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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning 5:01 wednesday midweek thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze breaking news in the east bay crews on the scene of a fire that burned three homes on bethel island on stone road two of the homes are gutted. the third house has minor damage the couple living there may be able to return. we are gathering more information and bring you more information as we get. searchers will begin gathering at a morgan hill school shortly to resume their search for 15-year-old sierra lamar. many refuse to believe she is dead even though her alleged killer is in custody. terry mcsweeney is live in morgan hill with the story itch >> reporter: sierra lamar's
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mother is -- one who still has hope that sierra is going to be found alive. 8:00 searchers will be heading out as they have every wednesday and saturday since she disappeared in the middle of march. investigators say the most they will find is a bed or clues to find that body, because the girl -- is a body or clues to find that body, because the girl has been killed. this is 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres of morgan hill charged with the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared march 16th. investigators say they have physical evidence found in his jetta, dna evidence from lamar's purse. they tie the to together. investigators believe the two did not know each other they find that chilling. his family says they still don't know each other. >> there's no information that we have of any type that the two know each other, have had any contact.
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we believe this is the worst kind of a crime, a stager abduction of a young girl. >> she say it was a -- for him to he said that he never see the girl. >> reporter: divers will be out today as they have been all week, all month for the past month or so looking for sierra lamar's body. volunteers are going to be out yet again today, heading out from morgan hill looking for clues that might lead to the recovery of sierra lamar possibly her body, they are hoping she is alive. certainly the mother said there is no doubt in her mind her daughter is still alive until she sees a body that's what she is going to believe. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news and for continuing coverage of the sierra lamar investigation. we'll bring you any breaking
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developments as we get them. president obama arrives in the bay areaed if for a whirlwind fundraising tour. silicon valley, asian-americans and peninsula city will be in the spotlight. amy hollyfield is live at the fox theater in redwood city this is a first for the city. >> reporter: that's right this is the first time that redwood city will host a sitting president. the president will be appearing here at the fox theater in downtown redwood city. tonight is going to look like this appearance that he made at the masonic center in san francisco, this is video from february. 2500 people attended that event. he gave a 25 minute speech. also, outside the scene will be similar protesters lined up outside the masonic center that is also the plan for tonight. occupy redwood city has decided to protest outside the fox theater tonight to speak out against obama's administration for what they call its attacks on americans ideals.
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the protesters don't deter him from visiting, 20% of the money he has raised for his reelection has come from california. video we got moments ago of the president leaving andrews air force base this is this morning. he's now making his way toward california. he has a full agenda here. all of this happening south of san francisco. he will be in palo alto at a roundtable to support asian american pacific islanders. then a private dinner in atherton that will cost $35,800 per person. then he will make his way to the fox theater for a rally. this is the affordable event tickets start at $250 up to $7500. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. campaigning and fundraising could get crowded
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with john boehner here scheduled to attend a republican fundraiser in woodside co-hosted by congressman lundgren. boehner and obama may cross paths with paul ryan of wisconsin who will be in san francisco tomorrow for campaign fundraising. this morning mitt romney appears to be a week away from locking up the presidential nomination. he cruised to vick -- victory in the kentucky and arkansas primaries yesterday leaving him 80 delegates short of the 1,144 he needs to secure the nomination. he should reach that number next week in the texas primary. san francisco police asking for help finding the people involved in an attack at golden gate park that left a man with life-threatening injuries. it happened sunday the 31-year-old victim and his friends got into an argument with another group. a man punched the victim causing him to lose
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consciousness. anyone with information is asked to call police. from her hometown of venezuela eliana lopez is speaking out again the release of a video that could help remove her husband as san francisco sheriff. during the criminal domestic violence case against ross mirkarimi the d.a.'s office released stills from a video showing a bruise on lopez's arm. mayor lee is pushing for ethics commission to receive the video and release it to the public. >> if i really were a woman in a domestic violence situation, if i were really a woman who is find -- who is terrified, how this can help me? this could destroy me completely, if i am in san francisco with theo how you can deal with that if i were really a victim? >> the i-team's dan noyes traveled to venezuela for an exclusive interview with
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lopez. we'll bring you part i in an hour at 6 a.m.. voters going to the polls in egypt to elect a new president. voters lined up across the nation as polls opened. 13 candidates on the ballot no outright winner is expected to emerge a runoff will be held next month. >> the president of turkey is visiting the bay area today to deliver a speech at stanford. he will visit the graduate school of business to talk to students about economic and democratic reforms he implemented in his country. protesters angry with the country's position of denial about armenian genocide say they will be there two million were killed during the world war i holocaust.
