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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. little more than two months after she disappeared on the way to school the search for 15-year-old sierra lamar takes a tragic turn this is the man santa clara deputies say murdered the 15-year-old morgan hill teen. good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze in just three hours the santa clara county sheriff and saor's family will hold a news conference after deputies arrested a man for murder in the disappearance. terry mcsweeney is live at -- in san jose. >> reporter: the kidnapping and murder charges against this man put an end to any hope of a miracle conclusion to the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. take a look at the man sheriff's investigators say is the one who kidnapped and
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murdered sierra lamar this is 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres of morgan hill arrested last evening in morgan hill at a grocery store charged with kidnapping and mur. investigators are not releasing a -- a lot of investigation as -- a lot of information as to what took them to him. they are confident he is the person right now they are saying he's the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old . she disappeared march 16th, her body has yet to be found. the key piece of evidence the volkswagen jetta found earlier this month. garcia-torres is the owner of that. again, no body found and the public is being asked to please step forward again. >> that's why we need the budget lick's help. we've had thousands of volunteers the sheriff's office search-and-rescue team. we have done an extensive search we need more we need to
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find sierra. >> reporter: investigators say they have significant evidence from that jetta that red jetta with the black hood found earlier this month that had everybody talking. investigators were tight-lipped. now they are saying the owner of that antolin garcia-torres is the prime and the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. this morning at 8 a.m. investigators are going to be here along with the family members of receiver, her mother, possibly her sister and father are going to be here with investigators give us more information on this case and to talk about it. it going to be carried live on abc7 news and live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the arrest was made at a morgan hill supermarket not far from where the teen went missing. deputies took garcia-torres --
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arrested him at the safeway store before 6:00 last night. a witness who saw the arrest says deputies had guns drawn when they took the suspect into custody but there was no incident he was booked in connection with sierra lamar's disappearance. as you heard terry say investigators plan a news conference at 8:00 this morning and we will bring it to you live stay with abc7 news and abc7 news could the many -- for continuing coverage. golden state warriors and san francisco officials are holding a news conference today to formally announce a done deal that the team is moving across the bay. katie marzullo is live with the latest. >> reporter: all signs point that announcement this morning except the fact that no one will confirm it. you have tents and chairs set up not to mention the owner of
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java house on the pier has said the owners have told him the team is moving to san francisco and a source has told espn that the deal is practically done. as of last night when asked about the move leaders on both sides of the bay bridge gave evasive answers. >> we put everything we can and our best foot forward for the warriors to consider san francisco and we're gonna apparently i -- going to wait for their decision. >> we asked straight-up whether we were still in game they told us that they we were we will continue to work with them. >> reporter: here's what oakland may be up against. the sf gate has published these drawings the concept by future cities the san francisco city leaders say at rina at parties 30 and 32 -- say the arena at pier 30
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and 32. we'll let you know as soon as it is confirmed. today the san jose city council is set to vote on establishing a city wide minimum wage if approved it would make san jose the fifth city in the country to have a minimum wage it could save the city $600,000 by not putting a measure on the november ballot. signatures from 36,000 voters qualify the measure it would raise the minimum wage of $8 an hour to $10. citizens commission looking into cutting the pay of state elected officials itch the california citizens compensation commission will consider a 5 -- 5% pay cut for statewide office holders, including lawmakers and the governor who makes $174,000 a year. governor brown is projecting a nearly 16 billion dollar budget shortfall for the next
