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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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she believes this moment will put her city on the map. >> there will be new people at the shops and downtown area. i think we have men low technology park across the street. it just helps the area. >> but facebook employees celebrated behind closed doors. here are the pictures of the all nighter here. they were released by facebook no news crews were allowed in. they called the hackathon. including coding, brain storming, a dj, and red bull. >> i think it's great. and this is a way for all employees get together and bask in their success. >> mark zuckerberg is now worth close to $20 billion. if you average shares each has a worth of $2.9 million. experts say this is not a time to be green with envy. >> this is the american dream come true. we shoulding thinking about
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how to emyou'll yit yait the model of innovation we have here. >> and there is a question he here today is did you invest is in the mayor of menlo park would not answer the question. another silicon valley executive says hopes to beg, borrow and steal to be able to buy shares if his wife says he can. >> and facebook big days not so great for zynga. shares took a hit just as facebook about to start trading. and 50% halted trading in the morning. by day's end lost 13% of the value. zynga is not commenting and analysts say investors likely unloaded zynga to buy up facebook. the co-founder invested $38 million in facebook and now his stock is valued around
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$164 million. another social network ceo is smiling. linkedn's $35 kblinl invest smt now worth $144 million. and rocker bono of u 2's investment group elevation partners put $176 million into facebook. that is now worth $1.3 billion. >> everybody is getting rich but us. and it appears divorce lawyers and wedding planners may benefit. according to a report influx in wealth is expected to serve drama in romance department. for better or worse, perhaps. the divorce attorneys say financial stability often gives unhappy couples confidence to split. wedding planners are hoping young millionaires will use cash to plan the wedding of their dreams. our coverage continues here on abc 7 news at 5:00. and nannette miranda looks at the boom the ipo could give the state budget.
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we're talking about billions of dollars here head on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> police working to find out who left white powder and a threatening note outside of a san jose nail salon at lincoln avenue. the materials team determined that powder was harmless but not before police evacuated and ordered students of willow glenn school to shelter in place. abc 7 news is live now from lincoln avenue with the story. >> and things are back to normal now. there was a different situation this morning. at the nail salon. there was a white powder outside of the front door and a note taped to the front door threatening the shop and employee was an explosive. >> lincoln avenue blocked off and the bomb squad and teams worked on finding out what was left outside of the front and
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back doors of the salon, called nail spa by tammy. an employee arriving before 9:00 found threatening notes, a white powder and liquid in clear bottles. it was a delicate operation that took about four hours with help from a rowot to determine poud skbrer liquides were harmless. >> once the bomb squad determined there were nonexplosive materials, the teams from the county and city fire departments went in and tested the materials. they determined that they were not toxic. >> businesses within two blocks were told to evacuate or shelter in place. across the street, ron watched from inside of the home and at one point he asked an officer about the powder. >> he said that we don't know if it's baby powder or anthrax. >> what is your reaction? >> i closed the door. >> willow glenn elementary school was also ordered to
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shelter m place. this parent was still in her second grader's classroom. >> i was nervous smrks parents took their kids out of school. some were very nervous and crying and some were just live add cross from it wr it happened and saw bomb squadds and came crying. >> there is an investigation that picks up where the has at that time -- has hat team left off. in san jose abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a bay area employment attorney has been arrested in a fatal hit and run case. spencer freeman smith arrested in his home accused of leaving the scene after an accident that killed a 57-year-old. police say hugh was riding a bicycle when killed. smith's car had extensive front end damage and has been impounded for investigation.
