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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking this morning, parts of the west ablaze right now. entire towns threatened by wildfires ravaging arizona and colorado. fueled by high winds and 100-degree temperatures. sam tracks this developing story. massive manhunt. police race to track down this brand-new groom, now being sought for the shocking death of his bride on their wedding night. found in a bathtub in her wedding dress. how did one of the happiest days of their lives go so wrong? tom cruise reveals a superstar like you've never seen him before. the risk he's taking to play a rock god. and what he's revealing about scientology, plastic surgery and what really makes him happiest. ballroom shocker. derek and maria's tango earned them a perfect score. but it wasn't enough to keep
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them in the most competitive dancing season ever. now, they have flown all night to be here live in times square, only on "gma." a little beat to get us going. ♪ >> you've been making my laugh for the last half hour. >> i'm in a feisty mood. good morning, everyone. quite a night. uh-oh. uh-oh is right. quite a night on "dancing with the stars." you heard the boos in the ballroom last night after maria and her partner, derek, voted off. didn't want to see anyone go. >> no, they're all dancing so well. after a perfect 10, that was a shocker last night. and the latest on the shooting of trayvon martin. abc news has learned the details of george zimmerman's medical reports, and trayvon martin's autopsy. and evidence there was a real scuffle before the shooting. and a potentially explosive day ahead in the john edwards
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trial. both his daughter, cate, and rielle hunter could take the stand today. >> and the defense lawyer said this could also be the last day. >> could be. and we showed you the video of halle berry taking on the paparazzi outside her daughter's school. she was so angry then. now she is calling if the big guns. she is asking president obama for help. and we're going to get into that. >> asking the president. right now, we're going to get to the west, where extreme heat and high winds have ignited wildfires blazing right now. and sam, of course, has been tracking it all. has the latest for us. what's going on here, sam? >> this is way too early to be talking about this. there's way too many fires. more than 100 fires burning in the west, 8 very large fires. two of the largest fires are just north of phoenix. let's show you pictures coming out of the area for us this morning and during the yesterday. the fire -- as you look at the flames going, it started about 4,000 acres. and doubled in 24 hours to 8,000 acres. just this morning, it's 12,000 acres. that's all with 20-mile-an-hour to 30-mile-an-hour winds moving the fires along.
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now, some homes have been burned by it, other homes have been threatened. the idea is today if the fire break, they have set up for them, then it's going to be trouble. look at the temperatures here. it's been a week of temperatures. early-season temperatures, record-setting temperatures above 100 degrees in that area. there's a cold front right here that will help. but it doesn't have moisture. during the day today, as it drives through, it will kick off dry lightning. that's likely to be very bad for the fire situation. robin, george. >> all right. thank you, sam. now, let's get the other developing stories with josh. >> good morning to both of you and to all of you. we begin with the financial markets this morning, which appear headed for their fourth down day in a row. right at the open this morning the dow was higher. a good sign. aus all night we've been watching as the major overseas market sank. all because of the intensifying worries that greece may in fact default on its debt pull out of the euro currency or both. meanwhile, the $2 billion trading blunder by jpmorgan chase will be the major focus today when lawmakers consider tougher rules for wall
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street's biggest banks. despite that multibillion-dollar loss, bank shareholders are sticking with jamie dimon, at least for now. voting to let him keep his job and his $23 million pay package as head of jpmorgan chase. meanwhile, a manhunt is under way this morning for an illinois man accused of killing his wife just hours after they said their vows. police say arnoldo jimenez repeatedly stabbed estella carrera sometime early saturday morning. she was found in her bathtub on sunday, still wearing her silver wedding dress. carrera's concerned family asked police to check on her after she failed to pick up her children. and check this out. it's an unlikely bounce. it likely will mean a lengthy suspension for brett lowery. so angry for being ejected from a game last night after a couple of questionable strike calls, he threw his helmet and struck the umpire bill miller with it, as it ricocheted into his body. lowrey says it was an accident.
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miller was then doused with beer by a fan. and brett lowrey's playing days will come to a temporary end for quite some time. it's been a busy morning for queen elizabeth. making another stop on her jubilee tour. she took a ride today on a once polluted canal and later, the royal party will visit one of the oldest soccer stadiums, britain, again, all part of the commemoration of her 60 years on the throne. robin and lara will be joining them in days. you think in detroit, the birthplace of the automobile, driving would be fairly obvious the way to get around. but in the case of one jordan williams, you'd be dead wrong. this is real. williams traded in horsepower for the power of one horse, as you can see. all legal, by the way. williams and his pony, magic, actually work with inner city kids. give them a little taste of the country. and let me tell you, $4 gas to that guy is just a rumor. it's no big deal. >> he's a little big for that pony. josh, thank you.
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we're going to turn now to what may be the end game in the high-stakes trial of john edwards. his daughter, cate, by his side since the start of the trial, is expected to take the stand for him today. as defense lawyers think they might also call edwards' mistress, rielle hunter. bob woodruff is covering the trial. >> reporter: she's a picture of courage for john edwards, the former senator's eldest daughter, cate, who today might testify in his defense, trying to convince the jurita her father has done nothing illegal. it will be the first time we've heard from cate since she took a much different stand a year and a half ago, speaking at her mother, elizabeth's, funeral. >> we'll each honor her by being the people she taught us to be. and by doing that, she'll live on in each other us. one thing remains true and will never change, which is that we're still a family. >> reporter: her testimony could turn the tables of this trial. showing jurors the emotional toll edwards' affair took on his
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family and on elizabeth. leading him to take drastic measures to allegedly cover it up. his lawyers say edwards was hiding the relationship from his wife, not voters. >> the defense is going to want to humanize john edwards from the jury and cate is the perfect person to do it. she comes to a stand as a total victim in this case. >> reporter: edwards' defense attorneys, who say they could wrap up their case as early as today, may also call the other woman at the center of the controversy, rielle hunter. on tuesday, jurors learned hunter was given $9,000 a month, on top of free housing, by edwards' former finance chairman to support her and edwards' daughter, quinn, who is now 4 years old. edwards' lawyers pointed out, the money was given after the candidate dropped out of the presidential race. >> one of the things the prosecution wants to make sure does not happen is that the jury gets lost in the sordid details of the affair. >> reporter: the defense team reminded jurors that john edwards could take the stand at any time. likely revealing the details of the affair in his own words and under oath. now, the defense also added the
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name of andrew young to this witness list. he's the one who testified for the prosecution in the very beginning of this case. we don't know which of these witnesses will show, which will not. as some put it, though, perhaps this is a chess game for the defense, so they can confuse the prosecution, before they actually close their case. maybe today, maybe tomorrow. george? >> bob woodruff, thanks. let's get into the chess game now with our own legal analyst, dan abrams. starting out with cate edwards. clearly, the most sympathetic witness yet if she takes the stand. is that reason enough to put her there? >> no. she wouldn't be allowed to testify just as a character witness. no question, she's going to discuss how much her father probably didn't want her mother to know about the affair. that's what all of these witnesses, these last witnesses, might testify to. is this notion that john edwards' number one concern was making sure his wife didn't find out about the affair. remember, that's the defense here. the defense is, this was not about the campaign.
