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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hope you had a great nighttime to get up for another fun day thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze.
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and i'm eric thomas. let's talk about live doppler good morning. nothing showing up here on the spread nature there are small pockets of drizzle and fog up around santa rosa, half mile visibility. up there temperature 49. the rest of us low to mid 50s with increasing clouds, mostly cloudy in most areas. partly cloudy this afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s once again. here's frances with your first look at traffic. hot spot westbound 580 through the altamont pass because of the stalled big rig at north flynn blocking a lane traffic jammed, nine miles an hour, standstill was reported a while ago. we have traffic spotter moving at less than 10 miles this is slow, right now bay bridge toll only a minor back up for some of the cash paying lanes. 6:01. we are staying on top of developing news we first brought you at 4:30.
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alameda county sheriff's deputies investigating what may be astro valley's first homicide of the year. they are investigating the death as a possible homicide but they have not released details on the victim or the circumstances surrounding the discovery. amy hollyfield is at the scene. she will bring more in a live report in a few minutes. in a few hours today's leg of the amgen tour of california bike race will get underway in san jose, five hours, sure to cause traffic tie ups. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose near the starting line. >> reporter: this is a beautiful morning for a fantastic race at the berryessa community center. the stage is set literally. they just built the stage. that is where going to start at 11:15 this morning stage
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three of the amgen tour of california. on the right these are the kinds of tents they never let me in the vip tents. keeping out the riffraff, that would include me. from san jose to livermore and of course this is going to be a heck of a day for a race up and down mount diablo, wow, that is going to be tough, 117 miles today. pictures from yesterday, 117 miles yesterday, 115 today to be accurate. before in race ends in southern california may 20th, somewhere around two million people will have seen it in person. big crowds out yesterday. also going to be millions more watching on international television this is a huge race. again, america's version of the tour de france. we tacked to one of the racers about what it is like. >> -- >> race something hard,
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stressful, always trying to stay in the front, out of trouble, your legs and lungs hurt. >> reporter: yesterday 10 cyclists crashed about 73 miles into the race. all of them returned to the field and one peter sagan of slovakia won the stage he leads by eight seconds. everybody is talking about the big amgen stage three at 11:15. but 8:15 this morning, king of the mountain charity cycling race, a four mile race to raise money to help out 250 silicon valley schools with their anti-obesity program. when amgen comes to town, a lot of excitement, a lot of people turning out for it, a lot of people watching on television, also a lot of good happening in the local community. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. suspended san francisco
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sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court later today over a key piece of evidence in the ethics battle against him. at issue whether video of his wife can be used in an administrative hearing on misconduct charges again the sheriff. the video taken by a neighbor shows his wife talking about the incident and showing a bruise on her arm. the city wants to use the video as evidence in an effort to remove mirkarimi from his position. when you think facebook ipo could not get hotter this morning the company raised its stock price for shares. [ unintelligible ] >> the newly 28-year-old ceo will stay put friday kicking off the public offering in the bay area. he is scheduled to ring the opening bell from his menlo park headquarters friday. not new york, but menlo park.
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some senior executives will be in new york, the main party in the silicon valley. zuckerberg has been on a private investor road show hidden behind tinted windows of black suv's. associated press poll takes the pulse of americans. opinions seem to differ with age and investor status. 58% of investors say facebook is overvalued. 40% of active investors state company is not a good investment. 59% of adults under 35 say facebook is a good bet. those folks are considered zuckerberg's peers. want to know if their opinions will change with the new price 2010 $34 and $38 closing the book on public offering today, -- facebook's expected value
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is to be 100 billion dollars. what do you think? is it worth it? being join the conversation at, abc7 news talk about facebook at facebook i've been reading a couple of responses. they think it is going to fade. >> [ unintelligible ] >> not before it makes lots of money. this morning, president obama will make his fourth appearance on the view he discusses his commitment to legalizing same-sex marriages. >> the president: my justice department has said to the courts, we don't think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. this is something that historically, had been determined at the state level. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> the president: well, look congress is clearly on notice that i think it is a bad idea. >> you can watch the women of
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the view interview the president this morning at 10 a.m. right here on abc7. let's check in with mike to talk about when the clouds will give way to sunshine. [ talking over each other ] kind of a grey start to the morning. >> sorry about that i wanted to jump in quickly. half mile visibility in santa rosa, the rest of us have cloudy conditions nothing to worry about as far as something detrimental to your morning commute. the low pulled away while we were sleeping that brought us on the onshore winds yesterday that were so much cooler than average now high pressure is taking over that will lead to sunshine, mostly cloudy through 7:00, upper 40s inland, low 50s for the rest of us. upper 60s around the bay low 70s inland. mid 50s along the coast, a little more cloud cover than everywhere else. low to mid 70s around the bay and inland for 4:00, partly cloudy, upper 40s at -- upper
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50s at the coast. mid 50s at the coast. high amounts of tree and mold, grass and ragweed moderate amounts. the next three days wednesday warm just like today, temperatures drop two to eight degrees thursday into friday under a partly sunny sky. here's frances. just one hot spot, but really bad, westbound 580 through the altamont pass because of a stalled big rig. traffic is jammed for about nine mile as approaching the scene out of tracy. i'll zoom in and the stalled big rig is at north flynn blocking the number three lane, nine miles per hour from 580/205 seven miles an hour from 11th street to the scene that's about 45 minutes. you may want to consider altamont pass road everywhere else normal delays including the bay bridge toll backed up for the cash paying lanes.