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in berkeley police now say all three people riding in a cadillac that crashed into a tree were berkeley residents. a female passenger died in that accident. the woman in her 20s died at the scene. this happened just after 1:00 in the morning on california street and austin way. a child and a man driving remain hospitalized. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> in fremont kato road remains closed because of a deadly accident involving a cement truck this morning. this is video. the truck on the side of the road. unfortunately the driver died in the crash, police say the road will remain closed. >> in novato 500 customers are still without power now according to pg&e. they've had no electricity since last night when winds knocked down lines between sequoia glenn lane and the utility estimates power will be back on within the hour. abc 7 news reporter terry
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mcsweeney has the stri again veef and her father headed out of home this morning. >> i felt sad. >> why did you feel sad? >> because, i can't see anything. i just have my flashlights and i have that annoying cat one. >> she had to break out that flashlight after power went out about 6:30 last night. knocking 8,000 people off line. sparks from power poles touched off grass fires and neighbors took care of those. the wires you can see hanging low once carried 60,000 volts throughout the neighborhood. and there jeff found out how he needs that power to live. >> how do you find out when you have, you know,, you need electricity for the stuff. >> kate lost power that. did not sit well with his sock -- cocker spaniel. >> i need it for the dog. >> your owe dog? >> yeah.
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>> what shows does he like? >> the dog channel. animal planet. >> lucy did not care about animal planet but owner, ruth did. >> it's fine. i mean it doesn't bother me except that i worried about things in the freezer. >> crews were oblivious, restoring power to the people. >> pg&e says it's going to take the toll to find out what happened. do you think that matters to n -- genevive? all she ever wanted was her lights back on. >> the dog wants animal planet. it's not raining out but one restaurant sk shut down because of flood damage. city inspectors informed the owner of stable cafe it must close so it can do more clean up from the sewage flood. that is when rain caused flooding. flooding has been a problem
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over a century. the owner plans to sue the city. >> the winds have really died down out there. >> thankfully heading to weekend. >> we don't have powerful gusts today, breezy and pleasant. much lower wind speeds than yesterday. there are clear skies right now and this evening, overnight, little areas of fog developing. and again, will be lightly breezy during evening hours, temperatures from mid-50s to mid-60s, then, mostly sunny skies. patches of fog here and there. not very wide spread, temperatures mid 40s to mid-50s, tomorrow afternoon, mild, sunny, warming up on the coast. low 80s inland and warmer for the weekend. i'll give you a look coming up in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 guidelines for baby boomers. the test the government says you need to take. >> more on the facebook ipo. coming up advice for investors on when you should jump foot
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facebook fray. >> and michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter page skpdz we'll answer them here live in just a moment. you can contact michael on twitter and >> and taking a look right now at your friday get away. you're not getting anywhere, quick if you're journey involves the skyway. slow going for those trying to get across the bay bridge as well as folks on the righthand side of the screen. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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if you're a baby boomer you should get tested for hepatitis c.
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the cdc says all people born between 1945 and 1965 should be tested at reeft once. previous guidelines included tests for those with certain risk factors or symptoms. according to cdc one in 30 baby boomers is affected and most don't know they have it. it destroys the liver and is contracted through qakt blood from an infected person. a chinese herbal remedy could help cut back on drinking. it's been popular for years and now, researchers found people who drank less which taking that herb. experts suspect it may work by increasing blood flow to the brain delivering affects of alcohol quicker reducing the need to drink as much you probably know saturated fats are bad for your body. a study finds they can hurt your mind as well. researchers found that women who had diets high in saturated fats perform poorly on tests.