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this was about elizabeth edwards. and that's what the money is for. >> that's the whole defense. that is clear. i don't understand why they would put rielle hunter on the stand. >> i'm not sure they will. she might be too risky. the reason they would call her would be to talk about all of the conversations she had with john edwards about the desire to keep this from elizabeth. rielle hunter would testify that his sole focus was to prevent elizabeth edwards to find out about it. and that's the heart of the defense. >> they're also putting out this tantalize clue that they would put edwards up there himself. >> they could. but they won't. they could. they're allowed to. >> you're consistent about that. >> they will not call john edwards to the stand. they not to, not just keep the prosecutors guessing, but keep them preparing. if john edwards testifies, they have to be prepared for a rigorous and detailed cross-examination. why not keep the prosecutors busy, preparing for a possible cross-examination, instead of preparing for the witnesses that
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are going to testify. i could be wrong. but i won't be. not on this one. >> dan abrams. thanks very much. >> thank you both. we're going to move on now to the hunt for a possible serial killer, posing as a police officer on southern highways. authorities are warning people in mississippi not to stop driving if someone attempts to pull them over. urging drivers to use their cell phones to call 911 to make sure it's a real officer flagging them down. pierre thomas is here with all this. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police in mississippi, are launching a massive manhunt and the u.s. marshals are conducting a csi-style investigation. an fbi profilist will soon be looking at this chilling case, trying to anticipate a killer's next move. two cold-blooded killings. no witnesses. only bullet casings left behind. investigators have little to go on, as they try to piece together just what happened in two fatal shootings over the last week.
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sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. on may 8th, someone shot thomas schlender, as he was driving from nebraska to florida, to pick up his grandson. bullets piercing the door of his car. he was left for dead on a remote stretch of interstate 55 in northern mississippi. >> it's hard to imagine, your father in that situation. >> this is a violent end to a very kind man's life. >> reporter: three days later, may 11th, 2:15 a.m. some 50 miles away. lori anne carswell's body is discovered lying on highway 713. she, too, had been fatally shot. murdered as she drove home from her job in a nearby casino. >> it really is a bad situation. >> i haven't been out driving today. yes, i will be paying attention to it. >> reporter: nothing has been ruled out. but some authorities want to know if the murders were done by someone posing as a police officer. they're investigating whether a gold, unmarked crown victoria sedan, which can resemble a police car, has been involved in the shootings. former fbi profiler, mary ellen
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o'toole says, if the cases are connected, the killing may just be started. >> this is predatory behavior. predatory behavior means out hunting victims. i know that's very scary. but that's what we see in these kinds of cases. >> reporter: authorities are urging the people of mississippi to be on alert but not to panic. and remember, if someone in an unmarked car tries to pull you over, dial 911. put on your hazard lights and drive to a well-lit, populated area. george? >> thank you very much. important advice. there's a new twist now in the trayvon martin case. medical reports for the morning after the unarmed teen was shot, medical reports show that george zimmerman had been roughed up with marks to his head. these reports seem to bolster zimmerman's defense. >> reporter: that's right, george. on the face of it, they do. zimmerman has always claimed this was a life or death struggle. but those medical reports show the injuries, that broken nodes,
7:13 am
the cuts to the back of the head, were not severe enough to be hospitalized or require stitches. sources tell abc news and wftv show injuries to his knuckles, his hands were bloodied, the skin, broken. evidence that george zimmerman's attorneys will use, to show the ferocity of the attack against him, that caused him to fight for his life, the night he shot and killed martin. abc news learned the injuries that night were also more severe than reported. this three-page medical report obtained exclusively by abc news, show zimmerman suffered a close fracture broken nose, black eye, a swollen lip and a pair of, gashes on the back of his head. gashes visible in this photograph, taken just moments after the shooting. and also obtained exclusively by abc news. but the key question, say analysts, who started the fight? >> there's no question these documented injuries help zimmerman's case.
7:14 am
but the fundamental legal question remains, who was the aggressor? >> reporter: zimmerman reportedly turned down medical treatment at the scene of the shooting, february 26th. in this surveillance video taken barely an hour later, zimmerman is seen being questioned by police. the bleeding from his head, apparently had stopped. the next day, zimmerman went to his doctor. in the detailed report, she notes, he did not require stitches and did not have a concussion. the medical records also reveal more about zimmerman's mental state. zimmerman telling the doctorta he felt nausea when, quote, thinking about the violence that night. and zimmerman's family says he was crying for days after the shooting. and in the medical report, it was imperative for him to see his psychologist, his doctor said. zimmerman had been prescribed adderall, for adhd. robin. >> all right, matt. thank you. now to the update on the young woman fighting the disease that's eating away at her body.
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new hope for aimee copeland, who is battling physical and psychological challenges. her parents are speaking out, saying their daughter's spirits are high. that's fantastic news. abc's yunji de nies has the latest on her recovery. >> reporter: aimee copeland's fight is far from over. but this morning, the copelands are celebrating the battles they are winning. copeland is asking for books, and wants to get on her laptop. she's smiling, laughing, even mouthing the words "i love you." >> my daughter's alive. and that's why i'm upbeat. i believe we've had victory over death here, that's not something that happens every day. >> reporter: what is happening is incredible. in her interactions with her family, her father says she is getting back to her old self. even though she can't speak, her family has turned lip reading into a game. >> she really has fun with it. so we all end up laughing when it's said and done. the nurses commented that the icu room that we're in sounds like a game show. >> reporter: on may 1st, the 24-year-old suffered an incredibly rare, usually deadly infection. after cutting her leg in a zip
7:16 am
lining accident. despite the odds, she and her medical team at doctors hospital in augusta, georgia, are making remarkable progress. the next milestone, taking her off her respirator. >> it's going to be sweet. because she finally -- we can communicate with her, but at the same time, it's going to be bitter because there will be things revealed to her that will be painful. >> reporter: what does she know about what happened? >> i don't know if she knows she lost her left leg. but she understands the miracle of her existence right now. >> reporter: her father, andy, sees miracles all around. at a blood drive for his daughter, so many came, they had to turn people away. >> we have walls that are made of faith and reinforced and filled with love. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, georgia. and we are all pulling for her. now to halle berry. she's been at war with the paparazzi to protect her daughter. now she's calling on president obama to back her up. david wright has more on what the hollywood star wants from
7:17 am
the commander in chief. >> i'm doing something honorable. >> reporter: one week after her latest confrontation with paparazzi outside her daughter's preschool. >> it's just wrong, wrong, wrong. >> reporter: halle berry is telling "extra" she plans to take her complaint all the way to the top. >> i think i'm going to call obama and say, hey, look. can you help us? there's no laws that protect our children. >> reporter: california is more progressive than most states protecting celebrities. but there's no state laws banning paparazzi. federal laws also don't exist, but the president may relate to berry's plea for privacy. after all, the white house discourages all unauthorized photos of the obama daughters. >> you get a life. >> reporter: not many celebrities have the president's clout. tom cruise, sarah jessica parker, julia roberts and others, have to dodge photographers wherever they go with their kids. >> grown men crawling around a school with cameras, you know what?
