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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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complete a book report every day. 23-year-old otis mobley was one of three suspects arrest by police and federal agents. the arrest was a culmination of an atf operation gone bad. mobley, his cousin and another man accused of to sell a grenade launcher. according to court papers who accomplices aimed loaded weapons at the under cover agent. shots were fired and two guns were found on the ground. now district judge affirmed lower court's decision to release mobley on a $150,000 bond, pending trial. he will live on his grandmother's rural property with an electronic ankle bracelet and one more condition. that mobley read and write at least 90 minutes every day. >> i have seen a lot of unusual conditions but have never seen anything like this.
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i don't nochl i can't imagine what the rationale is for requiring him to read books and make book reports. >> prosecutors appealed the release order. he did not have a gun, mobley is still charged with brandishing a firearm and assaulting a federal officer. court papers say mobley uses alcohol and elicit drugs regularly, as a criminal background including a conviction for domestic battery z he admitted he quote shot someone in the head in self-defense though he was never charged with murder. >> he's a good guy. >> his grandfather says he leave believes his grandson, the father of a 4-year-old son can turn his life around. >> i do think he should have a chance. >> do you think it's a good thing he's being told to do reading and writing. >> i'm sure it's good to do reading and writing. it's good for anyone to read and write. >> a u.s. attorneys had no
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comment today but atf spokesperson told us, quote we're not in a position to second guess a junl's decision, we're doing the best we can to investigate this incident. and prosecutors are doing their best to appeal the judge's order giving prosecutors time to file their paper work with the ninth circuit. >> thank you. >> and we have breaking news in the east bay on mount diablo. sky 7 is live over the scene of a caress cue. >> the fire department received a call about this car that plunged over up south gate road and reportedly dropped more than 100 feet. emergency crews are on the scene. we'll stay on top of this for you. >> late developments in the crash of a russian jet line liner that killed a man. peter addler among 54 people
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killed when a russian passenger jet slammed into a volcano wednesday, today, special forces found the plane's black boxes and there is data recorders on a short demonstration flight when it went down. crews hoping the voice and data recorders might explain what caused this crash. >> tonight investigators say there are at least a dozen people of interest in castro valley's first murder of the year. there is a tip led deputies to a home they found a man's body. he's in his 20s and there is officers say several people live in that home. they're among people of interest in this case. >> there is a big set back for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. a judge wail lou the enlics dmoigs consider a video and vic lee is live with the ruling. >> this is a big legal victory
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for mayor lee. the verio tape is a critical piece of evidence for the mayor and arguments before the ethics committee. commission, rather. lawyers for he and his wife fought hard to try to keep this video from being released but the judge sided with the mayor. the court battle was over a 45 second videotape taken by mirkarimi's neighbor. and this is when lopez came to her home. the video shows a bruce on her arm caused by mirkarimi. lawyers for both mirkarimi and lopez asked the judge not to release the tape. and they argued it was never entered as violence. in march, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false immiss onment. and lopez lawyer argued if the video was released to the
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ethics commission this would surely go viral on the internet. and canny reacted to the ruling. >> they don't want to protect her or her rights. you're so out of your mind to get ross mirkarimi. >> the city attorney argued lopez has spoken about the video so her argument are moot. >> a person can't speak publicly on a matter then turn around and use right of privacy to keep information that tends to support the opposite view. >> the attorney says she will appeal the judge's decision and plans to file a writ, a motion to jop the -- stop the release of the video with the court of appeals. >> there is a bay area student
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now suing the state in an effort to get rid of so called bad teachers. there is a lawsuit that intends to do away with a senor tis ti based system for schoolteachers. karen and her daughter are suing both the state and school district allen rock union foo you're starting to lose your passion for why you went to school i lose my job. >> for the union school district it says it's seen scores go up 57 points. also named in this suit is the los angeles unified school district. >> mark zuckerberg isn't the only one who stands to make a bundle when facebook makes a debut friday. zuckerberg plans to sell 30 hillin shares and will retain 57% of the stock. a number of investors will profit as well.
