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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this morning, may 20th, the start of the 101st bay to breakers just underway with street closers in effect throughout san francisco. and changing his status. mark zuckerberg gets married in a private ceremony to his long time girlfriend just one day after the menlo park placed his ipo on the nasdaq. let's start with a first look at the weather. here's our meteorologist lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning, everyone. here's a look outside. you will notice that things are quite quiet and calm, clear. we have a light wind out there. but temperatures are comfortable in the 50s. we are looking at numbers a
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little warmer than yesterday, anywhere from two to five degrees warmer. it's 51 in oakland. right now in the city temperatures in the lower 50s and the skies are clear. this is a race that will feature sunshine at 10:00. the numbers slowly coming up a couple degrees into the upper 50s and then by the end of the race, noontime, we will have some patchy fog at the close but mainly a really nice day out there and a little warmer than yesterday. the details coming up. >> carolyn: sounds great, lisa. thank you." 101st edition of the bay to breaker race gets underway at 7:00 this morning. organizers hope it's better this year. last year the race went off without a hitch but then problems occurred at heartbreak hill when spectators began littering and using driveways as bathrooms. take a look at the route some 40,000 people will follow and there will be thousands of spectators as well. you can expect street closers in
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downtown san francisco, the civic center, the panhandle and golden gate park. abc7 news reporter sergio introduces us to one participate who expects to cross the finish line for the 28th consecutive year. >> well, just because it sounded like fun. >> over the last 28 years, martha jones has seen length during her beta breaker run. >> got a little rowdy as the race went by. >> this is a notorious race, even organizers encourage it. >> and wheeled contraptions are banned and you have to register to get in on the race. for jones it's become a family tradition. over the years a couple children have run with her and most recently her teenage grandfather has joined in which has created some colorful moments, to say
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the least. >> the first time mattie met the people, i remember trying to talk very fast and cover-up the nude people. and don't look overhear. >> and i'm like, yeah, let's keep talking about this. >> he was naked? >> yes." i think he had sox on. >> martha started running the race back in 1984 at the spry young age of 54. and for those participating in the race now, she has some advice. pace yourself and train before the race. >> i think getting ready is really important. >> prepare yourself? >> yeah. >> because if you do start to injure yourself you can get passed by the grandmother. [laughter] >> for those of you who are not going to be running, make sure that you do some planning because a whole lot of streets are going to be blocked off and dedoors and a lot of that information is on our website at in san francisco, abc7 news. >> carolyn: and we will have
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live coverage beginning this morning at 6:00. in other news, building inspector will allow a resident to return home after a car crashed into the house last night, sheering off the natural gas meter. this upside-down bmw also took out the emergency gas shut off valve. firefighters say the driver lost control while swerving to avoid at car around 9:00 last night. he was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. firefighters then focused on capping that gas leak. it took pg&e crews about an hour to dig down to the gas line and finally cut off the flow until permanent repairs can be made. else where are in fran this morning investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire that sent two people in the hospital with burns. it started around 7:30 in the bayview district inside a home on lucy court near william avenue. the first crews on scene thought
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the fast moving fire might spread to the homes next door. >> it is a residence area. we medically treated the two burn victims and they have been transported and there were other occupants in the building and we made sure they were safe and removed from harm's way. >> carolyn: the fire caused a fire outage for about 30 residents but electricity was restored a couple of hours later. a surprise twist to an open fire we reported yesterday morning as breaking news. that fire started around 4:00 inside of a warehouse near the auto road section of broadway. it turns out the huge flames were fueled by nearly 500 marijuana plants tharpe growing inside. a rigged electrical system that operated the system made it more difficult and dangerous for fire crews. >> when you have a large growing operation, don't know how they are getting their electrical
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source. so we have to be mindful of that. we had pg&e come out and cut off the electricity to both buildings immediately. >> carolyn: that fire smoldered for about five hours while pg&e crews worked to shut off the power. neighbors say they recalled seeing people moving restaurant equipment into the building but never saw anyone after that. new this morning, marijuana county supervisors will cold a workshop this morning to find a way to streamline development projects for a movie proposal by george lukas to build housing on the ranch. you might remember the first proposed building, a big film studio on that property, but neighbors overwhelmingly objected. he proposed low income housing instead. and supervisors are interested in that proposal because the county needs more affordable housing. now they are looking for ways to streamline all the red tape for
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projects that provide hub benefit. what a week it's been for facebook founder mark zuckerberg. first he takes his company public, now he's changed his status to married. the 28-year-old wed long time girlfriend, 24-year-old priscilla chan. they met at harvard and have been together for more than nine years. the ceremony took place in the back yard of his home. one guest said zuckerberg himself designed the ring. he said it's a very simple rube. dinner was served family style and included dishes from the couple's favorite local shush shay restaurant. he took his company public on friday in one of the most anticipated moves in wall street history. chan graduated at medical school last monday. the wedding guests said they thought they were going to chan's graduation party. coming up, a magical 6.0
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earthquake rattled northern italy, topping building. also a preview of tonight's rare annular solar eclipse and we will tell you how to view3q lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health.
