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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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campaign to oust scott thompson. and an accurate resume was a smoking gun. now, he's out of the picture and that new reconstituted board as well as interim ceo will have to chart the company's future. >> there is another shake up, yahoo continues to face an identity crisis. is it a tech or a media company? karen swisher thinks yahoo has to innovate after 2000 employees and bleeding talent. >> yahoo has profits and growth is not there. that is when you get killed in the stock market, bringing people in. they've got to show ability to create bro ducts that can grow users. they did that for 10 years and have to do that, again. >> and who would lead the charge? executive vice president named interim ceo. that is why the board hasn't
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decided if he's the heir apairnent. the ceo has a resolving door. four have come and gone. qualified candidates may consider yahoo toxic. >> there is and could be someone pulled out of retirement. >> we can use the $20 million package. and this is regardless of his performance. >> the board did act quickly. the this professor co-author of the book "credibility". is he says there is no other choice. >> when you find out someone lied to you is hard to wonder what else haven't they told us? that is when begin to lose credibility. >> it also waged on employee autos employees were in pain about this around the resume. and this sentiment was not on
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scott thompson's side. >> we have to the been able to reach and talk to scott thompson. he did speak to journalist terra swisher telling us his cancer had nudge dog with his departure from yahoo. we've posted the interview with swisher on our web site abc 7 >> here is wall street's reaction. yahoo stock rose 2% today, closing at 15 plt $50 a share z a late shot noet on facebook. the company drawing so much interest this friday, that they have raised the price. the "wall street journal" is reporting facebook hopes to get $34 to $38 a share, up $6 from previous targets. >> faced with a budget gap higher than anyone projected the governor proposed a new combination of spending cuts and tax increases to ease the state's latest crisis.
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this is $5.9 kbrinl in new taxes. asking state employees to give back 5% in cuts or reduced hours, courts cut by more than $500 million. and schools would get a 16% increase if taxes are approved. and there is a is live with reaction to cuts. let's start with you live in san jose. is criticism and the governor himself rolling out this proposal. >> is speaking out against the proposed social service cuts. >> this is part of action as cross california with events being held in los angeles, oakland, riverside, and sacramento. >> an organization called 9:00
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to 5:00 says the revision hurts women more than any other group and argues cuts will have a devastating impact on welfare to work program. >> and this outcome of what that program can do for a person. >> and they delivered what they called an unhappy mother's day card. one representative sedz there are no easy solutions. >> there is a huge undertaking. it's hard to understand what $16 billion is. >> voters will have a say in how deep cuts go. the governor's plan relies on californians approving a sales tax increase and there is a 3% increase. >> there is why not 5%? 6%? so i think we are to pay for
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service autos if voters pass there will be more than $8 million in cuts that has angered some of the former supporters. >> this is outrageous. how will he sleep at night? >> there is a debate over the revision and a balanced budget must be deliver bid june ath. >> thank you. >> and abc 7 news is live in oakland now with the outlook for california schools. >> there will be no cuts to ed being. the governor says schools will get 16% in funding but most say they're not counting on that money. here is why. >> because in your argument lz. >> over past year, school districts like oakland unify
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have had been forced to make cuts to budgets. but in months and again, today, the governor said there will be no more cuts to the k-12 system and this could see an increase in funding. >> schools are going to be looking better if ke get taxes ichl counting on voters to say yes. >> if the measure passes, the education budget could increase from $29.3 kbrinl to $34 billion by the end of 2013. for oakland unified meaning $15 kblinl of additional revenue. something that district hasn't seen in years. but here is why most aren't jumping up and down with joy. aruin with an education add vo sass kasy group. >> school districts can't budget based on ballot passage of a ballot initiative whachl they do is just cut. right sf so it's like you give
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them a real cut. >> so in oakland this doesn't change anything for next school year, 2012, 2013. they are operating as if the tax measure were to fail. >> this year if the measure sail fails we'll be able to draw on a reserve fund but won't have that luxury in the following 2013-2014 school year. it's going to be a periluos time for us. >> if rejected he says he would cut $5.5 will billion to k 12 and 250 million to california state university. education represents 40% of the state general fund. stands to gain or lose a lot depending on whether the proposal passes and if that does not pass smrks will have to cut up to three weeks off the calendar year.
