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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good wednesday morning. thanks for the company i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news. we've been following a search for two carjackers, in an oakland neighborhood. amy hollyfield is live at a police chance post. is there a shelter in place order? >> reporter: at this point police haven't mentioned that. a lot of people are asleep now. if they do wake up and peek outside they are going to see a lot of police activity. we just got briefed by an officer. they say at least one maybe two armed men took off running into this neighborhood officers had an -- had him in their line of sight and chased him for a while, because it is dark they decided to pull back, call the s.w.a.t. team. this is happening in a neighborhood off high street these guys are wanted for a carjacking. police believe there were three or four men that may
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have been involved. at this point they think they are looking for one or two. the crime happened 1:30 in the morning. a couple had pull up in front of a home and that's when the thieves made their move. >> they pulled up to the house seems like the female got out of the car and the male stayed in the car and he was approached by a couple of suspects both were armed one pistol-whipped him in the face, causing a laceration on his face. took him out of the car and took off his with toyota 2010 corolla. >> reporter: police spotted the car 15 minutes later they pursued it. they crashed the car in the 2400 block of high street. the men ran off and now the s.w.a.t. team is looking for them. police say they didn't find any guns in the car so they believe the men are armed they could be in the backyard of a home s.w.a.t. team is looking through this neighborhood we are at high street this area
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is surgeon -- is surround by borders are high street, santa rita, brook dale and francis, all residential, -- lots of streets closed off this neighborhood has little access to it now. there is an ambulance here, just in case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> we are also following breaking news in richmond. their s.w.a.t. team has surrounded a home where a man with a gun is barricade inside at an apartment on ellis and gately avenue neighbors have been told to stay in their homes this has been going on since midnight. there are no visible signs of it ending any time soon. we'll bring you more information on this standoff as we get. in the south bay administrators at valley medical center are trying to figure out what to do following a bizarre discovery under a hospital construction project. terry mcsweeney is live at the hospital in san jose with
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more. >> reporter: definitely bizarre 1,450 bodies buried underneath what is going to be a construction project here at valley medical center in san jose construction crews tkwreuging all of a sudden she started fining pine boxes one after the other now county officials are going before a judge to see what they can do about this. take a closer look at the construction site where these pine boxes were found i'm going to be calling them coffins this is believed to be a pauper's cemetery where the poor were buried between 1875 and 193 the discovery led officials to do some digging and they found blueprints and maps showing a cemetery here in 1932 before they started that they didn't know it was here. a later map shows a parking lot in 1958. now, in 2012 this project is on hold until a judge makes a decision on whether those
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coffins can be removed. >> we are not going to rush ahead and rush forward to our project without figuring out how to deal with the human dignity and any identification that we can. >> reporter: these coffins were first discovered in february. the county is hoping when the coffins are opened, documents inside will reveal identities and relative be identified --. the good news for the county is, granted 1,450 bodies may be buried here, but they only need to move about 100 coffins in order to keep the project going. the other 1350 will be allowed to remain where they've been all these years. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news >> 5:05. if your child tends or lance to attend a university of california school this fall get ready to dig deeper in your pocket. >> agents are meeting today to discuss another tuition
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increase. katie marzullo is here with more. >> reporter: i'm here with the bad news. 6% the board meeting this morning to consider a 6% tuition hike for the 2012-13 school year, no vote this morning, just a discussion the vote is scheduled for july. 6% hike would raise tuition for interstate students by more than $700 to almost $13,000 a year nearly double what students were paying five years ago. uc regents say it is necessary to make up for state budget cuts. if governor brown's tax initiative doesn't pass in november, mid year trigger cuts to the uc system will take effect administrators say they would have to look at double digit increases. one idea is admitting more out of state students, who as you know pay more to attend. democratic senator rubio is proposing a -- constitutional
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amendment today prohibiting uc schools from enrolling more than 10% of out of state students. he calls the trend in the opposite direction, disturbing. it is reasonable to expect students will show up to speak out against hikes. there's a half hour public comment period. students find a way if get extra attention for their cause meeting stars 8:30 this morning. >> nothing finalized until july. >> reporter: until july. this morning facebook is expected to file paperwork with the federal trade commission to expand its initial public offering there is word the social networking giant will issue another 85 million shares friday that would push the total number to 420 million. facebook could reap more than 16 billion dollars if it sells those shares at the proposed price of $38. general motors is reportedly
