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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze >> let's check in with mike. low clouds even patchy light drizzle good morning tracking it with live doppler going to hang around through 9:00 because of the low clouds
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and reduced visible sfo has flight arrival delays of about 75 minutes. very mild low to mid 50s in all of our neighborhoods on our way to sun by noon around the bay and inland cloudy at the coast, mid 70s to low 80s as you head inland. within the last few minutes, chp just arrived at the scene of this crash they are going to clear from it the center divide. it will be off to the shoulder soon from hillcrest to 242, 22 minutes. at the bay bridge toll, you can see starting to back up for the cash paying . new developments, -- just happened in a breaking news story we've been following all morning a search for two armed carjackers in east oakland has just ended. amy hollyfield is live at high and santa rita streets. did they get the suspects? >> reporter: the men got away
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but police feel like something positive came out of search. they phone evidence that they think could lead them -- they found evidence that they think could lead them to these guys me were looking for a couple of armed men accused of committing a carjacking this morning they pistol-whipped the driver and took his car 1:30 this morning. police spotted the car 15 minutes later, pursued it the guys crashed the car took off on foot and ran into a neighborhood. the police officers decided to pull back and bring in the s.w.a.t. team there was a gap of a couple of hours while they got the s.w.a.t. team together that could be when the guys got away. after swat searched the neighborhood for an hour they decided to give up. >> we are going to cancel the perimeter and reopening the streets. >> reporter: why did you decide this? >> s.w.a.t. team found evidence that made it look they escaped before we got our
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perimeter set up. clothing and maybe a broken fence that looked like it lead to their path of escape so it doesn't make sense for us to continue the search. >>reporter: this all happened in a neighborhood bordered by santa rita brooksdale, high and francis in east oakland police think these guys were armed because they didn't find any guns in the car they decided to pull back and cancel the search for now. they think they have good evidence. they don't want to tip their hand and tell us what it is beyond the clothing they found. but they feel like there's a good chance they will catch these guys. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning, san francisco police investigating overnight shooting after midnight on sunny dale in the engall side neighborhood police found a -- man in his 20s with a gunshot wound he's at san francisco
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general with life-threatening injuries no one is in custody. plans to open a new wal-mart in pleasanton have cleared a last major hurdle the council voted to approve the plan to open the store in a vacant nobody hill building. -- nob hill building. opponents say wal-mart uses underpaid nonunion labor the council found no legal justification to keep wal-mart from moving in. another tuition hike on the table when the board of regents begins their meeting this morning. the board is looking at a 6% hike this fall, annual tuition for interstate undergrads would rise by $731 to nearly $13,000 almost double what they paid five years ago. regions will not vote until july. regents are looking at how the governor's state budget will impact the university. katie marzullo will have more
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in a live report in our next half hour. san francisco fire chief joanne white is putting out a different fire this morning. superior court judge has declared her a deadbeat divorce say and ordered she pay -- $3300 a month in spousal support to her ex-husband. she said she stopped paying 14 months ago after he choked one of their response fay drunken rage. he pleaded no contest. today the eldest daughter of john edwards may take the stand as the defense winds down its case in the corruption trial. kate edwards has been at her father's side for weeks. if called, she could speak publicly for the first time about the break up of her parents' marriage. edwards' attorney is also considering calling the woman at the heart of case, rielle hunter. edwards is charged with using
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campaign funds to a her expenses documents show she was getting a $the,000 a month cash allowance. -- getting a $9,000 a month cash allowance. getting a feeling it is not going to be terribly warm today. >> low clouds out there mike? >> just because they are low doesn't mean they are going to dominate the weather. above them 5,000 feet the air is warmer than yesterday once we can peel back those clouds temperatures will jump a little the coast not so much. moisture in green that's why we have the marine layer clouds back the dry air we had an across the baja. today cloudy through 7:00, possibly 9 then clouds retreat from east to west upper 60s to low 70's bay and inland mid 60s at the coast upper excuse
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me upper 50s at the coast 4:00, upper 60s around the bay breezy inhand -- inland. 7:00 mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland mid 50s at the coast. pollen count high around tree and mold, grass and ragweed moderate. tomorrow a little cooling trend temperatures drop nearly six degrees not as breezy friday warming trend saturday. traffic slow in livermore and there's a sand spill on isabel avenue north of vineyard look out for that moving at 28 miles per hour vallecitos road at 30 miles an hour. at the bay bridge toll, traffic backing up for some of the cash paying lanes towards west grand, fastrak looking good at this point. northbound 17 out of santa cruz mountains, roadwork has been cleared, traffic has
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improved north 280 good out of san jose to cupertino. just about 6:08. what a new report says about women and childbirth across the world. plus, fighting migraines with a brow lift. meet the bay area doctor helping patients get rid of pain with a cosmetic procedure. in the market for a home? the marin county home now on the market, once owned by one of music's biggest names. [ female announcer ] today is the day...
