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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "world news," tonight deadly earthquake, one of the most powerful quake italy in hundreds of years. clock tower froze b. the death toll, the medieval builds crushed as our correspondent reports in. tornado toumped down in this country. the fwigser caught on tape, more than a dozen reported. the first big storm weeks before hurricane season arooifs. the weather team standing by tonight. chicago, protesters armed with guns taken in by police. what was their plan as thousands move in to protest as the president meets with world leaders there. revealing portrait. you've seen president obama on the beach, president putin in the wild, tonight portrait of a world leader painting a whole
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new picture. good evening. we begin this sunday night with a deadly earthquake, the largest to it northern italy in centuries. the powerful quake left at least six people dead and destroyed prices piece of history. the magnitude quake struck early today just north of bo loan ya. you can see the clock tower frozen in town. a church cross toppled to the ground. people just beginning to grasp the scope of the damage. the quake is being described the worst to hit that region since the 130 0z. lamina hassen is reporting for ustion r david, here in saint agostina, the town hardest hit by this earthquake where four of its victims died, you can see the damage and destruction here. just take a look at this old town hall behind me. it had been standing for cent
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centerri centerries. today it was deduced to rubble in just seconds. medieval fortresses that had survived countless conflicts kruk med today. the violent shaking cracked brick walled, shattered bell towers and sparked fires as authorities struggled to respond to one of the strongest earthquakes to hit this region in hundreds of years. this clock tower split in two. the weight of the bricks crashing cars parked below. the quake hit when most people in these picturesque italian towns were asleep. residents first shaken from their beds at 4:00 in the morning. >> i heard a pandemonium. i took shelter under the bed. i prayed to god to save me because that's a very old house. i was worried it would collapse. >> dozens of people were injured, but the worst casualties didn't happen in these historic builds. it was in modern factories where four workers died during the
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overnight shift. two of the workers were in the ceramics factory, now a twisted pile of metal. the death toll is mercifully low for a quake this size. but authorities are now opening emergency shelters for those without a place to go to to get out of the rain. tonight more than 3,000 people are homeless. evacuated from the danger zone, some are too frightened to go back into their homes. as this region is still feeling strong aftershocks and what's hampering the rescue efforts is the weather. forecasters say there's more on the way. lama hasan reporting from the scene. thank you. meanwhile back in this country, dramatic pictures tonight after severe weather in the nation's heart land. a powerful tornado across kansas. storm chaser catching this video. touching down in a town of harper where several homes damaged. total of 17 tornadoes have now reported in the wichita area. along the east coast tonight
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the first big storm of year is spitting off the care linas. alberto has winds 45 miles an hour. at this hour it is losing strength after dumping rain along the coast. alberto arriving two weeks before the official start of hurricane season. this season is now underway. meteorologist ginger tracking this all. you were telling me before we came on tonight, this is the earl dwres named the storm in the season in almost a decade. alberto is about 100 miles off the coast of se va that, georgia. good news is, tropical storm watches along the carolina coasts have been discontinued. this is not something that will kick up much more than high sur ch clouds and rain. the path of it takes it offshore. >> the good news it's moving off. the bad news, the weather is already warm enough to naming a storm. >> the gulf stream above average temperature wise. the activity should be huge during at lanic hurricane
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season. the hur can center is putting out their forecast. >> the severe weather team tracking that. also the wild fires tonight. images coming in from arizona. they did get some relief this weekend, you were telling me, as you look at the forecast week ahead it would be tough. >> colorado had a little rain, cooler weather. look at this, prime conditions, windy, dry, and hot. phoenix actually had a heat advisory going into tomorrow. o 105. vegas, 97. it doesn't matter that the temps drop off. you'll have fire. >> we'll be tracking that. we'll turn next to chicago, city in the world spotlight this evening. hosting high stake nato summit learning tonight of new tension between protesters and police. those protests marching into streets. thousands of demonstrators flooding into grant park. it was last night here we reported on the three suspects charged with a violent plot against targets including
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president obama's campaign head quarters. now the president and other world leaders are in chicago and police made new arrests tonight. abc's alex perez on the story. >> reporter: late tonight chicago police used their batons and force as they clashed with protesters tried to push their way through a safety parameter around the summit. authorities used a high-tech stun cannon to communicate with the crowd and get them to move back. >> just about a mile away from president obama is meeting with world leaders, these protesters are leading a march to the summit site. it's slated to be the biggest demonstration of the weekend. >> and police on the ground made more arrests in the scramble to stop tragedy before it occurs. at least three possible violent plots have been foiled, including separate plans to toss molotov cocktails and detonate pipe bombs. all this on the heels of arrest of these three men who plotted to attack president obama's campaign head quarters an the home of chicago mayor rahm
