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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 17, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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ooh, ooh ♪ dhauz [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: rita wilson's album, called am/fm, available now. i want to thank drew carey. apologies to matt damon, ran out of time. thank you for watching and goodnight.
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i still have not gotten nothing answered. >> this woman is demanding answers tonight. >> her brother was found in this wooded area seven days after crashing his car. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. despite the odds, he is alive. >> alive, but not well after a week alone and hurt. michael sanchez, junior was on 101 in san jose when his car went off the road. they found the car, but they could not find him. ama dates is live at san jose regional medical center. ama?
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>> dan and carolyn, michael sanchez was brought hereafter he was found yesterday, alive, but unresponsive. his sister tells me he is still unresponsive which means nobody knows exactly what happened over the seven days he was missing. >> right now michael is on life support. >> michael sanchez, junior's sister, pricilla wants to know what happened to her brother. she last spoke to him early last wednesday morning. unknown to her he crashed his truck shortly after that call. he was on 101 south and took the hellier exit. it went off the off-ramp and went down the depressed area that is brushy and wooded. >> a witness told chp they saw a man walk away from the scene. >> we utilized the fire department's portable lighting system and it was a 45-minute search in the area. >> but sanchez wasn't found. when he didn't show up to a family funeral and wasn't
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answering his phone his sister filed a police represent. >> it was filed on the 10th. but on the following day, on the 11th it to sent to the investigations' unit. on monday morning investigators investigators were assigned to the case. >> after learning of the crash they went back to the site to look for the crews. >> he was located before 6:00 p.m. in an area that was completely out of view of the roadway and -- >> she does president know how he he couldn't be found for seven days. >> they should have found the body. if i reported my brother missing on that thursday they should have -- the chp picked up the truck on the 8th. i found a truck and there is a person missing. why wasn't i informed. >> the chp did a search. they checked the soldier and checked the park and checked neighborhoods. was he there?
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well while they were doing the search, nobody knows for sure. but they did a track and it came back to a vie sale yaw address. that was a cold lead. as for the san jose police they say they get -- they get miss -- missing person's report and they need to put them in priority as to who is most at risk. whether it is somebody suicidal or somebody they know is in danger and while the sister said she had a bad feeling, they say there was just no solid he he was at risk. and so it wasn't put at the top of the priority list. in san jose, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you, ama. an east bay city is taking extreme measures to crackdown on what neighbors call a crime infested home. after three decades of problems there, the city is now threatening to evict those who live there. alan wang is live in berkeley to tell us how they plan to do it. alan? >> carolyn, this would not be a typical eviction because the
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city is attempting to evict the owner of the home. the city says they have done this under extreme circumstances and this one qualifies. the city of berkeley report says 15 people with criminal histories call this place home. arrests have been made for deald guns, drug dealing and fighting. the neighbors say they were petrified. >> because they have guns, and they are -- the house is full of criminals. >> finally 18 neighbors tbot the city to declare the home a nuisance. now the owners must follow strict conditions, or be evicted. this woman is the owner's daughter. she declined an interview. >> i don't care. this is my house. i wasn't doing anything wrong. you can't do that. >> these are scary people. half have been in jail. >> for 37 years tom has lived he tried to get police to do something. >> their response basically is what do you want us to do? have you seen them selling
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dope? do you have proof? do you have photographs? so they can't do anything until we have absolute proof. >> in just the last 18 months, the city says the home has generated more than tort crime-related reports. but now a simple police report could force an eviction. >> it is a series of screw ups. >> red flags should have been raised a longtime ago. >> the police are keeping a log, but it never gets put together that there is a real problem. >> now an attorney work wght homeowner says the bed grandsons who have caused most of the problems have been removed from the home. they will take a final vote on a resolution on may 29th. alan wang reporting live in berkeley, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. another domestic drama at san francisco city hall. a judge is garnishing a judge's wages until she catches up with her spousal support payments.
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she is 14 months behind on what she owes her ex-husband, about $40,000. $3300 a month will be withheld from her $300,000 a year paycheck. she says she stopped paying her exafter he beat up their teenage son. mayor ed le is giving her the benefit. doubt. >> we have to figure out what is going on with her personal life and what the courts will say about it. there has been no judgment call yet, and we will work with her to see what it is the courts require her to do. >> she issued a statement saying it is not in the best oys to comment on the dispute. the death of the estranged wife of robert f kennedy, junior appears to be a suicide. a kennedy family member tells abc news that 52-year-old mary richardson kennedy hanged herself in her bedford home. she long battled drug and alcohol addiction. she was arrested twice in 2010 for driving under the influence, the same year she and her husband filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. robert f kennedy, junior is
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the son of the late senator robert f kennedy. the man accused of beating a berkeley hills deathident to death broke a deputy sheriff's jaw. daniel de witt was being transferred from the psychiatric unit to napa state hospital when he attacked the depp stey breaking -- the deputy breaking the jaw. he was charged with murdering 67-year-old peter sucor outside sucor's family home. de witt is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and ntally income pent -- incompetent. a little league pitcher is recovering from surgery after a line drive frk toured his skull. he was hospitalized with multiple fractures to his head and a broken nose after being hit in a game in petaluma. he was in surgery for six hours. >> reconstructing the sinus cavity and the frontal lobe area and they had to go and put all of the pieces back together like a puzzle.
