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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. 4:31 on this monday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. pg&e shareholders holding their annual meeting this morning. amy hollyfield is live to tell us more. >> reporter: should be a lively meeting. we are expecting protester outside the meeting on market street. they will be protesting pg&e's smart meters. there are other news worthy events outside of this -- meeting. first up, assemblyman hill will be proposing a law that will keep an eye on the bonuses that pg&e executives make. they would have to return their bonus if pg&e is fined. it would also keep ratepayer
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money from being used to pay for bonuses at a former ceo received a 35 million dollar retirement package. also, a ceremony in san bruno as the neighborhood continues to recover. people have slowly been moving back into that neighborhood. almost two years after the pipeline that exploded and kill eight people. tonight's ceremony is meant to welcome them back to their homes. 38 houses were destroyed in that explosion. all of this on the day that the shareholders will be meeting their new ceo will be at the helm the new ceo is expected to hold a press conference. they will be taking questions from the media. if you have any questions would you like for us to ask him, hit me up on twitter or facebook. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. shake-up at the top of
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yahoo. the company is washing its hands after ousting the new ceo over a resume scandal. there's new information about his health. outgoing ceo scott thompson told the yahoo board he has fibroid cancer only after his explanation of his inflated resume with began to unravel. his biology.8j-- his biography included a degree he never received. more on what this means for stockholders and employees coming up. heads are likely to roll on wall street as early as today for three top executives at jpmorgan chase after the embarrassing two billion dollar trading blunder. trying to calm fears it
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appears the company will accept the res nations thraof high ranking execs including one of the highest ranking women on wall street. the ceo jamie dimon admitted the bank's credibility has been hurt and might lose additional one billion dollars this quarter. >> we know we were sloppy, stupid, bad judgment, we took too much risk the strategy was barely vetted, monitored, it should never had happened. >> it is like they made bets on derivatives and couldn't pay for it. we have rules that say you can't get in that position. >> some say the we book cull might hurt their efforts to change -- debacle might hurt their efforts to change regulations. in a few hours governor brown will reveal where he will make deeper cuts than expected for the state budget that takes effect july 1st.
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over the weekend he posted this video on youtube warning the state deficit has soared to 16 billion dollars, nearly bubble the -- nearly dub the figure expected. some spending cuts were rewrecked -- were rejected. days will be unveiled this morning. bay air school districts will lay-off fewer teachers than expected. the state requires school districts to issue preliminary notices by march 15th and final notice may 15th, even though they may not know their revenue until late summer. san jose warned 142 staff members they may not have jobs, all those notices have been rescinded. santa clara is reducing lay-offs from 37 positions to three. the lay-offs in the west contra costa district is going
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down from 52 to 29 positions. and friends of an oakland murder victim are -- vowing to continue to draw attention to her violent death. the victim was a transgender woman. a group organized a vigil last night. the speakers called for police to do more to find the killer of brandy martel found shot to death in a car april 29th. a friend who witnessed the shooting said martel was shot after a brief conversation with a man. she grew up and lived in hayward. spokesman for cal berkeley says the university will do what it needs to do to remove protesters from its land. members say they have no intention of leaving the 10 acre site in albany. they say they are willing to share space with university faculty and researchers. in a statement the farmers collective said it moved
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outside the guys of the land. uc berkeley say -- the gates of the land. uc berkeley say they are tress . a lot of people will be watching for cyclists today. the second leg of the tour of california bike race starts this morning from marina green at 11, south to santa cruz tomorrow from san jose to livermore including a climb up mount diablo. yesterday a crash helped a comeback to win the first leg in four hours 42 1/2 minutes. today he will wear the yellow
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jersey. they make their way to southern california for a big finish on may 20th. they like it cool, but not windy. >> they are heading south from the city today, let's see if if the weather is heading south. cool and not as windy as yesterday. sounds like ideal conditions. clouds out there. good morning. live doppler seeing nothing now. temperatures took a big dive yesterday close to average san francisco 62 mid to upper 50s along the coast partly cloudy this afternoon. we will see increasing sun, mid to upper 60s around the bay shore to mid to upper 60s around the north bay valleys, low to mid 70s east bay and 70 santa clara valley. pollen, a lot of it once again today, a lot of tree, grass and mold. let's look at your three-day forecast. tuesday, a warming trend.
