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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, fire on board a nuclear sub. >> it's breaking news, the massive fire smoldering for hours overnight burning away from the reactor and now injuries on the scene. >> growing outrage, facebook and wall street, banks under fire from lawmakers and lawyers, fresh fallout from the bungled ipo. poisoned ponds, the laundry packets that look like candy posing a big, new danger for kids. >> the invention that could change american life. how to get it off, the ketchup right out of that bottle. we'll tell you. good thursday morning, rob and paula are off, i'm john muller. >> and i'm diana perez. we begin with breaking news overnight. crews battling for hour, that
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fire on a $900 million sub. >> even know it's nuclear powered there was never any danger of any radiation leaks. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: a frightening scene aboard a nuclear submarine. billowing smoke and a race to save lives after a fire broke out aboard the "uss miami" which was docked at the portsmouth naval shipyard in maine. fire crews responded to reports of the fire last night shortly after 5:30. >> the fire occurred in the forward compartment, part of the ship, primarily living areas and command and control spaces. >> reporter: at least six people were injured. >> among them, one firefighter was evacuated due to heat exhaustion. he is conscious and alert. >> reporter: firefighters battled the blaze well into the night. the heat created by the fire kept the smoke going. nearly five hours into the fire, smoke could still be seen billowing from the shipyard. the fire so mighty specialized crews and equipment from as far
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away as boston had to be brought in. the shipyard says the sub's reactor wasn't operating at the time and was unaffected. >> the ship's reactor remains in a safe and stable condition as it has been throughout the event. no weapons are on board. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is unknown. the "miami" was docked for maintenance and upgrade work. the home station is broughton, connecticut. a full investigation is expected. >> all personnel were accounted for. those injured were either treated at the scene or taken to the hospital. john and diana? >> all right, so, tahman, what kind of sub is the "miami" and how dangerous is it to the local people, the fire here. >> reporter: fortunately because there were no weapons on board it was minimized but it is a $900 million sub with sensitive equipment on board. it's a fast attack sub capable of carrying torpedoes and special missiles.
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it's a los angeles class sub which is the backbone of the sub fleet. >> interesting stuff. all right, tahman bradley in washington, thank you very much for that. overseas now where egypt's historic election is going into its second day. long lines at polling places around the country. it is the arab world's first ever competitive presidential race. the eventual many winner will replace hosni mubarak, a man forced from office a year ago. in pakistan, a doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden has been convicted of conspiracy. shakil afridi sentenced to 33 years in prison and van a fake vaccination program to collect dna scamles from the al qaeda lead leader's family mells. pakistan says he is a traitor. it's believed that secretary of state hillary clinton has made the first ever public comments about the cyberwar being waged against terrorists. last night clinton told a military dinner in florida that u.s. specialists recently hacked
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websites run by al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. she said the hacking is having an effect because extremists are venting their frustration online. well, the head of the secret service is speaking publicly about the prostitution scandal for the very first time. mark sullivan insisted the colombia trip was an isolated incident. but lawmakers on capitol hill did not appear convinced. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: it was something rare in washington these days. someone saying sorry. >> i am deeply disappointed and i apologize for the misconduct of these employees. >> reporter: but director mark sullivan defended his agency maintaining that the most embarrassing scandal in the service's history was an aberration. >> i was dumbfounded. >> reporter: members of congress were not buying it. >> i continue to believe that the problem is broader than you believe it to be. >> it's hard to believe that this was the only case. >> reporter: sullivan was at a loss as to why 12 secret service personnel, including 2
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supervisors, acted so recklessly. >> i've tried to figure this out between the alcohol, the environment, these individuals did some really dumb things. >> reporter: additional supervisors are now being sent on foreign trips, what one senator called bureaucratic baby-sitters. of the 12 secret service personnel accused, 3 were cleared, and 9 are being removed. at least 2 are challenging the disciplinary action. and some have suggested that the agency rules on off-duty behavior were vague. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. big cleanup of debris on alaska's shoreline. the amount of material washing up suggests massive waves of waste coming ashore. one official called it an absolutely unprecedented amount of floating debris that's making its way to the alaska shore. well, the southwest is bracing for yet another day of howling winds, 65-mile-an-hour
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winds tore across southern california yesterday toppling trees and dozens of power poles. and today they could top 80 miles an hour from los angeles to albuquerque. nasa says the winds will hit a communications base in new mexico and trigger signal problems on the space station. in south florida, more thunderstorms are on tap for today. making it hard to dry out from this week's record downpours. drivers in the miami area struggled to move their stalled out cars, flooded by nearly 10 inches of rain. there was so much water that fish were actually spotted swimming through a parking lot. >> catfish. >> a fisherman's dream. >> time to check the weather across the nation, off and on showers along the east coast. hot and humid across the south. hail, a chance of tornadoes. showers in the pacific northwest and northern rockies. mountain snow in montana. >> a look at the number, 58 in billings, 79, sacramento and a hot 98 in phoenix. 85 in chicago and just shy of 70
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in omaha. dallas climbs to 92. 80s from new orleans to baltimore and 76 here in new york. >> this morning, there is new fallout from facebook's ipo fiasco. congress is now getting involved. >> plus, the warning for parents. kids across the country poisoned by those little pods of laundry detergent. >> caught on camera. you never know what's around that next turn. wow!