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unfriending facebook by pulling its ads. they determine the ads have little effect on consumers. key house committee hearing scheduled before the two billion dollar trading loss at jpmorgan chase chase will take on added -- [ unintelligible ] many lawmakers say the trades that lead to the losses would have violated the so-called volcker rule which restricts banks from trading for their own profit. regulators are working to finalize the rule which ceo jamie -- jamie dimon has been against. . major drug bust has interrupted the flow of heroin into northern california agents arrested a dozen members of the gang that authorities say smuggled her window into the state from mexico this is the culmination of a 2 1/2 year investigation
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called "operation middleman." during raids agents seized nine guns and small amounts of marijuana and meth. they bought three pounds of her win during the course of the investigation. -- of heroin during the course of the investigation. a judge has declared a woman a deadbeat and order she a $3300 a month for spousal support to her ex-husband. she stopped paying 14 months ago after he choked one of their sons in a drunken rage. he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor child endangerment c 5:09. i stepped out this, it was mild in the east -- in the east bay. , humid and patchy drizzle possible during the morning commute. here's some of the onshore
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winds that will bring the cloud cover while the rest of us will see increase in sun from mid-morning into the mid-afternoon going to be cloudy with patchy drizzle through 7:00, temperatures in the low 50s. by noon, we are partly cloudy to mostly sunny away the coast, mid 50s, upper 60s around the bay, low 70s inland for your lunchtime temperature breezy 4:00, mid to upper 70s inland upper 60s around the bay, upper 50s at the coast. 7:00 breezes taper, mid 60s around the bay, upper 60s inland heading outside at the coast 56°. high amounts of tree mold, grass and ragweed moderate. today slightly warmer tomorrow cooler same friday as we hang out in the mid to upper 70s inland around 70 in the bay, mid 50s upper 50s at the coast warming trend begins saturday good morning.
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i-80 berkeley westbound traffic looking good earlier you saw it was stopped they had to do round robins to clear the roadwork in the westbound 80 direction i noticed blinking light there is was an accident reported westbound 80 in the eastbound direction something going on the shoulder traffic seems to be getting by through emeryville and berkeley. the bay bridge toll still looking great, no trouble right now. live shot of the golden gate bridge, with the cooler weather, still looks clear across the span. here's the waze traffic map, traffic starting to slow through the altamont pass and before you get there on westbound 205, heavy traffic reported. also near mountain house, a few minutes ago. things are starting to slow down. i think i found jesus moving less than 10 miles an hour
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getting on to that westbound 205 stretch. we've got these great traffic spotters. you can join our community by going to >> you know you might have found jesus as well. >> trying to decide. >> i knew watching us, watching you is our salvation. >> no truth to the rumors she walks on water. next, free ride offered to bay bridge commuters who are willing to give up their cars. san jose tries to entice developers to building more housing downtown. san francisco landmark celebrates a big birthday it is in mint condition. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. they say there's nothing like a free ride but that is being offered to commuters willing to give up their cars. ferry service to south san francisco gets underway june 4th from alameda or oakland's jack london square those who are willing to give it a try for the first week will ride for free. shuttles will take workers to major sites. in san jose city leaders decided to give developers a tax break to build new highrises downtown. the council passed incentives designed to help accelerate
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development by extraditing the permit process, 50% break in construction passes and reduces and defers certain fees until the project is ready for people to move in supporters say it will not only create hundreds of jobs but will provide downtown businesses with built-in customers. city leaders say the incentives are needed to lure highrise developments. >> we know at the current level we are not getting highrises this is an opportunity to get 50% of something which is always better than 100% of nothing. >> the tax breaks are only good for the first 1,000 units to break ground by the end of next year. plans to open a new wal-mart in pleasanton cleared a last hurdle by 4-1 the council voted to approve wal-mart's plan to open in a vacant knorr hill building. opponent -- vacant nobody hill building. opponents said they use --
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guantanamo bay bridge is not the only san francisco icon -- the golden gate bridge is not the only san francisco icon celebrating this year. the mint is issuing a special edition american eagle silver coin. a rare look inside the facility where coins are stamped and polished. a lot of the work is automated workers still play a vital role. >> you look for metal flakes, anything out of the ordinary that would take away from the natural beauty. >> the san francisco mint usually makes coins for directors. this year it is -- for collectors this year it is stamping the first quarters made for circulation you can
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identify them by the "f" on the front. >> that's very cool. nothing -- >> cool weather-wise are we going to warm up some places? >> some places, it is that time of the year. clouds have moved into the east bay valleys and east bay hills from vollmer peek to the east over mount diablo. once the fog fades not much to keep the sun from keeping us warm around 5,000 to 6,000 feet temperatures are warming. still looks like a nice day inland. low to mid 50s patchy drizzle possible around the monterey bay low to mid 50s cloudy and patchy drizzle possible afternoon clouds hang at the coast the rest of us will see sunshine slight breeze cloudy tonight the atmosphere won't be as moist this morning.