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. just need to give you a heads up about a new accident on the bay bridge. it is above or on the incline approaching treasure island in the left lane chp en route now they just turned the metering lights on. more news now. new this morning the united nations says fewer women are dying during childbirth. new report just released says the mortality rate for women giving birth has fallen by half over the last 20 years. however the report does say more work still needs to be done since a woman dies of pregnancy-related complications every two minutes. most deaths occur in developing countries. >> there are advances to report on an alternative treatment for migraines we told you about when it was in its early stages. carolyn johnson tells us this
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procedure involves plastic surgery. >> reporter: the procedure was discovered by plastic surgeons after several patients told them their migraine headaches disappeared after surgery. now that procedure originally known as a brow lift has been refined. geraldine loves kwheulting and babysitting her grandson at times she has been in too much pain to do either because of severe migraine headaches with >> it feels like nausea, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, throbbing, pounding pain. >> reporter: after decades of pain geraldine found temporary relief and now she wants to make it permanent. >> the doctor injected botox in both of my temporal nerves and it put a stop to the migraines. >> reporter: the doctor isn't a newer roll sis -- isn't a neurologist but a plastic surgeon he says the migraines
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were treatable with a procedure that originally evolved from cost rest -- cosmetic surgery called a brow lift. >> we are compressing the nerve. >> reporter: in an operating room dr. miranda severes small sections of muscle to release pressure around the nerves he believes are triggering headaches the same area relaxed by the botox. >> second most common nerve that causes migraine headaches. >> reporter: we first reported on the technique two years ago. several neurologists were skeptical about the long term benefits. dr. miranda points to five year data recently released in cleveland. >> those data show that these patients have 88% of the patients had improve have persistent improvement. >> reporter: several surgical
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techniques have been developed since the original brow lift approach. geraldine is hoping the operation will free her permanently from chronic pain. >> it is going to mean that i don't have to be at home, after dark that i can be out and i can drive without worrying about headlights triggering a migraine. it going to mean that i can have more quality time with my grandson. >> reporter: since the surgery is is not for cosmetic purposes the doctor says it is most often covered by insurance. frances going to have another update in a minute on that accident on the bay bridge. in the meantime, it is so grey. >> murky morning outside definitely have delays at sfo up to 75 minutes low clouds here, marine layer strong trapping all the moisture around 1500 feet and below. if you look at mount diablo to the east from vollmer peek in
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the east -- vollmer peak in the east bay hills. underneath the clouds low to mid 50s now same around the monterey bay drizzle few and far between but out there thanks to the moisture in the air it will end by 9:00, clouds retreat back to the coast by the afternoon, slightly breezy today, especially along the coast, cloudy tonight air mass won't be nearly as moist. cooler air coming in tomorrow and friday before a warmer weekend during the afternoon. today, compared to average, warmer in livermore, up to 78°, napa and san jose, 75 oakland 68 redwood city and san francisco 71 and 61 four december cooler than average. pretty sunrises from our tower cams because they are move the clouds otherwise you are not going to see right now sunset 8:30.