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seven acre fire broke out afternoon and spread quickly crews had to tear down a five foot section of fence to get to the fire they managed to keep the flames from structures nobody was hurt. east bay road open once again this morning after strong winds sent a large tree to the ground. we brought you this story on abc7 news at 11. the tree fell after 10:00 last night in martinez. the tree blocked the road forcing highway patrol and crews to help clear the scene. crews requested three chainsaws. new information on a breaking news that fire on bethel island that burned three hopes. firefighters are telling us the fire was driven by wind gusts. >> mike you told us earlier that winds were gusting. >> especially through the delta. the fastest winds are gusting in novato, 25, 32 at half moon bay. these will be coming inland once the sun starts to heat
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the ground and starts to pull winds in faster because the rising air has to be replaced by other air that's what is going to go on during the morning into the afternoon. i expect 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts today like yesterday. jet stream 150 mile per hour jet stream riding to our north a little today close enough that we'll see cooler weather once again 7:00 mostly sunny low to mid 50s breezy by noon, mid 50s at the coast mid 60s by the bay. 4:00, hanging out in the mid 70s inland upper 60s around the bay, upper 50s along the coast 7:00 winds start to taper a little as sun angle s -- angle drops. watch out for pollen, grass is going to be very high, still high tree, mold and ragweed moderate. breezy tomorrow, friday temperatures falling both days
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slight chance of shower friday warmer, calmer into the holiday weekend. time for traffic >> gusty winds across the san mateo bridge high wind advisory right now. be extra careful especially if you have a van or suv. traffic flowing well across both bridges in both directions. dumbarton closure the san mateo bridge or 237 will be the alternate routes heavy traffic on 880 and 101 for the weekend. in the south bay the connection ramp from south 880 to south 280 scheduled to be blocked until 6:00 this morning i'm expecting they will pick it up a little earlier. north 101 roadwork cleared, traffic looking good. in antioch, eastbound 4 from loveridge to somersville, just reopened westbound traffic
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still flowing well out of antioch towards pittsburg and concord. live shot of bay bridge toll, delay-free despite an earlier stall. 5:12. more good news from the auto industry. money report is next. the decision being put in the hands of san jose voters that will affect thousands of workers who earn minimum wage. dozens of new fedex trucks hits bay area streets. what makes these unique? the fancy green machine leaving the prius in the dust.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we are doing better paying our auto loans. many people put keeping up with car payment as head of credit cards and mortgages. moody's has raised ford's debt rating for the first time in seven years allowing ford to reclaim all assets. the steamy 50 shade series of novels is whipping and dominating the book market the trilogy that has been called mommy porn has sold more than 10 million copies in less than six weeks that's america's money. 5:15. san jose voters will decide what the city's minimum wage should be. the council voted to put a minimum wage initiative on the november ballot. if approved the minimum wage will rise from $8 to $10 an
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hour with annual increases tied to the consumer price index the council voted against adopting the new minimum wage outright. fedex rolling out new trucks that don't use gasoline. the 34 new all-electric advance is the -- vans is the first to deployed in the bay area. the electric engine makes these trucks extremely quiet another plus is wear and tear of delivery makes them more efficient. >> stop and go is ideal for these vehicles it lets them regenerate the batteries that power used for brake something loaded back into the battery pack and used for propulsion later on. >> fedex says the trucks will help forecast costs better the company won't be at the mercy of rising gas prices. new report recommending airlines add more flights in and out of oakland.
