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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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reaction to some cuts has been harsh. >> abc 7 news is live in san jose with the story. >> there are prot testors said they helped elect jerry brown to his dream job now accusing him of taking away their opportunities to better themselves. two dozen people gathered in san jose to protest the plan to deal with the revised $16 billion gap. they're especially furious with his proposal to implement $8 billion in cuts affecting health care, inhome services and welfare to work programs. california state university system will face $250 million in trigger cuts unless california voters approved a tax increase the governor wants to makeup the rest of the deficit. there is some relief, you can say and a lot of anger with the may revision to the budget. >> i can't believe he can have
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nerve to do this after the years i've been voting and i vote every time we have an election. and for him to let me down like this, my children, my grandson? outrageous. >> there is expressed gratitude for prioritizing higher education. here in san jose state we feel the same way. >> so education across the board would suffer if voters don't approve the increase package mentioned earlier. governor brown called his may revise a day of reckoning and which calls are outpacing revenue coming in. and he says those cuts and tax increases are needed to get california back on track. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> it's been almost two years since that deadly pg&e gas pipeline explosion tore through a san bruno
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neighborhood. tonight the city is hosting a ceremony to welcome residents back to the area near claremont drive between glenn skpru fairmont on the day there was a annual hair holders meeting. vic lee is live in the neighborhood. vic? >> the ceremony is going to be held here at this intersection. glenn view and claremont. stit is going to acknowledge residents that made repairs to the house and those rebuilt their house from scratch. you can see there is a lot of rebuilding and a lot of construction. it's taken a long time for the pellegrinis to rebuild their home. >> and this fire burned down their home. >> this is the family room. >> bill and his family settled down in their new house. the city says two of the 38 who lost homes are also about
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to return. 23 are still rebuilding. the status of the lots of 13 others is unclear. tony yearly, the new head of pg&e says resolving lawsuits is one of the top priority autos we're not going to contest liability. we want to get resolving these issues. >> here in the ads it's taking time. because negotiations are complicated since there are many lawyers representing victims. assemblyman jerry hill represents san bruino he chose the day to introduce legislation that would pun top executives if companies violate regulations. among the penalties... >> top management to return performance bonuses if the company is penalized for safety vile yaigsz. >> -- violations. >> hills's legislation would ban ratepayer money from being used for executive bonuses and subject top executives to
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fines of up to $1 million for each violent vialation. hill points out the former chair of pg&e left the company with a $39 million pathage despite what happened here. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a redwood city home destroy bid a fire this afternoon. dozens of firefighters resppbded to the two-alarm blaze on veera avenue. flames still coming from the panel cover group when sky 7 arrived on the scene. firefighters from as far as san may ma dayo put out the hot spots. and we have new information on an officer involved shooting taking place in napa overnight in the backyard of a home on the 2100 block of parish road. investigators say a police officer shot a 25-year-old in the face. the suspect is now in a coma and expected to survive.
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and. >> uc berkeley police have been -- the group had been forming a tract in albany. and. >> police around 6:30 this morning. >> when i arrived it's about 80-100 cops to decide to disband on saturday. >> that is not true. some members of occupy the farm chose to stay. >> there are 10 people here sleeping on the report. two people decided not to leave and were arrested. >> another spechbl were arrested after police declared an unlawful assembly. the spokesman says that
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research needs to resume this week saying farmers and university could have shared land but there were ground rules. >> this is easy to leave the property and they refused to do that. insisting they'll maintain control of the property. you have unwelcome guests roaming around an open air laboratory. >> one occupy byer says it's not the camp they're fighting over it's the food planted. >> the encampment has not been part of our strategy. like, the only reason is here is because of things like this. like that we want to be able to access our crop. >> access is now denied but one jumped a fence trying to water the crop. he was egged on by fellow occupiers. >> water, water! >> and chased away by police, what happens now? university officials are meeting with urban agriculture
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experts saying they'll try to preserve as many crops as they can as lng as they don't interfere with research happening there. and they have not decided on the next move. >> san francisco is investing millions to keep fresh produce coming into city markets and restaurants. grocers and vendors were on hand. the mayor announced a makeover of a wholesale produce market that began 170 years ago near the water front moving to its present location. 50 years ago. 30 vendors operate there. most of its 650 employees work off hours to keep san francisco fed. >> this is a busy, busy market and this at 11:00 at night most of us are just finishing the day this is when the day started. >> four of the warehouses will be renovated. >> and much cooler out there.
