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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 23, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc happening right now, a new search is underway for sierra lamar ahead of her accused murder effort's first court date tomorrow. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. terry mcsweeney is live in morgan hill with today's developments. >> reporter: the phrase down here that seeps to working is if there is no body, there is hope. that seems to be why more than 120 volunteers have turned up this morning. it also seems to be the phrase that is lifting spirits of the missing girl's mother. >> we are staying focused to do -- to finish this mission
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ultimately to find sierra. >> reporter: today and everyday the search begins with a prayer and pep talk. today searchers show no lines of -- no signs of a let down following the arrest of antolin garcia-torres for kidnapping and killing the 15-year-old. >> having all that involved and not seeing her body, there is something about that. this is so open-ended so wide open case. >> reporter: investigators have no body, no murder weapon. they say they have sierra's dna from garcia-torres's red volkswagen and his dna in her handbag. for some, no body, no closure. >> as long as there is hope we will continue to search for whatever brings peace to the family. >> you never know where your child is how can you ever rest
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in this lifetime? you have to know one way or the other. >> reporter: updating the information on volunteers now the new number 196 volunteers. 60 of them brand new. as far as deputies are concerned they are at the reservoir now using divers to try to find the body of sierra lamar. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. other news now. fire crews say they had a tough time putting out two house fires in contra costa county. it happened early this morning, firefighters say there were no hydrants near by four water trucks had to come with a fire the people inside were able to get out but their homes burned to the ground. no cause has been determined yet. in santa rosa police are looking for the driver who smashed into an apartment bedroom then took off around 11:30 last night on sunset avenue three adults and three children none hurt, police are
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looking for a damaged white chevy pick-up truck. facebook shares are rising a bit this morning, reversing three days of steady declines since its ipo a senate panel is reviewing whether facebook and its lead investment withheld key information from investors. >> reporter: from federal regulators to individual investors a lot of people are questioning if facebook's ipo last friday was fair. >> people with more power and money go a different set of facts and analysis than the average retail investor that is trouble -- ing. >> reporter: shareholders filed a suit claiming they knew the company's earnings forecast was going to drop during the ipo process but they only shared information with select big clients leaving smaller investors in the dark. >> they found themselves friday with something they bought at $38 which was rapidly depositing in value. >> reporter: you can see the
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value of the stock dropped out of the gate friday then bummed up to its highest point since then it has continued to drop with just a bette of a rebond today. sec and financial industry regulatory authority are also investigating calling it a matter of regulatory concern. the top securities regulator from massachusetts has subpoenaed morgan stanley. in a statement facebook said the lawsuit is without permit. morgan stanley declined to comment. then the investor in maryland seeking a class action suit against the nasdaq claiming friday's problems cost people money. katie marzullo, abc7 news. lean times at hewlett-packard we expect hp to announce how many employees they will lay-off. analysts predict 25,000 jobs. they release quarterly earnings after the markets close hp has not confirmed any lay-offs. president obama will land in the bay area this evening
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headed to two fundraisers then will spend the night in san jose. a third scheduled fund raiser, high priced roundtable discussion to support asian-american community has been cancelled this morning the president congratulated graduates of the u.s. airforce academy in colorado springs before heading here. >> the president: you are the first class in nine years that will graduate into a world where there are no americans fighting in iraq. for the first time in your lives and thanks to air force personnel who did their part, osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. >> amy hollyfield is live at the fox theater in redwood city one of the president's stops tonight. >> reporter: it is the owners of the fox theater who lobbied to get the president to come to redwood city. we've been told the owners are not allowed to speak publicly by request of the secret service. everyone else here is talking about the president. >> we are one of the best kept
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secrets on the peninsula. i guess after tonight's visit we are not going to be a secret any more. >> reporter: redwood city is taking the president's choice to visit here as a compliment. city leaders are proud and feel honored. the first sitting president since hoover to visit. >> this is our livingroom. the president of the united states is going to be in our livingroom tonight excitement, huge buzz. >> reporter: there is an inconvenience factor. streets will be closing. this downtown restaurant has to close early. no one seems to mind. >> it is something new for us we never have this before. looks like everybody is excited. >> reporter: most people were priced out of getting to see him tickets at the fox theater start at $250 up to $7500. norma is one who will have to settle for a spot on the sidewalk. >> it is amazing that he's gonna be here. i'm hoping i can see him even
