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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking today, facebook frenzy. about to be one of america's largest public companies. workers there, up all night, celebrating in a massive hack-a-thon, just hours before 28-year-old mark zuckerberg becomes one of the world's richest men. >> but what does it mean for all of us? and breaking right now. authorities capture the killer terrorizing southern highways. the serial gunman suspected of posing as a police officer, pulling drivers over in the middle of the night and shooting them. he is under arrest. last dance for the queen of disco. her hits were a sound track for a generation. she worked hard for the money, singing about "bad girls" with "hot stuff." this morning, our tribute to donna summer.
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sam and josh's wild ride. taking on the scariest roller coaster ever built. did we mention josh is afraid of heights? why an 11-year-old boy had to tell him to, quote, man up, right before he strapped in. i kid you not. josh looked -- >> it takes a lot for me to feel sorry for josh. and i actually did it. >> we all feel bad, just a wee >> we have a lot to get to. the opening bell in menlo park, california. we'll have the latest on all of that in just a minute. also the nightmare in mississippi may, may be over. this man arrested, for the
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shootings on the public highways. james b. willy. has been arrested. we'll have the latest on that. and also, we showed you the startling video, of this man trying to take on the angry gator. the gator got him. he barely got away. this morning, he's going to speak out about what really happened. >> see? what happened was -- so many people are watching kate for a baby bump. but there's a good reason she and prince william may be waiting. why it may be at least two years before a royal baby. >> that's a long watch. let's get to dan harris for the latest on facebook. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning you to. from outside the nasdaq. mark zukckerberg is not here, however, he is on the west coast at silicon valley. surrounded by hundreds of colleagues and investors,billio
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remotely rang the opening bell. ringing in what some people are calling the hottest ipo of the decade. on the eve of the biggest day of what may be of his life, mark zuckerberg gathered employees at facebook headquarters, for a unique q&a. as they started an all-night celebration of their impending bonanza. the company mounting what's called a hack-a-thon, where employees collaborate on new ideas. mark played roller hockey. there was a late-night snack attack of chinese food at around 1:00 a.m. and a lot of talking on laptops while in sleeping bags. the event captured a bit of the spirit of the harvard dorm room where zuckerberg started facebook back in 2004 as dramatized in the movie "the social network." >> a million dollars isn't cool. you know what cool? billion-dollar valuation. >> reporter: today, facebook is set to be valued at $104 billion. and that kid in the hoodie is about to spearhead what could be
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the third-largest ipo in american history. larger than kraft and u.p.s. and nine-times larger than google. zuckerberg stands to make upwards of $20 billion, on paper, at least. catapulting him to the top-ten richest americans. in his most recent interview, he talked to robin about how the ipo will affect the company. >> our goal and the thing we need to do is keep on building great things. >> you don't think anything of the essence of the company is going to change at all? >> it's our job not to. >> reporter: so, should you buy? some experts say it's a sucker's bet because rich people and major institutions will get first dibs, then turning it around and selling it to the rest of us at a higher price. still, many people will buy, thinking facebook is the next apple. if you bought apple on opening day in 1980, ten shares at $22 apiece, would now be worth 44 grand.
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think about this. with facebook valued at more than $100 billion, that's more than $100 for everybody who has an account on facebook. there's some skeptics who say, the company just isn't worth that. bear in mind we've seen bubbles burst in the past. george. george. dan harris, thanks. here to analyze more on what this means for all of us. jason tanz, the new york editor of "wired" magazine? should average investors get in? >> they will, i'm sure. there's sure to be a first-day bump. you need to remember this is a long haul bet. with facebook valued at 100-times last year's profits, they have to grow a lot. >> that's the big question. can they grow enough to keep up with this valuation? >> it's a tough question. they haven't proven that they can yet. google, for instance, came out with a great product. they said, trust us, we'll figure out a way to make money out of this. and they did. and facebook is essentially doing the same thing. they haven't proven they can make that kind of money.
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>> we saw mark zuckerberg tell robin, it's his job to make sure the company doesn't change after the ipo. can he succeed at that? >> it's going to be tricky. everybody is looking at this as a victory lap for the company. they're up all night partying. but in truth, zuckerberg was dragged to the altar. he's going public because of s.e.c. regulations, they mandate that he do that. there's a lot of evidence that he's not super enthusiastic about going public. that's because it's very hard for a company like facebook, that's been so tightly controlled by its ceo, to maintain that kind of control and identity when it goes public. >> and presumably, that puts a lot of pressure, also, to sell more, to users, which could change the experience for a lot of users. >> that's right. the story of facebook so far is how facebook balances our data and keeps us trusting base fook, along with bringing advertisers. the pressure will be higher to bring more data to advertisers, without going against our trust. that's going to be tricky to pull off. >> we'll see what people think about it. >> it really does, jason. let's bring in "nightline" anchor, bill weir. our resident techy. you spent some time with mark zuckerberg. i couldn't help when i was there
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in menlo park, on campus, and the graffiti. and hack. that's a positive, not a negative that they look at "hack." >> absolutely. >> how do they keep a culture of this place? >> again, this is built by 20-somethings in hoodies on red bull. and they want to keep that. what's interesting, they're more like artists than they are investment bankers. it's very untoward to have conspicuous consumption to go out and buy ferraris. some may cash out and start their own start-ups. it comes down to what mark zuckerberg does as leader. >> and jason hit upon this a little bit. there's a lot of people tuning in this morning. they don't know whether or not they're going to buy. they want their facebook page to be the same. >> exactly. >> they're not crazy about the timeline and different things. how does that stay the same? or how does it change? >> this is what is really intriguing. jason touched on it a little bit. i like to think of it this way.