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with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> carolyn: developing news this morning in italy where a
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magnitude 6.0 earthquake has killed at least four people. buildings toppled early this morning in the northern region 22 miles northwest of bologna. two people were killed at a ceramics factory that collapsed. two others died of heart attacks. there were ruins at a church and other buildings. they had bricks and stones that had tumbled into the streets. seismologists say it was one of the strongest quakes on record for that region. and today president obama against the two day nato summit in chicago. it will focus on planning for afghanistan's future with nato forces scheduled to exit the country by 2015. yesterday some of the leaders were at camp david for the annual g-8 meetings. the european financial crisis topped the agenda. they have pushed for austerity
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members but many observers see recent election results in france and greece as rejections of belt tightening. >> there is now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now in the context of these physical and structural reforms. that consensus for progress was strengthened here at camp david. >> carolyn: the leaders also agreed that iran should not be allowed to build nuclear weapons. their meetings included talks about crack downs against protestners syria, as well. former president george w. bush is heading back to the white house. he and his wife will return on may 31st for the hanging of the former president's official portrait. it will be a rare visit by the two-term president who has mostly stayed away from washington d.c. since leaving office and returning home to texas. the portrait ceremony will be his first visit to the white house in more than two years. you can expect some political fireworks coming up at
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8:00 here on abc7 as the top congressional leaders from both parties go head-to-head on "this week with george stephanopoulos." speaker of the house, john boehner, and democratic leader nancy pelosi confront all the issues. nothing is off the table, jobs, economy, the election. that's on "this week with george stephanopoulos" coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. something unusual will take place in the sky early this evening, but you don't have to look up to see it. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on the partial annular solar eclipse visible in the bay area tonight. >> reporter: it's a wonder of nature marveled at by cultures around the world. >> we will see a partial solar eclipse. the moon will move between the sun and the earth and it will brock out 84% of the sun. >> they explain here in the bay area the eclipse will look something like this. >> image of the sun will be a
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bright letter c. >> staring at the sun is dangerous so dougherty already has his eclipse glasses ready. you can buy yours. >> they are mylar with aluminum on both sides and designed to save your eyes. >> but you don't have to look at the eclipse by looking to sky. you can look at the ground. >> go out under a tree, and every pin heliin that tree is going to make a letter c on the ground and it will be an amazing site. >> he showed us how it will work. >> i cut an aluminum mask that will make a pattern just like the sun is towing to look during the partial solar eclipse and hold up a light. >> holding up a piece of construction paper with a c on it. you can see the c in that. >> there's no c in that piece of paper. i cut it as a triangle just so you could see i went cheating. >> so no matter what the shape of the gaps between the leafs, you will be able to see the
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partial eclipse in all of them. >> when they blow in the wind the c stays in the same position because the sun is not rotating in the sky. >> as the light dances you might see some shakes you haven't seen before. >> people are very good at finding patterns in nature. >> maybe you will even see this one. abc7 news. >> carolyn: fascinating to me. >> lisa: very cool. and we have clear skies right now so it is beautiful now side. in fact a little built on the cool side with a couple of numbers by the coast in the 40s. but the fog is staying offshore for now. further south it's a little closer around the valley. but this is hd emeryville where we will see a sunny and warm day today. i give you the numbers next. >> carolyn: thank you, ms. argen. little next the bay bridge series heats up at at&t park. mike shumann has the highlights of the giants' 11th straight win over the a's. that's coming up in çk
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>> carolyn: we have been enjoying some fabulous weather and for the runners today in the bay to breakers, what's up? >> lisa: it should be nice but i have some bad news. >> carolyn: what? >> lisa: it is going to cool down. we will see windier conditions and i am with you because it has been gorgeous.