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fizz cal -- fiscal year. panel members are pointed by the governor and will meet to discuss cutting officials' pay may 31st. the berkeley city council set to vote on standard mutual aid agreement for the police department to decide whether to answer other requests for help. they want to make it clear the city will not offer mutual aid on political demonstrations like the one during the occupy occupy -- the occupy oakland protests and occupy cal demonstrations last fall. officials want berkeley police to handle civil disobedience as if it were managing an event and the police to call off mutual atmosphere does not provide human rights safeguards. later today san ramon residents will sound off on proposed curfew for minors ordinance would allow police to write citations to kids who miss school without a valid reason. repeat offenders will face
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fines from $100 to $500. the d.a.'s office says the curfew will help reduce crime. a public hearing scheduled in san ramon 7:00 tight. silicon valley executive scheduled to be arraigned on burglary charges for stealing legos. police arrested him may 8th, outside a target store. he changed the barcodes to mark down prices of $900 worth of lego sets. the executive sold some on ebay and kept the rest of the police say his home was practically a lego shrine. 5:07. time to check the weather. let's see where the fog and mist is >> a little damp driving in this morning. good morning. doppler picking up clouds best chance of drizzle long the coast and higher elevations over the next couple of hours will take us through 7:00 low
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to mid 50s by noon most clouds back to the coast high clouds partly sunny mid 50s at the coast mid 60s at bait low 70s -- at the bay low 70s. upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast temperatures start dropping high clouds and sun away from the coast where the clouds will be stubborn today, 55 at the coast mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. high amounts of tree, grass and mold, ragweed moderate. wednesday, thursday, friday, we drop two to four degrees everyday from the upper 70s inland to the low 70s friday. 70 around the bay tomorrow to mid 60s by friday upper 50s along the coast to mid 50s by friday. warming trend in your seven day forecast. first the check of traffic. good news in san jose. connection ramp from highway 17 to 280 reopened early,
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there's still roadwork in the santa cruz mountains on highway 17 this is 17 at 280 near the summit where the roadwork is scheduled until 6:00 in both directions sometimes we'll see slowing before 6:00 there. bay bridge no delays at the toll plaza, there's a fog advisory it was misty. right now visibility not bad at the tolls. there was roadwork scheduled on highway 92 with the waze traffic map i did see some slowing on 92 between skyline and half moon bay looks like they cleared the roadwork and traffic has resumed back to normal we are not picking up any slowing. i did want to mention the dumbarton bridge closure this weekend starts friday night until 5 a.m. tuesday and the alternates will be the san mateo bridge and 237. you can find extra heavy traffic in weekend possibly on 880 and 101.
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5:10. >> bloom is off the pomegranate, apple is still a name to be reckoned with. the money report is next. -- [ unintelligible ] unusual show of unity in sacramento how democrats and republicans are coming together to save dozens of california parks from closure.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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facebook's stock has lost 11% since last friday investors blaming the lead banker for the ipo, nasdaq exchange and facebook itself. almost twice as many americans say they are worse off now than those who say they've done better during the obama administration. 30% versus 16 according to a new poll. more than half say they are doing about the same. apple still the world's most valuable brand. survey finds the value rose 90% in the past year. seven of the top 10 most valuable brands were technology firms. a judge says palm wonderful's health claims are not so and the company must tone down its ads ruled the benefits of pomegranate juice was not supported by evidence. new details emerging on
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the latest parking lot attack at dodger stadium. the incidence took place sunday a little more than a year after giants' fan brian stow was severely in the parking lot. investigators say yesterday's incident began with a minor fender-bender, a man in his 20s was pulled out of his car, pinned down by three men and kicked and hit by a fourth man. the victim was treated for cuts and bruises. despite criticism over lack of secure at this time the dodgers' organization is praising the response of off-duty lapd officers hired to patrol the stadium. the pilot responsible for one of the worst oil spills in the history of san francisco bay wants his license back. the 64-year-old was at head of the cosco busan in november of 2007 when it rammed the bay bridge in heavy fog. 53,000 gallons of fuel spilled into the bay. investigators say his judgment was impaired by prescription drugs. he served 10 months in prison. he says he's healthy enough
