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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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identified garcia-torres. >> from par 28 until present time we had surveillance on garsa. and we're hoping woe lead to us where sierra was. >> the sheriff says evidence from the red jetta proves to be the tipping point for arrest last night. the revelations left some volunteers devastated. >> so hurtful. to know she's been dead. and that she still hasn't been found. >> until she's found, the family has questions and perhaps only one man can answer. >> i do have a plea to the perpetrator to please, please give information if you have, that you have to lead us to seera to help end this nightmare. >> and this sheriff says
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they're confident she's murdered and confident they have her killer in custody. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar is a young father with a baby on the way. his family is tonight defending him. the 21-year-old is? n.jail after his arrest last night. he lives in morgan hill about seven and a half miles from sierra's home. >> torres lives in this rv park. his mother spoke to him last night and both his mother and his sister tell me that he is innocent that he is incapable of committing such a horrendous crime. >> did he tell you he was involved in this? >> no. saying it was a surprise for him, too. saying he never has seen
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the -- the girl. >> garcia-torres's mother believes her son is innocent. but arrest last night at a morgan hill safeway parking lot should have come as no surprise to the 21-year-old. it was a culmination of months of investigation and surveillance by sheriff investigators. the suspect's mother says they put a tracking device in cars. >> and i found one in my car, too. that is why they know where he's going and everything. >> torres talked to her son last night and says he spoke about his child, emily. >> i need your help. i need you taking care my kid. they, emily. don't let emily alone. >> sheriff deputies searched this mobile home where torres, his wife, their 19-month-old child and his mother live. we spoke with his sister who told us he had been
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cooperating with investigators. >> you would think that he would, i don't know, go away, try to run away or something. he's been nothing but compliant with police. >> police tell us that his arrest has now reopened three assault cases at the two safeways in morgan hill treated and released years ago. in one incident the suspect used a stun gun. in another, he used a knife. police say torres's dna links him to one of the attacks. at the time, police released this search of the suspect. resemblance to toreus is uncanny. we've learned that in 2009, he was arrested for resisting arest when morgan hill police made a probation check on his brother-in-law. then, in 2010 arrested for battery and having sex with a minor. but those charges were later dismissed. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. now those who personally know the lamar family are staying
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optimistic despite the news, the miller family has been involved in the search effort. tonya miller says she has hope sierra is alive and coming home. the family had her mother and boyfriend offer for dinner. >> we're trying to just think of this as one more piece. puzzle and bringing her home z keeping faith alive that she's alive. >> maddy miller is on a cheer leading team with sierra. this shows a competition in december. she says she's going to continue to believe sierra is alive until there is proof otherwise. >> the santa clara county sheriff's department sent out a dive team today. news of the arrest had an impact on all volunteer searcher who's plan to continue looking for her every wednesday and friday. abc 7 news joins us from morgan hill with more. >> with no search scheduled today the center should be
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quiet. some showed up to share reactions to arrest. strong friendships have been forged among volunteers and arrest of unleashed emotion autos all emotions apply here. anger, happiness. hope and the volunteer center is a place where images are posted on every wall. >> and i am angry for thinking he has the right to hurt someone eels in this community which turned out in full force the family. >> we leaved. but... still not finished. it's still, you know there is no body. there is no -- it's know closure, yet. so it's still scary. very sad for the family.
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but at least hopefully there will be clo sur for them and i'm hoping they find her alive. >> every wednesday and saturday, hundreds formed teams to comb through fields. steve says he's referred 20 new volunteers for tomorrow as he deals with his emotion autos a lot of hope. a lot of excitement. and i admit a lot of anger, too. now that we have a suspect. >> he is hoping to mobilize 500 volunteers tomorrow, building on the momentum of arrest and hope there could be a turning point in this search as well. >> we need everybody to step up. and help us with this search. >> newcomers are invited and volunteers divided into easy, he'd yim and advanced assignments. we've learned the normally-scheduled saturday search will not be held.