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you have k.j. your little dog. you go to google and type dog food, purina has to sell for that ad that pops up, that listing at the top. google is more like a pet store. facebook is more like a dog park. you want to go there and hang out. and facebook could put 25 dog food billboards in your dog park. but that ruins the experience. pressure for them to wring every dime out of this company in the short-term is going to be there. it's good that zuckerberg might have disdain for investors so he tries to keep that user experience pure. everybody scoffed at google ten years ago. >> true. >> they figured out a way to reinvent advertising. now it's zuckerberg's job. steve jobs, it took him three cracks to get apple right. a lot of pressure on this 28-year-old. >> i think he's ready for it. he seems like he is. we have a front-row seat. we'll see what happens. always good to have you here. staying up late with us. >> no problem. >> getting up early. >> we know you haven't been to bed. >> either one. we're going to turn to the trayvon martin shooting now. the florida state attorney has released boxes of evidence,
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including a surveillance video of the teenager right before he was shot. abc's matt gutman has been on this story from the very start and is in sanford, florida today. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. we see trayvon martin in the 7-eleven, buying skittles and iced tea. we also see george zimmerman, his face battered and swollen moments after the shooting. and critically, we see documents from investigators who say all of this could have been avoided had zimmerman not left his car that night. this is the first video we've seen of trayvon martin. surveillance footage captured just minutes before he was shot february 26th, seen here at a 7-eleven, wearing tan pants and that black hoody. martin can be seen buying skittles and that iced tea, fishing in his pockets for change. the video was part of a massive release of evidence by florida prosecutors, who have charged george zimmerman with second-degree murder. martin's autopsy shows he died
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instantly, a single shot from this gun, made at nearly point-blank range, rupturing his heart. >> this would argue that this was a firing during a struggle. and it's consistent with mr. zimmerman's story. >> reporter: he says he shot martin in self-defense, as the 17-year-old punched him and pounded his head into the pavement. this grainy photo, as zimmerman sat handcuffed in the police cruiser, shows his face battered, nose already swelling. moment before, officers placed zimmerman into custody add gunpoint. these pictures taken later at the police station, show zimmerman's wounds after being treated by paramedics. his cuts did not require stitches. perhaps most controversial, however, may be new details of a police interview with martin's father. the family has publicly maintained the screams heard in the background of these 911 calls were martin's. >> it sounds like a male.
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>> do you think he's yelling "help." >> reporter: when officers asked tracy martin if the voice was his sons, he quietly told them, no. >> it's helpful to zimmerman's defense, but it's not the end of the inquiry. you have to figure out who was the aggressor here, from the beginning. >> reporter: and police considered zimmerman the aggressor. the chief investigator later calling the shooting, quote, ultimately avoidable, if zimmerman, quote, had remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement. george and robin, this case will hinge on the critical seconds before the altercation began. despite that document dump, there's still a black hole of evidence, no video, no audio, no 911 recordings of those critical seconds. robin. let's bring in josh elliott, the rest of the top news. the nightmare in mississippi may be over. >> may be in fact over. good morning to both of you, and all of you. we're going to bring you breaking news from that state, where police have arrested a man in connection with two deadly highway shootings there. pierre thomas joins us, now, from washington, with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, josh. it appears that nightmare is over in mississippi.
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abc news has learned that 28-year-old james willie, seen here in this mug shot, has been arrested, in connection with two fatal highway shootings from last week. this looks like a case of good, old-fashioned police work. willie was charged in the kidnapping and assault of a woman during his arrest. a 9 millimeter handgun was discovered. place compared ballistics from that gun to shell casings, found at the scene of the killings. authorities say, there was a match, josh. stock markets around the world, taking quite a beating this morning. concerns growing about europe's financial crisis, sent japan's nikkei plunging 3%. markets in europe also down across the board. but u.s. futures are up. we'll have more on this as the morning progresses. now, to kennedy family drama, just days after the shocking death of mary richardson kennedy. both sides of that family are embroiled in a feud. abc's john berman is outside the family mansion, in bedford, new york. good morning to you, john.
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>> reporter: good morning, josh. sources confirming to abc news, this was a suicide. new details this morning about mary richardson kennedy's state of mind before her death. and new details about a family drama over what happens next. the two sides of mary richardson kennedy's family appear poised to battle over her final resting place. an emotional drama that may enter the courts. the families have conflicting funeral and memorial plans. robert kennedy, her estranged husband, has confirmed plans for a wake friday at their home in bedford, followed by a saturday morning burial at hyannisport, massachusetts, at the kennedy family compound. in an interview with "the new york times," he said every member of my family, long before i married her, considered her a kennedy. robert kennedy filed for divorce in 2010, and later for sole custody of their four children, ranging in age from 4 to 17. a lot of times, i don't know how she made it through the day, he says. she was in a lot of agony for a lot of her life. robert kennedy told "the times" that mary richardson kennedy was
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fighting a battle with depression for much of her life. josh? >> john berman in bedford, new york. thank you for that. meanwhile, some 30,000 acres now up in flames in the west as several fast-moving wildfires continue to spread there. in arizona, 400 firefighters are hoping to protect an almost empty historic mining town where 3 homes have already been destroyed. a growing fire in northern colorado has forced the evacuation of dozens of homes there. and finally here in new york city, an apartment sale just shattered a record. someone paid more than $90 million for the penthouse you see on your screen. on the 89th and 90th floors of a new building near carnegie hall. the developer telling "the new york times," that the buyers, and i quote, a very nice family. >> a rich family. >> that people will recognize, so stay tuned for that. robin, i just hope that george has us over. >> 90 million, sight unseen.
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>> i don't know. whoo! must be nice. >> maybe one of the owners of facebook. >> all right. josh, thank you. we are celebrating the life of a music legend this morning. yes, donna summer. the queen of disco. she died thursday at the age of 63, after a battle with lung cancer. her iconic songs helped define the sounds of the '70s and the disco era. abc's chris connelly looks back at her legacy. ♪ i need your hot stuff, baby >> reporter: she became the undisputed queen of disco. her mighty voice, setting it off in the late '70s, on spectacular mega hits, that helped to define the dancetastic age. >> a lot of clubs had disco balls, and being sort of the queen of the disco made me that synonymous with me. >> reporter: from a soaring "sunset people." the sassy "toot toot" of this signature track. ♪ bad girls talking about the sad girls ♪
7:16 am
>> reporter: while she flourished amidst the hedonism of the studio 54 era, donna summer wasn't known as a bad girl. inspired by gospel great, mahalia jackson. blessed from her earliest stage that talent from any musical era would have made her an icon. >> you know, i was only 8. and all of a sudden, it was just there. it was as big as it is now. >> reporter: born ladonna gaines in boston. she moved to europe in the 1970s. first, oohing and cooing her way through the sex kitten and heat single "love to love you baby." ♪ i love to love you baby >> songs there for moments. music is the one thing that gets inside your body and you can't get it out. ♪ she works hard for the money >> reporter: after disco's slow fade, she scored in the '80s with "she works hard for the money." and she became a born-again christian. and comments she alleged to have made about aids, made a schism with her fans in the gay
7:17 am
community, before she patched it up in 1989. married with three children and four grandchildren, donna summer died at age 63, leaving a legacy of memorable music. and a song that, until this day, ushers in the sweet end of a good time. ♪ last dance tonight >> wow, some great music there. disco was very polarizing in its day. everybody loved donna summer in the early '80s. even bruce springsteen gave her a song to sing. >> really? what song did he give her? >> he gave her "protection." a tremendous version. >> i didn't realize that september 11th had such an effect on her. and in essence, went into seclusion because of it. >> i think the thing that was surprising about her is different from other singers. there was disparity between the
7:18 am
life she sang about and the life she lived. it was a conflict i'm not sure she resolved in a lot of ways. but those songs fantastic. time to get in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> she deserves a spot in the hall of fame. when you see those videos like that. that's how many of us remember her. we've been asking fans on twitter, what's your favorite song? "love to love you, baby." "on the radio." i like that one, too. her anthem, "macarthur park." and "last dance." >> fantastic. never to be forgotten. great stuff. "hot stuff" is my favorite. i think that's just unstoppable. >> thanks, chris. we appreciate it. you want to weigh in with your favorite, sam? >> oh! ♪ last dance last chance for love ♪ >> it is deejay friday, by the way. ♪ it's the last dance romance tonight ♪ >> that's all i got. that's all i can do. parts of me are much older than they were in the '70s. let's get to the boards.
