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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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g america." thanks for watching, everybody. have a great wednesday.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm company is. police are searching for one averaged carjacker in an oakland neighborhood. it began with a chase. amy hollyfield is live at a police command post. what is happening? >> reporter: check out the scene behind me. the s.w.a.t. team is here. they have helmets on. we've seen several police officers. we even have an ambulance standing by, just in case. they are looking for an armed man who committed a carjacking about 1:30 this morning in the 2100 block of rosedale here in oakland. police pursued him. he crashed into a parked car that happened in the 2400 of high street and he took off on foot. that's where we are now. the s.w.a.t. team came in now they are looking for him in backyards in a residential area. stuck in the middle is a lot of homes. people sleeping having no
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idea this is going on would be something to wake up to, there are a lot of officers out here and a lot of streets are blocked off. we are east of the lake bordered by high street brookdale, francis and santa rita. there were officers blocking off various intersections. access to this neighborhood is limited. good news is a lot of people are sleeping. if this continues it could cause issues. back to the carjacking. a police officer did injure the person who owns the car but not seriously this is a dangerous person they are looking for they believe he's armed. the s.w.a.t. team is out enforce. amy hollyfield abc7 news. we also have breaking news in richmond with their s.w.a.t. team called out to deal with a police standoff. little information so far. we know it is happening in an apartment on ellis and gately
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avenue. a man is barricaded in a home. this has been going on since midnight we'll bring more information on this standoff as we get it. this morning marks two months since the disappearance of sierra lamar. 8 a.m. volunteers will go out again searching for clues. the 15-year-old vanished after leaving for school from her home on march 16th. deputies spent the past two days searching waterways with special sonar. another search is planned for saturday.ur9lt richmond city council voted last night to put a soda tax measure on the november ballot. the proposed measure would add a one penny tax on each ounce in the can. a 12 ounce soda could cost an extra 12 cents.
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opponents say they can't afford to pay more. they say the idea is to attack childhood obesity. >> i'm a cardiologist t this is a major killer. >> let's call it what is a tax on poor people. >> i agree sodas are not good for us only us will suffer in richmond. >> supporters say it would generate between 2 1/2 million dollars a year or maybe between two and eight million dollars a year toward afterschool sports program healthier school meals and medical care for children with diabetes. another tuition hike on the table when the uc board begins a one day meeting this morning. the board is looking at a 6% hike this fall. annual tuition for interstate undergrads would rise by $731 to nearly $13,000 almost double what they paid five years ago. they will not vote until july
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they are looking at how governor's budget will impact the university system. katie marzullo will have more in a live report in the next half hour. governor brown is backtracking on his plan to phase out the state's youth prison system in january the budget included plans to close the state's youth prisons next year and shift young inmates to county facilities. in the revision the governor calls for tabling his previous plan. the change came after protests from corrections officials they argued counties are already struggling with more adult prisoners shifted to their jails cannot handle additional juvenile inmates. efforts resume to locate and free a whale. first spotted in pacific grove sunday by a whale watching boat. you can see the netting in the
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north bay a mammal center rescue team freed a whale monday that whale was first spotted last friday entangled in a crab pot line. mayor lee is making a full court press to bring the golden state warriors back to san francisco. the chronicle reports warriors' owners met with lee yesterday to discuss moving the team across the bay to a new waterfront arena built at piers 30 and 32. the warriors are making moves that indicate there's mutual interest iny[ san francisco. they hired insiders as consultants to examine the . warning from san francisco police they will -- they will uánabontinue zero tolerance on public drunkenness during the running of the race sunday.
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more than 360 officers will be on hand to make sure the 50,000 runners have fun but respect the neighborhoods along the way. residents near the panhandle say the atmosphere last year was more of a community feeling with fewer violent confrontations. >> this morning stage four at the amgen tour golds from sonora to clovis in fresno. yesterday stage three went from san jose to mount diablo. fans were all over the course to catch a glimpse of the racers. for the third straight stage peter sagan of slovakia won. today's stage is the longest of the tour 130 miles. a little flatter. yesterday mount diablo 2200 feet they climbed. >> this will keep you busy.