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now to return to his $450,000 a year job. california lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have agreed on a plan to keep state parks open despite deep cuts lawmakers introduced the bill that calls for better collection of park fees and gives people the option of donating part of their state tax refund to the park system. it offers specialty license plates with the proceeds going to the parks. >> this is one of those opportunities that we don't see often in the state capital, a bipartisan effort to come together and save an important resource, state parks are an essential part of our heritage. they are an essential part of our legacy as californians. and they are part of what makes this state great. >> the state park budget is expected to be cut by at least 22 million dollars. currently 61 parks are slated to close july 1st. expect to see more bicyclists racing up mount diablo in the future. the director of amgen tour
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says the crowds on may 15th, were so big there's a good chance the race will return there. nearly 2200 feet up the 3800 foot mountain organizers say it challenged the competitors as much as the tour de france. new york city developer asking one million dollars for a parking spot at a condo. in the building on east 11th street in greenwich village the penthouse is being listed for 39 million dollars. at that price, you would think it would have free parking, but no! a million dollars to park your car. rwhy everybodyk3 takes the subway in new york. >> you were at mount diablo watching, was it exciting? >> i was near blackhawk plaza but i up mount diablo sunday to watch the eclipse they did
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a nice number on the road. driving that up little stretch you can only get 20, 25 miles per hour, nasty turns good news for that area, a lot of bikers in the east bay valleys. >> yeah. let's talk about the weather if you are thinking about going biking today, a little breezy, clouds coming in as we look down on sausalito from mount tamalpais this morning. winds around 10 to 15 miles per hour, through most of the bay area you can see higher elevations like 24600 feet there, a little faster also starting to mix -- hopefully we can get away without flight arrival delays into sfo. keeping an eye on temperatures low to mid 60s around san jose and antioch, san francisco 52 same santa cruz and watsonville. 60 gilroy. bay and inland mostly sunny
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coast getting a little sunshine cooler breezes, wednesday, thursday friday weekend warmer and calmer. for now cold front moved through last night that's what is overturning atmosphere brought a little drizzle this morning showers going to stay north if you are heading up to eureka maybe even mount shasta watch out for that otherwise dry. this will introduce us to a drier air mass today, i think we'll see sunshine faster breezy air mass and behind the system lagging by a day is the coldest air temperatures start their descent tomorrow mid to upper 70s south bay, mid to upper 60s millbrae and san mateo, low to mid 70s rest of the peninsula. sunshine this afternoon breezy mid to upper 50s low to mid
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60s downtown south san francisco upper 60s sausalito mid to upper 50s beaches north bay mid to upper 70s valleys mid 60s to mid 70s from richmond down to fremont 66 to 73, mid 70s to mid 80s from dublin 76, brentwood 83 watsonville 74 inland near 80. mostly clear tonight and cool, 60 at 7:05 dropping to 53. we lose the biggest amount of temperatures inland lesser extent around the bay coast stays even mid to upper 50s mid 60s by friday around the bay low 70s inland as cool as it gets. good morning. here's a look at a very foggy commute across the golden gate bridge in morning. with warmer weather this weekend hopefully it will look nice sunday night when they
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have the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. traffic will be stopped at around 9:30 sunday, before, during and after the fireworks for the celebration. keep that in mind sunday will be a busy day for the folks driving across the bay bridge. you may want to consider ferries or other mass transit if you are heading to the event. live shot of san rafael, very clear once you get to the golden gate bridge you will run into that fog. check out the oakland maze as you head towards the bay bridge still delay-free there's a fog advisory for the bay bridge although not too bad right now, things are changing. the first signs of slowing westbound 205 out of tracy, kind of the usual suspect. our traffic spotter already reported it was heavy there. we have a new traffic spotter moving around 25 miles an hour, sluggish through the altamont pass. just about 521.
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next, the local twist in a movie on the early days of apple co-founder steve jobs. dramatic rescue at niagara falls. how this man ended up being swept over the edge. -[ sneezes ] -what are you waiting for?
