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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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happening there, and soon f warriors move to san francisco, san francisco gets an nba team. and there is live team coverage in oakland. we're live in san frachblt carolyn? >> this is some activity going over there tonight presumably for an announcement we've heard will come in the morning that would bring warriors back to san francisco where they first arrived in 1962. it appears to be business as usual for golden state warriors. the start of predraft workouts today. the gm saying next to nothing about reports that this team appears head add cross the bay. >> the mayor is putting a full court press on owners but would not confirm if the deal is done. >> we've put everything we can
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in our best foot forward for warriors to consider san francisco and are going to wait for the decision. >> sean patten says they have confirmed a move to him. he owns red's java house. next door to where san francisco is inviting warriors to build a new home. patent says he met with team owners last week and again, squft yesterday. >> what happens? >> they want to talk to me about how they're going to put arena here. >> what did they snai. >> they're coming. >> and this would be a privately fpbd arena. >> approach has been we cannot pay, use taxpayers money. >> and if this pans out, the fans say that is enough time
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to figure out how to handle traffic. embarcadero is congested on days giants play at nearby at and t park. >> should expand two more lanes on each side, for sure. >> and this is going to be nuts. >> and full disclosure, i am a ticket holder. i don't care which side of the bay they play on. i'd like to see the team win. and we expect an announcement if whether this is a done deal. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news reporter is on the other siftd bay tonight where this news is not going over well. laura? >> city leaders told me they're not giving up on the warriors and they will not, if there is an announcement as one city leader told me this
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afternoon that is a far from a slam dunk. the very idea of the golden state warriors abandoning oakland makes chris angry. he is part of a group determined to keep them right here they are. >> and they've been in oakland 41 years and this is very disappointing to hear. >> and with the mayor in las vegas, the asy stant city manager fielded questions about lutsing warriors that would no doubt squash plans to build a coliseum city for all three times. -- teams. >> in our last communication we received information if we're in this game. they told us we were. >> alameda county supervisor serves on joint powers authority overseeing the
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coliseum. he's been working with city leaders in and community groups. >> this builds a lot of good will, commerce and jobs and would be devastating to the city should the city lose those three franchise autos local kids may lose out if warriors lose town, players appear in he skprebts fund-raisers in school autos they provide motivational speaking to students and sponsor awards and give aways at various schools. there is a is a positive force. >> now, besides fans, a move could cost them millions of dollars to repay bonds taken out to remodel at rena in mid 1990s.
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i'm told the team leaves early that would be about $90 million and they stay through the lease they would have to pay $7 million until mid 20 20s. >> and we're all over the city and will stay on it. let's move on. and illiana lopez is telling her story tonight to abc 7 news i team. >> i found her to be a strong woman who feels her husband paid enough for the price for what he did. over the weekend i flew to venezuela, hometown for lopez, she's taken the couple's 3-year-old son there to escape the domestic violence scandal that could cost the sheriff his job. >> it's important to see another side of the story. it's important people realize
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that we're human beings. and she answers all my questions and whether she will return to san francisco. part one of the interview will air tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 11:00. and tonight i'll have a follow up into the meat glue, the meat industry uses meat glue to bind steaks into whole fillets. how one company is selling a product that puts meat back together. >> it's fine for any business to want to do things that are sense dwroibl do so. i don't think it's okay to cut their costs by deceiving the public. >> and there is some restaurants trying to distance them selfs from meat glue telling us they don't use. we'll tell you which ones tonight at 11:00. >> and that is a big report.
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>> yes. >> and there is an update to another story. state senate pass aid ban outlawing use of dogs for hunting bears or bob cats. the supporters say using hounds is cruel and hunters argue it's humane and majority of the time bears are caught and released. the bill now heads to a state assembly economy where will be heard next month. >> and there the state senate veted to allow self driving cars on california roadways. the cars rely on video cameras, radar sensers and a data base. the bill would establish safety and performance standards. nevada enacted a similar law. the bill goes now to the assembly. >> she paved the way for health care reform, now, nancy pelosi has a street named after her in golden gate park.