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>> and. >> surprising over the weekend. >> temperatures dropped a bit. there are pleasant conditions and sunny skies into late afternoon hours. there are clouds around. during evening hours, clouds increasing and there is fog around as well. there is some skies starting to become sunnier, we'll see temperatures from about 46-52. by afternoon, mainly sunny skies. especially inland z will be mild around the bay and inland with highs up to about 80 degrees but cool on the coast. high temperatures there mainly into upper 50s but things warming up later in the week. i'll have more in just a moment. >> thank you. we like warmer. next at 4:00 apple lap tops about to get thinner and more powerful. we'll be live with that story. also ahead... >> if you ask why me, well, why not you? >> young star of modern family
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reveals health battles she's been dealing within secret. >> ask michael finney taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on twitter and >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is the skyway in san francisco. cars on the left trying to make their way to the lower deck of the bay bridge. very slow going for cars heading from the bay bridge south looking nice now. stay with us. the news continues right after this.
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checking healthy living news if your parents have high blood pressure you can lower your risk of developing
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hypertension through physical fitness, researchers monitored 6,000 participants and those who had a parent with high blood pressure but were physically fit had a lower risk of developing the disease. >> bingeys, bottles and sippy cups. according to a stud study since 1991, 45,000 under three have been treated in emergency rooms after falling with one of the items in their mouths. pediatricians recommend they avoid injuries. >> you won't know it but modern family star sarah highland says she's been fighting kidney disease foremost of her life, reveal sheg was diagnosed with abnormal development at nine years old, facing a life of
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dialysis without a donor until her dad stepped in and he was a perfect match. she has advice forths struggling with the disease. >> know you're not alone. and if you ask why me, well, why not you? makes the person you are today. >> and a month ago she got the surgery filming is on break now. she'll spend the summer recovering. >> the countdown is on. facebook making a debut at the end of the week. for that let's go to emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> well, it's happy birthday to mark zuckerberg today, he turned 28. he spent the day on the road trying to build up demand just days ahead of this ipo. it's all about trying to convince investors facebook
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can make money from mobile users, sources tell bloomberg the social networking giant will stop taking orders tomorrow toem for the ipo. facebook is getting swamped with orders and mark zuckerberg and waz waz says the stock is a buy. >> i would invest in facebook. i don't care what the opening price is. i would. just for good reasons especially an investor looking to make money he talked about the similarities between zuckerberg and his business partner the late steve jobs. some management shake ups to tell you about. first best buy founder says he will step down as chairman. and after allegations dunn was having an affair with a female
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employee. it marks a change at the top of best buy. the electronics giant is struggling to compete with rivals like amazon and apple. and another shake up over at jp morgan. the bank says chief investment officer ina drew will retire, she was in charge of the staff responsible for a $2 billion trading loss. sources say orjz at risk of being fired. drew is one of the highest-ranking women on wall street. as for action on wall street, stocks sank to lowest levels since february. and the bloomberg silicon valley index down 1% with intel leading the decline. finally, bloomberg learned apple is preparing a line up of mac book lap tops featuring a powerful chip and display. apple expected to unveil the probes in june. sources avenue will have an
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extended battery life and feature high definition screens like those on the iphone and ipad. at bloomberg studios i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> thank you. >> and coming up live from los angeles a preview of tonight's "dancing with the stars" semi finals. this could be the toughest week yet. >> claims of a plot to poison the dali lawmakera. >> and a balancing act keeping tour buses rolling and cutting down on nuisance factor. >> and monday afternoon, there is no commute if you're heading from oakland to san francisco now. this is the approach. and smooth sailing for those folks heading into the city. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ speaking of that, the finale of "dancing with the stars". >> and we are live now from l.a. with a preview.
