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♪ she can chase us through the dark activate our nerve endings ♪ ♪ if we'll stay -- stay -- stay -- stay -- stay -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> the album is called "neck of the woods." you can see a bonus song at jimmy kimmel live. i want to thank johnny depp, casey wilson and gary busey. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night -- steve harvey, dev patel and music from glenn frey. thank you for watching. goodnight. [ cheers and applause ] seconds. pass passion.t
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>> south bay doctors accused of. >> going to add ibingts and prosecutors say she knew it. i'm carolyn john son. >> police say she was illegally giving out prescription pain killers on the market. nick smith is live in san jose tonight with the story. nick? >> she was the subject of undercover operation for more than a year and when they had enough evidence to an make an arrest, that's when they made
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their move. >>reporter: according to web site she uses a range of approach to treat pain disorders but prosecutor say she was doing on the side that made her the subject of undercover sting. >> they were getting over prescribed pain medication for reasons not medically necessar necessary. >>reporter: prosecutors say she would over prescribe pain kill investigators addicts which they would then resell, abuse or both. >> those that do that and need to be held accountable. >>reporter: this is where authorities say she with meet patients. office abandoned since her arrest. district attorney accuses her of knowingly prescribing powerful pain reliever. a synthetic narcotic approximately 100 times more potent than morphin morphine. and oxycontin. synthetic narcotic known on the street as hillbilly heroin. >> on the streets it's pretty easy to get. >>reporter: sergeant knows all too well how prevalent the
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drugs are on the street. he's a drug officer with the county sheriff's office. tonight he talked to group of parents telling them that narcotics had become the drug ofoice. >> choice. >> more potent. stronger and goes along w the drle inhale anti-they are doing. just things that weren't around when we were there. >>reporter: her >>reporter: h operation was cash only. 240 dollars for the first visit. 100 dollars every that. that. the doctor he is in jail until she posts bond. she could face up to 12 years in prison dan if she is convicted and she's expected to enter a plea next week. this is 7 news. all right thank you. >> lafayette city council delayed a vote tonight on measure to make sure massage parlor follow state local law. many packed tonight council meeting to abourns about possible illegal activity occurring inside the m sanjay gupta parlor pro-posed law requires all massage parlor owner and employee to register
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with police while guest the proper state licenses at least 10 parlor operate in lafayette. >> any time we use the state listening board as the means of control of business saying 99 percent of the other business ins that field do you bring more credibility to the business. >> men are doing the walk of shame as i call it to the plac place, head down, sunglasses on. >> resident told police abuspicf sa no evidence that no evidencet anything illegal is going on in the massage parlors. council will vote on the law on may 29. >> developing news tonight in the east bay after kicked off uc berkeley owned land this morning occupy protestors take thing another stand tonight. allen is live on campus happeni what's happening right now? >>reporter: several uc police officers have been waiting for a small band of occupy the farm members who took you have a and
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said they were headed to the home of uc berkeley chancellor around 9:3015 protestors left albany and marched to the campus. many of them still upset today today eviction and around 6:00 a.m. uc police swept in and forced the occupiers off the land used for ag research. at least one occupier jumped the fence and made a daring attempt to water the crop they have been nurturing for about 3 week. cal officials told the occupiers they could tend thecrs crop as long as they didn't camp there but they say the occupiers turned them down. you. >> that's misleading in the sense it was offered they were not willing to naught in writing and did not actually have an agreement te as to how the land would be divided and used for us. >>reporter: chancellor was entertaining guests at his on campus residence so uc cops were sent to protect the