7:18 am
that puts fear into the heart of every parent. >> reporter: but on a public street, these photographers were well within their rights. >> she may be the one who could be subject to criminal action. if you assault, a photographer, she could wind up being the one that's actually criminalized. >> i hate that i lost my cool. but i'm human. when it comes to my daughter, i'm ferocious. >> reporter: after this incident, halle berry has expressed interest in moving to france, where the privacy laws are a lot stricter. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> she is a fierce mom right there. time, now, for weather and sam champion. >> following kids with a camera seems creepy. it just does. good morning, everybody. let's start with what's going on in the northeast. we're a little surprised to see some showers in the area, particularly new jersey and new york area. now, the showers moved out. a little sunshine breaking in. we have one more cold front to get through before we get to the great weather. that's everywhere philly, new york city, hartford, burlington, augusta, albany. that could mean some strong
7:19 am
storms this afternoon, clearing that last front out of the way. then, we're into a nice run of weather. into the west, we're talking about the big fire situation. and here comes the dry cold front. lots of lightning with this front, but it will also drop the temperatures into the cooler level. look at seattle, coming down into the 50s. portland in the 60s. vegas is going from the 100-degree levels into the 80s. but that front does not have enough moisture to help with the fire. it's going to be gusty and breezy. still hot today. od
7:20 am
>> and a good morning to minneapolis, eau claire, madison. some chilly temperatures but gorgeous day, robin, george. >> it was a great morning yesterday. you were fantastic with kelly ripa. loved seeing it. i have to say, go nowhere. stay right there. coming up, the husband accused of strangling his wife in the so-called spray tan murder trial breaks down. inside that emotional testimony. and tom cruise more ripped than ever. he opens up about plastic surgery, life with katie and playing a rock god. and the sudden exit by maria
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hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. i'm talking to the sea? is this for real? [ sea, laughing ] yeah! what's what what what is what... [ sea ] i want you to close your eyes and imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you. can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪ ♪ >> announcer: right now breaking news. good morning i'm eric thomas. that breaking news is from richmond where police discover add estimated 1,000 marijuana plants growing in a warehouse this morning. bags were found after a small electrical fire started at the site around 3:30 this morning. a woman who lives there says
7:25 am
she is trying to get ahold of the people who rented the warehouse while police get a search warrant to confiscate those plants. traffic slow westbound 80 through richmond towards berkeley and university. the bay bridge toll backed up to the 880 overcrossing now. in san jose, a crash northbound 85 at camden they are trying to clear that traffic slow approaching the scene also heavy in a lot of the other locations northbound 87 and northbound 280 in san jose. when we come back, mike is going to tell us if this grey start going to wind up with blue skies later.
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low clouds over san francisco and most past bay this morning flight arrival delays of 75 minutes into sfo. noon sunshine everywhere except along the coast and parts of san francisco upper 60s to low 70s for the rest of us mid 70s to near 80 inland cloudy tonight drier air mass i don't think we'll see as much drizzle as we saw this morning. four to six degrees cooler tomorrow through friday
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that was a perfect paso doble for derek and maria. they had a perfect tango, too. but it wasn't enough to keep them in the ballroom, to get them to the finals. they were sent home last night on "dancing with the stars." and they flew all night long, to join us live, right here this morning, in times square. we're going to talk to them in just a little bit. >> they scored the first perfect score of the entire season. >> what a shock. >> it was. and we're going to turn to the so-called pray tan murder trial. her family, supporting him in court. and we'll get right to that. >> one of the most surprising twists in this case. also this morning, tom cruise, boy. check him out. "rock of ages." now, he is speaking out about
7:31 am
everything from scientology to plastic surgery. a revealing, new interview. we'll have more with that ahead. >> rock on, tom cruise. absolutely. plus, it is justin bieber's most famous hairdo. a big hair don't, when it comes to your kid's health. let's get right to the so-called spray tan murder trial. the husband accused of strangling his wife, breaking down in tears on monday, as her closest friend testified. abc's linsey davis is here with the very latest on their dramatic day in court. >> reporter: good morning, robin. only day two of the trial. and already, lots of drama. between brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, the man accused in the murder case, are scheduled to be called as witnesses. yesterday, they were almost held in contempt of court for watching cable coverage of the murder trial. a trial that hasn't started off quite as the prosecution planned. a potentially pivotal moment. adam kaufman, unable to hold
7:32 am
back tears, as a good friend of the wife he's accused of murdering, testified about the couple's love for each other. >> i believe she was happy in her marriage. >> reporter: melissa was supposed to be a witness for the prosecution. but that may have backfired when she testified that adam and eleonora had a great marriage. >> she loved him very much. >> reporter: still, the prosecution is trying to convince the jury that kaufman strangled his wife inside their suburban miami home back in 2007, before making this historical call to 911. >> i don't know what happened. she's on the floor, dying. she's not breathing. >> reporter: the case made headlines back in 2009, when the defense initially said her death was caused by a violent, allergic reaction to a spray tan. but that theory has since been scrapped. his lawyers saying she died of congestive heart failure and tied of a heart attack.
7:33 am
>> congestive heart failure is usually a situation of long standing disability. >> reporter: the plastic surgeon who performed a breast implant on her before her death, said that wasn't a possibility. the prosecution went on to point out a long list of injuries eleonora suffered, they say, at the hands of her husband. >> we see these two abrasions. and then, another abrasion right here. >> reporter: but defense attorneys argued, they were the result of her hitting her neck on a magazine rack as she fell to the bathroom floor, after suffering a heart attack. prosecutors have yet to offer a motive for why kaufman would kill his wife. and many of her family and friends support kaufman, including eleonora's parents, who were scheduled to testify on his behalf. he's currently out on $500,000 bail.
