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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and are going to find here before moving to a trailer park garcia torres lives with his mother in this rental unit. the owner says sheriff deputies were frequent visitors n 2009 the then 18-year-old was rested for having sex with a minor. in 010 garcia-torres arrested for obstructing police when coming to arrest another man in his hoax garcia-torres says quote, get out of my house you pigs. he was charged with vandalism for graffiti and plugging a toilet in the jail cell. he wrote an apology letter saying i'm sorry. i got bored in there. sierra's sister says he will not control her family. >> we can't let him haunt us that way. like, we can't give him that power. >> and there are searchers
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still showing up and trying to do anything to help. we understand there will be no search saturday that is at the request her parents who would like to give volunteers the holiday weekend off with their families and the suspect will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon in san jose on murder and kidnapping charges. abc 7 news. >> tuesday. police say three women under stable condition of ak shot this afternoon in the tender loin district. the shooting happened just after 1:00 p.m. outside of a restaurant. the victims taken to san francisco general hospital. and investigators still looking for the male gunman. >> there is a woman watching television that was attacked last night. police say the suspect entered
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through a open window. he hit her in the face with an unknown object. police found her bleeding can with cuts to the head and face. >> the president is scheduled to land in the bay area in a little more than an hour from now, visiting silicon valley to raise campaign cash at three fund-raisers. he was at a fund-raiser this afternoon tickets topping out at $40,000 per couple. the president earlier was in colorado springs delivering commencement address and shook hands with graduates. >> in redwood city, prot yofrts vowed to be there to greet him. some streets are already closed and abc 7 news is live. >> this staurts this about an
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hour, you can sigh behind me there are people gathered and waiting to and for the president to arrive. and there you can hear behind me, protestors as well. preparations started weeks ago. the redwood city police department has a security around the fox theater where the fund-raiser will take place. and there are we're told businesses had to close by 3:00 this afternoon. tickets start at. >> up to $14,000. and this is the first time in 80 years the president stops in redwood city. >> there is something you can't do on a visit like this. there are many contingencies in place. we're looking forward to this
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visit. >> there are people that will be arriving at 6:00 and they'll have to wait for the president owe to arrive at about 9:00. we met one woman on vacation from puerto rico who came early hoping to catch the president as he gos in not knowing he's running behind schedule. her late husband was a big fan. >> and i just have this one dry cleaned soik wear it. >> and the following streets are closed broadway and no car as loued. members of occupy redwood city are here and i'm not sure how many will show up for this event outside. theater and i'm live in
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redwood city abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news will have live team coverage after the rival in the bay area and there are stops coming up at 6:00. >> john boehner is in the bay area on his own fund raising stop will be at a reception starting in about a half hour at tom seenel. founder of seenel systems, tickets from $1,000 to up to $35,000. >> major layoffs coming to hewlett-packard. the company is cutting 27,000 jobs, about 8% of the work force, representing the largest payroll surge in its 73 year history. cuts in part due to growing popularity of smart phones and other device that's make it tougher to sell personal
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computers. a salinas company is recalling spinach because of concerns it could be contaminated with salmonella it's sold under two names, private electrics brand and market side brand is a 10 ounce clam shell package. both have a best buy date of may 25th. for more information go to abc 7 >> health officials testing 35 babies for tuberculosis exposure, officials say a solano counties dent visited neo natal intensive care units at two hospitals. north bay medal center and sutter memorial in sacramento in late march and early april, parents safe babies are are
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being notified. >> tb in the very young and old and those with compromising conditions can be very serious and very deadly. >> the contagious adult is receiving treatment. >> san francisco suggestion spended sheriff ross mirkarimi responding to an i team interview with his wife illiana lopez. and he is escaping the domestic violence scandal. >> there is maybe i will get divorced with ross. but i'm very close with him in this fight this, is about justice. >> i made a mistake. in reacting intensely to a quarrel my wife and i had. i grabbed her arm. and i caused a bruise. and i will regret that.
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it will be sorry for that. but no way, shape and form does that disqualify me from being sheriff. >> we'll have more of the interview with mirkarimi on abc 7 news at 6:00. then at 11:00 lopez answers the question, will she ever return to san francisco? >> there is a safeway clerk back at work with back pay after being suspended for defending a pregnant woman being kicked by her boyfriend. the town's police chief says ryan young did the right thing but safeway suspended him fr a month. and caved of a union file aid grievance. >> and a sickness during pregnancy that increases chances of having an autistic child. >> and science students point out a major flaw with high school classs. >> there is a system that may
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bring snow to the sierra. coming up. >> and there is scam that's often go unreported because they involve mat yirs of the heart. stwu.s
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the governor wants to cut funding for a second science requirement in high school. >> california finalists for the science competition developed truly amazing things began in high school. the test will be helpful. >> there is 92% accuracy in
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prediction. >> the technology jessica developed will change the way we drive. >> my research finds a way to avoid traffic jams in the future with a vehicle. >> supporters believe this illustrates how innovation can stimulate california's economy z this begin was stem. science, technology, education and math. because of the california budget crisis, the governor proposes to cut the second year requirement in high schools to save $245 million. for decades schools have gotten reimbursed for teaching a second class. and the governor wants to move away from state mandates, and said the cut means districts swril to find money to sell to continue the program. >> and i went and said this is a good requirement but we want locals to pick that up.