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a grudge match tonight. it's going to be tough. >> very tough. it's go tok a good night when former champions are in the audience, you'll see jennifer gray here, also former dancing stars john hurley and lance bass along with two sex symbols. look for christie brinkly and bo derek. could be dancing next season? it's week nine of "dancing with the stars" meaning there are four couples left that are working very hard to win this competition. and that means they'll be duking it out on the dance floor in tonight's big semi finals. >> this is the strongest semi final i can remember, it's going to be a tight squeeze in that final. >> maria menounos and derek hough will work to wow
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audiences. there is a favorite of derek. >> we're going have to make it and keep it from being injured. her body is going to go through probably the hardest week yet. maria has the most determination i've seen. she has this sort of undying, unbreakable passion for doing the best she can. >> l is pressure to get into the finals. have to make sure everything is spot on. and so this is just to impress judges and people at home. it's a load of pressure. >> and there is donald driver perm yorm both waltz and samba. >> what do you have inside that you will use every ounce of to make sure you're in the that fourth place finishers?
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>> there is leadership, we do, that, we're going to be fine. >> and there is the salsa and quick steps this week. >> i think this has been humbling. people are micking up the phone. >> mark says he knows what catherine needs to do this week to get a shot at the mirror ball trophy. >> there is just to be in the month. the moment and don't worry about anything other than that. >> and the reason they wrote that story is that last week, they chose not to talk to anyone after tuesday night's dancing. we'll see this happen tonight at 9:00. you'll see it here on abc 7 live in los angeles.
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abc 7 news. >> nobody snubbed you. we're not going to allow this. that is not going to happen. >> there is by the way i saw a name i'm hoping doesn't dance next season. gary busy is here tonight. >> and do you have a quick pick on who is going home? >> one couple going to leave as of tomorrow night. everybody i ask has a different answer i think for various reasons they're in danger. i can't assume to guess. >> thank you. >> and imagine gary busy. >> no kidding. >> well. >> you've been doing this all season. >> do you know what? ip i've been saying catherine jenkins is going to win. i think maria menounos may be if trouble. >> we'll be watching to see. >> bring us weather now.
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>> right. >> i like to bring on warmth. >> and there is a pleasant day and a bit of a cool down. temperatures will bounce back. there is a live view right now from our camera. looking towards mount diablo. there are clouds around and mainly blue skies now. it's been a lovely afternoon. there is thunderstorm activity northeast. up into northern sacramento valley live doppler 7 hd shows redding and red bluff things calming down as well. and earlier there is some pretty impressive thunderstorm activity. there is a severe warming now expired. back to the bay area there is more loudz and a clearing trend. and we're looking at 71 degrees in fairfield and san jose, 74. mainly 60s everywhere else. temperature readings uniform, low clouds and fog, sunny,
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mild and we'll see a cooler pattern thursday and friday. satellite radar image shows upper level low that is the system triggering thunderstorms i showed you earlier, will be pushing eastward tonight. we placed high pressure bringing us warm weather tomorrow and into wednesday. tonight we'll see low temperatures mainly in a marrow range from upper 40s to around 50. there is increase if low clouds across the bay and locally inland. they'll burn back to the coastline tomorrow, sunny skies near the bay and inland. high temperatures tomorrow mainly upper 70s to around 80 into warmest rongss. -- loks. 60s and 70s around the bay. 6 ows near the coast. highs into upper 60s in watsonville and santa cruz. inland milder, mid-70s and 81 in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a bit of a roller
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coaster this week, warming up wednesday, cooling down to mid-70s thursday, friday. then over the weekend starting to warm back up again until a nice range of low 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. >> very pleasant. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and still ahead at 4:00 problem with yahoo's interim ceo will face. there is a live report coming up from sunnyvale. >> you can be stylish and powerful, too. >> president making a play today for female voters. abc 7 joins us live from washington with the shifting focus of the campaign. >> stage four of the amgen tour about to wrap up. we'll go live to santa cruz where cyclists are
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yahoo ousted ceo says diagnosis with thyroid cancer had a lot to do with him deciding to leave the company. scott thompson quit under pressure following a controversy over his resume. an academic degree he never received. he took over in the continuing struggle to regain prominence. >> now, ross levinson will take over as interim ceo.