7:34 am
if convicted, he could be sentenced to 30 years in prison. >> you said the prosecution's case is going to come down to the testimony of the medical examiner. how convincing that person was going to be. >> yeah. we heard from the former assistant medical examiner, who did the autopsy. offered up the testimony the prosecution needed about the types of injuries consistent effectively with a homicide around the neck, et cetera. there were a couple of problems with his testimony. first of all, conceding he hadn't seen scarring of the heart. that injuries could be the result of cpr. not a slam-dunk in any way shape or form. going forward, what's the case for the prosecution? >> it's a tough one. when you're facing friends, family, relatives of the victim, effectively testifying on behalf of the guy who's on trial, you have a tough case in front of you. you'll see the prosecution try to continue to focus on the medical evidence. continue to say, this is a case
7:35 am
based on what the medical examiner found, what the body looked like. you're going to see the defense continually try to push it to say, why would this have occurred? you saw this friend of hers testify, who the prosecution calls. and she says, they were very much in love. really questioning why. >> and you -- in cases, you need a motive. >> you try. it's not required legally. but certainly helpful. and in this case, when there's no motive at all, it poses questions. >> why? >> exactly. >> dan, thanks very much. back over to sam. >> good morning, robin. we're going to start with pictures of heavy rain. particularly lu texas, we've made up so much of the rainfall in this area. san antonio. almost two or three inches of rain in a short period of time and a lot of flooding there. and that soaking system is going to drag along the gulf coast here. as it does, more heavy rain for houston. new orleans, you're involved in
7:36 am
this. the entire gulf coast, that low will sweep you. that means rain and powerful no thunderstorms with them. in comes cooler air. boston, new york city, philadelphia. the drier air on the w >> all of america's weather, right there, brought to you by target. george? >> thank you, sam. tom cruise time. he turns 50 this summer, just in time for his next blockbuster, "rock of ages." but from the pictures of his two magazine spreads, you'd never know it. and lara has more. he's really opening up in the interviews. >> he certainly is, about everything. he does not usually do this.
7:37 am
and you know, tom cruise has taken on all kinds of roles over the years, from his memorable living room entrance in "risky business." to the stunts in "mission impossible." but the superstar has always chosen to keep his personal life private. take a look. ♪ i'm wanted dead or alive ♪ >> reporter: it's tom cruise, as we have never seen him before. he is stacee jaxx, singing and dancing his heart out in "rock of ages." for this spread for "w" magazine, a tattooed and toned cruise, opens up about it all. his career, his family, and his religion, in a prevealing interview in "playboy" magazine. on his long-time involvement with scientology, he tells "playboy," if i don't talk about my religion, or discussing it or
7:38 am
different humanitarian things i'm working on, they're like, he's avoiding it. if i do talk about it, it's oh, he's proselytizing. >> we've seen him get too aggressive with the media for his religious beliefs. he certainly learned from that mistake. >> reporter: cruise who turns 50 in july, tells the magazine, he would never consider having plastic surgery. and what makes him happiest? his wife, katie holmes. cruise tells the magazine, he's just as smitten as the first day he publicly professed his love for her on "oprah." >> i love this woman. >> reporter: he says, she's funny and charming. and when she walks into the room, i just feel better. i'm just happy. and i have been since the moment i met her. what we have is very special. and cruise says, he can handle the scrutiny that comes with his very public life. but not when it comes to katie
7:39 am
and their 6-year-old daughter, suri. he tells "playboy," if media gossip hits too close to home, he'll just sue. with, quote, with certain ones, you have to go, okay, you crossed the line. now, you have the attention of my lawyers. when it involves my kids, you have to go, here's the line. tom cruise turns 50. i said it. 50 years old in july, making every one of us feel, well, just a fee bit old. you can see the magazines and "rock of ages" on june 15th. george? >> cannot wait for that movie. coming up, can the justin bieber hair cut be hazardous to your health? that's an actual question. we'll tell you why in just a minute. doing project with different stores is a really cool idea. we want to bring a little piece of the boutique experience to target. a real taste of luxury. it's pretty special for us to imagine this little nook of polka dog
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as you know, he is the ultimate idol for millions of teens. now, a warning for the true believers, who love that signature hair style that made him so famous. abc's john berman combed through the facts to get to the root of the story. >> reporter: there are all kinds of hair cuts out there. long hair. short hair. blonde hair. blue hair. good hair and bad hair. and now, according to one doctor, dangerous hair. ♪ baby, baby, no >> reporter: baby, baby, baby, yes. an australian doctor says justin bieber's old hair style, like in this video for "baby," can harm your vision. if one eye is constantly covered
7:44 am
up by hair, he says, it can lead to lazy eye, damaging depth perception and focus. an ominous warning for such a popular do. >> you could have a foam ball with bieber's head on it, and you'll have throngs of screaming teenage girls. >> reporter: a warning to the wannabe biebers out there. maybe that's why tom brady stopped winning super bowls. and justin bieber himself no longer sports the bieber. and doctors say there's no threat from the old hair style anyway. but it does make you wonder, what other hair styles pose health risks? there's the kojak. the threat for second-hand glare to innocent bystanders. mr. t., with the ears uncovered, is it easier to catch a cold? that's why the princess leia may be under consideration. >> you managed to cut off our escape root. >> reporter: and the mullet? maybe fashion-forward.
7:45 am
but it can keep your neck from being sun burned. and this only touches on the hair on the head. >> if you can't have it on top, you let it drain to the bottom. >> reporter: who knows what's living inside those zz top beards or bruce springsteen's soul patch. and this could not have been good for vanilla ice, or anyone. and on the subject of famous hair styles, i think we can all agree, that stephanopoulos is both healthy and alluring. >> nice. >> i can't make it go all the way down. >> i like that. only you could get him to do that, john. >> he's going to pay for it. josh, who is laughing hysterically over there, has "the play of the day." and she's about -- a little camera time. she's about to turn 50. why her age isn't stopping kelly for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer...
7:46 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> oh, wow. >> "play of the day." "play of the day." "play of the day." >> what is it? >> here we go. nothing obviously more relaxing, just having a little fish there by the shoreside. yeah. just with you and your -- >> oh, no. oh. >> oh, but there's more. much more. >> what are you going to do about it? >> yeah? and? what do you need? >> oh, no. >> all right. but you love to fish, right? you think, let's get back out to a boat, where you might even land a barracuda. or the barracuda might land itself. take a look at this. that's 40 feet of jumping fish. >> oh.
7:51 am
>> oh, yeah. into the boat. >> josh, well done today. >> thank you. i'm never fishing ever again in my life. derek and maria. final night, someone had to go. it was them. they're going to discuss it here live. go nowhere. your summer getaway, brought to you by alley bank. looking for your own european adventure? which of these cities was voted best european vacation destination? for the answer and to weigh in on your summer vacation plans, go to on yahoo! brought to you by alley bank. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank.
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still ahead on "good morning
7:56 am
america," ballroom, derek and maria, here live, after their shocking exit from "dancing with the stars." good morning i'm eric thomas. in richmond an armed man who barricaded himself in an apartment surrendered after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home for several hours this morning. investigators say the man is an attempted murder suspect. the standoff began midnight on ellis and gately. nobody was injured. >> check on that grey forecast out there for the morning. here's mike. let's start that seven day forecast and show you we are going to have sunshine by noon everywhere but the coast mid 50s. cooler and breezy tomorrow through friday warmer saturday to monday.
7:57 am
bay bridge toll still backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. another accident westbound 4 willow pass road the second one this morning heavy through antioch into pittsburg with >> the news continues now with "good morn
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is glowing in times square, now that the rain has gone away. the umbrellas have been put away. they're having a lot of fun out there this morning. a lot of fun here in times square. and last night on "dancing with the stars," a whole bunch of drama. derek and maria tangos to their way to the top of the leaderboard. they had two perfect 30s. but they're coming home anyway. they flew all night long to get here in times square. >> are they here yet? >> i don't know. >> they are on their way. >> they are going to make it. also, we have tyra banks, right? >> we do, indeed. tyra banks is here.
