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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. hope you had a great mother's day. thank you for starting your week with us. i'm kristen sze. i got everything i wanted for mother's day. a semi happy wife the best we can hope for sometimes. yahoo has appointed an interim ceo after a resume scandal forced scott thompson to resign over the weekend. katie marzullo is live with the story, including a surprise revelation that thompson made. >> reporter: that's right. kind of two big announcements about yahoo. the resignation might not surprise people given what has been going on. we have a picture of scott thompson, former ceo as of yesterday. he resigned after just four months on-the-job. the last several days of which,
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weeks maybe have been plagued by scandal that thompson's official biography said he had a computer science degree when he only had ha accounting agree. the bigger news may be -- maybe the "wall street journal" is reporting that thompson told the board when he resigned he was also suffering from thyroid cancer and would begin treatment immediately. no details on what the treatment is or the status of his cancer if they caught it early or net. ross levinson has been name the enter sraoupl ceo hired to help turn the company -- enter ceo higher to help turn the company around in 2010. >> yahoo is a media company, but it needs to figure out its social media strategy to compete with facebook and it doesn't have one. i think the company is still floundering a bit. hopefully this guy will give it better direction. >> reporter: call it floundering, struggling, yahoo
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has had four fulltime ceos in past five years. the last fulltime ceo thompson, one of the last major things he did was about a month ago when he laid off 2,000 people. the new ceo ross levinson will be addressing all of the employees, later this afternoon. katie marzullo, abc7 news. brace yourself. governor brown says he will announce deeper cuts than expected when he explains how he plans to close a 16 billion dollar budget deficit. he delivered the bad news over the weekend in this video posted on youtube. he announced the gap has grown from nine billion dollars to 16 billion dollars. sales tax revenue has been va:less than expected. this morning at 10:00, he will describe which cuts he will headache in state spending. lawmakers have[ba until june 15 to pass a budget.
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çq breaking news out of napa. a police officer shot at a suspect during a foot chase at about 10:50 last night in the 2100 block of parish road. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he's being treated. unclear why the suspect was shot. we will bring you more on this breaking story as soon as we get more information. san francisco police investigating gunfire involving their police officers. two officers heard a woman screaming near the intersection of fremont and mission. they came upon a woman struggling with a man. one officer fired at the man after he pulled out a handgun. the suspect wasn't hit and dropped his weapon. he was taken into custody. preliminary information indicates the suspect was trying to rob the woman. there will be mass vacancies on the police form if reform measure b is passed. the sergeant says pension cuts
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on top of last year's 10% wage cut have many officers seeking work elsewhere. >> we've had an additional 60 or so officers that have voluntarily left already. and we have probably another five, 60, maybe more that are in backgrounds with other departments. >> something we have to do, we don't have an option we've continued to slash services throughout our city and see nothing but rising pension costs in the future. one of eight councilmembers, placed -- [ unintelligible ] . new this morning, two people are hospitalized after a traffic accident in redwood city. the photos show what happened when a car knocked down a traffic signal then flipped over near the san mateo county government center at 11:45 last night.
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police think the car went airborne. the occupants in the car managed to walk away from the scene before they were taken to the hospital. first detailed report on the new toll lanes at highway 237 interchange area has found an increase in the number of drivers paying to use them, cutting down on traffic delays even for drivers in the regular lanes. valley transportation authority officials say more than 9100 solo drivers took advantage of the lanes the week of april 16th. the data is to be examined closely as more toll express lanes are being planned. >> >> mother of a missing morgan hill teenager says she is sure her daughter will return home safely. marlene lamar spent her mother's day praying for the safe return of her daughter sierra who disappeared march 16th.
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her mother says she considers see rather to be a miracle. volunteers and sheriffs continue to search around morgan hill for signs of her. mother's day partly happy wife, you have to explain that. >> i said mostly happy. some gifts were good and some have to go bad. >> she is happy, because you got the gifts. we have a gift in the weather department, if you like it cool. good morning. how are you? hopefully had you a great weekend. upper level low that was going to chain the weather on mother's day starting to move -- north when it does it will drag the marine layer clouds increasing sunshine today still going to keep us in that sea breeze or the onshore wind. that is what is going to keep us cooler than average. as far as temperatures, now we have 40s and 50s just about all neighborhoods.