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abc 7 news is in golden gate park tonight. >> this is the first term in a celebration of 25 years of service from nancy pelosi and there is the mayor dedicated this street between jfk and mlk to the most political plitly powerful woman in san francisco history. mayor ed lee unveiled street sign. the democratic leader calling it a highly emotional moment. >> i heard bit and i said no. no. please don't do that. and i'm embarrassed. and then, i thought i'd like to go interest tl and pay the witness to the greatness of those two men and bring all of you with me. here we are today. >> nancy pelosi had a remarkable congressional career in, january, 2005 she
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was elected to be speaker of the house and making her the most plitly powerful woman in washington. she told me the high point was than the day in 2007 but a day in november, 2009. when the house passed the affordable health care act. >> made a difference in lives of american people. and that is is the proudest moment. >> and she's smart and hard working and does it every time. >> 25 years ago she won election to the seat held by phillip burton then, sal burdenon. sala's brother-in-law, john burton was pelosi's campaign chairman. and i asked if he had any idea if it would turn out as it has. >> i didn't.
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by i'll tell you who did. my sister-in-law on her death bed talked nancy into running. >> she could be speaker of the house again if democrats take the house. >> and this is last yeek, pressed her to say if she will run again if she's unable to come back as speaker and she told him what she told me this afternoon. >> that is less important in whether democrats win in november. >> classic pelosi, again. this is a politician who rarely, if ever deviates from mess yachblgt and this fits with where we're standing now. here on nancy pelosi drive. she has plenty of that.
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>> thank you. >> michael finney is looking once again into a story that he reported four years ago. a man convicted of bilking bay area homeowners is a wanted man, again. coming up. >> and some of the sensations of pop music make their debut. we'll have more coming up on abc 7 news. >> i'm spencer christian. there is a big cool down today. i'll show you what the week holds in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and what oscars can tell us
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. reality may have overtaken the hype of facebook's initial offering. the shares debutted at $38 friday finished at just more than $34 today meaning a thousand dollar investment is worth $895. so has it already worn off? >> if facebook's ipo is guilty of giving some an investment hangover, this is what they're feeling woozy. she bought a thousand shares on friday when the price was $40. >> i'm a little disappointed but hoping for the best. >> she's holding on for the lock long term, when traded started this morning sold at a loss. >> this is what they do. see a
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trade, then move on. they're turning their money. >> under writers price ipo aggressively. valuing facebook at $100 billion. and from that perspective, it was most successful ipo in tech history. any investor expecting to cash in on easy money gambled and lost it wasn't a sure thing. and think people thought it was a sur thing because there is so much ip around it all. i certainly didn't buy any. >> the pageful believe the company will grow into it's valuation and sean is a managing director at men low convenient tours pointing to a billion users and 50% growth year after year. >> facebook is now 13% of internet traffic and you say how much is 13%? we're at a big number. >> people debate facebook future it's possible founder
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mark zuckerberg isn't at work today, he got married to his long time girlfriend saturday. the stock didn't have a honeymoon, he might very well be on one. >> there is a sold out concert in the bay area tonight featuring some of the biggest young korean music stars in the world called k pop. and jonathan bloom is live tonight and that should be a blast. >> this is a blast. behind me a boy band sensation just finished posing for photos in front of a red carpet and there is video we want to show you arriving at sfo and their flight delayed several times. and they were in very good spirits and greet bid reporters and photographers
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and security detail told us they're only giving interviews to corin television. a back to you foou beautiful ladies from girls generation arrived at sfo. and you can't get bigger than girls generation. one of the girls is jessica jung who grew up in san francisco. and' few saw them last night. >> they're worth it. the energy they give on the stage is just amazing and it's just, you know motivates us to just do what we need to do in live. >> who is your favorite? >> sunny. >> why is that? >> i don't know. she's just my favorite you like the way she smiles at you?. >> yeah. >> this is a sunny shirt. she's from girl generation, my favorite member.