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6:09. the volcano putting people in mexico on alert for an imminent eruption. john edwards's corruption trial continues. the close family member getting ready to take the stand. tkrepbs aren't just for the military any more. more -- drones aren't just for the military any more. more people are
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officials in the central mexican state are keeping a watchful eye on a volcano threatening to erupt the
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volcano has been rumbling for the past several days. residents have been warned it to erupt soon. they've been warned to take precautions. john edwards' oldest daughter is expected to take the stand later today. she broke down in tears last time she testified when she reconned her mother's reaction after learning of her father's affair. it is unclear what in her testimony might help the defense. he faces 30 years in prison for alleged campaign finance violations. drones may be widely used by the military. we are seeing them more and more in the civilian world. they are an example -- the drive to discover the personal drone. >> reporter: until recently this kind of beauty shot was possible only with a noisey polluting passenger helicopter.
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today, one person can achieve this with the flick of a thumb. the camera is mounted on an electric drone called a quadro copter it comes in models with six and eight rotors. a company sells the drone controlled with a phone to hobbyists for a little more than $200. the hobby days are over. >> now it is a $10,000 toy, very, very pricey. >> reporter: these super mod departments are worth it -- these supermodels are worth it. a rig with cameras weighing several pounds, higher than 1,000 feet, farther than a mile and faster than five tie miles an hour while broadcasting live video. -- that complexity is why jim controls only the camera while eric remote controls the drone. eric is probably in the top 100 flyers in the country flying something like .
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people who -- who can this don't know how to get shots. it is too disciplined. very difficult to find somebody who can do both. >> reporter: today they ever capturing sweeping vistas at mills college. why doesn't this replace the television news copter? >> no, not a good idea. i've heard people talk about flying over an occupy demonstration and very unpredictable what people could do. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration has issued only a handful of licenses and prohibits the use of drone aircraft for commercial purposes that includes journalism. if you are flying one as a had been buy, you don't need a license. faa promise to issue -- relaxed guidelines by the end of the year richard harf, abc7 news. >> who on the set is likely to
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get one first? >> no, i believe in manned aircrafts. >> don't you have a teenaged daughter? >> i do. >> whoever that over her. >> thank you -- hover that over her. >> thank you. a father talking there. here's a look at san jose farther south you go the less cloud cover, sunny over the south bay this morning, good morning. let's talk about temperature in san jose, 53 mountain view 53 upper 40s around los gatos up towards napa and santa rosa with half mile visible the rest of us in the low to mid 50s with mostly cloudy conditions. low 50s around watsonville, salinas and monterey with a partly cloudy start. partly cloudy everywhere and warmer today, clouds return tonight patchy coastal drizzle possible again like this morning. another warming friend for the .