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the regional planning committee says most flights are needed to handle expected increase in passengers. the committee projects the number of bay area passengers will soar to 101 million a year in 2030 five, 58 million use the big three airports last year. the committee would like to see more flights into the airport in santa rosa. two items about cars and conservation. porsche unveiling new spider, it can go 200 miles an hour, and 94 miles to the gallon more economical than the prius it goes into production next year will cost 1 1/2 million dollars. >> not so economic kal. >> i said mere. there is word from tesla its model s has passed the final crash test. the company is scheduled to begin delivering first mass produced car at the end of next month. >> a little more economic kal.
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>> that's right. -- >> have you warmed up your wife that you lobbying one? >> a couple years when i reach middle age that will be my crisis car. >> you are staring right at me when you said middle age. >> i was talking about me. why does it always have to be about you -- talk >> because it is about me. there's mount diablo, sun is going to dom up in 40 minutes or so, maybe give or take a few minutes. it is going to start to turnover that atmosphere and bring gusty winds back that are starting to calm in most areas. if you are heading out mid to upper 50s and low to mid 50s around the monterey bay a few patches of clouds along the coast into the salinas valley otherwise quiet. cooler today through friday. then we'll see a warming trend through the holiday weekend. before we get to that, small
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chance of rain friday, very small. low to mid 50s today in the south bay, sunnyvale and santa clara 72°. 70 palo alto, redwood city. mid to upper 60s along the peninsula. mid to upper 50s along the coast. low 60s downtown and south san francisco. 65 sausalito, mid to upper 70s north bay valleys. east bay shoreline 69 in oakland up to 71 fremont, 72 hercules. antioch and brentwood holding on to the chance of an 80 or 81 for a high. mid to upper 70s morgan hill, gilroy hollister back towards the bay 60 monterey, low to mid 70s everybody else. northwest wind 20, gusts up to 30 miles per hour everywhere that does include the coliseum.
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12:35 first pitch. definitely one for the sunscreen. one hitter last night angels. upper 40s to low 50s mostly clear sky. persistent jet stream north driving cooler air towards us the difference between high pressure over the land and the low i should say over the ocean and low over land high pressure bringing breezy pattern and tapping into cooler weather around the gulf of alaska, that is going to come in thursday with the second system going to bring that slight chance of a shower friday. by the time we get there temperatures two to 10 degrees cooler than today monday warm again near 80 inland mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast for the holiday. good morning. at least we are accident-free now on bay area freeways, earlier roadwork in san jose 880, 280 cleared on-ramps,
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connection ramps are open headlights northbound 280 good into cupertino. oakland maze for traffic heading westbound 80 to the bay bridge delay-free out of vallejo to san francisco now. if you are heading into san francisco via the golden gate bridge shortly, you can expect a beautiful ride. it is the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. this weekend expect a lot of heavy traffic if you are going to watch the fireworks sunday night at 9:30 try to take mass transit. traffic is expected to be gridlocked in the area, especially after the fireworks and so keep that in mind 9 to 10:00 will be the busiest time in addition, first street closed this weekend from friday 8 to tuesday 5 a.m. between mission and howard. a lot of folks use that to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. very busy this weekend for the memorial day holiday. coming up on 5:22.
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nfl star tries a new sport and crowned champion on "dancing with the stars." the wedding that is still getting a lot of buzz. what we are learning about the dress worn by mark zuckerberg's new bride. millions in less than six weeks. and that's "america's money." i'm john muller. -[ sneezes ] -what are you waiting for?
