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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 18, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> too much of a danger to be over there. >> major power outage sends thus of people into the dark. >> the likely culprit, high winds that peaked at 54 miles per hour. good evening everyone. >> people in marin being told tonight to stay away from downed high voltage lanes in the neighborhood. happening on sequoia glen and ask sdmait novato where thousands without power at one point. we are there live with the latest onth.
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>> at one point 7000 without power like hundreds now but pg&e says it will still take hours to s store power to everyone. firefighters say this power pole could fall at any time. precarious angle most likely caused by the high speed wind through novato late in the afternoon. people who live have been told to stay away. >> pretty scary. they are saying that if you touch them that pretty much kill you instantly. so i don't know how true it is. >> it all began when power land snapped and caused a small ground fire which neighbors quickly put out. the big concern is that more lines will do the same. >> i'm concerned that this could fall. >>reporter: another pole is already bending. firefighters say these aren't just the typical 12,000 volt residential power liens. these are high voltage distribution lanes. >> about 60,000 volts is what they believe. to reroute that amount of power takes some tim
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timing and a little bit more work than it would be as a representational voltage: thatw >>reporter: that's why it is taking so long to deenergize the lines. pg&e says everything should be back to normal by 8:30 tomorrow mornin morning. live in novato, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> we'll be wind also caused problems on the peninsula. tree snapped in redd with city that was on recreation 88. cut up and cleared out of the way at this point. sandy will be along in a few minutes to let us know where the highest wind gusts were. >> facebook is poised to become most valuable company in the united states tomorrow. just 8 years old the social networking giant expected to be worth more than 100 billion dollars. making it bigg than disney, ford and mcdonald's. 7 news reporter john alston is at facebook in menlo park where employees are holding an all night hack a thon. >>reporter: if you listen closely you might here a big ka
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ching. employee work on new project for the company and tomorrow is a big payday. the beer is flowing tonight in silicon valley. facebook share year ago pre-market selling how many did he buy. >> lake to keep that confidential but let's just say i'm buying pitchers tonight. >>reporter: excitement evidence from the nature spots at palo alto where tech employee like to unwind to nearby menlo park where facebook set the initial price of the stock at 38 dollars a share. >> ask me when it hits a hundred. bit might have . bitn high but for a company that has a long-term potential for growth, that's what the market is betting. our better are down. >>reporter: the better are >>reporter: the betto generate0 billion dollars for facebook and create even bigger millionaire in and outside of the company. average investors have t until after the trading begins to try to get their piece of the pie. green is a venture capitalist.
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>> absolutely. there's a risk. we won't know for several years what is paid in the i p o is worth what the company is ultimately worth. >>reporter: around 7:00 p.m. on the face book campus employee started pulling an all nighter what they call a hack a thon. in the photo provided by facebook they are writing code and designing new. not featuret every investor has the stomach for buying shares during this i p o. karen remembers the roller coaster when she bought shares of google on day one. >> might be tempted to jump in but i expect it's very topsy turvy and will stay away just for my own mental well-being. >>reporter: incidentally facebook employees who buy shares of stock will have to wait 6 months before cashing them in. in menlo park, abc 7 news. >> thank you. face back i p o stands to make instant billionaire out of some
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of the investors. eduardo who has renounced american citizenship today said would he pay all the u.s. taxes he might owe. parker the founder of napster took over and will make 4 billion dollars. and you two front man turn 90 million dollar investment into a 1.5 billion dollar payday tomorrow. well the rest of us will get a chance to buy shares later in the day as the lucky first time buyers sell for profit. some analyst think the opening prison could double to maybe even triple within hours. now our continuing coverage continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning. mark zuckerberg facebook founder expected to ring the opening bell at at 6:30 am. >> flip side silicon valley buzzing report that hewlett-packard will lay off 3 30,000 employee 8% of the work force. industry analyst tell 7 news that hp is reevaluating the business model and may even get back in the tablet busines