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today compared to average back where we -- where we should be. oakland 70 san jose 76 one degree warmer, san francisco 65 redwood city 73. sunsets 8:30, high pressure takes over, low moves away, more sunshine warmer air mass not only today also tomorrow. we start in the south bay mid to upper 70s. 76 san jose and cupertino. mid 70s -- 66 millbrae upper 50s to low 60s along the coast today mid 60s downtown and south san francisco north bay valleys mid 70s 80s up around ukiah. near 60 at your beaches, 66 richmond, berkeley 67. oakland low to mid 70s free none 73 mid 70s to near 80 east bay valleys. mid to upper 60s monterey bay
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inland mid 70s to 81 in gilroy. heading to the game tonight at&t park 7:15 first pitch we won last night. tonight mostly cloudy low to 50s tomorrow a few degrees warmer inland then we'll drop two to eight degrees thursday hold steady friday partly sunny, warmer with more sunshine saturday and sunday. couple things at the bay bridge toll, accident on the shoulder, i do see a possible tow truck heading to the scene. nearing lights have been turned on. -- metering lights have been turned on. backed up to the 880 overcrossing. no problems out of marin, great on the south bay northbound 280 out of san jose to cupertino delay-free, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. hot spot is still westbound 580 through the altamont pass. traffic spotter reported a big rig stall it has been out there for a while look at how
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jammed it is, seven miles per hour out of tracy this is causing about a half hour commute from 11th street all the way to the scene. altamont pass road is an alternate. looks better at this point, 36 miles an hour, then 22 miles an hour versus the traffic jam on 580. once you get past that stalled big rig, it is a little better into livermore at this point. that might be a possible option for you. 6:20. >> the "dancing with the stars" finale is almost here. which couple walked away with a perfect score ahead of tonight's elimination. >> the security concerns leading to a lady gagalson. i
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lady gaga getting gagged overseas. indonesian national police have refused to let her perform in jakarta next month. they say it is because of security concerns. groups in the heavily islamic nation have strongly objected to her fashion and performing style calling it vulgar and erotic. more than 50,000 tickets have been sold and plummably will be refunded. down to four -- couples, maria and derrick came way with a perfect score after the
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then they came back with their jive to end in first place. you can watch the elimination tonight. still ahead h changing of the guard in france. -- the new president sworn in a short time ago. governor brown calling for billions in cuts to the state budget. action lawmakers are taking and who stands to be affected the most. south bay doctor accused of selling painkillers to addicts. the undercover operation leading to her arrest. >> reporter: some residents in castro valley are waking up to this, an active crime scene we'll tell you about the mystery police are trying to solve, next. partly cloudy this afternoon, near 60 along the coast, 70s around the bay 80s end land towards antioch. around the country today temperatures are -- still warm in the pacific northwest mid to upper 70s seattle and portland. phoenix 106 rain and cooler
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boston 67, new york 70, d.c. 76 flight arrival delays into philadelphia. san francisco, sfo reporting 36 minute flight arrival delays. oakland and
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it is tuesday, may 15th.
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kind of a grey start to the day. but we thank you for the company. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. when the skies are this grey you know there will be airport delays and we are starting to see them. >> more from mike. >> 36 minute flight arrival delays in sfo. clouds dissipate 10:00 until they do they will create a little fog, half mile visibility in santa rosa now doppler clear of any organized rain. when you step out uper 40s, santa rosa, napa,. the afternoon hours clouds linger along the coast keeping you near 60. low to mid until you get into the east bay valleys. same around morgan hill, gilroys who lister mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. worst spot is westbound 205 heading into the altamont pass westbound 580 jammed seven miles an hour from west
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grant line road almost at a standstill heavy through the altamont pass to north flynn because of a stalled big rig. altamont pass road slow, 29 miles an hour versus seven better bet. bay bridge toll, another slow spot backed up to the 880 overcrossing right now. 6:31. developing news alameda county deputies tying to solve mystery of castro valley's first homicide of the year. amy hollyfield is live in the neighborhood on omega avenue where the body of the victim was found. >> reporter: quite a mystery in castro valley. we have a lot of questions, including the fact -- crime techs just went back into the house they are wearing masks over their faces. we are interested to know why. see that gal just pop out? she is behind the bush watch for her. we are wondering why the crime scene is taking so long to
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process. residents went to bed looking at this crimep> scene taking place now they wake up to seeing it again. they've been out here for quite a while. what we know is a body was town inside that house. police have told us that -- was found inside that house. police have told us they were working on a investigation and it brought them here and they found a body inside the house. that started around 6:00 last night. we have a witness at the scene that says there were a couple of guys who were coming back from the giants' game last night and came to this house, a mother-in-law of one. this is where they were coming to stay they couldn't get in because of all the crime tape that is all we know police are being very tight-lipped about the information won't tell us the gender or the age of the person who die. they say they have a lot of details to sort through i spoke with the spokesperson for the sheriff's office. he says all they can say is this a homicide and he's planning to come out soon to learn more and brief us.
