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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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risen just 23 cents. we have abc 7 reporters live in silicon valley. start us off karina. >> may not have been a thrilling ride for every day investors but analysts say it was priced right and perhaps investment bankers kept the stock from falling below $38 a share. >> it would be hard to live up to the ipo opening bell hype at facebook. the social media giant daib you'd on the nasdaq with $100 kblinl at a price of $38 lynn jumped in. >> i put in a preorder. i only got a fraction of the share at that price then an order this morning when it opened and but i waited for it to go down. >> the stock did fluctuate then stayed flat closing 23 krebts cents above the ipo
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price. not surprising to investors on the side line autos boy watch it and after six months seven months, you know figure out if you're going to get it or not. see what business model they bring to the table. >> facebook has a community of 1 billion users. gm pulled ads this week. >> i ti the company set a high barre for what they want to achieve. a lot is going come from ads. >> this serial entrepreneur has been involved in eight start ups. his latest company used facebook to bring lividdo broadcast autos we think mobile is how everyone will be connecting to the bub web. so this come ple.s it well. now, i'm mobile but can be connected at the same time. >> and this ipo entrenches the
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company in silicon valley and innovative spirit that is legendary vie faith it will go and become maybe hopefully another google or apple ipo. and let's hope are the best i guess. >> there is a 23 cent stock gain did not make ordinary investors rich today but ipo did make instant millionaires out of facebook employees and at $20 billion to bank accounts of mark zuckerberg. and there is one company not celebrating is zynga. look at what it's stock did today. a trading stopped 45 minutes news caught employees going to work by surprise. one called it disturbing.
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and analysts say investors had artificially inflated zynga's value. and there is california standing to gain a huge tax wind fall estimating when employees begin cashing in the state will get $1.5 billion. mark zuckerberg will put a dent in the did he have site based on the tax rates this exercise of options will generate $195 million in personal income tax revenue for the state of california from one individual. >> and employees can not share their stocks and the federal income tax bill is in $700 million range. >> if what happens is an indication many of those
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facebook millionaires will have financial freedom to strike out on their own. facebook's success may create a new breeding ground for innovation. >> we're outside of the tesla showroom. and this is because tesla is an example of how financial success in silicon valley is driving innovation. >> remember 10 years ago when pay pal was purchased by e bay? two years later peter teal invested the money in facebook. his shares now worth $1.1 billion. and another of the pay pal founders used his money to start up tesla motors and a private outer space venture tomorrow one of the rockets
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blasts off for the international airport. >> this becomes part of your being. >> samir founded cast iron systems and he's now looking for new investments. >> you gravitate to being a entrepreneur again or you say i want to help other entrepreneur autos this week the history of silicon valley being played out again. >> we're analytic for ad developer autos there is a new generation hoping to wind tech tycoons willing to give them a start. >> imagination has no bounds he told me he made his money the old fashion wade in computer hardware, he's looking for software and social media entrepreneur autos my approach is that i
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harness their energy. you know? you learn more than you can teach these people. >> if you follow him around you'll see people coming up to shake his hand and ask his advice he's participated in 56 start ups and will say a few hit pretty big n twet 2002 assets were at half a billion. he says he's looking for people with passion to turn their ideas into reality. and trying to predict the next big thing? he tells me he's given up on that. >> every time something new and different happens. >> there is a safe bet that the next big thing will be in silicon valley or financed by it. >> and there are some other company that's got a lot of attention. as with we talked about zynga
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has now fallen to $7.16. groupon is down 40%. and linkedn had success. launching $45 and now more than doubled. >> to give you an idea how big a force facebook could become there is a program using facebook to link member was nearby businesses. merchants can offer coupons and specials to save people money. and stay with us as we follow the price over coming days and week autos moving on oakland unified school district police force is the focus of a sweeping federal investigation that might be linked to the former chief. we have exclusive details. >> this is an investigation