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those whose were higher in good fats werert at tests. amount of fat made no difference. waits type of fat affecting results. >> more on the ipo that is what everybody in finance is talking about today. we have a special after the bell report this afternoon with bloomberg west. he joins us live in menlo park well. reported closing share price was flat. there are some reports morgan stanley swept in so is the stock worth $38 a share? >> well, you're right. sources confirm morgan stanley did step in. keep in mind that the bankers do this all the time. a company goes public. it's just that they don't always do it on day one of trading. i think this speaks to the
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fact that when you go out to raise $16 billion, there are a few unknowns. there is a lot of demand for shares. you can never know how that is going to balance out and. >> what advice do you have for investors? does it make sense to wait until next week? >> you know i think one of the best ways to think about facebook is that an investment in the company is an investment in mark zuckerberg. everybody knows he's calling shots but he has control of the board room decisions. biggest decisions on the company for who knows how long, what he's made clear is that he's running this company for the long term. a big issue now is they're moving to the phones. very quickly. what is the advertising store going to be like for them? could there be hiccups? if
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you're looking over long term perhaps you're more on page with mark zuckerberg. public companies report every quarter smrks times beating expectation smz times, you don't. >> how about the whole zynga situation? that is not what people are expecting. there is maybe the cause and affect there? >> zynga's games were built on the facebook platt form. and so of course zyga went public and people were investing in zynga because of the benefits of being a partner with facebook. remember we highlighted that $16 billion and last i checked money isn't falling off. and investors say to find that
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money in zynga and other stocks and put night facebook. we'll see how this plays out. >> money, if you work for facebook it is falling off trees. >> it does seem to fall off trees into banks and branches. >> oh, brother. >> that is the problem. >> oh, gosh. okay. there is a it's going to be a great weekend. and there is a live view from our sutro camera. clear skies from coast to inland not windy and gusty. still breezy along the coast and is pleasant. you can see clouds swept away from the coastline. there is a brisk breeze and clear skies and milder today. and right now we're looking at readings around 80 degrees or above. and 81 in santa rosa.
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77 in livermore and 73 down in san jose. 60s around the bay. there are patches of fog. it will be windy and cooler next week. for now we're looking at this pattern, there is a dip in the jet stream flowing over us producing winds. and we've got high pressure moving inland and there is calmer winds now than yesterday. some beta breakers sunday, starting time 7:00 sunday morning there is temperatures around 57 degree business noon assuming you're on great highway it will be nice and mild, 60 degrees and lovely weather and overnight tonight we'll see mainly clear skies. it will be cool into north bay
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valleys and lows into mid-40s and patches of low clouds around. there is lows around 50-51 degrees, tomorrow, milder inland. and highs low to mid-80s. there is 84 antioch. and there is low 70s around the bay. farther south there are highs up to 71 in watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. after mild weekend it cools down and looking at windy conditions into low 70s inland. and there is no threat of rain. >> and in the next half hour.
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>> and i don't know what prip yaited this. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 loretta lymn, a liar? a crucial piece of her life story now being questioned. >> then, at 5:00 state wide problem brought business to a stop at the dmv for several hours today. h@
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>> lor yetta lynn apparently didn't tell her entire life story. documents discovered she's three years older than she led people to believe. and according to her birth certificate she was born in 1932, making her 80 years old. she has issued no comment on this report. >> and there is a protest, a stalker and a group of male strippers are related to different celebrities today. >> lady gaga continues her world tour, on monday the pop idol heads to the philippines. some groups don't want her there. >> there is a look at
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christian groups today. government officials are assuring the groups they won't allow nudity or lewd acts. she's up for a number afterwards, find out if she wins this sunday at 8:00. >> now, to just charged a man with stalking the actress. the man found living in her vacant condo and arrested outside of her gym. >> you can count on joey lawrence hitting the gym. the actor doing chippendales. and don't forget to check out this edition of on the red carpet z talking to will smith and victoria secret super models. it's all sunday night at 6:30 here on abc. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 a crisis hitting military
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families hard. what being done to keep our men and women in uniform from losing their home autos jet crashes kill three people in nevada and california. we'll tell you what happened.