7:19 am
we'll show you what's going on. here's where the cold air is starting this morning. but you're really going to love the weekend once it gets going. six statements near or below freezing, but we're all getting up into the 70s today in those states. and a lot of the country's getting into the 80s and 90s. albuquerque, about 89 degrees. el paso, about 93. phoenix at 97. new orleans, you're 91. the steam heat down in the gulf for this period.
7:20 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by walmart. or as we used to say in the '70s, toot, toot, hey, beep, beep. >> i'm loving that, sam. and coming up on "gma." it's the unbelievable man versus angry gator video. we showed it to you thursday. now, the man who barely escaped with his life is speaking out right here this morning. and russell brand's true confessions. breaking his silence about his split from katy perry. and why he'll always love her. and check this out. josh and sam's wild ride on one of the world's most extreme rollercoasters.
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listen to what mvp justin verlander thinks about it. i would say the source of most of my muscle pain would be in my shoulder. my trainer kevin rand recommended it to me. i was kind of skeptical at first, but i tested it out, and bayer advanced aspirin relieved my pain fast. feeling 100% every start, every fifth day, i think definitely gives me a little bit of an edge. but don't take his word for it. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at good morning i'm eric thomas. first up, police are investigating a deadly car crash in berkeley after 1:00 this morning a vehicle smashed into a tree on california and alston way in central
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berkeley. investigators are still there. officers found the passenger dead in the vehicle. the driver and child in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no other vehicles involved. update on the friday morning commute. within the last few minutes new overturn crash southbound 880 at 238, left lanes are blocked. slow downed through san leandro jammed through hayward to union city because of another accident. earlier injury crash has traffic slow southbound 101 through san mateo, 16 miles an hour. bay bridge toll minor delay for some of the lanes. when we come back, mike will have the weekend forecast.
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welcome back. beautiful picture of lake merritt this morning. cooler than yesterday from 47 in napa, 46 santa rosa, 61 in antioch. in the afternoon a lot of sun still breezy along the coast and bay shoreline warmer this weekend. news continues now
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there it is slowed down. stunning video we first showed you yesterday. a man barely escaped after trying to wrangle a 250-pound alligator. why was he doing that? that's the big question we have this morning. we're going to hear him explain it in a couple of minutes. >> he has a lot of explaining to do. a real mystery of a family day in the sun, from a california beach. causes one woman's shorts to catch fire. and we're going to talk to them both just ahead. >> serious burns she has. also, some stunning pictures from under the sea. take a look at this. this is a real-life mermaid. she's going to be a special on
7:31 am
"sea rescue." but she can hold her breath for more than two minutes under the water. >> get out. >> incredible. >> wow. she's gorgeous. >> yeah. lovely. mermaids tend to be. and take a look. look at sam and i, everybody. >> oh, no. >> look at josh. >> the look of pure fear. utter and absolute terror. >> what is that? >> actually, this was the moment i was no longer friends with sam champion. >> it is the toughest rollercoaster in the country, right now. >> did an 11-year-old really come up and say man up? >> wait till you see it. i'm not proud. >> wait for it. >> wait for it. >> why are you guys on this rollercoaster? >> no follow-ups, lara. it's a follow-up-free zone. >> so much ahead this friday on "gma." we want to begin this half hour with the man who narrowly escaped the jaws of a ten-foot
7:32 am
gator. first, we have more from josh, on why he was there with the gator in the first place. >> so, with the sea rescue. only, we're still unclear on who needed the rescuing. in the category of don't ever try this at home. north carolina scientist, fred boyce, was off-duty from the pine knoll aquarium, when he spotted the 10-foot-long alligator. officials were still an hour away. boyce did what any brave man would do. approaching the alligator. but boyce bit off more than he could chew. boyce was rushed to the hospital. the gator, finally wrangled and returned to the wild. and we are happy, overjoyed, in fact, to have fred boyce here, to join us from his home in swansboro, north carolina. fred boyce, thank you so much for joining us this morning.
7:33 am
i have to ask, first and foremost, how is the arm today? >> the arm is fine. actually, it feels perfectly fine. the alligator was actually very nice. let me off easy, compared to what he could have done. they have a jaw closing pressure of somewhere around 1,500 pounds per square inch. 1,200 to 1,500 pounds, depending on the size of the gator. could have been worse. >> what exactly were you thinking, fred? >> that's a question i still haven't figured out myself. especially, during the time it was all going on, things kind of progressed rapidly. and i think i was thinking how embarrassed i was going to be about all of this, probably more than anything else. this is not good. of course, i thought i was just performing for a small group of first responders and deputy sheriffs. performing's not really the right word, either. i thought that was the only people there. so, little did i know -- i
7:34 am
haven't quite clued into this digital age we live in. and the idea that people have video cameras, you know, handy at all times. >> this is something of a hobby of sorts, for you. you are, in fact, a gator wrangler? >> i have worked with them for many years. in different capacities. in the wild, in zoos. particularly a zoo i worked at in maryland. >> so, there they are. the medical technicians are tending to your wounds. and i saw, that you actually wanted another shot at the alligator. and they recommended against it. >> they did, yeah. they were thinking a lot more clearly than i was, possibly. i was glad they were there. actually, they were on the scene already when i arrived. they had the ambulance there. and i remember joking around with them, that i was glad they were there because i might be needing you guys here in a few minutes. >> we're very glad you're here to join us. again, fred boyce, from swansboro, north carolina. >> i'm happy to be here.