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cooler thursday and friday in the afternoons warmer weekend is on the way. today compared to average, livermore a little warmer at 78, napa and san jose 75, oakland 68, redwood city san francisco four degrees cooler than average. own see -- won't see the sunrise at 5:59. [ unintelligible ] mid to upper 70s in the south bay, 76 campbell and saratoga -- [ unintelligible ] 65 in millbrae, 68 san mateo mid to upper 50s along the coast patches of sun more on the bayside downtown and south san francisco near 60, 63 sausalito 72 san rafael mid to upper 70s most of the north bay valleys.
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30° cooler at your beaches. mid 60s from richmond, 65 to 70 union city. inland mid 70s at dublin, 76, everybody else upper 70s even mid 80s around brentwood. monterey bay 68 watsonville, 62 monterey. head together game cardinals in town for a two game set increasing clouds 7:15, we drop to 56. low to mid 50s. four to six degrees cooler from the coast thursday the same friday a little breezier thursday breezes go away we get more sun and temperatures will be warmer everywhere saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. roadwork through san mateo should be clearing shortly. it is still blocking major connection ramp westbound 92 off the san mateo bridge to southbound o'weigh 1.
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detours are in -- 101. detours are in place. this should be cleared very soon it was scheduled until 5. there is roadwork going on in the major connection ramps as well at the 280 and 17 interchange. the 17 connection ramp northbound to 280 northbound as well as 880 to northbound 280 is scheduled to be blocked until 6:00. i see flashing lights northbound 280 lanes could be blocked that was scheduled until 5:00 this morning on that north 280 stretch that should be gone shortly. the real slowing i'm seeing now in the bay area is westbound 205, through tracy, 34 miles an hour, quite a few traffic spotters slowing down even someone moving at 25 miles an hour and sluggish now through the altamont pass. >> 5:21. now there are three.
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the giants will try bounce back tonight after dropping last night's fin there to the rockies 5-4. bumgarner starts against the defending world series champion -- st. louis cardinals! this evening the a's continue their road trip against the rangers after losing to the
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angels yesterday in anaheim 4-0. >> i see where your allegiance lights. "dancing with the stars" down to the final three after another couple was eliminated last night. >> maria and derrick. >> maria and her partner derrick were first with the judges but the scores were so close among the final four when the viewer votes were factor today in they were factored out. >> a literally never thought i would make it this far, ever. and so for me, every week was like a oh wow, oh gosh we did it! >> maria is out, donald driver, catherine jenkins and william levy are still in they will duke it out in next week's finals which chewed the popular freestyle routine. a prized piece of jewelry once worn by european royalty is in the hands of a new honor
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-- owner the 35 carat diamond sold for 9.7 million dollars at auction this week, a lot of love. the diamond dates back to the 17th century when it was worn by the wife of henry iv. the winning bidder has chosen to remain anonymous. oakland and richmond have their s.w.a.t. teams in separate neighborhoods now, one is ending as we speak. also the new search getting underway in a few hours for a missing morgan hill teenager. the city hall meeting that is adding to new fuel to speculation that the warriors may be moving to san francisco. looks like afternoon sun for the bay and inland coast socked in with clouds 57° at half moon bay, 61 san francisco 75 san jose. santa rosa 77. 79 in concord.
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traveling around the lower 48, 66 in seattle, 70 portland. 103 phoenix, 80s along the east coast. delays out of jfk, i expect delays into sfo. check it out at
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good morning thanks for inviting us into your home i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze peaceful ending to one of the breaking news situations in the east bay now. richmond police tell us an a man has finally turned himself in. the man is a murder suspect police have him in custody now. we first brought you the story at 4:30. the stand off began midnight. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded this home for several hours. again the barricaded had suspect in richmond has surrendered to authorities no one was injured. we continue to follow breaking news from oakland.
