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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and have a wonderful thursday.
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good thursday morning. 4:31 a.m.. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. peninsula firefighters pull off a rescue overnight this morning a man is safe after jumping off an overpass claiming to be the victim of a carjacking. terry mcsweeney is live near 92 in foster city. >> reporter: this is a crazy story. 2:00 this morning a 911 call came in a man saying he just jumped out of his car over the edge of a freeway to escape a carjacking but he didn't know where he was. foster city fire department came out. they found a way to take care of him. the fire department comes out with a hook and ladder and basket and the man is rescued from highway 92 near the
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edgewater exit. his story is he was carjacked pulled over eastbound 92, hopped out of his car over the edge of the freeway i don't know if he knew what was coming his way he was in the air 30 feet before he hit ground when he called 911 within, chp couldn't locate him him he's laying somewhere and the chp don't know where so they turned on their side recents and this man on his cell phone listened, as they got closer he would tell them that and the chp would realize they were getting closer to where he was. finally they located him west of the edge water exit on highway 92. a lot of questions remain. where detective carr jacking take place? who was that person? was there someone else in the car with this guy at the time? we don't know. we know the man was rescued
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and he is safe this morning. crazy morning for him. live on the foster city/ san mateo border, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning a 25-year-old man remains unresponsive after san jose police found a wooded area not far from where he crashed his car seven days earlier. investigators believe michael sanchez, jr. had been there since last tuesday near highway 101 and hellyer avenue. his family is demanding answers from police on why it took so long to find him? amy hollyfield chill join us live in 30 -- will join us live in 30 minutes with some answers. police looking for a gunman who shot and injured a man last night in east san . it happened a few blocks from kelly park. the man has life-threatening injuries. a second victim was found assaulted in the same area
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both in the hospital. police have not identified a suspect or motive. >> >> in berkeley the city council will decide in two weeks whether to evict owners of a home that neighbors say is a crime infested highways hold. 15 people with criminal histories called the police on 9th street their home. there have been more than 40 crime-related reports in the past year and a half arrests have been made for guns, drug dealing and fighting. earlier this year, 18 neighbors complained to city officials who declared the place a nuisance. a next door neighbor says he tried to get police to do something because most of the neighborhood was afraid. >> their response is, what do you want us to do? have you seen them selling dope? have you got proof, photographs? they can't do anything until we have absolute proof. >> now the home's residence must follow strict -- now the home's residents must follow strict conditions or be evicted.
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in a rare move oakland police chief jordan met privately this week with parents of a high school student shot and killed by police. he told the parents he was sorry the family was forced to wait for hours for information the day the teen was stopped. may 6th, officers stopped the man they say he ran and was shot after he allegedly pointed a gun at police. last weekend 100 people protested his death with a march to the mall police substation where the parents demanded answers. this morning a huge marijuana growing operation that authorities say was run by a father and son team is out of business. 19 are in custody as rut of a major sweep across the east by. they are calling it operation disco dazed. the dea busted 14 indoor growing operations agents
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confiscated 3600 plants, 96 upons of processed marijuana valued at more than a million dollar. they recovered 36 weapons, assault rifles and grenade launcher. the haul included eight vehicle, five boats and $400,000 in cash. the investigation began last year when they began looking into drug trafficking at a business in hayward and tracy. unusual this morning, a judge is scheduled to hold a hearing on whether to reinstate a peninsula sophomore into an honors class after he was kicked out for cheating. the father told abc7 news he would sue the district because he says his son's due process rights were violated and believes the punishment is excessive. the teenager was removed after he was caught plagiarizing another student's work which is a violation of the class' honesty pledge he signed.
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he has admitted he cheated. after the market closes this afternoon the stock price will be announce on facebook's initial public offering. tomorrow morning shares will begin being traded. last night orders were stopped. facebook will sell additional 84 million shares 18% of the company up from 14%. the stock is expected to go for about $38 a share making facebook worth roughly 100 billion dollars. stay with abc7 news and for complete coverage of facebook's ipo. we will be there live tomorrow morning in menlo park as mark zuckerberg rings the nasdaq's opening bell. >> we are not greedy so we don't need billions, we just need a million dollar forecast. >> who you talking for? 4:37 i two a billion dollar
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forecast for you, here's mike. -- here's satellite and radar changes already curl in the atmosphere that's the three is going to bring us a drier and brighter atmosphere by the afternoon starting off mostly cloudy this morning mainly low to mid 50s as we head towards the lunch hour inland areas clear out quickly coast still cloudy from san francisco south temperatures mid to upper 50s half moon bay and san francisco into oakland mid 60s for the rest of the bay shore into the south bay mid 60s to 70s in the east bay and north bay valleys. clouds clear from north to south during the afternoon even the coast gets sunshine today cool air mass upper 50s into san francisco , mid to upper 60s bay shore to the south bay upper 60s to low 70's inland. 7:00 in the 50s along the coast into oakland, fremont near 60 san jose low to mid 60s inland.
