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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. 6 a.m.. we are continuing to follow the break in the sierra lamar disappearance. we first told you about it at 11. the santa clara county sheriff's department has taken a 21-year-old man you see here, into custody. they are calling lamar's disappearance a murder case. tuesday 6:00, thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. the 21-year-old in custody is
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antolin garcia-torres. terry mcsweeney is live outside the sheriff's headquarters in san jose with what we are learning. >> reporter: about two hours from now the sheriff is going to beholding a news conference the family of sierra lamar is expected to be there at that time we will be filling in a lot of questions that still remain. we know there's been an arrest for kidnapping and murder. the hope of a happy ending to this story appears to be gone. take a look at person according to the sheriffs kidnapped and kid -- and killed sierra lamar, 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres arrested at a grocery store yesterday. investigators not giving us a lot of information the exact sequence of events leading to the arrest of garcia-torres. they say he's the person and right now they believe the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar,
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15-year-old who disappeared march 16th. she left home investigators believe on her way to the school bus stop and disappear. her body has yet to be found. key piece of evidence the volkswagen jetta found this month red with black hood, garcia-torres is the owner. police are asking the public to keep trying. >> we need the public's help we've had thousands of volunteers, we've had the sheriff's office search-and-rescue team. we have done an extent search we need more. we need to find sierra. -- >> reporter: the klasskids foundation which has been leading the search in morgan hill for anything that might lead to her recovery or reunion, they say they are going to be having their search tomorrow, despite the tax that antolin garcia-torres, 21 year -- 21-year-old arrested
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for kidnapping and her murder. again, no body found. conference will be available on abc7 news and deputies made arrest at a morgan hill supermarket not far from where the teen went missing at this safeway store before 6:00 last night. witnesses say deputies had guns drawn and took garcia-torres into custody without incident he was booked in connection with lamar's disappearance. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on this breaking news in the sierra lamar case. at 8:00 this morning, the sheriff's office will be holding that news conference and the lamar family is expected to attend. we'll be bringing you that news conference live. stay with us here on abc7 news we'll go live to amy hollyfield outside the safeway
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store store. other news, speculation continues to surgeon the golden state warriors and possible move from oakland to san francisco. katie marzullo joins us from the breaking news center with the big announcement that could be hours away. >> reporter: we've heard 10:00 this morning and we've heard by noon. it definitely sounds like sometime today we will hear that the warriors are moving to san francisco. couple of clues, white tents, chairs and a stage set up at pier 32. remarks by the owner of reds java house on the piers proposed new location for the stadium. here's what he told abc7 news. they definitely have plans to put the arena here on the end of the pier. >> they've been in oakland the
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last 40 years we supported the team near sellout as lucy a product they've had dispining to --s allows a product they've had disappointing. >> reporter: they say traffic on the embarcadero is already bad and it wouldgoers. these renderings posted, concept -- this is what the waterfront arena could look like. city leaders say the arena would be privately financed. speaking of money the move could cost the warriors millions. the team would have to pay back the bonds used to remodel the coliseum. san jose city council votes this afternoon on establishing a city wide minimum wage if approved it would make san jose the fifth city in the country to have a minimum wage. it could save the city $600,000 by not putting a minimum wage measure on the november ballot. signatures from 36,000 voters qualify the measure it would raise the state minimum wage of $8 an hour to $10.
