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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 21, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- chicago chaos. this morning on "world news now" -- chicago chaos. police arrest dozens of protesters, demonstrating the president's summit with nato leaders. >> police will be busy keeping order once again today as those high-level talks conclude. it's monday, may 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. happy monday. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm diana perez in for paula faris. we'll bring you up to date on the summit and the protesters, and we'll take a rare inside look into the terror zone of yemen where that country's military is going after al qaeda rebels now with a vengeance. >> all that after the foiled underwear bomb plot. now intensifying action in that country. also this morning, a very
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unusual political race where both candidates, literally both of them, are named roy brooks. even the woman. one is a man. the other is a woman and they definitely do not see eye to eye despite this one very unique thing they have in common. i like that story. >> that is going to be fun to watch. >> later on this half hour, highlights from last night's billboard music awards and a tribute to the bee gees' robin gibb. our media and music consultant is here to remember the legendary disco singer. >> we reported how sick he had been over the week and passing at a young age, just 62 years old. it's one of the biggest demonstrations to hit chicago streets in years. last night there was a violent turn when protesters confronted police. >> dozens of people have been arrested, and the protests are expected later today. abc's alex perez has more from chicago. >> reporter: chicago police used their batons and force as they clashed with protesters who tried to push their way through a safety perimeter around the
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nato summit. authorities used a high-tech sound cannon to communicate with the crowd and tried to get them to move back. and police on the ground made more arrests in the scramble to stop tragedy before it occurs. at least three possible violent plots have been foiled, including separate plans to toss molotov cocktails and detonate pipe bombs. all this on the heels of the arrests of these three men who plotted to attack president obama's campaign headquarters and the home of chicago mayor rahm emmanuel. >> we're just not going to tolerate criminal behavior. >> reporter: in the cordoned off safety zone, the business of the summit got under way. president obama asking nato leaders not to pull out of afghanistan too soon before the u.s. withdrawal in 2014. and to commit billions in aid for afghan security forces. >> we're on the right track. what this nato summit reflects is that the world is behind the strategy we've laid out. >> reporter: although there were clashes, the crowd was much smaller than the 10,000
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expected. only about 3,000 turned out. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> just imagine what it would have been like if all 10,000 that were expected showed up. >> i think a little more chaotic than authorities expected. so it could have been worse. important headline coming out of there besides what we're doing in afghanistan. there's a plan in place where we'll shift more to a supportive role in 2013 and then get out altogether december 31st, 2014. it is done. so that, you know, that's got to be of great comfort to a lot of military families around the country that they are sticking to that withdrawal timetable. >> and so a lot of these protesters, maybe they don't understand that. maybe they don't know that. whatever it is, we're finally starting to withdraw, which is what everybody has wanted for a long time. >> beginning of the end, as they say, right? more serious news this morning. to a riot inside a privately owned prison in mississippi has left one guard dead and at least five others injured. the prison is in the southwestern city of natchez. the disturbance broke out
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yesterday afternoon involving between 200 and 300 inmates. prison officials insist there is no threat to public safety. the only person ever convicted of the bombing of pan am flight 103 has died. abdel baset al megrahi was released from a scottish prison just three years ago because doctors said his death from cancer was imminent. the bombing killed 259 people aboard, plus 11 on the ground in lockerbie, scotland. his death leaves many questions about the attack unanswered. u.s. drones have joined the yemeni government's new offensive against al qaeda. in the last day alone, in fact, 17 people have been killed. the crackdown also includes an all-out hunt for the mastermind of that recently uncovered underwear bomb plot which was designed to bring down u.s. planes. abc's martha raddatz has exclusive details now from yemen. she is the only network reporter inside the terror zone. >> reporter: as some 20,000 yemeni army troops are pounding al qaeda strongholds in southern yemen, the u.s. is striking from above with armed drones. at least 18 strikes since march. three in just the last ten days. and no wonder.