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low to mid 80s inland mid 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast. wednesday a drop into the low 80s still mid 70s around the bay upper 50s along the coast partly cloudy thursday, cooling trend mid 70s along the coast and the bay and mid 70s land and around the bay and mid 50s at the coast. time for first check of weather -- traffic. sorry. two new accidents in the east bay in the fremont area. highway 84 east of niles boulevard a crash where a car hit a deer, blogging a lane. new one southbound 880 at alvarado boulevard and fremont in the left lane traffic still light enough that it is getting by without much of a delay at this point. quiet elsewhere. kristen managed the bike tour, look for rolling street closures in san francisco from 11:00 today heading towards
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santa cruz and you will see closures through half moon bay and highway 1. i wanted to show you live shot, traffic looks good southbound 680 through walnut creek. 4:40. a child's stuffed toy raises the suspicion of airport screeners. wait until you see what they found. debate over same-sex union dominates sunday church sermons. one pastor takes an unexpected stand. president obama puts on a cap and gown this morning. the special issues he will address in a commencement speech at one of the nation's top universities.
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welcome back. tsa officers are the targets of lots of criticism for the way they do their jobs, unnecessary pat-downs one of the criticisms.
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they scored a victory last week checking a 4-year-old child's stuffed toys, they found gun parts inside three stuffed animals, including mickey mouse. the father claims he didn't know the gun part were in there. a spokesman says the up in of items they find reflect the system is working. the nation's spotlight on same-sex marriages moved to colorado. lawmakers will meet in a special legislative session to consider civil unions for same-sex couples. the state's democratic governor call the session after president obama declared his support for same-sex marriage and after republicans in colorado killed the legislation to allow gays and lesbians to inherit each other's property and make medical decisions. critics say the session is designed to swing the state towards president obama in november. the endorsement has thrust the issue before the nation. former san francisco mayor nu
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some praised the -- newsom praised the president. same-sex marriages came up in church services. >> there are people in this nation who happen to be gay and lesbian and they deserve to have equal protection under the law. >> marriage is the only institution that [ inaudible ] with the problem of fatherlessness we have we have to think about the consequences of eliminating that institution from the law. is not clear how the debate will an february the presidential race. legal experts tell us same-sex marriage may be decided by the u.s. supreme court. president obama heads to new york city to attend two fundraisers and deliver the commencement address at barnard college. women's issues have come to the forefront of the campaign. he's expected to speak about that today at the all female college. after the ceremony the president is headed to a
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fundraiser co-hosted by the lbgt leadership council. he will also attend a private fundraise evening and record an interview with "the view" which airs here on abc7 every morning at 10:00. you have soon pictures of the earth showing huge oceans, lakes and snow-covered mountains. next, scientists reveal how much water there is on the planet in an eye-opening way. >> make or break meeting that could determine the future of one of the nation's most prestigious marching bands. war can't stop a dad from witnessing the birth of his baby. the new treat that promises to help cut calories.
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high temperatures across the bay area. 62 san francisco, mid to upper 60s bay shore into the north bay low to mid 70s inland east bay valleys, 70 san jose and
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morgan hill. 104 phoenix heat bypassing us heading north, portland 88, seattle 80. warmest weather 67 in boston, low 70s in new york and d.c.. we have rain across the east coast no delays developing yet. severe weather possible in south texas, no airport there is. back at home everything seems to be running on time at all three of our airports. it is now 4:48. the families of murder victims in san francisco are calling for an end to street violence in the wake of two more murders. dozens joined the healing circle for the support group outside san francisco city hall yesterday several mothers called for an end to the senseless deaths of young people. the group included one woman who lost her son a month ago. >> i'd like to see more young
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black kids in school instead of standing on these corners wasting their life while everybody else is getting their educating. our kids are out here. >> one man died friday night, a woman ended up in the hospital after somebody opened fire on them. police hope somebody will help find the person who killed another man who died a few hours earlier in the ocean view area. police are trying to identify the remains of 49 people found dumped along the freeway in northern mexico. investigators say most of the bodies were mutilated and left in plastic bags. mexican security officials say the a drug cartel has taken responsible. mexican drug cartels have been waging an increasingly bloody war. the secret service sex scandal is prompting an investigation from congress.