7:35 am
>> leave the ten-foot gators alone, fred. >> don't try this at home. and i would say, don't try this, period. >> good advice right there. we're going to turn to the bizarre story out of california. one mother's family afternoon went terribly wrong, when a rock she picked up on the beach caught fire in her pocket. first, cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: these harmless looking colored rocks, collected on a family trip on this beach, are now the subject of an intense scientific investigation. lynn's daughters fine the rocks last saturday. when she put them in her pocket, their innocent family outing went terribly wrong. >> there were actual flames coming off of her cargo shorts. >> reporter: these are her torched shorts, burned when the rocks caught fire. now, she is recovering from severe second-degree and third-degree burns on her hands and legs. her husband, burned, too. >> her husband was out with the
7:36 am
garden hose trying to cool her legs down. the fires set off the smoke alarms in the house. >> reporter: there were seven rocks. field tests found traces of phosphorus, the orange chemical found in matches. >> it will burn through fresh, bone and skin. i've never heard of anything like this. >> reporter: the beach is near camp pendleton marine base. but officials say there's no materials involved. we went looking for similar rocks there. we couldn't find any. abbott is convinced this wasn't mother nature's fault. >> the orange is not part of the rock. it's not natural. it's human-made. >> reporter: this morning, as lynn recovers, she and her family are left to wonder how these innocent-looking rocks could have caused so much damage. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, san onofre beach. lynn and her husband are
7:37 am
going to join us, along with her surgeon. lynn and robert, first, how are you feeling today? >> to be honest, we're exhausted. but we're overwhelmed with love and support. we're just grateful. we're grateful that things weren't worse. and god just continues to provide for us in this situation. we're grateful. >> so, lynn, take us back to what happened. you're on the beach. you pick up the rocks. you go home and you're at your kitchen sink when you start to feel something. >> well, i was actually just talking to rob. we were getting ready to go out for the evening. we were talking about who was going to pick up the babysitter. all of a sudden, something hot on my leg just sort of started to bother me. and so, i started to think it was a bug bite. and i started slapping it. and next thing i know, my shorts are on fire. >> and you did the stop, drop and roll. robert, you tried to step in, as well. that's when it affected you, too.
7:38 am
>> yeah. well, our first response is just trying to pat it out. we didn't know what it was. it was just this flame. and trying to pat it out, it wasn't going out. that was the next thing, to drop and roll. eventually, we just tore her shorts off and got them off of her. >> dr. dunkleman, have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, i've never seen anything like this. >> how serious are the burns? and how are you going to tree them? >> she had very serious burns. she had third-degree burns. it burned through her skin to her underlying tissue. and we treated her by placing skin grafts from her thigh to that area. >> we hope it works well. this is such a big mystery. >> i want to say thank you to all the people who were there
7:39 am
for us. if that's okay. >> it's absolutely okay. we want to echo that thanks. thanks for joining us. let's get the weather from sam. >> how intense that heat must have been to do that kind of damage. never heard of that before. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with pictures of a big hailstorm that was in georgia. this spring, we've seen an awful lot of hailstorms come out of the spring storms. this was a big one in smyrna, georgia. it took down trees. did a lot of damage in the area. it looked like snow in that area. this one is a real player that brought that line of storms for the next couple of days. it will get off of the coastline. be nice and clear for the weekend. and by the first of next week, we have more rain to deal with. the front never clears through florida. but just about everyone else has a really nice weekend coming. this area of low pressure own that cold front moves through the desert southwest. we'll have gusty winds and cooler temperatures. what does it do to the fires in those zones?
7:40 am
it stirs up the wind. >> more of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. george? >> what is going on outside right now? >> well, the beyhive. beyonce's fans because they can win free tickets to her concert. but it is a scene out there. we can't wait to get out there. coming up right now, russell brand's true confessions. he speaks out for the first time about his split with katy perry. >> only in new york, kids. some places i go really aggravate my allergies. so i get claritin clear. ♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪ look! see that? this is all bayberry, and bayberry pollen is very allergenic.
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we're back at 7:44. russell brand is breaking his silence on his 14th-month marriage to pop superstar, katy perry. brand spoke out on "ellen" on thursday. and he had nice things to say about her. >> that's so nice to hear. russell brand has kept quiet about his split from katy perry until now. and what he had to say about their big breakup may surprise you. take a look. after dodging questions about his very public divorce. russell brand finally opened up
7:45 am
about his failed marriage to katy perry on the ellen degeneres show on thursday. saying she was the love of his life. >> i love her as a human being. but in a relationship, i suppose it doesn't work out, does it? >> reporter: brand, who has never been shy about words or controversy, has been surprisingly quiet about the december split until now. >> i was very happy to be married with her. she's such a beautiful heuman being. i have love and positivity for her. things are just different. and you have to move in that. and try to remain in contact with what's beautiful about yourself and each other. >> russell and katy didn't really have this big, crashing animosity, that really what was at fault in the relationship. russell realized she wasn't in a place where he was in his life. ♪ you can kiss this diamond ring ♪ >> reporter: still, in february, perry expressed her pain freely
7:46 am
at the grammys, with her song, "part of me," which many believe was aimed at brand. ♪ you're a part of me >> reporter: while brand says perry still holds a place in his heart, it appears he e-mailed her asking for another chance are not true. >> he didn't reach out to her. there was nothing like that going on. we should hang up the notion that katy and russell are going to reconcile. >> all right. despite brand's love for perry, he made one final cut to the relationship. and this is a big one, robin. he stopped following her on twitter. >> oh, no, he didn't. >> yeah. that's the big one. >> lara, thank you. josh, with "the play of the day." come on back. i want healthy skin for life.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> no time. we've got no time. it is friday. hey. remember norman? you guys, he was on the show.
7:51 am
>> sure. >> actually twittered his way to times square. >> he's no pudsey. >> he's moved on. he's not just into scooters anymore. he's on the bike. >> no way. >> wait for it. >> is that a man in a suit? >> no way. >> that's a real dog. >> no, it's not. >> it is, sam. >> how can he do that? >> unbelievable. >> i think it's different. we're coming back. deejay friday, just for you. >> oh, yeah. now, there's gentle, dependable constipation relief for me... and me and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for.
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7:56 am
14 still ahead on "gma," josh and sam, taking on the world's most -- good morning i'm eric thomas. pg&e crews are still working to replace a power pole teetering over homes in novato. the lines came down yesterday knocked out now we are to 7,000 customers about 500 are still in the dark this morning. >> a look now at the forecast. winds starting to pick up concord 12 miles per hour, 10 fairfield rest of us calm. 25 to 35 mile per hour winds around the bay shore to the coast. 50s at the coast near 80 inland warmer through the
7:57 am
weekend. traffic jam southbound 680 from 242 to north main because of an accident. crawl south 880 through san leandro in hayward because of earlier accidents. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this is happening live, right now, here in times square. >> can't believe that. >> a wonderful school, from decatur, georgia, just outside of atlanta. they have been entertaining the crowd there. >> they are fantastic. >> you have to get down here to times square. >> they can sing. they can dance. they're amazing. >> they're good students. and during the commercial break, we had to get out there and join them, as well. so much fun to be out there with them, during the commercial break. dancing and grooving along.
