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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze breezes have died down. [ unintelligible ] fastest winds not only ten miles an hour in concord everybody less than that breezes will be back and they will kick up winds northwest at 25 to 35 miles per hour over the bay water and ocean. small craft advisories for. clear and hazy temperatures cool, upper 40s to low 50s to 61 in antioch as we head into the afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast upper 60s low 70s around the bay mid 70s to near 80 inland. two new accidents just reported in the past minute. one westbound 580 grant line road no details noon yet. as you head out of castro valley on to northbound 238 in
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san leandro, a crash at 14th blocking a lane. it has been friday light. live shot of the bay bridge toll, we've had quite a few accidents this morning. our time is 6:02. this morning the talk is over and the buying soon begins. menlo park-based facebook goes public this morning in what is equal parts ipo and cultural phenomenon. amy hollyfield is live at company headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. the phenomenon will make history today. the employees know it, they are proud of it, a few honked this morning. the co-founder mark zuckerberg is expected to become the 29th richest person on earth with this ipo he will sell a portion of his shares today for more than a billion dollars. if you average out all of the shares the employees each one gets an average of 2.9 million
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dollars worth. some of -- facebook has given us a look at some of the employees. now facebook will be answering to its shareholders. we asked a tech expert how this will change your facebook experience? will you see changes to your facebook page? >> facebook is growing up. i don't think that change is going to be one when we look back we'll regret it is going to feel like facebook has come nights own with that infusion of cash more than four times the revenue they had last year they aring about going to be able to bring more of the best and brightest to make our experience a better one. >> reporter: here's some perspective of this day, two billion shares blow other trading numbers out of the water here's a list of some google 250 million on its opening day, groupon nearly 50 million, linkedin at 30
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million the. it is huge day for this company and employees. amy hollyfield h abc7 news. -- today some ordinary people will become millionaires and some millionaires will become billionaires. you can buy a piece of facebook, wall street expects that many of you will want to. >> katie marzullo join us with the frenzy to continue our live coverage. this is a lot of emotions as well as empirical analysis of the numbers. >> reporter: it is. you don't want to mix the two probably that's what us regular people do. that's who going to be affected. let's talk about the regular people and you might not want to hear this some experts are call this ipo a sucker's bet. here's the explanation. the banks and big time investors they bought up all the shares of the ipo at that
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bargain basement price of $38 the rest of us get the resale price set at 7:45 in morning. it could be double or triple the $38. if you believe the hype. those shares will start trading at 8 a.m.. a lot of people passionate about facebook feel personally attached to the company, but experts advise caution as the future success of the company is not guaranteed many here's some of the analysis you going to hear later this morning. >> sure to be a first day bump. you need to remember this is a long haul bet. valued at 100 times last year's profits they have to grow a lot. >> everybody scoffed at google 10 years ago they figured out a way to reinskwrpbts advertising. steve jobs it took him three cracks to get apple right. >> reporter: advertising is the key some say mark zuckerberg is going to struggle with giving up some control and facebook users
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might struggle with having a difference experience on their page, like ads everywhere. bill has an interesting dog store versus dog park analogy comparing facebook to google. i'll let him explain that to you. it does paint a picture. our coverage continues with mark zuckerberg ringing the nasdaq opening bell. we are going live to jane king in new york to get wall street reaction. >> on the flip side, silicon valley buzzing with reports that hewlett-packard is preparing to lay-off 30,000. hp is reevaluating its business model and may get back into the tablet business. the ceo has combined computer and printer divisions, which are losing money. layoffs could save the company more than a billion dollars.
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she is expected to announce the lay-offs in ings call to investors next week. -- one person was killed, two others seriously injured in berkeley after their car crashed into a tree. it happened after 1 this morning on california and alston way in central berkeley. officers found one victim already dead at the scene. they told us it is one of the passengers. the driver and the child in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. there was no other car involved. detectives are not saying why the crash occurred. in san jose hearing scheduled today to determine what should be done with the nearly 1500 graves unearthed during con at valley medical center. during the expansion work valley medical excavate wad used to be a cemetery in the hospital parking lot. with the discovery, a woman hopes to find and bury her grandmother. she died at the hospital in 1915 when it was called santa clara county hospital.