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-my allergy medicine to work. -allegra is fast. [ female announcer ] only allegra combines fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief. -gotta go. - [ female announcer ] allegra. fast and non-drowsy relief. good morning. 5:23. both bay area teams won yesterday mortar for giants' fans it took the giants 14 -- innings to beat brewers 4-3 and they play again in milwaukee at 5:10. a's beat the ang jets -- angels 2-1. hollywood is coming to
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los altos to film part of a movie on the live of steve jobs. they will shoot in the house and garage of the home where the co-founder grew up. garage is where jobs and his friend steve wozniak created what would grow to be the world's most valuable company starting with a small computer. filming begins next month the movie due out this fall, ashton kutcher will play steve jobs. a man to tried to commit suicide by phraoupblging overnight agra -- by plunging overnight agra falls survived. -- they were amazed to see him surface below and make it to shore on his own. he was seriously injured and required a medical airlift to a local hospital. s head and other medical injuries to his ribs. mostly hypothermia, a little
5:25 am
shock. wasn't able to speak well. >> he's only the third person known to have lived after going over the falls without a safety device. look for more on this incredible story coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." if you have ever been there no way you could figure a person could go over the falls and survive. >> he's got a second chance. i hope he lives it well. following breaking news in the south bay arrest in the case of missing sierra lamar. we are live next with team coverage. fire crews repel down a san francisco cliff to rescue someone who just wanted to get a closer look at the ocean. berkeley's police chief embroiled in another converse. >> how his son's cell phone stkpweg the chief in trouble. this afternoon stubborn clouds at the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland sunny sky ing around the lower 48, upper -- a few mid -- --.
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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news. search for missing sierra lamar takes a tragic turn. a 21-year-old man is jailed charged with her murder. we have live team coverage. amy hollyfield is at the safeway where the suspect was realized. we begin with terry mcsweeney live at the sheriff's department. >> reporter: a little later this morning 8 a.m. investigators are going to be holding a news conference
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announcing all the information, all the details leading up to the arrest. last week i was in morgan hill talking to sierra lamar's mother she was keeping a strong profile saying she believed there was going to be a reunion not a recovery. now that hope appears to be dashed take a look at the person investigators say is the one who kidnapped and killed sierra lamar, 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres of morgan hill arrested last evening about 6:00. he has been charged with kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar. investigators not releasing the sequence that took them to him last night at that place, at that time. they say they are very confident he is the person and they are saying right now the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. who disappeared march 16th on the way to the school bus stop
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her body has yet to be found the key piece of evidence according to investigators that volkswagen jetta found this month. >> there's significant evidence associated with the jetta. we have had had jetta. we were looking for to tell us -- for people to tell us where they've seen the jetta before the crime, the day of the crime and after the crime. we want to see if there is more people that know where he goes, what his habits are to add additional information to our investigation. >> reporter: all of that because investigators do not have a body. they've charged the suspect with murder. another volunteer search scheduled for tomorrow in morgan hill. we are told that last report going to be going on as scheduled volunteer search organizers say they are going to keep searching until that body is located. again, much more information coming up at 8:00 this morning at the sheriff's office. investigators will be here and
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sierra lamar's mother, father expected to be here as well. we'll carry that for you on abc7 news and terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the search for sierra lamar had been a community effort with dozens volunteering each week to try to bring her home. amy hollyfield is live at the morgan hill safeway where the suspect worked and was arrested. >> reporter: i asked one of the employees this morning about the arrest he just shook his head and said it is a crazy world. there does seem to be a lot of shock here at this safeway that the accused killer was found here. police came in to this safeway 6:00 last night with guns drawn. they got him without problems. witnesses say it was scary to way >> i was at work and -- we saw cops and guns drawn and i couldn't see anyone if they took him away just saw cops.
