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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 21, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc right now major construction underway to build a new 49 football stadium in santa clara the company working on the project is so proud it put the team's logo on its truck. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze amy hollyfield is live at the new site. >> reporter: i just spoke with the vice mayor of santa clara she said she pin -- pinching herself today. she says it has been a long six years. believe it or not these drills
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are doing important work this is the action they've been wanting drilling 75 feet into the ground they are going to fill out with grout this is the foundation that will support the fans as they cheer for their 49ers. central concrete is the company bringing in the concrete, a local company it proudly put the 49ers' logos on its drums for this project. 48 trucks will deliver all of the concrete it will take the crew 25 days to drill all of the holes. not as exciting as seeing the framework or the chairs, but they say it is a big step. >> this is really the first structural element. this will be the piles averaged 55 feet they go very deep and there's over 3,000. this is a huge operation. this is a big deal. >> reporter: the stadium is scheduled to open in santa clara in the 2014 season. they plan for 69,000 seats it
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will be a green stadium going to run on solar power and use reclaimed water on the field. you are looking at the approximate spot of the 50 yard line. when it opens in two years and you see your favorite player there you can remember you saw it when it had a truck sitting on it. this stadium is going to cost about a billion dollars. at one point they hope it is going to employ 1700 people, santa clara city officials have big plans to develop the area around here. there's a lot of excitement down here this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. right now in castro valley more than 100 customers have lost power. pg&e says somebody else's crew hit electrical wires a few hours ago while digging, nobody was hurt, more than 3,000 were without power. right now pg&e is working to
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restore electricity. in san jose a garbage truck caught fire 9:00 this morning. it happened near a townhome in the 12 -- the cleanup will take a while because all the garbage has to be removed. wall street continues to be wary of making friends with facebook today. that was this morning's open on the nasdaq the company's stock started falling before the opening bell rang. today is the company's first full day of trading. right now shares are trading above $34, down 9% from the initial price friday. let's go to bloomberg reporter live at the new york stock exchange. good morning deb . >> reporter: investors -- [ talking over each other ] >> reporter: this company -- facebook is a company based on people socializing online.
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with wall street this is a different company because they aren't selling a physical product based on advertising, that has been a big concern advertising sales have not kept up with user editions and people on wall street had been saying a long time before the ipo that the company was valued too high because of concerns about advertising of course there was a lot of interest from the average person so on wall street a lot of people are saying this slump may be reenforces the fact that maybe the ipo was priced too high. mark zuckerberg's fortune is down 2.2 billion dollars, i think there's a little more left in there for him. >> just because it stumbled out of the gate does that mean it won't be good long term? >> reporter: facebook has said and mark zuckerberg has said they are going to focus on mobile technology. a lot of people on wall street are saying you have to wait
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and sit and see what kind of comes of this. if you think about linkedin, every company is different, if you look at another saoerblgs media company they've been public for a year their stock prices doubled over the past year maybe this initial stumble they may get over it. we'll have to see what facebook's strategy is going forward. people on wall street look at numbers closely they are not just buying the stock blindly, they are looking at the actual numbers to see if the advertising and business model is behind the kind of money that they are making and what the stock and what the company is valued at. >> of course linked in another bay area tech ipo rollercoaster ride there too. investors are bracing themselves. deborah, thank you. big announcement from yahoo this morning selling half of its shares in chinese
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e-commerce alibaba will pay yahoo several billion dollars to allow the company to appease unhappy shareholders by paying dividends. alibaba is an online marketplace. the company plans to go public in a few years. right now students are back in class at two pacifica elementary schools after a norovirus outbreak sickened students some returned to school this morning. others are still home recovering. the outbreak began may 8th, students started complaining of stomach cramps. the health department directed officials to disinfect the facilities to rid all surfaces of the virus. big buzz over the basketball story that may be the golden state warriors could be moving from oakland to san francisco, big announcement scheduled for tomorrow. katie marzullo joins us from oakland with fan reaction.