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there's an ongoing search for two armed carjackers in a neighborhood the s.w.a.t. team has been out at the scene all morning. amy hollyfield is live at the police command post. >> reporter: i just got a briefing from the sergeant on the scene. he says the s.w.a.t. team has found clothing inside the area they've blocked off. they are looking into whether the clothe belongs to one or two of their suspects. these guys have a lead some officers were chasing these carjacking suspects on foot about this morning. they saw them running in a -- running in a neighborhood then the officers decided to retreat. >> a couple of our officers picked the vehicle nearby short chase ensued and they ended up colliding in the 2400 block of high street they fled into yards large perimeter was set up and it was decided because they were armed we didn't find any guns in the
5:32 am
car, we don't have any air support so we decided to call out the s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: that was around 2:00 this morning, the s.w.a.t. team arrived around 4:30. the original crime that started this was a carjacking on rosedale at 1:30 this morning the men pistol-whipped the driver and stole his car. police spotted the car 15 minutes later pursued it the men crashed it and took off running around high street this is all happening in a residential area and now people are starting to wake up police are going to be dealing with nervous residents the advice they are giving is stay inside if you can or wave down an officers for an escort in or out of the neighborhood they've blocked off the area the borders are high street, santa rita brookdale and francis access is limited to this neighborhood as the s.w.a.t. team is doing its search. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning marks two
5:33 am
months since the disappearance of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. 8:00 this morning volunteers will be out again searching for clues in the morgan hill area. the 15-year-old vanished after leaving for school march 16th. deputies spent the past two days searching waterways with special sonar which allows them to see sunken objects in greater detail. another search is planned for saturday. richmond city council voted late last night to put a soda tax measure on the november ballot people on both sides of the issue packed the chambers it would add a penny tax on each ounce in the can or bottle, 12 ounce soda would cost an extra 12 cents. >> i'm a cardiologist, i spent 30 years taking care of this
5:34 am
problem this is a major killer. >> let's not call it a sugar tax, it is a tax on poor people. >> i agree sodas are not good for us, just that only us will suffer in richmond. >> supports say the tax would generate between two and eight million dollars a year towards afterschool sports programs, healthier school meets and medicare for children with diabetes. measure approved last night that subjects home owners to fines for underaged drinking on their property. the ordinance makes homeowners liable for gathering of four or more underaged drinkers on their property whether or not the party creates a disturbance. homeowners would be responsible even if they were not at the property or and wear of the party. today president obama will award the medal of honor to a serviceman killed in vietnam war the military lost his paperwork. in 1970 he charged an enemy
5:35 am
position when his platoon was ambushed he drew enemy fire away from his fellow soldiers. he died after lobbing a grenade into an enemy bunker. the citation ended up getting lost in the pentagon's bureaucracy. his widow and his brother will attend today's ceremony . >> today efforts will resume to locate and tree a humpback whale in a crab pot line first spotted in monterey county sunday. you can see the entangled netting in the photo. in the north bay, marine mammal center rescue team freed a wail in sonoma county monday -- freed a whale in so that county monday. also entangleed in a crab pot line. -- >> san francisco mayor lee making a full court press to bring the warriors back to san francisco.