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>> when you looked out the window what did you see? >> just cops and cop cars, all really fast. >> reporter: the sheriff says antolin garcia-torres has been under surveillance but her office decided to get him because of concern about public safety with the sheriff saying "we don't want to see anyone else hurt, no other little girls taken." she hopes people will continue to look for sierra lamar. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. sierra lamar disappeared march 16th, on her way to a school bus stop near her morgan hill home the first of dozens of searches by the sheriff's department and hundreds of volunteers began almost immediately the first clues found, her purse with some of her clothes and in a different location her cell phone. a reward fund grew reaching $25,000. the search expanded to include terrain around gilroy, including lakes and reservoirs. the first break came two weeks
5:34 am
ago investigators found the red volkswagon jetta that is now linked to her disappearance. investigators land to hold a news conference 8:00 this morning and we will -- we will bring it to you live stay with abc7 news and for continuing coverage of this major development in the sierra lamar case. an attempt to get closer to the water got a san francisco fisherman stuck below the cliff house restaurant. last night firefighters had to repel over the side of the cliff to rescue the man he got stuck before he could make it to the shoreline. once rescuers got him back up top, he was taken to a hospital to be checked out. the berkeley police chief in the hot seat again this time his use of police resources to look for his son's stolen iphone is coming into question. in january somebody stole the iphone from his son's locker at berkeley high. the phone was equipped with tracking software so chief meehan ordered his detectives to track it didn't. they searched the area of 55th
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street and san pablo in north oakland but couldn't find it. it cost two hours of over time for each of the four officers involved. a police spokesperson says this is not unusual but some berkeley residents see it differently. >> that does sound excessive. >> if everybody is allowed to get their cell phone that way, that would be great. because i've lost a number of cell phones. >> chief michael meehan is already under scrutiny for sending an officer to a reporter's house at one in the morning in march to ask for changes to a story. there's an ongoing investigation into that incident. prominent bay area labor lawyer due to court today to taste charges from the fatal hit-and-run of a bicyclist. spencer freeman smith is charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. the 57 year was old in dublin police traced serial numbers
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on the car left at the scene and determined it was a new mercedes belonging to smith. police found it inside his garage with extensive front end damage. wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi has given her first interview exclusively to i-team. over the weekend dan noyes traveled to venezuela. she has taken the couple's 3-year-old son there to escape the domestic violence scandal that could cost the sheriff his job. >> it is important to give another side of the story that i think it is important people realize that we are human beings. >> dan's exclusive interview with eliana lopez will air tonight on abc7 news at 11. spacex flight controllers in southern california are guiding a private rocket to the international space station now after making history with this morning's launch.
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>> and launch of the spacex falcon 9 rocket nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> rocket successfully lived off in florida -- lived off from florida the white house offered congratulations. this is the first time a private company has launched a rocket to the international space station. it will deliver 1,000 pounds of provisions. he compare it to winning the super bowl. >> he's the big -- i like the analogy because it is the first time a private enterprise has done that he's the bay area link to this, ceo of tesla. what do you see this morning? >> i see the bay bridge not covered by fog as it was yesterday morning. >> as it was earlier this morning too. things are improving thankfully around the bay and inland good morning everybody
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improving along the coast where the visibility is up to 2 1/2 miles at half moon bay. fog is going to playing -- let's take a look at 7:00 temperatures and cloud cover all of us cloudy holding in the low to mid 50s watch what happens by noon, clouds retreat back to the coast stubborn for your lunchtime temperatures if you want sun head around the bay low to upper 60s inland low to mid 70s at the coast and san francisco still cloudy mid to upper 50s during the afternoon pockets of sun will develop along the coast everybody else sunny, a few high clouds mid to upper 60s around the bay low to mid 70s inland 7:00 mid 60s to low 70s inland low to mid 60s around the bay mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco, tree, grass, mold high, ragweed moderate. breezy wednesday to friday cooler each day from upper 70s