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>> reporter: fans in one word are disappointed. officials are laying low i haven't had good luck getting calls returned. it is starting to sound like the warriors have one foot out the door and across the bay bridge. >> it will be disappointing. >> i would be shocked. >> reporter: message from oakland is clear, don't go. espn is reporting the deal is almost done that the warriors will be moving to san francisco. >> i love san francisco, we are the bay, right. but, the warriors they are the mascot, this is who we are as a collective community, oakland, need to be -- warriors need to be here. >> reporter: warriors have been in oakland since the 70s by way of philadelphia and san francisco their fans want to keep them close. >> they've been part of oakland for a very clock time it is part of the bay area -- very longtime it is part of the bay area and warrior spirit just the name warriors means it is something for us to fight for. >> it has been here for so
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many years if it goes to another city it is not going to be part of us any more. >> my son loves to watch the games. he'll be disappointed. we have a big loss if they go. >> reporter: the warriors may feel they have something to gain. san francisco mayor lee and city supervisors are for the move offering a new waterfront arena at piers 30 and 32, team owner saying we are not prepared to make any announcement at this time. fans are making their feelings known now. >> i want the warriors to know they still have my support. >> reporter: mayor quan here in oakland has said she committed to keeping the team here. our sports reporter mike shumann has confirmed the team is making announcement tomorrow. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it is important to note, a lot of loyalty the warriors have consistently drawn more
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fans than most other nba teams despite their poor record recently. last year they were 10th highest, 4500 fans below the lakers even though the warriors were never in contention. the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is sharing her story with the i-team. she tells the reporter about the fight with her husband and public scandal that followed. dan traveled to her home in venezuela this weekend for a one-on-one interview. she talks about how her life has changed dramatically in the past five months her fight for justice for her husband and whether she is ever coming back to san francisco. dan just arrived in san francisco late last night you don't want to miss his story which will begin airing tomorrow night on abc7 news at 11 >> still ahead, new risk for overweight and obese teenagers. emotional day of testimony today as the former rutgers university student convicted in the webcam spying case is
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sentenced. also, major milestone for house minority leader nancy pelosi today. how san francisco is celebrating one of the nation's most powerful female politicians.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. developing news. it will be jail, not prison time for former rutgers university student convicted of hate crimes for using a webcam to spy on his roommate who committed suicide soon a a
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new jersey judge sentenced 20-year-old dharun ravi to thirty days in jail. his roommate tyler clementi killed himself in september 2010, soon after ravi used a webcam to capture clementi and another man kissing in their dorm room. >> tyler and i have been very connected, so much so i felt like a piece of me died in september of 2010. >> mr. ravi did these criminal acts because he saw my son as not deserving basic human decency and respect. >> ravi insists he wasn't trying to intimidate his gay roommate and he didn't record the encounter and didn't out him. a jury disagreed, convicting him of all charges. he could face deportation to india. today the judge announced he will not recommend that. president obama and fellow nato leaders solidified plans today tone the war in afghanistan. leaders met for a second day today in chicago where they
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affirmed commitment to ending the war in 2014. the agreement calls for afghan forces to take control of all combat next summer with nato in a support role. >> this will be another step toward afghans taking full lead towards their security as agreed to by 2014 when the combat mission will end. >> the president's optimism is being tempered by military leaders who caution the fighting is not over for u.s. troops. no signs of trouble today outside that summit. yesterday protesters clashed with police. one officer was stabbed, three others were injured, 50 protesters were realized. 65% of americans oppose the war only 27% support effort. dozens of roman catholic diocese and schools including university of notre dame are suing the obama administration over the mandate requiring most employers to cover birth control. the school says the mandate violates religious freedom by requiring many religiously