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-my allergy medicine to work. -allegra is fast. [ female announcer ] only allegra combines fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief. -gotta go. - [ female announcer ] allegra. fast and non-drowsy relief. good morning. bay area baseball scores. giants close out series in milwaukee today beat brewers 6-4 last night. a's will close out their series in oakland this afternoon. super bowl champion green bay packer can add "dancing
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with the stars" trophy to his awards collection and that super bowl ring. donald driver was crowned winner on "dancing with the stars" last night. driver and his partner pet get to take home the trophy for -- season 14. >> it took me 13 seasons to win a super bowl only one season to win the miraball. catherine and mark danced to a second place finish. full wrap-up is coming up on "good morning america" right after our newscast at 7:00. imagine designing a does that ends up being seen by millions. priscilla chan was wearing the designer's creation when she married mark zuckerberg saturday pettibone writes in her blog she didn't know khan was wearing her dress until she saw a photo the dress
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reportedly cost almost $5,000. eric i know you appreciate clandestine operations. she bought that dress in denver under a fake name last october and went back in april for accessories. >> took planning. might have been an airborne operation for all we know. parachuted in, grabbed it. 5:26 now. volunteers will be out enforce this morning in morgan hill searching for a missing teenager despite the arrest of a man now accused ever killing her. live with developments in the sierra lamar case. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo. fall-out from the facebook ipo, legal issues now plaguing the situation. things get out of hand at a boisterous meeting about occupy oakland. sunny and breezy, mid to upper 50s along the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay shore mid to upper 70s inland.
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if you are traveling today upper 50s seattle and portland head over to the other coast near 70 boston mid to upper 70s new york and d.c., low to mid 80s chicago, st. louis. one airport having flight arrival delays philadelphia. severe weather possible around minneapolis, chicago and kansas city some delays possible there everything smooth sailing here around san francisco, oakland and san jose. flight tracker, at the bottom waiting for you.
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5:30 on this wednesday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. searchers plan to go out looking for 15-year-old sierra lamar still hoping to find the missing morgan hill teenager alive while police continue to build a murder case against a 21-year-old suspect. terry mcsweeney is live in morgan hill with the latest. >> reporter: a lot of major developments in the past 24 hours. one thing will stay the same,
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the search every wednesday and saturday by volunteers out of the sierra lamar search center here at the old burnet elementary school in morgan hill even though investigators say the girl is dead and they have the person who killed her in custody. take a look at pictures of 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres, the person according to santa clara county investigators who killed, after kidnapping the 15-year-old. she has not been seen since march 16th. investigators say they have physical evidence found in garcia-torres' volkswagen jetta, dna evidence from lamar's purse. his family says he is innocent. while investigators say it all adds up to a homicide,(
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>> so hurtful to know that she has been dead and that she still hasn't been found. >> reporter: investigators say garcia-torres has a previous record for interfering with a police officer. also has -- there was a charge of felony assault against him, charges8x were dropped in that case. now he's the suspect in a 2009 assault in morgan hill, possible suspect in two other assaults around the same time, early in 2009 divers are going to be going back into bodies of water, reservoirs in santa clara county today looking for a body. searchers are going to be looking today, many aren't going to be saying they are looking for a body they are still looking for clues. volunteers are welcome, the search starts at 8:00 this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the suspect's family tells abc7 news investigators arrested the wrong man. garcia-torres lived in this morgan hill rv park with his
5:33 am
wife and child. his mother says he denied any involvement with lamar's disappearance. >> i don't think so for him doing something that is my son, police say one of the kids doing something wrong. >> investigators have been keeping an eye on garcia-torres for months. the family says they found fracking -- tracking devices on their cars, deputies even searched the mobile home where the family lived. stay with abc7 news and for continuing coverage of the sierra lamar investigation. we'll bring you any new developments as we get them. we are following developing news in santa rosa. police are looking for the driver of a pick-up truck that slammed into an apartment building and then the truck took off. the driver sped off after crashing into a corner bedroom of this building on sunset avenue. the man inside the bedroom at the time was not hurt.