8:01 am
speaking out about all the skinny models. her decision not to be stick thin, is how she became a top model. >> tyra's here. maria and derek here. also, the opinionated and no-nonsense, judge judy, is going to be here live this morning. she's going to be holding court in a whole, new way. love, love, love, love her. >> can't wait for that. what we can wait for, is what's coming up tomorrow. diabolical minds behind "punk'd" come to morning television. one of us five here is going to get punk'd out. we'll find out what you do. >> one of five shot. >> sam doesn't look happy about it at all. >> we're all looking at sam. >> no. >> why would it be me? >> why not? >> any number of reasons. >> each and every one of us deserves its for different
8:02 am
reasons. >> well put. good morning to everybody and all of you. we're going to begin with the wildfires raging their way across arizona. 13,000 acres have now been burned. and this morning, those fires continue to rage out of control, fueled by warm, windy weather. and to make matters worse now, firefighters near a historic mining town are being told to keep an eye out for snakes and abandoned mine shafts and snakes. an illinois man is on the run after his new bride was found stabbed to death. police believe he killed astrel la kerr rare ra, after they celebrated their wedding with friends. her body was found on sunday, still clad in her wedding dress. actor nick stall is missing. his wife telling tmz, she hasn't seen the 32-year-old in a week. and now, she's worried he may have been using drugs.
8:03 am
he had major roles in "carnival" and "terminator 3." a high-sugar diet not only makes us fatter but may make us less smart, as well. a study on lab rats shows that too much high fructose corn syrup, made them forget things. i just thought i was a little forgetful. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. tonight, we have a story for all parents who fear autism. it's a test for infants. and it's so simple, you can do it at home. tonight, we have exclusive video and the red flags. what you should look for tonight on "world news." >> and we shall. finally, soccer star, david beckham. the man is rich, and handsome. also gifted, as well. and a pretty good sport.
8:04 am
and at a white house ceremony, president obama actually relentless. chiding beckham for being old enough to father most of his teammates. also called beckham, a rare man who can be tough on the field. and still has his, i quote, his own line of underwear," end quote. >> that was a different look for him. >> what did he have? >> a beard. >> oh, he had a beard? >> i wasn't feeling it. >> no? >> wow. >> wait a minute. >> i felt the same way. >> gets it from the president? >> he can't. >> yeah. how about "pop news" lara? >> i would be happy to, robin. thank you. good morning, everybody. she is a few months shy of turning 50. that doesn't stop kelly preston
8:05 am
from having babies on the brain. she told amanda degnat they, on "the conversation," she would love to have another child despite the health risks. wasn't she just pregnant? you're right. her and john travolta had a baby boy in 2010. the couple also has a 12-year-old named ella blue. kristen stewart is a handsome man like david beckham. she is all-woman. but i'm hoping you see the pictures. she also wears the pants in the family. looking debonair in drag, eventually, you're going to get to it. to play her own male suitor. and "elle" gave us a sneak peek on how they did it. >> does somebody from a snickers?
8:06 am
>> she poses as the man. and she changes to the man. >> there. >> thank you. you know, i'm going to move on. i have more on this. but let's move on. i'm done. i'm not even going to tell you about the ring she was wearing. >> no, no. >> that was the ring. okay, there's a little less in snooki's mantra, tcl. she was looking paler than usual. calling it, her nontan. she gave up the tanning bed months ago, even before she knew she was pregnant. not to worry. she tells them, that thanks to her chilean roots, that even if i didn't tan for two years, i would still be tan. you can see a paler, pregnant snooki on a new reality show that premieres in june. >> thank you for the accent
8:07 am
there. >> it's easy. last week, we showed you harvard baseball team's viral video to "call me maybe." the women's team from smu has responded. and it's on. roll 'em. ♪ turning the choreography upside-down, so to speak. the girl version does not disappoint. the only thing missing, was the kid on the harvard team sleeping in the back of the van. the smu team says, ball's in your court, harvard baseball. will this continue? we hope so. and that's "pop news." >> great. >> you finished strong with that. >> going down fast. sam ran out. >> the video segment. >> good morning, everybody. gang, i need some twitter help.
8:08 am
i've been trying to convince the "gma" team to do a "call me maybe" video. i've been trying to convince them to do it. i'm looking at you, robin roberts, through the window. and they will not do it. i need -- lara will do it. i need some twitter help to get this started. we need to do a "call me maybe" video. i'm just saying. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about as you step outside your doors. we're going to talk about the storms that will fire up this afternoon. if you're here in times square, you can feel the humidity. right, folks? it's just humid. with the sunshine layer all over the mid-atlantic and the northeast, as the final front passes, you can see the humidity in that live shot picture. elsewhere around the country today, we're drawing in some cooler air in the northwest. seattle, by friday, you're 59. it's going to feel more comfortable. vegas, you'll come off the 100-degree mark finally. not today. not tomorrow. but the next day.
8:09 am
there's a quick look at the >> what's your name, ma'am? >> patty. >> patty. we were talking about the rocket-launching thing off the side of glen wood springs, colorado. the swing. that's the scariest thing i've ever done. we're live in times square. oh, lara? >> thanks, sam. here's what we have coming up on our morning menu. so close to snagging the mirrorball trophy.
8:10 am
but maria and derek, they didn't make it. they're live, today, in times square, talking to us. plus, tyra banks. why she's saying it's time to celebrate with barbecue and burgers. and "gma" gets punk'd. which one of us fell for one of the jonas brothers' ultimate pranks. that's coming up.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪ ♪
8:14 am
welcome back. derek and maria are making their way here. they've been traveling all night. and they will be joining us in just a few minutes. right now, it's great to have tyra banks with us. never afraid to speak her mind,
8:15 am
which is why we love her. and right now, she's taking on the whole fashion industry. in an open letter to "the daily beast," she praises "vogue," for pledging not to work with models who appear to have an eating disorder. we're happy to welcome tyra banks, creator and producer of "america's next top model," to talk about it all. tell us why this is a big deal. >> it's been an unspoken rule that the fashion industry says, it's okay to be as skinny as you can. just so long as you can stand up and walk and you don't faint. >> looking the other way. >> yes. it's now, that "vogue" is taking this initiative and saying, no, we're not going to condone this. wee see girls backstage at fashion shows. when i was a model, i would see girls which would have the new glow on their skin, this is hair and fur that comes on your body when you're anorexic, because your body is screaming out to
8:16 am
gain warmth. all these things that smacks them in the faces. but she's amazing and she's so skinny. >> they were looking the other way? >> looking the other way. and "vogue" is saying, we're not going to hire those girls. another thing they're talking about is underaged models, which i think is a very big deal. you have 15-year-old girls that are doing highly overly sexual things in magazines. another thing they're going to do is encourage designers to increase the sample size. when i was a model, i was like a 4. and then, i started to get curvy and became a 6. i got so many letters. >> can you believe that? >> saying she's way too big. i had designers tell me i was fat. luckily, i had a mom who helped me to change my career to become more commercial with victoria's secret. >> how does your mom protect you? i think -- >> my mother got a list from all the designers and said, we're not going to hire tyra.