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the council meets 3:30 this afternoon. 6:06. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. starting out the morning cloudy and maybe a little misty. absolutely. flight arrival delays just announced into sfo of about 46 minutes, oakland and san jose on time. thickest fog santa rosa half mile, visibility 2 1/2 miles around half moon bay everybody else has low clouds and patchy drizzle, misty at best this morning. if you are stepping out right now, still 63 in antioch, mainly mid to upper 50s mild, cool spot san francisco at 52. 7:00 everybody fairly cloudy and temperatures holding mainly in the 50s. i think the clouds will retreat quicker today that's one of the reasons why we will be warmer than yesterday by noon already in the 70s in the north bay and east bay valleys mid to upper 60s around the bay shore into the south bay in the mid 50s to low 60s
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around half moon bay, san francisco and oakland. after noon holes develop in the cloud cover along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay shore to low to mid 70s inland temperatures taper by 7:00 mid to upper 60s inland low to mid 70s bay shore to the south bay mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco, high amounts of tree, grass and mold and moderate amounts of ragweed. cooling trend returns tomorrow and deepens through friday low 70s inland mid 60s bay, mid 50s at the coast. some accidents and possibly delays mass transit. muni reporting delays outbound on the k, l and m lines due to stalled car past the castro station only outbound direction. inbound no delays still looking good bart, ace and caltrain. new accident south 101 at willow, started out as a stall, then it turned into a four-car
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crash. we going to check slowing in the area. bay bridge toll, metering lights not yet on, backed up beyond the end of the parking lot for cash paying lanes. look out for the fog, it is coming and going right now golden gate bridge not too bad no problems out of marin. we'll check on that accident on the peninsula in my next report. 6:08 now. continuing coverage of the arrest in the sierra lamar case that's ahead, including live reports from san jose and morgan hill. but first and new this morning, an nba victory celebration turns violent. the mass shooting minutes after the oklahoma city thunder defeated the l.a. lakers. club cocktails and conversation. the silicon valley party that could be the next big start- .
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good morning. gorgeous view of the transamerica building enshrouded in fog that must be the -- enshrouded in going that must be the bofa bidding. when is the fog going to lift and cooler days ahead. meteorologist mike nicco tracking the fog. -- he's also following delays at sfo more on that as well. police in oklahoma city say eight people were wounded in a shooting following the nba playoff game between the thunder and the los angeles lakers. the shootings happened late
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last night during a victory celebration in the downtown area. police say someone opened fire and thousands of fans crowded on to the streets one victim is in critical. the other seven have less serious injuries. two people in police custody. doing business in silicon valley has always been different. sometimes it doesn't look like business at all. jonathan bloom goes inside one of the tech community's longest traditions where the beer is cold and ideas are hot. >> reporter: in a dark crowded nightclub, cocktails and conversation flow between 20 and 30 somethings wearing name tags. you would be excused if you mistook this for a singles' event the founder assures us tonight is a different match making. >> this is the underbelly of the tech san . >> reporter: in this crowd are ceos, investors and maybe the entrepreneur with the next big idea. miles started a this to bring
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them all together. >> people here have great ideas and provide that input. >> reporter: some input happens at the bar across the room something sells shaping up. tonight eight start-ups will pitch to this highly educated sometimes skeptical crowd hoping for suggestions, publicity and maybe funding. >> going this is like going into a marriage. i would like to know someone very in-depth before i decide to give them a lot of money. >> reporter: consider this a first date. >> we know that relationships are important. >> reporter: the pitch starts like what you would hear in a board room. instead of a few to captivate, you have a few hundred, most had a few drinks while the deejay was playing. it helps to start with a joke. >> anyone else feels like starting a start-up. you are going to lose your job. >> reporter: aside from the music and refreshments there's one other thing you won't find in a room, not so little. >> definitely makes you -- [ unintelligible ]
