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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  May 20, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. looking hazy from mount tam. plenty of sunshine, no fog at the coast. we're looking at that fog to hold off until the evening hours tonight when the onshore flow switching or actually strengthens. 52 half moon bay. 56 in fremont. 59 up in napa. plenty of sunshine today. warmer than yesterday. 70s and 80s around the bay. we'll see that onshore flow increase. the fog comes our way but also a weather system, a couple of
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weather systems that will aid in a significant cooldown this week. >> carolyn: weather was good for that rocky tradition, bay to breakers. it's well underway. 101st edition. elite runners crossed the finish line long ago but less 50,000 will finish sometime before noon. john alston joins us live from the finish line to bring us some of the sights and sounds of the race. good morning. >> reporter: some of the sights we can't quite show you, but the race is still going on. we're at breakers portion of the race, where you can see hundreds of thousands of runners making their way here. they have been at it since 7:00 this morning. they are two hours, two minutes into the race. we have video of top finish they're came in around 7:30. that there is the family of
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ethiopia ethiopia followed by male runner from kenya. those are far off the record. they are about 40,000 runners taking part today, dressed as bananas tim lincecum. this is the second year since the big crackdown on alcohol and floats. also this is 12-k race about 7.5 miles. we spoke to the men's winner few of the other people. >> it was your third win in four years? >> yes. >> you didn't sleep last year? >> you come out here and win. >> we're coming here two nights. >> people love it. they go crazy. and real fans, tim lincecum has to be on the mound today. over the years hate as gotten a
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lot of attention. >> is that good or bad? >> pretty bad. >> reporter: again this is the second year of the crackdown, no alcohol, no carts with wheels. police say there have been no arrests or citations but three people have been treated for medical situation so far in the race. again we are into the race and you can see the sea of humanity coming to the finish line. they will close the finish line at the great highway but so far wonderful day. weather has been cooperating and a lot of people are having a good time. reporting live, john alston, abc7 news. >> for the elite runners, they won a lot of money. >> we learned the u.s.s. iowa
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will not be departing this afternoon. officials say high seas in southern california have delayed the trip. they'll be monitoring conditions before deciding when it leaves. the jeremiah o'brien will still take people to see the battleship. crews have been restoring it in richmond. it served the navy until 1990. >> there is a surprise twist to an oakland fire we reported yesterday morning as breaking news. that fire started around 4:00 yesterday morning inside a warehouse near the section of broadway. it turned out the huge flames were fueled by marijuana plants inside. it made it more difficult and more dangerous for the fire crews. >> when you have a large growing operation, you don't know how getting their electrical source.
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so we have to be mindful for that. we had pg&e cut off electricity to both buildings immediately. >> the flames smoldered for five hours while they shut off the power. neighbors they recall seeing people moving restaurant equipment into that building but they never saw anyone after that. new this morning on tuesday, hercules city council will hear a presentation on the future of ferry service in their city from the agency that oversees bay area ferry service. they have long been paired as an ideal spot for ferry service. it's part of a planned transportation center that would include existing bus and amtrak service. >> what a week it's been for facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. first he takes his company public and now he is married.
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longtime girlfriend, couple met at harvard. the ceremony took place in the backyard of his palo alto home before fewer than hundred guests. one guest says zuckerberg designed the ring. it was described as a very simple ruby. dinner included dishes from the couple's favorite local sushi restaurant. as you know he took his company public on friday. the bride graduated from mill school at ucsf last monday and guests said they thought they were going to graduation party and were shocked when it turned out to be a wedding. up next, magnitude 6.0 earthquake rattles italy. we're hours away from the rare solar eclipse. we'll show you the best time to
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hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> carolyn: developing news in northern italy where the magnitude 6.0 earthquake has killed four people and forced 3,000 people to evacuate their
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homes. buildings toppled before dawn in the northern region 22 miles northwest of bologne. it sent residents running in the streets. seismologists say it was strongest quakes in that region. >> president obama begins a two day nato summit in chicago. they are focusing on afghanistan's future with forces planning on exiting the country by 2014. yesterday they were at camp david. europe economic crisis, germany's chancellor has pushed for austerity measures but recent elections in spain and greece make more belt tightening measures. john boehner appeared with
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nancy pelosi on abc's this week. she insists there be no tax cuts for the will wealthy. california lieutenant governor gavin newsom weighed in from the round table. >> people around clamoring to invest in greece today. if we don't deal with our deficit in an honest and serious way we're not going to have many options. >> bringing no income tax to the floor and passing those, but would help our can economical recovery. it would be a clear signal that tax cuts to the wealthy will expire because they will middle income tax cuts will not be held hostage to those. >> you are talking about going into a debate that is going to sideline everything else for the next few months but it costs the president, pure politics, his ratings dropped significantly during the debate. pelosi says president obama wants a balanced combination of spending cuts and new revenue to job creation to benefit the
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middle-class. this evening you can catch a glimpse of a rare annular solar eclipse. ring of fire happens when the moon moves across the sun blocking everything but a halo of light. it will beginning at 5:15 but prime viewing is just after 6:30. we're going to see a partial eclipse, more like a sea as you see there rather than a halo. last ring of fire was in 1994. exciting to you, miss argen? >> totally. we are looking at beautiful day. they are warming up. emeryville, numbers in the 60s. 66 in concord. 70s out by the delta. next eight hours featuring warmth and marine air is coming back. >> carolyn: also next, bay to breakers wasn't enough, bay bridge at at&t park.