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let's in with mike now. it is going to be warmer heading into warmer areas away from us where we are going to be slightly cooler in some areas today. talked about the clouds moisture laden drizzle falling most visibilities are from four miles with low clouds around half moon bay up to 10 in concord where cloudy. today clouds through 7:00 patchy drizzle during the morning commute, temperatures in the upper 40s to the low 50s. lunch hour the clouds return to the coast then stay there during the afternoon. at noon mid to upper 50s. san francisco, also san rafael mid to upper 60s around the bay even low to mid 70s into the east bay and south bay bay 4:00 cloud as long the coast 60 san francisco mid to upper 60s through the bay shore into san rafael mid to upper 70s north bay, east bay valleys
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and south bay by 7:00 most of us are dropping back into the 60s mid to upper 50s along the coast san francisco clouds start coming back around 7:00. same pollen count as yesterday high tree mold moderate grass and ragweed. temperatures cooler thursday and friday slight warming trend saturday. roadwork going on towards the oakland maze westbound 80 left lane blocked from powell out to the maze. i've seen brake lights not bad towards the bay bridge this is going to be out there until 5:00 this morning. bay bridge toll light no delays. also roadwork going on as you come off the san mateo bridge the connection ramp westbound 92 to southbound 101 also blocked until 5:00 this morning you may want to consider fashion island or mariner's island as a detour
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as soon as you drive through after 5:00 it should be okay. i wanted to show you the south connection ramp from northbound 17 to northbound 280 blocked until 6:00 this morning. usually picked up before that. north 280 roadwork some lanes will be blocked until 5:00 as well approaching 880 and highway 17. it is 4:40. she came expecting punishment. instead got applause. the surprising turn for a presbyterian minister who defied her church and performed same-sex marriages. pg&e wrapping up smart meter installations why opposition are being welcomed.
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live look of the embarcadero done see runners now a brisk morning the marine layer of fog mike will talk about when that will lift. new this morning northern california presbyterian church members are defying their highest court by refusing to send sure a retired minister who -- -- yesterday they voted to ignore the church's national punishment. the reverend was sent sured two years ago bay a church -- shored two years ago by a church panel. she appealed but it was upheld in february. the presbyterian church allows ministers to bless same-sex unions but not perform weddings she is lesbian and lives in san francisco. bicyclists in richmond will hold a silent ride in
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honor of riders who have been hurt or killed on city streets. the ride -- richmond police will escort riders including the mayor. organizers say they are calling for safety improvements for cyclists. pg&e says it has finished installation of most smart meters and few customers decided to opt-out. the utility says only 2,000 customers less than 1% have opt-outed out that includes fairfax. -- a suspect in a richmond shooting gets an unusual bail condition from a judge. what he has to do if she lets him out of jail. students sue the state and one south bay school district
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for failing them by keeping bad teachers. targeting alzheimer's before it strikes. new ground in the fight against this debilitating disease.
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gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. 57 at the coast to 82 in antioch quite a spread. clouds cling to the coast for the afternoon. if you traveling cooling in the pacific northwest 66 seattle. warm east 67 boston low to mid 80s new york d.c. to atlanta denver 103 and phoenix. flight arrival delays into
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phoenix rain departing the northeast should be a better commute once you get there. back at home low clouds no delays i'm expecting some at sfo. check our flight tracker at at the bottom. a federal judge is imposing an unusual condition on bail for a suspect in a shootout with federal agents. investigators say the 23-year-old was trying to sell a grenade launcher to an agent in richmond in march when gunfire erupted sending one suspect to the hospital. he is set to be released on $150,000 bail friday if he promises to read and write for 90 minutes a day. the u.s. attorney's office won't comment on the bail condition. atf says the agency is not in a position to second guess a judge's decision. a killer believed to be posing as a police officer is
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terrorizing one southern state. police believe he pulled over two people in mississippi in fake traffic stops and shot the drivers. tahman bradley with the hunt for the killer. >> reporter: police are urging divers in mississippi and surrounding states to be on alert as authorities search for a shooter who may be posing as a police officer. this morning local and state police along with federal law enforcement are launching a massive manhunt in mississippi to find in person who may be pulling cars over on the side of the road and killing the drivers. >> we'll continue to hunt this person down. >> in these times definitely best to be cautious when you are traveling. >> reporter: last tuesday 74-year-old man was driving from nebraska to florida along this remote stretch of i-55 in northern mississippi, he was shot and killed. >> this is a violent end to a kind man's life. >> reporter: three days later 50 miles away a woman was found dead along another
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highway. authorities say there's no connection between the victims. the shootings have motorists on edge. >> it is a bad situation. i feel like it could be a serial. >> reporter: detectives are looking for a gold unmarked crown victoria. police fear the shooter may be using flashing lights. authorities have these tips for scared drivers pull over by what looks like a police car. >> put your flashers on drive a safe speed and proceed to a lighted populated area. >> reporter: authorities are not sure if this is a serial killer but they are not ruling anything out or taking any chances. tahman bradley abc news. pentagon is calling in engineers from nasa and the navy to help fix a problem with the new high-tech fighter plane. pilots flying the f-22 are complaining about dizziness and other symptoms of oxygen deprivation some are refusing to fly them. it was grounded for four months last year.