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the chronicle reports warriors' owners met with lee yesterday to discuss moving the team across the bay to a new water front arena that would be -- the warriors are making moves that indicate there is mutual interest in relocating to san francisco. they've hired former city hall insiders as consultants to examine the plans. san francisco police will continue their zerowzç tolerance policy on public drunkenness during the 101st running of the beta breakers day. the ban was started last year on alcohol along the race from the embarcadero to ocean beach. more than 360 officers will be on hand to make sure the runners have fun, but respect the neighborhoods along the way the examiner reports, residents near the panhandle say the atmosphere of last year's race had more of a community feeling with fewer
5:37 am
violent confrontations. stage four of the amgen tour golds from sonora to clovis in fresno. yesterday's stage three was from san jose to mount diablo before looming around -- before looping around the mountain. for the thirst straight stage peter sagan won he has a 12 second lead. today's stage is the longest of the tour, 130 miles. yesterday the cyclists who like it cool, they that. a lot of folks are hoping for a little more warmth. >> which one are we going to get mike? >> depends on where you are cooler at the coast warmer around the bay especially inland this afternoon. low clouds hanging around moving inland with that onshore breeze. above that, the air is warmer once we can get rid of the clouds and start overturning
5:38 am
the atmosphere we'll get warmer weather. 7:00 this morning mostly cloudy patchy drizzle upper 40s to low 50s. noon clouds are back mid to upper 50s into san francisco and san rafael, 62 oakland upper 60s to low 70s everywhere else 73 antioch and live more during your lunch hour 4:00 mid to upper 70s east bay valleys south bay north bay mid to upper 60s around the bay upper 50s to near 60 along the coast clouds come back 7:00 mid to upper 50s along the coast into san rafael low to mid 60s bay shore mid to upper 60s inland if you have allergies tree, mold high grass and ragweed moderate. cooler tomorrow into friday more clouds even a little breezy tomorrow and warmer and calmer everywhere starting saturday. here's frances with a new accident. westbound 4 at willow pass
5:39 am
road in the center divide traffic starting to slow towards concord always heavy westbound 4 in antioch moving at 17 miles an hour lone tree towards somersville, from hillcrest to 242, 15 minutes. chp en route to the crash no injuries reported. here's a live shot of westbound 80 through berkeley for headlights moving westbound looking good there were some delays earlier this morning due to roadwork and earlier crash that was long gone things are looking good eastbound delay-free what is slow is westbound 580 through the altamont pass. you can see that with the waze traffic map, 34 miles an hour, heavy on westbound 2 "5 out of tracy at 27 -- 205 out of tracy at 27 miles per hour.
5:40 am
san jose northbound 280 good north 17 to north 280 connector ramp blocked until 6:00 this morning q she came expecting punishment, instead got applause. next the surprising turn for a presbyterian minister who defied her church and performed same-sex marriages. pg&e wrapping up smart meter installations with less
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. . >> northern california presbyterian church members are defying their highest court by refusing to censure a retired minister who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies. yesterday representatives of regional churches voted to ignore the national church's punishment of the reverend that means they oppose the church's official censure. she was sent sured two years ago by a panel because she -- she married 16 couples in 2008 when same-sex marriages were legal in california she appealed but it was upheld in february. the presbyterian church allowed ministers to bless same-sex unions but not perform weddings. she a lesbian who lives in san francisco. pg&e says it has completed installation of most of its smart meters in marin county and few have decided to
5:44 am
opt-out of the program. the utility says only 2,000 customers, less than 1% have operated out that includes fairfax as well -- as marin county unincorporated areas. last month the council and countied is the commission to temporarily halt future installation of the meters in their communities. there's more potential help for struggling homeowners. bloomberg business report coming up. suspect in a richmond shooting gets an unusual bail condition from a judge what he has to do if she lets him out. students sue the state and one south bay school district for failing them by keeping bad teachers. the company charting new ground in the fight against alzheimer's.
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welcome back. afternoon sun inland warmest east bay valleys mid 70s to upper 70s lower to upper 70s south bay and north bay upper 60s to low 70s around the bay mid to upper 50s along the coast. california forecast looking at live doppler everything is quiet going to be in the mid 80s chico and sacramento, 92 fresno, palm springs 107, l.a. 82, san diego 71.
5:48 am
heading to sat sierra sun tahoe 73, yosemite 83. a federal judge is imposing an unusual condition on bail for a suspect in a shootout with federal agents. the 22-year-old otis mobley was trying to sell a grenade launcher when gunfire erupted mobley is set to be released on $150,000 friday, if he promises to read and write for 90 minutes a day. abc7 news spoke to his grandfather. >> of course he should do some reading and writing. he's a good reader around i'm sure he's a good writer. he was not a bad student. good for anybody to read and write. >> the u.s. attorney's office won't comment on the bail condition. atf says that agency is not a position to second guess a judge. drivers in mississippi on edge as a killer believed to
5:49 am