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officials just learned about it this morning. the inquiry is aimed at the district small indly run police department. the latest event in what has been a difficult year for the dozen officers of the department. in oakland unified school district officials put on notice the police department is under scrutiny. >> we just received papers note notifying us there is a grand jury investigation into the oakland school police department. >> is this a federal grand jury? it is a federal investigation. >> last august former school police chief resigned following charnlz he hurled racist remarks after a golf outing. the attorney represents another fellow officer witnessing that racially-charged incident and reported it. >> yesterday the fbi notified
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my client they're initiating a formal investigation. >> he says since the client blue the whistle he's been ostracized by fellow officer eyes think this has been discrime in a tori and towards african american victim. >> who have not been assimilated back. there has been retaliation made. >> and i'm not aware of potential threats of retaliation. there is some turmoil. and this takes time for everything to restabilize. >> pete became the chief following resignation from california justice department. he left that post after crashing a car and was sighted for driving while intoxicated. following resignation from police they voiced concern
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and officers say he killed brown when he shot the 20-year-old several times after threatening the officer with a screwdriver. bot replaced with james williams, who is serving as chief. >> we're happy with his leadership. likely the investigation is not dealing with events that occurred during his tenure. >> he says the district is going cooperate but says he does not yet know the full extent or focus of the investigation. dicontact spoke person with the fbi and attorney and they say they cannot comment on any pending investigation. >> thank you. and a man was killed when he was crushed between two parked vehicles. police say the driver was being chased by the chp before 9:30 last night near north
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33rd street and mckey road. that is when an officer tried to stop a volkswagon. saying it hit a honda crv. the honda pushed forward hitting another parked car and pinning a 59-year-old man who was standing between the cars. and he died this morning police say the suspect crashed his passat into a chrysler and burst into flames. police pulled him from the burning car and arrested him. >> a bay area attorney is under arrest suspected in a fatal hit and run. is charged with leaving the scene of an accident. the 57-year-old killed tuesday walking with his bike in dublin. police tracked smith down based on serial numbers from pieces of the car found on the side of the road thachl car turned out to be a new mercedes-benz.
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>> we got a listing of everyone that bought a 2012 in that model from mercedes. >> police say the car was parked in the garage with extensive front end damage. >> well still to come here tonight there are neighborhood concerns over this year's beta breakers race. one man with a plan to repeat of last year. >> and silicon valley goes old school. we'll report on a hokeal start upturning a board game into a learning experience. >> you did work. but your check is no good. now what? 7 on your side is coming up. >> i'm spencer christian, temperatures on the rise. i'll give you a look in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. santa clara county is moving forward to remove some coffins discovered under a parking lot. in hope that's documents with the bodies will help them identify family members. crews discovered a thousand decaying caskets during construction. and the judges order allows for removeal of only those remains in the construction area. >> there is a owner of a cafe trying to get neighboring businesses to sue the city for lejs. the constant flooding taking place during heavy rain. the restaurant flooded last month when storm drains packed up. the city has ordered the business to close until next
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thursday to do more clean up from that flood. >> there is all customers in novato have electricity. last night winds leaving 8700 customers in the park. the line sparked grass fires and foremost this was an inconvenience. >> i need it for my dog to watch some television while we're gone. >> your dog? >> yes. >> what kind of shows does he sflik. >> animal planet. >> and neighbors did manage to get through the day. power was restored around 4:30 this afternoon. >> here in tech country this is not every day there is a start up devoted to a product that is low tech there. is a entrepreneur helping kids laugh and learn. and with no batteries required.
