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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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believes the 21-year-old acted alone and did not know the 15-year-old when he took her. that it was a stranger abduction. >> we did additional surveillances and we believe he's the only person responsible for the kidnapping and murder of sierra. >> her mother says she appreciates the investigation but choked back tears when she said she cannot accept the ultimate conclusion. >> i'm not giving up hope. you know? her body hasn't been found. i believe there is a reason why she wasn't found. we're not giving up on that. >> detectives are not revealing all evidence against garcia torres but say some comes from the clothing in her purse and some from inside of the red jetta its not blood evidence. it's some type of dna evidence that linked torres to the homicide investigation, now it turns out the resident was identified early on in this case. the first crime lab results from clothing in sierra's
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purse came back march 28th putting him under immediate 24 surveillance. detectives took his jetta on april 7. it was analysis of evidence in the car which resulted in his arrest last night. >> he didn't seem remorseful. he didn't put his head down. just walking like. yae. i did it. whatever. >> the sheriff says despite a lengthy interview torres is not revealed where sierra is located. it's a question the family wants answered more than anything. >> we need to bring sierra home. and so we're looking for everyone to help us do that. >> the sheriff says detectives did withhold evidence from the public during the course of the investigation. and did need help and the way they handled this case to protect the investigation in the case they're building
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against garcia-torres. >> thank you. the man arrested for the sierra lamar murder lived in morgan hill most of his life. addition to murder and kidnapping he's suspected in a safeway parking lot assault three years ago. convicted in 2009 of resisting arest and arrested for, but never charged with having sex with a minor in 2010. his family claims did he not kill sierra lamar. abc 7 news is live with that part of the story tonight. and the family the family experienced personal pain over the years. his mother tells us his brother was hooked on drugs and alcohol and he died from liver failure, his father is in jail. his mother who lives with him always believed that he was the good son out of the two. >> antolin garcia-torres's
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mother spoke to her son after arrest. >> did he tell you he was involved with this? >> no. he say it was a surprise for him, too. and he say that he never see the girl. >> this arrest should have come as no surprise to the 21-year-old. it was a culmination of months of investigation and surveillance by investigators. the suspect's mother says they put a tracking device in both cars. >> and police find one in my car, too. that is why they know where he's going and everything. >> torres talked to her son last night after his arrest. she says he spoke only about his child, emily. >> i miss you. because i need you help. i need you taking care my kids. emily. don't let emily alone. >> sheriff deputies searched the mobile home where torres,
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his wife, their 19-month-old child and his mother live. we spoke with his sister. she told us he had been cooperating with investigators. >> you could wo think that he would, i don't know go away or try to run away. he's done nothing but compliant with the police. >> in 2009 three women were assaulted at the two safeways in morgan hill. at that time police released this sketch of the suspect. the resemblance to torres is uncanny. police say torres's dna is linked to one of the cases. >> the other two cases are still under investigation. and we're seeing if we can't tie him into those two as well. >> torres was arrested at the safeway where he used to work. his mother tells us he's now a tree trimmer. refusing our request for a jail house interview and will be arraigned later this week on murder and kidnapping charges. >> thank you. and there are friends and
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classmates trying to remain optimistic. she and her family moved from fremont in the fall and she has many close friends in both communities. laura anthony is live in morgan hill for us. laura? >> this morning the principle made a campus wide announcement, urging students to try to stay positive. we talked with several who told us they're trying to do that. one girl told us she came nearly face-to-face with the suspect seconds before he was arrested. despite latest developments in this case, the miller family of morgan hill has no plans to remove the messages from the suv. >> i'm not ready to quit. my heart and mind, every fiber says we're going to keep looking until we find her. >> she says her family has her mother to blame. maddy miller is a teammate of
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her miller and shows competing in a tournament. >> and until we know you can't say anything different. >> and her zoom mate happened to witness the arrest of the suspect at a morgan hill safeway monday night. >> the guy walked past my window. like two inches from it. then all of a sudden all of the under cover cops came and stuff. and they're like get on the ground! >> her friends say they're trying to stay positive despite the latest difficult news. >> and this is hard to hear that it's being talked about at school. and we're hanging in there. >> this parent says she's relieved an arrest has been made. >> i hope they have solid evidence that this is guy.