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there is exel selling 31 million shares. and goldman sachs, 13 million shares, and a russian group, 11 million shares worth $400 million. how will zuckerberg fare as the head of the company? david louie is live with that story. >> there is starting friday, mark zuckerberg will be facing a host of challenges and one will be dealing with shareholders. at age 28 mark zuckerberg demonstrated laser-sharp focus on what he believes facebook is and what it can be. fellow ceos says he has makings to abe strong leader. >> i think strong ceos we know like from amazon and larry
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ellison talked to their long term visions of the company ask have not always been immediate responsive to what the street wanted them to do. >> and there is andy gutman runs zen technologies which runs a code use bid facebook. another ceo urges zuckerberg not to shy away from critic autos if wise, he'll look for trusted friends and they can point out weaknesses. some that i've valued are people who aren't afraid of what fancy title i've had or to tell me when i'm being stupid. and you need that. >> and. >> older he gets, you'll likely see the dress code that will probably change, over time. >> however, others say like steve job who's wore a black turtle neck and jeans zuckerberg should be judged on how he runs the company. >> if he does results well they're going to think that
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hoody is fantastic f he does that, i think he'll be considered fantastic. if he znlt, people will focus on every misstep. and this will be hard for him. he's shy. >> final thoughts? >> good luck to them and future shareholders. >> enjoy the ride. take time for yourself. >> and ceos said he's going to have to continue to hire bright minds because some of the first batch of hires will be able to exercise their stock option, cash out and start their own company. that is the silicon valley way. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> there is not everyone caught up in the hype over the ipo. a new poll sows more than half of the people surveyed view facebook favorably, 50% say it's a passing fad. there is another 50% say the price is too high. >> and this is going to be interesting. >> still coming up there is a
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transformation in the works for downtown san jose. a list that could turn it into a high rise haven. >> stage three of the amgen tour. the tough climb up mount diablo and an attempt at the finish line. >> in sacramento, the state never built anything at that
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. city leaders want to convince more people to live downtown. in order to make that happen they decided to give
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developers a tax break for building new high rises. abc news is live with more on incentives down there. >> the city council voted 8-2 this afternoon to get developers who break ground by the end of next year a tax break. this bundle of incentives are aimed at the rental market not the condo market. >> there is a apartment complex in the works for years bringing 350 apartment units to units to san jose and and willing to fund the project they can't be built in phases. >> the returns are affected by money is out z so to defer some of the fees this is very important to lure to downtown, city leaders say incentives are needed. >> what we know is that
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current level we're not getting high rises out of the ground and so this is an opportunity to get 50% of something. >> l is a number of incentives reducing red tape by expediting the process, reduce taxes, cutting building and construction taxes in half and reduce fees until the project is ready to occupy. two voted no. >> there is to spur development but what cost? we have to be cautious about giving away too much. >> supporters say it will not only create hundreds of jobs but provide downtown businesses with built in customers. >> it's going to bring in a lot of people and foot traffic. revenue going to go up by a lot. and. >> this is om good for the first 1,000 units.
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there is no guarantee developers will be lining up. >> it's challenging and difficult. and there are a lot of hurdle autos i talked with another developer, her own three sites in downtown san jose suitable for construction. he says that these incentives may be enough to break ground on one of the projects. >> thank you. >> cyclists logged another 115 miles today thrk time starting in san jose. climbing up mount diablo in livermore that, is where wayne freedman is live tonight. wayne? >> livermore is a street party tonight. there is a street party and they're serious about it. here it is. this is half an hour ago.
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first street an attempt to set a record for world's largest flash mob. we have to be honest. there is a planned event so someone will protest. they're going to launch a complaint, still, this is an impressive dancing mob on what had been a race course. and this is how it finished the tour. and that is the headline. >> there is a the preps and waiting and anticipation like walnut creek, for instance. >> how far can you come for this event? >> about a block. >> half a block. probably most excite thing that happened in wellwall nut creek. >> today the third leg began
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in san jose. the 115 mile ride with a detour via mount diablo. today they got it. fan appreciation would be one reason they gathered in elk grove road thchl is another. >> we're going to have to funnel down an eight-foot wide slot that. means it can be bad. >> if can't move. >> where are you going to stand? >> back. back. and up. >> good idea. first a break away group rolled through. and eight minutes later everyone else, they skipped through without incident. all built up, no trauma. there is a wonderful memory. >> they're pros and going keep on moving. this is the end of the tour
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for the bay area, moving on tomorrow will leave from sonora and go to clovis. another 130 miles, they say it's the toughest part of the race that finishes sunday. 715 miles on two wheels. the hard way. >> that is remarkable. >> almost like the hard way. >> yes. >> you're kidding. >> chris oop yes. what a day. and there is not an unfamiliar pattern to us. there is a live view from which camera? right. i knew that. from east bay hills looking at sutro tower, that is a marine layer. it's deep and has been clinging much of the day providing cool conditions there and breezy. here is a look at our
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satellite loop. there is conditions cool there. so high temperatures near the coast only into mid-50s and there are san francisco, 57. and look at the inland readings, 60 in antioch. there is some warmth to be found. and now mild in many inland spots. there is 71 in concord. upper 60s in other locations. low 60s and upper 50s on the bay. clouds and fog pushing inland overnight. mild tomorrow around the bay. and still cool at the coast. there is a cooler pattern and satellite shows high pressure still dominant feature there, is a trough bringing us cooler conditions thursday. temperatures will be below average for this time of the year.