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an official tells abc news that there are as many as 3,000 al qaeda supporters in yemen now. that's two to three times the number from a year ago. dozens of terrorists have reportedly been killed, but the hunt continues for ibrahim al asiri, the al qaeda bombmaker plotting to blow up an american airliner after three failed attempts, including the most recent underwear bomb plot foiled by a double agent. but u.s. intelligence about asiri is improving every day. after more than a year away from yemen, a handful of u.s. military trainers are now back. >> once you establish more sensors, more capability, a better intelligence apparatus, let's call it, that the opportunity then to understand who is bad and who is good and
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where they might be at any given time increases. >> reporter: and for some, the assault on al qaeda has meant improvement. one of these young women told me, i'm not saying everything is good, but now we have hope. while there has been some progress here, it is not going to be easy. one western diplomat telling me we are not close to defeating al qaeda. martha raddatz, abc news, yemen. and a team of those u.s. military instructors martha mentioned came under attack. they were on their way to a training session with yemen coast guards. a car pulled up next to them and opened fire. one of them was seriously injured. at least four people are dead after a powerful earthquake in northeast italy. the magnitude 6.0 quake knocked down a clock tower and other centuries old buildings when it
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struck in the middle of the night when most folks were asleep. the epicenter was just north of bologna. the four people killed were factory workers on the overnight shift. dozens were injured. the first tropical storm watches of the season have been lifted from south carolina's coast. days before the official start of the year's hurricane season, tropical storm alberto poses a threat to shipping traffic. as it turns toward the northeast some time later today. forecasters predict the storm is expected to remain well offshore. >> so weird to be looking at a track like that and we're not even to hurricane season yet which is june 1st to november the 30th. you hope that is not a bad omen for the hurricane season. >> we don't like the way -- it's not even started yet. >> this is may. calm down, mother nature. calm down. here's a look at the rest of the monday weather. a gorgeous weekend in the northeast. that's for sure. couldn't have been nicer this weekend. picture perfect. all that now gives way to some showers. and some cooler temps. also the ohio and tennessee
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valleys could see thunderstorms. but nothing too severe. >> so this drop of temperatures is happening everywhere. chicago drops from 93 today to 66. much warmer than usual in the southwest with phoenix at 105 instead of the usual 95. chilly and damp in the pacific northwest. >> that's cold in phoenix, too. break out your winter coats. it's only in the mid-90s. two couples showed just how deeply they are in love. >> deep because they exchanged vows under water. family and friends gathered at a marine park for this bizarre nuptial. witnesses included schools of fish and mermaids. >> and get this. dolphins blessed the couple with kisses, and entertainment was provided by some singing sea lions. you can't really make this stuff up. creative wedding. not bad. i guess it's more exciting than the normal affair. >> so every bride wants to make her wedding absolutely unforgettable. >> mission accomplished. >> that is certainly one way to
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do it. apparently all of the people in the bridal party had to take scuba diving lessons in order to be a part of the -- here's the thing. when you are asked to be a part of a wedding you have to buy the shoes, buy the dress. throw a party. and then you also have to take lessons? >> that's a lot. that's asking a lot. that's why i like destination weddings. >> i'll stand up here. i'll stand on the outside of the tank. hi, guys. coming up next -- political confusion. opposing candidates of the opposite sex but with the very same name. >> and later on, the legendary robin gibb of the bee gees and his impact on the music scene and pop culture worldwide. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by the scooter store. you by the scooter store.
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welcome back, everybody. there is a strange political battle playing out in north texas. an incumbent named roy brooks is
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facing off against a challenger, also named roy brooks. >> that to right. it's being called the battle "roy-ale." >> tip the bartender. >> before the big vote in eight days. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: in the pantheon of famous roys -- ♪ pretty woman >> reporter: -- there's roy orbison. roy rogers. roy jones jr. and soon to join them, roy brooks, or is it this roy brooks? even though voters in tarrant county, texas, won't head to the polls until the end of the month, we already know the winner's name in this hotly contested commissioner's race. roy brooks is sure to win because roy brooks is running against roy brooks. sure to be a battle "roy-ale" on the ballot. in this corner, the other roy laverne brooks.