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>> chris is handing out pieces about a game that is played on a board. >> i play board games with my kids. i think we're losing touch with each other. >> she took a radical departure from her background in electronic autos how do you learn how to design a board game? >> i was determined to do it. i just started sketching it. >> on a piece of paper and then testing with a neighborhood kids for a year. >> this is quick. >> click. one, two, three. five six. >> and. >> the kids are learning. >> no. no. >> and this is a group of fish
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is called a swarm or a school. >> school. >> yes. >> like nemo. >> and they're learning about a way to play that is not new. >> this is really fun. waits different. >> what do you mean? >> it was different because computers you have to tap. but games you can play with your hands. >> the game is low tech the company embodies everything about silicon valley minus the silicone. she's launched her first game now fins and flipper was micro financing on kick and she's building the game right here in the usa. >> if we can make small changes and if everyone would try, we can make a big difference. >> and that is is a version of
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fun. >> yes. >> winds dying down. temperatures on the way up. there is a live view, you can see clear skies at the coast and there is a look you can see throughout the day. there are winds and of course swept away any hint of clouds so there are clear skies. as mentioned it's getting milder 81 degrees and 70s in other inland locations. there are highlights just patches of fog overnight tonight. warmer days are ahead this weekend. and there is some inland locations will be with windy and cooler again. there is high pressure building in to control our weather. that trough has a jet stream over us yesterday. there is a shift inland just a bit. winds calmed down now there
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are mild to warm conditions for the weekend. beta breakers sunday 7:00 sunday morning over embarcadero. clear, 54 degrees and 10:00 a.m. there are 57 degrees in the city. sunny skies at noon. 60 degrees assuming you finish and there is pleasant weather. overnight mainly clear skies. patches of fog. cool up into north bay valley was low there's in mid 40s and up 45 in napa. there is some upper 40s in inland locations except, of course places like antioch. there are lows of 54 there and there is are highs low 80s for the most part. 81 in san jose. there is mid to upper 70s 77 in palo alto. low to mid-60s on the coast.
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there is downtown stan fran a high of 62 in the sunset district. north bay temperatures into low to mid 80s in napa and santa rosa. and near east bay highs into 70s in fremont. inland east bay will sizzle. low to mid-80s. there is highs 73 in watsonville. mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is upper 80s and close to 90s sunday low 60s on the coast. cooling down monday. by mid week winds picking up again. enjoying a nice calm warm weekend. >> that is all we need. thank you. >> and coming up next bill cosby. spencer's friend. >> no more fooling around. no more, well i didn't know. and rah rah.
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>> his advice to local college graduates just ahead.
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qe >> the 101 edition of san francisco beta breakers is sunday. organizers hope it's better this year problems occurred on heart break hill people began littering and using driveways as bathrooms. one family had come up with a way to stop a repeat. >> well my dad has got plants with a barricade to make it look like a construction zone. and this detered people.
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>> rule is to have fun just don't drink wex say come naked. come in costumes and don't come drunk. >> there you have it. here is a quick look now at the roof of the -- are the of the race. several roads will be closed. and we'll have live coverage on the race on the abc 7 news. >> and there is bill cosby delivered his commencement address at university of san francisco. and in his classic style he urged graduates to trust their abilities. and to cut their parents some slack. >> those of you who have a decent relationship with your parents feel blessed. and those of you who need to? come to your parents.
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with honesty. now. no more fooling around. no more well, i didn't know... rah, rah. the words of joan rivers oh grow up! >> classic. cosby received an honorary doctorate in his work to educate and inspire students all of these years. what a treat. >> absolutely. when we come back here tonight impact of the foreclosure crisis on military families in california and how important people have stepped in to help. >> also coming up here return of an east bay soldier from his third tour in afghanistan. his mother shares her thoughts tonight. >> and a young woman whose employer didn't send her check until after it had expired. and michael
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h@ hello. hello?