5:34 am
there were also two other adults and three children in adjacent rooms, all okay and getting assistance from the red cross while police look for the damaged white chevy pick-up truck and the driver. state and federal investigators pouring over documents concerning the facebook ipo. they want to know if big investors got warnings that allowed them to avoid big stock losses at the expense of smaller investors. katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center with more. >> reporter: this morning two words are being bantered around, insider trading. regulators investigating if three big banks only told certain big clients they were going to reduce revenue estimates for facebook before friday's ipo. at the same time banks advising facebook to sell more shares, 25% more. some say that was the debt nell that has shares trading -- that was the debt knell
5:35 am
that has shares trading at a loss. is any of this facebook's fault? bill ir weighs in. >> the investigation will bear -- bill weir weighs in. >> maybe they believed their own hype they thought so many wanted in on this hot brand they pushed too much stock out the door. >> reporter: more on that coming up. the other legal issue, a man in maryland seeking a class action lawsuit on behalf of all facebook investors suing nasdaq claiming the delay and technical glitch cost more money as they couldn't confirm buying, selling or cancellations of orders. nasdaq hasd mitted problems on its end. facebook closed at $31 a share yesterday, this morning trading up a little at $31.36. better than nothing.
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you can expect protests and traffic tie-ups on peninsula today when president obama comes to the bay area. he boarded air force one an hour ago. he will make a stop in colorado s for a commencement address at the air force academy before flying to the peninsula. mr. obama twill attend a fundraiser dinner tonight, also -- will attend a fundraiser dinner. speak in redwood city, and will attend an asian american roundtable tomorrow in palo alto the first bay area visit since he came out in favor of same-sex . we'll have a live report. amy hollyfield is going to be with us in the next half hour. new this morning, new poll shows strong public support for same-sex marriage exceeding opposition by a significant mar yin for the first time. a poll -- shows after --
5:37 am
african-americans have moved more in favor perhaps taking the lead from president obama, 53% say gay marriage should be legal up from 36% in 2006. 39% strongly support. 32% are strongly opposed. scholar also a member of cuba's ruling family is touring the bay area today amid a loud outcry protesting hervis it is. she is the daughter of cuban president. she is in san francisco to talk about her work in sex education and push to legalize gay marriage in cuba. tonight she will talk about transgender health and gay rights in the communist country. cuban-americans who fled the castro regime and some lawmakers have criticized the obama administration for granting her a travel controversial plan in oakland to ban tools of violence during protest is on hold this morning following a
5:38 am
noisey protest. occupy oakland members forced the city's public safety commission to adjourn last night before they could vote on the proposal. would it ban any items that could be used for vandalism or violence that includes shields, slingshots, hammers and other tools that have been used during recent demonstrations. occupy oakland members argue they need shields and other objects to protect themselves from police. >> the deepest problem is you will set a precedent on the preemptive policing of protesters. this ordinance makes it a crime to hold items that in and of themselves are not illegal. >> opponents say the proposal is so broad it would define cameras, tripods and water bottles as tools of violence. the commission did not indicate when it will take the issue up again. wildfire burning in nevada
5:39 am
near the california border is moving away from residential areas after destroying two homes and self -- and 17 out buildings near carson city. the fire started yesterday afternoon and is now spread over an skipped 4400 acres up to 200 homes were threatened at one time in the topaz ranch estates 50 miles southeast of lake tahoe in douglas county, three air tankers and three helicopters are assisting 450 firefighters on the ground. so far no injuries. closer to home, of the three factors for high fire danger we have one. >> that would be gusty winds, mike? >> absolutely, everything started to get brown again eventually the vegetation will become a problem but not the heat in this forecast winds bringing in cooler conditions. fastest winds now out of the northwest at 24 in novato out of the north gusting to 28 at half moon bay west at 15 at sfo everybody else save
5:40 am
santa rosa 12, less than 10 miles per hour. 20 to 30 most of the afternoon up to 45 along the coast. 7:00 this morning, mostly sunny sky, mid to upper 50s. lunchtime warmest around con order, east bay valleys, -- as we head towards 4:00, sunshine everywhere when the breezes will be the fastest upper 50s to near 60s along the coast. mid to upper 70s inland. 7:00 mid to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, san rafael, palo alto, a lot of 60s until you get to fairfield and antioch low 70s very high amount of grass pollen today. breezy thursday cooling trend will end friday with a chance of showers very, very small