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>> reporter: just like in speed dating you have five minutes, not a second more. >> to get your point across in five minutes you have to work to do. >> we look forward to helping you. >> right on. thank you. >> reporter: then come questions. >> it is a savvy crowd i was warned about what to expect with the questions. >> how are you going to reassure users data is secure. >> when data is recorded on the phone it is enter crypted locally. >> you said not going to be social is that the end game for that? >> we don't want to go in a social direction. >> reporter: survive the grilling and you could be -- >> the white house used -- >> reporter: cool enough for the president and oprah debuted here last year and has raised two million dollars. now its young ceo is back on a second date, not to brag, but to inspire the young casually dressed, perhaps tipsy people he thinks can change the
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world. >> there's a better future ahead we just need to shape it. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom. abc7 news. probably easier to get venture capital when they are slightly tipsy. >> you are able to make your pitch and tell us everything we need to know in 2 1/2 minutes. [ talking over each other ] how much money have you raised? >> none. clouds breaking up over downtown san francisco let's talk about temperatures we're running in the low to mid 50s again 63 antioch warm spot monterey bay clouds break up low to mid 50s inland to salinas gilroy 60. bay and inland mostly sunny today sunshine along the coast during the afternoon cooler
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breezes come back wednesday, thursday and friday reverse that trend in time for the weekend warmer and calmer everywhere even out to the coast today temperatures a little above average in livermore the same in napa and san jose oakland san francisco and redwood city one to two degrees cooler than average. sunset 8:18 most of us should see that. cold front sweeping through breaking us -- bringing us that strong sea breeze drop in temperatures yesterday going to move across the north bringing rain up there for us breezes scour out clouds and bring sunshine back temporary warming trend today compared to yesterday tomorrow, that cooling trend will come back. today's temperatures we start in the south bay mid to upper 70s, 77 saratoga and campbell,
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mid 60s millbrae, mid to upper 50s along the coast low to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco mid 70s north bay valleys, 20° cooler at beaches mid 60s to mid 70s richmond 66, fremont 73. highway 4 from pittsburg to antioch and brentwood low to mid 80s. 63 in monterey. heading to the a's game 7:05 first pitch mostly clear and cool, 60 to 53. temperatures drop two to four degrees wednesday, thursday and friday. mid 60s friday around the bay low 70's highs friday 70s and 80s return for the weekend. earlier crash southbound 101 at willow cleared off the freeway traffic is improving it was jammed for a while and now speeds are around 40 miles
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an hour as you approach willow heavy eastbound 84 towards facebook or it could have been a couple slow drivers. north 101 southbound at the montague expressway accident on the shoulder not seeing slowing north 101 out of san jose through santa clara and sunnyvale. still a crash on byron highway at -- mountain house road big rig on its side heavy traffic westbound 580 out of tracy into the altamont pass with early accident. bay bridge toll metering lights on you can see now it is the fastrak lanes that backed up towards west grand cash paying lanes a little less than that. you saw how foggy it was across the golden gate bridge different picture here 101 southbound san rafael on the right looks good towards 580.
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just about 6:20. >> . >> coming up, video you have to see. the man who tumbled 200 feet over niagara falls and lived to tell about it. prince william reveals what the queen gave him permission to do
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good tuesday morning. a man who apparently tried to commit suicide by plunging over niagara falls survived.
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people were horrified to see the man climbing over the railing and jump. then they were amazed to see him surface in the water below the 180 foot tall falls and make it to shore on his own. he's only the third person known to have lived after going over the falls without a safety device. look for more on this story, coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." new documentary on prince william will be released today in britain he's revealing new information about his wedding. he tells i tv he tore up the official guest list after the queen his grandmother told him it was okay. the prince says he didn't know any of the 700 plus people on the list. william also says he won managed to sleep one hour the night before the big day because he was so nervous. >> that's something the prince and i have in common. things are going well for them, good. i only slept one hour before my wedding.