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today another beautiful day. as we head outside, lots. clear sky. in fact we are looking at the sun coming up 5:56. you can see it's already look like dawn is breaking. setting at 8:17. 14 hours 21 minutes of date to enjoy out there. and today even a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. right now we are sitting at 55 in can carlos. 50 in oakland. good morning, napa, 49 for you. 4 in santa rosa with 53 in fremont. we are starting off 2 to 6 degrees warmer around the bay and the warmer air mass will help in heating us up today. 54 right now along the embarcadero. and midmorning, by 10:00 numbers will be in the upper 50s. plenty of sunshine and hoping that that nothing is going to hold off. but even though it will be still quite mild in the upper 50s to around 60 right at the finish line that should feature more sunshine. so we are looking at temperatures today maybe two, three degrees warmer and then we
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do have a trough of low pressure that's going to drop dawn from the golf of alaska tomorrow. that will send down the stream of cooler hair to the inland valleys. we are looking at 60s and 70s for the highs today. that's around the bay and the coast. you will see plenty of 10s into the santa clara valleys and east bay valleys and into the north bay today. so that warm air mass and more of a northerly wind flow today, shotting off much of that coastal air for the time being. but we will be looking at this high to continue to weaken. so enjoy the mild to warm weather today. and with that system just offshore tonight, look for the low clouds and fog to develop overnight. and the up side of all of this is that much of the days ahead, the week ahead, will feature a lot of sunshine, less low cloudiness and fog, although the averages much, much cooler, you will see tonight seven-day outlook. 84 in yosemite today with 73
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tahoe. 91 coming up around four or five degrees in the valley today and back home we are looking at 67, right around average in san francisco, to 74 in oakland. so temperatures a couple degrees above the average with more low to mid-80s as you head northward into the north bay from sonoma to napa. 82 napa. and 82 san jose. so 87 should be one of our warmer location in livermore. right now skies are clear here but we could see a little bit of fog lurking offshore throughout much of the day, keeping a local sea breeze throughout the afternoon. that will keep monterey in the 60s at 66. 76 in salinas, and here's the look ahead. so upper 80s today. warmest inland valleys and as much as five to eight, even ten degrees cooler in some spots tomorrow. then we will look for mid-and upper 70s tuesday with very little fog but the winds kick up and highs only in the low to mid-70s more much of next week. that always happens around memorial day.