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the governor put it, it's a difficult budget. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and there is oakland oikos university is now in jeopardy of losing acred daigs of its program. last month's shooting rampage left dead. the board placed oikos on pro figs vigsal approval giving two years to fix deficiencies. problems include low pass rates on licensing exams and inadequate staffing for number of students enrolled. >> after 40 years in the east bay, officials hoping to lure golden state warriors back to san francisco. the mayor and supervisors signed a letter to suggest a new arena could be built at the foot of the bay bridge.
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>> mayor ed lee putting a full court press on the warrior was an appeal to hand deliver bid lee urging warriors to build a new home in san francisco. in time for the 2017 season. and he says san francisco offers sangs. that no other city can match. san francisco proposed site is an entertainment facility. >> any competition? i love mayor lee but i plan to keep all three. >> oakland mayor says she believes her plan too build a new coliseum city for a's raiders and warriors will win out in the end. >> coliseum city is probably one of the most-exciting ideas an.a long time and this is. >> warriors reiterated
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position last december, quote, we prosh yait the outreach exhibited as they continue to show interest in the warriors building a new state of the art arena in san francisco. at this point we continue our diligence in exploring all potential sites. >> oakland is the center of the bay area. not san francisco. >> chris dobin has a group trying to keep all three teams in oakland. >> there is bart here and amtrak. a lot of good transportation f you look at the population center of the bay area, east bay and center of that, there is great weather. not today but this is the best time and place for the warriors to stay. >> this is as oakland has been ruled by the state it must return $3.5 kblinl. money city leaders were hoping to use for planning coliseum city. >> there is more still to come tonight including a new campaign to fight smart meters.
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opponents taking their case to stockholders and a camera goes along. >> and amgen tour gets into high gear. the second of three challenging days pedaling throughout wait area. >> and an athlete with gold medal potential. how he stacks up against the best swimmer in the world. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day.
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advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's race time, here is the start of stage two of the amgen race. the first started and ended yesterday. today's took riders 117 miles from san francisco to the central coast. good stuff, really. here is the route from marina
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green and um and over the santa cruz mountains to final destination for the day cabrillo college in aptsos. to fully appreciate a long distance race, everything about spectating in this sport happens after long waits. >> who are we waiting for? >> well not yet. >> that is him in the flesh. a crowd favorite what other major sport allows fans to get so close? >> it's too bad a guy can't autograph a bike. >> that could could wo be cool. >> the racing was cool as they moved through highway 1, pockets of fans lined the route. cansy and ken applauded anyone passing by. >> and there are old dude goesing to mexico that.
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looked cool. some people pulled in from switzerland. >> then, an amateur from southern california started ahead on the course but knew he'd finish behind. >> they're probably going to pass you. >> you're kidding. >> oh, no. >> and this is about 20 seconds. >> here is one of the better vantage points. the turn and eight miles in a 10% rate. people waited hours to see this, people waited in traffic, too. the chp closed a road for safety. >> i missed it by a couple minutes so i'm told very to wait another hour. and there is a crowd that held its breath, nobody fell. it was tight and clean and more than close enough for comfort and worth the wait. >> they just fly, don't they?
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here is stage three starting in north san jose, going to livermore before grueling time. there is down to concord then loops around and then, back to livermore, another 115 miles of heavy racing tomorrow. and there it's not too hot. >> 60 years a special place in san francisco offered programs and assistance for disabled and brain injured. they celebrate what it's accomplished and what is still to come. >> there is a center providing opportunities for people with disabilities z those who have had traumatic brain injury. look at these folks learning computer skills. >> helping people live quality life that. is the basic thing.
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and to do things they might not get to be able to do because of the limited life of a person with special needs. >> this is what inspired janet to start this 16 years ago. there is nothing quite like it. there is expression in music and art work. this is a therapeutic pool. there is a freedom of movement here. >> this is how to make movies better with less pain. she has limited movement and there is a playground that is kid safe. 1500 adults and children are served here each week w out this place, they'd have nowhere to go. there is fiscal reality.