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there is more facebook controversy this morning. two congressional pams are reviewing the stock offering amid complaints over how the ipo was handled. also, it's reported morgan stanley and another underwriter may have made $100 million since trading in facebook stock began. the new york tock exchange is pitching facebook to switch from nasdaq, which it has admitted it bungled last friday's sale. sticking with the market, tokyo's nikkei average added seven points today. many hong kong's hang seng was down 74. in london the ftse opened lower. dow was off 7 yesterday and the nasdaq index gained 11. southwest added flights to mexico and the caribbean thanks to its acquisition of an their last year and plans a new reservation system and an international terminal in houston. well, the cost of driving is going up. but it's not because of gas prices. instead, tolls are increasing. a hike in federal fuel taxes is
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stalled in congress so states are raising tolls to pay for repairs and improvements. federal fuel taxes haven't gone up in almost two decades. the biggest city yet getting ready to ban blast sick grocery bags. los angeles will begin phasing out those bags. clean water advocates say the bags clog landways and the social. we'll have to charge for paper bags. ignore your e-mail can be good for you. researchers say people who are e-mail-free for days at a time have a much healthier heart rate than those who constantly check their inboxes urging employers to listen to this, institute e-mail holidays for their workers. what do you think? >> that would be tough. >> what do you think the chances are we get an e-mail holiday? 150 e-mails a day. probably not. next on this thursday, an air scare for passengers when a door falls off a commercial airlin airliner. can you imagine. new reaction this morning to that video scene by millions
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fighter planes in formation flying past 1 world trade center in new york. plenty of tall ships on the water. all part of the annual fleet week celebrations which kicked off yesterday. an estimated 6,000 service members are here in the big apple, and they helped make some pretty cool pictures without even knowing it. road condition, periods of rain along i-95 from maine to the carolinas. flooding on i-75 and 95 in south florida. rain soaks i-35 from duluth to kansas city and i-90 from madison to minneapolis. wet on i-84 and 90 in the northwest. windy on i-5, 15 and 40 in the southwest. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in los angeles, minneapolis and miami.
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and now a consumer alert. new single use plastic packets of tide and other detergents are causing major problems for parents. >> trouble is they look like candy. according to the poison control experts even the container resembles a candy jar. more and more are putting them in their mouths and i'm getting sick. nearly 200 incidents have been reported in just the last three weeks. >> yeah, candy, i just figured they got into candy and they were eating candy. you don't think about safetyproofing laundry detergent. >> you don't. tide will have new childproof containers this summer. the experts say put it in a safe place for now. alarming video stories. air homeless man is under arrest after going on a rampage at a kansas tv station. >> yeah, the man smashed through the lobby door there of the cbs affiliate in topeka, stabbed two employee, bit another one. other staffers managed to restrain him just before the attack. the suspect had complained to the drus exer he was being
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mistreated by veterans affairs. new details about the this dramatic video taken from a new jersey laundromat. a man is seen putting a 1-year-old boy in a washing machine as a prank. but the machine automatically locked and turned on. well, after a frantic scramble, the boy was freed without serious injuries. well, his mother now says the woman in the video was actually baby-sitting her son and the mom didn't even know that man. but police say no charges will be filed. unbelievable. the main cabin door of a canada airplane detached shortly after takeoff from south florida and plunged onto a golf course. the plane landed quickly. now the faa wants to know how it could have happened. another one to file in the category of oops. harvard's red faced including the un no bomber in one of its publications. ted kaczynski lists his option as prisoner. and under awards he lists eight life sentences.
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well, the association says it regrets including that information. kaczynski did graduate from harvard in 1962. who doesn't like to watch those big hotel towers come tumbling down. this one, take a look, a tower crashed to the ground in the nevada desert. the tower has been standing there since the 1960s when nuclear testing was part of the future. nearly 50 years in the present, officials say it was time for that tower to retire. what's better than a drive through the countryside. in russia this turs out to be especially tricky. the truck going too fast around the turn, topples, no one was hurt. but truck driver wound up standing where he had been sitting. watch that. you never know what you're going to see on a highway. well, the new jersey devils are one win away from the stanley cup finals after beating the new york rangers last night. highlights from other games from espn. good morning, welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm zubin mehenti. plenty of surprises in baseball. the biggest one, at the top of
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the a.l. east, the team they face at the bottom. olszews os and red sox. ma tags the scorer. lynn in the field was terrific. red sox win it, 6-5. they're headed home. nba, the sixers and the celtics, still an answer for everything boston threw at them. third quarter, andre iguodala. this is why he's a first-time all-star. wow, putting the sixers up after he connects on the free throw for the three-point play. philly in control, lou williams had 11 off the bench, hoping for a game seven. fourth quarter, jrue holiday had 20, five members for philly in double figures and the sixers are up by 8.