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business. meg combined andly off could save more than 1 billion dollars. >> bus driver who was a hero during a kidnapping case in the 1970's has died. ed ray creditd with saving 26 children in the 1976 hijacking that got national attention. the group was buried in a quarry for more than 16 hours until ray and 2 boys climbed out of an opening open top of the buried van and helped everyone skaichltd he died from complications of cirrhosis of the liver. he was 91 years old. >> in the south is bay a hearing is scheduledç for tomorrow to determine just what should be done with nearly 1500 graves unearth during construction of valley medical center. tonight one woman is hoping to find her grandmo her among those remain remains. 7 news reporter is leif from the hospital with her
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story. >> the gloria knows finding her grandmother remains would be a listening shot. county wantsshs but after nearly century long , itga, it would be nice to find her. >> my mother's wish and goal was to some day bury her mother. >>reporter: gloria hopes to fulfill the wish now that valley medical center has excavated what used to be a cemeterythe grandmother anna tied at the hospital in 1915 tha county hospital. >> her husband my grand father and my mother being the eldest child just simply did not have the money to send her over and to bury her at the catholic cemetery sorry, she was buried in the hospital cemetery years later the family heard the bodies had been moved to other cemetery for hospital expansion. but they couldn't find her. they assumed she was still burden at the hospital not knowing the cemetery had been turned in a parking lot. in 1970 her mother finally had
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the money to bury her. went back to the hospital. >> they said there's no such cemetery. there's never been a cemetery. we don't knolking you are talking about. >>reporter: the family let it this new discover his new discovery. >> when this came out they excavated and they found all those bodies i knew i knew one of them was my grand mother. >>reporter: we'll know more now but the county wants to open the kun one00 coffin. e'llp they we'll keep work around the rest. she would like a memorial for her grandmother. 7 news. >> thank you vichlt up next. 7 news i team investigation. >> ambulance frequent fliers wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. how the bay area dealing with the thousands of non-emergency ambulance calls. >> that's coming up. plus a woman shorts catch fire after putting rocks in her pockets. then on "nightline". >> dan and carolyn coming up
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next on nature line latest on the explosive new evidence in the controversial trayvon martin case. never before seen video photo and phone log from the night he die. >> plus who is cashing in on your lost luggage? that's on "nightline". >> 7 news at 11:00 continues >> 7 news at 11:00 continues right after this.
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>> will an ambulance be there when you need it. critical question and the question might worry you. >> ambulance providers over the bay area are dealing with the so-called frequent fliers. night tonight i team reporter dan investigates the people who take unnecessary ambulance rides. >>reporter: frequent fliers and inside term the industry uses for someone an ambulance crew picks up time and time again. often there's no emergency at all. that's costing taxpayers a lot of money. captain john cavanaugh has been reresponsibleing to emergency ins san francisco for 22 years. right now he's driving to the type of call that could slow down the city emergency response. >> people about. >>reporter: this guy fits property file of a freak weren't flier. someone with no other means of medical care. most are homeless and chronic
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alcoholics. >> very frustrating for the paramedic. you are seeing the same people we are here we picked you up we are training to help you. we get you to the hospital and then with the same shift you see a person. i'm >> all right i already met you before. >>reporter: san francisco fire department said it has 2 01 frequent fliers. people who use an ambulance 4 or month times in one year. 50 of those use the service 10 or more times. about 20 have taken ambulance rides between 30 and 120 times. >> small number of people that are fairly often in the ambulance then it delays getting ambulance and fire truck an ambulance to heart attack and it really slows the whole system down. >>reporter: san francisco fair captain neal hears the dispatch from the county 911 system. he says when craw are responding to frequent fliers they can't respond to your emergency. >> every time you take an
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ambulance or fire truck out of the mix you increase the potential for critical emergency having a delayed response. delayed rae response could be somebody's life. >>reporter: l trying to sta >>reportram where paramedic good out and meet with frequent ambulance users and if they can get the health services they really need like alcohol and drug treatment maybe they won't so much taxpayers so much and money. >> once they start going past the er into the icu and the inpatient units we are talking millions and millions of dollars. >>reporter: bruce is one offal mead county frequent nrivrments he says he's taken 10 rides so far this year you said you went 10 times this questioner in an ambulance. how many times last year? >> 37. >>reporter: 37 last year year.l that's a lot of money isn't it. >> we don't need that. >>reporter: the 7 news i team s ambulance pick up. this time he said he had a broken knee.
