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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 23, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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followed by an appearance in downtown redwood city tonight. and we're going to begin with mark matthew autos just down the road from where the president will be dining with 60 guests. you can see people here are lined up and it's down this street that is the home where the president will be meeting and price tag is $35,800 per head this, is the goldman family home in atherton. lisa and doug goldman are part of a family descendents of levi strauss. they'll be hosting tech executives and venture capitolists tonight. and. >> i think you're going to see
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a lot of money from big employers going towards mitt romney this time around. because a lot of people were hopeful four years ago and voted and gave money to president ob yaum and haven't seen the change promised. >> pointing to the attack on mitt romney's record saying that is turning off wall street. a san francisco energy entrepreneur and supporter of the president. >> if the companies like apple and google and yelp that the president is rooting for all day, every day and there is a a difference between that and shutting down a steel mill in ind ind bruce cane says we'll probably see fewer pictures like this with the president dining with silicon valley megamillionaire autos now he knows romney is the person he's going to be running against and wants to portray romney as a creature of
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corporate america and that part of the 1%. >> i don't think having photographs of yourself with 1% help that's theme. >> so we'll wait and see. in the meantime i understand graham nash and david crosby goring to be performing. i wonder if they'll sing "long may you run" or maybe "oh, yes, i can". >> and the president had been scheduled to attend a round table tonight that has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning and moved to san jose. now, hundreds of people are waiting for the president to come to the fox theater where streets are blocked and businesses have been ordered closed nearby. leanne? >> people who don't have a ticket to get inside are waiting outside here, hoping to catch a glimpse of the president but they'll have to wait for a while.
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because the president is not scheduled to arrive until 9:00. people who will attend the fund raising event began lining up to get into the fox theater. the price for a seat is between $250 and $14,000. security is very tight here. redwood city police said they have been going over the logistic was the secret service for weeks now. a few businesses that are near this theater were asked to close at 3:00 this afternoon. there are protestors here from occupy redwood city and also strong supporters. >> yes. because this is history. it s you know and i watched them get inaugurated. it's just like, i never, ever, ever, i was hoping my parents could live to see it no matter how much pressure sont white house we're not getting the change we want to see. i think that is part of the reason it started is because people are realizing that you kind of have to go outside of
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the process to see change. >> and this will take people a while to get into the theater inside of the theater and they'll need their tickets and their id. security is very tight. i spoke to the mayor of redwood city who said this visit is so important for the image of this city. now, again, last time the president visited was 80 years ago. president herbert hoover. i'm live in redwood city, abc 7 news with a lot of excitement. >> thank you. >> house speaken john boehner is in the bay area to raise money for his party. the republican leader is at the tom of the founder sevel systems. tickets range from 1,000ses today $35,000 per head. >> when' rifs any moment now, the president will be asked to save the historic old hangar one. you can see from this video it's now under repair and
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contains cancer causing chemicals being removed and funding for a full restoration one of the largest free standing in the world. supporters hope they can convince the president to help save it. here is a live picture from moffett field. air pors one expected to land any minute and we'll return as the president gets off the plane. stay with us. >> and hp announced it's cutting 27,000 jobs world wide. the biggest purge in its 73-year history. allen wong is in palo alto tonight. >> you know the growing trend towards ipads, smart phones and other mobile devices has been making it hard for hp to sell personal computers. in march, new ceo meg whitman says she's combining computer and printer divisions, that was the hint that layoffs were on the horizon.