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that is going to continue to be the case as we head into the next couple of hours or so. don't expect it to change too much from now until then. mostly cloudy upper 40s inland around the bay coast low to mid 50s. noontime increase in clouds, that's not the right graphic. sunshine and temperatures are going to be once again a little bit warmer tomorrow into wednesday, low to mid 80s inland mid 70s around the bay and mid to upper 50s at the coast slightly cooler starting thursday. here's frances with a look at your traffic. traffic is light now. live shot of the bay bridge toll. several accidents this morning. north 880 at -- this earlier crash cleared, a little slowing at the scene. highway 84 east of niles
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boulevard, crash still may be blocking a lane where a car hit a deer. also an accident on 280 at farm hill has been cleared. big heads-up for today, we'll be keeping an eye on the amgen tour if you are driving through the city rolling closures from san francisco, 11:00 they are going to head down the great highway, highway 1 through pacifica to santa cruz. especially if you are traveling on highway 1 between pacifica and half moon bay, expect major delays around 11 to 2:00 today. keep that in mind you if you are driving in that area. also the waze traffic app can help you get around some of those rolling closures, highway 17 everything looking good only slowing in the bay area is westbound 205 out of tracy getting jammed near 11th street, heavy traffic reported a minute ago by one of our traffic spotters. you can get more
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waze. just about 5:10. >> the two milestones facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is celebrating this week. good news for students graduating from college. why their job outlook is a little more promising. i found a powerful new way to cut out arthritis pain. [ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain.
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with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. heads roll at jpmorgan.
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three will resign after the biggest bank loss more than two billion dollar ms. in questionable trades. >> yahoo's new ceo out after errors were found in his resume. also reported that thompson has thyroid cancer and that also figured in his decision to step down. slurpee lite. 7-eleven is rolling out the drink nationally less than a third calories. 7-eleven will market to women in their 20s. i'm rob nelson. 5:13. good monday morning. the defense for former vice presidential nominee john edwards starts today in his campaign corruption trial. the issue, whether he knew about money used to hide his pregnant mistress from the media while running for president in 2008. legal experts disagree on whether he should take the stand. >> i don't think there's a chance edwards is going to take the stand. the defense here is that he's a scoundrel and liar, but not
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a criminal. i think it is too risky to put that skroupb tkrel and liar on the stand to try to talk his way out of it. edwards admits he lied about the affair to his wife elizabeth dying from breast cancer but insists he never misspent campaign funds. today is mark zucker's birthday he turns 28 and is by selling stock for the first time which will trade on the nasdaq stock exchange it could value facebook at 100 billion dollars. at 28 he is half the age of the average s&p 500 ceo. one of the world's biggest digital camera make planning to take human hands out of the manufacturing process over the next few years of the a spokesman for cannon says the company is moving towards making digital cameras using
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all robots, no humans. he declined to specify when the converse would be finished. he says increasing automation won't cause job cuts. good news for in year's college graduates. chances of getting a job better than in the past four years, 7% more will find work this year. in the past 18 months more than three million jobs have been created. the unemployment raid for graduates has fallen 2% in one year, now at just over 7%. the federal reserve has a warning concerning college loans and the time it takes to pay back. one of the estimated 37 million americans with outstanding loans more than five million are between 40 and if you are if i nine-years-old. more than six million americans over 50 are still paying off their loans. californians continue to break the law by talking and texting while driving. highway patrol has released results of a month long
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crackdown. officers issued 30,000 tickets in april for texting and talking, nearly 6,000 were in the bay area. beware, those tickets cost a few hundred dollars by the time you add up the fine, court costs and other fees. first, it was texting and driving. now texting and walking has become a crime in one new jersey community. new law in fort lee lous police to site anyone who texts -- while walking, $85 fine. 120 tickets over the past eight weeks, had 20 walking accidents this year. >> it is a big distraction. >> i don't think i would need to be fined. i don't think i would be like putting my self in danger. studies point out that many who text while walking 10 to veer off course. others run into obstacles like this woman who stumbled into a fountain.