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>> i'm not worried about any confusion. >> reporter: versus the incumbent roy charles brooks. >> there is absolutely no confusion about the record. >> reporter: if they've avoided the usual name calling it's because names are the one thing they can agree on. while he's focused on managing growth, her same to fight crime and promote education funding. and she says her opponent has simply been in office too long. >> consequently you don't get nothing but the same results. here i come with new ideas. >> new ideas but the same old name. only the two brooks may have voters up a creek when it comes to casting their ballots. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> so why not go with laverne brooks and charles brooks? >> i agree. i've never met a woman named roy. never met a biological woman named roy. that's interesting to me. god bless. but that's a strange story. both democrats. now they are trying hard to distinguish their campaign
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materials. the colors or slogans or whatever they are using. that's just -- i like that story. >> so they go to the poll. everybody goes to the polls on the 29th. and you have to really be paying attention because it says roy brooks. it's just that -- i think they are going to be identified by their middle name. so you have to know their middle name. >> so laverne, if you want the woman, look for the laverne. >> and the charles. and here's what i think happened. i guarantee somebody said why don't you change your name and they were like, what? me? have the other person change their name. >> but roy the dude probably feels more entitled to the name being a man. >> i wonder what roy the woman's real -- roy is probably short for something. >> i would hope. >> mrs. roy, call us. we have follow-up questions. coming up next, memorable moments from last night's billboard music awards. >> including a tribute to robin gibb, the unforgettable singer from the bee gees. you are watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue aft çkçkçkçkçk
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♪ stayin' alive ♪ stayin' alive ♪ last night's billboard music awards paid tribute to robin gibb who died of cancer yesterday along with some other artists whom we've lost and whose voices will live on forever. >> music and media consultant bruno del granado is here. welcome, bruno. another live appearance. you are spoiling us. we love having you here live with us on the set. >> first, we want to talk about this donna summer tribute. it was a bit of a scramble. and, obviously, robin gibb also passed away. they had to scramble to do something for him as well. let's talk about some of the tributes.
3:19 am
>> donna summer was actually, i think it was a little bit of a diss. she scored 32 top 100 hits on the billboard charts. and natasha bedingfield but doing a so-so good rendition of "last dance." they cut it halfway going to commercial. i don't think that's a way to pay respect to someone with so many hits. >> they let it breathe, give it time because it's a solemn, respectful -- they did not. and in terms of robin, we knew for months he's been sick battling cancer. what do you think his legacy will be? >> the stats are tremendous. robin and his brother sold 220 million albums. they scored 16 number ones around the world. nine grammys. they made the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. three-part harmony was influenced a generation of songwriters and singers afterwards. he co-wrote most of the songs with his brother barry. it's a sad, sad day because we'll never be able to hear the bee gees again. >> two disco legends gone. so close together. >> so there are so many awards to talk about and to think about
3:20 am
because there's the grammys and now the billboard awards. to differentiate them is a little hard because at the grammys, everybody thanking their agents and fans and families. here we heard everyone thanking the deejays. >> the difference is the grammys are voted by the academy. this is by who sells the most amount of records, itunes downloads. who would think adele won 12 awards tonight? we didn't even see her there. she won 12 and wasn't there. >> it was all about launching new songs. chris brown and usher and everybody. >> what were some of the highlights for you last night? >> the whitney houston tribute was tremendous. john legend did a great job. even better, jordin sparks knocked it out of the park. and to see bobbi kristina on stage, so well poised and really owning that stage. it reminded me of michael jackson's daughter paris when she also paid tribute to her father. tremendous tribute. this was something whitney was probably looking down very happy
3:21 am
to see. >> she died the night before the grammys. jennifer hudson blew the roof off the place. that was a rush job. >> jordin sparks, i was afraid when she started with "i will always love you." only whitney could have done it. she did a tremendous job tonight. tremendous. and jordin is in the movie "sparkle" that will open in august. whitney's last movie. >> and alicia keys with stevie wonder. that was another great moment between the two of them. >> phenomenal. stevie wonder doing "higher ground." a little "empire state of mind." now the unofficial theme song for new york. >> any low lights for us, things you didn't like? >> apart from the artist lip-syncing? >> yeah, yeah. >> too much of that. >> that does happen. that does happen. it was cool, though. think about the awards. it comes from the fans. there's a grassroots feel to it
3:22 am
a little bit. >> you felt that when justin bieber was performing and everybody -- it's a real fan-driven event. >> very cool. bruno, thanks. we'll be back with more after this. very cool. bruno, thanks. we'll be back with more after this. nks. we'll be back with more after this. bored with your one trick lipstick?