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>> what is bit this music that keeps you listening to it? >> it's universal. it's korean people from different nationalities, that is a way to connect with people from all over. >> and from all over they came. lined up hours before the show here and were told a good number of them tried to camp here and in search of a perfect seat. they were given a go ahead to line up. if you take a look there is all stars lining up for a group photo in a red carpet packed with photographers. and there is the stars represent the korean wave of concerts and if you haven't heard of them you will hear of them soon. jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> you can hear the crowd out there. and that is an exciting night.
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at 4:00 today cheryl jennings reported from south korea on two people who helped launch k pop. to see her story go to abc 7 boy, did you hear them scream something. >> yes. no kidding and older people, too. >> weather is cooperating. not quite as warm as over the weekend. >> there is temperatures dropped sharply today and may get windier later into the week. there is a live view in emeryville. you can see low clouds and fog sweeping in. there is pushing aconsiders the bay during overnight hours, up above you can see blue sky asks just thin, high clouds there is some of today's high temperatures indicating how much cooler each location was than yesterday. big winner or loser is
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livermore, 18 degrees cooler than yesterday's high. there is 13 degrees cooler. now, temperatures into 60s and 70s, low 70s inland. there are high lights, cloudy and breezy conditions and turning sunny and mild, windy, cooler wednesday through friday. there is cold front and showers, looking like showers will stay to our north z we'll get a few clouds pushing in and starting at 7:00 this evening during overnight hours, you'll see active weather pushing north. we don't expect showers to push into the bay area and
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this is possible there could be a spot of drizzle or two. there is low clouds and fog pushing across the bay. low temperatures into narrow range, low 50s and low to mid 50s and then is sunny skies, highs into mid to upper 70s, there is mid to upper 50s on the coast there is into east bay, inland east bay, we'll see upper 70s to around 0s. there is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures continuing dropping off after tomorrow, i should say begin dropping off, windy, cooler highs into low 70s by friday. and we've got a three day holiday weekend and temperatures climb back up
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again over the weekend. by monday, we'll see high temperatures inland into low 80s again. >> thank you. >> coming up next a northern california woman's remarkable bike ride. >> she rode too miles to get to chemotherapy today. the story is çk
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a well known restaurant may be renamed a street by a officer killed by a deranged man. the children and grandchildren
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were at the rest area to support the legislation. back in may, 1962 officer krings was fatally shot by an unemployed reporter. the officer managed to kill the suspect. >> 50 years later, we come together to remember the sacrifice of officer kring of what he gave to save others. >> the stop is located near the statute in the rest stop now including a chp substation. >> a northern california breast cancer paish jent not taking her disease laying down. she's doing just the open sismt over the last week the 41-year-old mother pedaled 300 miles from her home in humbolt county to marin. this is video taken along the way. she used video for inspiration. >> that meeting is great.
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because people that say, oh, yeah, my grandmother had cancer she's 80 now and you know, i'm 10 years out, these are the stories i love to hear. >> she's staying at her mom's house and rode her bike from there to doctor's office, during the trip she raised $5,000 for marin general wellness center. >> and when we come back a bipartisan break through in sacramento. lawmakers reach an agreement on a plan to stop dozens of state parks from closing. >> there are authorities issue an arrest warrant for an unlicensed contractor after a 7 on your side investigation. the story is straight ahead. >> sentence of a man who drove his roommate to suicide. he'll be going to jail but not for long. stay with us. another half hour of news is in just a moment. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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a man convicted in 2008 of bilking homeowners is out of jai. now, he's expected of cheating more customer autos arrest warrants have been issued and the state placed him on the license board most-wanted lice michael finney first reported on all of this four years ago, looking into it again. >> as you know i've issued numerous warnings about hiring unlicensed contractors over the years, prosecutors say that this is what happens if you ignore that advice. >> this hurts. >> gloria brooks has been living in this home 25 years saying she paid a contractor to make repairs she had to have someone else redo. >> this part of the house that is danieled. haid to have it repaired there are a lot of cracks. >> this is the man she's referring to.