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mansion. at last check the march sputtered out halfway there but the university expects larger march and rally tomorrow l at 5:00 p.m. because occupiers have been tweeting organizing that rally. again, they believe it's going to start at 5:00 p.m. and head over to the chancellor home. i'm reporting live on the campus of berkeley, 7 news, 7 ns thanks allen. >> it is now 20 months since p gechl gas pipeline exploded destroying part of the sexual abuse bruno neighborhood killing 8 people. the city celebrated a major milestone. finished rebuilding theirouild s homes. lillian is live tonight where the city honored them. lillian?? >>reporter: carolyn, this is one of the homes that was rebuilt from thecertainly up certainly bigger and better than before but perhaps more important it's a significant step to rebuilding the neighborhood. the new home here is nothing like his house
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that burned down a year and a half ago. everythingoor plan te finish. but the memoryhappened happened on september 9, 2010 is still very vivid you. >> emotion is still there. remind you of what happened. the trauma. at one point you have to move on. >>reporter: she's one of 3 homeowner honored by the city tonight. they are the first to rebuild and move back to the neighborhood after the pg&e pipeline explosion n.all 38 homes destroyed. about 2 dozen still in the planning or construction stages. >> this is a good evening for us. >> today is the day we have waited for for a very long tim time. >>reporter: they chose to use the same floor plan as before but even then the whole process of rebuilding and going through the insurance company was exhausting. don't know i don't know how peot work how they are able to do that. i'm retire. it was like a full time job doing this. >>reporter: but as time consuming as it was this family
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got the dream home out of all the trauma they went through. expanded the home by more than 1,000 feet. they are now in debt but she says it feels good to be back in the neighborhood. >> i will never forget what happened but i accept what happened and that right there is a big part of letting yourself feel.rter: city >>reporter: city leaders plan to hold similar ceremony every 3 to 4 month to honor each wave of resident to move back into the neighborhood, live in san bruno 7 news. >> all right thanks lillian. >> dozens of protest smart meter outside the shareholder meeting today delivered 3000 signatures on petition protesting smart meters. some worry the new wireless device pose health hazard. others concern they lead to over billing. the opt out fee charged to customers that continue want the meter. p uc
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any complaints should be dressed to them. >> governor brown wants to raise taxes while cutting spending to close a larger than expected state budget deficit of almost 16 billion dollars governor released the revised budget next fiscal year today. proposal include 5 percent pay cuts for state employees that could mean furlough days and cutting court budget more than half billion dollars in part by delaying construction projects. schools stand to get 16 percent increase if voters pass new taxes or lose 5 and half billion dollars billion doll they don't l. >> we have to cut deeper but cutting alone doesn't really do it. that's why i'm linking these serious budget reduction. real increased austerity with a plea to the voters please increase temporarily. >> deficit worse in part because the state over estimated tax revenue
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projection. >> the president will make fourth appearance tomorrow on the view in part discussing his views on same sex marriage. walters asked him about the defensive marriage act as defining legal union between ma'am man and woman. >> my justice kept he has said sought courts we don't think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. this is something that historically had been determined at the state level. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act. >> congress clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> you can watch the women of the view interview the president tomorrow morning at 10 right here on abc 7. well it appears that no one is immune from the scrutiny of airport screeners. former secretary of state kissinger spotted friday getting a thorough pat down at new york la guardia airport. reporter who happened to be there recognized the nobel peace prize winner. the agent did not. it happened to senator
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feinstein too. lint she was reee lint subjected to 3 levels of security in dubai including personal pat down of her body. >> up next. racing -- erasing wrinkle. doesn't use drug to get rid of the age line. >> much anticipated facebook i p o. price already going up by some people willing to pay almost anything. >> and new app that tells you how many guys to girls are at a night club before you ever leave the that coming >> all that coming up and then on "nightline". >> i'm coming up next on "nightline"from hidden camera to cell phone tapping even wiring the kids clothes. how custody battles are going high tech today. >> plus a startling new study about sleep walking. surprising things people are doing while they are fast asleep. that's on "nightline". >> 7 news at 11:00 continues >> 7 news at 11:00 continues right after this.