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there are fog and low clouds pushing far inland and across the bay. there is location that's will drop into upper 40s. there is a burn back to and in spots away from, the coastline by afternoon. still, cool at the coast. highs into 50s there is upper 70s to low 8 ows. tomorrow in the south bay mainly sunny skies with highs into 70s. there is peninsula, looking for highs of 68 in peninsula. on the coast mid to upper 50s, downtown san francisco, 56 in the sunset district. north bay, highs into mid-70s up to 77. and milder mid-80s. there is mid to upper 60s up
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to around 70. there is we'll see 60s near monterey bay. upper 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cool down thursday, friday cool as well but this will occur under sunny skies with no threat of rain so whether warm, cool, you'll be dry. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> shark attack on the central coast coming up next. >> and the energy protest that resulted in two arrests at the front door of apple today. more still to come. h@closed cirb e
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a central coast fisherman tells quite a tale that a 14 foot great white shark took a bite out of his kayak while fishing saturday afternoon. he escaped injury but his companions reportedly saw the shark shove the ki yang out of the water. >> two members of greenpeace arrested after blocking entrance to apple today. and they paraded in front of the campus this morning and want apple to power it's services with clean energy instead of coal. greenpeace says 215,000 people have signed their clean our clouds petition since launching their campaign last month. >> there is they should get them to use clean energy technology. instead of burning coal.
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>> apple says 60% of the power in this data center will soon come perfect a solar array and claims the new facility will run on 100% renewable energy. >> there is a construction project that could cause major delays along several routes in san francisco. workers will see replacing rail back and making major road improvements. this will force the shut down of the line and will be replaced with bus service between ocean beach and vanness avenue. and the route will be rerouted and construction should be completed by june 4th. >> when we come back here tonight an abc news exclusive documents the support of a claim of a neighborhood watch volunteer that shot and killed a florida teenager. >> why california high speed
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rail could northbound jeopardy unless we put it on the fast track. >> going to follow up on assignment 7 report. a decision on the use of pesticides in lake tahoe. stay with us, another half hour of news is in just a moment. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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we have breaking news in arizona tonight. you're looking at live pictures now. crews fighting a while fire burning near crown king and strong winds tonight. >> this wildfire started on private property about 80 miles north of phoenix on sunday. now burned 1700 acres. most of the residents have been evacuated and winds clocked at 35 miles per hour. >> we're keeping an eye on that. there is new information that could bolster self tee fence claim by the man who shot and killed trayvon martin.