4:30 pm
abc 7 news joins us live from sunny veil for a look at what is next for yahoo. >> and not many tears being shed here over scott thompson considering he laid off 2000 of them about a month ago. now he's been fired. as he told his board of directors he has high roi roid -- thyroid cancers. >> the shake up creates new problems. and one biggest issue is a tarnished image. >> this is just a poster child for how not to operate a big tech company and not to stay on top of the curve. >> hosting was engineered by daniel loeb who found the smoking gun in a resume misstating thompson's college degree. as a journalist of all things points out he can't walk away. >> it's like a political
4:31 pm
campaign. he's got to solve the problem. and if he remains not in the mode of activist that, will be a problem. >> we'll see what the goal s for the roughly 6% stake he may see value in breaking up and selling off parts of the company or may want to cash out if he can get the price up. and yahoo may not have talent for a turn around. >> and researchers were invaluable and that was the problem. did he what he wanted to do now. can they do innovation without the people they need? >> and the ceo laz a lot on his plate now including how to boost ad sales and whether or not to pursue a patent lawsuit against facebook. kara swisher weighed in on that ask and other issues. the full interview son our web site. click on see it on tv.
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in sunnyvale abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and news week magazine cover story on same-sex marriage is stirring controversy. the cover shows the president with a rainbow halo declaring him the first gay president. the magazine hit news stands today and abc news joins us now from washington with the focus this week on female voters. >> the president gave a first commencement speech in 2012 and he had advice for the graduates. the speech is aimed at a critical voting group. >> this is a welcome for the president. >> and time and again you put your trust in leader autos all
4:33 pm
of you will help lead the way. you can be stylish and powerful, too. that is michelle. >> women could be the key to victory in november. and abc news found men prefer mitt romney but among women, mr. obama is crushing his republican rival. today the president applauded for new support for same-sex marriage. asked this weekend it seems like it will be a part of the campaign message romney said he'll talk what they care about. >> those issues has become more current today. and how important it is to the people a few months from now, time will tell. >> and the the campaign is out with a ad taking aim at mitt romney's work as the head of
4:34 pm
bain capitol. >> they walked away with a lot of money made off of the plan. we view mitt romney as a job destroyer. >> and the campaign fired back with his own video highlighting a different plan they say grew its work force and product activity because of the work in the private sector. >> the president was busy today in new york after that address. he did an interview with "the view". we have a portion of the interview with barbara walters. >> and will you now fight for a federal bill? >> my justice department has said to the courts i don't think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. this is something that historically had been determined the state level. and... you know part of my, you know, believing ultimately that civil unions weren't sufficient.
4:35 pm
>> will you fight to repale that act? >> well, congress is clearly on notice i think it's a bad idea. >> so why is it important for the president to reach the views on -- the view ace audience? >> the ladies of the view dmot hold back in questioning. the white house recognizes this is a very important audience and an opportunity to reach out to millions of women voters. and now the president is doing well, mitt romney was in the well served with talk about birth control and abortion the white house thinks they can take advantage of that. it's important to remember president obama is going to make that announce many on the "the owe view" but vice president biden forced the president to move up the time line. that is why he's going on "the
4:36 pm
view". >> thank you. >> you can launch the interview on the view tomorrow at 10:00 here on abc 7. >> ron paul said today he's done spending money on the campaign. in an e mail he said he doesn't have money so he won't be travel together 11 remaining primaries. the decision suspends paul's campaign. he had little chance of catching romney who is now only 177 delegates short of capturing a republican nomination. >> next on abc 7 news at 4:00 a bizarre assassination plot involving the dalai lama. >> and diplomacy disintegrates. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and face book and will be answering them here live in just a bit. >> there is clear skies now and that will be changing
4:37 pm
overnight. i'm spencer christian and i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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charges of vote rigging saturday in seoul, south korea. the brawl erupted during an argument over who should resign and when. one lawmaker saying he suffered neck and back injuries.