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-- 8:13. as you head throughout the bay, temperatures mainly upper 60s to low 70s as you move inland temperatures in the mid 70s to around 82°. cloudy tonight upper 40s to mid 50s. four to six degrees cooler tomorrow and friday. saturday to tuesday low 80s inland more sun mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast. there's a crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge westbound approaching treasure island in the left lane chp en route now. there's quite a few low clouds in the area i don't know if you can see that there are a few brake lights on that incline section towards treasure island. chp en route, metering lights on since that things have
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backed up at the bay bridge toll to the 880 overcrossing we'll keep track of this crash. no injuries have been reported. i think once the chp gets there they will clear it quickly. live shot of the golden gate marin county commuters nice commute just low clouds view of the golden gate bridge. in livermore heavy on isabel sand spill isabel near vineyard traffic is slow through the area keep that in mind. vallecitos road better 27 miles per hour, possible alternate for you. you can always get the latest traffic you can download it to your iphone or smartphone, if you haven't already. 6:18. coming up, insaoeupld -- inside the bay area home once owned by an icon to dead heads in the area. >> -- h@
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welcome back. you are looking at the backup growing at the bay bridge toll beyond the 880 overcrossing because of an accident. chp still en route we'll keep you posted. the marin county home of legendary grateful dead guitarist gerri garcia is for
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sale at a reduced price -- for just over three million you can own the house he owned at the time of his death. the home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. the selling price was reduced by $400,000. get ready for another by on pick featuring a silicon valley tech giant. -- aaron sorkin has been picked to adapt the best selling biography of the late apple co-founder. >> who will play steve jobs? "dancing with the stars" down to the final three after another couple was eliminated last night. >> maria and derrick. >> yep, maria and her partner derrick were first with the judges but the scores were so close among the final four when viewer votes were
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factored in they were factored out. the finals next week which routine. 6:24. still ahead, the race for the white house moves to an important swing state. the candidate getting ready to address supporters in a few minutes. students at cal and other uc campuses could be forced to pay more for tuition again. two months have passed since sierra lamar vanished. the new search taking place today. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose. part of a construction project has been stopped because of the discovery of 1400 dead bodies. the story coming up in a live report. sunny around the bay and inland this afternoon, temperatures up frommer 60s to low 70s along the coast, clouds, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. after traveling around the country still warm up north, seattle 66, part land 70, low
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to mid 80s through the -- 103 phoenix, all major airports time except sfo, 75inute flight arrival delays. oakland and san jose doing well. i'm frances dinglasan. here's the bay bridge toll back up growing quickly to the 880 overcrossing there's an the upper deck of the bay bridge approaching treasure island the backup hasn't extended into the maze but we'll be keeping an eye on this new hit-and-run westbound university.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . good morning wednesday may 16th, grey start to the morning. mike will tell you more about that. thanks for starting your day here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. good morning. looking on twitter, facebook haven't seen reports of drizzle it may be already starting to come to attend.
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low to mid 50s by the afternoon we'll hit mid to upper 70s inland valleys 82 antioch upper 60s to low 70s around the bay shore upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco, clouds will dominate monterey bay 62 monterey, 81 inland to gilroy. i think we dodged a bullet there was an accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge, chp drove through and said it is gone. here's the bay bridge toll, i called caltrans they did turn the metering lights on after the crash they didn't cycle it any slower than normal back up to the 880 overcrossing hasn't grown too much westbound 4 slow heavy through antioch sluggish through pittsburg the drive time from hillcrest to 242 is now 26 minutes. in the south bay this morning a bizarre discovery at a hospital construction site
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has administrators trying to figure out their next move. buried beneath the construction site is an old forgotten cemetery. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. >> reporter: they are thinking there is more than 1,000 human remains in that cemetery across the street from where i'm standing. this is the santa clara valley medical center expansion project some of which is on hold now as a result of the discovery and what a discovery it was by construction crews last february. closer look at the site where the coffins were found. it is believed this area was a pauper's cemetery where the poor were buried between 1875 and 1932. officials found blueprints and maps showing a cemetery had been here in 1932. a later map showed a parking lot in 1958. here we are the project is on hold until a judge makes a