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chris cotter keeps telling me lou williams is the best sixth man in the nba. the voters said it was hard. not likely to doubt carter after what i saw last night. under two minutes to go, elton brand double-double for him. the sixers and sell tigs will play their seventh game seven in the playoffs against one another after the phillies win. the nba playoffs continue on espn tonight, other half of the bracket, heat/pacers, miami can advance to their second straight eastern conference final with a win in indy. you can see it at 8:00 p.m. on espn. your home for the nba playoffs. a pawnshop worker with some great pipes is spoiler alert the new "american idol." philly beat jessica sanchez in record viewer voting. he becomes the fifth male "idol" winner in a row. >> phillips could manage to keep it together on the last song. instead he dissolved in tears as
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time to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about today. we start with bill clinton. we all know he takes pictures of strangers all the time, right? >> here's one that's getting a lot of buzz, the former president all smiles at a fund raiser in monaco with a couple of porn stars. i don't know. do you recognize them. tasha reign and brooklyn lee. we didn't recognize them. >> clinton had no idea who they were and were just going to believe him. >> i believe him. here's a guy that you may not believe, though. >> check this out. stuntman gary connery set a world record for the highest freefall jump ever and jumps out of a helicopter from half a mile high with no parachute. >> just his wing suit. on the way down he hit more than 80 miles an hour. faster than some cars.
4:24 am
cardboard boxes lined his landing strip and they were supposed to cushion his fall. well, he was fine. needless to say if you can imagine once he landed his wife said she was very relieved to that he said "i'm just getting started." >> not likely to win a nobel prize but mit researchers have found a way to get all the kemp out of the bottle. >> now, no more whacking the bottles. in just that right spot introducing liquid guide. >> a coating for the inside of the containers. all ingredients are safe from food. it's about a million tons of sauce wasted each yore so that's real savings. >> i don't know how i feel about that. now there's another ingredient on top of all the crazy ingredients in our ketchup. >> advertise to complain how you can't get it out somehow and take out some aggression and beat on the bottle. >> that looks pretty cool. for some of you local news is next.
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>> up next, breaking news on the east coast. suspect in custody for the disappearance of a child who became the first missing face on a milk carton. president obama prepares for his final fundraising event before leaving the bay area this morning. repeat perform maps of winds from yesterday. i'll update you on chance of a shower tonight and tomorrow. traffic as well. join us n des moines. and finally, man's best friend and a whole lot more. it seems that dogs can actually smell your blood pressure. >> they can actually alert you when it becomes dangerously low.
4:28 am
it's fascinating. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: it's a common friendship, a young woman and her dog. shannon tomlinson and her 2-year-old lab clover. but watch as something ordinary becomes extraordinary. clover nuzzles shannon. just a friendly sign of affection? no. look closely. she keeps going insistently until shannon lays down. shannon is about to pass out, and clover's warning may have just saved her life. >> she cares enough to tell me that my heart's having a problem and to lay down. >> reporter: shannon has a rare condition in which her blood pressure drops suddenly. before clover at her worst, she fainted daily. she had to wear a helmet to protect herself. >> in a two-year span, i had 12, 13 concussions. >> they were life-threatening injuries. was one of those times going to be the last time? we didn't know. >> reporter: then last year shannon heard about dogs like clover, training at a nearby school. dogs that can actually detect swings in blood pressure. they start as puppies.
4:29 am
about one in five show clover's talent. they are an elite. and no one knows quite how they do it. experts think they might smell the human body change. >> what we believe is happening is that the electrical and the chemical changes in a person's body are causing some kind of scent that the dogs are detecting. >> reporter: and dogs have other superpowers, too. some have a nose for blood sugar. they help diabetics. others can predict seizures. watch as this dog pins down 16-year-old cissy cobb, an epileptic. >> okay, well, dawn's telling you, "don't get up." >> reporter: shannon still passes out, but clover warns her every time. >> she's a gift from god. i mean, science can't explain this. >> reporter: a new kind of super dog, with an instinct to protect as old as the friendship between man and dog. ron claiborne, abc news, cochransville, pennsylvania. >> what a great story. >> absolutely. >> all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good


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