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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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thanks for watching, everybody. have a great tuesday. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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4:31 on this tuesday thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. right now police in castro valley on the scene of what appears to be the city's first homicide of the year. amy hollyfield is live at the scene with more information. >> reporter: police have a mystery. they are taking a lot of time to sort through the evidence. these residents have lost significant block of their street as it has been taken over by several police cars, they've been here all night. officers say their investigation started around 6:00 last night and they are nowhere near clearing out of here. they were working on an investigation and that brought them here where they found a
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body inside the home on omega avenue. they are treating it as a homicide that's all they will say. they tell us they have a lot to sort out. they did tell us that no arrests have been made. they are hoping once the sun comes up they will be able to tell us more. right now, from what we can see, it looks like it is going to be an intense and long investigation. we will be here and bring you details, as we get 'em. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 4:32. a south bay doctor faces more than 23 felony charges of operating a so-called pill mill selling prescription pain killers to addicts. the doctor is a pain management specialist in los gatos. the d.a.'s office launched an
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investigation after one of her patients out of rehab overdosed and died. undercover officers say they bought painkillers in her parking lot without examination or medical review. police arrested her friday on a one million dollar warrant. >> there were numerous people that were getting over prescribed pain medications for reasons that were not medically necessary. >> prosecutors came she would over-prescribe to addicts charging them $100 a bottle. she made her first court appearance yesterday and due back next week to enter a >> the occupiers evicted from a piece of uc farmland are vowing to return. they were forced out yesterday morning. last night 15 marched from albany towards the berkeley campus. uc police went to protect the chancellor's on campus residents where he was entertaining guests.
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the march never got that far. many are still upset from the eviction and arrests of nine protesters. cal officials say they told the occupiers they could continue tending crops as long as they didn't camp out but the occupiers turned them down. >> that is kind of misleading in the sense that although i was offered they were not willing to put that in writing and did not have an agreement as to how the land would be divided and used for us. the occupiers have been tweeting they will hold a 5 p.m. rally. state legislators will begin review of the governor's budget revision. the governor says state is facing a deficit of almost 16 billion dollars. he's calling for cuts, including 5% pay cuts for state employees which could mean furlough days. schools stan to get a 16% boost in ing -- 23 voters pass a tax initiative or lose 5 1/2
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billion dollars if they don't. >> we have to cut deeper. cutting alone doesn't do it. that's why i'm linking the serious budget reductions real increased austerity with a plea to voters, please increase taxes temporarily. >> the revised deficit ended up being seven billion dollars worse than expected due to the state over estimating tax revenue. >> the hercules city council has closed a meeting among the issues, problems with the city's finances. audit shows more than two million dollars in grants and transportation funds from 2009-2010 are unaccounted for. officials are trying to get back on track. the controller says it is the worst set of accounting records he's ever seen. san jose leaders set to impose a cap on businesses
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that make payday loans. passing an order nance that limits the number of -- an ordinance that limits the number of lenders to 38. it would prevent future stores from opening in or near low income neighborhoods. annual percentage rate of 460%. opponents say limiting payday loans would hurt people who depend on them. later today the richmond city council take a step closer to taxing sodas and other sugar sweet ended drinks. voters would died on a one cent per ounce tax. revenue was pay for afterschool programs, new fields, nutrition and cooking classes in schools. cyclists in the amgen tour head out of san jose 11:00
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this morning with 115 miles to cover including the ominous mount diablo. stage three begins in north san jose. through earn contra costa county and back to livermore for the big finish. expect lots of traffic snarls along the route. peter sagan holds the lead and the right to wear the yellow jersey today. terry mcsweeney will have a live report. mount diablo is 3800 feet or something, they are climbing 2200, a partial climb, nonetheless, grueling. >> partial climb faster than any of us could do it. mike what is the weather going to be like? >> comfortable, maybe not as comfortable as it was yesterday, more sun and temperatures in the upper 60s when they leave san to low to mid 70s through the east bay. -- pretty interesting event to
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watch if you are out in that area. low pulling away, high pressure moving in, good sign we'll have warmer weather. 7:00 this morning, still mainly cloudy with upper 40s north bay valleys, low to mid 50s for the rest of us, half mile visibility now with fog in santa rosa that will clear noon clouds back to the coast mid to upper 50s half moon bay and san francisco, 62 oakland and san rafael, everybody else in the mid to upper 60s, 70s lunchtime. 4:00, mid upper 60s to -- upper 50s to low 60s from half moon bay into san francisco, upper 60s in san rafael, oakland. the rest of us low to mid 70s. 7:00 clouds gather along the coast upper 50s the rest of us mid to upper 60s. pollen count, tree and mole high, grass and ragweed moderate. -- going to be warm tomorrow
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and then 5 to 10° cooler thursday and friday with more clouds. roadwork in the south bay. connection ramp from northbound 17 to northbound 280 blocked until 6:00 as well as southbound 880 to southbound 280. they usually clear before 6:00. it is out there, traffic still flowing well in the south bay. you heard about the amgen tour, it starts at 11:00 and eastbound bar esa road closed -- berryessa road closed until 1:00 heavy traffic expected through vallecitos into livermore. those are things to look out for today. right now at the bay bridge toll, traffic light, no problems. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge roadwork scheduled northbound past the golden gate bridge until 5:00 this morning. 4:39.