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medical records show the shooter george zimmerman had a broken nose, who black eyes and dwashz on the back of his head the morning after the shooting. he was working as a neighborhood watch volunteer when he admits to firing a shot that killed the 17-year-old. martin was not armed but zimmerman insists the teenager instigated the violence by punching zimmerman in the face and slamming his head in the pavement. prosecutors claim zimmerman started it first but racially profiling martin and confronting him. >> o.j. simpson's new lawyer launched an appeal to get the former football star out of prison claiming simpson was so badly rep sented by his trial lawyers he zeefshs a new trial. he's serving 9-33 years for kidnapping and armed robbery in a 2007 encounter with sports memorabilia dealer ndz las vegas. the co-counsel says he is
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behind oj hoping this helps get him out of prison. >> the president's support of same-sex marriage could cost him. a new poll taps into how conservative voters feel about this issue. president obama appeared on abc's "the view" today and he wants victim votes. president went on view this morning and we heard he intended to announce his support of same-sex marriage on "the view" but moved at announcement after the vice president was on "meet the press". >> the president walked out on his hour-long visit. >> i like hanging out with women. what can you tell you? he revealed he considered announcing his support on "the view". >> and it was a possibility i was. we'd been discussing it for a
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few weeks. >> and there is good support among women. the poll shows that 54% of women view the president announcement favorably. >> i think it's important everybody is treated fairly. >> the poll shows men are going another way. most viewing the support unfavorably. and independents split down the middle. and i just have to say this is not an issue that i think is going to determine the election. >> the president says it's about the economy and jobs and in the poll are number that's suggest a problem for the proz. 35% strongly negative in the reaction. and only 26% feel strongly positive. >> and there is a very clear
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divide between republicans and democrats on this issue. it can be used to motivate those conservatives to show up and in the swing states that can make a difference. >> and today, in iowa, romney talked about traditional family values and never mentioned same-sex marriage. >> america faces a physical crisis. both debt and spending that threatened what it means to be an american. >> romney wants to continue hitting on the economy and what incertainty in europe. and president announcement got a lot of play and romney's campaign had a good week in the polls. >> and there are new questions concerning high speed rail. and abc p news reports the
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state would have to spend money faster than anyone has in this country for transportation construction. >> if the project breaks ground this year on the first 130 mile segment this will have to be built at break-neck speed to meet the completion date. and at a cost of $6 billion a los angeles times analysis estimates it would mean spending $3.5 million per day. fastest burn rate for construction in u.s. history. that is assuming there are no perm yilting or delays. >> our problem has been planning has not been good. now we're going to try to spend money quicker than any other project in the history of the united states and do it effectively. this is a huge, huge concern. >> administrators say it is not unprecedented and point
6:35 pm
out $1.3 billion is not under deadline. they point out the retro fit has a rate of $1.8 million a day. and there is the project that had a strong team in place. high speed rail hasn't had a cfo for months. high speed rail says it's ramping up the staff including an energy. -- engineer and is confident face one can be bill on time. >> the contractors and people who are reaping the -- preparing the bids now if they didn't think they can do it they won't be spending $6 million to $8 million each. >> this is going to be a major right after this ook a group cautioned a committee that more needs to be done. lawmakers will vote on whether
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to approve bond money for the bullet train's first wave. >> and there is another drop in stock prices. the dow lost ground today and traders seem more concerned than a positive manufacturing report here at home. sales edged up slightly and home depot said profits are up 28% and contractors have been take advantage of warm weather. and the booshd boosted dividends by 21%. >> a san francisco landmark celebrates a big birthday. >> it's in mint condition. stay with us. h@ ├žkneclosedh@clt
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you can see
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state water board approved a plan that could allow pesticide to be used in lake tahoe. rules as a last resort to control evasive species which is choking the bottom of marinas around the lake. several environmental groups opposed pesticide use, asking for a five-year moratorium. the water board said no. regulations still must ab proved by the environmental protection agency. >> san jose poised to become the largest city in the country to crack down on the number of businesses that
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offer pay day loans. the city council will consider an ordinance that limits the number to just 38. that is how many are doing business in san jose. also preventing new lenders from opening in or near low income neighborhoods. and some charge interest rates as high as had 60%. >> golden gate bridge is not the only icon celebrating it's 75th anniversary. san francisco mint commemorating three quarters of a century. and stamped a special edition silver coin today. abc 7 news got a look inside where coins are stamped and polished. neat to watch. and a lot of the work is auto mated by workers play a role as you can see. >> you look for anything out of the ordinary that would take away from the marl
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beauty. >> the mint usually makes coins for collectors but this year, sanding first quarters for circulation. you can identify them by the "s" on the front. >> the mission of an unusual movement. >> tonight the san francisco drug users union. >> people think it's a joke or just getting together to get high or something like that. it's the opposite. >>
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there is an unusual union in san francisco. it's not a labor group but an advocacy organization. abc 7 attended a meeting. >> are you talking about the thursday sning. >> this is a bimonthly union meeting. san francisco drug users union. >> people think it's a joke or just getting together to get high or something like that. >> isaac jackson says he's an active meth user and a college grad co-founded the union three years ago. there are supporters believe
6:45 pm
the war on drugs failed. according to the statement the goals to create a safe environment where people can use and enjoy drugs and to promote a positive image of user autos when dignify drug users we may get more difficult for them to access health care and more difficult for them to exercise their rights. and and the state director of the nonprofit alliance, a major funder of the union located in he tender loin. >> our goal is just the response to drugs from criminal justice response to public health response. >> and the former san francisco police chief
6:46 pm
believes law enforcement is a necessary tool. >> has to be. has to be. otherwise for many, not all, but many of the users there is no incentive to get into treatment and rehabilitation. >> but that is not the focus of the users union. >> if they're going to use we're not here to say no. you can't do that. >> and west says members not allowed to use at the meetings but it's okay to f.they come in loaded. >> half the time we're all high he says drugs don't keep members from serious business. one slogan is nothing about us without us. meaning they're demanding a voice in drug policy decisions. one of the main missions is to get a safe injection site for heroin users like this one in vancouver.