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tomorrow to low 70s inland friday near 70 tomorrow around the bay mid 60s by friday upper 50s at the to mid 50s by friday, couple new accidents to tell you about here's frances. both in the east bay, one overturned big rig on its side on the right hand shoulder byron highway at mountain house road, cars can get by okay. there's a crash westbound 580 grant line in the center divide traffic heavy out of tracy jammed as you approach the scene. other hot spot highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. just before 6:00 is when we see the heaviest traffic because of roadwork in both directions near the summit, we've got nine miles an hour in the northbound direction and southbound heading towards santa cruz 34 miles an hour. the roadwork should be cleared by 6:00. usually we see the heaviest traffic just before then. elsewhere, not too bad i-80 in
5:40 am
berkeley for headlights moving westbound just getting a little more crowded through berkeley and at the bay bridge toll, still delay-free 5:40. oakland school police force gets attention of the u.s. justice department. violent encounter leading to a federal investigation. big selection expected today in the search to replace former supervisor nadia lockyer. first the wrath of shareholders. this morning the anger of congress. the heat jpmorgan executives will face today over a three billion dollar trading loss.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. fatal shooting by an oakland school's police sergeant is now the subject of a if federal grand jury investigation the justice department has not disclosed the nature of the probe but it stems from the shooting death of 20-year-old rahim brown in january of 2011. the sergeant shot brown several times saying he saw brown trying to stab another officer with a screwdriver. a witness denying any stabbing occurred. board of supervisors meet
5:44 am
to select three final its who want the seat vacated by nadia lockyer she resigned april 20th. she said she needed to focus on recovery from an abusive relationship and raising her child. the bore has until june 19th to appoint someone or that right will go to the governor. eight people have submitted applications. the three selected today will be interviewed next week the board is expected to make its selection june 5th. in a little more than assure from now the first federal hearing on jpmorgan chase and its multi-billion dollar trading loss begins. the senate banking committee will hear from two key regulators. they've been examining the bank's disclosure to shareholders about the loss and the ill timed bets on complex financial instruments that led to the problem. the ceo jamie dimon is not scheduled to be at today's hearing hess speaked to
5:45 am
testify before the panel next -- hearing he is expected to testify before the panel next month. famous beach an tracking more than sunbathers. bloomberg report coming up. skill or luck? crash landing of a small plane that almost ended in disaster. big change in medical advice given to men for years. why doctors now say men should skip a common test for prostrate cancer. look up in the sky, is it a birth, plane? how about a record-setting to you is opening in japan.
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welcome back. clouds along the coast sun will develop there upper 50s, 60s and 70s around the bay shore 70s and a few 80s inland. doppler you can see fairly quiet now showers still possible around eureka 59 mid 80s chico and sacramento, 91 fresno. 66 tahoe, 82 yosemite, palm springs 106. l.a. 79, san diego 70. 5:48. this morning federal investigators will be going through the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in a southern california neighborhood. the single engine cessna crashed into a yard of a mouse in glendale narrowly missing
5:49 am
the home. the pilot reported a rough running engine moments before the plane down it knocked out power to the neighborhood. the pilot was the only person onboard he was injured and reportedly in stable condition. president obama's reelection campaign is feeling the pinch of a new voter poll this morning. the president looks vulnerable. according to a new poll the president's job approval rating has slipped to 47% on the economy only 16% of americans say their financial situation has improved over the past three years while 30% say they are worse off. the poll shows the president locked in a dead heat with mitt romney 49-46%. president obama will be returning to the bay area tomorrow to raise more money for his reelection and it will be the first time a sitting president has visited redwood city. the president was last here in february with a memorable
5:50 am
visit to chinatown for dim sum take-out. tomorrow a dinner in atherton and large rally at fox theater also an asian-american round table at the garden court hotel in palo alto, that's a $40,000 a head event. dignataries held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the landmark tokyo sky tree, more than 2,000 feet high making it the world's tallest tower. 32 million are expected to visit the observation deck at the top every year this is not the world's tallest building, it is the tallest tower. the tallest building belongs to a skyscraper in dubai. 4/10 of a mile haul. >> your brain works so quickly this early in the morning. >> oh no, i wish it were so.