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interesting tidbit i asked why the sheriff's office is handling this? he says castro valley doesn't have a police department it is unincorporated town, the largest in california. that's why the sheriff's office is handling this. stay with us for this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a 69-year-old south bay doctor faces more than 20 felony charges of operating a so-called pill mill. the doctor of mountain view is a pain management specialist. her website -- the d.a.'s office launched an investigation after one of her patients just out of rehab overdosed and died. uncover officers say they bought painkillers in her parking lot without examination or medical review. police arrested her friday on
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a one million dollar warrant. >> there were numerous people that were getting overprescribed for reasons that were not medically necessary. >> prosecutors claim she would over prescribe to addicts charging $100 a bottle. she is due back in court next week to enter a plea. the occupiers evicted from a piece of uc farmland in albany are vowing to return tonight. they were forced out yesterday morning after three weeks. last night 15 marched from albany towards the berkeley campus. uc police went to protect the chancellor's on campus residence. the march never made it that way. cal officials say they told the occupiers they could continue tending the crops they planted as long as they didn't camp there they say the occupiers turned them down. >> that's kind of misleading in the sense that it was offered, they were not willing to put that in writing and did not actually have an agreement
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as to how the land would be divided and used for us. >> the university is expecting a larger crowd this evening. the occupiers have been tweeting they will hold a 5 p.m. rally in albany. san bruno celebrating the first in a series of welcome home milestones where eight people died in the 2010 gas pipeline explosion. homes that burned to the ground in an hour are slowly rising back up in the neighborhood. last night city leaders honored the first wave of residents who have finished rebuilding. one family chose to expand by more than 1,000 square feet. 38 homes were destroyed. two dozen are still in the planning or construction stages. state lawmakers will begin reviewing the governor's revised budget plan today with a hearing. governor brown says state is facing a deficit of almost 16 billion dollars. he's calling for cuts, including 5% a cuts for stay -- pay cuts for state i employs. schools plan to get a 16%
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boost if the tax initiative is passed. grueling 115 mile bike race set to get underway in the south bay, one leg of the weeklong amgen tour of california. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose where they are just about ready for the racers to show up. big climb today. >> reporter: going to be a great race, beautiful day, clear skies already the sun is coming up as you can see behind me they got the stage set up, the vip tents up, ready for the 11:15 start of this third stage of the amgen tour of california or as they like to refer it to, america's version of the tour de france. exciting pictures from yesterday's race from san francisco -- 117 miles when this ends in southern california on the 20th, it is expected to have drawn two million people turning out to see it, in person more than
6:37 am
the oakland a's are going to be drawing all season. a lot of people like it. this year's leg down here has a special twist to it. i talked to chuck hodge the man in charge of the amgen tour he talked about why they are so excited. >> a new place for us is over mount diablo. we've looked at it for years now we are going to race over it very exciting, also livermore our finish city we have a pass through early in the day then we come back to sprint it out at the finish we start in san jose, great place for expect day ares to come. teams will be here -- for spectators to come. teams will be here before, get a chance to get autographs, see their favorite riders. >> reporter: if you watch the race between san jose and livermore, a crash yesterday everybody got back up and they were fine, sagan leads by eight seconds. this morning there is going to be the king of the mountain
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charity cycling challenge four mile race to the top of the see rather summit road that is a fundraiser -- sierra summit road that is a fundraiser, raising money for the anti-obesity program at 250 silicon valley schools. amgen tour comes to town, brings excitement and some money too. it is going to be a great race today, 117 miles should be a beauty. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> you can see the starting line in san jose clear looks to be a sunny morning for them. >> not here. you can see the towers on the bay bridge obscured by low clouds and fog. >> that's causing those flight arrival delays into sfo. haze in san jose, six mile visibility same around the coast patchy drizzle possible up into novato half mile our thickest fog and most dangerous fog is this morning in santa rosa. today we'll have cloud cover through 7:00, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s upper
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40s mainly in the north bay around morgan hill. by noon, clouds back to the coast mid to upper 50s, low 60s around oakland and san rafael mid to upper 60s bay shore into the south bay low 70s napa into the east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s, low to mid 70s fremont, palo alto, south bay, 62 san francisco, 67 oakland by 7:00 clouds start returning back to the coast and san francisco, mid to upper 50s that, the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s at 7:00. pollen high amounts of tree and mold, moderate amounts of grass and ragweed. going to be warm again tomorrow, low 80s inland, low 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast we drop two to eight degrees thurt day -- thursday and keep the same temperatures for friday. bad ride out of tracy into the altamont pass because of a stalled big rig westbound 580
6:40 am
near north flynn blocking a lane for an hour, nine miles an hour, even west grant line road possible alternate is heavy. it remains to be swamped all the way to north flynn. altamont pass road might be an alternate 29 miles per hour. just expect about a good half hour delay out of tracy now. what it has done in the meantime even though this is heavy from the altamont to 680 that stretch is lighter than normal drive time is only 15 minutes. also, you may want to consider ace train bart just a little delay between san bruno and millbrae you have to stop at sfo now. 6:40. trading underway on wall street. we have a live report straight ahead. the dow up five points. talking or texting while you are behind the wheel could get more expensive. the extra quash you may have to pay if you get caught.