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good evening again. california's top cop as well as wife of the cia director met with service members today to talk with him about the financial challenges facing people in the military and in this economy. >> the market was great efrk was buying home autos the staff sargeant experience is much like many who fell victim to the mortgage melt down. he bought the home at the height of the market and ended up selling for less than he paid for it. >> and this house sold for $130,000. >> bill got out of his house for a short sale. many lose theirs to foreclosure or fall victim to predatory lending. >> there walking into new
6:31 pm
communities and they have a guaranteed paycheck as well,. >> the wife of cia director general david petraeus is with the financial protection office with service member affairs. >> i hope you'll leave with a better idea of where you can go for help. >> and this california attorney general held a town hall meeting at travis and working to encourage passage of a homeowner bill of rights includeing special protections for military families. >> this is banks will and are required to authorize short sales or other loss and mitigation relief to service members regardless of whether
6:32 pm
it's delinquent. >> and it faces stiff opposition from lobbyists. >> there are two separate jet crashes have taken lives. in southern california a pilot of crashed just miles from ventura county. he was circling back to land. and in nevada two people were killed when their jet crashed half mile west of boulder city airport. the aircraft is a single enjen jet. both faa and national transportation safety board are investigating. >> there is the body of a bay area soldier has come home. members of a motorcycle group were at oakland international airport. the family of thomas foggerty
6:33 pm
was also tlchl he lives -- leaves behind a wife and two young sons. his mother says she's proud her son served in the military he was on his third tour. we were just keeping our fingers crossed this time. he'd been in a lot of ied attacks and fire fights. >> and the motorcycle group escorted the casket to the funeral home. >> a young woman got paid for her job but it turned out it wasn't worth paper written on. she turned to michael finney for help. michael is here now with the story. >> the company was still in business and and trying to say what a mess to sort through all of this. he worked in san jose's oakridge mall. she was confused over her final check, never picking it up. it wasn't a lot of money but
6:34 pm
hollister sent to it her home its expired now and void after 180 day autos look. the check was dated 8-19-2011 saying it's void after 180 days. it means it expired in med february yet wasn't fail fail -- mailed out until early april. >> so frustrating. >> she figured she'd just get the check reissued. and what seemed easy turned into a challenge. >> we left them five messages and everyone we can get a hold off we left them a mess yj. >> listen to frustration. >> and no. we don't have a supervisor or a general manager we don't have any of that. and you can contact the number on the paycheck. so i did. >> and and general manager
6:35 pm
they zront a supervisor or anyone we can talk to. just payroll that never answers phone calls. >> and they're going to call me back. >> i hope so. >> they did. this is several e mails and into an odd policy. >> there is a public relations department doesn't take calls from the media i do make contact, explane the situation. she to the the call back. the check is being reissued today. >> and this is just the principle, it's my $100 that i've worked for. >> we'll make sure she gets that money and if you have an issue let me know about it. that is why we're here. >> this doesn't sound too
6:36 pm
easy. you had to work. >> a lot of calls and e mail autos good job. >> and coming up next it could be the film that defeats "the avengers". there is battleship explodes onto the scene. it's tonight's on the aisle review.
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one of the powerful battleships of all time is about to begin its final
6:39 pm
journey departing for los angeles and becoming a floating museum. the iowa has been open for tours on weekends and it served in world war i i. and now to another battleship this, one in a new blockbuster movie. there is a massive bunch of explosions. abc 7 news calls this trance formers goes to sea. they're not very friendly. first devastate hong kong then setting up shop on hawaii. this is alien ship going through as many alterations has trance formers. we sent a signal and they show up from, i don't know. who knows what.
6:40 pm
there is john carter going to a navy hero. and he ask isn't asked to do a lot but she is tough there. is a real life vet that doesn't put up with aliens. and wow this guy looks like me first thing in the morning. the film based on the game and if you like this kind of thing they get a lot of it. >> i wasn't expecting a lot from the film. yet this kept my interest. talk about heroics. how about uss missouri. when april yeerg on the screen the audience broke out into applause this, is filled with patriotism and wowed long and implausible. i think there is a good shot
6:41 pm
of knocking avengers out of the top spot this weekend. we'll see you on the aisle. >> there is a local woman giving birth to a silicon valley start up. >> this helped a lot of people with their home work.
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highest court in maryland ruled today that a same-sex couple who got married in san francisco when legal can now get divorced. the that couple denied a divorce two years ago. today's ruling requires the recognition of all legal out of state marriages in maryland or a law to allow same-sex couples to marry is due to take affect next year. >> 250,000 university students around the world are getting help with their home work thanks to a young woman who launched her own company. and tonight brains and a bright idea.
6:45 pm
>> puja is expecting a baby and giving birth to a company. a start up called piazza. but her path is unusual she. was raised in a very traditional indian family. they lived in canada. then at 11:00 she moved back home to rural northern india. >> where my dad told me never speak to boys boys never speak to girl autos her father got an education and she got a good one. she ended up in an elite university one of only three girls in computer science. >> i was too shy to ask the boys in class for help. >> and she came to the united states. and her personal live was dictated by her father. and that meant an arranged marriage. >> i stuck through it trying everything i could.