8:17 am
from my agent. the designers said they're not going to hire me anymore. >> because you were a size 6. >> because i was a 4 with curves. you know what we're going to do about this. we're going to go get pizza. and over pizza in a milan pizzeria, we crafted a strategy and make my curves work for me, as opposed to me starving myself or bowing out of the fashion industry. and one of the things that's so important, is when little boys go to basketball games with their dad. and they're watching lebron james or carmelo anthony or dwyane wade. they're like, he slammed it, he did it. and they go home. that little boy is not crying himself to sleep because he doesn't look like lebron or can't play the ball like lebron. he doesn't have the pressure to be that guy. but when a little girl is looking at a magazine with her mother, there's subliminal images saying, if you're not a
8:18 am
size 0, you're not good enough. the fact that "vogue" is making that mandate is huge. and you can't do it by yourself. >> right. >> i think this is a bubble. and you had to say, these are my girls in this bubble. if they're not a size 0, they're not going to work. >> and you said in the open letter, you get these calls late at night from the girls, crying because they're not fitting in the sample sizes. >> exactly. >> and you embrace their curves and their differences and their individuality. >> not necessarily just from "america's next top model." i mentored a whole bunch of girls that are in the fashion industry, that work for "vogue" all over the world. they're working for the magazines. i'm at the top of my game. i'm 19 or 20 or 21. my body's changing, maturing. and i'm not getting as many fashion shows. they're telling me that i'm a 2 and i need to be a 0. >> what do you tell them to do?
8:19 am
>> i tell them to start diversifying their career. sometimes i talk about certain nutrition. what is your body naturally supposed to do. i had one girl where i said, don't do this. you're a genius, go back to college. there's so many things i tell them and guide them. now, i love that i'm not going to get that call as much. >> yes. >> tyra, i'm hungry. literally, i'm starving. what the hell do i do? >> "vogue" has taken a big step. we hope the rest of the industry follows suit. >> exactly. and i think there's a message to young girls, too. awesome equals flawsome. >> does that have anything to do with smyeys, dtyra? >> nothing to do with it. and for them to look at the magazine, like that dad is looking at the basketball game with his son, entertainment.
8:20 am
they leave that arena and go home, they're going to be able to close the magazine and her mom needs to help her with her self-esteem. >> thank you for speaking out for all little girls. >> thank you. >> we'll see you soon. >> robin? >> you two, thank you. she is the queen of daytime television, judge judy. the number one syndicated show on television. looking forward to talking to her. but first, take a look at this. >> i'm the guy. and you're going to rely on me. and when we go out for dinner, we're not going to go 50/50, i'm going to pay the whole thing because i'm the man. >> and who pays for her? >> go home to her mother. >> tell it like it is. more than 10 million viewers a day tune in to see her dispense her judgments, her wisdom. now, you get an extra dose of judge judy on the internet, >> isn't that great? >> i thought you didn't care for
8:21 am
computers. >> i don't. i am afraid of them. i didn't grow up with them. if you're going to remain in this century, you better start learning. and i sense that now that i play with my little ipad and i'm not so fearful of it, it would be a good place to have a conversation. >> and you can have a conversation there, that you can't have elsewhere. >> you used to be able to have it on long-form interviews. but we do these five-minute things where we try to get as much as we can. >> sure. >> and substantively into an interview. but you really can't understand what the stories are that make your life rich. we're hoping that this will do it. >> no topic out of bonds? >> no topic out of bounds. i start off with some topics. twice a month, i'm going to throw out a topic. you know, living together. no-nup, prenup, what do you do with a second family? how do you blend a family? sticky issues, with new
8:22 am
girlfriend, new boyfriend. all those things that sometimes create problems with people. >> since you mentioned that, judy, let me ask you this one. it's been in the news a little bit. this beautiful, adorable dog, knuckles. and the boyfriend and girlfriend break up. she's got the dog. he's spending $60,000 to get the dog in legal fees and try to get it back. how do you see that case? >> you know, i watched a little bit of it, in the news. and first of all, an inordinate amount of time is spent on this guy, who i think is really enjoying his 15 minutes of game. from what i gather, he hasn't seen this dog in eight months. the dog looks perfectly happy with her. our judicial system is very busy. far too busy, as far as i'm concerned to devote time to a case like that. >> do you think it's a frivolous case? >> you know, you're supposed to put a period and move on. i know he says knuckles is like his child. >> exactly. >> but if i had not seen my
8:23 am
child in eight months, i wouldn't look as good as this guy. and so, go out, buy another beagle, if that's what you want, and move on with your life. >> oh, but you -- it's really hard in relationships. when you're married, it's kind of defined. but if you're not married, property, those kinds of things, animals. >> any property, house, car, i believe you're supposed to keep things totally separate when you try this living together nonsense. there's no rules for living together. we have rules for marriage. rules for divorce. we have no rules for living together. if you're smart, and most people who try marriage try living together first. keep it all separate. you buy a dog, it's my dog. you're visiting with the dog. should we marry, the dog will always still be my dog because you can't cut the dog in half. >> no. >> or the car. or the bank account. >> none of that. >> no. >> octomom, nadya suleman, she's
8:24 am
been in the news lately. i know you've been weighing in on that a bit. >> i think that it's terrible to celebrate irresponsible behavior. and i think that her behavior in having all these children was irresponsible because she wasn't able to take care of them. we knew, everybody knew, that she wasn't able to take care of them. nobody could take care of 14 children themselves. and she couldn't take care of them emotionally. certainly not financially, as we know. >> sure. >> someone else is going to have to take care of her children financially, which is an act of irresponsibility. >> it's like talking to my mom. you met my mom yesterday. >> she was a great lady. what a great lady. >> no nonsense is going to come through. like i said, we don't have enough time. i'm going to throw to george. that's why we have up and running? >> up and running. try it. >> thank you, hon. derek and maria, from
8:25 am
"dancing with the stars." >> yeah? >> they're out there with george right now. >> they're here, robin. you have to love live tv. we were tracking derek and maria the last half hour. they're on 63rd and fifth. >> we're jogging here. >> we had the most patient driver in the world. working so hard to get here. >> you guys were up all night long to get here. and it was such a shock, i have to say. >> oh, yeah. >> perfect tango. on monday night to get the news last night. >> yeah. it was a great final. and we couldn't have left any better than we did. we left on top. >> you saw that the crowd was behind you. the minute they heard that decision, they were not happy. >> no. it was very sweet. >> and you fought through so much. all the injuries. it seemed like every, single week, you would not give up. >> definitely. you know what? this was a magical experience for me. to be able to learn how to dance. and to be able to perform.