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>> and it is good news he gets better every day. >> the petaluma little league board of directors meets tomorrow to discuss safety issues. the players are trying out protective head gear and there is talk of possibly switching to wooden bats. the financial melt down at jp morgan chase appears to be worse than first reported. tonight the new york times is quoting sources that trading losses have reached $3 billion. it has run up $2 billion in losses over just six weeks time. the chief executive jaime diamond admitted that the bank simply took too much risk. td ameri trade and fidelity stopped accepting orders for facebook shares. demand is so extraordinary facebook announced it will sell an additional 84 million shares. 18% of the company up from 14%. the stock is expected to go for about $38 a share making facebook worth roughly $100 billion.
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stay with abc7 news and for complete coverage of facebook's ipo on friday. abc7 news i team reporter dan noyes is here with an investigation into a case of bad coaching that you really have to see. >> dan and carolyn, it is a case that shocked parents. teenage players that were paid bounties to hurt members of the opposing team. see what happens when i confront the coaches involved and find out their punishment. >> and what this paralyzed woman is about to do using only her thoughts. >> that's all coming up. and then on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden. up next on "nightline" the latest on the tragic news of mary kennedy's death marking yet another loss for the famous kennedy plan. and j-lo ranks number one on the forbes 100. the surprising reason she beat out the rest. that's on "night lynn."
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a youth rugby club has been suspended after twos ruled the -- after it was ruled the president and coach was paying for b against against opposing teams. >> dan noyes is here with an i team investigation you will see only on 7. this sounds like the nfl. >> it sounds like the pros for sure. our investigation began with this anonymous letter i received about the bounties. it says in part "it is disgusting the coaches are teaching these 14-year-old and 1413 -- 13 and 14-year-olds to hunt others down in the name of sport." i had to check it out. >> i need to talk to you for the story. >> wesley and his son wes junior don't want to talk about why they have been banned from coaching the club they founded last year, the martinez rafters.
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rap fors. >> what is so important on a rugby match that you would put a brown de on the head of opposing players? >> all raptors teams from high school varsity to under 8 years of age have a reputation of competitive and playing hard. but they were offering cash for hard hits surfaced at the raptors under 14 match. >> one of the players hit our player hard which we shot was fine. and he turned to his coach and said how is that, coach? is that goodor the money? >> he complained to the league's governing body. the northern california youth rugby association, and matte son is the disciplinary chairman. >> it was $20 or $30. but from a kid's perspective whether it is $5 or $500, it is a motivation and that is not appropriate. >> they held a hearing by conference call and they say he denied ever offering a bounty. but a player on the raptors
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under 14 team and his father came forward to say it is true. they offered that boy and his teammates money for hits that would knock the other players out of the game. y upsets that once the began there was some a meeting of some sort telling the kids not to say anything about it or else. the or else was left open. >> the league announced its decision in this e-mail to coaches and parents. "all of the raptor teams are suspended until january 1st. they will miss the summer season. they forfeit all of last season's matches. wesley and his son are suspended from rugby for three years. jay i think the three-year suspension is kind of light. i think there should be no tolerance and it should be you are done. you are out of this program for life. >> i spoke about the raptor bounties with sons who brought their stonns treasure island this weekend to tryout for the bay area allstar team.
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>> i think the raptors got what they deserved. there is no room for that in youth sports, or at any level. there is no room for violence. >> several parents think the raptors got the idea from the new orleans saints scandal. they offered cash payment for injuring opposing players. a documentary film maker caught the defensive coordinator urging his players to target 49er running back frank gore before last season's playoff game. >> we have to do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank gore's hip. we want him running sideways. we want his head sideways. >> we lost sight of the true purpose of s >> joanne >> joanne is sports psychologist who is helping athletes ol the olympics. she says bounty programs send a dangerous message. >> especially at age 13 and
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14. ns forre learningfe. life. it is important they learn the right lessons and learn how to treat people properly. >> we don't know the motivation. they wouldn't answer in person or respond to my phone callsoute bounties. >> i think that is ridiculous. they would never do that. >> but at last weekend's allstar tryout i met two rafter -- raptor moms who still support the team. >> go raptors, go raptors. >> you are still behind them? >> we are. we bleed purple of the we are here for the long haul. >> our kids have done so well in this organization. >> they had a right to appeal the success speptions, but agreed not to after they allowed the under 10 and under 8 teams to enter the playoffs. we explain more on the impact of the kids from the perspective of one targeted in a new i team blog at
1:26 am >> that's interesting. >> it is remarkable. we want to share with you what they have developed at massachusetts general hospital. it is a robotic arm that is controlled by thought. this video provided by mass general and brown university a paralyzed woman commands the arm with her mind to pick up a bottle of coffee and bring it to her lips. it is the first time she has been able to serve herself a drink in almost 15 years. really remarkable. weather has been quite a bit cool >> it has >> it has indeed. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it as we inch a little closer to the weekends. >> as we inch closer things are going to improve, but not immediately. i want to show you our definition camera, and you can see the fog is really obscuring the top of the bridge. we are facing a pretty strong marine layer, marine influence tonight, wiper weather in spots along the coast. it is due to the deep marine layer. it is 7 to 10 miles across the rest of the bay area.