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i've been uneasy. >> i'm glad they found something. i'm glad they found someone. you know? i just pray for the family. >> counselors are brought in here to help students deal with the developments. and this is true at washington high where she attended until late last year. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news legal analyst is here. an arrest has been made that is crucial. you've said this is the critical time in the investigation? why? >> we're told tore jess still talking and cooperating. and this is a one chance police goat interview witness who knows whether or not torres did it. namely, torres himself. >> how difficult will it be for the prosecution to prove this is murder if they never recover a body. >> and there is no body homicide cases for a long
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time. evidence is helpful. take a look at the nonforensic evidence. a is a-year-old girl goes missing. her cell phone discarded and clothes discarded. one person associated with her during that time frame is someone with a history of violence against women that. is probably enough to get to the jury on the fact of death. >> this made big news. and sheriff's office released information they're looking for this jetta and knew who it belonged to. >> and i'm sure they're looking for the time line of the movements of the vehicle. they may have withheld the fact they knew who owned the jetta. simply to exclude the numerous false reports that might come n sometimes, police do that just to weed out false reports. >> we're hearing his dna was found on the items in sierra's purse, how key is that in this case? >> it's critical f you look at
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this as a defense attorney or prosecutor the fact his dna is on her clothes and we're told that her dna is in his vehicle makes it hard to explain facts in the way this victim. >> thank you. dean. >> and stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the sierra lamar investigation. as dean just said, now entering through a critical phase. coming up volunteers gear up for a new search. >> and there is more still to come here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. golden state warrior as nouns a big move across the bay. and there is an i team report that looks like the highly-paid bar pilots won't be getting the raise they've been demanding. >> a training facility preparing pilots for the next generation of cleaner planes. >> there is a when you're
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fortunate if you had a steady job. >> you'll hear from men who built the golden gate bridge now celebrating it's 75th birthday. stay with us. the news continues.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco may be losing 49ers but they're gaining the golden state warriors and golden state warriors plan to build an arena along san francisco's water front. and we're live. >> warriors lease at coliseum was up in 2017.
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so new owners have been looking for new digs. after five months of negotiations they settled on the pier. >> this has been a remarkable journey for us. >> 18 monthses ago they bought the golden state warriors today with much pomp and circumstance, and with nba commissioner looking on, they announced a move across the bay. mayor ed lee says now, the hard work begins. >> this is in my opinion, my signature legacy if you will, i like to get this done for the bay area. and eninvestigations. >> envisioned is a high tech arena. for basketball, concerts and conventions. it will set at the tip of piers 30, 32 just down the
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embarcadero from giants ballpark. owners say investors are lined up and there are road blocks and political challenge autos there are risks when you do anything like this, this is a massive gamble. >> the city believes it will create thousands of new jobs and bring in revenue from a boom in businesses. and what many want to know is will it attract big-name players? >> this is an incredible location. i think it makes it more enticing when talking about the rest of the sports world. commitment is winning. >> this former basketball super star that is part of warriors history. >> if someone told me they became golden state warriors is that they've envisioned san
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francisco warriors of going back this is maybe where it happened, now,. >> i asked the co-owner about a possible name change. he just pointed to this pin it says to 17, golden state warriors saying he will be wearing this pin what the rena opens. eventually not this pin since he gave it to me. >> and that is in oakland reaction to a possible move is, well, we'll believe whit we see it. this statement issued in the end it says we'll leave a space for warriors after they're exhausted from environmental litigation and cost increases required to be on the san francisco water front and there is a dichb mood, fans were enthusiastic.