4:40 pm
and this is not uncommon in the south korea national assembly. >> china is denying the dalai lama charges its trying to assassinate him. he had been warned he's being trained by female spies. he is in london to receive a spiritual award at st. paul's cathedral. he says the agents are trying to kill him by putting poison in their hair and scarfs which he often touches during blessing autos let's check the cooling forecast. >> there is a time lapse view today. looking at the golden gate. clouds around, starting the day with more clouds. and there is mainly sunny skies except at the coast there are patches of clouds along the coastline. and there is shot down in palm springs, mild in los angeles.
4:41 pm
here in the bay area there is a warm up, highs of 76 in san jose and cupertino. there is 74 in palo alto. on the coast pacifica, 58 degrees tomorrow, half moon bay, 61 there is mainly upper 70s to around 80s in cloverdale there is near east bay highs from upper 60s to just above 70. there is mainly upper 70s. and 78 in pittsburgh there is mainly 60s near the bay. pleasant day tomorrow, warming up wednesday. >> thank you. >> and coming up next important consumer information if you happen to be shopping for a car. >> these cars are visual
4:42 pm
treats and from the driver's seat this is what you can't see that is the problem, which cars have large blind spots. that along with today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead.
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4:44 pm
michael finney is going to
4:45 pm
be answering your questions in just moment buzz first how sleek may not be safe. >> we're talking about car that's look great but maybe you can't see out of from the inside. >> that is a problem, consumer reports tested cars for blind spots and found new designs are making blind spots much worse. there are cars designed with low trunks and hoods give a sleek appearance and can cause visibility problems on the inside. car styling trends made it hard to see out. this is a problem in traffic, driveways and marking -- parking lots. >> it is hard to see out of the back, even when turning around. >> 200 people die every year by driver who's didn't see them. many are children. >> consumer reports says rear visibility some are lacking for drivers who are short.
4:46 pm
the hyundai sonata has a blind zone of 21 feet. and there is the dodge durango, 37 feet with the chevy aftera lampblg, a frightening 50 feet. there are cars coming with rear view cameras. and there is cars that are already $20,000 that have one. >> some like the run in this mirror are small and others don't display fast enough to see what is behind you. there is a ideal screen is large like this. the department of transportation considering whether to require back up cameras in new cars, consumer reports says if it does have a
4:47 pm
camera don't relie on it to make sure there is nothing behind the car and. >> that is a great tool. >> time for 7 on your side. >> first question this, is a question i wish i wrote it. and this is, can you tell us how to stop junk texts? how do they get your number? >> that is what is interesting. they can get your information. it's available if they're willing to spend money. the majority come in through e mail and that is illegal. fcc said messages start out as e mail and sent to text not aloud and this is how they get around it. if they're willing to pound out message themselves it's legal for them to do it if you don't think that is happening report them and you may get
4:48 pm
action. >> there is one, what is the normal time for a loan modification? >> this is a great question. we we talk to people we can't get a grip on this. loan mod ficks are new. it didn't happen until recession hit. now, we see them and they take place almost instantly. others drag on for years and never occur, how long does it take? however long it s i wish i had better news. thing is just keep going through the process this is going to help your family, it may not come about, but pretend goitsing to be. >> individual banks move faster than others? >> yes. i think b of a moves fast. and this is odd saying do you have a grip on this? the answer is no. >> and there is diane rothers
4:49 pm
do they mandate airline seats have to be a certain size? >> kind of. there is no regulation pese for leg room but rules say you have to be able to fit in the seat with bonl arm rests down. and then you're supposed to be able to clear a plane in 90 seconds. >> that is hard to believe. they can supposedly get everyone out in 90 seconds with half of the exits blocked. what are they? sprinters in there? and supposedly they can. that is why there is a wider aisle. >> all right. if they can do it. >> there is a prom date backed out and an nfl player stepped