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analysts believe that is where most of the 27,000 layoffs will occur. others believe hp won't try to compete with other devices and instead... will reinvent itself by investing in business software. >> giving us their war with ora cell, you would figure they'd drift in to the space with regard to software. and most of it has been infrom a structure stuff. >> and as planning its layoffs hp issued a dividend of 13 cents on the company's stock. it's only pennies but hp has $2 -- two billion outstanding shares and announced it will layoff 27,000 employees in next year in order to save
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about $3 billion annually. reporting live in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> because many are still uncertain about jobs a new survey gives president obama low marks and shows only 16% believe they're better off than they were four years ago. 30% say worse off. here is one part the obama camp is pleased about for the first time in the history of the poll. a majority of people 53% say they favor same-sex marriage. before come together bay area tonight the president spoke at the u.s. air force academy in colorado springs which graduated it's first openly gay cadets today. four of the new cadets have come out but maintain aid low profile today. >> and still coming up here tonight on abc 7 news the facebook fiasco. res than a week after going public facebook may be changing course and mark
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zuckerberg could northbound hot water. >> it's been another windy day around the bay area. and hold on to your hats. we have more windy weather coming our way. the numbers in my forecast coming up. >> also, coming up, the search for sierra. an outpouring of hope from dozens of volunteers that she maybe will be found alive. >> a new arena in santa cruz. the decision to leave oakland isn't the only move warriors are making tonight.. >> and taking you back now live to mountain view, you can see a crowd here. awaiting air force one and the president who is coming to the south bay for big fund-raisers. stay with us. the news continues right after this.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. after a stock offering marred by glitches and errors facebook is reportedly in talks to make a big switch to the new york stock exchange. shares sold on the nasdaq and are still trading is a% below offering price. the company is now facing lawsuits and a investigation over its ipo. abc 7 news is live from facebook head quarters in menlo park. david? >> if you've never driven by the campus across the road, you may not realize it's isolated and a world of its own. but you have to feel like a for tress under siege. it deals with lawsuits and investigations into its ipo problems. it's been mostly down hill since mark zuckerberg rang the opening bell friday morning. the nasdaq suffered a half hour delay caused by technical
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glitches. investors filed two lawsuits claiming they weren't given revised information that big institutional investors got. >> so if there is a material misstatement or an omission, then, they have violated the securities law autos so instead of a ipo success story, facebook and under writers led by morgan stanley are facing investigations by the sec by wall straets self policing agency. >> some someone does something less than credible or whatever, that they should face, you know responsibilities for that. does it have an affect on others. >> the details might have caused investors not to stamp up shares on ipo day. within days a initial price sunk to 326789 steve diamond an expert in financial markets and a law professor says facebook's top executives may
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shoulder the blame. >> this appear that's in this case the reports are that the cfo had significant control over the process but that doesn't let mark zuckerberg off the hook. he's the boss and controls the company. >> facebook's rocky ipo may have a negative impact on others. >> it's a black eye for silicon valley. there are a lot of other companies that are hoping or planning to go public. and impact this has ripple affects across the valley inside of the community and in the surrounding community. >> facebook second in command spoke at the business school today. her first public appearance since the ipo. she steered clear of comments about the problems, no doubt because of the pending lawsuits and the investigation. in menlo park abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and there was a huge turn out of volunteers today searching for the body of sierra lamar two days after police arrested a suspect in her murder. 220 people fanned out to look for sierra. a sanlta clara county dive team search aid reservoir. her sister spoke today about missing her little sister and best friend. >> there is no body or confession. we have to hold on to what we have left. the good times we have. like her laughing. her, you know... that kind of stuff. you know? that is what keeps me going. >> the suspect in the disappearance has been assigned to public defender and will be arraigned in san jose to hear the murder and kidnapping charges he faces. there will be no search this saturday, that is at the request of her parents who would like volunteers to spend holiday weekend with their families. >> and supporters of a plan to
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drain hetch hetchy reservoir began gathering signatures today. the san francisco initiative requires the city to develop a long term conversation plan as well as figuring out a way to restore the valley which is dammed in 1923. >> many people believe that the hetch hetchy reservoir is a source of the water. the river is our source, that is not going to change. >> the mayor and other opponents say tearing down the dam would take away a main source of drinking water and cost $10 billion. >> this leaves our region vulnerable to drought and eliminates clean energy powering everything from cable cars to hospitals here. >> if it makes on the november ballot and win as proveal the plan developed by the city to tear down hetch hetchy would go before voters again in 2016. >> golden state warriors have san francisco in their plans and santa cruz as well. last night the city council