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decision on whether the coffins can be removed. >> we are not going to rush ahead and rush forward to our project without figuring out how to deal with the human dignity and any information that we can. >> reporter: the county is hoping when those coffins are opened documents inside will reveal identities and perhaps relative be notified. the county goes to court friday to make that request. there are about 4,000 -- 4 500 -- excuse me 1,450 coffins believed buried in the cemetery. the good news as far as the project is concerned only 100 of those coffins need to be removed for the project to go forward and again, a judge will make a decision on that friday. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news, two separate standoffs overnight in the east bay have ended this morning with different
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results. in oakland, two armed carjackers escaped, despite a four hourlong police manhunt the s.w.a.t. team was called to search for the suspects 1:30 this morning. within the past hour police called off the manhunt. officers believe the suspects got away before police set up their perimeter. the pair pistol-whipped a driver and stole his car the victim is expected to be okay. now to richmond, peaceful ending to a standoff, armed man barricaded himself inside an apartment, has turned himself in. he's a murder suspect. the stand off began midnight. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home for several hours. the barricaded murder suspect in richmond has surrendered, no one injured. this morning marks two months since the disappearance of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. 8:00 this morning volunteers will go out again searching
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for clues in the morgan hill area. the 15-year-old vanished after leaving for school from her home on march 16th. deputies spent the past two days searching waterways using special sonar that allows them to see sunken objects in greater detail. richmond city council voted last night to put a soda tax measure on the november ballot people on both sides packed the chambers the measure adds a penny tax on each ounce in the can or bottle. 12 ounce soda would cost an extra 12 cents. opponents say they can't afford to pay more. supporters say it to -- >> i'm a cardiologist i spent 30 years taking care of this problem this is a major killer. >> let's not call it a sugar tax it is a tax on poor people. >> i agree that sodas are not good for us, it is just that
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it is only us will suffer in richmond. >> supporters say the tax would generate between two and eight million dollars a year towards afterschool sports programs, healthier school meals and medical care for children with diabetes. >> cost of a university education may be going up again. uc regents meeting to discuss another big tuition hike. katie marzullo is here. >> how much are they taking about? >> reporter: six percent the of regents this morning considering a 6% tuition hike for the 2012-betweeny 13 school -- regents say it is necessary to make up for state budget cuts if governor brown's tax initiative doesn't pass in november mid year trigger cuts will take effect and uc administrators say they would have to look at a double digit tuition increase. for now looking at 6% hike it
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equals $731 for a total of $12,923 in tuition and fees, per year. i looked at the average total cost to attend a uc school, this year it is $28,400 for students who live off campus. above $31,000 for students on campus. one idea is admitting more out of state students who pay more to attend. senator says he's proposing a constitutional amendment today prohibiting uc schools from enrolling more than 10% of out of state students in a freshman class. he calls the trend in the opposite direction disturbing. the board is meeting this morning again it begins 8:30 in sacramento. no vote this morning, just discussion. the actual vote is slated for july. it is on the table, but we won't know until july if it goes through.
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facebook's initial public offering keeps getting bigger. cnbc reporting facebook will issue additional 85 million shares pushing the total to 420 million. facebook could reap more than 16 billion dollars if it sells shares at $38. base before tie day's ipo, general motors un-- before friday's ipo, general motors is unfriending facebook determining the ads have little effect on consumers. san francisco mayor lee making a full court press to bring the warriors back to san francisco the chronicle reports that the owners met with lee yesterday to discuss moving the team across the bay to a new waterfront arena. the city hopes to host the team by the 2017 season. the warriors are making moves that indicate there is mutual interest in relocating. they've hired former city hall