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>> carolyn: our meteorologist lisa argen is here right now with pretty major changes happening. >> we are going to see a return to the cooler weather and shore
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flow, warmer air is going to adjust from a few degrees why yesterday's readings. here is a look at golden gate bridge, plenty of sunshine, 60s in the city. upper 60s closer to the beach. onshore flow will be with us and then it will pick up and fog will move across the bay and marine air making it's a way into the east bay valleys. 62 in mountain view. 61 in san jose. look at the mild numbers. 20-degree spread, 74 in antioch. low 60s in santa rosa and mid and upper 50s in oakland to san francisco. we will look for the relative humidity increase. right now we are warmer as much as 2-8 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we'll see numbers well above normal this afternoon, but, of course, don't get used it to because they will plummet by the
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middle of the week. today we will enjoy nor 70s and 80s. we'll look for big commitment tonight as the moon goes over the sun for the eclipse. don't look at it. we will be looking at the best viewing by the afternoon hours. if you are at the coast you may see a little bit of fog. probably the best fuig will be away from the shoreline with 84 percent of the sun covered and that will be at 6:33. high pressure is encompassing much of the west coast. we'll enjoy another beautiful day but as the ridge continues to weaken, first trough of low pressure usual her in the marine air and sea breeze. coastal hills with the winds picking up tonight. we will look forward the temperatures to come down. enjoy today. it should be nice. second system will dictated the
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weather for the rest of the workweek that will bring gusty winds especially. 81 in santa clara. 82 in san jose today. with numbers on the peninsula ranging from the low 60's at our coast. 76 menlo park. 78 in mountain view. san francisco coming in once again in the upper 60s, maybe a few patches of fog by the evening hours. 79 petaluma, 82 today and napa. our near east bay, plenty of low 70s with upper 70s as you head out towards hercules and fremont. here is where the warmth is, 85 in danville and pleasanton. brerntwood on your way to a warm day. upper 80s and gilroy 88. sea breeze in santa cruz today. one more day with the low 80s tomorrow but the numbers taking definitely a hit with marine air. >> low to mid-70s for wednesday and thursday. will it be kind of chilly
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leading into the holiday weekend next weekend. >> looter l are the. we are warned. >> let's check out sports. as you know the 101st bay to breakers is under way. a man from ethiopia crossed the line first. one of the women runners, from kenya with a time of 34 minutes, 42 seconds. this afternoon, giants will go for another sweep of the a's at at&t park. yesterday ryan was nearly flawless against oakland. here is shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. giants won their 11th straight against the ees at at&t park but there was some controversy. check out this bare-handed grab. g-men showing love with the glove. catch of the day, shoestring catch.
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checking out five shutout innings and then allowing only one hit and he gets hit. or did he? they are arguing. after a cabrera sack fly, posey comes through a ground rule double. they are still furious about the call. they shut out a's 4-0. >> manny ramirez is expected to join the a's after suspension of using performance enhancing drugs. he was tuning up in albuquerque. >> just going back to playing.
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>> i am doing something i love. >> then the game showing it with three strikeouts. it's been 34 years since our last triple crown winner in horse racing. affirmed pulled off the trifecta in 1978. i'll have another became the first horse to win the first two jewels of triple crown in a fantastic finish. >> and in dramatic, i'll have another. here he comes! >> what a finish. just like the derby, i'll have another, he caught him from behind to win by a nose. final leg the belmont set for june 9th. giants and a's in three game set tomorrow. at at&t park if you are planning your day and n.b.a. on abc at 12:30, miami and indiana and
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i'll have all your highlights at 5:00. i'm michael schumann. >> a surfer that was able to catch an eight
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>> carolyn: fastest growing population in the country is made up of asians and pacific islanders. this afternoon news anchor kristen sze introduces to bay area trailblazers to talk about issues. chef corey lee talks about food and science. >> we have opportunities as chefs that previous generations didn't have and to interact with scientists and fine-tune things. >> carolyn: join her at 4:00 p.m. for a special edition to of "beyond the headlines". off the coast of portugal a surfer from hawaii took the ride of his life last year is now credited with riding the biggest wave ever. he was towed in and had a massive 78 foot wave. this is biggest wave ever ridden in the guinness book of world
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records. two or three times the size what we see at maverick in half moon bay. >> a little too much for me. >> you are looking a little bit of an onshore flow. sea breeze coming back in full force. 67 in san francisco, 74 in oakland with plenty of 80s from vallejo to livermore to santa clara valley. enjoy it the fog returning tonight. cooling trend continues and winds kick up as well wednesday and thursday. >> carolyn: all right. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. our next newscast is at 5:00. we're off early because of n.b.a. action. then at 12:30. game four of the n.b.a. playoff series between miami heat and the indianapolis pacers. that will be right here on abc7.
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have a great sunday everyone. thanks for joining us.
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