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>> lisa: kind of unfortunate. it was windy last week, too, though. >> carolyn: yes, it was. it looks much like that. >> carolyn: all right. thank you. let's check out sports. this afternoon the giants will go for another sweep of the a's at at&t park. tim lincecum faces par toll low low -- bartolo colon for his pitch at 1:05. here's mike shumann with the highlights and this morning's sports. >> good morning. the giants won their 11th straight yesterday against the a's at at&t park but there was some controversy. check out the woman with the barehanded grab on the bonser. g-men showing some love with the glove. catch of the day, weekes to left, melky cabrera. a shoestring catch. that's what he's paid to do. and juan was dealing. allowed only one hit. then he gets hit. or did he? he drills vogelsong the bottom of the seventh. they argue it hit his hand, not
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has bat. that puts two on, nobody out. after the sac fly buster posey comes out with the ground-rule double. and he's still furious about the call. gets tossed for the second time in three games. and the giants shutout the a's 4-0. and manny ramirez is expected to join the club on may 30th, the day he served 40. he was tuning up last night in albuquerque with oakland's triple-a team. >> you start getting smarter. >> it's a blessing, man. i get to play. this time it's a little different. i'm doing something that i love. >> well, then the game began and manny showing some rust. he went 0 for 4 with three strikeouts. the d.h. and batted third before sacramento lifted him for a pinch-hitter the ninth. top ranked cal hosting arkansas
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in berkeley. check out the play by cal's gentlemen mya read up and over the wall. cal fell behind but reed comes through with the third. delayed steal of home on the intentional walk. that makes it 3-1. to the seventh. now 3-2. cal threatening but bring anna gets robbed of extra bays and arkansas stuns cal 3-3. 3-3 -- 3-2. meanwhile stanford lost earlier to louisiana lafayette and stanford also has to beat louisiana-lafayette twice sunday to advance. it's been 34 years sense our last trim he will crown winner horseracing. affirmed pulled it off back in 1978. yesterday the preakness derby winner "i'll have another" became the first horse sense big brown to win the first two jewels of the triple crown in a
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fantastic again. >> i'll have another, and a dramatic preakness. can i have another get there? here he comes. to the wire! and he rides through! >> what a finish. just like the derby, i'll have another caught bodemeister from behind to win. and oklahoma city goes up 3-1 on the lakers. russell westbrook was on fire. exploding to the rack. he had 37 but the lacquers still led by 7. kobe answers. next possession, hitting the long two at the horn. he had 38. lakers will go up 13 with less than 18 to play. it wasn't enough. thunder would tie it. then kevin durant, look at this. 13 seconds left. 31 for durantula. kobe pulls the trigger early on the three. no good, thunder win it, 103-100 to take the three-game series lead. and l.a. had a 24-point lead at
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one point over the clippers. the alley oop. 14 of his 28 in the first quarter but the spurs go on a 24-0 run. tim duncan, two of his 19. spurs win their 17th straight. 96-86. they take take a 3-0 series lead. great story. bay area trailing munich until the 88th minute. he finds the back of the net and ties it at one. we go to a shootout. in what was probably his final game, 34-year-old drills home the game winner and chelsea wins its first champion league final. and giants and a's in a three-game set today. 1:05 if you are planning your day. and the nba on abc at 12:30 with miami and indiana. i'll have all the highlights at five. have a great day. >> carolyn: up next, investigators say they have nailed a terror plot concocted by three american men.
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it was set to go down during today's n.a.t.o. summit in chicago. and the labor organization unlike any other. the mission of the san francisco drug users union.
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>> carolyn: welcome back, everyone. as the nato summit kicks off in chicago today, federal agents say they have thwarted a domestic terror plot to attack
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president obama campaign headquarters and several police stations. alex perez reports from chicago. domestic tests. that's how law enforcement authorities in chicago industry brian church, jared chase and brent betterly. according to investigators the men planned to hurl molotov cocktails into four police stations, including this one, with one goal in mind, harm police officers. >> defend church as one point asked their co-defendants if they had ever seen a cop on fire. >> after distractth police, the police say the men planned to launch an attack on president obama's campaign headquarters, a home and financial institutions in the downtown area. >> this plot very clearly does not represent protest behavior. this is criminal behavior. >> investigators say an undercover police officerren fill straighted the group and helped foil the plot. the trio traveled from florida to chicago to protest the nato
5:31 am
military summit. according to court documents they had emass add small cash of weapons for the attack including motorboat, throwing start, a hunting bow, knives with brass knuckles and several beer bottles filled with gas lean. men were initially arrested in an overnight raid in a chicago apartment building wednesday. their attorneys argue the materials collected by police were being used to brew beer, not make bombs. >> it is part after fear campaign to deter people from getting out to protest. >> the security planning and average afternoon i-ty surrounding the meeting has been brewing for months. thousands are in town and even with the massive police presence, some are still concerned. >> it is alarming, without a doubt. it is alarming. >> and thousands more protesters expected today. >> carolyn: well, there is an unusual union that's formed in san francisco. it's not a labor group, it's an
5:32 am
advocacy organization to support pot smokers, heroin addict and other drug users. >> did you talk bat thursday thing? >> this is a bimonthly union meet bug probably unlike any you have ever attended. this is the san francisco drug users union. >> people think it's a joke or we just get together to get high or something like that. quite the opposite. >> isaac jackson said he's an active meth user and an m. i. t. college grad who cofounded the union three years ago. the members are other drug users, former users and their supporters. they believe the war on drugs has failed miserably. according to their mission statement the union's goals are to decriminal lies drugs and drug use and create a save environment where people can use and enjoy drugs and to promote a positive image of drug users. >> when we stigmatize drug users we make it more difficult for them to access healthcare. we make it more difficult for
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them to exercise their human and civil rights. >> laura thomas is the state director of the nonprofit drug policy alliance, the major funder of the drug users union, which is located in the tenderloin. >> our goal is to shift the response to drugs from criminal justice response to a public health response. >> tony is director of the international institute of criminal justice leadership at usf and former san francisco police chief. he believes law enforcement is a necessary tool to crackdown on drugs. >> it has to be. has to be. otherwise for many, not all, but for many of the drug users there's no incentive to get into treatment, to get into rehabilitation. >> but that's not the focus of the drug users union. >> if they want to quit, we will help them to quit. but if they are still going to use, we around here to say, no, you can't do that.