5:41 am
chance. warming trend with more sunshine saturday and through the holiday weekend. frances has a new crash. chp just arrived at the scene of this head-on coll in the byron brentwood area. both directions of marsh creek roadblocked at hoffman lane it might take a while to clear two tow trucks heading to the scene there's a lot of debris. your detour at this point will be brentwood boulevard. with the waze traffic app i'm looking right at that specific area. we have a traffic spotter heading towards that destination. you can tell they are moving at less than 10 miles an hour you want to take brentwood boulevard especially heading towards basco road where there was a little slowing earlier southbound. westbound 24 traffic flowing well as you head through lafayette into orinda,
5:42 am
caldecott tunnel, beautiful shot from peter taylor, also off the bay bridge westbound traffic on to the skyway looking good. eastbound to the lower deck of the bay bridge construction you need to know about this weekend. details in my next report. 5:42. next, the search for a suspect in a violent assault. police have a sketch they want you to see. turning down the volume. why san francisco tour buses will soon be quiet zones.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. oakland police need help catching the man who sexually assaulted a woman earlier this month. the man assaulted the woman in the 9000 block of holly street around 1:30 on the afternoon of may 1st. he's in his 30s, about 5'9. police are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for his arrest and conviction. tour buses in san francisco will have a new set of rules to follow. the city board of supervisors has given preliminary approval to an ordinance that will force buses to turn down the volume. new rule requires the tour guide's microphone not be audible from a distance of 50
5:46 am
feet. a second ordinance will result in parking sigh tastes for buses that examine -- parking citations for buses that exceed time restrictions. that audio level not big deal in union square or in neighborhoods. >> it is a big deal then. if you are thinking of flying with children, news you need to hear. bloomberg business report, coming up. chief of the secret service faces lawmakers on capitol hill this morning. muni prepares for major work that will temporarily shutdown a popular light rail line. the suggestion one group has for getting around it. coming up, calling cars can be bargains. -- calling cards can be bargains, can also be problems. michael finney joins us live to help you
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temperatures around the bay you can see we are going to be in the 60s and 70s, possibly 80s inland brisk upper 50s along the coast. nothing is going on right now, i don't expect much to go on maybe a stray shower near eureka 58. 70 big sur, san diego and l.a. morning clouds they will make 68 and 78.
5:50 am
palm springs 101 today. 5:49. in two hours the director of the secret service will testify before a senate committee about the colombia prostitution scandal. mark sullivan will tell lawmakers last month's incident did not result in a breach of national security. he says the agents implicated did not have sensitive documents, firearms or equipment in their rooms on the night in question. they were there before president obama's arrival. four fired secret service employees say they are going to fight their dis-- dismissals. we are learning that former first lady nancy reagan is recovering from a serious fall. she failed to appear at a speech last night by congressman paul ryan. her spokesperson revealed she broke some ribs when she fell at her home six weeks ago she is 90-years-old the spokesperson says the former first lady is slowly adding a few appointments to her schedule. 5:50.
5:51 am
now meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. we are going to be doing something interesting now that some of those seniors will be hanging out at graduation abraham lincoln high, phil gramm civic forum partly cloudy and 56 going to be one of the nicer mornings around san francisco, right now 53. you can see hazy out there as we look northwest from san francisco -- from sutro tower this morning. you can see everybody else is also in the mid to upper 50s monterey bay mostly clear 49 santa cruz low to mid 50s for rest of us. highlights, mostly sunny, cooler inland everybody for thursday and friday will culminate with a slight chance of shower friday once that system moves out, warmer weather for our holiday,
5:52 am
especially in the afternoon. winds could gust up to around 30 miles per hour along the coast as we head into the lunch hour, 15 to 25 miles per hour around the bay and inland. san francisco and half moon bay gusts could be up to 45 miles per hour, 40 around san rafael, 20 to 35 inland definitely going to be a breezy day. what does it do to temperatures? fremont warms up a little three degrees warmer oakland and san francisco, one degree warmer. san jose 73, concord and santa rosa big drop two to four degrees compared to yesterday. mid to upper 70s most of the areas in the east lay valleys, 80 antioch and brentwood. 66 richmond, low 70s around fremont, castro valley and hercules. south bay milpitas 71, san jose 73.