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going to cool quickly once we get to 7:00. high amounts of tree, mold, grass and ragweed moderate. warming trend tomorrow, saturday sunday 80s inland low to mid 70s around the bay 60s at the coast first look at traffic here's frances. good morning you heard terry's crazy story in foster city. now this is right in foster city edgewater boulevard mariners island exit here's a live shot from terry mcsweeney, this is actually highway 92, no impact on traffic headlights moving eastbound away from foster city towards the san mateo bridge westbound looking good as well off the san mateo bridge heading towards san mateo and highway 101. i did want to mention roadwork on connection ramp westbound 92 to southbound 101 blocking the ramp until 5:00 this
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morning. you may want to consider he will -- el camino real. everything looking good now. on 92 no major problem there is. terry mcsweeney will continue to bring live reports. more construction this morning as you head through the oakland maze a lot of lights westbound 80 lanes are blocked scheduled until 5:00 this morning as you head towards the bay bridge. 4:40. police on the peninsula launch new strategy to keep neighborhoods safe from the growing threat of gang crime. drivers may hate them, new report gives controversial red light cameras in one north bay community the green light. lysol knows the soft places we love
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. good morning. live look at traffic off the golden gate bridge into san francisco.
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low clouds this morning we'll check in with mike to see where our temperatures will go. big game at at&t park at 12:45 against the cardinals. we want to see how the weather will be. >> talk about divided loyalties. new this morning marin county civil grand jury report says red light cameras increased safety. the grand jury found the number of traffic accidents decreased at 3rd and irwin streets where the cameras are located. the report says arguments that right turn violations should carry a lesser penalty and city's aggressively ticket drivers are unfounded. city officials plan to discuss expanding the program as soon as july. san mateo county gang task force started summer crackdown. they kicked off the campaign with a major training session. the session began yesterday
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involves 120 deputies and officers from every police department in the county on the heels of a large scale gang sweep in south san francisco two weeks ago. the goal is to prevent gangs from organizing into larger more sophisticated groups. >> i think it is going to send a message to the gang members that we are out there and we are going to target these violent groups. >> we are able to disrupt their activity, put their leadership in jail and dismantle gangs throughout the county. >> the task force says there are 2500 identified gang members in the county most belong to the -- they are recruiting kids as young as 11 years old. are you enjoying your first morning cup of coffee? >> is that your first cup? >> heck no. next, a story that will perk up. one more reason to grab another cup. >> the story every parent with
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a baby needs to hear. a test that can detect first signs of autism. what this paralyzed woman is about to do, using her thoughts. knock-knock? next the early morning
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check out all the sunshine today and warmer weather except for inland east bay cooler mid to upper 70s. same in the north bay and south bay mid to upper 60s around the bay shore upper 50s to low 60s along the coast san francisco mid to upper 60s seattle, portland 103 phoenix cooler east coast near 70 boston, 72 new york, 76 d.c.. all major airports on the east coast on time rain rolling away no organized areas of severe weather today some clouds here maybe delays at sfo oakland and san jose should be on time if delays develop we'll have them you
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can too 4:47. a soyuz capsule docked at the international space station overnight. the trio will begin a 4 1/2 month stay at the orbiting lab. the can sewell blasted off into outer space earlier this week from an airfield in kazakhstan. the soyuz connected ahead of a planned launch of the dragon capsule from florida. it will be the first private spacecraft to reach the space station. the death of the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy, jr. appears to be suicide. a family member tells abc news that 52-year-old mary kennedy hanged herself in her home yesterday. she had fought a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. she was arrested twice in 2010 for driving under the influence. the same year she and her husband filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. robert f. kennedy, jr. the son of the late senator
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robert f. kennedy assassinated in 1968. new report shows u.s. has ungone sweeping changes in the racial and ethnic make-up of the country. for the first time minorities make up more than half of the children born in the united states. 2010 census figures found the minority make-up increased by almost 2% to include over 36% of the total u.s. population. much of that growth was fueled by higher than expect hispanic count. weak economy has slowed immigration rates into the country. members of a watchdog group in washington are calling attention to a medical bill getting fast tracked through congress they say it is shortchanging the safety of patients this involves medical implant devices such as hip replacements, an knowing the use of new devices without testing as long as they resembled devices previously approved even if the originals went through a recall for safety defects.