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the family says they'd like volunteers to spend holiday weekend with their families. >> and of what a kind gesture that is. and mark klaus whose taughter was kidnapped and killed know what's sierra's parents are going through now. he expects a huge turn out from volunteers tochl he says it's critical to find the body soon to keep the suspect from using it as leverage. >> this guy has got the power now. he can kind ever deal for his life by simply pleaing out in exchange for sierra's remains well we need to deny him that he says he talked with sierra's mom, she urged him to continue the search though she holds out hope sierra may be still found alive. >> arrest in this case is also taking an emotional toll on students at fremont washington
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high school. she attend that had school living with her father in fremont before moving in with her mother in october. grief counselors were at the school today. washington high school held a candle light vigil. early in the investigation officers questioned students there about her disappearance. >> we're going to continue our coverage extensively in about an hour, coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 we talked with one of her classmates who just happened to be at safeway when arrests went down last night. abc 7 news looks at how the case will be try fd they never find a body. be sure to stay with us for developments in this case. >> and coming up charges being leveled by a female partner at one of skal ease top venture capitol firms. >> city that the warriors say say slam dunk tonight there is a push back from those in oakland on plans to cross the bay. >> i'm sandhya patel.
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getting ready for a cooler and windy pattern z we'll talk about the possibility of showers. you're not hearing things. i'll be back with details coming up. >> thank you. >> and from 7 on your side, the vacation planners that use your personality to custom design a surprise get away for you. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's been 41 years since the warriors played here in my opinion, it's time to welcome them home. >> san francisco mayor and the warriors make it official. the team wants to build a new arena and move from oakland to san francisco in 2017. the announcement of the water front arena came today during a news conference at piers 30 and 32.
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>> we have to find the best site to serve fans for the long term and provide ta experience. we settled at the end of the day on this site right here in the beautiful city. >> abc 7 news is in oakland tonight. >> he's live with reaction to the team's move across the bay. nick? >> you know, officials and fans here say they were not surprised by the announcement but officials say they're not giving up and they call him that before anyone leaves they intend to make sure the bill is paid. warriors fan mike mcgee is disappointed by plans. >> i think when they first bought the team that is their intent. >> the jerseys may excite a new fan base. >> reality is that it's not a slam dunk. >> there is excitement one thing, reality another. >> takes time and money. 1k3 a good business decision?
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remains to be seen. >> my city hall is still dreaming of a sports complex and a development they've committed millions to. their response predicted this plan won't fly. we'll leave space for the warriors after being exhausted from the litigation and cost increases required to be on the san francisco water front. >> and this counselman sits on the board. warriors current landlord. >> i think our job is taking sure that they leave organizations when it comes to the table. >> in 1996, $100 million was spent to remodel. and unanswered is hout debt will be repaid. >> this is not like they're just going to close the door and walk away on the other side.
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and morgue yet about what happened. >> and. >> there will be have approve changes made to the agreement. nick smith abc 7 news. >> and there are two suspects in the beating of brian stow face more trouble after being indicted on weapons charges. authorities say they found numerous guns hidden in the home of marvin norwood. police believe norwood and sanchez attacked stow after giants and dodgers opened 2011 season in dodger stadium. stow continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury. >> and from her home town in venezuela, illiana lopez is speaking out. during the domestic violence case against ross mirkarimi the district attorney released
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stills from the video showing a bruise on lopez's arm. and if i were a woman in domestic violence situation, if i were really a woman who is terrified how this can help me? this could destroy me completely. if i am in san francisco with theo how you can deal with that? if i were a victim? >> and this interview airs tonight at 11:00. >> a female partner of one of skal -- silicon valley's prominent venture capital firms is suing for discrimination. she's been a partner since 2005. her lawsuit claims she's faced six years of problems since
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rejecting the sexual advances of a male colleague. she issued a statement saying it regrets the situation sk litigated and believes a suit is without merit. >> and let's move to consumer news, soon it will be easy for cable tv customers to get free access to wi-fi. >> there is information about who gets free access. >> yes. >> and there is customers that will have free access traveling outside of their home network. companies will open up 50,000 wi-fi hot spots to competitor subscribers. and this will be available for free to customers of those companies. simply log in under the label cable wife yi. this is the response from increased competition from 4 g smart
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phone providers. there is another airliner fee you need to know about. a charge for sitting next to-to-your child or spouse. airline seats used to come in one of three ways. coach, business or first class. extra leg room costs more, sitting in an emergency aisle costs more, too. now, airlines are charging for window and aisle seats. which means that two people traveling together to sit together even a mother and child one seat will come at a premium cost you might end up having to pay for it. airlines started to charge for the seats. >> and those who want to avoid the charge should try to book two months in advance. then, seats are not yet priced with the premium price. can't decide were you want to go on vacation? you might want to consider signing up for a mystery trip. you can end up skip lining
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over trees in hawaii then surfing the next. this destination is kept secret. mystery trip planners try to make sure it matches your personality giving you a personality test. >> i want to know which beach am i going to be laying on? >> it's. >> there is a day for harvey milk in long beach civic leaders broke ground on the new harvey milk promenade park. this is the first park ever to be named for the gay civil rights leader, officials in san diego are naming the first street after him as well. california declared may 22 harvey milk day. >> all right. windy outside. >> this is when we're going
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hold on to winds. temperatures going down hill. then, are you ready? pull out umbrellas there is a chance friday, all right? there is a live picture, it's a chance that is looking down towards ocean beach, you can see cameras just bouncing. there are strong winds out there. and they're sticking around. there is another live picture. there is a san francisco sitting under blue skies. you'll see clouds with us this morning cleared away. and we're enjoying nice weather and there are choppy he seas. there is a gale warning until 9:00 tonight. temperatures up by a few degrees and they're going down in the next couple days. there are wind gusts westerly sfo gusting close to 50 miles per hour.