8:01 am
they were literally dancing in the streets. >> look at the crowd. ♪ >> you never know what can happen. >> you've got to get down here. >> if you're in new york and you're not here on a friday, you're just missing it. >> it's not bad, as well. it's deejay friday. >> work it. >> a little donna summer. >> celebrating one of the all-time powerhouse voices, donna summer, proving it with hits like this. >> it's important to remember, it's a celebration of her life. one of the great queens of the decade. unbelievable. george, obviously left on assignment. it may have been one of the
8:02 am
nuttier weeks i've had on this program. i just get lined up in the crosshairs. >> yeah. >> and that was all up to this. sam, we're no longer friends. >> um -- >> this was us on what was the most extreme rollercoaster you've been on, sam? >> oh, yeah. in the world, right now. this is it. this is the one that everyone's clamoring to get to. it does things -- really, it will hang you and kind of like -- it's amazing. >> again, i ask, why? >> i don't know. >> if by amazing, you mean the worst day ever. >> listen to the deejay. ♪ rollercoaster of love ♪ >> there you go. and we also have a mermaid. >> we mentioned the mermaid. >> just so you know. and beyonce, check out this footage, she exclusively shot backstage just for us, as she gets ready for her new concert. and she's got superfans that are
8:03 am
lined up outside, all -- trying to catch the eye of her director and stylist, mike hunter, here to pick the winning outfit. it's not going to be easy. let's get right now to josh and all of the developing stories. >> we have a lot of news to begin with. we're going to begin with the much-anticipated first day trading for a company called facebook. the company set to be valued at a staggering $104 billion, as stocks start selling this morning, at $38 apiece. the public offering expected to create roughly 1,000 new millionaires. the rock star, bono, his stake in the company will earn him $1.5 billion. making him, oh, by the way, the world's richest rocker. more breaking news from mississippi, where a suspected serial shooter is under arrest at this hour. police are charging james willie with two counts of capital murder. they say, that willie shot two people to death last week. their bodies were found in their cars, along two different
8:04 am
highways. police first thought the gunman might be posing as a police officer and then pulling them over. this morning, they now say that may, in fact, not be true. and newly-released evidence in the trayvon martin case, including surveillance video, you see here, showing the teen buying skittles and iced tea, moments before he was gunned down. we see george zimmerman, after the shooting. battered and lacerations to his scalp. we've been grooving to her tunes all morning. fans everywhere, have been remembering donna summer, the queen of disco. she was the voice, the face, of the '70s. "love to love you, baby." first of her 19 dance hits. second only to madonna. summer died of cancer at the age of just 63. her family released a statement, saying, they are at peace. and we certainly hope that, as well, of the great donna summer. now, here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's
8:05 am
"world news." diane? >> good friday, josh. a great one to you. and coming up tonight, actor michael j. fox. we know the courage. we know his passion. wait until you hear about the new mt. everest he has just conquered. we're going to make him "person of the week." and you'll know why tonight. >> can't wait for that, diane. i usually throw it back to you. i'll do a direct handoff. "pop news." >> absolutely. it is friday, after all. i'll bet astronauts get it all the time. people singing elton john's "rocket man" to them. dedicating it to them. playing it on a jukebox when they're nearby. but it doesn't make it any less exciting when the rocketman himself sings them the classic ballad about space. elton gen elton john rerecorded it and sent it to the astronauts at the international space station. boy, they appreciated it.
8:06 am
that was a lovely gesture. we know alec baldwin can make a big exit. ask the flight attendants on the airlines. but he can make an entrance. he swept his fiancee off her feet and carried up the red carpet to the theater. the 54-year-old is smitten with his fiancee. sharing kisses all over europe. a role reversal for one of the stars of the hit show "downton abbey." brendan coil is looking for his own butler. coyle, putting himself on the auction block to be a butler for a day. the lucky winner gets to wait on him hand and foot. read him poetry. take him to dinner and share their dessert with him. >> just so we're clear, the winner gets to do that for him. >> yeah. but he's cute. >> hey, i'm also announcing a
8:07 am
personal valet for the day. you can do -- >> this is for a good cause. all the proceeds go to charity. >> oh. >> he's doing that monday here in new york. and the show is so popular. i imagine there there be a lot of bidders. we have a big announcement here this morning. "gma's" summer concert series, kicks off next friday, with our party in the park. if you need a reminder of why we're so happy about it, take a look. >> okay. so, where's the hottest, sexiest, most wild place to be this summer on friday mornings? ♪ sexy and i know it >> that's right. it's "good morning america's" summer concert series. look who is coming. lmfao, brad paisley, the beach boys. no doubt. and it all starts next friday, with the summer kickoff party in central park. and supersultry and supercool robin thicke takes center stage. >> might be more up there. join us in central park next
8:08 am
friday and every friday this summer, as we celebrate with some of the biggest names in music. >> looking forward to that rushed commute. >> thank you, lara. let's get outside because it's a wild scene, man, out there. >> tell me where these kids are from. >> they're from decatur, georgia. >> we're so thankful you have brought this group of talented, young students into times square to play with us today. this is amazing. so, gang, thank you. i have never quite seen anything like the crowd that's out here. can it get bigger? i don't know. we got all summer. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about as you head outside your doors. we're getting into a better weekend. you don't have to be quiet. don't pay attention to them. keep yelling. would you like a better weekend? absolutely. we're going to deliver one for you. look at that. so gorgeous. for the rest of the country, as we get through the weekend, the heat is on. and all of that heat crawls up the middle of the country into
8:09 am
the eastern seaboard. there's very few places that won't have a fantastic weekend. >> don't come back on me. don't. this is what you're missing if you're not in times square. all of america's weather, from the most fun place this morning, times square. lara? >> sam, it's fantastic. here's what else we have
8:10 am
coming up on our "gma morning men menu". will and kate, why they may be waiting at least two years to have a baby. plus, the catch of the day. meet the real-life mermaid who's making waves. then, josh, taking on the scariest, craziest rollercoaster in the world. oh, yes. and it's deejay friday. squibble is here. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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it is deejay friday. it's friday and we have a deejay. d.j. scribble. all coming together. royals around the world are heading to the queen's diamond jubilee lunch right there. william and kate are expected to be there. how long until they have a little baby? abc's nick watt joins us from london, on the other side of the pond, to tell us more on this. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. generally, i don't like to discuss the reproductive lives of other people. but here goes. it's been a year since the wedding. still, no baby. theories are swirling around. and people are asking, what's going on? we can't help ourselves. we're belly-watching. finding clues where there are none. it's not entirely unreasonable. charles popped out within a year of his folks getting hitched. so did william. diana had a babe in arms before she knew what had hit her. but a bunch of lawyers and
8:16 am
politicians might be the reason kate and wills are putting the brakes on the breeding. royal historian robert lacey has a new theory. and you're not going to like it. >> i think it's at least two years until we see kate produce a royal baby. >> reporter: what? why? well, remember last year, the brits decided to change the succession laws? >> if the royal couple have a girl, rather than a boy, then that little girl would be our queen. >> reporter: little brothers will no longer push aside older sisters. >> it encourages us to find ways to allow girls and women to play their full part. >> reporter: problem is, the queen is head of state in 16 countries. and they've all got to hammer out the word. >> that's going to take time. and it really means, until that law is changed. >> it's not possible for william and kate to produce a child. >> reporter: robert, i won't get into detail, but it's possible. the law change would be
8:17 am
retroactive. but, and here's the big but. >> say they have twins. and out comes a girl, followed by a boy. well, under the present rules, the boy is the future king. but when they change the law in a few year's time, and the succession is taken away from the boy and given to the girl. >> reporter: cue brawling in the stroller. siblings will fight over a plastic toy. can you imagine how they would fight over a real crown? now, the other theory going around is, kate and william don't want to have their baby this year because it would overshadow the queen's jubilee celebrations. but as you mentioned, she's having a lunch right now. what am i droning on about? kate and williams' nonexistent baby. >> nick, have a great weekend. thank you. lara and i are looking forward to going to the jubilee. >> yes, we are. >> she's got to be in the middle. back away. okay. >> don't worry. you're front and center. >> i appreciate it, thanks.