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a group of vietnam veterans were at oakland
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international airport to receive the body of a u.s. soldier. the 30-year-old staff sargeant killed by an explosives device over a week ago. his parents, wife and two sons were there to receive the casket. the vets owe form a group of motorcycle riders. >> we're good patriots and veterans so it's our job to come out here to honor our veterans as they come home, whether good or bad. >> we didn't even get a chance to find out much about where he was. he passed away only three weeks after he got in country. >> the motorcycle group escorted his casket to the funeral home. governor brown ordered the flag to be flown at half staff on tuesday to honor the soldier. >> and california's attorney general and wife of a famous general met with service members today at travis air force base. >> the goal to talk to them about financial difficulties facing so many of them in light of the crisis. >> abc 7 news is live at
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travis with the story for us. laura? >> hi, carolyn. the air force base is in the heart of solano county. military families are no exception. the signs are easy to see in neighborhoods near travis air force base showing how hard this hit men and women in uniform. >> the market was great and everybody was buying home autos the sarnlent bought his home at the height of the market only to fall behind on his $356,000 loan when payments went up and the value of the home plunged. >> at the end of the short sale, the house sold for $130,000. i lost about $250,000 on the home. >> and bill got out of his house but many others lose theirs to foreclosure or fall victim to predatory lending practices. >> they're always walking into new communities where they may
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be you know taken advantage of. and frankly there is a guaranteed paycheck as well. that, too, makes them attract twroif scammer autos the wife of cia director is deputy secretary with the federal consumer financial protection bureau office of service member affairs. >> i hope you'll leave here with a better idea of where you can go for help if you have problem was consumer financial issues. >> petraus and camela harris held a town hall meeting. working hard to pass california homeowner bill of rights with special protections for military families near those in the national settlement autos for mail tear families banks will, and are required to, authorize short sales loan modifications or loss mitigation relief to service members regardless of whether the member is delinquent.
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>> now for service person losing their home to foreclosure cannot only hurt credit rating but could damage their career. many folks depend on a certain security clearance. if there is bad credit they can lose their security clearance. >> thank you. >> and three people are dead today after two separate plane crashes. this afternoon a pilot died when trying to return his jet to a naval base. the pilot had taken off just moments before for a training mission with another plane. in boulder city, nevada fraegts are investigating this crash of a small jet that killed both people, witnesses say it appears to lose power. the jet crashed about half a mile west of boulder city airport. >> leaders of the world's largest industrial nations began arriving in washington, d.c. today for a summit at camp david. the president welcomed the new french president for the first face-to-face meeting. both presidents agree that the
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euro zone crisis is of importance to the world economy. >> also, mr. obama announced today the g 8 nation's must continue to pledge, aid and support to eliminating hunger in africa as u.s. private sector pledged $3 billion to help agriculture and food production. >> there is pride in the fact that because of smart investments, millions of people in kenya and ethiopia did not need emergency aid and in the brought. and tens of thousands of children die fromming aony of starvation that sends a message we've got a lot of work to do. >> g 8 leaders will hold a mission session on food security. >> other leaders began
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arriving in chicago for the nato summit there. leaders include hamid karzai, nato led the decade long war against the taliban and al qaeda in his country. the united nations urged nato countries to provide quote, pro diktible and massive support for afghan security forces. >> and occupy members joined thousands of others in downtown chicago today. among them, thousands of nurses demanding a robinhood tax on bank trance yagss. >> it's an unprecedented effort. remember the costa concordia? it's still silting there. crews now plan to refloat it and tow it to port. florida based titan salvage will begin the project and it could take up to 10 months to complete.
4:34 pm
>> this is the size sun precedented in terms of greatest risk there are two critical operations, one to roll it up on to the platform. the second is to refloat it. >> the includes stabilizing with underwater cranes and refloating using containers that are filled with air. costs could run $300 million. >> wow. >> we're about to see something that hasn't happened in 18 years. and this is about to happen again, just ahead. >> royal insiders say there is a good reason william and kate haven't started a family yet. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live you can contact michael on twitter and >> i'm spencer chris chib,
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looking west, clear skies, rising temperatures. a trend that can last throughout the weekend, perhaps? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> checking traffic this is the look at the toll plaza on the golden -- bay bridge that, s you can see it's backed up. part of the problem is that there is an a's giants game going to take place. so a lot of fans coming from the east bay. there is cash lanes just take forever. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. queen elizabeth celebrated her diamond jubilee, 60 years of reign today. the queen and her husband were outside london. the celebration ignite aid controversy in the united kingdom. many objected to the king of bahrain being invited. as for the newest royal couple experts believe prince william and his wife, kate might wait two years before having a baby. england is changing rules of succession, meaning their first child regardless of gender would take the next spot in order of success behind william but the change is not yet official. >> that is going to take time. it means that until that law
4:39 pm
is changed, it's not possible for william and kate to produce a child. >> keep in mind monarchy is head of state of 16 nations and all have to hammer out details before the law takes affect. traditional order favors sons over daughters regardless of their birth order. >> and a lot of people hold a torch for david beckham. soon he'll be holding a torch. he's in greece and touring for summer games. the 37-year-old toured an athens elementary school today before heading back to england. tomorrow the torch begins a tour of great britain arriving july 27th. >> this weekend you can watch a glimpse of a rare, partial solar eclipse this, occurs when the moon is halfway between earth and sun, except the earth's corona.