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just a glimpse. >> reporter: tickets to the fox theater are sold out that's the cheapest event. earlier he's going to be at a private home tickets to that event are $38,800. reporting live in redwood city, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. house speaker john boehner will also be in the bay area tonight in hopes of picking up campaign cash the republicans will hold a fundraiser at the wood side of home -- of a billionaire. paul ryan will be in san francisco tomorrow morning for a republican campaign event. the head of the secret service is apologizing for the sex scandal in colombia involving his agents. director mark sullivan testified before a senate committee investigating allegations that the agents hired prostitutes while preparing for a presidential visit last month. sullivan denied a
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"washington post" report that implied agents drank and partied hard previously while overseas. nine agents have resigned or have been fired. two are suing to get their jobs back. a travel alert for parents with small children. one of the nation's largest airlines is changing a long standing policy. an i-team exclusive. dan noyes interviews the wife of suspended sheriff. what she says about a possible divorce and the domestic abuse case against her husband.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is talking exclusive to the i-team. >> dan noyes traveled to venezuela over the weekend and sat down with her to talk about everything from the bruise to divorce. >> reporter: caracas is a world away from the scan zell that has consumed sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife eliana lopez. she has come here with their son to escape the spotlight to be with her family and consider her future. >> maybe i will get divorced with ross. but i'm very close with him in this fight. this is about justice. >> reporter: after years of acting on stage, television and film, eliana became an activist. she met ross at an environmental summit in brazil. >> he was following me at the
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conference. >> reporter: he was smitten, he liked you? --÷irj)5ñ, he was following me. >> reporter: it was a quick romance. both were ready to start a family. she gave birth to a son theo at home in san francisco. she had so many adjustments to make, new culture, new language and a husband who worked long days as supervisor and then campaigned for sheriff. >> for me it was hard being the most painful thing is like don't be close to my family, my motherhood >> reporter: you wanted to come back to venezuela to share your motherhood did that bring up tension between you and ross? >> i think so. >> reporter: clearly it means a lot to you? >> yet itch >> reporter: the tensions came to a head this past new year's eve we the family headed out for a pizza lunch. they argued about eliana wanting to visit her family once again. security was a big concern for mirkarimi. there had been several high
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profile kidnappings here in caracas and the son of a american politician could be a target. eliana told me the argument got so heated that ross turned the van around to head back home. >> then we came back home and i said okay, we cannot talk. he grabbed my arm and i said stop, he stopped it, and he react like oh my gosh. and i said okay let's go inside. >> reporter: he understood that he shouldn't touch and he let go? >> he immediately when i said stop, he stopped. >> reporter: i want to understand. at any point were you afraid for your safety? >> no, never. >> reporter: were you afraid for theo's safety? >> never. >> reporter: mirkarimi was especially upset when eliana told him she had been talking to a divorce attorney about her custody rights. were you thinking i was over? >> i didn't think it was over,
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but i was getting concern maybe if we don't look for help maybe we will end in a divorce, yes. >> reporter: the next day eliana says her neighbor ivory madison offered advice and implied she was a lawyer. madison's bioon her publishing website says, trained as an attorney. madison was editor and chief of her law review interned at the california supreme court and served as a law fellow. nomad son was not licensed to practice law in california when she suggested making a video of the bruise mirkarimi gave her. >> she represent herself as a lawyer she used the word this is confidential. this is your property. this is going to be safe here. you cannot have this evidence with you. and this is confidential to use just in case ross wants to
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take theo from you. >> reporter: several days later madison broke the news she called police. she also turned over the video. >> i came out of the house, because i was looking for the car. i found her in front of me telling me, eliana, you are going to kill me, i called the police. they are coming here and you have to talk with them >> reporter: eliana is still fighting the video's release. court documents show on the recording she says this is the second time this is happening. what did you mean by that? did he do in before did he grab you before? no, no. >> reporter: she told me she was refering to their last big argument the year before when they discussed divorce. ross mary mere was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence battery, child engagerment and dissuading a witness he plea bargained to a lesser charge. mayor lee is pushing the ethics commission to remove
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mirkarimi as sheriff. eliana believes politics are playing a huge role people in power are coming after her husband because of his bright future. >> they want to bar him to run for office for life. for me that sounds fascist really for grab my arm? >> reporter: dan noyes, abc7 news. >> an attorney for ivory madison sent a statement that says lopez knew madison was not a lawyer and did not count on her for legal advice. tonight at 6:00, ross mirkarimi talks candidly about his wife's comments and his family situation. at 11, the second part of dan noyes' interview with eliana lopez. she answers the question everyone is asking, are she and her son ever returning to san francisco? meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our forecast. winds have returned they are going to get faster.