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richard carp per had hip -- -- >> got into my muscle and they had to remove 10% of my muscle. they are not going through the approval they take the same chances i took and what happened to me? >> doctors had to replace his metal hip last year when he found out the first hip had not been thoroughly tested. new research shows caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee drinkers can live longer than people who don't drink coffee. researchers discovered men who drink two to three cups a day have a 10% chance of out living noncoffee drinkers they are not sure why. the authors say it is good news for coffee connoisseurs because it doesn't increase risks of dying from drinking
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the beverage. >> huh! more coffee for me. >> you have already lived longer than both of us. >> it is so true. one for nicco, zero for thomas. off the christmas list. >> oh come on. open the weather window let in cooler air, getting kind of hot. >> young whippersnapper. clouds over downtown san francisco from the south your roof cam downtown san francisco let's talk about temperatures, mild when you step out, most of us in the low to mid 50s, same conditions same weather around the monterey bay. here's what is going to happen this afternoon, sunshine as the breezes pick up today in -- and clear north to south warming trend starting tomorrow through the weekend. today warmer in most areas except for east bay valleys warmer than everybody else yesterday concord drops five
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degrees today, san francisco seven degrees warmer oakland and santa rosa five fremont and san jose three degrees warmer than yesterday the reason why more sunshine watch as includes clear quickly we get into 8:00, winds pick up, the clouds are back out to the coast by 11 by 12, 1:00 gone from the coast. in the 50s, 60s and 70s as that cooler weather will make it to the east bay valleys mid to upper 70s today comfortable for you. low to mid 60s from richmond to san leandro, union city, fremont, castro valley hercules upper 60s low to mid 70s south bay 73 san jose mid 60s to near 70 north to south on the peninsula mid to upper 50s along the coast. north bay valleys low to mid 70s, mid 50s at your beaches. 60 monterey upper 60s for rest bay mid 70s inland 12:45 first pitch increasing sun, 58
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warming to 62, you will need sunscreen around the state mid 80s chico sacramento 92 fresno 107 palm springs. tonight not as much cloud cover upper 40s to near 50. string of 80s inland tomorrow through the weekend low to mid 70s around the bay 60s show up at the coast. have a great day. frances you have a new accident? >> yeah overturn crash in fairfield eastbound 80 direction away from the bay area towards the dixon sacramento and it is on the right hand side i wanted to check speeds in both directions, 65 miles per hour eastbound. westbound still looking good for most commuters towards the cordelia junction we'll keep an eye to see if it causes delays. better news the earlier roadwork on westbound 80 through the maze from powell street has been cleared. they had to stop all traffic
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to clear the cones, but it is flowing well now westbound what towards the bay bridge at the toll traffic light no problems at all. in the south bay 280 looking good, highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains, there is roadwork right now in the santa cruz mountains scheduled until 6:00. we'll check on the slowing in my next report. 4:50 if you are. beachgoers in the monterey area are being warned to stay away from a popular local spot. the health department has found elevated levels of bacteria from sewage in stillwater cove poses a health hazard an advisory will remain until the bacteria levels drop. menu, calorie counts may guide us toward low-fat choices what if everything on the menu is bad? 245 chains survey found most failed to meet nutritional standards.
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advertisers were found -- appetizers the most unhealthy chicken wings with dip the most common and one of the fattiest. the stu i had -- the army is launching a wide ranging independent investigation into the way soldiers are diagnosed and treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. reviewing ptsd cases at all hospitals back to 2001 to see if any of the diagnoses were i am -- improperly overturned the probe was triggered by reports the psychiatric unit in washington state reversed some ptsd diagnoses to avoid paying to treat affected soldiers. army officials -- officials say they are committed to make sure soldiers get the care they need. simple test parents can do at home with children as young as six months gently pulling a
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baby up by the arms if the head stays back that is head lag, in a study released, researchers tested babies with an autistic sibling three out of four babies with head lag were diagnosed with autism by the age of two. >> we don't have to wait until after the first birthday, until first words aren't emerging. we can take action now]14l to hp the child develop better. >> the kennedy-krieger institute conducted the study, if a baby displays head lag parents should talk with their pediatrician. at massachusetts general a robotic arm controlled by a person's thoughts. in this video, a paralyzed woman commands the arm with her mind to pick up a bottle of coffee and bring it to her lips this is the first time she has been able to serve herself a drink in almost 15 years of the arm is linked to a microchip implanted in the woman's brain.
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scientists say it will be years before such devices are widely available but hail the advance as a milestone. >> incredible. >> we've seen this in sci-fi now becoming real life. missing for a week after a car crash now found alive. next, why a family is not thanking police for rescuing him. we are live at the hospital where he's fighting for his life. on the eve of the facebook ipo major piece of the puzzle. i'm katie marzullo, today the price of the shares will be set. a little league pitcher recovers after a line drive fractures his skull. the change that could be coming to protect other young players.
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