4:40 pm
there is prime viewing just after 6:30. here in the bay area we'll see a partial eclipse like a sea, rather than a halo with 84 percent of the sun blocked. warning that staring at the sun is dangerous and you need special glasses. >> they're mylar coated with aluminium on both sides. designed to save your eyes. >> the total solar eclipse will be visible near california-oregon border. moving through parts of new mexico and texas. we want to see how it looks to you. you're invited to e mail us your photos or videos to you report. and can up load content. >> have to be careful here. wonder about visibility this
4:41 pm
weekend. >> there is going to be terrific visibility. sunny across the state and there is highs at 100 in palm springs, bay area, sunny skies tomorrow, temperatures continuing to rise. there are highs into low to mid-80s. there is mid-70s around the bay. let's talk about eclipse viewing conditions. there is a good view of this. it will be about 84% and beginning at 5:13 p.m. and once again do not have to look at the sun. it's potentially very damaging to your eyes.
4:42 pm
you can look at the shadow on the ground. and it will be into the western-northwestern sky. conditions should be fantastic. >> thank you. >> still ahead she thought it's a bug bite it turns out her pants were on fire. >> yike autos a southern california woman talking about a scary experience at the beach, next. >> and i'm michael finney. a facebook q and a is just ahead. lynn wants to know what is really in her mascara.
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a woman spoke today after a very unusual accident sent her to the hospital with severe burns. her children collected rocks during an outing to a state beach. she put them in the pocket of her cargo shorts. four hours later she felt something weird. >> and all of a sudden something hot on my leg just sort of started to bother me. i started thinking it was a bug bite. i started to slap it. next thing i know my shorts are on fire. >> wow. lab tests revealed one rock was covered with phosphorus found on the tip of a match. >> will burn through flesh, bone and skin. i've never heard of this before.
4:46 pm
>> and another scientist believes mother nature is not so blame here and he says waits not naturally part of that rock. he believes it was human made. >> so do you have enough vacation time? do you use it? a study validates americans are an overworked bunch. >> and there is a study found 50% of american workers do not use all of their time off. in fact, most of us leave about 11 days unused every year. wow. >> and like that is going to happen here. >> u.s. law does not require paid vacation time. have interesting. in the united kingdom the law requires 28 days off every year, germany and japan, 20 days off. >> michael finney is here now to answer questions you sent to him through facebook and twitter. >> there is one we've seen at smaller shops. >> yeah.
4:47 pm
>> and that is why i'm here, asking i've noticed smaller stores requiring people to pay with a debate yit card have a total sale of $7 to 25s oodz they weren't allowed to and it was against rules of visa and mastercard and with this new laws they say now, you can set a limit of $10 not above that. but $10 anything under they can charge a fee. over $10 they have to accept it. they can't charge a fee. best thing to do is turn them in to visa or mastercard. >> here is a good one. she wants to know what portion of taxes goes to every gallon of gasoline purchased in california in comparison to other states. >> this is saying how much money do you have? okay? give that to us. let me show you this.