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searchers looking for a missing morgan hill teenager head back to the waterways today. the new tools they will be using to search for sierra lamar. milestone for survivors of the san bruno pipeline explosion. how some celebrated their return to the neighborhood. getting caught while using your phone behind the wheel could get more expensive. the new bill that spikes the cost of a ticket. h@abcçk@am@abc@ t ughhh.
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santa clara deputies will be out again today using a new tool in the search for sierra lamar scanning waterways with a special 3-d sonar system. the 15-year-old vanished after leaving her home for school march 16th. the latest move comes after divers searched the coyote reservoir and other bodies of water in the area near her
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home with another type of sonar. the new sonar allows them to see sunken objects in greater detail >> san bruno celebrating welcome home milestones. homes that burned too the ground in an hour are rising back up. last night city leaders honored the first wave of residents who finished rebuilding some have the same floorplan. most don't want to go back and have chosen to build different homes. one family chose to expand by more than 1,000 square feet. they say this mark as important new milestone. >> emotion is still going to be there in terms of fear and remind you of what happened. the trauma. but at one point you have to move on. >> i will never forget what happened. but i accept what happened. you got that right there is a big part of letting yourself
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heal. >> 38 homes were destroyed in the pg&e pipeline explosion. two dozen are still in the planning or construction stages. talking or texting behind the wheel may get more sensitive. the state senate approved a bill that would raise the current fine from $20 to $30. that may not seem like much after fees the tab for the illegal communication will come in at $199. the money raised would be earmarked for driver education programs. the new bill would prohibit bicyclists from texting or using a handheld device while riding. any time you use one hand, they are like two hands-on the wheel! >> my kids do that too. because they drive and they know two hands-on the we'll, they've been told that. coming up, a plan to make navigating through martinez easier has businesses upset. what they stand to lose if the
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proposal comes through. out of wildfire in arizona has neighbors on alert. how firefighters are trying to calm the blaze. takeoff time for this russian spacecraft. why a long delay cast doubts on the future of the cosmonaut program. alarming statistics to our nation of sleepwalkers. why new numbers show more of us are doing it than originally thought.3q air wick and the national park foundation have partnered to bring you the vibrant scents of nature, from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the serene waters of alaska's glacier bay. it's from these magnificent sources that we found inspiration for our newest scents,
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the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design. welcome back. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s from san mateo, san francisco and richmond. mid to upper 70s south bay into the north bay. upper 70s to near 80 east bay valleys of all of us partly cloudy by the average. today temperatures warm around seattle 74, portland 79 phoenix 106. east coast 67 boston, low to mid 70s new york and d.c. in
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between low to mid 80s. all of our major airports are on time now. rain in the northeast around houston and dallas. everything quiet here. we could have a few delays. 4:48. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that destroyed a home in redwood city this video was sent in. firefighters from as far away as san mateo were called. flames were coming from the solar panel covered roof when sky 7 hd got to the scene, fortunately, nobody was hurt. city councilmembers in martinez will consider making one way streets two-way again. two-way to castro, escobar and main streets in downtown martinez. backers believe it will increase visibility of local
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shops while making driving easier. sommer chances oppose the idea they say the city could have to eliminate 21 parking spaces to make the change. private vocational schools could have to disclose more information about job placement and financial aid to potential students. a bill requiring the school to tell students whether they are accredited, how many students default on loans, success if finding jobs and whether educational programs have problems that could limit job prospects. currently only colleges that offer ph.d's have to release that information. former secretary of state henry kissinger was spotted getting a thorough pat-down at laguardia airport. a reporter who happened to be there recognized him h the screener did not. the tsa says no one is given preference. and the pat-down would have happened even if the agent had
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recognized kissinger. uc davis economist in washington, d.c. to unveil an immigration work visa proposal to have american companies compete in an auction to buy permits to hire foreign workers. under the plan work permits start at a minute number of -- minimum of $7 -- the idea is to highlight the value of their work and replace the waiting list and random lottery that currently dictate who gets work visas. a wildfire continues to burn out of control 85 miles north of phoenix hot, dry conditions makes firefighting difficult. this manmade fire broke out yesterday on private land in the prescott national forest. it has destroyed two buildings and one trailer. 350 summer homes unmandatory evacuation orders many are