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>> doctors have used a neurotoxin known as botox to essentially paralyze specific nerves and muscles wide range of treatment from pain management to wrinkle smoot smoothing. now a bay area company believes it may able to achieve the same results not with drug but through freezing. >> so we are going to go ahead
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and do a botox injection for your area. >>reporter: office in san francisco bees to inject a patient with botox. treatment so common that an estimated 6 million doses are now given every year. >> and today it's actually the single most popular cosmetic treatment in the united states. >>reporter: botox uses toxin to disable nerves and besides relaxing wrinkle also used to treat conditions ranging from pain to chronic muscle spasms even extreme sweating are bay area company believes it has new device that can accomplish what botox can do but without the toxin. >> this is the hand piece that is reusable. >>reporter: he's vice president of research at redwood city mio science. company has developed a system to freeze nerves. >> i'll place these meelingts ts into this gelatin this simulates soft tissue. >>reporter: he says the needle don't actually inject anything into a patient body. instead filled with a pressure refrig rant that super cool 3 or
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about 3 or 4 seconds at 45 it will start cooling and you can see the needles are beginning to form ice ball. >>reporter: he says that ice ball visible in the test material freezes the nerve without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. clint is the company ceo. >> we are not killing a nerve. it's a fancy way of saying we use cold, 30 second dose over nerve and puts the nerve into hibernation nishtion trial the hibernation lasted 2 to 4 month roughly the duration of botox injection. company is careful to point out that the system is still in the trial phase in the united states and not yet fda approved. but it was recently cleared for treating wrinkle and muscle pain in europe and canada. >> we believe that we have a technology to be effective across many different indications whether movement disorders, whether pain or whether they are east theft ick benefit. >>reporter: it's unlikely the popularity of botox will fade
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e but still the doctor that participate entered the trial believes the did he advice offer some vaichblingts it isne is completely natural. that cost resonate with a lot of people. people want to look younger. tho they want to look better. as well as being able to treat other conditions but all things being equal they prefer to do it in the most natural way possible. >>reporter: now again this is very new technology. company is currently opening the first center in europe where it received clearance less than 6 months ago. >> we have more about that. facebook doesn't go public until friday but the stockreingg already soreing. bloomberg bloomberg reporting facebook plans to raise the praise of its initial public offering to between 34 and 38 dollars a share. that's up a few dollars from just last week. mean time apple co-founder is a facebook believer. he said today he's going to buy facebook stock whatever the opening price is. l. >> new app using facial recognition technology to help you navigate the bar scene. 25
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san francisco bars will roll out l this site on friday. hidden sensor record the ages and jnder of patrons. size of the crowd then calculate the male and female ratio then puts the info on the internet for other tm scene people to check out. it doesn't provide pictures or personal data. just the stats. oh, boy. >> oh, boy is right. can you believe we are already checking some live doppler 7 hd out there. >> no sandy is watching that closely for us. >>reporter: i am indeed. we have had some showers develop around t lake a clear lake areat an hour ago but soon dissipate dissipated. you can see the rotation of the moisture most of the showers, thunderstorms right around northern portion of california, red bluff, chico area still sacramento valley and northern end of sacramento valley in the last 3 hours but things really winding down. this is all in association with an area of low pressure. the
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same low deepen mar that deepene layer to 4000 feet this morning and you can see the effects of it. this was a beautiful view from twin peak in san francisco. submitted by jan is h. low clouds very slow to clear today which is why temperatures were cool by spring starred standards not for long. going up tomorrow. numbers right now in some lands beginning to form near the coast line and we do expect those low clouds to fill in overnight. sunny warm tomorrow into awe go into a cooler pat e were for your thursday. let me show you the satellite radar. this is the area of low pressure triggering the showers and thunderstorms in the far northern end of california. it's finally starting to shift out of here so as the low exits we are starting to see a change pattern. higher pressure will combine to build in for your tuesday we look at warmer conditions for most of the bay area. i say most because there are some areas lingering with low clouds. want to show you tropical storm that form in the
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eastern pacific. maximum sustained winds of 40 miles an hour tracking to the west at 12. this is the first tropical storm of the season. eastern hurricane hurricane season begs tomorrow. we are watching this one expected to strengthen in the next 48 hours but then it lo land obviously over the pacific. tomorrow morning make sure you have a sweater or jacket. it's going to be cool in pockets with fog low clouds mid upper 40's in the north bay. looking at upper 40's along the coast places lake half man bay inland east bay so certainly cool areas first thing in the morning. but by the afternoon warming up away from the coast. 76 degrees in santa rosa and napa getting up to 72 in san rafael. mid 60's san francisco 69 san mateo o. 61 half moon bay. inland all the way up into 80 degree range for antioch. 78 fairfield. 77 for concord. 76 degrees in san jose and around the monterey bay. warmer day as well. 69 in santa cruz. 78 for you
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inland in morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast warmer tomorrow for all areas except the coast. warming continues inland on wednesday and then it's cooler for all areas. mid 50's to mid 70's. we'll stay within that range but then the never let you down i shouldn't say. that warmer weather for the >> thanks. weekend. >> thanks. >> perfect. >> up next. nation of sleep walkers. >> the new study that found a lot more of russ doing that lot more of russ doing that than we thought stay here with
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>> city council members martinez will consider a plan later this week to make some one way street 2 way thoroughfare again. calls for 2 way traffic brought back to castro, escondido and main street in downtown martinez. supporters believe it will increase the visibility of local shop and making driving easier. sommer chant on mane ae researchers at stanford believe the number of pwhorns sleep walk is larger than previously estimated. they suggest up to 8 and half million of us walk in our slee
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sleep. findings come after experts interviewed about 16,000 adults. some factors made increase person odd of sleep walk including depressio depression, alcohol abuse and family history of sleep walking. study appears in the journal of neurology. odd thing. >> ye. i'm sleep walking right now. >> we thought so. >> confirmed. >> management has wondered about that in reference to my performance. intense low scoring game one thingcan't do can't do is maker or. not in the 9th inning. don't know no no. he would get a chance for no. he would get a chance for redemption. sports is next.