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voted to finalize the deal. and will receive a loan to build and operate a 30,000 qair foot facility seating 2900 people and 4,000 for concerts. they hope to have it open when the season starts in november. >> and the bay area is being hit by strong winds, gusts of as much as 25 miles per hour being reported in some areas. strong winds are blowing sand on to road in bodega bay. drivers being warned to take caution. of course wind surfers are enjoying the weather. many flock together coast to take on the winds. >> they're just flying on the water in this. sounds like the wind is not going to go away complete lie this has been unusual it has been. today's winds have gotten stronger. and into early evening hours, tomorrow could be windier, still. we may get precipitation on
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friday. so very strange pattern. here is a live view from our camera in emery value looking towards golden gate. skies have been clear, winds blowing away clouds that attempted to form near the coast so. there are clear skies. there is our close up loop. you can see clouds were off shore today. you can see by movement how strong winds were. so nice, strong flow along the coastline, giving us a cooling affect today. and the gusts have been amazing. now, 52 miles per hour gusts at sfo. and 35 miles per hour gusts at half moon bay. 28 miles per hour gusts right now in mountain view. ta in nappa. around the bay area it's windy. strongest gusts along the coast and continue to do so. right now readings into 60s around the bay. we've got low to mid-70s in our inland locations and there are highlights, remaining cheer, breezy tonight. windy cool and a slight chance
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of showers friday. maybe light snow. satellite radar shows tight pressure gradient between center of high pressure off shore and a center of low pressure inland that. is the reason we have a strong gusty winds z we have a cold upper level low up into the gulf of alaska that is dropping south that. is going to bring a chance of showers to us as well. at 7:00 this evening, over the next 24-48 hours we'll see that low dropping south ward like that. then, by friday afternoon, will be moving throughout the area and bringing a chance of showers up into the north bay and into the east bay. and a chance of snow in the sierra. snow levels can drop below 6,000 feet. tomorrow, no snow expected. breezy to windy. and overnight we'll see some patches of low clouds. and they won't be very wide spread. lows will drop into upper 40s and low 50s, tomorrow another
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sunny, breezy day. highs into south bay upper 60s. 68 in san jose. 70 in los gatos, peninsula, mid-60s and 64, 66 degrees, mid to upper 50s on the coast. and downtown san francisco there is a high of 61 tomorrow. 56 into sunset district. north bay, highs into low 70s into mildest locations. near east bay highs remain into 60s and mainly mid to upper 60s. inland east bay highs low to mid-70s and there is just low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is chance of showers and warming up over the weekend, appropriately enough for memorial day. and there are high as above the 80 degree mark. >> back now live to mountain view. air force one just landed.
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and the president is in town and he is coming to town from colorado and was speaking there. >> and that is right. from there is going to attend a private fund-raiser. and we'll follow prot gres and stay with us. back in a moment. c
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tonight police continue to search for a driver who slammed his car into an apartment complex last night. the vehicle went clear through a wall and ended up inside of a bedroom. a man sleeping inside was able to get out without being hurt. engineers trying to determine if the housing unit suffered damage. six people remain homeless as a result. >> the san francisco gold dust lounge is leaving union square. and the 47-year-old gold dust was in its final days downtown after losing a bitter battle over the lease. owners say last call is tonight. and they expect to top open a better gold dust by september. >> and caltrans will close the dunbarton bridge through 5:00 tuesday morning. it could reopen sooner if work is finished early.
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crews are likely to need the full 77 hours. this will mark a major mile snon a project there that is set to be completed next year. >> crews will be cutting across all six lanes to replace seismic joint with a larger expansion joint helping the bridge absorb energy during an event. >> and be sure to give time if you plan to use the bridge or highway 237. if all goes well you'll not notice a change on the dunbarton bridge. >> and it won't be easy getting around san francisco this weekend. first street between mission and howard will be closed through tuesday morning for work on the transbay transit center, crews will be doing excavation work. friday fight muni shutting down the j church lines for 10 days to work on the skmuch
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intersection and along carl avenue. and severe congestion expected sunday along the water front for golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary we've been talking about. events planned all day long and a show beginning at 9:30. >> abc 7 news cheryl jennings took a break from the 5:00 news tonight to receive a special honor. cheryl won a gracey award in beverly hills, they're present by alliance of women in media to honor programming created by women for women. today's award honored her show on roots of peace a mother's dream about the fight to remove land mines in war-torn country autos bravo. >> when abc 7 news continues, ross mirkarimi opens up to the i team in his first full television interview. >> punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> you'll see the scene from our interview with his wife that moved mirkarimi to tear
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autos another live picture from moffett field, you can see air force one taxing here, we're awaiting president obama to deplane. we'll bring you back to
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we want to take you back live now to moffett field. we're expecting president obama to step off the plane any moment now. >> he's here for two big fund-raisers. and he touched down maybe seven, eight minutes ago and should be getting off the plane any moment now. before coming here he was in colorado. >> and he's expected to attend another event tomorrow morning in san jose a round table discussion. abc 7 news is there at moffett field right now. carolyn? >> well, he is standing at the