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her big splash was captured by shopping mall camera. federal government and wireless carriers teaming up to make sure you get word of weather emergencies. the service begins this month. you don't need to sign up. no matter where you are, if there is an emergency in that area, you will get a text alert. a text will come for life-threatening events like tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, extreme winds and blizzards. also amber alerts for missing children and presidential alerts for national emergencies. you can opt-out of the amber alerts not the presidential alerts. >> nice to see the government jump in where private industry has taken over that has been the government's mainstay for the longest time. nice to see them keeping up with technology, good to know. around here, absolutely. 5:18, you need that information, we'll get it to you. if you are not in front of the
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tv you can get it that way, absolutely. cloudy this morning, looking down from sutro to the east bay, live doppler not showing any rain. current conditions outside 48 santa rosa, low to mid 50s for the rest of us monterey bay, santa cruz and watsonville low to mid 50s. what we are going to deal with today, -- let me reset this computer. i think it is giving me monday fits. conditions will be much cooler than average. let's start with those highs, 5 in livermore, 72 san francisco 65 to 62 degree degree difference. biggest difference napa, 69. redwood city 67, eight degree difference. in the south bay 67 sunnyvale
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and milpitas. 70 in san jose. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula with redwood city, millbrae, south bay mountain view 67. upper 50s along the coast sunshine longer today than yesterday. upper 50s along the north bay coast low to mid 60s most of the north bay valleys. 75 ukiah, low to mid 60s east bay shore. inland low to mid 70s with brentwood warm spot 74, low to mid 60s monterey bay. inland low 70s heading to the giants game back home taking on the rockies 7:15 first pitch, 60 partly cloudy, cool 53 by the time the game ends cloudy 50 in vallejo and oakland. warmer tomorrow by 1 to 9° slightly cooler wednesday, bigger dip thursday, friday more cloud cover, saturday,
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sunday warm once again. have a great day. earlier accidents in the bay area have cleared looking good now. golden gate bridge fine in and out of marin at this point into san francisco. westbound 80 through berkeley, drive time 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze, bay bridge toll delay-free. there was roadwork through the 880/280 interchange, right now it has been cleared. actually cleared earlier than 6:00 the scheduled time. northbound 280 for headlights out of downtown san jose. this is highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains. we told but slowing westbound 205 in tracy, starting to build up through the altamont pass with the waze traffic map you can see traffic spotters reported a jam near mountain house as you head through the altamont pass, slow. i'm going to click on the traffic spotter moving at less than 10 miles an hour.
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slow ride there from 205 on to 580. you can keep track of all the slow downs when you need them, go to to download our free traffic app. 5:21. can anybody stop a superhero attack? the avengers shatters another movie moving job for one of the
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the giants ended a nine game losing streak yesterday by a score of 7-3. >> tonight they host the rockies a's fell to the tigers 3-1 tonight a's play the
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angels in anaheim. how about your money board? avenges has hit the billion dollar mark at the -- box office. the superhero blockbuster was number one again this weekend earning an skipped 103 million dollars which makes it the first movie ever to reference that much in its second weekend. worldwide the movie has earned just over one billion dollars dollars. dark shadows opened at number two. think like a man number three. hunger games still holding on at number four. it took a bit of heavy lifting but this morning the enterprise is free of the jet that flew it to new york. you can see the engineers working to lift it over the weekend they used two cranes and especially wind restraint
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system to move it to a trailer. election month it will be moved to the intrepid sea, air and space museum in manhattan. we are following breaking news out of napa. police still on the scene of eight shooting involving one of air officers. courting the warriors. mayor lee's push to bring the team back to san francisco. temperatures across the bay area 57 half moon bay, 62 in san francisco, 65 oakland. 70 san jose. low to mid 70s in concord, livermore, that would be the east bay valleys. check out 80s around seattle, 88 portland. 104 phoenix. 67 boston. 72 in new york and washington, d.c. all airports on time a lot of rain in the northeast that is going to cause some delays.
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use our flight tracker at at the bottom. [ female announcer ] today is the day...