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daring rescue in san francisco, what forced firefighters to repel over the side of a cliff near one of the city's most well-known restaurants. berkeley's police chief under fire once again after he had officers track down his son's stolen iphone. the over time cost to his department. -- >> reporter: there is shock and relief here in morgan hill after police arrested the man who they say kidnapped and killed sierra lamar. we'll tell you how it went down, next. sunshine this afternoon, even developing along the coast 50s there, 60s and 70s around the bay, 70s and 80s inland across the country phoenix 10, denver 94, 70s on the east coast, mid to upper 50s in the pacific northwest. flight arrival delays into laguardia, new york, miami, ft. lauderdale even in sfo, 45 minutes, oakland, san jose on time. new problem on the peninsula apparently a gravel
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truck dropped their load southbound 101 at oyster point boulevard. 10 cars off to the shoulder with damage. we'll check on the delays. right now the bay bridge toll backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. more news, weather and traffic after this b
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>> announcer: right now breaking news. you're looking at the man
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investigators say is responsible for the disappearance and murder of morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. we are now just 90 minutes from learning more information about this huge break in the case. good morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. we have live team coverage let's begin with terry mcsweeney. >> he's outside the sheriff's office in san jose where the news conference is set to take place in about an hour and a half. >> reporter: we should get more information from that news conference. right now we have an outline of what happened. take a look at person who has been arrested for the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar. this is 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres of morgan hill arrested yesterday outside a grocery store in morgan hill. investigators are not releasing the exact trend of events, how it got to this point, at that time, but they say they are confident he's
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the person and right now he's the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar, who disappeared march 16th, according to investigators she left her home, headed towards the school bus stop and has not been seen since. her body is yet to be found. key piece of evidence volkswagen jetta found earlier this month garcia-torres is the owner of that car. >> there's significant evidence associated with the jetta. we have had the jetta. we were looking for people to tell us where they've seen the jetta before the crime, the day of the crime and after the crime. we want to see if there's more people that know where he goes. what his habits are just to add additional information to our investigation. >> reporter: as you are hearing from the sheriff, this case far from officer. sheriff smith asking the public to still come forward with any knowledge of that volkswagen jetta and its
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whereabouts in the past couple of months. investigators have a suspect but they do not have a body. we expect learn to more about from investigators and also from sierra lamar's family members who are expected to be at this news conference at the santa clara county sheriff's office at 8:00 this morning. we'll have it for you abc7 news and terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield continues our live team coverage she is outside the morgan hill safeway where go. was arrested. >> reporter: there's -- where garcia-torres was arrested. >> reporter: there's shock and relief here. police arrived at this safeway about 6:00 last night they went in with guns drawn. they took him into custody without problems. they took him out in handcuffs. this morning this is definitely the talk of morgan hill.
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>> i'm glad they got him. this is -- i know morgan hill feels safe her family can feel like a lot of relief. [ inaudible ] >> surprising, i come here sometimes cash my check here at the credit union then i come here get something to eat. wow. big wow. >> reporter: the sheriff said her office had been doing surveillance on the suspect but they wanted to get him into custody because "we don't want to see anyone else hurt or any other little girls taken." investigators interviewed garcia-torres for three hours last night. the sheriff didn't say whether they have information about where sierra lamar's body may be. she does hope that people will continue to look for her. amy hollyfield, abc2 news -- abc7 news. thank you stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on arrest in the
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sierra lamar case again at 8:00 this morning. the santa clara county sheriff's office will be holding a news conference and the lamar family is ed to attend. we'll bring that you press conference live you can see it streamed on 6:34 now. statewide amber alert new this morning is now cancelled after authorities say a central valley girl made up a story about two men kidnapping her. authorities in fresno county found 17-year-old melanie jasmine dominguez overnight hours after her friends said two men kidnapped her. she was afraid to face her parents because her grades may prevent her from graduating from high school. no word on whether she is facing charges. san francisco fisherman recovering after being rescued from the cliffs below the cliff house restaurant. fires had to repel over the side of the cliff to rescue that -- firefighters had to repel over the side of the cliff to rescue that man.
