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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> you're kidding. today? >> this is 7% or 8% of the work force. >> those with friends heard rumor autos what have they told you?. >> there are layoffs coming up and that is a lot of layoffs. what is the reason? did they say? >> meg whitman did say the printer would be combined and said it would help corporate efficiency. many took as code for layoffs. >> and we know they're merging. issue is where are they going? >> analyst says hewlett-packard went a long way to create silicon valley but failed to keep up with competition. >> whitman knows that hewlett-packard is selling yesterday's goods. they're not in the tab blet business or social networking
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business. they're not where excitement is and this is ironic the day it is breaking the day before facebook is going public while hewlett-packard is laying off 25,000 employees. and this is where we'll be talking about where the cuts are reportedly coming and which divisions and where experts think hewlett-packard should be investing for the future. >> there is developing news in the trayvon martin case, there are photo that's could support the suspect, george zimmerman's self-defense claims. one taken inside of the car shows his nose was swollen. a statement from an officer on the scene that night says zimmerman's nose appeared to
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be broken. but another document says it avoidable if zimmerman stayed in his car as districted by dispatchers. martin dived a single gunshot wound to the chest. information from the report released today shows evidence of marijuana in martin's blood and urine. world news will have more on this developing story tonight. >> and there are police continue to look for a suspect that began when police responded to a domestic dispute. they warned it involved a man wanted on a previous robbery, police evacuated three people and a child, then entered the residence. they searched the neighborhood with their guns drawn. >> there is scary. i wanted to know what is going on. >> our priority is making sure that the neighborhood is safe.
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>> there are san francisco police need your help to identify three bank robbers. two worked together described as white males in their late 40s, one on the right is missing three fingers from his right hand and two from the left. the third suspect described as a black male in his 40s. and these three believed to be responsible for several robbery autos if you ever drive in san francisco, keep in mind mun gee watching you. this are buses looking for people illegally parked. the program is about to expand. abc 7 news is live in san francisco where this is creating a wind fall for the city. >> there is lots of revenue needed but they're saying it's about speeding up traffic. the board will get a report on
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what is called transit only toll program for short. and there is one place that it plans to expand the camera enforcement like red light cameras. a plate is captured then a ticket sent in the mail. >> these little cameras run continuously as buses role through san francisco streets. they're looking for people parked in bus-only lanes. >> there is a about 8 miles per hour. so that is a problem. we're trying to address that. >> the pilot program on 30 buses covering about 15 miles mostly in chinatown and financial district might not have had ab impact on traffic yet, but has on revenue. the number of citations has grown to 3,000, translating to a increase from 187,000 to $314,000. the state approved extending the program to 20 aand
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expanding it to all muni bus autos for limited resources we have to think out of the box. this allows to us do that. and to make sure we can enforce as much as possible. >> there is muni spokesman couldn't tell us the cost of one of the citations for parking in a transit-only lane but a street blog reported it as $250. >> thank you. >> safe to say row landa maclaine is not smiling now, sentenced to six months in jail today. and he was arrested on lawful discharge of a firearm in alabama. the charges stemming from an altercation november 30th of last year this, is cell phone video.
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he's in a black hat, black and gray jacket and his friend beat up the victim after which he threatened to shoot the man. police say he fired the gun next to the victim's head, he's been released on bond and will appeal. it's unclear whether he can serve his sentence. >> icon of the disco era died. 63-year-old donna summer died in her home in florida. >> we are here now with a look back at her life and what is a star-studded career. >> she'll be remembered as queen of disco. it's a title she didn't like. she was a sultry voice singer symbolizing an era of glitter and sex. quincy jones says her voice was the heartbeat and a sound track of a decade. she was known as the queen of disco.
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donna summer's music had far greater appeal. the five-time grammy winner died of cancer in her home in florida at age 63. >> it's a really sad day for everyone. she made great music. >> torkd thousands of miles away, fans gathered around her star on the walk of fame. >> i think what donna brought was a lot of happiness to people. >> she was born in worst on, raised on gospel music and became a soloist in the church choir, her songs "last dance". "love to love you baby" and "bad girl" made the sound tracks for an age of sex. summer was one of seven children raised by christian parents and became born again later in life. >> i figure that had someone up there likes me. >> one of the biggest hits came in the 1980s. it was called "she works hard for the money". summer got the idea after visiting the lady's room
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during the grammys. >> i saw a bathroom attendant. my thought is god. she works hard for the money. >> she would have 19 dance hits. and second only to madonna. >> if my music can extend beyond generations, then my job is done. >> and her family, including three daughters say they are celebrating her life. and her continued legacy. the music, as always, goes on forever. >> absolutely. thank you. don. >> it's an incredibly blustery day. gusts of 51 miles per hour right now. >> and over the bay bridge, you can see there is a look at the wind and forecast. >> there are winds picking up in just the last couple hours, last report, recent report, 52 miles per hour gusts at sfo.