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>> counselor gary west said members are not allowed to use at the union meetings but it's okay if they come in loaded. >> ellis, half the time we are all high. >> he said the drugs don't keep the members it from serious business. >> one of their slogans is nothing about us without us, meaning they are demanding a voice in drug policy decisions. one of their main missions is to get a supervised, safe injection site for heroin users, like this one in vancouver. and they are working with s. f. general hospital to develop a how-to manual to handle drug users who come in for medical care. jeanne little shares the union's goal. she's with the therapy center, a state certified treatment program. >> we are unusual in that we do not ask people to get clean and sober as a condition of coming into treatment or as a goal of treatment. and we partner with drug users to figure out what their goals
5:35 am
are and to help them achieve their goals at their own pace. >> if their perspective is that they want to continue to use drugs and hurt themselves, which is what they are doing, i can't support that. >> but isaac jackson said the movement is growing. he recently spoke before san francisco's human rights commission about the discrimination in housing, employment and education drug users face. >> you are telling drug users, hey, it's okay to be an addict. >> well, i don't think the users are waiting for word from me on whether they should use drugs or not. >> although there is a lot of buzz about san francisco's union, it is not the first in the nation. there's one in new york and now seattle may follow suit. new this morning on tuesday the america list city council will here the future of the ferry service in their city.
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the mudslide coastline has long been pegged as an ideal spot for ferry service. it would include existing bus and amtrak it was. the san francisco bay water emergency transportation authority estimates that dredging a channel deep enough for ferry service in america list would initially lost 17 to $20 million and thus three million dollars every few years to maintain it. meteorologist lisa argen is here any to give us a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> lisa: it's nice and clear out there. temperatures a little cool at our coast but, boy, a beautiful start to the latter part of your weekend. the bay it breakers and the eclipse tonight and we will have a good viewing and a nice afternoon for much of that. i will be back with the warm temperatures. >> carolyn: thank you, lisa. also ahead, demonstrators take to the greens to protest a local golf course that they say is bad for the environment.
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>> lisa: state health officials blame a common skin cream for a case of mercury poisoning.