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good morning. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking nut out of napa an investigation is underway after police officers shot a suspect during a struggle in a backyard last night before 11:00. the suspect is at the hospital. police are not releasing any other information such as why the officer started chasing the suspect. amy hollyfield is headed to the scene now we'll bring more as we get more information. was it a resume scandal or did a health issue force the change of the top of yahoo? katie marzullo is live at company headquarters with more. >> reporter: scott thompson
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has thyroid cancer. he told the board of directors that as he resigned yesterday. thompson says his cancer diagnosis did influence his decision to step down that coming on the heels of a scandal he's only been ceo four months in the last week he's been plagued by in so-called resume-padding issue. apparently his official biosaid he had a computer science degree and accounting degree in truth he only has the accounting degree thompson says that was an oversight, mistake. ross levinson has been named interim ceo hired in november of 2010. he has a strong media background. what that means for the company has yet to be seen. some say new better because thompson with this resume issue lost credibility. >> technology people have sort of an aversion to the suits. here's this guy says i have a
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computer science degree i'm not like one of you. not so much. this was not good. certainly, if he had stayed it would have been a difficult tenure. >> reporter: thompson was yahoo's fourth ceo in five years. the last time he made headlines was last month when he announced he was laying off 2,000 employees. the new interim ceo is going to be addressing workers at a company-wide meeting today. a pep talk for them and his next job to reassure shareholders. katie marzullo, abc7 news. heads are also likely to roll on without street today for three top executives at. >> morgan after the embarrassing two billion dollar trading blunder the bank is trying to rebound from losing the money in six weeks time due to risky trades. it appears the company will accept the res nations of three high ranking executives, including one of the highest
5:32 am
rank being women on wall street. the ceo jamie dimon admitted the bank's credibility has been hurt and it might lose additional one billion dollars this quarter. >> we know we were sloppy, stupid, we know there was bad judgment, we took too much risk, strategy was barely vetted, barely monitored. it should never have happened. >> like jpmorgan made bets on derivatives and couldn't pay for it. we have rules that say you can't get in that position. >> some lawmakers say the debacle might hurt efforts to change banking regulations. jamie dimon is likely to face more scrutiny at a shareholders' meeting tomorrow in florida. bay area school districts will lay-off fewer teachers than expected. the state requires school districts to issue preliminary notices by march 15th and final notices may 15th.
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san jose unified warned 142 staff members they may not have jobs. all those notices have been rescinded. the mercury news reports that santa clara is reducing its planned lay-offs from 37 fulltime positions to three. lay-offs in the west contra costa district are going down from 52 positions to 29. family and friends of an oakland murder victim are vowing to continue to draw attention to her violent death. the victims with a transgender woman, a group organized the vigil last night outside oakland city hall they called for police to do more to find the killer of brandy martel, found shot to death in a car early april 29th. a friend who witnessed the shooting said martel was shot after a brief conversation with a man. martel grew up and lived in hayward.
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spokesman for cal berkeley says the university will "do what it needs to do to remove protesters from its land." members of occupy the farm say they have no intention of leaving the 10 acre agricultural research site in albany. they say they are willing to share space. in a statement, the collective said it had moved outside the gates of the land. uc berkeley says the occupyers are trespassing on private property police have blocked off access to the land. oakland road crews are in their third week pothole blitz. they have 2,000 more to go. this week they will be working in west oakland. they ask drivers to slow down when you see them. basketball fans, san francisco mayor lee is formally courting the golden state warriors. lee sent a letter to the team
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saying the city would like to with work with him to move across the bay. all 11 supervisor with the port commission signed the letter. the warriors have been eyeing piers 30 through 32 for a new arena. a lot of people will be watching from cyclists today. the second leg of the amgen tour of california race stars this morning from marina green at 11 heading south to santa cruz tomorrow the course runs from san jose to livermore including a climb of mount diablo. yesterday a crash helped a comeback he won the first leg in four hours, 42 1/2 minutes today he will wear the yellow engineers. >> they make their way to southern california for the big finish may 20th. as you said earlier, cyclists like it a little cool when riding. will they get their wish today? >> what do you think mike? sounds like perfect
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conditions, cooler, it will not be as windy as it was yesterday. good morning, want to show you the main feature on our weather map, counterclockwise spin is upper level low we talked about friday that was going to reestablish the marine layer and sea breeze mother's day and drop temperatures it did. moving to the north but close enough still going to have a big influence on our weather, cloudy this morning, upper 40s inland, low to mid 50s around the bay and the coast at 7:00. more sunshine as we head towards noon, low to mid 60s, bay and inland, mid 50s at the coast, 4:00, partly cloudy, mid 50s at the coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland. 7:00 lingering clouds, temperatures dropping, mid 50s at the coast, upper 50s around the bay and mid 60s as you head inland. pollen forecast, tree, grass, mold all going to be high. starting tomorrow a warming trend, mid 80s inland mid 70s