5:53 am
peninsula, palo alto 70 same redwood city menlo park and north mid to upper 60s. along the coast mid to upper 50s probably blowing sand. low 60s downtown sought san francisco sausalito mid 60s mid to upper 70s north bay valleys mid to upper 50s at your beaches, near 60 monterey and carmelo to mid 70s the rest of the bay mid to upper 70s inland gilroy, hollister. a's game, sunburn waiting to happen, breezy, 64, to 69 it will be breezy. tonight upper 40s to low 50s in most areas. we have this persistent onshore flow that will drop temperatures four degrees tomorrow, another two to fourwñ upper level low sliding through that will kickoff a few random showers. once that low passes high pressure takes over and warming trend for the holiday weekend into early next week. good morning.
5:54 am
bay area freeways still looking great at this point. no delays at the bay bridge toll. nice ride across the beautiful golden gate bridge. a big heads-up for the memorial day weekend where mike is telling us we going to have nice weather, a lot of folks will be heading to the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary the event sunday fireworks at 9:30 p.m.. they are asking folks to an individual driving in and out of san francisco especially across the golden gate bridge there will be people walking through. with the fireworks traffic will be stopped before, during and after, drivers stop when they see the fireworks in addition to that, we have first street closed this weekend between mission and howard if you are heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge it starts at 8:00 reopens at 5. traffic will be heavy through the area. definitely consider mass transit, bart will be running extra services as well for the holidayq#eñ weß+y caltrain, ace and muni
5:55 am
reporting no delays now. 5:55. hewlett-packard is expected to announce deep job cuts later today. several media reports say the world's largest pc maker will lay-off 25 to 30,000 workers. the announcement should come when hp announces its latest quarterly results. hm is not confirming yet any layoffs will take place. also, if you want to avoid workplace germs, who doesn't, you might want to stay out of the office kitchen and break room. >> here's jane king. chipolte mexican grill facing heat, justice department investigating possible criminal violations related to employee work authorization. already realing from an investigation into immigration law complyians -- compliance. us -- united airlines dropping early boarding privileges for people with small children
5:56 am
unless you are flying first or business class. stocks falling from highs in the last hour of trading yesterday on concern greece might bolt for the exit and abandon the euro. if you think the restroom is the place where office germs congregate, a study says it is microwave oven doors and kitchen sink handles the two dirtiest surfaces touched frequently by office workers. keyboards, refrigerator door handles and water fountain buttons high on the left. kimberly clark manufacturers a bunch of hygiene products. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. caltrans reminding all of us that it is closing the entire dumbarton bridge in weekend for major seismic construction work. closure starts 10:00 friday night, reopening 5 a.m. the following tuesday. work is being done to stretch a seismic joint and install bearings to allow the bridge to better withstand
5:57 am
quakes. the work is slated to be done in early 2013. construction work to replace worn muni tracks could make for a headache. 7:00 in the evening muni shutting down parts of the n judah and j church light rail lines for 10 days so it can work on the church and dubose intersection and along carl avenue. muni detouring the 22, 37 and 43 lines. mta wants riders to consider walking or biking. aide had, the bay area -- ahead, the bay area getting ready for a presidential visit. the -- an i-team exclusive. for the first time the wife of suspended sheriff opens up about the scandal surrounding her family. >> plus, admission she is making about talking to a
5:58 am
divorce attorney. hear from eliana lopez, next only on abc7 news.
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