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secretary panetta is ordering restrictions on the type of mission that can be flown until a back-up oxygen system is installed. this morning high winds are creating tougher conditions for crews battling large wildfire in northern arizona. gladiator fire has burned more than 1700 acres and still growing it started sunday when a building caught fire and the flames spread to dry terrain evacuation order keeping most residents away some have chosen to stay. winds high temperatures too? >> absolutely still in the hundreds or close upper 80s to lower 90s winds subside starting tomorrow. we've got winds this morning cloud cover is back full of moisture. patchy drizzle around the bay area this morning. because of that we are going to be dealing with conditions that will be a little
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interesting. let's take a look at temperatures. in the low to mid 50s mild thanks to the cloud cover monterey bay the same cloudy patchy drizzle and low to mid 50s this afternoon sunshine everywhere but the coast patchy at best, breezy today also clouds tonight less drizzle and cooler tomorrow and friday afternoon warmer weekend on the way cloud cover takes over all neighborhoods over the next couple hours even into the south bay retreats back to the coast by noon it stays for the better part of the afternoon breaks developing 50s mainly 60s around the bay 70s and 80s inland. the rest of the east bay valleys mid to upper 70s east bay shore mid to upper 60s from richmond, berkeley newark union city fremont,
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castro valley and hercules in the low 70s mid to upper 70s south bay cupertino san jose 75 peninsula 72 palo alto to 68 san mateo 65 millbrae mid to upper 50s clouds along the coast more sun near 60 downtown 63 sausalito san rafael 72 mid to upper 70s north bay mid 80s clear lake mid to upper 50s along your coast. upper 60s the rest of the bay inland upper 70s to low 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. nine tip two fresno sun and 73 tahoe 82 l.a. -- 107 palm springs tonight mostly cloudy low to mid 50s. we drop four to six degrees from the coast tomorrow breezy
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slightly warmer friday temperatures back in the 80s inland starting saturday mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast. have a great day. westbound 80 roadwork scheduled from powell to the maze. we saw trucks clearing from the maze a few brake lights for cars heading westbound towards the bay bridge it looks like there's still a couple leftover vehicle there is should be clearing shortly it is supposed to be gone by 5:00. they did report an accident in the area i'm not sure if one of these blinking lights could be due to the crash. traffic still getting by westbound for headlights despite that lane being blocked. 680 walnut creek good start southbound 680 flowing well this is the north main exit and heads towards highway 24 in the san ramon valley roadwork steaded 280 in both
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directions until 6:00 this morning we'll keep an eye on that cars are slowing 65 miles per hour. roadwork through the 280 and 17 interchange scheduled until 6:00 as well. listen to this story. bay area student among seven california school children suing the state in an effort to get rid of bad teachers. the lawsuit is aimed at doing away with a seniority-based system for teachers. karen and her daughter suing alum rock union in san jose. >> starting to lose passion for why you went to school if i don't -- if i go to work and i don't do my job i lose my job. why should it be any different? >> the alum rock district says it has seen reading and math scores go up.
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also named in the suit the los angeles unified district. a report that will be released today finds female farm workers are frequently victims of sexual harassment and assault. the organization human rights watch found women who work in the industry fall victim at higher rates because their immigration status makes them afraid to report problems especially in california because of the large number of farm workers here. the report calls on congress to grant better protections to female workers and urges homeland security officials to repeal laws that encourage local police to report federal immigration violations. a get to test an experimental drug that aims to prevent alzheimer's in people who have no signs of dementia. the trial will be the first effort to see whether early intervention can prevent or slow the disease. the department of health is backing the effort with a 16 million dollar grand it coincides with a larger plan
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to find effective treatment by the year 2025. >> we have learned more about this disease in the last couple of years than probably ever before. now the goal is to take that and translate it into interventions. >> they will target the trial towards 5000 from a colombia family all have the gina that guarantees some sort of dementia by the time they reach their 40s. results will be released later this year. we are continuing to follow two breaking news stories in the east bay oakland and richmond police have s.w.a.t. teams in neighborhoods right now. facebook's ipo growing by the day. big expansion expected today. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo. hotly contested tuition hikes on agenda in sacramento. board of regents meeting in a fe
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