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so from this evening, we're calling it windy, partly cloudy skies, temperatures into evening hours from 50-62. over night into early morning there are lows down to 45 degrees, afternoon, sunny and milder across the bay area and will be breezy again, highs ranging from upper 50s on the coast just to about 80 degrees. there is more warming still to come. i'll tell but that in the accu-weather forecast a little bit later. >> thank you. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 who is at risk? there is a report linking a common antibiotic to sudden death. >> coming up, united states hits a milestone. the complexion is changing and so are the politics. >> and there is traffic on the skyway. you can see our cameras there bobbing up and down because of
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the wind. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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checking healthy living news there is another woman diagnosed with an infection from a rare flesh eating bacteria and is being treated in greenville memorial hospital and she was diagnosed just days after giving birth to twins. it is the same bacteria that causes strep throat. experts say it affects everyone differently. and doctors say her case is less serious than that of a georgia student who lost a leg after contracting a different
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bacteria. >> one of the popular antibiotics on the market may be deadly for certain people. known as x pack. abc 7 news spoke with dr. richard beser who says we should not panic. >> the x -- z pack can feel like a life saver. >> people have an emotional attachment. >> researchers studied 540,000 medicaid patients and found the popular antibiotic can be a killer. the study shows patients taking a z pack prone to heart problems are two and a half times more likely to die from a cardiovascular cause. and abc 7 news medical expert says numbers are not as dire as they sound. >> there is important take way is that the increase is small.
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47 deaths per a million courses of antibiotics is tiny. and there is also the risk of drug resistance stemming from the overuse of antibiotics. dr. beser says you should ask yourself do i need this? >> when you need antibiotic this should not be a reason for steering awe way from taking one. >> the z pack is one of the top selling antibiotics in the nation. and it's marketed by pfizer and the company says it will review this study. abc 7 news. >> the. >> the face of america is changing. census data shows a shift in the makeup of the nation's population. karen? >> hi, larry, experts say they weren't surprised but it's a major landmark in the nation's
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history. >> this is official. complexion of america is changing. for the first time in u.s. history more than half of the nation's babies were minorities. new estimates show 50.4% of children younger than one were black, hispanic, asian american or other minority groups. in is 990 that figure just 37%. it's a landmark and they saits not very surprising. >> we've seen it heading into that direction. >> minorities makeup about 37% of the u.s. population and that figure continues to richlz four states have pop raigss -- population that's exceed 50%. >> hispanics increase 3.1% between april 1, 2010 and july, 2011, now at 52 million. >> this is a water shed moment for the country and for the
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latino community. >> these demographics are having a major impact on politics. >> so if there is power in numbers then we know that we, our population is growing and we have an opportunity to turn that into both political and civic power as these children age. >> the president won two thirds of latino voters and political strategists say mitt romney does need about 40% to win in november. >> there is spencer christian here now. >> blustery. >> yes. >> and there are gusts to 52 miles per hour. and there are strong gusts in other locations as well. looks like a windy evening. there is a live view of low
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clouds near the coast. blue skies and is it's just windy right now. there is many live cameras are shaking in the breeze. there is how the clouds along the coast dwindled down to almost nothing. take a look at movement of the winds there is all across the bay area, there is a look at readings, gusts 52 miles per hour in sfo. there is inland, 26 in concord, it's breezy to windy. and mild in some inland locations. not warm, but mild. readings into low to mid-70s from santa rosa to fairfield and antioch and down south. around the bay, temperatures only into upper. >>s now. there are milder day as head.