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>> her husband, my grandfather and my mother being the eldest child did not have the money to send her over and to bury her at the catholic cemetery. >> so she was buried in the hospital's cemetery. years later, the family heard the bodies had been moved to other cemeteries for hospital expansion but they couldn't find her. the family let the issue rest until this new discovery. we have a few clouds but it does look clearer than the past few mornings. >> it does. let's check with mike. good . the low that brought the clouds yesterday and the sunshine and dangerous winds has move off high pressure trying to move in, high clouds will come into our mainly sunny sky this afternoon and the winds will pick up a little especially over the bodies of water. 7:00 in the morning upper 40s to near 50° cooler this morning, breezes will start to pick up around noon kick up a few clouds mid 50s at the
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coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland 4:00, breezy upper 50s at the coast mid 60s around the bay, mid 70s inland heading out at 7:00 mid to upper 50s along the coast and bay and mid 60s inland. sneezing here's the reason tree and mold high. grass and ragweed mod the weekend into monday in the upper 70s to lower 80s warmest two afternoons saturday and sunday inland near 70 around the bay and upper 50s to low 60s won't be as breezy tomorrow and sunday. 238 as you head out of castro valley into san leandro accident blocking a lane traffic slow with the waze traffic map you can see it is moving around 20 miles an hour. traffic spotter reported it.u.ñ near the scene someone is moving around 40 miles an hour it slows there. i wanted to show you another
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accident westbound 580 at grant line crash reported, traffic moving slowly as you come out of tracy. earlier crash 237 at the law rinse expressway ramp still there but moving -- well. new this morning, what oakland a's owner is now saying about a possible move to the south bay. coming up, deliberations start in john edwards' corruption trial. the waiting game that is about to begin. are you heading out on the town tonight? the high-tech debut that could improve your odds of meeting mr. or mrs. righ
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juror deliberations begin today in the campaign corruption trial of john edwards. attorneys made their closing arguments yesterday in north carolina. edwards has pleaded not guilty to charges that he covered up his affair with rielle hunter with one million dollars from campaign donations. if convicted edwards faces up to 30 years in prison. coca-cola owned minute maid can keep labeling one of is products pomegranate blueberry even though it contains little of either fruit. palm wonderful lawyers argued that the product contains 0.3% pomegranate juice and .2%
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blueberry juice the rest is apple and grape. if you plan to go clob hopping tonight you will be age to find out ahead of time how many men and women are there so you can consider whether the ratio is favorable and worth your visit a new app debuts in san francisco with 20 bars. it uses cameras and controversial face recognition technology to determine whether a man or woman has ended and their approximate age so you can see from your phone of who is at a bar and what you are looking for that app is free. >> i like that. >> it didn't tell you which prom granite juice they are drinking while there 6:15 now. >> i wonder if someone from the big bang theory came up with that one. >> why waste your time.
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we don't want to waste your time either. a lot of events. first a look at downtown san francisco the financial district where i'm sure they are buzzing about facebook. clear sky this morning, cooler temperatures running around 2 to 10° cooler almost everywhere the exception antioch 60. low 40s napa 42, 4 had 46 santa rosa, upper 40s to -- 46 santa rosa, upper 40s to -- low 50s -- [ unintelligible ] >> today sunshine warmer still breezy along the bay shore and coast small craft advisory northwest winds 25 to 35. mild and calmer over the weekend dry the entire forecast. south bay low to mid 70s. 70 palo alto and redwood city.
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mid to upper 50s along the coast today. near 60 downtown and south san francisco. sausalito 64. 72 san rafael. mid to upper 70s the rest of the north bay valley beaches 15 to 20° cooler mid to upper 50s. mid to upper 60s east bay shore oakland 68 to 70 fremont the warm spot upper 70s to low 80s most of the east bay valleys, dublin cooler at 75, 76 pleasanton. giants game bay bridge series mostly clear 7:15 first pitch dropping to 55. tonight upper 40s to low 50s. it is beta breakers sunday morning from 7:00 to noon
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starting on the bayside 52, partly cloudy over to the breakers about 56, winds won't be too bad southwest 5 to 15. temperatures slightly warmer the next couple of days with less winds and then a small dip in monday and tuesday before warmer weather wednesday and thursday. chp still en route to a couple of accidents luckily this one on northbound 238 as you leave castro valley has:cleared. traffic 20 miles per hour as you approach the scene. -- hopefully, that will improve. there's an accident into the altamont pass westbound 580 grant line doesn't look like it is causing too much damage they didn't say lanes were blocked chp en route to this one as well. even though we've had a lot of accidents it has been light. live shot of the bay bridge toll, a minor back up for some of the lanes. pretty sunrise in the background. no major problems elsewhere. a live shot of the golden gate
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bridge good to go out of marin county. the peninsula looks fine, you can download our free traffic app by going to waze you can put it on your smartphone and iphone and hopefully it will save you some time in the morning. the tour of california gets a new leader as the race gets ready to wind down this weekend. one day after baseball commissioner bud selig makes announcement about the a's what the owner is saying about a possible move to the south bay.