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cuts pose a threat. >> we've been running a deficit now for probably three, four years. and you can only do that so long before you have to start to make severe cut backs. >> and this celebration takes on added importance. >> for the place to go away it could be and would be criminal. >> fis place. huh? >> this is great work and things cooled off considerably. >> yes. they have. >> this is interesting. we started with cloud cover and starts to thin out later in the day. there is a live view from our east bay camera. there is haze there. low clouds and fog returning to the coastline. and there is some rather heavy
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thunderstorms in the northern sacramento valley. it's tapered off now to just light, scattered showers. but it was active there earlier into of the afternoon. there is a look now of the image and looping it to show you we have clouds that thinned out. there is a clearing trend until now. and that is about to change. let's take a look at our conditions, temperatures june form now. into 60s and there is one cool spot. 59 degrees in half moon bay. there are low clouds and fog returning. mostly sunny skies and mild. warmer than we've had last couple days and there is another cooler pattern thursday, and friday. so there are upper level low moving over the valley now that is continuing east over
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the sierra and away from us and there is high pressure building in bringing us warmer conditions in areas tomorrow. and on wednesday. tonight, we'll see quite a bit of low clouds around. pushing across the bay locally inland. there is upper 40s and there is a narrow range of lows, tomorrow sunny skies. into south bay high temperatures into mid to upper 70s. there is peninsula, 69 in san mateo. 74 palo alto. 61 in half moon bay. downtown 65 degrees tomorrow. 60 into sunset district. there is 70s to about to 80 degrees. 67 berkeley. and there is 73 in freem beyond. highs into upper 70s, 77 in
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conk yordz and livermore, 76 in danville. and near monterey bay, upper 60s near the bay. upper 70s to just above 8 ows inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. tuesday, wednesday, cooling down thursday and friday. and there is a warm up again, temperatures will be below average later in the week. warming up we'll see low 80s inland. no 90s for a while. >> very pleasant. >> yes. >> coming up next san francisco mayor hopes to turn back the clock. >> with a $100 million makeover of a local produce market. the news at 6:00 continues right after this. abc@ah@h@closc@ b
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a home computer and internet connection are must have these days. and there is a program now expanding into contra costa county. and they can get high speed internet for $10 per month. there is special efforts being made to make this available for foster youth. >> this is a basic tool to be able to become self sufficient. >> the program is focusing on contra costa county, low income families are eligible. go to abc 7 news dochl.
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>> san francisco is known for its food screen, now, the city is investing to make sure the supply change is not cutoff. the mayor announce aid $100 million makeover and the market began 170 years ago near water front moving to the bay view 50 years ago. 30 vendors operate here with 650 employees. if you buy groceries or dine in san francisco, it's possible your food passed through here. >> the warehouses will be renovated and streets upgraded. >> when we come back tonight live in san bruno to show how the fi city is welcoming homeowners back. >> protestors gather in a pg&e
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meeting. coming up, 7 on your side is there. did he the demand an end to smart meter opt out fee autos how facebook mark zuckerberg stacks up against the other ceos. stay with us.
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good evening again in, san bruno the city is holding a welcome home ceremony. families have begun to return to the neighborhood devastated by the 2010 pipeline blast. >> there is city leaders say this is about ak nonling and honoring residents who have chosen to rebuild their homes. and there are 38 homes destroyed and two dozen being
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rebuilt. three of the homeowners have obtained permits and are able to move back in. those homeowners will receive proclamations from the city this evening. they're being commended for their resilience and dedication. you can imagine the process of rebuilding wasn't easy. there are family that's had to deal with delays. one homeowner is happy to see people moving back into the neighborhood. >> there is a whole landscape in and around our house is gone. so at night, you know it was strange. because it was really windy. there are no trees there to block the wind wex had no neighbors on either side of us, or across the street. so it's just eerie. i'm glad people are -- there is activity and there are people moving back. >> of the 38, 13 have chosen to the to rebuild at this
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point. it's unclear what plans are. city leaders say that this is important for the city of san bruno. it's why they'll hold these wem come home ceremonies to honor residents one moving back in. >> thank you. >> and as families in san bruno are honored tonight pg&e shareholders meeting took place today. >> protestors armed with petitions opposed to charging customers to opt out of the smart meter program. and there is they came and shouted and delivered signatures but left wondering will anything change? pro testors chanted outside of a meeting today demanding the utility top charging extra fees to opt out of having a
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meter. >> i'm going to ask if someone would be gracious enough to receive it started in february calling for an end to opt out fees. nearly 3,000 customers signed it. today, protestors tried to get inside. >> we're not looking for trouble. we would like pg&e to accept the petition autos protestors worry they cause harmful freak qens yeez. pg&e is allowing opponents to keep old readers at a price. $75 up front, plus $10 per month. >> why should we have to pay to protect our health? >> pro testors say it's unfair to pay a fee or accept a device they consider harmful.