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>> and critics say students can barely keep the lights on. >> this is being done when other countries are making their students more competitive. >> the other problem is that the university of california and cal state require two years of science for tuition. it will be tough to get n options? >> i go to carnegie mellon university. >> i go to m.i.t.. >> a california brain drain. >> and a bay area 13-year-old is showing off his skills this week. he is one of 10 who will dmeet "national geographic" bee tomorrow, wrong picture, there he schl the 7th grader in fremont passed a preliminary
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round to move on to thursday finals. the winner will receive 25,000s oodz a study links illness during pregnancy to autism. researchers found women who had fevers during preg nans qee were more than twice as hikely to have a child with autism or delays. one study found treating with medication reduced likelihood of problems. >> there are concerns about a laundry deterrent that comes in single packets. the poison control centers says there is an increase in the number of children swallowing the packets there have been 180 calls in last three weeks. the coating disintegrates and reaction is severe. vomiting and trouble breathing. coming up at 5:30 what one manufacturer says goitsinging to do to help prevent more
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problem autos and the song goes "looking for love in all of the wrong places". >> thousands skaem skamed out by people who supposedly love them. there is a warning about the scams. >> this is sad. there. >> authorities say they are scammed. this 70-year-old lost $225,000 looking for love on a dating service. after six months, the man began asking for money. family members realized what is going on and intervened. that family didn't want to talk. how far, there is another victim that shared us. >> he played on miff eem yegss
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telling me his wife died in a car accident and his son doesn't have a mother. he wanted to have a mother for his son. >> neither scammer has been caught. >> just in time for summer travel season. united air lines says it will no longer allow families to board with children. at least early. parents and children flying coach now will word board the plane with everyone else, only first class and business class will get to board early. american air lines also dropped free boarding for families. >> you food you may want to interest a new trend called culinary touring. there are foody tours on the travel sirkite yit like this one in little saigon in los angeles. it inincludes wine tastings and visit to the famplts this is a way to eat well and learn
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about the place you're yizit rg. several travel sites offer the tours and say use a -- choose a cuisine you like, then, come hungry. >> we're not the only ones getting strong winds there are high winds toppling 50 power polls. the road is closed. high wind warnings remain in effect in los angeles county. strong winds being felt here in the bay area. there is visibility problems for drivers. there is a hassle for someone, but not fsh. strong winds peak tonight before coming on strong, again, tomorrow. it's blustery out there. >> yes. it is.
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sandhya patel is here to tell us more. >> right now afs gusting to 51 miles per hour. and will be back tomorrow. there is a look. the wind creating a news atmosphere there are clear skies from our heavenry camera, there is 59 degrees get ready for snow. there are winds just sweeping clouds awaichl we have clear skies across the state of california. winds continuing and that is preventing temperatures from warming up or heating up. as a matter of fact some areas running cooler, winds gusting
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to 51 at sfo. you can see 31 miles per hour winds towards santa rosa 50s along the coastline. 70s inland and there is windy and cool and a slight chance of showers friday here in the bay area so i'll show what you is going bring that possibility n satellite regardar showing you isobars packed. there is a sharp pressure difference between low pressure over southwest yerp united states and high pressure over pacific. difference between the two is creating winds. there is a cold low pressure system going to drop down and this is going to bring in possibility of hours.
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-- showers, computer animation, you notice showers and snow into southern california mountains. snow into sierra friday afternoon. you can see it here. and as this low tracks south, we're going to see possibility of hours here in the bay area. and perhaps a couple hundredths of an inch. we'll put in a possibility. so i hope you know where umbrellas are, morning breezy again, temperatures into 50s and upper 0s into santa rosa and napa. 48 in santa cruz. winds not expected to drop off. we'll see breezy conditions. tomorrow afternoon, it's a windy and cooler day for you. fairfield 81 degrees for you
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today. tomorrow, 75 degrees. 72 santa rosa. there is san francisco, 61. northwestern winds, 20, 30. 57 in half moon bai. peninsula, mid-60s and oakland 67. there is 76 in antioch and san jose, 68 degrees and temperatures lower than where you should be at this time of the year, monterey bay, 70 degrees in santa cruz. 73 inland. a windy, cooler thursday. mid-50s to mid-70s. cooling continues friday. there is 56-70 for the range. there is a slight chance of showers. into weekend memorial day weekend sunny and warmer, golden gate bridge anniversary celebration. then heading into tuesday, wednesday, still nice weather
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and there are milder conditions expected and travel could be dicey open friday if you're catching or hiking or getting out of town. >> thank you. >> just ahead a hot spot for the city's famous gold dust lounge saving it have a final call. >> efforts to let you decide the fate of hetch hetchy. supply being water to hundreds of thousands in the bay area,
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a serious set back for members of a top area cycling team hoping to qualify for summer olympics. thieves stole 14 racing bikes from the team this palo alto that happened in boise, idaho. the team is headed by fermer olympian linda jackson including four hopefuls for summer london games, the women will compete with our their bikes. >> the state assembly considering reducing penalty for simple drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor. advocates say it would save $225 million a year, sponsor
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mark leno says it would also lift the stigma. critics warn changing the possession from a felony to misdemeanor will put offenders on the streets. >> san francisco's gold dust lounge is moving union scare with you bu nobody saying where just yet. the 47-year-old gold dust was in final days downtown. after losing a battle over the lease. the bar ace owners say it will be tonight. they say they expect to reopen a bigger and better gold dust on the wharf by seept we shall see. >> the reason my co-anchor not here today her big honor just ahead.
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new tonight at 6:00 live coverage of the president's arrival in the bay area, we'll have him stepping off air force one and paying big money to meet with him. >> and efforts by local students to develop low energy appliances. and the homeowners who got to work -- thought the worse was behind them, turns out they're wrong. be here for a california watch investigation its coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, carolyn. now for the reason my co-anchor here at 5:00, cheryl jennings is not here tonight.
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>> there is a gracey awards in beverly hills, presented by women in media to honor programming created by women for women. and. >> the organization replaces land mine was sustainable crops. there r you can look under see it on tv. >> bravo. >> absolutely. >> world news is next.


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