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good morning. live look outside on the bay you can see a nice start without too many clouds. temperatures -- will our temperatures warm up for the weekend? we have a lot going on. the game, the beta breakers sunday mike is going to have your forecast. new this morning, oakland a's owner lou wolf says he remains focused on moving the team to san jose even though major league baseball says there is no timetable on resolving a distribute over territory rights with the giants. yesterday at the owners meeting commissioner selig said it was up to wolf to decide if he wants to consider other sites. the giants are fighting the oakland team on their plans to ju4y stage six of the amgen
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tour takes off later this morning. it will end 115 miles away at big bear lake. sagan won the first four stages but struggled yesterday in bakersfield. stage seven will follow tomorrow in ontario followed by stage eight on sunday in beverly hills. more than 100,000 people will descend on san mateo this weekend for the 6th annual maker fair. dozens will showcase their creations in fields from electronic arts robot technology computer science and creative engineering at the san mateo county event center from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. sunday. we are minutes from the start of the trading day and facebook's m will be ridging the opening bell for the -- we
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are looking at a live picture outside nasdaq. that is the focus of investors today. we'll have a live report with more coming up. a deadly crash in berkeley after a car slams into a tree. police say a child is involved. high temperatures across the bay out to the coast slightly warmer still breezy around the coast and bay shore. 58 at half moon bay to 80 in antioch. warmest in the mid sections of the country upper 80s to near 90s, 60s and 70s in the northeast and pacific northwest. all major airports, california regional, san francisco, bay area, three airports, all on time. flight tracker any time you need it.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:29 on this facebook friday morning. you are looking live at pictures outside the -- rather next to facebook's menlo park headquarters you see mark zuckerberg the ceo there. why is this a big day? because facebook goes public! >> it is going to bring 16 -- [ inaudible ]
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the opening bell rings now. >> there it is. mark zuckerberg ringing the nasdaq opening bell remotely from menlo park. starting the trading day there and the trading day is special. >> however, you won't be able to trade facebook stock right away, because facebook is trading on the nasdaq which doesn't open up initial public offers until layer in the trading session. -- until later in the trading session 8:00 this morning. in an hour and a half, look at excitement outside menlo park. live team coverage watch is going on there. amy hollyfield starts our team coverage on the facebook ipo live in menlo park with more on the frenzy. these are live pictures from sky 7 hd. >> reporter: hard to believe
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many of the people in the building behind me will become millionaires. the biggest payout will be for co-founder mark zuckerberg. he started this company as a 19-year-old harvard student. he's expected to sell just a portion of his shares today for more than a billion dollars if you average out all the shares among the employees here at facebook, the average employee will have shares worth 2.9 million dollars. let that figure sink in for a minute while you sip on that coffee. we asked a text expert who has been watching closely, what he thinks about the staying power? he is impressed. they've got almost a billion eyeballs and in the two years that we've been working closely with their prefered marketing development team, they've definitely matured their understanding of how facebook is going to be a
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premiere digital marketing experience. i have every confidence in the world, i'm betting my career >> reporter: are you investing? >> that's up to my wife. i'm saying yes. beg, borrow and steal to get as much as we can out of this facebook ipo. we'll see what she says. >> reporter: here are pictures of how future millionaires celebrate. they had an all night hack-a-thon here. this is when they get together and do coding and work on some other project other than what they do everyday here. they a deejay, they had red buhl fueling the night. i was probably a celebratory atmosphere inside a big day for the 1300 employees here at facebook. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we take you back live to sky 7 hd flying over facebook headquarters mark zuckerberg the founder there making a statement. don't know if we can get any
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audio of that. very happy, applause there as they wait for -- as they start their ipo. >> of course very happy as you heard amy mention he's going to sell 30 million shares worth over one billion dollars today a small portion of his holdings, he's still going to control 56% of the company in makes him the 29th richest man on earth. all those people surrounding him, the average take for them, the employee gets 2.9 million dollars today from the 34,000 shares average, amazing. >> indeed. rest of us will get a chance to buy stock in an hour and a half at 8 a.m. as the lucky first buyers sell their shares for a profit. some think the $38 opening price could double or triple within hours. our live team coverage on the facebook ipo continues. we'll take you live to jane king in new york to get the first wall street reaction to