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>> carolyn: welcome back. this sunday morning. thanks for joining us. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge, of course. you know, getting into and out of the city today could be a little problematic. just some of the streets are closed because of bay to
5:40 am
breakers. the 101st running. people go from the bay near the embarcadero to the brakers, meaning the pacific ocean. so streets along the way will be closed. we will have more coming up at six. in san francisco protesters are fighting for endangered frogs and snakes that live near a public golf course. yesterday's protest coincided with the 80s anniversary of the shark park golf club in pacifica. protesters say red-legged frogs and garter snakes are dying because the golf course is pumping water out of the wet hands it sits on. >> amphibians are rapidly disappearing around the world and we don't feel playing golf wishes is a game, justifies killing species, especially when it's a golf course. >> it's the subject of a federal lawsuit filed. the golf course said plans are being implemented to save the
5:41 am
species. others want it convert into a wildlife sanctuary. there's new concern about the safety of cosmetics and the amount of chemicals in some of them. a new warning focuses on dangerous levels of mercury found in some anti-aging skin lightening creams, throwings and soaps from foreign country. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with his investigation. >> these items, they may work well, but they give you beauty at a tremendous cost. >> vernon is a research scientist with the state department of public health. the team of investigators at the department recently launched a one-year study to determine the extent of the problem. >> it's of concern. you really only want to have minimal amounts of mercury in your system, like maybe a part per billion. that's one part in a billion. and this has got about 4% mercury. >> the fda said mercury can cause damage to the kidneys and nervous system and even
5:42 am
interfere with the development of the brain in the unborn and in young children. children can become contaminated by touching a parent or even a counter top exposed to mercury. >> mercury can also vapor rise or get into the air from mercury-containing skin creams and the child may breathe the mercury in the air. and finally mercury can get into dust or food. >> this doctor said state investigators are currently testing for mercury and other chemicals in cosmetics purchased throughout rain-snow sold at ethnic markets and swap meets. >> in our experience the skin products that contain mercury have all been imported in some way. >> sometimes it comes in by way of personal luggage, other times it's trucked or flown in for sale at the store. stacy is cofounder for the campaign for save cosmetics. >> as a consumer i definitely want to avoid any skin creams that contain mercury or any variation of mercury, skin creams that don't have labels or
5:43 am
labels aren't available in english or if the label didn't contain ingredients it's best not to use the product. >> we found a skin cream matching that description and two other products whose labels were primarily in a foreign langenbrunner. we sent all three products to a certified lab and all three tested for trace amounts of mercury, but less than the 1 part per million allowed by the food and drug administration. results from the more in-depth state study won't be known for another year. >> there is always questions, and i would say there's probably a handful of ingredients in cosmetics that issues have been raised about. >> that's the vice president of the industry trade group the personal care products council. some of those ingredients include the known carcinogen formaldehyde in shampoo, lead and lipstick. and one suspected of causing headaches.
5:44 am
europe has banned 1200 chemicals. the united states only ten. >> if they aren't safe for use they shouldn't be in a product. >> we need to update the 1938 cosmetics law and give the fda real authority to oversee this industry. >> how far any new regulation should go is a subject of controversy. campaign for save cosmetics, phasing out chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive harm and full disclosure of ingredients but the trade group calls it overreaching and calls for simply greater oversight. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> carolyn: you might feel sluggish after eating too much sugar but one study says you can recharge by taking omega 3s. researchers made the discovery by giving mice both high fructose corn syrup and omega three fatty acids. and it is another study how sugar can slow down brain function.
5:45 am
omegas 3 can protect the brain against the harmful effects of sugar. it's found in fish like salmon and mackerel. but our director, jerry sandy, likes to give lisa argen and myself chocolates every morning to get us revved up and going. so i don't know. sluggish? >> lisa: no, no. thank you, jerry. keep them coming. i'm all for the chocolate. >> carolyn: me too. >> lisa: good morning. you are looking at a clear and beautiful start to the day and a warm one this afternoon. hd emeryville, the official sunrise. we are getting closer and closer. 5:56, setting at 8:17. and temperatures at our coast are cool. but you know what? we are going to be once again with sunny skies there in the 60s. it's 55 in san carlos. good morning, fremont. 53 for you. 50 in oakland with a mild 56 in concord. 49 napa and santa rosa. so this morning we are starting out anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees
5:46 am
warmer than yesterday and that will take us up with temperatures two or three degrees warmer for the afternoon high. windy and cooler for much of next week. in fact we will start the trend tomorrow as the fog begins to develop after midnight. right now at the embarcadero we have the clear skies. numbers in the 50s in the next couple hours we will warm up into the upper 50s and by noontime it should be about 60 with length of sunshine downtown and maybe a few patches of fog here. but really a beautiful afternoon with temperatures a few degrees above normal. but look at all the oranges here. notice the warmer weather, it is making in roads into much of the bay. but northerly winds winning out for most areas. if you are headed to the series today. yesterday i said go giants and i really meant go a's or go giants, either one, we are looking at low to mid-60s. and talking about a nice afternoon with that sea breeze picking up.