be posing as a police officer is terrorizing that state. police believe he pulled over two people in fake traffic stops and shot the drivers. the two were killed last week on separate highways. authorities are looking for a gold, unmarked crown victoria the shooter may be using flashing lights they are advising drivers to turn on flashes and go to a lighted popular area. high winds creating tougher conditions for firefighters battling a large wildfire burning in northern arizona. the fire has burned more than 1700 acres and is still glowing. the blaze began sunday when -- when a billing caught on fire and -- when a building caught on fire. there's been zero containment. >> they have almost the perfect conditions for wildfires down there now. >> dry rainy season windy conditions, yeah, hot, winds
5:50 am
taper today still pretty hot. we have drizzle to talk about good morning patchy out there if you run into it you may need the win shield wayer -- windshield wiper, i didn't this morning. we'll talk to frances about traffic. she is following an accident or two for you. mild outside still in the low to mid 50s everywhere monterey bay low to mid 50s even inland with cloudy conditions and patchy drizzle in your%; neighborhoods afternoon sunshine around the bay and inland not as much at the coastfúç breezey today, cloudy tonight air mass won't be as moist as this morning cooler thursday and dry friday, warmer for the weekend. concord 79, fremont 71, oakland and san francisco and san jose 68, 71, 75 santa rosa
5:51 am
from 70y to 77° this afternoon. -- 70 to 77° this afternoon. drizzle will stop around 9:00, by noon clouds are back to the coast, warmer air at 5,000 feet once the sun breaks through clouds start to overturn the atmosphere warmer air will come down warmer inland today and around the bay the clouds will keep the coast in the 50s. warmest weather 76 dublin. east bay shoreline 65 richmond, 68 oakland, 75 fremont, castro valley. saratoga and campbell around 76°. 68 san mateo, mid to upper 50s along had coast to near 60 downtown south san francisco north bay 63 sausalito, 77
5:52 am
santa rosa, 86 in ukiah. upper 60s around the monterey bay monterey 62, 81 inland. going to the game tonight does for cool temperatures 60s drop together upper 50s. 7:15 first pitch. cooler thursday, friday everywhere warmest inland from saturday to tuesday. a couple slow spots one northbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains traffic heavy at 16 miles per hour from summit road that's because of roadwork scheduled from summit road out to bear creek road until 6:00 i think they just cheered it usually we see the heaviest traffic before they clear it. the other slow spot is in livermore, isabel avenue near vineyard and traffic is slow southbound apparently there's a lot of sand in the roadway,
5:53 am
look out for that. heavy traffic reported three minutes ago by someone driving through the area. 280 and 17 interchange northbound 280 looking good. northbound 17 to northbound 280 the connection ramp blocked until 6:00. just a few more minutes there. here is a look at westbound 4 traffic which is slow out of antioch into concord there's an accident at willow pass road in the center divide dive time now from hillcrest to 242 is 22 minutes it has -- slowed a bit undownload four free traffic app, there are more problems for jpmorgan chase this morning. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. a source tells bloomberg the fbi and justice department now looking into whether criminal activity has been occurring at jpmorgan chase. left last week the chief exec
5:54 am
say the bank lost two billion dollars in wrong way bets the source describes a criminal probe is in the early stages. body blow to facebook by general motors. friday shares start trading on the nasdaq, gm dropping its ad initiative, facebook announcing it is boosting the number of shares by 25%, valuing the offering at 16 billion dollars the second largest ipo in u.s. history just ahead of general motors. more possible help for struggling homeowners. reuters says bofa offering to pay up to 30,000 in moving costs to customers who sell in short sales before they are foreclosed on. bay area student is among seven california school children now suing state in an effort to get rid of bad teachers. the lawsuit is aimed at doing
5:55 am
away with seniorityy-based system for teachers. karen -- karen martinez and her daughter suing. >> if you are starting to lose your passion for why you to school, if i don't -- if i go to work and i don't do my job, i lose my job. why should it be any different? >> the district says it has seen reading and math scores go up 57 points in the past three years. also named in the suit the los angeles unified school district. a report that will be released today finds female farm workers are frequently victims of sexual harass and assault. an organization found women fall victim at higher rates because their immigration status makes them scared to report problems, especially in california because of the large number of farm workers the report calls on congress to grant better protection and
5:56 am
urges homeland security official to repeal laws that encourages local police to report violations. a company has been given the go ahead to test an experimental dug the first effort to see whether early intervention can prevent or slow down the disease department of health backing effort with a 16 million dollar grant coincides with alarmer federal plan to find effective treatment for alzheimer's by 2025 >> we have learned more about this disease in the last couple of years than ever before now the goal is to take that and translate it into interventions. >> the company will target the trial for 5,000 descendants of a colombian family all possess a gene that guarantees some sort of dementia by the time they reach their 40s. the results will be released later this year.
5:57 am
major development in our breaking news situation in the east bay. a police standoff in oakland with carjacking suspects has come to answer. where are those suspects now? we'll take you back live to amy hollyfield for the latest. the bay area doctor using cosmetic surgery to treat my grains. can he really help people look and feel -- and feel better at the same time?
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