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the senate homeland security committee has call the director to discuss the incident. they want to though what excepts are being taken to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. last month secret service agents were caught hiring prostitutes at a hotel in colombia. nine of the people involved in the scandal have left the agency. florida a & m meets to discuss the future of the marching band after a hazing death on a band bus in orlando. 13 have been charged in connection with his death. the band director stepped down last week. it was revealed 100 band members were not enrolled at the school last fall and half were on that bus trip receiving daily allowances for their expenses. we learned in science class that 70% of the earth's
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surface is covered by water. you might be surprised how little water that is. the tiny sphere in the upper left shows how much space that water would take up compared to the size of the earth, it is 860 miles across the distance from salt lake city utah to topeka kansas, waters from the oceans, rivers and lakes, ground water, water vapor and snowfall the diagram shows how limited our freshwater flies are since you take that tiny spaoe and takeoff 9 -- spear and take off 96% that is saltwater we can use. >> a lot of cloud cover, this time of the year. no rain in sight. good morning hope you had a great weekend. clouds as we look down on san francisco over to the east bay this morning from sutro.
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what is it like when you step out? 48 santa cruz, low to mid 50s everywhere else. monterey upper 40s guillory -- guillory, salinas monterey. today, gun shine. south bay upper 60s to low 70's, -- mid 50s along the north bay coast more sunshine than yesterday won't be as breezy as it was yesterday. 62 sausalito, mid to upper 60s north bay valleys.
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on the east bay shore, low to mid 60s until you get to castro valley and fremont 67, oakland 65, east bay valleys, low to mid 70s, partly cloudy, 58 carmel, low to mid 60s most of the monterey bay. low 70s morgan hill, hollister. upper 70s chico sacramento. stray shower possible around tahoe and 68. check out palm springs today 106. 69 san diego, 73 in l.a. tonight 50 vallejo oakland 52 antioch everybody else in the upper 40s to a few mid 40s. warming trend especially away from the coast for tuesday and wednesday temperatures will jump foot low to mid 80s inland. mid 70s around with the bay upper 50s at the coast. dip thursday and friday
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warming trend saturday and sunday. earlier crash reported in fremont is on northbound 880 not in the southbound direction. chp at the scene northbound near dakota, left lane blocked, i think they are sending an ambulance. we are tracking both directions, 65 miles an hour southbound, 67 northbound, no delays. highway 84 east of miles boulevard a crash where a car -- east of niles boulevard a crash where a car hit a deer. 280 and highway 17 the connection ramp from south 280 to north 280 scheduled to be blocked until 6:00 this morning detours in place. we'll show you i-80, berkeley westbound fine now towards the bay bridge toll, no accidents out of vallejo and fairfield and also a good ride across the golden gate bridge for
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north bay commuters. hope you had a great mother's day. >> i was a special mother's day for a mom and dad. staff sergeant scott got to witness the birth of his son william at a north carolina hospital while serving in afghanistan. how? he was able to even help his wife using skype. during the whole process it was really great. >> [ inaudible ] >> seeing the baby born was the closest thing that i could possibly imagine without actually being there. >> the idea to use skype came from a hospital midwife who has helped other couples in the same situation this was the hospital's fourth skype delivery. hundreds of world's top alzheimer's disease specialists will gather in the
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largest ever summit. one of the most promising treatments is to repurpose drugs. the national institute on aging summit opens with researchers saying new treatments are overdue with no new therapy since 2003. more than five million americans suffer from alzheimer's and that number is expected to triple by 2050. new study paints grim picture about the lack of opportunities for young people with autism. researchers in st. louis found one in three have no paid job experience or education beyond high school that compares to 26% of mentally disabled young adults. half a million autistic children will reach consult hood in the next decade and the problem -- reach consulthood in the next decade and the problem needs addressing. a low calorie version of
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slurpee is hitting 7-eleven the mango-flavor has lower calories. the is now available nationwide after test runs in several markets. mango anything is good news as far as i'm concerned. >> slurp without guilt. more news, after four months on-the-job the ceo of yahoo is out over questions about his resume. what he says is the real reason for his resignation. we'll have a live report. pension reform battle in san jose. why police say it could put public safety in jeopardy. new report that could have more solo driveers in the bay area paying to use highway toll lanes. --.
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