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insiders as consultants. 6:37. looks grey now and cloud maybe by lunchtime you can play a little hoops with your lunch buddies. >> maybe or maybe your flight is delayed and that's all you have to do. we have flight arrival delays into sfo 75 minutes. visibility better than yesterday clouds not necessarily fog out there this morning. the clouds are hanging around through 7:00, temperatures holding stead it in upper 40s to the mid 50s. lunch hour -- clouds dissipate and temperatures rise, especially east bay and santa clara valley sun first low to mid 70s there mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco and san rafael low to mid 60s oakland and palo alto by 4:00, clouds clinging to the coast upper 50s to near 60 from half moon bay to san francisco mid to upper 60s bay shore mid to upper 70s inland by 7:00
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clouds start moving back inland mid to upper 50s half moon bay, san francisco, san rafael low to mid 60s around the bay shore and mid to upper 60s inland. allergies, we still got 'em out there pollen, tree and mold, grass and ragweed moderate. breezy, drier and cooler tomorrow that will hold through friday cooler temperatures not the breezes, warming trend for the weekend. here's frances with a new accident. a couple new accidents. one just came in during your report. northbound 87 at kurtner three-car crash they are trying to clear to the right showed they are going to send an ambulance, just in traffic is going to slow even more on north 87. north 101 possible alternate a little sluggish, but better than 32 miles an hour north 101 under the speed limit past the capital expressway. another new accident in richmond eastbound 580 toward central blocking the left lane
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so far not causing much slowing. if you want to take mass transit, bart looking good they continue to have switching problems there are 5 to 10 minute delays on that richmond line only if you are traveling between san bruno and millbrae you have to stop at sfo. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. live shot of the maze westbound 80 traffic looking good there were slow downs earlier this morning. once you get to the bay bridge toll, traffic backed up to the 880 overcrossing. slowing in livermore, with sand reported in the roadway isabel at vineyard slow on both isabel and vallecitos. that bart issue has been going on all week. 6:40. trading is underway live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow is in positive territory up 27 points. new this morning mitt romney is about to take the stage in florida.
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the new attacks he's launching against president obama. later, ac transit could be targeted by protesters. the group getting ready to demand changes and the people they want to help out.8t8t8t8t8d
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welcome back. local forecast 57 half moon bay low to mid 60s along the coast san francisco cloud cover upper 60s to low 70s around the bay mid 70s to low 80s inland of the around
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the state today doppler is quiet, sunshine just about everywhere. sunny and 71 in san diego, 82 l.a., 73 big sur, mid 80s to low 90s through the central valley. 73 with sunshine in tahoe. new this morning, presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney continues his taxes on president obama for what he calls out of control spending right now you see him from florida. behind him the clock on the national debt he's trying to underscore his points about president obama and spending this is a battleground state which has been hit hard by the mortgage crisis something else mitt romney is talking about. also doing a little fundraising. yesterday in iowa romney accused the obama administration of making the economy worse through out of control spending and failing to deal with the crisis of the
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debt. the obama administration responded targeting romney's big business record. 6:46 now. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" in 14 minutes. good morning. >> good morning everybody if in the bay area great join you live as all. coming up a story you have been discussing and will be advancing today that twist now in the trayvon martin shooting case medical reports obtained from the morning after martin was shot show the shooter george zimmerman had been injured. our legal experts will weigh in on the impact it could have on the case. also the phenomenal reporting in florida. also today tom cruise like you have never seen or heard him before. he prepares to play a rock star. an interview he gave talking openly about a lot of subjects
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he didn't government go into. his wife, scientology and plastic surgery. you want to stake around for all of it. something of a shocker, last night maria and derrick were voted off despite having the highest scores heading into the evening. they will join us live this morning derrick has a birthday he will remember celebrating in times square. also, the diabolical minds from punk' d bring their brand of cruel genius to morning television which means one of the five of us is about to get punk' d by one of the jonas brothers. all next right here. >> you are waiting to get punk'
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d? >> it is coming, who do you think gets punk'd? >> who gets punk'd it deserves to be you. i'm feeling sam a little. >> unofficial count with 90% of the precincts reporting it might be sam champion that's just a guess. >> it could be me. >> neither of you have inside information, right? [ talking over each other ] >> lara spencer ladies and germs. you have to tune in to find out. >> neither one of you knows, right? of course. all right josh thanks buddy, see you later. time to turnover to the housing market showing more signs of life.