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around the bay at the coast mid 50s close to that wednesday more clouds temperatures drop as we head towards thursday with mid 70s around the bay and inland and mid 50s at the coast. here's frances with your traffic. we are seeing a lot of accidents this early morning westbound 580, grant line couple of pick-up trucks in the center divide heavy traffic, slow on westbound 205 out of tracy into the altamont pass. then another new crash just reported north 101 at embarcadero blocking a lane traffic slow 47 miles per hour for this time of the morning as you approach the scene. earlier overturn crash 280 at farm hill cleared to the shoulder. also an accident in the north bay, north 101 at the petaluma boulevard south off-ramp. traffic fine now both directions of 101 through petaluma. big heads-up for drivers in san francisco highway 1, amgen tour heading through
5:38 am
san francisco today, leaving san francisco marina green at 11:00 heading down along the great highway to pacifica and half moon bay. look out for major delays, especially on highway 1 between pacifica and half moon bay through 2:00 this afternoon. our time is 5:38. a child's stuffed doll raises suspicion of security screeners. wait until you see what they found. debate over same-sex dominates sunday church sermons. president obama dons a cap and gun this morning. the issues he will address at one of the nation's top
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good monday morning. tsa officers are the targets of a lot of criticism for the way they do their jobs. they scored a victory in rhode island last week checking a 4-year-old's stuffed toys they found gun parts inside three stuffed animals, including mickey mouse. the father claims he didn't know the gun parts were this -- were in there. a spokesman says the system is working as designed.
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>> the same-sex unions spotlight moves to colorado. law may goers will meet to consider civil -- lawmakers will meet to consider civil unions for same-sex couples. [ unintelligible ] colorado's example shows president obama's historic endorsement of same-sex marriage has thrust the issue before nation. mayor new some who boldly authorized -- mayor newsom who boldly all the rised same-sex unions in 2004 -- it is not clear how the debate will affect the presidential race. sorry about the mix-up in the pictures.
5:43 am
legal experts tell us same-sex marriage may be decided by u.s. supreme court. president obama heads to new york city today two attend two fundraisers and deliver the commencement address at barnard college. he's expected to speak about -- after the ceremony the president is heading to a fundraiser co-hosted by the lgbt leadership council and openly gay sing eric can i martin. he will also attend a fundraiser in the evening and record an interview with "the view." avon and coty may kiss and make-up. >> the make or break -- [ unintelligible ] talk about your special delivery. even war can't stop a dad from witnessing the birth of his baby. coming up, if you have
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trouble seeing out of your car, you are not alone. michael finney gives results of tests on new technology to reveal blind spots.
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>> welcome back. local temperatures cooler today. cloverdale, clear lake, fairfield, inland valleys of
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the east bay all low to mid 70s bay shore mid to upper 60s. more sunshine along the coast today still cool, mid to upper 50s. traveling around the state, doppler is quiet now. let's talk about what is going to happen this afternoon. upper 70s around chico and sacramento. scattered shower possible eureka, palm springs 106 today. 5:47. the families of murder victims in san francisco are calling for an end to street violence in the wake of two more murders. dozens of people joined a healing circle for the soul support group outside san francisco's city hall yesterday. several mothers of victims of gun violence called for answer to the senseless deaths of young people. the group included one woman who lost her son a month ago. i'd like to see more young black kids in school instead of standing on these corners wasting their life, while everybody else is getting their education, our kids are out here.
5:48 am
>> one man died on friday night and a woman ended up in the hospital after somebody opened fire on them in the western addition. police hope somebody will help them find the person who killed another man who died a few hours earlier at and mouth in the oceanview area. police trying to identify the remains of 49 people found dumbed along a in northern mexico most of the bodies were mutilated, left in plastic bags. the officials say a drug cartel is taking responsibility. police discovered the bodies on a highway that links monterey to the u.s. border yesterday. mexican drug cartels have been waging a bloody war to control smuggling routes. the secret service sex scandal is prompting an investigation from congress. the senate homeland security committee has called secret service director mark sullivan to discuss the incident. the lawmakers want to know what steps are being taken to make sure something similar doesn't happen again. last month same-sex agents
5:49 am
were -- last month secret service agents were caught in the scandal in colombia, nine have left at agency board of trustees meet to accident the -- [ unintelligible ] we learned 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. you may be surprised how little water that is. the tiny sphere shows how much the water would take up. 860 miles across the distance from salt lake to kansas. this cueds water interest all
5:50 am
oceans, rivers, lakes, ground water, water vapor, snow on mountaintops. the diagram shows how limited our freshwater supplies are, 96% of that sphere is made up of saltwater which we can't drink unless we treat it first. it looks like there's a lot of water on the planet but not as much as you might think. no water coming up this week for us. >> which is good for the amgen tour, less winds, cool conditions. those who want to go to the beep, not in the offing in this forecast -- to the beach, to not in the offing in in forecast. -- cool and breezy, the breezes brought in clouds clouds hanging around off to a dry start this morning, no immediate to worry about wet weather.