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plora hired him to remodel her home. she says he never satisfactorily finished it. he was convicted of three counts after investigations revealed he was working illegally without a license and cheating customers out of thousands of dollars. >> he's someone take illegal large down payment up front. and do very little work, then not come and finish the job. >> a junl sentenced wilson in 2008 to eight months in county jail ordering him to pay 23,000s ndz restit yugs. authorities continued to receive complaints about him after his release. >> he's using the license number revoked resulting in a newest criminal filing. >> gloria said she didn't realized she hired an
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unlicensed contractor until it was too late. >> i was very sup et. i should have researched it but i didn't. he presented himself so well. >> that is the same thing others told us several years ago before his conviction. >> i theeded to call the state contractor's license board and find out his license is not in good standing. >> unfortunately a lot of californians don't know that a contractor may not ask for more than 10% down or a thousand dollars whichever is less. so if anyone asks you for more that, is a red flag. >> now arrest warrants have been issued for wilson before you can check on the license. and very a link to their web site making it easy of the just go to abc 7 this is the time of the year people
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go maybe we ought to do work. >> california lawmakers from both sides of the aisle agree on a plan to keep state parks open despite cuts. legislatures introduced a bill calling for better collection of current keys fsh -- park fees and offer specially built license plates with proceed goesing to the parks. >> this is one opportunity we don't see often. it's a bipartisan effort to come together to say that important resource. state parks a part of our heritage and our legacy as californians and they're part of what makes this state great. >> this is expected to be cut by at least $22 million. >> the former rutgers university student convicked of hate crimes for spying on his gay roommate is headed to jail, not prison.
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he was sentenced to 30 days. his roommate killed himself after ravi used a web cam to capture clemet skpe. another man kissing in the dorm room. the mothers of both spoke today. >> tyler and i were very connected. i feel like a piece of my died. >> my 20-year-old son already has too much burden on his shoulders to face for the rest of his life. >> ravi insists he didn't record the encounter and did not out him. a jury disagreed convicting him of all 15 criminal charges faced including four hate crime counts. he could face deportation to ibda but the judge announced he will not recommend that. >> tonight facebook did not do too well today but other stocks did after the worst one week perform wednesday if
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months investors went bargain hunting today and stock prices went up. and s and p 500 added 20. yahoo struck a deal to sell its stake in alibaba. and yahoo willpower money into operations at home. >> jam ba juice predicted profits to rice at more than 20% the year and tim cook had the highest compensation last year, a million shares of stock. up $30 a share a day alone. >> bay area women enrolled in university of iron. that story just ahead.
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a lot has changed and iron workers are still the key to bridge construction. bridge workers being trained here in the bay area. >> some of them are women. iron workers consider themselves marines of the building trade. if that is so, then this is
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boot camp. >> this is a lot of fun but not what we do at training centers. it's welding, rigging, and post tensioning. and everything related to the trade. >> and welcome to the center in benicia known as university of iron. and there is the director. >> my passion is for training people how to make a living. >> and he is the kbandson of al vampa who survived a fall from the golden gate bridge while working on it. his great grandsons are both apprentice buzz unlike great grandpa they'll have women on the job alongside them. >> it's a career change. >> renee is one of the women that provide their own tools
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and get everything else for free. she used to work on the business side of the office. her dad and both brothers told her she couldn't do iron workers job its too physically demanding you're not going tibl to do it what do you say to them? >> watch me. >> i don't like to sit. for too long. and i'm more of a hands on person. and also i'm competitive. you know? anything a guy can do, i want to be able to do as well. and i don't want to be seen as infearer. >> and when great granda worked on the golden gate bridge there was no training center. today after hours on the program the women go onto the four year apprentice ship.
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and 5,000 hours on the job. al would probably be impressed. >> and there is a celebration planned for the birthday on sunday tox find out about events go to abc 7 >> and there is a lesson in earthquakes and evolution. >> we're hand wrizing -- hand rising offices in the mid yefl a museum.