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♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. time for insomniac theater. and our take on the movie that went to battle with the "avengers" for the top spot at the box office this weekend. >> that's right. the board game "battleship" was made into an action adventure. amanda van allen checked out the film to see if it was worth the time and the money. good morning amanda. >> good morning, guys. >> what do you say? >> well, i think it was worth the time and the money. it wasn't the best film that i've seen this year, but i did enjoy myself.
3:26 am
it was a nice action movie. i was surprised it's not offered in 3d which kind of confused me because it was kind of one of those movies like transformers made by the same maker. >> blowing up and popping out. >> i thought something was going to hit me in the face. it didn't happen. i was kind of disappointed about that. but the gist of the movie basically is that the navy, they are out and they are doing their navy games and some random aliens fall into the ocean. they don't know -- >> i hate when that happens. >> me, too. it happened in the news studio before. it was tragic. but we took care of it. they are fighting the aliens. they don't exactly know what they are. and it's one of those -- lots of explosions. lots of fires. some people died. a lot of good people live. pretty typical action movie. >> we've seen it all before. >> let's listen to what a couple
3:27 am
of our movie goers have to say. >> the acting wasn't very good. >> i thought there a did a really good job in "battleship." i had a good time watching him. >> i thought a little too much explosion without much context. >> you can see that the director is really into the army and the navy and that he really likes battle and strategy and he just -- he seems to really care about it and it's a bummer that's wasted on a terrible story about aliens that makes no sense. >> yeah. >> critical people. >> i kind of agree with him. i thought the movie was really good. had really good potential. but the writing was kind of poor. some of the acting was mediocre. just sometimes you are like, wait, i could have done that. why didn't they hire me for that role? i could have looked oddly at the camera. seriously. but i gave the movie 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. i thought there were some good parts but i thought there was a little bit to be desired. >> you said they paid tribute to service members which is probably why you gave it a 2 1/2. >> absolutely. i thought they did a really good job of paying tribute to them. the service members who are maybe old and retired and can't
3:28 am
do what they used to do and then
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this morning on "world news now" -- bomber's death. the only man convicted in the pan am 103 explosion dies from cancer. >> why it's a bittersweet chapter for the loved ones of the 270 people killed a generation ago. it's monday, may 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm diana perez. paula faris is on assignment this week. >> i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. today will be a big day in a new jersey courtroom where a rutgers student dharun ravi will be sentenced. he could face time in prison, even deportation, after he spied on his roommate and another man's intimate encounter using a webcam.
3:31 am
a high-profile case that put another spotlight on the issue of bullying in this country. >> cyberbullying. >> yes, yes. and what an unforgettable show courtesy of mother nature in the skies out west and overseas. the sun and the moon met in what's called a ring of fire eclipse. we'll explain why it's so rare. >> we didn't get a chance to see it here in the east. only the folks out west. we were short changed. >> we got pretty cool pictures. >> yeah, yeah. we'll show you all that, too. also later this half hour, whitney houston's daughter took the stage during an emotional and stirring moment during the billboard music awards. we'll tell you what she had to say coming up later in "the skinny." kind of a night of tributes last night. whitney houston, donna summer and also the bee gees' singer as well. there was a lot to be, you know, some tender moments last night. >> lots of really nice tributes. first, we want to get to this. one top lawmakers is calling it a grave injustice that abdel baset al megrahi died a free man. >> family members of those who died say that should not end the
3:32 am
search for justice. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: he was welcomed home a national hero. the libyan bomber expected to live just months has now died nearly three years later. it's been almost a quarter century that we first saw these horrific images. the remains of pan am 103 which fell on lockerbie scotland. the bomber's death brings relief but no resolution for families of those murdered. >> there never is closure in an act so senseless as this. the hole will continue to be there. any time you try to visualize how your loved one was blown out of the air at 31,000 feet. >> reporter: bert ammerman has been to lockerbie to remember his 36-year-old brother tom, 1 of the 270 killed, most of them americans. 11 years later under crushing sanctions, libya's gadhafi handed over abdel baset al megrahi, the former intelligence officer who was convicted and sentenced to life. after serving just eight years, suffering from cancer, he was released for what was said to be
3:33 am
humanitarian reasons. but families and experts believe he was released to open up libyan oil to the world in a deal brokered by the british and the u.s., which is why this day does not bring closure for many. >> him passing away with his family brings anger that he had the ability to do that. >> reporter: ammerman and other families believe there are others who are responsible for the bombing who must still be brought to justice. scotland says its investigation is not over, even now, more than 24 years after the bombing. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> we understand if you are a family member of one of the victims, this guy was able to live roughly the last three years of his life by his family and die of cancer in peace, more or less, as opposed to being behind bars which family members of the victims would have preferred a harsher end. i mean, you kind of understand where they are coming from. for some doubters, still questions about the case and how directly he was involved in all of this, including questions about the witnesses, questions about the forensics.