8:26 am
and be a part of the show, was something that i didn't want to stop for anything. and so, i taped up my feet. i did all the therapies. i did everything i could. you know, every time a doctor told me i couldn't keep going, i would look at him and say, i'm going to keep going. >> the car accident, how much money you spend medically, going through a competition. >> you called her not just a champion on the dance floor, but a champion at life. >> absolutely. in everything she does, she puts her heart and soul into it and accomplishes it. and you know, she owns it. i'm really proud of her. >> we have a lot more to talk to you about. stick around. we'll see all of the highlights from their season on "dancing with the stars."
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze in oakland two armed carjackers escaped despite a four hour policeman hunt the s.w.a.t. team was called out 1:30 this morning there was no sign of them. officers believe they got away before police set up their perimeter. the pair pistol-whipped a driver and stole his car the victim is expected to be okay. we just heard of a new injury accident westbound at the bay bridge toll past the tolls in one of the lanes. it looks like here there isn't much of a back-up. they are trying to look past the metering lights traffic slow there. we'll keep you posted on that. bart reporting 10 minute delays through the walnut creek station because of an
8:28 am
earlier equipment problem as well as delays between sfo millbrae and san bruno. we'll check in with mike for your forecast after this.
8:29 am
already 60 in antioch starting to see sun rest of us still cloudy low to mid 50s clouds east bay and south bay first then back to the coast by noon keeping you in the upper 50s throw 60s in san francisco upper 60s 70s bay shore mid 70s to low 80s
8:30 am
inland. cooler tomorrow and friday warmer everywhere [ cheers and applause ] talk about enthusiasm here in times square this morning. everybody excited out here. and look at that. right there, we saw them coming in. derek and maria, making it in, just a couple minutes ago. lots of cheers. lots of excitement. so glad they made it. these guys are glad they made it. >> very happy. >> congratulations to you. plus, we have the very talented gabrielle union. she is here, as well. has a new hit movie and a passionate cause involving a cutting-edge medical breakthrough that could save your life. >> terrific. and also, earlier this week, we told you about our exciting,
8:31 am
new competition. the grand prize is a v.i.p. package, including two tickets to beyonce's memorial day concert. revel resort in atlantic city. beyonce fans, beyhive, as they call themselves. you have a chance to register to compete in that contest. >> i'm pretty sure, you wouldn't be able to buy those tickets. >> no, but you can, sam champion, international film and television star. go to on yahoo! and look for the beyhive costume party. you could get yourself invited to our studio. come on down. beyonce's costume designer will pick his favorite four outfits. the grand prize winner, right here in times square. look who is here. look who just showed up? >> i'm so glad i'm in my sweat pants. that's what i'm going to look like right now.
8:32 am
>> we just literally got off the plane. >> maria and derek. >> reporter: it was the stunning elimination no one, not even her fellow contestants, saw coming. one night after the dazzling argentine tango rocketed maria menounos back to the top of the leaderboard. >> 10. >> a score of 30. >> reporter: she was sent home, without a spot in next week's final. >> the ballroom doesn't like that. >> reporter: this season, maria was a tour de force on the dance floor. consistently wowing the judges with her graceful moves. but a stress fracture in her right foot diagnosed for rehearsals in week four, threatened to end her time in the ballroom. >> quitting the show has never
8:33 am
been an option. and that's it. >> reporter: always a fighter, she bounced back. becoming the first star this season to earn a coveted perfect 30, after a mesmerizing paso in week seven. this greek girl from humble begins in massachusetts, says she was inspired by her parents. >> my dad used to say, if you work hard, you can do whatever you put your mind to. and i believed them. >> reporter: it sure showed on the dance floor. >> on behalf of other massachusetts natives, we're proud of you. >> thank you. thank you to everyone here. you guys have been amazing. ♪ >> and maria and derek, right here, right now. the crowd is loving you guys this morning. derek, i have to say, right at the start. i feel so privileged right now. i just got the laugh off camera. >> it's a riot. i don't know if i'm going to get the dolphin or the goat. it's all different.
8:34 am
>> you must have the world's most understanding boyfriend. >> i actually do. he is amazing. he doesn't get enough credit for what he's done for me and my career and for life. and to be so calm throughout this process when everybody's like, ooh, you and derek. you're kissing. he was amazing. and so, i'm very lucky. he's a good guy. >> what is the story behind the kiss? whose idea? >> super slow-mo. >> it was my idea. we were trying to figure out. there's a big buildup in the song. do you really want to? we should rip off your shirt. then, i'm like, i don't know. >> that's been done. >> right? well, you kind of kiss me but you totally screwed up and kissed my chin in the rumba. that was a little embarrassing. maybe this will be your moment of redemption. go for it. it's just fun. it's television. >> we had a good time. >> it seems so clear that you
8:35 am
guys really enjoyed each other. >> we do. >> very good time. >> it's been an amazing season for me. i just love dancing with her. and that's what i said last night. she is an amazing person in life. and you know, she did an incredible job on the show. as we can see, not just an amazing dancer, but an amazing person. it's been a great time. >> what's the best way to get that laugh? >> i actually started doing it. >> he already caught it. >> i'm starting therapy soon, so i don't catch it. >> you already caught it. it's over. >> i got to tell you, i was so moved by your backstory. another greek from massachusetts. so loved hearing about your dad and where you got your values. want to show a little more about that. >> we used to work every, single day. clean the toilets. mopping the floors. we worked very hard.
8:36 am
and i'm not ashamed of what i went through because i want to see my kids, happy. >> what an example your father set. >> i mean, my parents were amazing. they were such incredible, hard workers. and they were always so bright. i always say about the greeks, we're lively, happy people. we want to have fun. whether we're cleaning toilets or greek dancing at a party. it was all -- you know, there's always a passion behind everything we did. >> what do they think of all this? >> they were beside themselves, every week. they had no expectations for me. they know i'm a hard worker. but none of us, and any of my friends or anyone who knew i me, had any idea i would get past the second week. let alone, get to the finals. >> or have two perfect 30s on the way. >> my boyfriend was like, i knew
8:37 am
you were going to put the work in. and i knew you were tough. but you know, if you make it to the semifinals, you're a winner. >> you certainly were. time for a prediction. next week? >> tough. we kind of talked about it on the plane. it's really hard. >> it's up to america, whatever they want. i feel the judges are going to score pretty evenly. depending on what the dance is going to be. do you want the heartthrob? do you want the athlete? or do you want the beauty, graceful dancer? you know? it depends on what they want. >> it's going to be a great time. we have something to celebrate first. bring it in, guys. >> hey. >> oh, my god. did you know that? >> it's my birthday. it's for him. >> i know. >> cheers, everyone.
8:38 am
>> it's ice cream. that's the greatest ever. i'm so excited. can i get the first piece? >> the only place that's open at this hour of the morning. >> terrific. >> i had a sheet cake and i eat the entire thing myself every year. >> here you go. >> you get the first piece. there's double crispies, too. i love you guys. >> you have to do some weather. >> wait. i have to see the smiling bite. there you go. >> it's good, america. now, i'll get to the maps. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. we want to start with our twitter picture. from payson, arizona. a lot of people sending us in pictures from the fires in that area today. our twitter followers become newsmakers. a beautiful shot out of pennsylvania and the clouds that are in the way. but we'll get them out over the next couple of days.