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the company's stock debut. in other news, we 10 to vol news from the north bay. pg&e crews working to restore power to hundreds of customers. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene in novato. >> reporter: they are doing their best, but five to six hundred customers still without power the question is when is that power going to be coming back on? getting three estimates on when that is going to happen. not for lack of trying. crews you can see working on the pole closer to us. in the distance you see that pole at an angle. that's the problem pole, that's the one that the wires were attached to. boy did it come down in the winds last night. look at pictures from earlier this morning you can see pg&e has brought in the truck, they are holding that pole up the plan is as follows, they are going to slowly lower that pole down remove the wires get the old pole out new pole
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comes in goes in reattach the wires the question that remains is, when is that going to happen? official word 8:30 to 9:30 this morning. crews out here say they don't think so talked to a woman about her situation. >> it is fine, it didn't bother me at all, except that i'm worried about thins in my freezer if it goes on until tomorrow. >> reporter: hear it might go until tomorrow? >> i heard that but who knows. >> reporter: we included a shot of dancing lucy, because ruth wanted us to. getting back to the story at hand. these are not your standard voltage power lines these are 60,000 volt lines they've been deenergized and pg&e has worked the circuit around this downed power line. when is it going to be back up? the big question, 8:30 no say the crews maybe noon. she is hearing from workers out here maybe tomorrow.
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it is a work in progress out here a lot of work still to be done. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. back to aerial pictures at facebook headquarters in menlo park where things appear to be winding down. a few minutes ago founder and ceo mark zuckerberg rang the opening bell on the nasdaq to mark the opening of trading publicly of facebook's stock on the stock exchange there. you can see people dancing around there. it is a joyous occasion there as the company and individuals stand to make lots of money. once against, we'll take to you jane king our bloomberg reporter in about eight or nine minutes and find out how wall street is reacting to the initial public offering of facebook. you can see in the middle making his way, mark zuckerberg, the ceo there in the hoodie, amongst his workers there. other news, new this morning, one person killed, others seriously injured in
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berkeley when their car crashed into a tree after 1:00 this morning on california and alston way in central berkeley. officers found one victim already dead at the scene. they just told us it is one of the passengers. the driver and a child in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. there was no other car involved. detectives aren't sure what caused this crash. 6:37. seeing the sun earlier than we've been used to this week. good morning. welcome to friday. let's talk about winds big deal yesterday they were going to be breezy chased away clouds brought sun they've calmed overnight fastest want now fairfield 12 miles per hour concord nine everybody below 10 miles per hour to even calm winds will come back during the afternoon hours especially if you near the bay water or ocean twhpb five, 35 miles per hour out of the northwest most of us are cooler except fairfield we are the same antioch about six
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degrees warmer as far as what is going to happen today 7:00 this morning mid to upper 40s inland a few 50s around half moon bay and part of the bay shore even into san jose as we head towards 12 almost total sun high clouds had mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco low to mid 60s bay shore into the south bay. 4:00 mid 70s mid to upper 60s around the bay shore into the south bay mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco for 7:00 mid to upper 50s along the coast into the bay south bay and low to mid 60s most of our inland neighborhoods poll:a lot of tree and mold spores grass and ragweed will be moderate. -- saturday and sunday, calmer, warmer, near 80 inland, near 70 around the bay, near 60 at the coast cooler extra cloud cover monday upper 70s inland near 70 around the bay and
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upper 50s at the coast. good morning frances. good morning. new crash hayward southbound 880 at whipple blocking a lane also debris in the area traffic is slow. still jammed as you head out of castro valley westbound 580 approaching 238 because of an accident at east 14th on the shoulder, you can see traffic slow through that stretch. also, still a crash westbound 580 grant line, chp en route, not causing much clothing now, a little under the limit through the altamont pass not bad. in the south bay, slow westbound 237 near zanker just improved. earlier accident on the lawrence off-ramp cleared sluggish north 101 alum rock to mckey. traffic still flowing well from vallejo to the bay bridge toll. another crash reported westbound 80 san pablo road at
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the bay bridge toll, metering lights on even though there's no back-up now, not much at the toll plaza. 6:40 now. trading now underway on wall street. will have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. facebook stock is not going to be available for small investors to purchase until 8:00 this morning on the nasdaq. we'll get reaction this is a live look the dow is up three points. the annual beta brakers -- beta breakers race is this weekend. the special bus muni is addinging to avoid traffic tie-ups. the best time you can see this eclipse and a warning from one bay area scientist.