3:34 am
so there's still a lot of his death is partial closure but still a lot of questions about others' involvement as well. >> i interviewed one of the victims' family members when i was working in connecticut, and they said, and not in these words but essentially -- this was back in 2009 when he was released. they said it's like pouring salt on an open wound. and this is something that they will never get over. >> i believe that. i believe that. so a lot of mixed emotions. >> this must be even more difficult for that family. all those families. >> good point. dozens of protesters have been arrested in chicago as world leaders met at the nato summit. the demonstrations turned violent last night when protesters clashed with a line of police. the officers were trying to keep the mobs away from the
3:35 am
convention center where the president was meeting with several world leaders. demonstrators also protested at a dinner hosted by the first lady. speaking of the president, he is hosting high-level meetings on afghanistan as the two-day summit concludes today. mr. obama admits u.s. troops will face some fierce combat as the war winds down. the u.s. and nato partners will move into a supporting role next year with afghan forces now taking the leading role in the fighting. the combat mission comes to a close at the end of 2014. the john edwards jury resumes its deliberations this morning. the former north carolina senator and presidential hopeful is charged with election fraud and using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress. edward faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines if convicted of all charges. on friday, jurors asked for office supplies, a signal that deliberations may be longer than expected. a former rutgers university student will be sentenced today for hate crimes that triggered national headlines about online bullying. dharun ravi spied on his gay roommate and tweeted about an intimate encounter captured on his webcam. just days later that roommate tyler clementi committed suicide. wabc's carolina leid reports.
3:36 am
>> reporter: dharun ravi could pay a hefty price for what he told abc anchor chris cuomo was a childish mistake. >> looking back, i was very self-absorbed. it was never, what if tyler finds out, how is he going to feel about it? >> reporter: the now 20-year-old could spend up to ten years behind bars and deportation to india. keep in mind prosecutors say the maximum penalty is not necessary. jurors heard four weeks of testimony about ravi spying on his college roommate tyler clementi with a webcam and tweeting about seeing him in an intimate encounter with another man. clementi killed himself when he found out. >> guilty. >> reporter: a jury convicted ravi in march on 15 criminal charges including invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence. there has been an outpouring of support for clementi after his death, some felt this was a wake-up call about how young gay men and women are treated. there have also been mounting
3:37 am
calls for leniency on ravi. his defenders say giving him a long prison sentence would be unfair for what was immature behavior but not an intentional hate crime. and if ravi is set free, the computer science major says he would like to go back to school to finish his studies. in new brunswick, new jersey, i'm carolina leid, abc news. there were some tense moments involving a toddler who fell into a sewer. parents say the 2-year-old little boy was playing in the yard outside their home in germany and he became stuck two yards down the sewer shaft before emergency workers could finally free him. the toddler suffered only minor injuries but was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. >> oh, thank god he'll be okay. hopefully. we have some spectacular pictures coming in overnight from the ring of fire eclipse. sky watchers in asia and the western u.s. were lucky enough to see the amazing sight. these pictures coming in from utah.
3:38 am
the last time an eclipse like this was visible from anywhere in the lower 48 states was nearly two decades ago. >> this type of solar eclipse is called an annular eclipse. annular is the latin word for ring. so the moon doesn't actually fill up the whole sun. so at the site of the sun, it's still going to be visible. >> the eclipse was broadcast live on tv in tokyo where such an eclipse hasn't been visible since 1838. >> wow. quite a scene in the sky. not bad at all. >> that is very cool. >> i always say put those protective glasses on. >> you don't want to be blinded. >> yes. great song. here's a look at your weather on this monday morning. detroit, memphis, dallas, oklahoma city could see a few thunderstorms. also rain returns to the pacific northwest. and it could be a wet day in the mid-atlantic. >> a heat wave hits the southwest with temperatures ten degrees warmer than usual. salt lake city is in the upper 80s.