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a live picture from missouri. president obama delivering the commencement address now to the seniors of joycelyn high school. joycelyn was hit hard by a terrible tornado last year, forcing some students to attend classes in a converted demt store. the president is to entire a community. >> back here, the california academy of sciences in san
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francisco will launch a major earthquake exhibit this weekend that will include a quake simulator a walk through model and some over the top cuteness. tonight we can give you a look at how that part of the show is being prepared. >> this is when you think earthquake you might not think ostrich but these little guys are examples how movement of the earth affects evolution its made up of a number of pieces that all fit together like a puzzle. >> there are millions of years ago, ostrich an seftors lived on what is called a super continent. they ended up in different places and evolved differently. while ostrich is from africa, its relative is from south america. the california academy of sciences chose ostriches to
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make that point in their new exhibit. >> this is we're hand raising ostriches in the middle of a mu see. i can guarantee this never happened before. >> the eggs collected from farms in san ramone. this male is named goliath. we went to see the nest he dropped to the zbround put on a wild dts play meant to distract us. and eggs are put in an incubator. this biologist monitors them with a light. >> you can see that shadow. this is a baek right there. >> chick s begin to hatch and the baby is just hours old. >> we can see that. and they'll be able to keep their heat better. >> this is very exciting and
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before they're going to be ready for the public let me show you what's happening. they're in this room and being kept warm and monitored. and soon they'll go into the museum. >> if you have ostriches in the wild by the time they're a day old they're running with parents. >> here, human foster parents place them in the new home. the floor is heated to keep things cozy and there is a variety of treats. there is chicks get used to the area before the public arrives. the chicks grow fast. >> at six weeks old they'll be this tall. >> there is a new group that will be hatched for exhibit.
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>> that is pretty cute. the chick will go outside golden gate park. this opens on saturday and there is a link on abc 7 that is well worth checking out. >> who knew? thank you. >> let's check in now with spencer christian. >> check out this time lapse view. this marine layer is not rolling in but roaring in across the bay and into inland areas that is a tomorrow there is fog going into coastlines. looking for clouds near the coast up north. will be warminger in the interior sections of the state. here in the bay area there is sunny skies and breezy near the coast. high temperatures upper 50s near the coast and 63 here in san francisco. there is 80s in fairfield.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. there is by friday, inland highs reaching into low 70s. mid-60s around the bay and there are by monday, high temperatures low 80s inland. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next more on golden state warriors plan to leave oakland. >> new owners made no secret of looking ababab
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then the phenom of facebook change g his relationship status to married. who is this woman and the document she made him sign ahead of time. >> then at 11:00 the bay area woman who is blaming the. >> i clips for an accident that injured two people. its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> skm in sports we'll talk more about the warriors and this potential move across the bay its happening it appear autos and curious warriors are so quiet. >> right. >> they have something big, something elaborate planned for tomorrow. before they're golden state
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warriors they're san francisco warriors and there are signs indicating they're going move back to san francisco and there is a still five more years at oracle arena. it's the old yef in the league. let's go back to november, to 10 in that conference, he made it clear san francisco might be in the future. the team currently plays in oakland in a nice facility that we're happy with. and is there a day in the future? this is possible. and we're going to like any good business people we're going to evaluate opportunities. if it's a better thing to move,
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we'll consider it. >> there you go. how would they pay for a new arena? how much will it cost? how much will tickets cost? this is on the court warriors held a predraft warkout today. there is jared cunningham. he is hoping his dream journey continues on the nba. >> all i wanted to do was improve myself. whatever it took, it is worth it for me.. >> there are fba playoffs, will and jada back together? don't believe everything you read if "people". philly up five. there is boston a little hot potato in the break resulting
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in a finish with 27. celtics win and take a 3-2 series lead. orlando fired sam van gundy today. and there is the coach in orlando star center not on the same page. and the coach always loses so this move is expected for a while. on to baseball tim lincecum on the mound used to be a win game for giants. and there is a collision at the plate. and timmy reeling trying to figure out what he needs to do to get back to cy young form. >> things are going bad like this there is a lot of that in your head why it went that way. there are things that game to
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what kind of things i can control. >> giants in milwaukee tonight facing a pitcher with numbers almost identical to timmy. there is an era over six and there is the first of three run and his fifth of the year. and bottom of the area there is a helping hand for baumgartner. and they're in the seventhth. >> more still to come on the warriors tomorrow. >> yes. for sure. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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