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emmanuel. >> just not going to tolerate criminal behavior. >> in the cordened off safety zone t business of the summit got underway this afternoon. president obama asking nato leaders not to pull out of afghanistan too soon before the u.s. withdraw in 2014. and to commit billions in aid in for afghan security forces. >> we are on the right track. what this nato summit reflects is that the world is behind the strategy that we've laid out. >> reporter: although, there were clashes the crowd at today eesz protest much smaller than the 10,000 expected. only about 3,000 turned out. >> alex our thanks to you. we'll turn now to a death tonight. making headlines the passing of the only person ever convicted of blowing up pan am killing 270 people. abdell spent his last year free man diagnosed with cancer. he was released on humanitarian grounds. while this terrorist is dead, their fight for justice lives
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on. >> reporter: he was welcomed home a national hero. the libyan bomber, kpmted to live just months has now died, nearly three years later. it's been almost a quarter centerry that we first saw these horrific images. the remain hs of pan am 103. tonight the bombers death brings relief but no resolution for the families of those murdered. >> there never is closure in an act so senseless as this. the hole will continue to be there. any time you try to visualize how your loved one died. burt has been to lockerbie to remember his 36-year-old brother tom, one of the 270 killed, most of them american. eleven years later gadhafi, handed over the former libyan intelligence officer who was convicted and sentenced to life. after serving just eight years, suffering from cancer, he was released from what were said to
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be humanitarian reasons. families and experts believe he was released to open up libyan oil brokered by the u.s. and british. which is why this day does not bring closer to many. >> it brings anger that he had the ability to do that. >> reporter: other family members believe there are others responsible for this bombing that must still be brought to justice. tonight it's investigation is not over. now more than 24 years after the bombing david. david curly live in washington. we're going to turn now to abc exclusive. tonight we're inside america's all out hunt for the most wanted al qaeda bomb maker the master mind behind that new plot to bring down american planes by sewing bombs into passenger's bodies. the u.s. is now turning up the here in yemen, ibrahim al-asiri is believed to be hiding. tonight abc's martha raddatz reports in. the only network reporting inside the ter roar zone. >> reporter:ed good evening. it can't be stressed enough how
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important yemen is to america's national security. which is why the yemeni army with u.s. help is now waging all out war against al qaeda. as some 20,000 yemeni army troops pounding al qaeda strongholds in southern yemen, the u.s. is striking from above. with armed drones. at least 18 strikes since march. three in just the last ten days. and no wonder an official tells abc news tonight that there are as many as 3,000 al qaeda supporters in yemen now that two to three times the number from a year ago. dozens of terrorists have reportedly been killed by the country continues for ibrahim al-asiri, the al qaeda bomb maker plotting to blow up an american airliner after three failed attempts, including the most recent underwear bomb plot foiled by a double agent.
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but u.s. intelligence about al-asiriry is improving everyday, after more than a year away from yemen, a handful of the u.s. military trainers are now back. >> once you establish more sensors, more capability, a better intelligence apparatus, let's call it, that the opportunity then to understand who's bad and who's good and where they might be at any given time increases. >> reporter: for some, the assault on al qaeda has meant improvement. one of these young women told me i'm not saying everything is good, but now we have hope. while u.s. officials say there has been some progress here, this is not going to be easy. one western diplomat telling me we're not close to defeating al qaeda. i know you have more this week on world news. back in this country, robin gibb, one of the band of the bee gees now passed away.
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we're just learning this death in fact took place today, waging a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. making a recovery from a coma last month. you know the bee gees rocketed to fame in the disco ere rar. saturday night fever, was one of the best selling of 70s. gibb was 62. we turn now to what facebook would call a status change, in addition to mark zuckerberg going public with his wedding. when they arrived he surprised his family and friends. what many might be quietly thinking a man now worth more than $19 billion, any talk of a prenup? here is tawnyary ver row. >> when mark zuckerberg took his company public friday, he became one of the youngest billionaires ever. yesterday he became much richer still, trading the hoodie for a suit and marrying his long time girlfriend priscilla chan. on the wheels of the second largest ipo in american history,
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the ceo gets marry. >> fewer than 100 guests attend an intimate ceremony in his backyard. the pair had been secretly planning the wedding for months. >> nis a guy who always seen the long game. not a spontaneous guy. this is not an impulse guy. >> chan is a pedokrigs. the couple been together nine years since meeting at harvard. >> this is somebody known him before he was wealthy. >> now dr. chan is also mrs. zuckerberg. and will presumably share his fortune. no word on whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement. before word of a wedding, donald trump publicly advised to sign one. >> if mark did not sign a prenup he needs so see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer. >> for now he seems grateful for the gifts his bride has given him. it was her experiences that
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initiative to foster organ donations. >> all of a supd an organ becomes available. she comes home. her face is all lit up because someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> this billionaire is betting his life will be better because of her. right now zuckerberg facebook page, over 850,000 users have liked his wedding update. clearly folks on facebook are very excited for the ceo. >> seeing a psychiatrist never what you want to hear on your wedding day. much more ahead on world news this sunday night. sharyn alfonsi on the brand new american gold rush tonight and the women jumping into the game. we're talking six-figure salaries if you're willing to suit up there. we seen president obama and president putin, no leader bearing it all. tonight the portrait getting gasps right across the border. people with a machine.