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>> this sounds great. and why won't that be great? >> this will be easy with public transportation and everything. i think it's good for the city, too. >> and that will be good for the city. so i think it will be great. real great. >> i think that best thing that happened since the birth of my children and my marriage. >> there is more reaction from players and coaches later on in this newscast. >> and update now on a tri san francisco bar pilots have put their demands for a raise on hold. they want more money to steer in the larger ships that sometimes need two people. and they already make $400,000 a year, following our investigation oakland assembly
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man agreed to delay legislation to allow the pilots race to be negotiated instead. >> fed yechl rolled out delivery truck that's don't use a drop of gasoline, part of a goal of reducing emissions by 20% by year 2020. the electric engine makes the trucks quiet and there is another plus is that wear and tear of delivery makes them efficient. >> stop and go is ideal. this is power being loaded back into the battery pack. >> fed yechl says the trucks will help forecast costs better because the company will not be at the mercy of rising gas prices. >> that is sleek looking. >> it's a beautiful day. >> and you can see reporters
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out there. >> there is a turn from breezy now. there are numerous locations over 30 miles per hour. and there is gusts reaching almost 50 miles per hour. there is a live view looking westward and there is clear skies, winds just blown clouds away. there is a satellite loop showing how clouds disappeared this afternoon. this is a reason. strong gale warning. let's take a look at wind gusts at sfo. 47 miles per hour. there is 32 inlind. 22 miles per hour in mountain view. all around the bay area, it's windy now. and cool we have temperatures around the bay into 60s and a few 70s inland and there are
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sunny and breezy conditions and there is a slight chance of showers friday. there is an active storm track. that is flowing north. there is a cold front going to sweep through overnight tonight that is other systems moving into our direction. so we'll see cooler and windier weather thursday and friday. and forecast at 7:00 this front will move in and there is mainly clear skies, sunny and breezy moving inland overnight. there are breezy conditions during overnight hours, low temperatures dropping into upper 40s in parts of the inland north bay and locations in the other inland locations.
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and then, tomorrow, sunny skies and breezy into the south bay. highs only into low to mid-70s. peninsula, looking for highs of 67 in san mateo. there is 58 in half moon bay. 57 into the sunset district. north bay, mainly mid-70s and mid to upper 70s. 77 in santa rosa. near east bay highs into upper 60s. 69 in oakland. 71 in fremont. inland east bay highs into mid to upper 70s. 77 in concord and down near monterey bay, low 70s near the bay and there are low to mid-70s inland. highs upper 60s to around 70. warming up over the weekend. by monday, tuesday, we'll see highs back up around 80 degrees.
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that is not hot, but warm. >> warmer, for sure. >> coming up next from venezuela, illiana lopez tries to set the records straight. >> you'll hear part of the interview with sheriff ross mirkarimi's wifr, stay with us.
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a key figure in the domestic violence case against ross mirkarimi is speaking for the first time about what happened. >> it's his wife, illiana
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lopez. dan noyes traveled to venezuela to get the interview and dan is here now. she says she wants to set the record straight. >> when we met this weekend lopez never dodged a question. she introduced me to her family and talked about the impact the case had on her 3-year-old son. >> thank you for being here and coming to venezuela and welcome. i hope you enjoy this beautiful city. >> i met lopez in her hometown over the weekend. she's gone there to be comforted by her family. she walked me through the controversy and including what she believes was her biggest mistake, confiding in a neighbor. >> i was shocked of course. and. >>... were you angry? >> in that moment so confused
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like she didn't have my permission. >> from that point your life changed?. >> yes. and then, i understood she's not my friend. >> step back. >> she told me the scandal moved quickly and authorities took steps that hurt the family, including separating the couple with a restraining order. they haven't been able to go to counseling or have a conversation since january 13. >> we have problems in the marriage that we have to deal with that. i wanted to deal with that in a healthy way. >> and there is so much to talk about and we'll hear all of it starting tonight on apc 7 news at 11:00. >> we look forward to that. thank you very much. >> and when we come back tonight the arrest of a murder suspect in the sierra lamar disappearance. a big turnout expected tomorrow as volunteers conduct a search.
