they claim they are is not my business. they want buy me drink, fine, cool, i drink it.
11:46 pm
they want to sit down have have breakfast with me, thanks, no problem. >> and chow has many believers including four-time super bowl champion eric wright who does community work with him and admits he had his concerns. >> i immediately called a couple of my guys in san francisco pd. that's where they -- and they immediately told me, they said, eric, stay away from raymond. >> now wright believes chow is sincere in his desire to turn kids around. >> everybody can't reach those kids. when raymond talks to those kids you see a wholent different light goes on. >> and chow says it shines back on him. >> i want in my heart continue to grow. i want to laugh with you. i want to cry for you. i want that kind of passion in life. i feel really colorful. it is cool. >> the fbi and the san francisco police department say they currently have no open cases on him.
11:47 pm
raymond "shrimp boy" chow says they never will. >> very interesting. also tonight, viewer have been posting mother's day photos on our facebook page all week. we want to share a couple with you. >> this is mom lisette with her children. >> and madeline sent in this picture of her mom. she says her stay at home mom has one of the highest salary jobs since payment is pure love. >> and lots of love on this mother's day. thanks to everyone for sending in the pictures. see more at news. >> and for a look at your weekday weather, let's get to leigh. hi, leigh. >> hi, everyone. let's do a little traveling. tomorrow around the state, if you are heading to san diego look for a little low cloudiness and fog in the morning. possibility of maybe some flight delays there. keep that in mind. 69 degrees. palm springs will be at 105. fresno, you will cool down to 87 degrees. around san francisco, oakland,
11:48 pm
some areas of dense fog, we had a few flight delays this morning because of dense fog at bay area airports. sacramento tomorrow, some morning overcast and afternoon sunshine and 80 degrees. it will be 80 with sunshine in seattle tomorrow. portland 88 degrees. denver 74. dallas afternoon showers and 81 degrees. as you head toward new york, boston and all the way down toward atlanta, and even the tip of florida down toward miami, scattered and isolated showers. maybe a few thunderstorms, especially through central and southern portions of florida. 87 and 72 for washington, d.c. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. morning drizzle for us and low clouds. it will be a cool day in the 70s. we warm up on tuesday and wednesday. back into the low 80s. a slight dip in temperatures on thursday and friday, and then we will warm back up for next weekend. there you go. have a great monday. >> thank you, leigh. >> as promised, shu is here with a story on that table
11:49 pm
tennis fee nome. >> aerial shang is that fee nome. and at 16 she accomplished two of her long-term goals. sze been there for both. we'll explain next in sports.
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11:52 pm
last year we profiles the youngest woman in u.s. sis stree to win a national table tennis championship at 15 years of age. this year she accomplished another goal. >> aerial is a table tennis phenom. two weeks ago the junior accomplished yet another goal. >> i am going to the london 2012 olympics so i am really excited about that. >> aerial is one of two members on the u.s. team defeated a woman twice her age at the trials. she was so focused in the finals she didn't realize she had won. >> you just go one at a time. so -- when i did win i wasn't 100% sure i won. the first thing i did was i checked the scoreboard to make sure i won. >> her parents still can't believe it. >> we are not sure it will ever come true or not. >> when aerial was -- a ri el was eight years old she had a
11:53 pm
goal of being an olympian and put it in the box. >> for eight years i didn't open the piece of paper. i convinced myself if i opened it my wish would not come true. i still have the box today so now i can open it. >> the pressure is off now that she has made the olympic team. >> i think she is going to play with a little more joy and abandon. she hit a major goal at this age and she will swing it. >> the chinese dominates the sport. >> that was a very fun experience. i got my butt kicked. it was fun though. a ri el -- a ri el plans on enjoying the experience. >> i am choited to meet -- excited to meet other players from other sports. >> anybody in particular? >> i would love to meet michael phelps, but who wouldn't? >> she is also realistic about wining a medal.
11:54 pm
>> my motto is even if it is a 1% chance i will put in 100% effort. >> i wouldn't count her out. >> i couldn't even see it. >> what a delightful young woman. she will win a medal. she has a couple more olympics in her to make it at 16. she is phenomenal, mature and has traveled all over the world playing table tennis. all right, giants ended a nine-game lose streak against arizona. barry zito celebrating his 34 tht birthday. his left arm was acting like 24 and not 34. he went six innings and struck out five and allowed three runs and getting his second win. the top of four and bases loaded and he riped a single to right. he had three r.b.i. and it is out of here. a two-run shot. it is a season high 14 hits. it is two of three from the d-backs and 7 of itly is your
11:55 pm
final. a's hosting the tigers and breast cancer awareness day. that's gone. his third of the season and ties the game at one. he goes on to strike out eight and improving to 4 and one. he came in with bases loaded in the 6th. that is the go ahead run. he added insurance in the r.b.i single in the 9th and the tigers will salvage the split in the series. let's tee it up. it is like the fifth major. several of the young guns had a shot at the title, but it went to an old guy. the famous island green, number 17 and tpc wasn't a factor. they started six back and made a run. he is in the house at 11 under. kevin just struggled. six straight bogies after this one. he is done. last week's winner, a birdie
11:56 pm
on 17. he shoots a 70 and made a run. also in the clubhouse at 11 under and chasing matt kutcher. he bogies 17. and now two up and he birdies 18. we have four people in the clubhouse at 11 under and waiting for kutcher who taps it in. two stroke victory and his fourth career win. i first since 2010. i would say that's a memorial mother's day for the family. and in california it started in santa rosa and only 116 cruised through the county. got a flat tire with five miles to go. turned out to be lucky for him as there was a crash three miles from the finish. look at this of the just trying to avoid it. a dozen racers involved. it is a splint to the finish. they took the yellow jersey
11:57 pm
and stage two tomorrow from san francisco to santa cruz. it will be a little crowded at 11:00 in the morning. >> i am excited about stage 3, the climb up mount de diablo. >> yes, really enjoy it. it is a great event. >> awesome. thank you so much for watching. i am ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 and we are always on at
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