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heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. >> you learn to live and die with the one run game. life on the edge continue with the rockies tonight on the seventh anniversary she wanted to go to the game. done honey. one mistake. here it is. the spirit is willing and so is the ball. bounce to the bleachers. bottom 6 christian working on a shut out until l greg blast the first homer of the year. we are tied at one. to the eighth. 2 on for buster. base hit to center. blanco scores
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again. 2-1 giants. single makes it 3-1. close it out. on the ground. scoot around. through the legs in hockey they say 5 hole. run score. 3-two bases loaded 2 out. nelson slow roll. redemption. got it. done. game over. giants hang on 3-2. s opening a quick 2 game set with the angels in anaheim. they like the bailey trade now. man acquired in the deal, 9th homer of the year. came off this this former athletic now 2 nothing in the sixth. smith. scores pennington and reddick as well. 4 nothing oakland. 6 scoreless. albert 250 million dollar man hitting below 200. a's shut out the angels 5 nothing. after the elbow and met a world peace didn't matter because the thunder blew out the lakers. game one of the one
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conference. watching outside. world peace booed all night long for the elbow. hate 3 but not a factor. kevin he is a factor and this is with authority. thunder blow the lakers away. russell had 27 and 119-90. game 2 eastern conference semi. low scoring but close. rhondo. with garnet. enjoying the view from up top tied at 69. 15. back and forth we go down the stretch. up 2. then turner to the rack. strong. phillies takes it 82-81 tie the series at 1 appease stage tour of california. gorgeous scenes today on the 117 mile trek from the marone a in san francisco all the way to santa cruz stage 1 winner part of 10 man crash with just over 42 miles to go shaken but in the stirre stirred. 18 miles left. flat tire. but make his way to the
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front and wins in 5 hours 2 minutes. 8 second lead headingg into tomorrow and go up mount diablo in walnut creek. >> at least not too hot. >> 77. >> that's pretty warm. >> yes. >> doesn't change the elevation. >> that's right. >> thank unite line up next. >> thanks for watching. 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. we are always available at abc 7 new and facebook and twitter. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. appreciate your time. >> good night everyone.
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baseball trainer brian mcnamee returns to the stand today in a perjury trial against star pitcher roger clemens. yesterday he gave some pretty graphic testimony about helping clemens take steroids. mcnamee started injecting clemens in 1998 when both played for the toronto blue jays. clemens is charged with lying to
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congress in 2008 when he testified he never used performance-enhancing drugs. the florida a&m marching band will not return to the field any time soon, six months after the hazing death of robert champion. it will remain on suspension for one more academic year. the university president says more time is needed to hire a new band director and adopt new rules aimed at stopping hazing. safety experts have new warnings for parents about products you might consider to be pretty harmless. researchers say over the past 25 -- 20 years, i should say, as many as 45,000 children needed emergency care because of accidents with bottles, sippy cups or pacifiers. most accidents involved children falling down while drinking from a bottle. so children are urged to sit while eating or drinking to avoid those trips to the emergency room. >> so is the danger the bottle or is the danger your kids not doing the right thing when -- >> a combo of both.


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