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taking a look at satellite radar there is congestion flowing over us. there cool and breezy to windy conditions to us. and there are things calmer and there is a bit of a warming trend. overnight in valleys. there is many more locations with lows into upper 40s tonight and there are some areas of low clouds. tomorrow morning, 5:00 they will burn back to the coast and get swept away. sunny skies and breezy with highs only into 50s on the coast. and there is yu kaia and antioch to top out at 80
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degrees tomorrow. there is 78 in cloverdale. 60s around the bay. there is highs up to about 70 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming up over the weekend. saturday sunday, highs low 80s and low to mid-70s around the bay. then cooling down again on monday and tuesday. so this is continuing to get an inskprees a little bit of a decrease. >> winds will be calmer and we won't be seeing gusts like this. >> yes. >> coming up next on abc 7 news a prom with a purpose. lady antebellum helping a small clean clean up. >> and at 5:00 little league safety debate heats up again after a petaluma player is
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injured. the father talks to abc 7 news. >> there is a check of traffic and it is smooth sailing for folks heading from the east bay into san francisco. it's really gusting on the bay bridge. and anyone heading across into the city, hold on. your car will get blown around a bit. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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one of country music's biggest acts was dancing away in indiana last night. >> the grammy award winning trio performed a mini prom for students of henryville high school. and lady antebellum follow that had with a full benefit concert in louisville, kentucky. >> we're raised to be thankful for what we're given and to share it. what good is success if we can't share it mer than that
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letting everybody escape from a little bit. >> 2012 we'll remember as a year we got to go see something awesome. >> and the concert raised 235,000ses today help rebuild the town of henryville. >> another big donation from tailor swift. >> the first hollywood reacting to the death of donna summer. >> from oscar winners to music greats, stars are showing their love for the queen of disco, donna summer. since news of the death broke her name started flooding twitter, singer mary jbligo wrote you were a game changer, marley matlin said so sad to hear the passing of donna summer, we all danced to her music, rip. and natasha benningfield put i heard donna summer died today
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this, is awful. her and her family are some of the most beautiful people. la toya jackson wrote my condolence to donna summer's family and loved ones. she was truly the disco queen. now to country star tailor swift who donated $4 million to the country music hall of fame funding the tailor swift education center set to open in 2014. and tonight three big finales starting off at 8:00 is missing then grey's anatomy at 9:00. and for the rest of the entertainment needs go to >> and coming up next at 4:00 facebook locks in on a price for the ipo. and what investors need to know. >> pressure from washington and accusations of unfriending
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the united states.
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>> the long awaited facebook ipo is now just 14 hours away. >> investors expected to sink billions of dollars into the social network. >> david louie is outside head quarters in menlo park to take a look at what happens. >> this is a go for facebook's
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ipo. the company this afternoon set a price of $38 per share. we know there is heavy demand. we don't know how high the price could go on day one of trading. >> there is a mostly excited because we have friends who work for facebook it has tb a heavy time for employees and there are 900 million users. this convenient you're capitolist says eem yegss may be overriding judgment. >> this is something a company and a product that i love. so just because i want to be part of the phenomenon. >> ipo will pump $18.4 billion into facebook pockets. >> there is a big caravan and
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gets wired to they're kts. i would assume. >> the heavy demand going to test the trading system. some projecting volume could hit 2 billion shares. >> there is going to be problems and a lot of delays ask confirmations of what price are they buying and etc.. this is just pouring water down the drain. there is a funnel affect there. >> what major investors are hoping to see is a big bounce from the share price once trading starts. individual investors won't get that chance. new rules prohibit them from putting in orders ahead of trading after trading begins they can put in order was limits that set an upper and lower price range. silicon valley will be seeing a new batch of millionaires. >> do you think the valley needs more millionaires? >> i think everybody can use more millionaires. it gives everybody else hope. >> mark zuckerberg will be ringing the opening bell from
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here at 6:30 tomorrow morning. you can watch a leading up to that engineers will be pulling in an all nighter and will be coating all night. working on future facebook book features. >> thank you. >> and one thing investors need to expect is that the ceo will maintain tight conroll of the company. zuckerberg was able to retain and it appears the company is in the direction he sees fit he makes it clear that shareholder value snot going to be any only or primary consideration. it's going to be facebook is a trance form tiff tool for the planet. >> some analysts are worried and others say people shouldn't be concerned because
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he's surrounded himself with mentor autos there are five core values first focus on impact. zuckerberg says best way to have biggest impact is making sure to focus on solving the most-important problem. second, move fast. he says moving fast enables facebook to build more things and learn faster, third, be bold. building great things means taking risks. fourth is to be open. zuckerberg wants everyone at facebook to have as much access about every part of the company and finally, build social value. he says facebook exists to make the world open, connected not just to build a company. stay with us we'll have coverage of the ipo as david louie mentioned we'll be there live tomorrow morning in menlo park. >> and cnn is reporting facebook co-founder is
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reversing course and agreeing to pay taxes in the u.s. despite renouncing u.s. citizenship this, as two senators were about to introduce legislation to punish him and others who relinkish citizenship to avoid tax autos if you renounce your citizenship you can't set foot in america again, and any investments you have in america will be taxed in the future at 30%. >> he emigrated in the early 90s and renounced that last september before facebook's ipo was announced and claims did he not do it to avoid paying taxes as has been reported. since 2008 the number of wealthy american who's renounced citizenship has grown to 1800 last year. >> there are autopsy results
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show the estranged wife of robert kennedy junior died of as fixation. sources say the body was found in the garage of her home. the family released a statement saying she was a genius and saying she inspired our family with her kindness, love and gentle soul and generous spirit. reports indicate she was depressed over financial issues. they had four children. more fallout from the death of junior seau. his landmark restaurant in mission valley shut doors last night this, just two weeks after the charger legend death. the press report about the profitibility going forward without his personality. and open in 1996 it was a popular spot. he committed suicide in his ocean side home may 2.