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affiliated hospitals, schools and charities to comply. president obama offered to soften the mandate to accommodate religious groups. roman catholic bishops say it is not enough. in a few hours from now a ceremony will be held in san francisco to mark nancy pelosi's 25th year in congress. she will speak at the event where officials will remain middle drive east in golden gate park in her honor. this is video of her talking yesterday with george stephanopoulos. mayor lee is one of many dignataries scheduled to be at that ceremony. afternoon weather should be no problem. meteorologist mike nicco up next. clear in most areas already. from emeryville to the north you can see a few clouds, we'll talk about why it is so much cooler this week up to 15° in some areas. plus, a visit with mickey and minnie will cost you a lot more now. new study says a simpler exam can cut down the risks
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for colon cancer. abababababababb
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we had a blazing hot weekend. >> we sure did. things have turned quickly. wait a little and that wind will switch directions this is what you get, clouds this morning, sea breeze back. southbound sausalito on the right tiburon on the left and san francisco in the distance still ed by -- still shrouded by cloud cover. we can see the same clouds we are watching from south towards oakland high clouds coming from the west low clouds coming from the northwest i think all of us will see sunshine except for out at the coast a little more diffused by the clouds winds gusty in some areas miles better hour in novato, 23 napa, 13 concord, 16 in san stay that is if going to be the case around 15 to 25 mile per hour wind today -- especially over the bay where we have a small craft advisory 50s around half moon bay, san francisco and oakland 60s
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everywhere else until you get to antioch, 70 gilroy 69. mid 60s around salinas and watsonville, upper 50s santa cruz and monterey. we are going to have afternoon sunshine, cooler today, cloudy again tonight with patchy drizzle possible, probably not as much as this morning, cooling trend that starts today will continue through friday today we drop one degree in santa cruz, five in fremont and san francisco, concord and san jose six oakland down seven by the time the sunsets 8:18 this evening. los gatos 80, we start in the mid 70s upper 60s around san mateo and millbrae upper 50s along the coast downtown south san francisco should hit mid to upper 60s same with sausalito through the north bay mid to upper 70s 20° cooler at your beaches. richmond 63 oakland 68, fremont 74°.
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valleys in the 90s yesterday, big drop into the upper 70s to low 80s probably won't need the air conditioner today mid 60s monterey, mid 70s watsonville. rain is going to stay up around eureka at 56, 84° central valley, 60 tahoe 94 palm springs. a's take on -- as far as temperatures overnight keel falling mostly cloudy -- keep falling. high pressure giving way to this cold front that is the beginning of a jet stream coming west-east going to bring cooler pattern for the week. today 1 to 7° cooler, tomorrow about 1 to 4 that will be the case through friday temperatures in the 50s and 60s everywhere did 2 to 14°
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cooler than today, -- a little warming trend saturday and sunday, no heat, no rain in this forecast cycle. new research suggests many of the nation's overweight and obese teenagers face serious heart risks. the study says half have unhealthy blood pressure, cholesterol or blood should go are levels that put them at risk for future heart problems, 3400, 12 to 19 took part in the cdc survey. one expert says the battle for good health is being lost early on with many children. the study is in today's journal of pediatrics. simple cheaper exam can cut risk for developing colon cancer or dying from the disease. new study shows test the test known as sigmoids a good option checking the lower 1/3 of the lower intestine -- many doctors recommend a more complete test the colonoscopy, a lot of people refuse it
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because it is expensive and unpleasant. it is going to cost more to visit the happiest place on earth. disneyland raised ticket prices over the weekend second in less than a year. the park has boosted prices every summer the cost of single day pass jumped $7 to $87. year round pass increased by as much as $waive if i -- 150 to $649. abc7 is owned by disney. a condo in the big apple sell force a record 90 million dollars. >> we'll show it to you, next.
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today i'm going to take to south korea and introduce to you a deejay and performer who are on the ground floor of the one of biggest things happening now. and a new record low for state schools creating a new challenge for students. those stories and more later today. elite manhattan apartment has become the second most expensive home in the u.s.. >> an unnamed buyer has purchased a two story penthouse in midtown manhattan's 157 building for 90 billion dollars. i couldn't believe it, 90 million dollars. unite is 11,000 square feet and features 20 foot square ceilings panoramic views of the city, italian marble the most expensive home in theuv u.s. 100 million dollars for a 25,000 square foot mansion. >> priceless view of central
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park. you can't put a price on it. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire next. >> have a great day. >> we want to show you our guests today. hey kids! thanks for coming today!
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