8:18 am
this is a question you may not have ever considered. what does it take to be a professional mermaid? not something we think about that often. but they do, in fact, exist. cameron mathison went to see if he has the skills and the gills to keep up. ding. roll tape. >> reporter: mythical. mystical. simply majestic. nope. this is not cgi. this is not a movie. this is hannah fraser, professional mermaid. and in minutes, she can go from this. to this. hannah can free dive 50 feet below the sea surface, on just a single breath of air. and can hold her breath for up to two minutes. hannah has had a lifelong fixation with mermaids. she made her first tail when she was just 9 years old, after seeing daryl hannah swim across
8:19 am
the silver screen in the movie "splash." now, 26, the australian native has turned her passion into a career. posing for magazine covers, print ads, and music videos. my daughter loves mermaids. so, i had to meet her. and where would she feel more at home than the aquarium of the pacific in long beach, california. how do you wrap your head around becoming a mermaid? what's the first thing you have to think about? >> well, obviously, having a tail is a good start. i don't know if this is going to work. >> my merman days might be over. i might not be able to rock the merman tail. but i wanted to know how hannah learned to move so gracefully under water. >> oh, you've got it. >> reporter: a lot more. and after a little land practice, i suited up. but apparently, i don't need all this gear just -- what are some tips for me to be able to hold
8:20 am
my breath a little longer? >> you want to take a moment and try to imagine your heart rate slowing down. >> reporter: but how can i lower my heart rate when there are sharks, sharks, swimming inches from me? hammer head. once i get away from my initial fear, a wave of calm washes over me. i watch amazed how creatures of the sea are actually drawn to this mermaid. but it's not always fun and games. hannah has swum beside potentially dangerous sea creatures more than twice her size in the open ocean. including 14-foot sharks. >> i had sweaty palms. but when i look into the crystal blue water and the magnificent animals swimming around, yes. get me in there. >> reporter: not everyone's mind would go from a 14-foot great white shark in the water to get me in there. i want to join them. >> i want to appreciate these animals.
8:21 am
they're not just blood-thirsty predators. they're intelligent creatures. you can't be a mermaid if you're not going to get in the water with all of the beautiful creatures. >> reporter: for "gma," cameron mathison, back on dry land in long beach, california. >> we'll have more on the real-life mermaid on "nightline." you can see more photos on yahoo! since we have the jubilee coming up, we decided to let you have a bonding moment, as well. >> thank you very much. all right. take a look. it was fair to say, it was a wild adventure. >> yeah. >> we got to go -- we got to go. we had the honor of going -- >> an assignment. >> yeah. >> and i was invited. and i asked josh to come along. i didn't know you liked heights. >> hate them. >> and hated rollercoasters. >> hate them. >> and we find ourselves on the biggest rollercoaster on the world. >> it was at six flags great america in chicago.
8:22 am
>> it's self-explanatory. ♪ >> reporter: it's extreme. it's exhilarating. this is x-fly. >> incredible. >> so awesome. >> so, scary. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the newest ride at six flags great america is one of the first of its kind in the world. >> actually riding suspended on the outside of the track. that means there's no track above you or below you. >> reporter: you're dangling in thin air. it's called a wing rollercoaster. and josh and i are one of the first to ride. hello, six flags. >> hello. >> reporter: at least i think we are. josh really doesn't like heights. and i don't even think he likes rollercoasters. what are we going to do? >> it's called x-flight.
8:23 am
>> that doesn't sound good. >> reporter: it's going to be fine. it's going to be just fine. >> reporter: just to let you know how serious this is, this rollercoaster soars 120 feet high, as tall as a 12-story building. it plunges riders upside-down, at 55 miles per hour. somersaulting five times in a row. x-flight is a beast. and i employ some diversionary tactics, snacks. worst part of the ride? >> the drop. right when they take you up. >> oh. >> there's areas on this ride when it feels like you're going to have to drop your legs or lose them. >> no. just no. >> reporter: as we near the ride, you can hear the screams. then, you see it. in all its twisting, turning glory. >> there's no way i'm doing this. >> reporter: oh, come on. x-flight. >> no way. >> reporter: josh's brain says
8:24 am
no. but the draw of the terrifying x-flight is too great to resist. >> sam, you know i love you. >> reporter: yeah? >> what are we doing here? >> reporter: empowering words from an unlikely source become our battle cry. >> man up. >> that's probably the worst thing i've ever heard. now, i have to. >> reporter: it's even scary strapping into x-flight. >> what do you want me to do with my arms? >> right there. hang on tight. >> what do you mean hang on tight? >> reporter: is that tight enough for you? >> no. >> reporter: should it be any tighter? >> no. >> reporter: i'm not going anywhere. >> you will be, too. >> reporter: good. >> i love you, sam. >> reporter: it's good. >> i love you, sam. >> reporter: i love you, josh. oh, wow. hello, six flags. there's no turning back now. [ yelling ] >> oh, i hate you, sam. i hate you. i hate you.