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new this morning from france, sarkozy is out and the new president is in. the swearing in ceremony taking place hours ago.h@closed@ @
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welcome back. warmest weather inland antioch 80 north bay low 80s cloverdale and clear lake mid to upper 70s until you get to richmond, san francisco and san mateo mid to upper 60s near 60 at the coast partly cloudy doppler is quiet across
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the state with the warmest weather around palm springs 101 towards the coast 69 san diego, l.a. 77, mid to upper 80s through the central valley sunny 71 in tahoe. let's check with josh elliot for a look at what is coming up on "good morning america." >> i hear someone is busy, sam doing double duty today? >> yes, he is. as we continue to bend the time space konstantin here from coast-to-coast he's on -- time space continuum from coast-to-coast he's on with kelly. he's also bleary eyed he's going to be breaking regis' record for most consecutive hours on television gripping hour to come. we have a lot, including the story breaking in the south dangers on the interstate serial gunman said to be on
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the loose on southern highways, perhaps dressing as a police officer pulling over drivers in the middle of the night there are two victims now there's an urgent manhunt for this killer. we'll have the latest throughout the morning on "good morning america." for the time since her arrest, alec baldwin's alleged talker speaks out prompting to stay away from the actor but insists she has committed no crime is there more to the story? and people, i don't understand, there's a bicoastal custody battle going on, over a dog. there's this guy in manhattan who says he spent tens of thousands trying to get his dog back from his ex-girlfriend in california. i don't even claim to understand it. there's a lot about today's show makes me teal like i'm a stranger -- makes me feel like i'm a stranger in a strange land. also fab four -- go ahead. >> i wonder if it is about the
6:47 am
dog or trying to get one over each other they just want to win. >> that's it. he spent tens of thousands, he can give me the money and i'll provide entertainment, i'll take him to a show here in times square, tens of thousands of dollars, are you serious! and "dancing with the stars" who going home? we have one of our favorite couples sherri shepard and val here live. the break out hit "revenge" >> call us when you get the money and we'll talk. >> by the way, i'm waiting for my california air. where is my california air? >> there's been a complication but we'll take care of it. see you later josh. new this morning, a
6:48 am
russian-made soyuz craft blasted off to the international space station. >> liftoff confirmed everything is okay onboard. >> two cosmonauts and one astronaut were onboard when it launched from an airfield in kazakhstan. it will dock later today at the international space station for a 4 1/2 month stay. the america was delayed because of issues on the crave. france's new president has been sworn in francois hollande is the first socialist leader in 17 years amid growing economic tour mohel. hollande's first order of business takes him to -- berlin where he will meet with chancellor merkel. those economic fears throughout europe certainly impacting wall street. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange the with a new concern about greece. yes, we were headed toward
6:49 am
a solidly higher open, "were" the operative word. 20 minutes before the opening bell we got headlines on greece they cannot agree on a government so they will have another round of elections next month. drama in tampa, j.c. -- jpmorgan chase holding shareholder meeting there. here's how we look, we have gains they feel kind of weak we may lose them, look at those up five points in the dow. bloomberg index lower slightly. one company optimistic facebook raising price range of initial public offering, increasing expected price to between $34 and $38 a share it used to be $28 to $35. upgraded bigger photos in your news feed focusing on mobile
6:50 am
users telling investor it can make money off them. watch for new mac book. planning a new line-up runs on more powerful intel chips focus on the mac indicating with what some analysts have been saying which is later this year apple will be concentrating on the iphone. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> thank you very much. microclimates you can see them going on this morning. >> even more so in the afternoon. cloud cover a little discrim it in we don't have much in the south bay, we have -- discrim it in in winds blowing in from the west that's why the marine layer clouds return. still coolest in los gatos 48 same napa 49. right now elsewhere low to mid 50s monterey bay low 50s watsonville, salinas and
6:51 am
monterey. as far as what is happening today, partly cloudy this afternoon, warmer everywhere clouds return tonight patchy coastal drizzle. more includes, cooler tomorrow, thursday before a warming trend this weekend. one degree warmer in hayward at 70 same in san francisco 65 oakland 72 degrees warmer san jose 76, four. you can see inland where we'll see the biggest jump.) mainly cloudy, by 10:00, a lot of clouds fading by noon hanging out at the coast, stubborn compared to yesterday, 60s, 70s and 80s. east bay valleys, warmest weather mid 70s to 80 antioch and brentwood. east bay shore low to mid 70s from oakland to fremont at 73, cool spot richmond and berkeley mid to upper 60s.