4:48 pm
there is a graphic here so you can take a look. there is highest gas taxes in the nation, new york, 69 cents. california is -- 69.6 in california. new york, 69, 67 in high hichl one of the lowest is alaska, 26 cents. how can they do that? i wrote down how they get money out of you in california. there is storage fees, growth tax fee, on and on. that is how we end up with 69 cents. >> that is why our gas prices are higher. >> lynn writes in i've been warned about most mascaras containing mercury. i was told they do not put it on the label. >> they do have to put it on if it's an ingredient. we used to see a lot more of
4:49 pm
it now, state cosmetics say few have it. okay, those are the legal ones. there is the of illegal cosmetics out there sold at flea markets and garage sales. we're seeing a lot of mercury. there is a concern. this includes anything that appears to be from a foreign country putting on your skin, think twice about buying it. >> it's one event where amateurs steal the spotlight from elite athletes. coming up we'll meet the runners in sunday's beta breakers and what police are planning for the rest of the rowdy crowd. >> first, 49ers head coach focusing on saving lives opposed to struggling teams. >> also what you don't know about the imported shrimp you eat and how it can hurt you. that is ahead at 5:00. >> now, diane sawyer with a look at what she's working on
4:50 pm
for world news. >> tonight on world news a new see investigation. we're talking about shrimp from supermarkets. we decided to take some to a laboratory for tests and we think everyone will want to know what we found. also, our person of the week is michael j fox doing something new. and he has a lesson in being happy and how to live your live next he week. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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jim harbaugh turned border line disasters on the field into much-needed relief. >> today he took that term literally, delivering keys of a disaster response unit to officials of the salvation army dive yismgts he also
4:54 pm
joined fed yechl in handing over $10,000 check to the salvation army. police chief took a quick tour of the mobile canteen before he helped dish up the first served meals. >> this is a time you think nobody is doing anything for anyone. you know? nobody cares and nobody is doing any favors for anybody. that perception just look around and see so many people doing many good things in their communities and making you feel good. there is a good feeling inside. >> the new canteen helping salvation army workers better serve the community providing meals to the needy and displaced residents. >> and boston has a marathon. and itally has running of the bulls and san francisco has beta breakers. >> yes. this is coming up on sunday. abc 7 news is live in the news room with a preview.
4:55 pm
>> this is a tradition filled with diverse zpi mags. and on sunday, 40,000 people take to the streets. >> the world's best runners and last year nearly seven and a half mile run. followed by thousands of others. we've got elite runners today. there is a facing challengers. >> this is unique. and people come here just to have a good time, enjoy it. and this is for me. >> and this is her first beta breakers. >> you start the race and going into your mind. >> and there are changes to take advantage of bay area sets. >> there are mobile apps and so i encourage people to down
4:56 pm
load that app. >> this is a place separating elite runners to wannabe runners. and what greeted party runners is police. >> we're continuing with the zero tolerance. >> and by the type they get to pan handle it's wild and messy. many runners pick driveways or gardens to relieve themselves. >> my dad has got plants and put a barricade up. make it look like a construction zone. it's detering people from wanting to come back here. >> we say come naked. come in costumes and if you want to come, jump. >> that adds to decision making. and the winner of the edition
4:57 pm
gets $25,000. that app for your smart phone is called mobile walking adventures. and it's on facebook of course. >> and there is a look at the course for sunday's 12 k. and it goes over the hill and then down through golden gate park. >> there will be street closure as long the course saturday night through sunday afternoon. you'll find that at abc 7 news just see it on tv. >> are we going into costumes? are we doing that? ai'm not going to be in a costume. >> all right. >> there you go. >> there is someone will join me. i'm larry beil. you can keep track on twitter and talk about it on >> there is facebook's ico
4:58 pm
debut may have callen flat tonight. annaists given reasons. >> and a role a car dealer played in helping police nab a hit and run driver who is a lawyer. >> and there is warm up, will it carry over into the weekend? i'll let you know. >> the much anticipated public offering for being stock drew plenty of cheers and mark zuckerberg rang the bell from menlo park head quarter ootz closing number dz not deliver on all hype. it opened at $38 climbed briefly but at the end of the day fell at $38.23. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
>> there is live team coverage on what it could bring to the state's deficits and employees. >> there are a thousand facebook employees became instant millionaires today, now, for the every day investor ipo debut was less than dazzling. sky 7 captured high fives and hugs as mark zuckerberg took the company public surround bid thousands of employees. >> you've done amazing thing that's we never would have dreamed off. >> from wall street to main street the $38 stock ipo generated a huge buzz. this morning there is 10 share autos a lot of the stuff has a lot of facebook


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