5:47 am
but we will look for the numbers to come down significantly tomorrow, anywhere from five to eight december cooler as this area of high pressure weakens, and we have a trough that will be allowing for the much cooler pa reason area not only to make it to the bay but across the bay. oh mild to warm today and then tomorrow you will feel that all the way into danville, the try valley. today, though, widespreaded 0s here. sacramento, fresno, 70s along the coast. the eclipse is and we have the clear skies. we looking for good viewing and this happens really early in the evening. so with 84% of the coverage happening we will look at it at 5:16. remember you can look at the shadows on the ground for the crescent shape and don't look directly at the sun. 74 today in oakland. 77 palo alto and fremont with
5:48 am
some up he were 80s in livermore today. 80 in vallejo and 67 in the city. 9 in watson ville. the fog is not too far offshore. it's just about 20, 30 miles. so we will look for that to increase and spread across the bay overnight and that's going to really again our cooling trend for tomorrow. and then a couple of systems will be ushering in that windy conditions and much cooler air. in fact, high fire dangner the sierra nevada by monday. so we are starting out with a pleasant seven-day, but then it does get cooler and well below normal. >> lisa: we would like it to pop back up in time for memorial day. >> lisa: i know, but would you believe there's some perhaps, you know what, possibility for memorial day rain. yeah, it's look like a much stronger system. so definitely cooler. okay, i'll stop. >> carolyn: thank you, lisa. the fastest growing population
5:49 am
in the country is made up of asians and pacific islanders. this afternoon abc7 news anchor christian z introduces us to some bay area trail blazers talking about the issues facing this growing community. chef corey lee talks about food and science. >> and we have opportunities as chefs now that chefs from a previous generation didn't have and it's to interact with scientists and really warning to fine tune things. >> carolyn: join christian at 4:00 this afternoon for a special edition of abc7as "beyond the headlines." still ahead the 75th birthday bash for the golden gate bridge now just one week away. we will have details on the festivities.
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>> reporter: the golden gate bridge is celebrating it's 75th birthday one week from today. this is a live look at the magnificent span. there are all sports of festivities planned for the big bridge which is may 27th. katie shows us what is in store. >> seventy five is a big thing so we will have a big party to celebrate. our favorite local icon, the golden gate bridge. >> may 27th is the day, and festivities run all day from
5:53 am
11:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m. from port point to pirr39. a main stage will be set up at crissy field and a watercraft parade will dominate the parade. there's no way to know how many thousands of people will show up, but one thing is for sure. >> driving is crowded down here on an average weekend and with all the crowds we are expecting, it will be pretty much impossible to park. there's no event parking. >> organizers suggest walking, bike being or taking public transit and come prepared and bring your patience. >> lisa: it will be a slow exit. people should come well prepared, warmly dressed, well-hydrated and expect a slow exit. >> invasion, inspiration, they aid it couldn't be built and here we are 75 years later celebrating it. >> the grand finale is a fireworks show. the best place to see it is anywhere from fort point to east marina bay and there are other
5:54 am
good sights as well. go to and click on "see it on tv." in san francisco, abc7 news. >> carolyn: up next, a world record ride. the surfer who was able to catch an eight-story high wave. lysol knows the soft places we love
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does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> herest winning numbers from last night's $18 million super lotto plus.
5:57 am
no one got all six of those numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $20 million. we're now going to take you to the coast of portugal where surfer garrett mcnamara took the ride of his life and one for the record books. check it out here. a 78-foot wave. he was towed in and here we go. just insane. if he falls, he's holding his breath for half an hour. this is now the biggest wave ever ridden, according to the guinness book of world records. the wave is twice, maybe three times the size of what we see at mavericks and half moon bay. this really had to be quite the rush. also, quite dangerous. wow. coming up next at six, we are about an hour away from the start of the 101st bay to breakers.
5:58 am
we will have a live report are the starting line. and what guests are saying about mark zuckerberg's wedding.
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