6:52 am
75 sunnyvale, 76 san jose. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast and patchy clouds. sausalito 66 low to mid 70s north bay valleys mid 70s at your beaches. mid 70s to near 80 inland. giants' game partly cloudy temperature dropping from 63 to 56. tomorrow a lot like today, extra clouds, two to eight degrees thursday and friday temperatures from the coast warmer than average for the weekend. bay bridge toll backed up towards the foot of the maze metering lights on earlier crash near the toll, fine across the golden gate bridge with the exception of the fog i think we were trying to send some of that fog to josh. northbound 280 slow near highway 17 usual delays
6:53 am
san jose north 101 this morning. hot spot has been westbound 205 to westbound 580 out of tracy to livermore because of a stalled big rig. delays are about an hour. if you want to consider west grant line road as an alternate that is very slow. then it does improve, 27 miles per hour on the altamont pass road versus seven miles an hour on westbound 580. give yourself a lot of extra time, this is a huge jam causing hourlong delays. you may want to consider ace train as an alternate. 6:53 now. talking or texting while behind the we'll may soon be more expensive. the state senate has approved a bill that raises the current fine for using a phone while driving from $20 to $30. after you add on the fees the tab comes in at just under
6:54 am
$200. the money raised by the increase would be earmarked for driver educating programs. here are five things to know before you go: number one, developing news alameda deputies investigating castro valley's first homicide of the year. they've been on the scene all night and are wearing safety masks as they investigate a body inside a home. number two, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg will ring the nasdaq bell from menlo park friday. yesterday facebook raised stock price for initial public offering to between $34 and $38. number three, governor's revised budget plan gets a first test with a hearing. the state faces a 16 billion dollar deficit. democrats are unhappy with the deep cuts. republicans don't like tax increases. number four, don't forget to catch president obama on the view. he will be talking about all the hot topics, same-sex
6:55 am
marriage, street reform and having a teenaged daughter. i know about that. 10 a.m.. >> number five, cycling fans gathering in san jose for today's leg of the amgen tour, starts at 11:15. ends in livermore. the race will cause traffic delays. what is the weather going to be like for that bike ride? a lot more sun, warmer from the mid 60s to the start mid 70s by the time they end in livermore. good morning doppler not picking up rain, we are tracking fog, half mile visibility in santa rosa, hazy around novato and south bay, six mile visibility, five mile at half moon bay, sfo at 10, low clouds causing 35 minute flight arrival delays check out our flight tracker at mostly cloudy the next couple of hours upper 40s to low 50s noon partly cloudy through the afternoon into the evening
6:56 am
temperatures top out in the 60° range along the coast to near 80 inland. new accident just reported on the peninsula southbound 101 approaching willow road, chp en route. live shot of the bay bridge toll backed up to the foot of the maze now. it has been a horrible ride this morning out of tracy an -- a crawl for about 13, 14 miles to the altamont pass because of a stalled big rig. altamont pass road is a possible alternate moving at 27 miles per hour. if you want to an individual that you may want to consider ace train. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. at 7:24. have a great day. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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