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>> questions about facebook's public stock offering. did some big investors have a unfair advantage? >> hearing from the man behind this rocket launch. he's got a lot of irons in the fire tonight. h@
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updating developing news, sierra lamar's mother is pleading with the man arrested for kidnapping her on march 16th. >> she wants him to tell police everything. >> please give information if you have, that you have to lead us to seera. to help thend nightmare. >> the a-year-old's mother talked with reporters this morning after the sheriff office announced an arrest. >> it links torres to the murder. the family says there is no way he's involved. >> he say he never see the
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girl. >> he's been nothing but compliant with police. >> the 21-year-old suspect's sister and mother told abc 7 news he did not run because he has nothing to hide. >> deputy as rested garcia-torres last night in this parking lot. police tell us the arrest reopened three assault cases at two safeway stores in 2009. police say his dna linked him to one of the attacks. >> this devastating news that the case is now officially a murder investigation will not deter volunteers looking for seera, still. they're planning another big search tomorrow. and there is another effort to find her. >> absolutely. there is no question that people are determined to try to find sierra lamar. and there is is an interesting split over opinion over
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whether a deal should be cut with the suspect. the volunteer center is hoping for a strong turn out tomorrow. and they'd like to get help from the suspect. >> he has a responsibility to do what ke to help us. he needs to tell us what he knows. >> he has and i believe they're tactics will find a way to get information out of this guy. so we can start making more searches in the area that this guy is going to give us information about that. >> mark klaus doesn't want any deals to be cut with the suspect. >> this guy has got the power now and he can cut a deal for his life by simply fleeing out
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in exchange for sierra's remains we need to deny him that and people understand that. this guy needs to be fast tracked straight to hell. >> it's a challenging time for volunteers. arrest trig r trigger aid flood of emotion autos all emotion as ply here. anger and happiness. grieve and hope. >> the sheriff's department spent much of the day using special equipment to search rest of morgan hill. volunteers endured high temperatures ask rugged terrain on public and private property. they're hope to find her alive or to bring closure to the family. >> we need everybody to step up and help us with this search. >> the family has suspended this saturday's search in order for volunteers to spend the holiday weekend with their family. however, that makes tomorrow's search all the more important.
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>> we're learning the boyfriend of a woman killed in an accident has been charged in her death. the 22-year-old seen here was a brand new uc berkeley graduate when she died. her boyfriend charged with vehicular manslaughter accord tg a report. police say he was drunk and speeding when his cadillac hit a tree. lopez's 6-year-old son is reportedly paralyzed and now on life support. >> there is a man found guilty of first degree murder. the jury toork two days of convicting him of shooting and killing a man two years ago. davis shot and wounded by a security guard outside of a club. a suspect secretary was never caught. >> and authorities dieded tw
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two -- indicted two men accused of beating brian stow today. both appeared in court. prosecutor says norwood hid guns inside of his home for sanchez. both men were barred from owning guns because of past criminal convictions. >> and i just received an envelope that apparently contained a indictment on gun charge autos police believe they both assaulted snow the dodger parking lot in los angeles. they have pleaded not guilty to charges and he continues to recover after suffering a brain injury. >> facebook's initial stock offering is being questioned today as the price continues to slide. the head of the securities ask exchange commission was questioned in washington today and officials in massachusetts have launched an investigation into the actions of an analyst for morgan stanlry.
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and there is issue whether he told only selected giants and facebook price fell another 9% today. and this is california expecting a tax wind fall based on a price of $35 per share. >> tonight's money matters google getting bigger in the purchase of motorola mobility today. the take overgives a huge arsenal of patents. and there is new hope for the housing market reporting sales of previously owned homes are selling at the best pace in two years. and into the last half hour, the nasdaq lost 8. >> and still head here tonight there is a state of the art flight simulator goes into
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operation. >> find out about the poll this will play in the future of aviation.
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two fighter jets intercepted a plane heading from paris to north carolina today after a female passenger put the crew on edge. the plane made an emergency landing in maine after the woman handed a net to a flight attendant. now that note stated she had a device surgically implanted
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inside of her powerful enough to bring down the craft. and doctors did not find anything. last year officials warned air lines terrorists might try to surgically hide bombs inside of people. >> the latest big move for local airline virgin america is taking place on the ground. we go for a ride in the new flight simulator. >> as these pilots leave the runway it's ahard to tell they're sitting in a warehouse in burlingame inside there is a brand new air bus a 320 passenger jet. on the outside this is a different animal. not held up by wings but by state of the art hydraulics that are bolted to the floor.
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>> there is a pilot that has never seent craft today and train them in this airplane. >> they can practice routine operations but more importantly, the unexpected. >> there is failures you'd never want to do in an airplane. >> there is a nearly $12 million investment. and there are 10 pilots coming here to train. >> this means a lot more hotel room nights and taxi rides in addition to jobs created because of facility here. >> there is aside from being the only one of its kind, you says it's among the first anywhere to train on a navigation system.
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>> in burlingame, abc 7 news. >> that looks fun. >> it does. >> next, voices from the bay area historic past. >> hearing from workers who built a bridge recorded for poster ti.