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staying. mike was telling us about triple digit temperatures there. >> from there up into also parts west of l.a. in the desert, definitely palm springs going to hit 100 again today. feels like summer there. here we are going to be warmer. ferry building with the winds blowing the flags into the east that's why we have the return of the clouds this morning. that wind will become northerly and will get rid of the clouds by noon. warmer weather now that high pressure is going to take over from that low that brought us that cooler day yesterday. upper 40s around santa rosa, napa and los gatos. antioch 57, half mile visibility around santa rosa. 46 gilroy, 48 santa cruz. 24 temperature change warming trend, san jose four degrees
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warmer, concord seven. the low from yesterday, pulling away taking the clouds and the sea breeze with it. base it -- because it is pulling away high pressure moving in warmer today. warmer most areas the biggest jump inland. south bay mid to upper 70s cupertino 76 like san jose. 66 millbrae. low to mid 70s the rest of the peninsula. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast patches of sun mid 60s downtown south san francisco into sausalito, pretty much mid 70s through most of the north bay valley. east bay shore richmond and berkeley upper 60s low to mid 70s everybody else fremont the warm spot 73 inland 75 dublin antioch and brentwood near 80 same type of mid to near 80
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inland. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. palm springs 101, sun and 71 tahoe central valley mid to upper 50s tonight cloudy not as cool as this morning a lot of low to mid 50s. a few degrees warmer tomorrow, 2 to 8° cooler thursday into friday before another warming trend, more sunshine saturday and sunday. live shot in san jose of the 280 and 17 interchange, traffic light. the connection ramp from 880 southbound to 280 scheduled to be closed until 6:00 detours are in place. traffic seems to be getting by. live shot of the oakland maze, westbound 80 traffic delay-free out of berkeley towards the bay bridge to the right, westbound 580 moving well out of oakland no problems no -- no problems
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now. contra costa county southbound 680 near north main fine towards highway 24 through the san ramon valley. bart continues to have switching problems. if you are on the richmond line between san bruno and millbrae you have to stop at sfo, causing a 5 to 10 minute delay. everything else looking good. women are one step closer to fighting on the frontlines. the pentagon says it is opening thousands of combat-related rules to women serving will allow female soldiers to serve at battalion level bringing them closer to combat but not in a fighting role. 14,000 new jobs are opening. russian made soyuz craft blasted off in space for a trip to the international space station. >> liftoff! liftoff confirmed. two cosmonauts and one
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nasa astronaut were onboard when it launched from an airfield in kazakhstan. it will dock today at the international space station for a 4 1/2 month stay. the mission was delayed two months. the delay raised questions about the dependability of4h3ñ e russian space program. california-based company preparing to reach a milestone in private space travel. set to launch dragon capsule what you see here to the international space station this saturday. the test flight of the unmanned capsule will assess its ability to carry cargo. the company tends to eventually carry passengers to low earth orbit. the rocket will launch from cape canaveral in florida. it is based in southern california and this is company video of an earlier test. space x has a 1.6 billion dollar contract with nasa to use the dragon resupply the
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space station. yosemite park offering new way to enjoy beauty if you can't be there, see there. you can now enjoy the view on a webcam. it is one of four feeds that include the sierra nevada range. we have links at look under see it on tv. new study out says the number of americans who sleepwalk is larger than anyone thought. researchers at stanford interviewed 16,000, a third of people surveyed say they've sleepwalked at least once. the researchers estimate up to 8 1/2 million americans sleepwalk at least once a year. researchers say some factors may increase your odds of sleepwalking, they include, depression, alcohol abuse and a family mystery of sleepwalking.
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-- and a family history of sleepwalking. if you look on the fineprint of some of the sleep medications they tell you, you may sleepwalk. >> has your wife told you? >> nobody has told me. >> who is that raiding the fridge. a few days away from facebook's long awaited ipo. how high shares have surged and where mark zuckerberg will not betrayed -- not be when trading begins friday. back to court for ross mirkarimi. the key piece of evidence prosecutors will try to remove -- try to use to remove him from his job. toughening up on massage parlors.
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