3:39 am
after a warm weekend, the northeast will dip back into the 60s. omaha and fargo are 70 degrees. we have a couple of amazing races over the weekend. of course, i'll have another with his thrilling last-second surge to win the preakness. >> oh, yeah. the other contest, much different, typical of the lifestyle in key west. it was the third annual vandenberg underwater grand prix. contestants using diver propulsion vehicles or dpvs raced the remains of a military warship intentionally sunk to act as a reef. >> this year's winner, rick iossi. we wish him a hearty congratulations. those folks in key west know how to have fun. always something cool and funky going on down there. >> wow. what is the prize? >> oxygen, survival. just fun. >> and what's the purpose? >> to have a good time. >> you're in key west.
3:40 am
>> it's the keys, you know? exactly. coming up next, the tech nerd who married a doctor, but they're no ordinary sweethearts. >> and getting down and dirty to make some money. women get in on the oil rush. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by bounty extra soft paper. [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games.
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3:44 am
some of these women are trading in minimum wage jobs for salaries in the six figures. abc's sharyn alfonsi has more. >> reporter: underneath the blue overalls and the steel-toed books in with the carlos and sauls, she is a pioneer of a new gold rush. >> get our keys for our truck. >> reporter: when linda trujillo heard about the big money being made in america's oil boom, she quit her fast food job and moved her family from new mexico. >> i was like, i need to make something better for my kids, so i'm going to do it. >> reporter: linda spent her last dollar learning to drive big trucks and heavy equipment. today she's the only woman on an eight-man drilling crew. >> really stressful to work around a lot of men. they've adjusted to me. >> reporter: linda's kansas or bust move almost unheard of in what's always been a man's world. even today's recruiting videos send a clear message. >> the oil field is the best job a man will ever have. >> reporter: but that is changing. in seven years, 25,000 more
3:45 am
women have joined the men in america's oil fields. leah caston left her teaching job for a six-figure salary in the oil fields of oklahoma. to the critic out there who says this is man's work, what do you say? >> it isn't. there's no disadvantage for being a woman out here. >> keep the teeth on the ground. good. >> reporter: at this school in ohio, 1 in 4 of the students here are women. like 16-year-old caylee cain. >> it's kind of nice to work around a whole bunch of guys. makes you feel more empowered. >> a lot of them do a heck of a lot better than the guys do. it's amazing. >> reporter: back in kansas, linda trujillo's gamble has paid off. she's gone from minimum wage to making 15 bucks an hour, plus overtime. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, wichita, kansas. >> there's an oil boom going on in this country. north dakota, kansas. those folks are cashing in just by digging up the backyard. not bad at all. >> i didn't recognize you as a driller. >> is that you? >> i think so.
3:46 am
i'm not sure what's going on with the face there. >> i don't think -- >> i'm busy at work. >> got to get that -- >> got to get it done. you know what is really interesting, though, all these places are becoming so overpopulated and they are bringing their kids with them that they are having a hard time finding places to educate these children. >> i believe it. it's a modern day gold rush. you see that population boom. you're going to have issues. >> i wonder what they'll call it. gold rush is a little vague. coming up next, memorable tributes to three unforgettable performers. >> and a brand new take on the old "fresh prince of bel air" theme song next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now"wowowowowowowowowowowowowoww
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♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. now for "the skinny." here's something i know i grew up with and a lot of people out there grew up with. "the fresh prince of bel air." >> indeed. >> i know all the words. >> that's right. >> i know even the hidden
3:49 am
verses. and there are hidden verses. >> i didn't know that. >> you didn't know that. that's right. there you go. well, he was on the bbc's "the graham norton show" and he actually gave his own little acappella rendition of the entire song for the studio audience. take a listen because it's awesome. ♪ ♪ once was a story all about how my life got quickly turned upside down ♪ ♪ i'd like to take a minute just sit right down ♪ ♪ i'll tell you how i became the prince of a town called bel air ♪ >> everybody knows those lyrics. i love that man. look at that. that's crazy how infectious that song is. >> the hidden verse, he goes to an airport. he doesn't drive. >> really? >> that's the hidden verse. >> i'm impressed with you today. >> there you go. this happened last week. a lot of people heard about this. will smith was on the red carpet promoting his movie "men in black 3," and a male television
3:50 am
reporter in moscow came in for a kiss and will smith slapped him in the face. you can't do that. this is polarizing. a lot of people say will smith overreacted. >> no. >> some say, no, he didn't. but, you know, looking at what happened because when i first -- ugh -- >> it's a little much. it's all a bit of personal space. will had a right to kind of push him back and give him a gentle slap and say what is wrong with you, man. >> that reporter, this is what he does to every celebrity he sees. he goes in for a kiss. so -- >> he was -- he invaded too much. i don't blame will at all. also the billboard music awards were going on last night. really was a night of tributes. we've lost so many big stars in a relatively short amount of time. whitney houston, donna summer, most recently robin gibb of bee gees fame. a tender moment when bobbi kristina, whitney's daughter, got up to accept the millennium award on her mother's behalf. take a listen. >> i'm just -- i'm just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life.