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>> remember him from 2008? the effort to link the president to this controversial pastor has fallen flat. >> and washington dc wants to know about the japanese tsunami debris washing up here on the west coast. >> i'm spencer christian. will winds calm down approaching the weekend? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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a group of republicans shelfed an idea to run attack ads linking the president with his controversial expastor. reports say the ads would have tried to link the president. comments made and today's billionaire joe ricketts from the campaign he was set to bank roll. >> i hope that our campaigns can respectively be about the future and the owner of the chicago cubs. >> i hope they're successful with this campaign as cubs are on the baseball field. ain't got no chance of going any world series. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> efforts to link him are nothing new.
4:39 pm
conservative groups used them without the support of john mccain. >> debris from last year's tsunami continues to wash ashore on west coast. there is concern some of it may be radio active. from alaska to california politicians are asking for help in cleaning up the debris. they saw pictures of damaged boats and there is a qomt. and that is just the tip of what is headed our way. >> radiation experts assure us that this is highly unlikely any debris it is radio active. >> experts estimate the debris is floating in the pacific ocean. the majority expected to wash ashore in the next two years. >> two fishermen will not sooning forrit their close encounter with a barea kuda.
4:40 pm
this happened. wait for it. the 40 pound barea kuda jumped into the boat. and the fish still thrashing about. and there is one of the top trending videos uk see why. >> yes. >> spencer christian is here now. >> and this is kind of fishy to me. >> there is western sky mainly blue. low moudz cloudz mainly south of the golden gate. it's been breezy to windy all day. breezy along the coast again and there is mild in the state and not very warm yet. there is much of the remainder of the state as well. there is breezy on the coast.
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highs into mid to upper 50s in pacifica. there is the sunset district 58 degrees there are near east bay highs will range from mid to upper 60s and we'll see 68 in oakland. there is upper 70s in concord. and near monterey bay, highs of 67 in watsonville. that is breezy again tomorrow, we'll see winds calming down. temperatures warming up just a few degrees. low 80s inland. >> when we have these winds it's clear outside. waits hazy.
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>> yes. >> and i don't know where you're coming from. >> there is moisture. there is actually today low clouds near the coast south of the golden gate and there are clouds swept away by winds. >> dust storm? >> yes. >> i don't fwho that one. >> there are strong winds. >> there you go. >> there is pure speculation. >> still ahead important information for cyclists. >> if you ran a bike you better wear a helmet. not all are created equal. i'll show you a couple helmets and a couple that didn't just ahead. >> vent bringing daughter of hewlett-packard president to the bay area. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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the daughter of raul castro has been granted a visa to attend a conference in san francisco. she's a noted advocate of gay rights. she's been pushing for the island to legalize gay marriage for years. state permit to grant the visa led to criticism from cuban american politicians and.
4:46 pm
>> the u.s. has named its first ambassador to myanmar in 20 years. this is pending senate confirmation ahead of a meeting today between secretary of state clinton and visiting foreign minister. the u.s. says political reforms begin to take hold in the former strong hold. >> lawmakers considering new regulations to prevent children from falling out of windows. accord tg a hospital study almost 2000 kids fell from windows in california between 2005 and 2006. pemplts say a window guard is the best bet. cities including chicago, boston and new york give them away for free. >> we looked at what other states have done. in new york they passed window
4:47 pm
guard legislation called kids can't fly it was successful eliminating the problem. >> from 1976 to 2009 that new york state law reduced number of falls from 217 to just nine. accord together stanford study most kids who tumble from windows are one to four years old and 60% of them are boy autos this is the time of the year because people are opening windows and it's warm out, you have to be care oofl wearing a bike helmet can mean the difference between live and death. >> there are helmets and there are some that did not do well. brit mather learned how important sit to wear a mel met. >> i was hit by a car several years ago. if it wasn't for the mel hel met i'm positive my injuries could have been far worse.