8:25 am
>> reporter: it's an x-flight blastoff. >> no. no. oh. oh, i hate you. >> reporter: come on. this is awesome. >> i can't watch anything. [ yelling ] >> no. no. no. >> reporter: that was fantastic. you were great. did you keep your eyes open? good morning, america. was it good? >> i did not see one second of that ride. [ yelling ] >> reporter: that was awesome. let's go again. that was awesome. >> yeah. really fun. [ yelling ]
8:26 am
>> did you ever open your eyes? >> no. i did not open my eyes for one second. you said, hi, six flags. i shut, right over. after what felt like five hours. >> you're just an inch taller than josh, you're not able to ride the ride. the attendant said, how tall are you? i'm like about 6'6". how tall are you? 78 inches. >> what did you bring? >> everybody -- to get you into the spirit for your friday. >> anybody? a little cotton candy? >> just for you. [ cheers and applause ] for more, on yahoo! you can see more of it. coming up, exclusive backstage video from beyonce. and see the brand-new concert.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. facebook's stock was supposed to have started trading a half hour ago that pace been delayed. mark zuckerberg rang nasdaq's opening bell if from menlo park at 6:30 this morning. the initial public offering was supposed to start trading at 8:00. we'll be watching that the ipo price was $38 a share. >> let's see how your commute is going. a lot of accidents, new one north 680 chp en route blocking a lane. here stop and go southbound 680 towards north main earlier crash has cleared. about 15 minute delays southbound on 880 through san leandro because of an earlier overturn accident.
8:28 am
at least it is friday light at the bay bridge toll. >> forecast coming up.
8:29 am
beautiful picture downtown san francisco right now calm 12 miles per hour concord 12 fairfield northwest 24 to 35 bay water through the beaches today. upper 50s to low 60s mid 70s
8:30 am
to low 80s inland temperatures ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. as you can see, we have a fantastic crowd here with us. grooving into the weekend, thanks to the one and only d.j. skribble. he's worked with everyone. and it's a pleasure to have him here this morning. >> we have everything here. one thing we don't have, george on assignment. we also have exclusive footage that beyonce sent us
8:31 am
overnight. her new concert extravaganza. her fashion director and stylist, mike hunter. the favorite costumes, won right here by beyonce's favorite fans. one of them will get v.i.p. tickets to her huge, new show. >> it's great to have them here. >> beyhive. and incredible options. also, summer is almost here. it's an awesome day here, by the way. great energy. and summer is almost here. so, what are you going to wear to the beach? >> oh, i know. >> a bathing suit. no matter what the size or shape, we have the perfect suit for you. and one of the most popular restaurants in the world. everyone in new york wants to get in. not everyone can get in.
8:32 am
and reao's. >> that looks delicious. >> it is delicious. >> and all of that funnel cake. >> and all that. >> great weather that you provided for us, thank you, sam. you can blame me for the bad stuff? most of the country is going to have an incredible weekend. let's get to it and show you as you step out the door. we'll go with numbers because most of us are in the 80s and near-90s. the east coast starts in the 70s today. but you'll catch up by the end of the weekend. the only pesky problem will be a little front that snakes along the east coast. how much of a problem that will be for coastal areas like the carolinas and coastal and south florida. there's one little area in the middle of the country.
8:33 am
>> just got to be said. buzz, buzz. all that weather was brought to you by capital one. lara? >> thank you, sam. it's tough to be a judge on "dancing with the stars." but this season, i think it's tougher than ever. such great competitors. and since season 14 premiered, the contestants have considered themselves to be the best. carrie ann inaba decides their fate, with help from len and bruno. and we have carrie ann here this morning. you picked a great day at "good morning america." >> i see. >> how has it been for you as a judge? >> season 14 as been the best season. i love the people that come on our show. great characters throughout the years. but this season, the dancing has been beyond any of our
8:34 am
expectations. and it's been so exciting. every week, it's been really exciting. it's a new energy. >> how is it for you three, by you three, i mean the judges. >> you mean len. >> your scores are not always on par with each other. especially this season. i feel like you guys have had your moments. what happens behind the scenes? do you go to bat for the contestants you believe in? >> yeah. that's the whole point. len, bruno and myself, we all come from different backgrounds. that's sort of the point. we don't want to agree every time. before the show, we say, i love you. i love you. sometimes we argue. i don't often agree with len. and len doesn't often agree with myself and bruno. that's what keeps it good and i think that's what keeps it fair. >> what is the one contestant this season that's caused dissension among the judging ranks? >> all of them. >> one good fight. >> one good fight was maria
8:35 am
menounos. and she did her bollywood samba. when you do the creative choices, like derek always says, it becomes less about specific samba content and how the whole performance comes across. it is risky. but i thought it was fantastic. >> now, we're down to the final three. >> william, donald and katherine. shocker. >> talk to me. >> i'm excited. >> who has the toughest road ahead? >> toughest road. i'm going to say donald driver. >> why is len so hard on donald driver? >> i have no idea. it's been strange. he's not given him a 10. and he's not given katherine a 10, either. that's strange to me. katherine is a technical performer. and donald has been incredible. he gets out there. he reminds me of emmitt smith, of hines ward. he has the momentum behind him. he's not quite as perfect, let's say, as katherine jenkins, as far as technique goes. >> if you had to guess right now, who do you think? >> oh, gosh. >> you haven't seen the
8:36 am
performances. anything can go wrong. wardrobe malfunctions. based on what you've seen so far, what do you think? >> just the way the audience reacts when william levy walks into the room, i've seen nothing like it in seasons past. >> packer nation, though. >> and packer nation. and katherine's technique. >> i think katherine, probably, technique-wise. >> by far. >> that was my intent. >> full extension. >> you have other things going on. tell us quickly. >> i have an internet show. i've been working with rescuing animals. and it's a youtube show. it's my alter ego, kit, who talks about the cats that need rescuing. we have two adapted. and more to go. >> people would check that out. that's how i am with dogs. all of my dogs are rescue. and we will be watching. >> thank you. >> you're very good at avoiding, making a commitment. >> i can't commit.
8:37 am
>> i know. and you can't call it. this season is that good. do not miss it. "dancing with the stars," the finals, monday, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central, here on abc. and you can catch the finalists and the mirrorball trophy winner, among them, on "gma," next wednesday, for our after-party. got to come. >> i'll be here. we're going to throw out to josh with the beyhive. >> lots of winners out here, lara. boy, do we love beyonce, at "gma." the beyhive party has been going all morning long. the enthusiastic and loyal fans. and we have her fashion director, ty hunter, who has been scouring the crowd all morning long, to find the best outfits. he's going to show us his favorites in a bit. but first, check out this video that beyonce recorded just last night for all of us. >> we're here almost a month before the show, so we can be prepared and have time and do it properly.