6:46 pm
meant changing myself trying different ways of communicating with my partner. with his parents. >> she got the courage to get divorced. she was accepted at stanford business school. during a class she came up with the idea for piazza meaning a gathering place in it tallin. she remembered long nights full of home work in college. stuck on a tough problem with no help. >> i started with a very problem, how can a student stuck get unstuck at 4:00 a.m. we solve that had. >> it's a web site linking students online. professors at university can register their class then students post questions. jacob used it as stanford. >> it's people helping you out. >> students and teaching assistants and professors can post answers. the information remains up for the whole class to see. >> it's helpful to be able to see what previous students asked. a lot of questions are
6:47 pm
questions others have asked. >> this is use bid a quarter mill yain students. >> students spending four hours, if they're doing their home work it's open as a third tab alongside g mail and facebook. >> there is now a team of 10 employees funded by $6 million from blue chip venture capitol companies. not clear how to make money. >> this is and will be a focus of ours a year or so out. but not today. >> now they're just working to make it better. as for the personal live, she is happily remarried and planning for a new phase of live as a working mother. and her family did accept her decision. her father delighted by her success, new husband and about that grandchild on the way there. is a link on abc 7 >> what a terrific idea. and spencer is here now and
6:48 pm
there is a nice sunny warm weekend coming our way. there is highs into mid 8s and upper 70s around the bay. and let's talk about the eclipse that is coming our way on sunday. this will not be a total eclipse. and there is about 8% of will take place. and it begin atz 5:13 p.m. and peak viewing time 6:33 p.m. do not look directly at the sun. try to get special glasses for viewing or look at the shadow on the earth. warm weekend by sunday highs into upper 80s to almost 90s and cooling down next week and will be windy again by mid week.
6:49 pm
>> thank you. >> the giants hosting a's tonight. >> there is larry beil live at the ballpark. hi, larry.
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then health crisis. the blood test the government now wants all baby boomers to get. >> then at 11:00 this started out as a cool idea. parking spots converted into islands of peace. now there is a push to reclaim that space coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and if giants hosting a's tonight. >> bay bridge series. >> always fun. this is the 15th year of inner league play. we thought we would ask the question who has the best team? and if you talk about expectations heading into the season you'd have to say oakland. sheer why. giant expectations are way up here and this is because they're playing here to 500. a's expectations i don't know that i can get low enough there to give you expectations coming into the season. and this is a game over 500 so
6:53 pm
they're doing better. let's break it down. there are giants committed most errors in baseball having problems in the field. a's dead last with a team batting average of just 218. there and three guys making more than the payroll. their roster no there is a is a night off before the day game. and josh redic sedz based on his twitter feed he knows there is no doubt fans are into the bay bridge clash. >> there is a twitter blowing up all morning so it's going
6:54 pm
to be exciting. and that kind of thing. >> we're going to feel like any other series. we want to get when this series is here. this is going to be more intensity. definitely. >> barry zito starting for san francisco against jared parker. there is a contract and seven years pitching for green and gold. and if you look at number that's is his worst earned run average. and he struggles well documented since he came across the bay in 2007. he's been sharper as of late and zito says he's been fired up to face the team. >> i have more motivation to
6:55 pm
go out there to pitch well. >> there is going to be love in my heart. it's just part of my life. that goes away when i get between the lines. >> there is stage six in the tour of california. 115 miles palmdale to big bear lake. afternoon all about the man from france. he almost collapsed after finishing and there is american david zabrisski holds on to the yellow jersey. on to jim harbaugh today helping a disaster aid relief effort. delivering the keys of a disaster response unit and joined fed yechl in handing over a $10,000 check to the
6:56 pm
salvation army. there is sunday is brian wilson's give away day. and wilson said i don't gnome what you're talking about. >> bring that back larry. >> thanks. >> i'll try. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news a. >> from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time as always. >> good night.
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