4:48 pm
>> consumer reports tested bike helmets to see how well they'll protect in an accident because it can't do any good if it doesn't stay in place. this is sess whether chin straps will stretch or break and all 13 passed this test to see how well it will protect your head upon impact, consumer reports performs this test. >> this simulates what happens when it affects different surfaces. and two did poorly. the nut case and on the plus side, two helmets rated very good for impact resistance, the specialized for adults
4:49 pm
costing 60s skpdz children, the $45 youth. but it can only protect when it is worn properry. make sure it's level with your head. and there should form a b under each year. lastly when you open your mouth it should pull down this, will help ensure your next ride is a safe one you want it to be comfortable but should fit snugly. you should be able to shake your head without the helmet moving that is what you never see with kids. if have you a helmet that does not do well dork not stop wearing it until you can afford to replace it. and here is the deal. there are parents used to
4:50 pm
buying something our kids grow into. not this one. it has to fit from the beginning. >> this should be snug. >> and wobble. >> yes. wobble. >> we're more safety conscious now wh. you and i were kids there weren't helmets. >> there are a lot of scary cases of traumatic brain cases in our era, too. >> explains a lot. thank you, michael. >> thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 oakland organization that turned turfing into an international phenomenon. >> and first viral video trend that is telling parents cherish every second. >> get ready to pay up if you're a surfing hog. one telecommunications giant is about to base payments on internet use. yikes. >> now, diane saw jer here with a look at what she's
4:51 pm
working on for world news. >> there is facebook about to throw thunder belt on wall street and we wonder fd you can just buy one, how soon could you become a pill yain yair? i'll let you know what happened to people who bought one share in the past. also, more on the queen of disco. we'll have the secrets inside of the big hits
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taking a look right now at the mcarthur maze and it's extremely slow going. especially for cars heading east on 80 now. you can see there is gridlock and stopped there. traffic moving better on the right for those heading into san francisco. we're told there are minor
4:55 pm
wind-related delays now into and out of san francisco international. >> moving on another trend is getting millions of hits. baby time lapse photographer. dozens of the scrap books are turning up and quickly going viral. this is time lapse of natalie showing pictures taken every day years in a minute and a half. one parenting expert says appeal is the resaigs of how quickly time passes. have you to have discipline to take the photo every day. >> i wish boy have thought that have. >> really. a birthday party with get underway for a youth organization all about providing positive options for young people. >> and laura anthony is live. laura? >> well, youth uprising not only pannaged to survive. the goal to provide a positive
4:56 pm
outcome for local young people. the community that has uprising preparing to celebrate it's 7th year. it promotes positive change for thousands of young people. >> we served over 5500 young people. we're about meet young people where they are. whether they're out of school or coming from the juvenile justice system or in foster care this is a save haven for them to develop skills. >> it began in 2005 with a combination of private and public funding including measure y, pro vigd money for services and for programs that promote good decision making and positive outcomes for oakland youth. >> a lot of people that probably been in a lot, like shoot outs or used to bang bang and stuff are hanging in here new. >> much of what it does
4:57 pm
focuses on developing positive aspects of the oakland youth culture including a dance fen nom known known as turfing. it's become a sensation on you tube. >> and funding is tight in the down economy, it has big plans for the future. >> a lot more work on community economic. labor force attachment, thinking about the need to engage the private sector and build labor force for them so people can be employed. >> and it measures success in many ways. last year 83% say they learned nonviolent ways to solve conflicts and disagreement. the party is about to begin. >> thank you. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it on >> abc 7 news continues right now with dan and cheryl. >> thank you. the missing man's story tonight. doctors explain how lucky i crash victim is to have survived more than a week without food or drink. also... >> i'm not on a crusade. >> the petaluma father of a little leaguer injured in the game tells abc 7 news why safety reforms are not the answer. >> i'm sandhya patel. when the cool breeze will ease and warmer weather will arrive. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jenning autos a bay area man is lucky to be alive. >> his doctors are astounding and his family, frustratedded.
4:59 pm
michael sanchez junior veered off the avenue but was not found until a week later, his loved ones want to know why it took so long. vic lee is live tonight. vic and sanchez came to this hospital unresponsive. his dmids were failing and doctors put him on life support, hoping for the best. he is not only lucky to be alive, but his doctor says it's a rarity he's still alive after eight day was out water. the chp is investigating why they failed to find him may 8th. >> in hind sight. no. it didn't work out the way it's supposed to work out. nobody is happy about that. >> and considering all they had to go on. chp lieutenant told us officers made the right decision may 8th. they found the wrecked pickup truck roled over.


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