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they did it. a mirrors commercially launched rocket is on the way to the international space station tonight. it lifted off today from cape canaveral, florida. owned and operated by a company called space x, carrying a capsule full of food and supplies and will be the first between a private rocket and anything in orbit. the founder of the company also founded pay pal and tesla motors. >> this is like winning the
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super bowl. >> and there is a tesla milestone, scheduled to begin producing the model s. >> and this sunday marks 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. surviving men and many voices recorded for poster ti recorded. >> the golden gate district video shows great human energy that went into building the bridge in the depression era. the district interviewed a bridge worker in 2007. and remembered earning $5.50 a day. >> and we're fortunate to have
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a steady job and i just can whoever needed to be done. and if a cable came up, i put it underneath and screw it up. that was a scary job. but most of the time pushing concrete around. and big blocks for a full day. concrete. you're up there with your boots pushing it around because you just had to keep camping it. capping it to set the concrete properly. >> the legendary worker left the bay bridge project to work on the golden gate wex talked to him in 1987. >> this is magic. some kind of magic to it. we just wanted to go out there.
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i probably would have worked for half of the money just to be there. >> union iron workers paid a premium. >> the most guys would get $20 or $25 a week, we we are getting $55. it was good money at the time. >> ross jenson worked on the bridge all four years. >> dangerous and windy he atalked about tossing coins into the concrete. >> you threw money in? >> yes. >> okay. >> why? >> for the hell of it. >> all right. good reason. >> may 28th, 1937. opening day. >> the bridge stands as a monument to men who built it. >> and there is a list of activities scheduled sunday for the 75th birthday. qul find it under see it on
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tv. >> and there is a restaurant claimed to be the oldest italian eatry in the united states served it's last meal after being in business 126 years, opening in 1886 by the dell monty family. as a bordello. and a fire in 2005 forced owners to move to mason street. and in 2008 business suffered and it just never recovered. >> that is like a wife. and she tried to divorce me. >> great food. and it's warm feeling to be in the restaurant. from start to finish. >> there is hope for customers and talk of opening another restaurant soon. >> sad to see it go. >> and there is an update on
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the accu-weather forecast. >> there is a nice picture showing clouds over lake merced today. and there is clear on the coast and sunny into the state including bay area, we have interior areas in the bay area. it's going to get up to 80 degrees, we'll see mid to upper 70s inland around the bay, highs into upper 60s to about 70s. breezy, cooler on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures we'll see 82 again, tuesday. >> and sports is coming up next. @ae@e@e@e@e@
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coming up on cable channel 13 coming up then it's all in the hands. san francisco start ups that is eliminating the need for a keyboard or a mouse. >> then at 11:00 search for sierra, continuing coverage of the arrest in this case and a new focus for investigators. join us at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> and sports made big news today with warriors decision. >> yes. there is larry beil now. >> when warriors tip off in 2017 they'll be playing in a water front palace in san francisco. there is a arena that will be state of the art. and everybody was upbeat about a jump shot across the bay. >> winning remains our number one priority. this arena is about winning. >> and there is a big slash today the site of the new arena set to open in 2017. 50 we'll play here in 2017 take that as a promise we'll fulfill and will be a world class entertainment venue. we're all in. the warriors front office may be all in. but what about the loyal fan that's supported its team. >> and going to have another
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venue in which to express support. i hope as easy to get to as ora cell arena is. >> this should enhance abilities to attract free agents to san francisco. >> when a player that we may be looking at looks at something like this what they should see is an ownership group committed to winning. >> there is a big step forward. in the future here and having another way to attract free agents and increasing our fan experience going to games. >> and the coach joked he may noit be around in five years to enjoy this. >> there is a a long way away. we want to continue to do things to put our selfs into position. and to with proud of what we're building. >> there is still the golden state warriors, the basketball team.
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>> and thank you. in addition to basketball new arena and says there will be plenty of parking and ferry service to the games. up next environmental impact reports and they may have to spend $100 million to get ready for construction. clay thompson named today to the all-rookie team. he averaged 12 and a half points per game and led all rookies in three-point shooting. raiders linebacker maclaine apologized for bringing bad publicity to the team facing six months in jail on assault charges in alabama. it's unclear if he will be able to play during this season. and baseball giants and brewers watch a kid on the far right. spin the baseball. yeah. buster posey got the giants on the board and same today almost deja vu. skb there is a score, giants score twice in the top of the first.
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nora cheeka with a lead off triple skppl test the arm of cabrerra. got fik? dr -- milk? aubrey hough and that made it 4-0. posey just homered moments ago. now, terrific. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> good night for now.
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