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pg&e insists they're safe, saying radio emission call below limits and billing is 99% accurate. pro testors chanted outside, pg&e chief executive met inside. he says few customers choose to opt out. >> like saying everyone get rid of the cell phone. there are a number of pim that don't like cell phones. and pg&e says 28,000 have hospitalled out. it says fees will pay for maintaining old billing system and sending out meter readers. pg&e did not allow them inside of the building today and this did allow smith to enter alone. >> this is my honor to present to you this petition. asking pg&e to please let us
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opt out. not pay the fee autos we asked pg&e what will happen to those petitions. >> this is we do understand it's a statement of interest and concern wex want them to call us. >> i hope someone will be willing to accept the competition. >> pg&e to take their case to the regulator who's approved those fees would be the california public utilities commission. and they promise it will help customers get their voices heard. you can contact me and we were receiving really big complaints there is a huge bill spikes. if have you a concern get a hold of us. >> oakland police raising efforts to get more than 30
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wanted felons off the streets. there are a series of raids netted these weapons. and marshals teamed up to make 32 arrests. the police chief emphasizes there is more work to do. >> we attempted 123 services and found 32. so if we do math, there are 90 something still left. >> they were wanted for crimes like crimes in oakland. most arrests took place in east oakland. >> there is nine people arrested when police cleared pro testors from a plot of land today, about 100 officers moved in and cleared the gill track. some had been living, sleeping and planting crops on the property for three weeks. uc berkeley owns land and uses
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it for research. school officials say research needs to resume this week. the prot testors want land used for sustainable agriculture. >> with his company set to go public, facebook founder mark zuckerberg is celebrating his birthday tonight. he's 28 and worth $50 billion. to put his age into perspective he's half of the age of the average ceo but eight years on the job lasting longer than most ceos. he is older now than steve jobs was. >> nearly $2 billion for every year of live. >> impress yif bay area researchers tapping into a new energy source. >> they can generate electric from a virus. how, next.
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it's not often you hear something about a virus. >> tonight there is a look at a special virus that could add years to your life. >> abc 7 news reports add hours to live of your cell phone batteries. >> there is no battery. >> no. >> this little science experiment could be heralding big things still to come. by pressing down on this thin, rubbery film, professor lee is generating electricity. enough to power a small circuit. >> then, you can see that. there is number one. >> what is more remarkable is what this is made oof we use it.
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and this is knots as scary as it sounds. >> is this a virus i can get sick from? >> not at all. >> viruses cost nothing because they manufacture themselves just add water. >> and there is lee explaining they're long and skinny like pencils and if you drop a bunch of pencils in a dish and shake it they line themselves up. the viruses line up the same way, until someone puts pressure on them. causing them to scatter and creating a spark. there is a tiny spark that for lee was like fire works going off. >> and this amount of power generated isn't much. it's about a quarter of what comes out of the battery. but once they get it producing more power possibility kobz endless. >> there is tending to get very small.
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>> they can charge your smart phone. >> you can collect all of your mechanical move manies. >> or saved your life. >> we can implant. then, this is sustainibility. >> you can create a pace maker charged. >> yes. >> abc 7 news. >> coming up here next assignment 7. >> we're concerned with poisoning lake tahoe. >> why pesticide maze have to be used to solve a menacing problem.