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family from new mexico. >> i need to make something better for my kids, so i'm going to do it. >> linda spent her last dollar learning to drive big trucks and heavy equipment. today, she's the only woman on an eight 3457b drilling crew. >> linda's kansas or bust move almost unheard of in what's always been a man's world. even today's recruiting videos send a clear message. >> oil drilling is best job for man. >> that is changing. in seven years, 25,000 more women joined the men in america's oil fields. leah kasten left her teaching job for six figure salary in the oil fields of oklahoma. she's right there on the rig. this is home sweet home. >> and even until the man camp. her home for three weeks out of every month. >> there's a critic out there that says this is man's work, what do you say? >> it isn't. there's no disadvantage for being a woman out here. >> keep your feet on the ground.
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>> this school in ohio, one in four of the students here are women. like 16-year-old kailee cain. >> it's kind of nice to be able to work around a whole bunch of guys. makes me feel more empowered. >> lot of them do a heck of a lot better than the guys. it's amazing. >> back in kansas, linda's has paid auch. minimum wage making 15 bucks an over plus overtime. >> we wrent from run down trailer to house we're living in now. >> digging with the guys and breaking new ground. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, wichita, kansas. >> our thanks to sharon tonight. when we come back, the nude prime minister leading many who glanced to gasp. if you have copd like i do,
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it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. a new portrait of canadian stephen harper is causing a stir. other world leaders known to bare some skin, but harper is not one of them. now a canadian artist painted a naked portrait of him. she said she was inspired by her frustration with the government. and the reaction there? >> wow! that's disturbing. >> that's awful. >> he's naked but you don't see any details. >> everybody weighing in differently. prime minister's office responded with humor. the dog painted in the scene, everyone knows the prime minister is really a cat person. another imagine that caught our eye this weekend. a farewell dance for kristen
5:53 pm
wiig moving on after seven years on seasonal. who koultd forget target lady or perhaps sue who struggled to keep that engagement surprise a secret a few seasons back or one of my favorites wiig playing a flight attendant. had a hole blown up in the passenger cabin. >> we went from 37,000 feet to 11,000 feet in one minute. >> that's a pretty steep dive. >> not really. it was just like this ah! ah! and then -- >> last night, wiig cast members took a turn dancing with her. she has at least seven movies in the works. we'll see her in the months and years to come. when we come back, the new immage hs of that extraordinary site in the sky. tted has helped fund economic
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an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit and finally tonlt, here all eyes on a once in a generation show in the sky. this is the night of big solar eclipse, that rare ring of fire. scientists say be careful looking up tonight. so many people armed with their
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eclipse glasses. >> reporter: across china and japan, already monday morning, people are waking up to this, dramatic views, thanks to a bit of celestial serendipity. >> absolutely. the last time we had this good of partial eclipse was 12 years ago. >> as our moon slips between the earth and sun, it blocks out all of our star, creating a spectacular ring of fire. people across the west get a partial eclipse. the best crew viewing pars i texas to oregon. reknee nevada and lubbock, texas. >> most areas not going to have a whole lot of cloud cover. texas panhandle. if you ask see it, do it safely. children can be especially vulnerable to permanent eye damage known as eclipse blindness. >> you have to protect your eyes. you can take a pair of glasses made specifically for eclipses and you put those on and they will protect your eyes.
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many are getting the message, store from colorado to california selling out. >> i'm excited to see this. >> today with the help of telescopes, eclipses have been fun. it's a long way from the time of ancient civilizations when an eclipse meant doom. because a total eclipse looks like the end of the world, we won't see that this time, but we'll see something very cool. >> reporter: something very cool from something very hot. clayton sandell. it is going to be spectacular. hope you'll tweet me or send me a picture on facebook because we can't see it in the east. good morning america first thing in the morning. diane sawyer right back in the chair tomorrow night. i'm david muir. from all of us here, good night.
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>> ama: hanging in the balance. a toppled tree lands precariously on muni lines in san francisco. >> alan: that tree is causing a lot of problems tonight, and removing it is proving to be a difficult and dangerous job. the tree landed squarely on powerlines out church and elizabeth liz street. here's the latest. >> reporter: we're here on church and 24th street, and you see the pg&e crews have finished work on the power pole. it almost came down after a large r large tree branch fell on the powerlines and now the street is re-opened and the j church muni service has resumed. churchee


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