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here are the highlights. water basically -- currents first and then highlights. we are looking for temperatures in the 50s and the 60s right now. the highlights, low clouds and fog, spotty and drizzle. clearing and breezy tomorrow afternoon and it is turning mild just in time for your weekend plans. tomorrow's high temperatures you will notice running below where you should be for this time of year. 76 was the average forand 74 naa and 74 tomorrow. 2 dries below normal. 2 degrees below normal. averaging 7 degrees below where you should be this time of year. only 61 for the high tomorrow. san jose is 73 degrees and 2 dries cooler than where you normally are. the marine layer is with the on shore flow. the wind coming off the cooler ocean water and the trough is going to keep us in a cool pattern for your thursday. today's high temperature is 51 in pacifica and 86 in antioch. you will not see the 80s tomorrow. that's for sure. so first thing in the morning, allow yourself extra time.
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make sure you grab a sweater or jacket. it is going to be cool and cloudy and even misty and drizzly in spots. upper 40s to the low 50s. and here is how it all plays out. low clouds and fog and even drizzle. and then the clouds clear away. we w picki the breeze picking up out of the northwest. keeping it cool and occasional high clouds. 50s at the coast. 70s in our inland areas. but that's going to change as we hit the weekend. so here are the high temperatures for your thursday. 76 degrees in santa rosa. getting up to 61 in san francisco and breezy in half moon bay. midto upper 60s on the peninsula. 77 in antioch and 73 in san jose. you will see occasional high clouds for the afternoon. for the monterey bay, 69 in santa cruz. mid70s inland, gilroy, out toward hollister. here is your seven-day forecast. cool and breezy by spring standards for your thursday. we will move those temperatures up by friday and
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saturday. we will keep it mild on sunday and even beyond that. a nice looking forecast ahead. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up, a driving lesson. >> what you do not want to do with a $250,000hini.
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a video that has gone viral proves not everybody who owns apensive sports carnots how to drive one. >> the owner of this $225,000 lamborghini loses control and ends up wedged between these two cars. >> the video was taken by chance by a passenger in another car. it has nearly 4 million hits on youtube of the very embarrassing. >> at least he didn't run it into a tree. jay or hit the cars head on. >> larry? >> outstanding view point. not a scratch. giants manager bruce bochy getting interesting with the batting order. will it cause trouble for the cardinals?cl
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thee series with the saint louis cardinals. brew bochy trying anything to ignite the off pens. he had madison bumgardner batting 8th instead of 9th, a tony larussa trick. nice mow hawk. if the giants win the world series sandhya will wear her hair like that. >> yeah, right. >> struck out three. another low scoring game. buster posey ties it up in one and knocks in balanco. and it is a slide tore freeze. l fries crushed it down the line and solo homer and 2-1 st. louis. bumgardner was 1 for 3, but
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the giants didn't do much else against garcia. to the eighth and the cardinals with some breathing room and pinch hitting is shoe maker -- shoemaker. two runs score and the giants can't score. cardinals win it 4-1. a's and rangers and good thing he can act because he cannot throw at all. several worms were killed by that pit tom malone on the mound for the a's. looking good. strikes out hamilton with a hook. trouble in the fourth and bell tray almost hit it like on one thee there. he has clout. four runs in the fourth. he is from japan and won his 6th game and struck out seven. that's why the rangers spent $100 million to get him. rangers win it 4-1. to the nba and oklahoma city stomped on the lakers in game one. game two tonight was much, much tighter. not only does she have flexibility like gum be, she is holding on with her teeth. i don't know how.
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that is unbelievable. lakers imposing their will. gasol dunking and laker bise three. lakers by three. they closed the game and hardin brings it within one. five seconds left and you go for kobe. it is steve blake in the corner. and the thunder take a series lead. an old charles barkleythe game. boston came to play. he had 24 points and slapping the backboard fo who said kevin garnet was old? vintage kg. he had 27 after losing game two, the celts gop nate gameina. 3 -- dominate game three. it is a saucy 130 miles and helping the team here.
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they were stocking up on water for everybody else. either that or he is really, really thirsty. out of my way and he wins the fourth straight by 15 seconds heading to stage five. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. for larry and sandhya, we
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72 in chicago. triple digits in phoenix. 77 in sacramento, and 81 in salt lake city. this is the season most 17 and 18-year-olds are champing at the bit to toss those graduation caps in the air and move on to college. >> oh, yeah. that's especially true for 17-year-old aaron. except this year he's actually graduating from college with a 4.0. he can't even vote yet but he's getting his bachelors degree in electronic engineers from the university of texas in dallas. wow. >> ever feel dumb? >> right now.


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