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alameda county officials say they have identified 82 frequent users in the county. since november 82 82 patients rode in an ambulance 11 times or more. the top frequent flier inal mead county used an ambulance 73 times. >> i don't like doing it>>repor. >> because i don't want to die because of me nishtion santa clara county the top 20 freak went flyers took 5 71 ambulance rides between july 1 and december 31 of last year. the top user there was in the back of an ambulance 74 times in 6 months. that's about once every three days. >> there are parts of the system that are not working. i think clearly this is one of them. >>reporter: san francisco homeless the the shrugs is wet house modeled after similar project in seattle and it gives
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chronic alcoholic a safe place to live and drink. gets them off the streets and out of ambulances. >> want to have emergency services available when people need them and not see them become a caretaker or moving individuals around within the system. >>reporter: wet houses will open in san francisco next yea year. al mead and santa clara countytheir own on their own program. the aim? to keep frequent fliers out of the ambulance. so response times are good and cost can come down. this is abc 7 news. >> all right we have a bizarre story out of southern california. woman shorts caught on fire causing serious burns after rocks she put in her pocket suddenly ignited. the rocks were found on san onofre theot far from the nuclear plant. plant. test show phosphorous was on the rock that can ignite if the exposeed to air in pure element
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form. officials have never seen anything quite like it. strange. >> breezy ou theill the perfect day for a coastal clean up. >> that's right. sandy is herea great picture. >> this is amazing. worth showing. several hundredd tim a times. this is a picture of ocean beach, san francisco those are kids there. making that formation. they were cleaning up ocean beach submittedp ocean beach submitted by wendy d and the message? if you can see it clearly. windy along the coast and peak wind gust. 54 miles an hour. sfo oakland airport 52. see valued l 44 and wood acre 43 miles an hour wind. if you suffer from allergy i know. you probably had a tough day today. and tomorrow even though winds are going to drop-off it's still breezy that blows the pollen around. tree high tomorrow june perfect pine and oak grass medium and here
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are the current wind speed. they have dropped off considerably as you can tell here. sfo gusting to 24 miles an hour. 23 in concord. and here are the current temperatures in the 50's. antioch 66 degrees. we have patches of clouds out there. breezy overnight tonight. cool in the morning so you want to make sure you grab an extra layer as you head out the door. milder day expected friday through sunday and it's cooling down just a little bit early next week as you go back to work. here's satellite and radar. dip in the jet stream. enhance those winds. cool breezy pattern. inland high pressure were down about 5 to 15 degrees this afternoon. but we see turn around and here's why. high pressure is really going to start to take over and not a strong ridge but strong enough to provide us within ceasing temperatures weighs hit the weekend so a little warmer tomorrow. we call it milder day for the waenld. tomorrow morning definitely jacket or sweater. mid 40's to upper 40's and coolest location. it's chilly in the morning.