6:47 pm
they're working with sf general hospital to develop a how to manual to handle users coming in for care. there is a state certified program. >> we're unusual. we do not ask people to get clean and sober as a condition. or in the goal of treatment. skb we partner with drug users to figure out what their goals are to help them achieve goal autos if their perspective is that they want to continue to use drugs and hurt themselves i can't support that. >> and isaac jackson says the movement is growing and he spoke before san francisco's human rights commission. and this is about discrimination in-housing drug users face. >> you're telling drug users it's okay to be an addict. >> well, you know i don't
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think they're waiting for the words from me on whether or not they should use drugs or not. >> there is a lot of buzz about the union it's not the first in the nation. and there is one in new york and now, seattle may follow suit. >> there is cool in the area autos roaring back and there is a look towards sutro tower. there is warm conditions and warm to shot and there is 107 in palm springs, 81 in lajs langs, cooler along coastal areas where fog will be present. tomorrow, looking for highs from 50s near the coast where fog will be all day. highs into upper 60s to low
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70s, upper 80s to low 80s there is our accu-weather forecast. starting to cool down a little bit thursday and there is temperatures below average this time of the year, we'll warm up low 80s inland. >> that is nice and warm. >> there is a new era for oakland raiders. >> what a change means to players wearing silver and black.
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h@abcuit@ad@abch@closed circuit@ c
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, targeting alzheimer's before it strikes. the company charting new ground in the fight against this disease. >> then at 11:00 chemicals in cosmetics. dangers in some skin creams coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is some things changing for raider autos yes. organized team activities. there is is going to be a new team gathering this week for
6:53 pm
practice. new head coach is going to install a defense but you know there are going to be changes on offense as well. there is a blocking system and there is whatever raiders run, the goal remains the same. >> everybody understands how important this is to win around here. it's been important for a long time. and this is extremely important. >> this is a where they show noe what we can do. it's a matter of doing it. >> and the hall of fame has 14 new members. and there is also inducted former cal quarterback steve barcowski and he said the -- led the nation in passing in 1974. we'll see manny ramez in an
6:54 pm
a's uniform. manny playing in 10 games for the trip'll a affiliate to get ready for the debut. ramirez serving a 50 game suspension for using a performance enhancer will be eligible to play may 30th. >> get way day in anaheim. lots of good seats available. there is what used to be called a big a. there is a base hit to right and redic guns him down. nice play. fifth assist of the year, scoreless in the third. collapsed again down the right field line. there is redic thinking maybe there is a play at the plate. and there is albert pujols off the glove of cologne.
6:55 pm
a's getting shut out by a final of 4-0 and they're in texas tomorrow this, month with an era within nine there is the a's then claim the lefty. he could pitch against giants this weekend. giants host oakland for a three-game set starting on friday. tonight timmy is pitching for san francisco. tour of california turning into peter sagan show. the race is 115 miles, san jose to livermore, a little climb. there is hundreds out there back down to sea level. there is a two-man break way. four and a half miles to go. another mad sprint here and edging higher there is the 12 second lead now. and lebron, watch the touch
6:56 pm
pass there is indiana outscores and there is barbosa high off left. there is miss with two free throws. 20 seconds left. and there is a missed lay up. there is one you go to. there is to try to win this game or tie it. no good instead of wade or lebron they go cha lchl mers. people would thought this would be a speed bump. >> that is a close series. >> yes. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire abc 7 news team have a great night. hello?
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