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steps of air force one. its his greeting committee and according to the obama campaign staff those standing and ready to greet him as soon as he walks down stairs are congress woman annaechew. she represents the south bay. then there is the mayor of mountain view and mayor of sunnyvale. also on hand, colonel steven buto, commander of the 129th rescue wing and simon pete wardon director of the nasa aims research center. also there is about 50 others going through security. no information provided on who they are but usually those invited to the greetings
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include those with stories or experiences that resonate with the president. there is the president now bounding down the steps. >> you know when here a couple weeks ago he came down the steps and was whisked off, and wasted no time. this time, he's standing there and talking for a few minutes. did he not a couple weeks ago. >> that is right. they're hoping folks left of the risers are hoping he's going to come there and say a few words to them. the last time he was here in the bay area there was a woman from southern california who had a rare type of cancer and she had gone around her small hometown providing ice cream to every resident. the white house heard about the story and heard her dying wish was to meet the president. so when he came off air force
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one, he went over to her and said hello. you can be sure there is someone with a remarkable story given this opportunity to meet and greet the president of the united states. >> there are a number of people that want to get attention about the landmark hangar one they want the president to step in to help safe that hangar. >> yes. it's probably unclear if they're able to, if he was able to see the signs. probably doubtful is what i mean to say. they want to safe hangar one, condemned about 10 years ago because it contains some pcbs. it's been stripped to the core. these folks want it restored and turned into a museum. hair hoping the president would agree and urge congress to provide the funds. >> carolyn before you go
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president is spending a lot of time talking at the foot of the stairs which is not what he did a couple weeks ago. are there members of the general public there? >> he's talking and walking over here now to this crowd waiting for him. as i said about 50-60 people. we tried to find out about some of the people. one family of four told us they had a friend who is in the secret service. and there is he is shaking hands with the first group of folks. i don't know if you can see it well. >> we can. we can. >> and you can see it?. >> yes. clearly. >> and these are the -- do you know if these people are invited to attend? or happened to show up? >> oh, no. these are the white house keeps a close tabs on who gets anywhere near the president. >> this is not general public?
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>> no. this is not general public. these are invited guests who went through quite a long waiting period as we did. to be sniffed by secret service dogs and to go through security. >> all right. carolyn tyler thank you very much. nice to have you on the ground with your perspective there. >> the president will be on the way shortly to atherton. >> and moving on now, suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi fighting for his job and family. >> yes. to that end he's giving a television interview about the domestic violence scandal he's involved in to the abc 7 news i team. >> he's responding to our interview with his wife. dan noyes traveled to venezuela to speak with her there z he's here now with mirkarimi's reaction. >> and ross mirkarimi has lost his income, his wife is gone, so is his son, it started with what he admits was a big mistake on new year's eve.
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>> i started the interview by playing the video we shot on saturday in venezuela of ross mirkarimi's 3-year-old son, theo. he hasn't seen the boy in more than a month. >> he's a runner. he's fast, too. >> the sheriff kept his composure until saw this. his wife, illiana lopez hugging their son. >> she's gorgeous. >> mirkarimi hasn't seen illiana since january 13th. the courts ish cued a protective order. it's something neither ross nor illiana wanted. >> system would allow us to go to counseling together. i can't provide. i mean, i'm so, dying to be able to reunite and repair and rebuild. i want our son to have his parents together. >> we have our problems as a marriage. that we have to deal with that. i wanted to deal with that in a healthy way. >> the couple had a long running disagreement over
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illiana running to -- returning to venezuela often, she was home sick and ross worked too much but it boiled over new year's eve on the way to get pizza for lunch. she turned the family van around and headed home. >> and then, we came back home. and i said, okay. we cannot talk. and he grabbed my arm. and in the fierce moment i said stop. stop it. and he reacted like oh, my gosh. and i said, okay. let's go inside. >> he got it. he understood he shouldn't touch. he let go. >> immediately. i said stop. he stopped. >> i want to understand at any point were you afraid for your safety? >> no. never. >> would you afraid for theo's safety? >> never. >> we have a minivan she. was mid door out. and it was out. she was half in, half out of the car. i was in the driver's seat,
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seat belted. i didn't get ability to a few fingers to say come back. >> a neighbor ivory madison shot a video of her bruise and called police. illiana tell meez she feels betrayed by madison. >> i was just, like... >> were you angry? >> no. i mean at that moment i was so confused. i was like... she doesn't have my permission. >> madison refused my request for interview but a statement from her attorney reads in part miss lopez never suggested confidentiality and helped for help from others. mirkarimi plea bargained down the charges to false imprisonment. the mayor ed lee ordered an ethics commission gaix gaigs to try to fire mirkarimi. >> they've gone too far. the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> mirkarimi says the low level misdemeanor case turned