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california state water board confronts whether to allow pesticide use in lake tahoe. some believe it will have saved the lake from being choked to death by invasive species, others say it could destroy an environmental treasure. >> there is a perfect day on
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lake tahoe. drawing visitors from all over the world. the lake supports a stunning nashl eco system. this beauty is facing a growing underwater threat. plants and animals to the supposed to be here. >> these are plans that the divers brought up there are 20 invasive species crowding out native species and changing chemistry of the water. >> this is how it disperses around the lake. >> there is a underwater jungle gets tangled in both pro pellers. worst is in tahoe key was man made lagoon that's feed into the lake. >> we remove 5,000 cubic yards of weeds every year. the cost is about a quarter
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million per year. >> one way to control invasive specieses could be pesticideses. tahoe has some of the strictest rules in the nation. interest this is video of the only pesticide allowed for mosquito control in stagnant ponds surrounding the lake. and there is water board as a last resort. >> to apply them in a matter that is focused. they do breakdown. >> they could be used only if nonchemical methods are not effective. many don't like it we're very concerned. >> there is laurel aim with the water shed network. >> there is no way to control liquid poison in a lake. it's going to move. and there is no way to keep
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knit one spot. >> the 12 agencies are also fighting to keep pesticides out. >> there is no treatment for us to be able to get that stuff out of the water once it gets in. what we'd prefer is that it stays out to begin with. >> the regional water board says there are no immediate plans to use pesticides but regulations in place just in case. and they've joined other agencies to find nonchemical solutions for the species. >> the goal is to make it so we don't have to use pesticides. >> and it's working on this experiment. they put rubber mats to smother invasive agency clams. this is too early to tell how well it works. and homeowners are skeptical. >> just talking millions to do that.
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>> harry points out they're used in other lakes but lake tahoe is an outstanding natural resource water. a legal status giving it special protections. >> and that will be tested tomorrow when the state water board starts on the plan. it will have to get go ahead from epa. still more to go. >> and there is an accuweather update. >> there is a time lapse view. looking at golden gate. so it became sunny skies. and there is here in the bay area there are mainly sunny skies inland and around the bay. low clouds continue to cling to the coastside. highs ranging from 60s and 70s around the bay up to 80 degrees into warmest loks and
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here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have gradual warmings into low 80s by wednesday. and cool at the coast. all areas will be cool thursday and friday and lovely week is ahead. >> thank you. >> stay with us. sports is next.
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up a california company prepares for a launch. it's the next big step in space travel. >> then at 11:00 what if you can freeze your wrinkles away? a treatment already being used in europe coming up tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is mystery reported earlier on a possible move to san francisco. there is the owner is a basketball junkie. part of why he bought the warriors. his son into hoops, just been promoted and moving up to acities stant general manager. and there is kirk running
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warriors franchise, tonight game two, eastern conference final this, is an ugly game at times there is a kevin garnett just hanging out over there. celtics paid for it. there is dru holiday, the three. evan turner scoop to the hoop. there is stage two, tour of california and they started pedaling at 11:00 a.m. in san francisco and there is 117 miles to santa cruz. and there is more trouble with 18 miles to a flat tire, go. quick change gets him back into the race. and there is an eight-second
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lead. the summer ramp olympics coming up in juchl tom kramer hopes to be in the pool alongside michael phelpps. >> there is kramer would be tom kramer. he was nipping at michael phelpps heels two months ago. it's what he did prior to that that had people talking. >> i beat him which is one of the coolest things. >> and they know what an amazing athlete he is. word got out, wait a minute, you beat michael phelpps. you know? >> kramer is peaking at the right time.
6:55 pm
>> this weekend setting two records and extinguished a 29-year-old record in the butterfly prelim. all of this success has him thinking london olympics but not for the united states. >> there is almost my family lives in israel. i visit there a month, half a month. it's almost like my home away from home. i'd be just as proud either way. >> he understands making the israel hi olympic team are better than u.s. one this, weekend the championships in hungary will be the personal trial. >> this is to improve. >> and.
6:56 pm
>> that is the best outcome. lowest beg and last place, i don't care. it's so great to go. >> in santa clara abc 7 sports. >> they'll be thrilled. >> not a lot of people on the planet can say. yeah. phelps. yeah. >> that is good raegs, but... >> very cool. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00 from the entire abc 7 news team, have a good night. >> see again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. from washington, d.c., werthis is power players week closed caon "jeopardy!"ces, inc. please welcome our celebrity guests-- in 2004, he joined barack obama's senatorial campaign as communications director, and later served the president as his white house press secretary. please welcome... she broke the news that chrysler would file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. in 2012, she joined cnn as the newly created aviation and regulation correspondent.


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