5:51 am
if you were that high up what would you bay area today? >> this. >> cloud deck. >> beautiful, look at the golden sunshine uplighting clouds as low clouds remain grey as we look from sutro tower to the east gorgeous wanted to make sure we got there, thank you scott and peter for doing that for me. let's talk about temperatures 63 antioch rest of us mid to upper 50s. low to mid 50s most of the monterey bay inland to salinas gilroy 60° warm spot this morning a little topsy-turvey bay and inland mostly sunny pockets of sun this afternoon along the coast cooler breezes wednesday to friday reverse that trend for the weekend calmer and warmer everywhere. 24 hour temperature change going up one degree in san jose 76, four degrees in concord, oakland,
5:52 am
san francisco and fremont 73 our daylight about one minute and 27 seconds extra today. as far as cloud cover, very extensive this morning as soon as the sun comes up it dwindles rapidly to the coast by 11:00 as we head in the afternoon hours pockets of sunshine develop with the breeze off the ocean 50s is about as good as you can get 60s and 70s for most of us 80s around fairfield, out highway 4 from pittsburg, antioch to brentwood most east bay valleys mid to upper 70s. 66 richmond, 73 fremont. san jose 76. mid 70s around los altos, palo alto, mountain view. we drop into the mid 60s by the time you get to millbrae on the peninsula. low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco 67 in sausalito
5:53 am
mid 70s through the north bay valleys low to mid 60s monterey and carmel breezy mid 70s for everybody else upper 70s to low 80s inland heading to the a's game angels in town we won last night 2-1, 7:05 first pitch cheer and cool, 60 to 53. tonight partly cloudy sky drizzle less likely than hear seeing this morning temperatures from the coast where we will drop two degrees friday to about 8 to 10° around the bay and inland only to see it get warm again saturday, sunday and monday. good morning. i'm checking out the ride again on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains because of roadwork scheduled in both directions until 6:00. looks like things are starting to improve. earlier it was jammed northbound under 10 miles an hour. right now things are moving around 25 miles an hour. so, if you are headed through the area after 6:00, you should be okay. we are also going to check out
5:54 am
typical delays now developing highway 4 out of antioch, lone tree out towards loveridge then it picks up after sops ville and traffic spotters moving at around -- less than 10 miles an hour in some locations slow stretch there as you head on westbound 4 through antioch of the westbound 580 accident at grant line road expect the usual slow traffic westbound out of tracy and even really jammed as you drive on 205. this morning you are going to find a lot of fog across the golden gate bridge not causing too much of a problem, you may want to slow didn't a bit. in san rafael, very clear visibility not a problem as you head southbound past the marin civic center. right now delay-free at the bay bridge toll. there was an earlier fog advisory but that was cancelled. here's a live look at highway 24 heading westbound to the
5:55 am
caldecott tunnel things are still flowing well out of walnut creek. 5:55. pomegranate juice health claims are feeling the squeeze now. >> here's jane king. good morning going through airport security may be about to get faster tsa hoping to enroll up to 75% of the flying pittsburgh luck in its precheck screening program it will allow to you keep your belt, jacket and shoes on and keep laptops and liquids -- in your carry-on. planning on go to hawaii, thinking of scenes like these but might get stuck in something like this honolulu is the most conjested city in the nation. people spend an average 58 hours in traffic last year. if you have been chugging pomegranate juice the ftc has a message administrative judge
5:56 am
has upheld complaint for deceptive advertising barring palm for making health claims without showing true scientific evidence. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. 5:56. federal health officials released new guidelines for prostate cancer screening urging doctors not to use the popular psa blood test. the is the test doesn't save lives and may cause many men with harmless cases to get unnecessary and aggressive treatment. critics say fighting prostate cancer with over treatment can cause men distress, incontinence and sexual disfunction. four california medical marijuana patients considering a further appeal after losing their battle in san francisco. a three-judge panel rejected arguments that the americans with disability action should give them the right to get medical marijuana to relieve severe pain they argued for an exception to the federal ban
5:57 am
on pot and the reason crackdown on dispensaries in california where state lauper mits the use. california -- closer to putting cars that drive themselves on the streets. state senate voted unanimously to allow the cars on the roads technology pioneered by google. the company's self-difficult event cars rely on video cameras, radar sensors, lasers and database to navigate the bill would establish safety and performance standards that bill goes to the assembly. ahead, we are continuing to follow breaking news a break in the two-month-old disappearance of sierra lamar. the man -- the man now in custody and we are expected to hear from the family. later, whining and dining in silicon valley. -- c c c c c
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