6:49 am
jane king joins us. back to new york. good morning. another sign here perhaps that the housing market has hit bottom home construction stronger than expected commerce department says housing starts jumped more than 2 1/2% in april, job gains, cheaper homes, record low mortgage rates encourage builders to take on more projects there are shrine signs of a slow down building permits fell from a flee year high. -- from a three year high. house -- holding hearings >> housing numbers seem to be helping taking our attention
6:50 am
away from greece and europe for the moment we are trading higher bloomberg index also up. homers in california trying to get out from mortgages about to have better luck. -- [ unintelligible ] . i was just peeking over your shoulder looking at forecast how come all the other stations are saying mid 80s today? >> i don't know. >> was trying to punk you! [ laughing ] let's move on and talk about what is going on
6:51 am
outside. clouds around the east bay valleys from vollmer peak towards the south this morning. let's talk about temperatures low to mid 50s outside as we look at temperatures and get the computer to work, i'm not sure why it is not working let me try to restart it. let's mention there's a fire in the caldecott tunnel that frances is following. she will have the details. low to mid 50s around here and towards the monterey bay. afternoon sunshine and breezy today, i think everywhere but the coast will see sunshine cloudy tonight, less drizzle, cooler tomorrow into friday, warmer afternoons for the weekend. as far as today, compared to yesterday, going up just a little, concord one degree warmer three in fremont four in oakland and san francisco and san jose seven towards santa rosa what we are seeing are clouds everywhere this
6:52 am
morning drizzle i haven't seen many reports of it lately, i think we are getting drier clouds retreat quickly back to the coast by noon that's where they hang out and that's you are in the 50s rest of us 60s, 70s, a few 80s. temperatures warmest in the east bay valleys where we could have low 80s around the bay upper 60s to low 70s. mid 50s at the coast. slightly cooler tomorrow by four to six degrees from the coast. breezy, temperatures will hang through friday, you can see the warmer weather saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday here's the details. -- here's frances with the details. 47 miles an hour out of lafayette and orinda. eastbound 580 central towards 80 accident not causing much slowing traffic sluggish westbound 80 through richmond and berkeley at the bay bridge
6:53 am
toll traffic backed up to the 880 overcrossing. slow spot now northbound 87 as you approach kurtner with an injury accident that has just been cleared. should improve northbound 101 better than 16 miles an hour. if you have weather videos to share you can do that, we look forward to seeing that. traffic, thank you for that information. right now more news. occupy protesters in oakland will set their sights on a new target, ac transit. the group is planning a news conference to announce a campaign to improve bus service for low income communites in the east bay also plans to support ac transit bus drivers. ac transit has undergone significant service cuts over the past few years it faces a 260 million dollar budget deficit in the next 10 years. san francisco police will continue their zero tolerance
6:54 am
policy on public drunkenness during the breakers race sunday organizers started the ban last year. more than 360 officers will be on hand to make sure that the 40 to 50,000 runners have fun but respect the neighborhoods. the examiner reports residents near the panhandle say the atmosphere last year had more of a community feeling with fewer violent confrontations. here are five things to know before you go: two carjacking suspects got away this morning. the pair assaulted a driver and stole his car. officers went door-to-door in an east oakland neighborhood but did not locate the men. number two, police standoff in richmond came to a peaceful ending this morning, armed murder suspect barricaded himself in an apartment for hours. he gave up. >> number three, discovery of
6:55 am
a pauper's cemetery at a construction site could delay an expansion of a hospital. construction has been halted to allow the removal of remains dating back to the 1800s. number four, uc board of regents will meet in sacramento to discuss a proposed tuition hike. annual tuition would rise by $731 to nearly $13,000. facebook planning on selling 25% more shares in the company that number five. the company could make additional 18 billion dollars from the increase ahead of friday's ipo. final check on weather and traffic. still have cloud conditions, flight arrival delays into sfo, 75 minutes none into oakland or san jose, patchy drizzle still possible very light only
6:56 am
around another hour or so, mostly cloudy, 48 to 50 twoefr the next couple of minutes noon partly cloudy except for the coast 56 to 71 from the coast continue land, 4:00 partly cloudy 58 at the coast 75 inland partly cloudy at 7:00 and 56 to 69 inland. bay bridge toll backed up towards the 880 overcrossing not bad considering there's an accident on the upper deck near treasure island. hot spot northbound 87 through san jose traffic moving at 16 miles an hour from the capital expressway towards kurtner. the accident off to the shoulder. north 101 moving at 47 miles an hour. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:25. -- update at 7:24. -- update at 7:24. have a great day.
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