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he was taken to a hospital to be checked out. berkeley's police chief under fire after he used police resources to search for his son's stolen iphone. in january somebody stole the iphone from his son's locker at berkeley high. the phone was equipped with tracking software the chief ordered his detectives to track it down. they searched the area of 55th street and san pablo in north oakland but couldn't find it. it cost two hours of overtime for each of the four officers involved. a police spokesperson says that is not unusual. >> no, that does sound excessive. >> if everybody is allowed to get their cell phone that way, that would be great. because i've lost a number of cell phones. >> chief meehan is already under scrutiny for sending an officer to a reporter's house at 1:00 in the morning in march to ask for changes to a story. bay area labor lawyer due in court today to face charges from the fatal hit-and-run of
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a bicyclist. spencer freeman smith is charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene. a 57-year-old was killed may 15th, walking with his bike in dublin. police traced serial numbers found on pieces of the car and determined the vehicle was a new mercedes belonging to smith. police found it inside his garage with front end damage. alameda county board of supervisors holding special meeting today to select three finalists vying to replace nadia lockyer she resigned her seat april 20th. she said she needed to focus on recovery from an abusive relationship with a former boyfriend and focus on raising her child. the has until june 19th, to appoint somebody or that choice will go to the governor. eight have submitted applications the is expected to make its selection june 5th. the wife of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is
6:37 am
setting the record straight in an exclusive interview with the i-team's dan noyes. he flew to her hometown in venezuela over the weekend to meet her and her son and to talk about the domestic violence case against the sheriff. >> all these stories about pushing grabbing, all that i was running outside, that is not true, that never happened. actually -- >> where does it come from? >> i don't know. it is imagination of someone. >> dan's exclusive interview with eliana lopez airs tonight on abc7 news at 11. 6:37. salinas grower expanding recall of bagged lettuce nationwide the river ranch shredded iceberg lettuce may be tainted by listeria no one has reported being sick. the lettuce is sold under a variety of names. the bags are dated may 12th
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through the 22nd it has all been pulled off shelves, you might have some if you do take it back. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco starting to see the sun a little. >> sun coming up quicker today, good morning that means a warming trend, brief one cooler weather on the way tomorrow. winds going to pick up this afternoon, small craft advisory for the bay and coast from about noon until the afternoon early evening hours 15 to 25 mile per hour winds. fairfield 25, 13 sfo, having flight arrival)yaky delays everybody else below 10 highs per hour santa rosa southeast three visibility quarter to half mile because of fog. drizzle earlier this morning starting to go by the wayside low to mid 50s 7:00, breaks in the clouds as we hit noon, low 70s lunchtime inland breezy conditions around 4:00, upper
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50s at the coast, upper 60s around the bay mid 70s inland 7:00 breezes taper so will temperatures mid 50s along the coast upper 60s around the bay and inland high amounts of tree, grass and mold moderate amounts of ragweed here's that cooling trend wednesday to friday temperatures drop from upper 70s inland to the low 70's around the bay near 70 tomorrow to the mid 60s coast sees the least amount of cooling from the upper 50s tomorrow to the mid 50s along the coast. busy morning for frances. gravel spill causing delays on southbound 101. gravel is in the lanes from candlestick to oyster point that's where most of the gravel has been spilled. 10 cars on the right hand side with damage including a porsche, towncar even someone heading to sfo. if you are thinking about heading to sfo you may want to consider 28 ober alternate
6:40 am
moving at 62 miles an hour versus -- 30 miles an hour they will be running traffic breaks to block traffic and slow things down as crews get the gravel out of the lanes. i think this will be the slow spot for the morning. there was cardboard boxes across the san mateo bridge a little under the limit westbound 92, southbound 101 good through palo alto and menlo park with an earlier accident cleared. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll. right now backed up just almost towards west grand for most of the lanes. we'll check out the golden gate bridge less fog right now and in this south bay normal slowing north 101, north 280 looking good past highway 17. 6:40. trading underway on wall street now. live report straight ahead. the dow down 17 points. new this morning the historic rocket launch
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overnight marking a huge milestone for private space flights. later, one year after his separation from maria, former governor schwarzenegger opens
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coming up on 6:45. we start with our forecast locally upper 50s along the coast partly sunny this afternoon mostly sunny for the rest of us 60s and 70s around the bay.