8:38 am
>> okay. there can only be four winners. but before we get to them, what were you looking for today? >> just creativity. and i noticed a lot of kids make their own costumes. that's what i was looking at. >> so, without further ado. many deserving. only four can go on through. give me your four best. >> so many familiar faces. so, it was very hard. my fourth best. this is one. >> that's true. >> she -- >> these are filled with stuffing. absolutely. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i have to get to her next. >> look at you. she committed. >> you have to -- and face paint. >> how long does this take? >> took four hours. >> four hours. the commitment. we like it. congratulations. >> so great. >> and i mean, come on. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> so cute. >> what are your names?
8:39 am
how old are you? >> 5. >> wow. can i tell you, you're the two prettiest bees i've ever seen. >> and i like the little bees. >> that's traffic. congratulations to both of you. but there can be just one winner, ty? >> i know. it's hard. and this right here, this young man, made this himself. >> what went into this? >> say again? >> what went into this? >> it wasn't hard because i love beyonce. i thought i would do -- this is the 2011. like, wow. >> do we have a winner? >> yes, we do. >> and the winner is -- [ cheers and applause ] four of the best hours you've spent. unbelievable. here's what she's won. i'm going to give you the basket. and i'm going to describe exactly what you've won. two tickets for the v.i.p. package, the memorial day
8:40 am
weekend at revel, the beach resort in atlanta city. including, a pair of tickets an ocean view room at revel. and a spa treatment. perhaps, to wipe all of the paint off. but that's not all. you're not just the only winner. ty? >> no. i cannot let everyone else believe out a ticket. so, all the winners will receive a ticket, as well. you got tickets. you got tickets. >> the beyhive in full effect. coming up, it's almost time to head back to the beach. we have all of the swimwear.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:44 am
d.j. skr jchlj. skribble, p little "summertime." and the swimsuit season will be coming up before you know it. and lori bergamotto, the contributing editor for "lucky" magazine is here. giving us the swimsuits so you can look your best this summer. you are looking your best. you had your baby. >> watching "gma," right from the start. >> you look fantastic. very happy for you and your family. it is summertime. and as women, we're always self-conscious about our swimsuit. >> let me tell you and take all of the hard work out. let's get started with our first
8:45 am
one. cara has a pear-shaped body. >> okay. let's see the before. >> there we go. >> here she is. >> the boy pants and triangle bra. let's see how we do this. okay, this is from lord & taylor. like the stella mccartney miracle dress. it's very swimming. you want to draw the attention up top. you don't want to be in a bathing suit. and it fits so nice. she looks amazing. love it. >> you are all-woman. and looking beautiful. thank you very much. and now -- >> we have katrina. this is a woman i can relate to. a little tummy trouble. a little thicker in the middle. you can see the before. so, we put her in a -- spanx
8:46 am
bathing suit. if you don't have spanx near you, you can get the bathing suit, in a wrap, draped. carve out a waist. it hides all of the bumps. >> you look good. wonderful. >> okay. now, here's a problem a lot of women also have. bigger in the buttocks area. >> this is the before. >> this is before. you can see, it's not really balanced. we're going to bring her out. with this, the solution here is all about support. you want to make sure the girls are breathing, robin. you want to make sure that even though it has a plunging neckline, it's appropriate, tasteful. the see here is supportive band and a balance band on the bottom. before, all you saw was her top. you wanted to create the hourglass. that's from macy's. >> the bottom really looks nice.
8:47 am
>> they're working it. >> thank you very much. >> and we have one more. >> more of a boyish, straight type. there's zoe. you can see, she doesn't really have any curves. we wanted to create something that was far more feminine. this is from jcpenney. it's $40. look for ruffles or any kind of embellishment. we think all of them look great. and at "lucky" we try to make it. >> you do. let's bring them all back out. the final look. final word on what we should look for in buying a suit this summer? >> what works for your body type. try it on. don't be scared. don't just go for the black bathing suit. look at these great options. >> that's true. lori, congratulations again. >> thank you. >> and to find out where you can get the items and the looks, go to our website, on yahoo! and coming up, here dishing
8:48 am
up tasty food just in time for summer.
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8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ toot, toot beep beep ♪ d.j. skribble. it is deejay friday, after all. i have to be honest, i fought for this one. if you want to impress any food lover, any foodie, you tell them you have a table at rao's. one of the most exclusive restaurants. and with a new book, "rao's on the grill. simple italian recipes. frank pellegrino jr., fourth generation, culinary family. you're going to give us simple favorites. what made you decide to head out
8:51 am
of that great kitchen and to the grill? >> who wants to be inside during the summer? you want to be out there. you want to be with your friends. you want to be jumping in the pool while you're cooking. >> you're in the pool. we throw the steak on the grill. >> exactly. we're going to do steak on the grill. the flavor from the grill goes into the sauce. you're going to season the steak. >> all right. >> you're going to place them on the grill, like this. as they're cooking. >> yep. >> and searing, you want to come over here and make the actual sauce. we have olive oil. >> always. >> and mushrooms. help me out. onions. >> thank you. >> and a little -- throw that around. have some fun. >> this is what it's going to look like right here? >> this is what it's going to look like. that steak, when it's finished, we're going to put this in the sauce over here and let it cook a little longer.
8:52 am
>> all of the juices get to know each other. >> all marry together. absolutely. a marriage of flavors, for sure. >> that's beautiful. >> you let that cook and simmer. >> control room, you're going to get it all. i hear you. yes, yes. >> now, we're going to share. we're going to take one of these steaks, both steaks, actually. cut them off the bone. >> oh, this looks so good. are you kidding me, lara? this looks so good. >> i'm just tasting control over here. >> while you're doing that, i want to make sure we get everything. you also have a summer tortellini salad. >> summer vegetables. bright, vibrant. one, two, three. >> yellow tomatoes. cucumber in there. that looks beautiful. as sam stuffs his face, this meal comes together and ends with what sam is stuffing his face with. what do we have there for dessert?
8:53 am
>> a grilled pound cake. with fresh berries and whipped cream. you cut it up, put butter on it. put it on the grill. get the hash marks on there. that's it. >> usually, sam is wheels up at this point. he stuck around for this meal. >> rao's. i can't get into rao's. >> 30 years, i'm waiting for a table myself. >> thank you. all of these recipes, go to on yahoo! you'll find more of our favorite recipes. get the weekend and the summer started right.c
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♪ big thanks to d.j. skribble. to you, frank pellegrino jr. next week, a huge week on "gma." [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights.
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