5:51 am
-- no need to worry about wet weather. first in the south bay 53 san jose, concord and antioch about the same. santa rosa 49 most of news the low to mid 50s mid 50s santa cruz and watsonville. roller closer of temperatures -- rollercoaster of temperatures,. if you have yard work and you like cooler weather, thursday and friday better. san francisco 62, oakland 65. san jose 70. fremont 60 . east bay valleys, low to mid 70s east bay shore, low to midqv
5:52 am
60s some of the warmer weather san leandro and union city 66. fremont and castro valley, 67. south bay 67, sunnyvale, milpitas peninsula mid to upper 60s palo alto 68°. upper 50s with more sun along the coast to low to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco, upper 50s north bay coast with more sun, mid to upper 60s in your valley, low 70s as you head inland. heading to at&t park tonight cloudy, cool, 7:15 first pitch, 60 dropping to 53 mostly cloudy tonight upper 40s to low 50s by the afternoon 1 to 9° warmer temperatures whole wednesday you can see the dip thursday and friday. good morning. here's an update on a couple of accidents, one north 101 approaching oregon expressway or embarcadero in the right lane they are sending an
5:53 am
ambulance in case, so things it is slow near the scene the drive time from highwayx highzt 84 is 13 minutes. this time of the morning it is normally eight minutes, it is adding a five minute delay. with the waze traffic app you can find out the exact back-up. seems like it is slow from san antonio road to the scene of the crash where traffic is heaviest. i wanted to give you an update on westbound 580 through the altamont pass, there is an accident at grant line road in the is divide. look at how heavy traffic is into the altamont pass, 22 miles an hour, backed up on to westbound 205, as you head towards livermore. i wanted to show you a couple other spots. everywhere else looking good. live shot of 280 highway 17 northbound 280 for headlights, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. look for delays on highway 1
5:54 am
between san francisco and santa cruz today for the amgen tour. 680 checking out fine as you head southbound past north main towards highway 24. you can keep track of the delays by going to to download our free traffic app to your smartphone or iphone. 5:54. heads are expected to roll today at jpmorgan chase following its two billion dollar trading loss. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. executives at jpmorgan chase head for the exit after that major embarrassment last week with chase revealing it may lose billions on wrong way bets that were supposed to have protected it against trading losses. ina drew among those who may lose her job. a source tells bloomberg the entire london office she oversaw may also get the ax. avon and coty may kiss and make up avon will respond
5:55 am
within a week for the sweetened take over offer. good news for avengers fans, company working on five new movies based on marvel characters. 7-eleven hoping locale will be high profit rolling out first line of locale piece nationwide 8 ounce serving -- has 20 calories, 7 whref event will be featuring some of the new offerings on flee slurpee day, may 23rd. dakota hundreds of the world's top alzheimer's specialists gather -- in maryland for the summit on the disease. repurposing drugs delivering low doses of insulin to the brain through nasal sprays the national institute on aging summit opens with researchers saying new treatments are overdue. more than five million
5:56 am
americans suffer from alzheimer's and that number is expected to triple by 2050. it was a special mother's day yesterday for one mom and died. he got to witness the birth of his son william at a north carolina hospital while he was serving in afghanistan. he was even able to help his wife amy through the delivery, using skype. >> you know, during the whole process was just -- it was great, it was really great. >> to see the baby born was the closest thing that i could possibly imagine without actually being there. >> the idea to use skype came from a hospital midwife who has helped other military couples in the same situation this was the hospital's fourth skype delivery. didn't hear anything like can you move the camera, a little! >> it great, all the soldiers
5:57 am
down through the years who weren't able to do this, the technology makes it great. 5:56. next, we are following breaking news from napa where there has been an officer involved shooting. governor brown making a an ment as he tries to close a 16 billion dollar deficit. >> the toll lanes more bay area drivers are using and the impact on everybody else. innovate, inspire --.
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