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breezy as well still and just patchy clouds expected. few other locations will be in the low 50's. tomorrow morning we start out with the clouds and much like today except for the strong winds clouds clear away one little patch will linger. 50's at the coast lane. 80's inland and once again breezy west northwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour possibly gusting to 25 miles an hour. 77 greets in santa rosa tomorrow afternoon. beautiful day nap a.76 degrees. 62 in san francisco. breezy half machine bay. 58 degrees. 70 grease in palo alto. fremont. up to 80 in antioch. 73 in san jose around the monterey bay great way trk week. up to 75 in morgan hill. forecast for the giants game tomorrow they play the a's at 7:15. breezy mostly clear. sweatshirt will do. low 60's dropping down to the mid 50's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild temperatures 60's for the weekend along the
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coast. 80's inland cool off a little bit monday and then temperatures come right back up carolyn and dan. no major drop-offres just a in temperatua little bit. >> excellent. thank you sandy. >> up next. music world says goodbye to donna summer. ♪ let's dance tonight ♪ . >> coming up. rememberingman wl woman who helped define the woman who helped define the disco era. stay with us
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♪ icon of the disco era has died. donna summer passed away today at her home in florida after long battle with lung cancer. 5 time grammy winner phones the quen of disco had 19 no. 1 hits between 1975 and 2008. second only to madonna. she was 63 years old. al gore now has a girlfriend. former presidential candidate is dating elizabeth keith she's from rancho santa fe. wealthy san diego suburb. she shares love of environmental cause was govrment they met at san diego democratic fundraiser. gore and his wife tipper separated
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almost 2 years ago but they have not yet filed for divorce. >> all right. sports is coming up. baseball coming. >> larry is here. >> good baseball heading into the bay bridge series that starts tomorrow. come back win for the giants and the a's and gastrodlichlt how would you like a taste of the 2 foot dog with all the fixings? with all the fixings? sports is next.
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>> raider linebacker could be spending the season behind bars. sentenced to 6 month ins jail inal pam. back in november he was smiling as he was taken away in handcuffs. mclane found guilty of 4 misdemeanor including assault. cell phone video from the nature appears to show him in the black hat and black and gray jack net altercation with scott another man already beaten up scott. police say mclane later pointed a gun at the victim's head and fired a mclane out on bail and will. appeal the sentence. >> no time table for decision in the a's could move anywhere in the world. those were the words from commissioner bud sale iing after the giants and a's madeseball owner regarding the proposed move to san jose. they meet tomorrow in inner league play
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at at&t park. this afternoon giants wrap up the miniseries with st. louis. 6 innings struggle in the third here it comes there it goes. former athletic holiday eighth homer of the year and it's 3-3. to the sixth. 4-4. huff routine grounder to david freeze who l throws it away. brandon bell scores. made 3 error. a couple of double. this one drives in buster. giants offense. awakeen in a 7-5 victory. in arlington they offer a two foot long hot dog. says for 26 dollars. health food. a's and ranger. texas coming back from deficit. couple of bomb after brandon today. tied at 3 appease controversy. andrews the squeeze bunt caught by him in the air. ump says he trapped it. no. head about to explod
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explode. he was ejected. tied in the tenth. hawaiian style rbi single in the tenth scoring johnny a's win 5-4. bob's head is okay. that expectation was t james and maim heat would treat the pacers lake a speed bump in the play offs. that bump now looks like a big brick wall. dissension on the heat bench. wade and head coach spoelstra not getting along. wade hadhis5 points on 2 of 13 shootings. yikes. pairs pacers look grea great. big man. sky hook. 19 points. 18 boards. 94-75. pacers. they take a series lead. game 2 western conference semifinal. duncan and spurs cruise past the clippers. green for 3. spurs up by 11. la tried to keep it close. jordan with authoduncan
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duncan says he feels healthier than he has in 4 or 5 years. had 18. parker slithering in with 22. 105-88. series lead. to the ice. happy because the kings are rolling early third period king shoots and scores. win over phoenix and take a series lead there. >> thank you is that "nightline"coming up next. >> thanks for joining us. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. >> we'll cover the i p o arizona as four
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wildfires continue to burn out of control. the most dangerous fire threatening a historic mining town is only 5% contained and more than 500 firefighters are scrambling to protect the community where three homes have already been destroyed. fires are also raging in colorado, new mexico, and utah. with that here's a look at your friday forecast, everybody. some more gusty winds fueling those fires in the southwest. also, some thunderstorms around cheyenne, salt lake city, and billings. later in the dakotas and another beautiful day here in the northeast. also showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas down to florida. >> 88 in miami, 82 in atlanta, and 76 here in new york. mostly 80s across the midwest. dallas gets up to 87 and phoenix, 97. 80 in sacramento, and just 61 in seattle. >> this story blows my mi.


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