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are you ready for some sunshine and warmer temperatures? 58 half moon bay through 70 in the bay shore all the way to 80 inland to antioch. across the rest of the state if you are traveling all clear on live doppler. i expect wall-to-wall sunshine 56 eureka, mid 80s through the central valley, 69 and sunny big sur. sierra a lot of sun 60 tahoe, 73 by the end of the weekend. 73 today in yosemite end up at 81 total sunshine. if you are heading to southern california, how about 70s.
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low to mid 70s around l.a., afternoon sunshine and upper 60s in is. -- 60s in san diego. air assault continues in arizona as firefighters try to get control of the huge wildfire. the gladiator fire is burning near crown king and so far 8,000 acres have burned. strong winds continue to fan flames. the firefighters are calling today critical. the weather is remaining dry and hot and winds are expected to pick up once again. this weekend you can catch a glimpse of a partial a car partial annular solar eclipse when the moon passes between earth and sunblocking everything except the sun's corona leaving a visible ring of fire beginning sunday prime viewing after 6:30 in the bay area we will see a partial eclipse it will look more like a c than a halo with 84% of the sunblocked. scientist warns staring at the
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sun is dangerous they recommend you get special eclipse glasses. >> they are mylar coated with aluminum on both sides. they are designed to save your eyes. >> you can buy them at a telescope shop. the total eclipse will be visible near the california/ oregon border moving through eureka, reno and parts of utah, arizona, new mexico and texas >> more trails coming out about the tray beyond -- trayvon martin shooting doctors say he was shot through the heart at close range. we see this video of martin buying candy and ice tea not long before he was fatally shot. these pictures show the man who shot him, george zimmer nan -- george zimmerman at the police station with injuries. he was charged with second degree murder he claims self-defense and this evidence could support zimmerman's claim he a struggle with
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martin. a wake today for mary richardson kennedy the 52-year-old estranged wife of robert jen did, jr. hanged herself wednesday. -- medical examiners announced yesterday that kennedy died of asphyxiation due to hanging. new this morning, two nato service members dead after an insurgent attack in afghanistan earlier this morning in the eastern part of the country. nato is not releasing any other details including nationalities of the service members killed. so far for 2012, 154 nato service members have been killed in afghanistan, 100 were americans. prime minister of italy is in the united states. he landed last night at andrews in maryland. he's in the u.s. for this weekend's g-8 summit at camp david hosted by president obama. this will be the first g-8 since european countries started implementing harsh
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austerity measures to cut deficits. exciting day in silicon valley, specifically at facebook. here's another live look over the headquarters where ceo mark zuckerberg you saw him there he was wearing his trademark hoodie as he rang the opening bell for the nasdaq a few minutes ago. thousands were cheering him on. you can see plenty still milling about he had that rock star buzz going on as he rang the opening bell and walked around the platform around the employees and still out there now. >> it is the biggest story going on wall street this morning not the only story. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. huge ipo biggest in a long time. it really is. it is all that everybody is talking about today. shares expected to start trading in a little over an hour highly anticipateed mark
6:49 am
zuckerberg rang the opening bell for the nasdaq, remotely from their headquarters. lots of cheering, lots of hugs. wouldn't you be if you were going to be a billionaire by the end of the day. share $38. one breaker did tell us employees in menlo park will have a lot to celebrate shares will open way higher. others calling the shares grotesquely overvalued one said shares could fall to $18 by early next year. we have a positive start or did at least we've been down everyday so far this week for the dow and s&p. still having claimed positive gains. the nasdaq has turned lower. bloomberg index a bit positive. shares of hewlett-packard this morning did close higher yesterday the company looking at cutting thousands of job.