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into a political circus. >> why should you remain sheriff? >> well, i... because i can be the most effective sheriff, i think that the city would be proud of and i think one of the most effective sheriffs if not the most effective in the united states. >> mirkarimi sees his son by skip. -- skype, i'll show you tonight at 11:00. the ordeal had a series of affects on the boy emotionally and physically there. is a question for illiana many are asking. >> the big question is are you coming back to san francisco? >> a frank discussion from both lopez and her husband coming up tonight at 11:00. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> and up next, a defender of gay and transgender rights in cuba. >> fidel castro's niece, just
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the daughter of raul castro is here to attend a forum on transgender health care. she's an advocate for gay rights in cuba pushing to get gender reassignment surgery covered under the cuban national health plan. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says he was disturbed the obama administration had granted a visa to the niece of fidel
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skas stro. >> special express lanes opened today for clear card holder that's are used fingerprinting to identify users. and and they're $179 and other airports accepting the pass now are denver and orlando. and dallas on deck and many more expected, soon. >> coming up next an abc 7 news california watch investigation. >> you're going to hear from homeowner who's lost their houses to foreclosure and now, qlerpds are
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some homeowners thought the worst was behind them. they're wrong and now they're in double jeopardy getting demands for payment on second mortgages. tonight there is a unit of the center for investigative reporting an exclusive investigation. >> and this man is from egypt. he's a car salesman in sunnyvale. in 2005 he bought his first
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home taking out a second mortgage to cover down payment. >> the mortgage was 50 500 -- 430,000s oodz two years later the economy faltered and he was laid off. cono longer make the house payment. like 800,000 others the bank foreclosed on the home. >> this should have been the end of the story. the house has been sold, and california law protects homeowner was loans from being persued for other debts. and he started to get letters from a company he never heard of before. >> and they said you owe us this money. i said, you know, that must be a joke. because this house is foreclosed. >> the company is demanding he pay back the second mortgage. >> they kept calling me saying you have to pay that. and they got my wife's phone and started calling everybody.
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they called my neighbor. >> he was being hounded by a company in plano, texas run by chris and ben ganter, twin brothers who starred in a reality tv show about making money in the real estate boom. the market collapsed they started heritage pacific financial. the company says california law permits them to collect on second mortgages where they can prove borrowers committed fraud. >> i know you lost money. >> in this video the ceo solicits investor autos don't double down on a stock. don't do that. it's not going get there quickly. you need to look for alternative ways to make money. where there is panic there is profit. >> they bought who,000 second mortgage notes in california. looking for borrowers to sue for fraud. >> i thought that is illegal. >> will kennedy is a consumer law attorney. >> they sued hundreds of people. and with identical lawsuits.
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>> accusing everyone of lying about their employment, income and residents.g:mz
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to read the version of our
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story go california >> and following breaking news right now, it's happening in maine at the portsmouth naval ship yard. there is a fire on board a nuclear powered submarine. >> crews responded to this island in the town of kitry and says four people have been treated and released. >> so those injuries not serious, you can see a response here. there is a fire aboard a nuclear submarine. >> the ship yard says the reactor was not operating at the time and unaffected. the cause of the fire, however, has not been identified. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ab
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join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. coming up as harvard holds a graduation one distinguished alumni stakes bragging rights in time for a 50 year reunion. >> then, the president's remarks on tonight's rally in redwood city. >> that is coming up this evening. >> we'll see you then, now on to sports and baseball. >> and barry zito never pitched well there. he wasn't around long today at mill yir park. he is how about the rally banana?
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yeah. giants needed a rally banana after the first inning. and there is a high throw here, giants with two errors in the first and they're costly. there is a three-nothing brewers in a flash. and then in the second one of the hottest hitters in baseball crushes it. zito lasting only three innings and giants didn't quit to their credit. there are bases loaded off the wall, everybody scores and giants crawl back and make it 8-5 and angel pagan, and oh, rodriguez gets a swing. there is a victory with giants on to miami. jared versus jared today. parker versus lever and there is a jared parker struggled and albert pujols baffled tlchl eight on the day fanning four there.
6:55 pm
parker went seven innings and one mistake, single fd the third and there is in the 6th, weaver, one mistake, seth smith smokes this ball. solo stroke. weaver went eight innings and three hits. top 11 alberto kiaspa. and there is a two-run score and angel was only four hits total. hard to win like that. so much for labor peace, nfl players union suing nfl claiming teams had a secret salary cap in 2010. except four teams including raiders exceeded this cap. if that is collusion it's badly done. on the field 49ers and alex smith working on timing with brandy moss and aj jenkins. smith suddenly has weapons everyone a. >> this is like waking up on christmas interest there are
6:56 pm
new presents. it's competitive. there is a lot of talented guys. >> i just like to watch randy moss run. >> golden gate festival and z.conditions weather conditions will be lovely. get out there and enjoy. no public parking take public transportation or walk. >> good deal, thank you. >> walk. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, have a great night. >> walk, walk. >> why not? >> thanks for watching.
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