3:51 am
there will never be another one ever. >> such a sweet moment. on top of that, john legend and jordin sparks both performed. sparks did the classic whitney song "i will always love you" and really brought down the house. they cut to bobbi kristina crying during the performance of the song. a tender moment. and she died the night before the grammys so this was the first well-planned tribute. and on top of that, of course, donna summer, a tribute to her as well. she passed away, 62, of lung cancer. on top of that, robin gibb, as well. gave him a brief tribute as well. a night to honor those no longer with us. it was good all the way around. >> that was a quick tribute. they didn't have time to really do much with that unfortunately. >> gone but not forgotten. >> and really quick, mick jagger was on "snl" and he was incredible. >> good, huh?
3:52 am
>> he did steven tyler. was in almost every single skit. he is such the comedian. he did a great job. i was in stitches watching him. >> look at him. he's great. even looks like him. >> that was like somebody's -- whoa. look at that.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ all right. we are really sorry, ladies. we've got some bad news. the $19 billion man, mark zuckerberg, married his longtime girlfriend over the weekend and is officially off the market. >> indeed. what a week this guy had. his company, a little thing you may have heard of called facebook, that went public, of course, raking in billions of dollars. and the surprise wedding. also last week was his 28th birthday. a lot of things going on. abc's tonya rivero has this very big status update.
3:56 am
>> let's do this. >> reporter: when mark zuckerberg took his company public friday, he became one of the youngest billionaires ever, but he became much richer still, trading the hoody for a suit and marrying his longtime girlfriend priscilla chan. >> on the heels of the second largest ipo in american history, the ceo gets married. >> reporter: fewer than 100 guests attended an intimate ceremony in his backyard. they thought they'd come for chan's graduation party, but the pair had been secretly planning the wedding for months. >> this is a guy who has always seen the long game. he's not a spontaneous guy. this is not an impulse buy. >> reporter: chan is a pediatrician. they've been together nine years since meeting at harvard. >> this is somebody who has known him from before he was wealthy, before he was anything really. >> reporter: now dr. chan is also mrs. zuckerberg and will presumably share his fortune. no word on whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, but even before word of a wedding, donald trump publicly advised zuckerberg to sign one and divorce lawyers agree. >> if mark zuckerberg did not sign a prenup, he needs to see a psychiatrist and not a lawyer. >> reporter: for now he seems more grateful for the gifts his new bride has given him, telling robin roberts it was her experiences in the e.r. that inspired a facebook initiative to foster organ donations. >> all of a sudden, an organ
3:57 am
becomes available. she comes home and it's like her face is all lit up because someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> reporter: and this billionaire is betting his life will be better because of her. right now there are over 850,000 facebook users who have liked zuckerberg's status update. clearly they are very excited for the ceo. tonya rivero, abc news, new york. >> when you have a big week, you have a big week. that's incredible. >> that's very sweet. >> everyone is wondering, is there a prenup? what's going on? this is probably the only woman on the planet he could date because she was with him eight, nine years ago before all this. men like loyalty. happy guy, rich. life is good. >> they look happy. good for them. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades this morning on "world news now" -- angry scenes from chicago where president obama happy guy, rich. life is good. >> they look happy. good for them. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
insomniacs for two decades owoww
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