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right now quiet on doppler you can see rain in portland some may dip down and touch eureka around 59 through the central valley mid 80s to 91 fresno, low to mid 70s along the coast big sur to san diego, 80 in l.a.. palm springs 106 sierra 66 tahoe eight two -- 82 in yosemite. new this morning, spacex flight controllers in southern california are guiding a private rocket to the space station right now after making history with this morning's launch. >> and launch of the spacex falcon 9 rocket. nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> the rocket successfully lived off before 1:00 this morning. the white house quickly offered congratulations this is the first time a private company has launched a rocket
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to the international space station. it is due to dock in a few days to deliver 1,000 pounds of provisions. former secretary of state colin powell says he's not ready to endorse president obama again for reelection. powell tells nbc news he doesn't want to throw his weight behind someone at this point. four years ago the republican powell endorsed the president calling him a transformational figure. powell does say mitt romney is a vibe candidate and says he's still listening to some republican proposals. president obama will be returning to the bay area tomorrow three vents on the peninsula he was last year in february with a visit to chinatown in is -- in san francisco. tomorrow his visit will include a fundraising dinner, large rally that will be the first time a sitting president has visited redwood city. he's also attending an asian-american round table at
6:47 am
the garden court hotel in palo alto. president obama's reelection campaign is feeling the punch of a new poll. the president looks vulnerable. according to a new poll, the president's job approval rating has slipped to 47% on the economy only 16% of americans say their financial situation has improveed, 30% say they are worse off. the poll shows the president locked in a dead heat with republican mitt romney. new details emerging this morning on the latest parking lot attack at dodger stadium the incident took place sunday a little more than a year after giants' fan brian stow was severely beaten in that parking lot. investigators state incident began with a minor fender-bender a man in his 20s was pull from the car pinned down by three men and kicked and hit by a fourth man. despite criticism over lack of enough security the dodgers' organization is praising the
6:48 am
response by off-duty lapd officers who were hired to patrol. waiting game at hewlett-packard, how many will lose their jobs and the bankers in charge of facebook stock offering are taking a lot of heat for maybe advising facebook to sell tomorrow shares. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with that and other business news. good morning. let's start with facebook the finger-pointing has begun. first let's see how the shares are doing, third day of trading down again another five, six percent lower after plunging 11% yesterday, people dumbing the stock after it failed to gain momentum in its first day of trading friday. as you mentioned, lots of blame to go around about -- tracking hewlett packard closely, hp getting ready to detail job cuts that may involve doing away with 25,000 positions some reports say
6:49 am
more perhaps. sources saying the cuts and cost savings could add up to billions. hp struggling with the drop in pc sales. hp has missed the ship to cloud computing and doesn't have a viable offering as the world shifts from pc's to tablets. the markets look like this, quiet all night that trend continues. we are barely moving so far with the major averages bloomberg index is higher healthy gains. mark zuckerberg may have just tied the knot over the weekend changing his status to married. someone might want to warn him the site facebook he's in charge of maybe contributing to an increasing number of break-ups citing a survey the "wall street journal" says more than a third of divorce filings last year contained the word "facebook." i'm jane king. >> troubling.
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>> maybe you are getting kids ready for school. warm they are morning, by the afternoon, they will probably discard it hopefully they won't leave it at school. looking at some of the clouds hanging around san francisco watching the last half hour they've been clearing up a little. mid to upper 50s even 63 antioch to 52 in san francisco low to mid 50s monterey bay 60 in gilroy. the bay and inland mostly sunny, you will see sunshine at the coast more so than yesterday, cooler wednesday, thursday, friday, a lot warmer weather coming our way and calmer for the weekend. today, compared to yesterday, we are going to go up a little in san jose to 76°, concord oakland san francisco four degrees warmer. already starting to break up as we come up on the 7:00 hour
6:51 am
by 10, 11:00 most back to the coast then starts breaking up during the afternoon. 60s and 70s for most of us. mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. mid to upper 60s richmond berkeley hayward low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay south bay mid to upper 70s 75 santa clara and cupertino mid 60s to upper 60s millbrae and san mateo breezy along the coast mid to upper 50s brisk day. low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito 67°. mid 70s through the north bay valleys 63 monterey and low to mid 70s around the rest of the bay even near 80 inland heading to the game tonight 7:05 first pitch mostly clear 60, 53 by the end of the game. partly cloudy tonight, no drizzle, 40s and 50s.