6:50 am
-- of jobs, be could be 25,000, 10 to 15,000 from the enterprise group. "the new york times" says 30,000 company-wide as meg whitman tries to reverse the slump in demand for computers and services that helped oust her predecessor. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. have a great weekend. talking that rare solar eclipse. mike you want to tell us where to best view it? eureka, chico reno going to be over where 100%. for us, you want to head out around 5:30 sunday afternoon into the evening we'll get an 84% partial eclipse it will begin at 5:13 peak at 6:33. let's look outside show you what is going on, look at that sunshine it is a nice start, hazy in some areas temperatures cooler as we expect it, 42 napa, 46
6:51 am
santa rosa upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of us. warmer antioch 60°. mid 40s around gilroy and santa cruz and low 50s watsonville, monterey. sunny, warmer still breezy today over our beaches and our bay shoreline 25, 35 mile per hour out of the northwest will extent until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, small craft advisory, mild and calmer towards the weekend especially into sunday and dry the entire forecast cycle. today everybody something going up. fremont six degrees warmer than yesterday upper 60s to low 70's around the bay shore. upper 50s to low 60s along the bay shore into san francisco, 59 monterey, 67 watsonville, 70 santa cruz mid to upper 70s inland. heading to the game 7:15 first
6:52 am
pitch mostly clear, 61 dropping to 55. if you are running in the beta breakers it stars 7:00 on the bayside where the temperature will be 52 partly cloudy by noon when you get to the finish on the breaker side about 50 -- 56, partly cloudy, south wet wind 5 to 15. a few degrees warmer into the weekend we'll pull back temperatures monday and tuesday back to seasonal levels warmer for wednesday and thursday. good morning frances, new accident? yeah southbound 101 ralston injury crash just reported. waze traffic app showing you the slowing now on southbound 101, heavy traffic reported a couple minutes ago by traffic spotter. i think we are going to see things slow as we head through this area southbound 101 at ralston is where this injury crash is. so far, highway 92 getting to
6:53 am
101 looking good now. we'll keep you posted. already slow westbound 580 as you head through castro valley approaching an accident at 238 on the shoulder. southbound 880 at whipple, a crash as well. that has created heavy traffic from highway 92. bay bridge toll, even though metering lights are on there's a minor back-up if that, you can even see it here at the toll, maybe just slow from the tolls to the metering lights. elsewhere some of the usual delays westbound 4 antioch, 680 good through wall creek. muni adding special bus service this weekend for sunday's beta breakers race. it is going to be the best way to avoid the expected gridlock when thousands of runners and walkers flood san francisco. the bus service runs from 5 to 6:30 a.m. sunday you need to buy a special pass or ticket the race begins at 7 a.m..
6:54 am
your pass is good after the race until 5 p.m.. we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america," here are five things you need to know before you go you saw it live here on abc7 news this morning, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg rang the nasdaq opening bell from menlo park. his young company becoming the third largest ipo in his -- in history. public trading begins at 8:00 this morning. "good morning america" will have the placest from menlo park and new york. >> -- another silicon valley company planning lay-offs. hewlett-packard prepared to let go 30,000. the cuts will save the company more than a billion dollars. >> the san francisco transportation agency meets this morning to consider expanding the use of forward-looking cameras on city buses. cameras have been looking out for vehicles parked illegal using bus-only lanes. drivers get tickets in the mail. >> juror deliberations begin today in the trial against
6:55 am
john edwards. attorneys for both sides made closing arguments yesterday. edwards faces 30 years in prison if convicted. number five, gusty winds yesterday likely caused massive power outage in novato. power is being restored to 500 customers who didn't have electricity over fight. pg&e estimates that 7,000 customers lost power when the lines fell yesterday. one final check on weather and traffic. winds pick up during the afternoon along the coast bay shoreline small craft advisory until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon northwest wind 25 to 35, rest of us should be okay. not a cloud to be found, no delays at sfo or oakland or san jose. hazy this morning, 44 to 51, 54 at noon along the coast at 72 inland partly cloudy through the forecast 57 our
6:56 am
spread at the coast to 76 inland by 4:00 and 7:00 around 55 along the coast to 66 inland. here's frances with traffic. even our traffic is light there isn't much of a wait at the bay bridge toll. a lot of accidents, two new ones reported, northbound 85 at camden someone fell asleep, have a cup of coffee this morning. north 101 at the montague expressway new crash just reported. we are looking at the waze traffic map to show you traffic is slow southbound 101 approaching a new accident at ralston. heavy south 880 approaching whipple and 238. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. we'll be back with a local update at 7:twhrepby four. we leave you with another picture of mark zuckerberg having rung the opening bell on nasdaq facebook making stock debut. lots of hugs had, there public
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