4:50 pm
in. >> and there is 117 miles on two wheels, taking you tloif amgen moisture. >> you've heard of dui simulateors. how high schoolers are getting a lesson in something else just as dangerous on the road. that is ahead at 5:00. >> tonight barbara walters heading here to give us a look at what happened with president stopped by to tape an interview for "the view". and we have exclusives tonight. they ask about everything. we're all walking down the street dodging people or black berrying and texting. this turns out one city is fining people, another city putting pads on lampe posts. there is video of people walking into everything. c
4:51 pm
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this ohio teenager has bragging rights after scoring a prom date with an nfl player. taking joe hayden to the prom. >> going out with athletes has perks. saying everybody does a limo thing. he picked her up in a lamborghini. he asked hayden out on twitter. >> i said would you consider going to my senior prom because my date backed out. >> i am nervous, taking picture was the family and everything. felt like it was legit. and i felt like legit. this is my prom, too. >> the 23-year-old hayden says never got to go to senior prom because he graduated early. >> joyce met hayden before the prom, she follows him on twitter. >> interesting.
4:55 pm
>> and cyclists logged 100 miles heading from san francisco down to central coast it start add long the bay then headed down the coast up ask over the santa cruz mountains. >> that is where wayne freedman is. >> they're cleaning up now and getting ready to keep up with the guys today. by car and we were exhausted. now, imagine on a bicycle. this is quite a race. this is how it looked this morning. trust us they're not moving at 28 miles per hour yet. this is day two focused on an army of staff. the amgen tour is the biggest race in the united states. 715 miles and eight stages on
4:56 pm
streets and highways with california patrolmen clearing the way. this is highway 1 from eight miles of a 10% grade on bonnie doon. we asked how he gets through one of the things after 19 years. >> this is so hard. it's stressful. you're trying to stay out of trouble. and your legs and lungs hurt. >> now there is an end of a very tight race experts tell us. and there is peter saggan. tomorrow they will do it all over again. 117 and tomorrow going from san jose to livermore and will
4:57 pm
be leaving at 11:15 a.m. from the community community center. there is no rest if you bide a bike professional in california this week. >> five hours on a very tiny seat. >> yes. >> this is grueling. >> you can keep track on twitter on abc 7 news bay area and 7 news. >> thank you. a san bruno homeowner stepping up calls to make pg&e accountable for action autos and toning down a newsan caused by san francisco's number one industry keeping revenue rolling in. >> i'm sandhya patel. warmer weather is coming to the bay area, i'll show you when and how long.
4:58 pm
>> good evening, i'm cheryl jengs. >> a welcome back in san bruno. >> after the deadly pipeline explosion nearly two years ago. it comes on the same day as pg&e shareholders meeting and a warning for executives. vic lee joins us from san bruno. >> this is going to be held right here at this intersection. there is the mayor here to thank those who decided to stay here and refwoild make a new community. as you can see there is a lot of construction going on for minor repairs to those who rebuilt homes from scratch. this is taking a long time to rebuild their home. the fire burned down their one-story home. and now, they'll be moving into this new, two-story, five-bedroom house.
4:59 pm
pelligry. ni says it's been a long struggle. >> there is no for 19 mile autos bill and his family have settled down into their house. the city says two of the 38 who lost homes are also about to return. there are 23 still rebuilding. status is unclear, tony yearly says resolving all of the lawsuits is one of the top priorities. >> we want to resolve the issue autos here it's taking time. negotiations are complicated since there are many lawyers representing victims. this assemblyman chose a day to introduce legislation that would pun lish top executives if their companies violate gu


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