6:52 am
tomorrow the trend two to four degrees cooler wednesday, thursday, friday and we gain all that warmth back saturday, sunday and money guy. -- and money >> we take to you the san mateo bridge with the waze traffic map. cardboard boxes spilled from a truck that contained metal or plastic and they reported this 10 minutes ago. traffic was reported at a standstill near the area. you see all those commuters stuck in the back-up westbound 92. this is on the flat section approaching the highrise. traffic jammed. just past the tolls that's where traffic starts to slow. this is a hot spot developing. they are saying they've cleared most of the debris. the one area where i think it is going to get worse is southbound 101 approaching oyster point boulevard. it is a gravel spill in the lanes. you see traffic slow approaching the area with all those computers getting stuck in the back-up. i want to take you to the maps
6:53 am
to show you that. they are saying there's gravel from candlestick out to oyster point. the crews will get there in 25 minutes to clean it up but they will block lanes until then this is going to get worse, 280 is your best alternate. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger revealing new information about his relationship with estranged wife. he tells entertainment tonight they get along well despite their separation. the former governor says they are continuing to raise their kids together. he praised shriver calling her an extraordinary mother, schwarzenegger and shriver except rated a year ago following the revelation he fathered a child outside their marriage. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, 21-year-old morgan hill man arrested in connection with the disappearance of sierra lamar. he's being charged with kidnapping and murder.
6:54 am
the sheriff's department will reveal more details during an 8:00 news conference. we'll bring it to you as soon as it begins. >> number two, warriors and san francisco's mayor just called a 10:00 news conference this morning to officially announce the team plans to leave oakland and move across the bay to a new waterfront arena at san francisco's piers 30 and 32. >> number three, san jose could be the fifth city in the nation to establish its own minimum wage. city leaders will vote today on establishing a minimum wage of $10 per hour within the city limits. >> number four, expanding a recall of bagged lettuce. the lettuce may be tainted by listeria sold under an variety of bran names. >> the wife of suspended -- san francisco ross mirkarimi speaking out for the first
6:55 am
time to i-team reporter dan noyes. he went to venezuela over the weekend for the exclusive interview that you can only see right here on abc7 news at 11 tonight. one final check on weather and traffic. you can see some of includes hanging around and that half moon bay visibility with fog in santa rosa, clouds were thick enough this morning to create flight arrival delays at sfo i don't expect them to last long. mainly in the 50s now, you need a light jacket, leitner antioch, 63°. by the afternoon antioch will be 80 two fairfield 80 mid to upper 70s inland upper 60s to low 70s around the bay upper 50s to low 60s from the coast into san francisco pockets of sunshine monterey 63 to gilroy about 81 that's our temperatures for today. final check of the bay bridge toll, not that bad, just backed up beyond the end
6:56 am
of the parking lot. one spot which would avoid for at least the next half hour is southbound 101 from brisbane out to oyster point boulevard, in south san francisco where a gravel truck dumped or lost its load in the right lane. along that stretch traffic has been heavy for a lot of commuters. stacked up on south 101. you may want to consider south 280 as an alternate. westbound 90 two heavy across the san mateo bridge -- 92 heavy across the san mateo bridge because of an earlier smile but clearing now. thank you for joining us for the abc7 news morning news. local update at 7:24. at 8:00 this morning the sheriff's office will be hold o'holding that news conference with the latest on arrest in the sierra la -- lamar case her family expected to be there. we'll bring you the news conference live
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