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there is temperatures right now 57 in half moon bay. most inland areas into 70s, been a nice-looking afternoon. sunny, breezy tomorrow, cooler and windy thursday. there is a slight chance of showers for friday. there is a deep trough coming through. cold front coming through in the short term. there is a breezy pattern in place. keeping winds going winds coming out of the west-northwest next couple days. there is what is going to happen thursday, friday. cooler and windier conditions expected to develop into an area of low pressure starting to move closer to the coastline here. there is a front moving through and there are areas of clo clouds in the morning, into of the afternoon there is a sunny one for wednesday. temperatures coming down a little bit. and heading into thursday,
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friday may drop off more, we'll see a few spots into 40s and breezy again with areas of low clouds around the bay area, foot after the foon, temperatures coming down a few degrees with higher clouds for afternoon. 77 in santa rosa. 73 in san rafael. 62 san francisco, half moon bay. there is low 70s in san jose. fremont up to 80 degrees in antioch. 75 in vallejo. around the bay, temperatures ranging from 60 in monterey up to 77 in inland in gilroy. accu-weather forecast is windy and cooler. 70 degrees inland. 56 along the coastline. coolest day of the next seven days and there is a slight chance of showers there. warming trend into memorial day weekend. numbers coming up into 70s and 80s so... fire up the grill,
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i'm coming over. >> there is great looking weather for holiday weekend. >> and still ahead the silicon valley executive police say brought in a hefty second income and involved legos. >> there is a fortunate if you had a steady job in those day autos voices of history. at 6:00 you're going to hear what it's like to build golden gate bridge now marking it's 75th birthday from the men who risked their lives to do so.
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two people under custody on charges of trying to pass counterfeit $100 bills. police arrested the two on saturday. investigators say the two attempted to pass the fake $100 bills at three stores in pacific avenue. officers say they found 58 bogus bills in wilson's car and several more in a wallet. >> a prominent civil rights attorney appeared in court to answer charges he left the scene after killing a bicyclist with his car. spencer smith walked with his lawyer in pleasanton this morning. the judge delayed the hearing until june. investigators say pieces of smith's mercedes-benz littered the crash scene in dublin last
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tuesday. his attorney says his client is quote devastated the victim lost his life. >> a silicon valley executive did not enter a plea today on his arain rainment. the 47-year-old is accused of stealing $900 worth of lego sets by switching bar codes on boxes. he was arrested may 8th outside of a target store, investigators say he may have made up to $30,000 by selling lego sets on ebay. he works for software maker s.a.p.. >> and still ahead gourmet types, listen up. >> your healthy recipe could land you an invite to a kids dinner air
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in the newsroom at 6:00 continuing coverage of the arrests in the sierra lamar case including a class mate that witnessed the suspect being taken into custody. >> a training facility preparing airline pilots for the next generation of cleaner plane autos and he played for warriors in san francisco, then coached them in oakland. find out what al add yelz thinks of renaming the team the san francisco warriors. >> and now, back to dan and cheryl. >> and if you know a young gourmet who likes to cook, kitchen skills could win them
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a chance to dine with the president at the white house. >> the first lady is sponsoring a recipe contest. >> 56 win winners will represent every state and u.s. territory, traveling to washington for a kids state dinner in august. >> you can find out how to enter on our web site. under see it on tv. >> that would be fun. >> very cool. >> thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate it and we'll see new a half hour.


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