8:39 am
in comes a little pocket of isolated, colder than normal temperatures. look at isolated falls today. green bay, 40. if you're hot and uncomfortable, think of those folks today. they're starting with a chill. most of those numbers will pull out. and places where it is warm, yuma, arizona, 104. phoenix, 102, again today. and the strong winds with a dry passage of a front today will make the fire matters worse in the southwest. >> all that weather was brought to you by amazon kindle. really good. >> all of the finalists will be here next wednesday morning. big "dancing with the stars" finale. coming up right now, the biggest stars in the world have been punk'd. now, it's about to happen to one of us.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] hey. it's a happy, happy birthday wednesday here. and it happens to some of hollywood's biggest stars, getting punk'd. it took practical jokes to a new level. but guess what?
8:43 am
one of the five of us is a target. and here's what we could be in store for. it's wildly addictive tv. >> chill. chill. chill. >> oh. >> reporter: celebrities, losing their cool. >> los angeles county. >> chill. >> you have to relax, man. >> reporter: all captured on hidden camera. >> is that two cops behind us? >> hey, man. trying to keep a low pro. >> hey, you want to party with zach? zac efron in here. >> are you serious right now? >> reporter: it's mtv's "punk'd." through the years, the show followed creators, ashton kutcher and jason goldberg. as they planned and executed elaborate pranks on some of hollywood's biggest names. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> what did you do to my house?
8:44 am
>> there's nothing like watching famous people get pranked. >> reporter: justin timberlake, getting repossessed. >> the possibility that i won't get my stuff back? >> this is war. this is war. >> win. win. >> reporter: beyonce, ruining christmas. >> she ruined christmas. >> reporter: hugh jackman, burned his friend's house down. >> who was barbecuing? >> i turned it on. and i pressed the ignition. the igniter. >> did you use gasoline or -- >> nothing. >> showing the public a true real side of the celebrity maybe you haven't seen before. >> right there, man. you just got punk'd. >> it's taken reality to a whole different reality. >> hey. >> reporter: but after eight
8:45 am
seasons, "punk'd" was almost too successful. the pranks became harder to pull off. >> i knew it. >> reporter: because everyone they tried to punk, suspected something was um. >> something's going to go wrong. there's a good chance, we're really good at what we do. >> reporter: after a five-year hiatus, "punk'd" is back, with a new twist. a rotating host. for this season's premiere, ashton kutcher passed the punk'ing torch, to justin bieber. >> we have to invite taylor to the beach house. we'll have a wedding on a boat. and, three, you guys are going to set off fireworks. the boat's going to catch on fire. you're going to ruin a wedding. >> reporter: and he played the ultimate prank on megamusic star, taylor swift. >> whoa. what is that? >> reporter: a devastated
8:46 am
taylor, think she's ruined a couple's wedding. >> thanks for ruining the best day of my life. >> taylor swift, thanks a lot. >> reporter: but in the end, the joke's often too good not to laugh at themselves. >> justin bieber made me push a button. i just got punk'd. >> reporter: ashton kutcher's still a producer on the show. the cast of characters is decidedly younger. attracting a whole new generation of "punk'd" fans. >> i know. i'm miley cyrus. i got punk'd. >> i'm zac efron. i just got punk'd. >> reporter: and the latest victim to get punk'd, one of our very own. watch tomorrow, as nick jonas teams up with "gma." >> unbelievable. are you kidding me? turn these cameras off. one of our anchors is about to get an interview, they'll never forget. >> tomorrow, all will be revealed. one of us, though, is going
8:47 am
down. straight faces all. straight faces. >> that's right. coming up, take a look at who's joining us live here in times square.riririririririririi
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] we were all shocked by the very tan mom who was arrested for taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. why this is an extreme case. skin cancer is an epidemic with 2 million cases diagnosed this year. >> gabrielle union is partnering with neutrogena, as a new
8:50 am
spokesman. she is here with our friends, dr. doris day here. and thank you for being here. it's important. what's that piece of equipment. is that the life saving equipment? >> melafind is a new twice, that helps us find melanoma, when they are curable. with that tanning mom, we're trying to help people change anywhere behavior. but we also want early detection. when we look at brown spots, some i know are nothing. and some are worrying. some are between. this looks without any pain or cutting into the skin. and by looking into the skin, it looks at about 50 different parameters in different wavelengths of light. and it gefs me an answer of high or low. >> anything that looks unusual, you're going to focus on there. >> ashley has chosen to volunteer. we screened her and found a
8:51 am
place that needs a little more evaluation. i can see how deep it goes. >> there it is. >> now, i can see an image. if i remove it later, i can look at it and learn to see how to look at her better, to identify melanomas in her. >> and this machine is something -- >> it has never been done before. it took 15 years. it used to be a computer that took up a whole room. and now, in a minute, you can have an answer of high or low. >> do all doctors have this available? >> it's just reaching the market now. i have the very first. you can go to melafind, and find a doctor near you. this is really helpful, as a diagnostic tool. this doesn't do the thinking for you. we have to pick out the spots. >> detection is key. but also you said before, changing behaviors. we've seen the tanning beds in the news a lot lately. how bad are they for us as a
8:52 am
dermatologist? >> you can be in the sun and burn. you can be in a tanning bed and burn. sometimes those lights are more severe and stronger than natural sunlight. we know all sunlight can cause skin cancer overtime. sun protection is so important. having a regular skin cancer screening. the difference can be life and death. >> you were so great when i went through mine. gabrielle, it's lovely to see a woman of color step up and say, all skin tones. >> it's a mess that skin cancer only affects a certain part of the population. all skin tones have to be diligent about sun protection. no matter how light, how dark, you have to stay on top of it. you have to use sunblock. it's a fact of being. >> thank you for speaking out. for more skin cancer prevention tips, you just need to go to pee
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] you guys are so much fun. thank you. >> three. >> i'm an ice cream cake
8:56 am
fanatic. it's the greatest thing ever. >> they'll be in the final show next week. >> that's right. you'll be back on "dancing with the stars." >> you guys are terrific. >> thank you, guys. a week from today, all three finalists, including the new mirrorball champion, will be here live. "dancing with the stars," the after-party. tomorrow. >> who is going to get punk'd? we'll find out. have a great day. cacacacacacacaa
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. richmond police are investigating a large illegal pot grow after they found 1,000 marijuana plants in a warehouse this morning. large bags were discovered after firefighters were called to an electrical fire at the site around 3:30 this morning. police are getting a search warrant to confiscate the plants. looks like the sun will pull back to the coast by noon upper 50s low 60s into san francisco upper 60s to low 70's around the bay area mid 70s to near 80 inland. cooler tomorrow. westbound 4 heavy through antioch stalled big rig just cleared southbound 680 heavy approaching a crash at stone valley. new accident northbound


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