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we'll talk about how long those will last. how the cooling will culminate in the chance of showers for friday. one couple who apparently won't let anything get in the way of their i dos. >> is that a whirlwind ñ b
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we just can't help ourselves. a newlywed couple has already weathered quite a storm tornadoes in kansas didn't stop them from getting married. the couple said their vows saturday tornadoes started to form. the couple continued the ceremony even stopping to kiss in front of a funnel cloud. the groom said he knew the storms were heading away from the ceremony didn't look too worried. the wedding photographer says her pictures not only capture the special day but the essence of kansas. >> don't they know tornado change direction? >> no. >> yes, seriously. >> i hate those people. [ talking over each other ]
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>> dancing this is the way it is here. congratulations for them. it does definitely capture the essence of kansas. whether it was the wheatfield or the tornado it was neat to see, love that story. 11:21. we are looking down on emeryville back to alcatraz, golden gate bridge, nothing beyond it other than haze. sunny everywhere even in santa cruz where everybody is a little hesitant to go out now. i guarantee you that beach will be a little fuller over the next hour. if you are heading out here's what should look at, satellite looking clear this morning. because of that, we have winds that are very gusty, those winds are keeping us clear, already up to 30 miles per hour, gusting in santa rosa also half moon bay to sfo sustained at 21, gusting to 21 in novato slower inland around 8 to 15 miles per hour they will pick up over your neighborhoods
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too. temperatures low 70s santa rosa, napa, fairfield everybody else in the 60s half moon bay 58. 58 monterey everybody else in the 60s even in gilroy. today mostly sunny, cooler today and especially tomorrow and friday. will culminate this change in the pattern with the slight chance of a shower friday big deal around here to get rain in may, a little. warmer afternoon that's what we will have over the weekend. by noon wind gusts 20 to 30 range cloverdale close to 40 peak around 2:00 to 6:00, we could see 45 mile per hour gusts not sustained but gusts over our oceans and beaches. once the sunsets 8:20 or so we'll see winds taper overnight down to 15 to 20 miles per hour at highest elevations. today mid 70s to 80 at antioch and 81 at brentwood.
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low serviceties hercules castro valley and fremont. south bay low to mid 70s. peninsula 70 around palo alto and redwood city mid to upper 60s elsewhere mid to upper 50s along the coast downtown south san francisco low 60s heading up north 65 sausalito, mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys, low to mid 70s for the rest of the bay mid to upper 70s inland. a's have a day game today 12:35, sunny, breezy, high burn potential, 64 game time temperature 69 by the time it ends. slight chance of a shower before the warming trend through the holiday weekend. parents who fly may find this dis'tis -- disturbing. unite is no longer allowing families with small children to board early they say to simplify the boarding process
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and reduce the number of boarding groups. most other airlines still let families with small children board before the rest of the coach passengers. >> we'll be right back.
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today at 4:00, the story behind one of the most watched youtube videos what police are saying about the father who locked his son inside a washing machine. at 5 the top young scientists come to be honored and draw attention to an educating
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issue at public colleges. today at 4:00 and 5:00. from all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> have a great day we'll see yo
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