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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us on this thursday, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. president obama wraps up his visit with a $35,000 a plate fundraiser. terry mcsweeney is in san jose. you just described in vivid detail a lucrative visit. >> reporter: good line of work if you could keep doing it in the private sector. he's going to be picking up four million dollars in 16 hours. comes out to quarter million dollars every hour. he's going to be picking up over breakfast that's a gig if you can get it.
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landing then over to fox theater in redwood city where he spoke to a crowd of 1100 which paid between $250 and $7500 to see him. the president touting his record of accomplishment as he revs up for the november election. he included in that praise of his administration praise of education. >> the president: higher education is not a luxury it is a necessity of this new global economy. everybody should be able to afford it. everybody should be able to get that chance. that's the choice in this election that's why i'm running for president. >> reporter: in between moffitt field and redwood city the president made it to atherton $38,500 per person it did include entertainment from david crosby and nash. raising money to stay ahead of
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mitt romney who has been cutting into the president's sizeable fundraising lead lately gop coming up with strong money for mitt romney. this morning it is going to be talk about the need for education it is going to be 20 times $38 500 when he meets with asian americans for breakfast then off to iowa for more. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. on a related note driver in redwood city in custody on a -- dui cause after causing scary moments, moments before the president arrived at the fox theater there was a chase that resulted in a car crashing into a light pole and trees after the suspect tried to evade police. this is amateur video of the scene. it happened when the street was shutdown as people were lining up to get a glimpse of the president's motorcade.
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the car traveled south northbound, officers with guns drawn arrested that suspect after the crash. president isn't the only big named politician in town raising money. house speaker john boehner dropped in to pick up campaign cash he attended a fundraiser in woodside at the home of the billionaire founder of sibil systems from $1,000 to $35,000. a group of protesters demonstrated but their attention was focused on congressman lundgren who co-hosted the event. protester are expected to gather outside gap headquarters in san francisco where budget committee chairman paul ryan is scheduled to attend a fundraising breakfast. it appears the expected protests has prompted a change to a secret location for the wisconsin congressman's fundraising breakfast. protesters still plan to show up at the gap's headquarters.
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suspect in the murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres will be arraigned today. he was arrested monday night and is charged with kidnapping and murder. authorities don't have a murder weapon or a body. garcia-torres is linked to lamar through dna evidence found on clothes in sierra's purse. amy hollyfield will have a live report from san jose in a half hour. breaking news. a break in the case of the first missing child to ever appear on a milk carton. katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center with new details. >> reporter: the new york city police commissoner is saying a person who is in custody has implicated himself in that case of the missing boy. we're talking about 6-year-old etan patz. he disappeared 33 years ago in 1979, walking to his school bus stop in manhattan. his body has never been found.
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his was the first case ever to appear on a milk carton this morning abc news is reporting the suspect is a new jersey man. the video is back in april when investigators began digging up the basement apartment or basement in manhattan that belonged to a janitor that had long been a person of interest in the case. no obvious human remains turned up and little forensic evidence that would help solve this case. we don't know this morning if the janitor, the superintendent who lived there is this person who is in custody. that is going to have to be determined as the morning moves on. the police commissioner is saying he will release further information later. keep in mind, eaton's parents never moved, never changed their number hoping their son would turn up. now the case back in the headlines more than 30 years later. 4:36. amid charges of insider
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trading the senate banking committee is reviewing facebook's initial public offering. investigating reports before the ipo morgan stanley and other investment banks told select clients that shares were overvalued. facebook was slapped with a class action law sight filed on behalf of small investors who took the hit. within analyst compared facebook to an over ambitious amateur athlete. an anology would be a weekend warrior 10 miss player, i can go to wimbledon and take -- tennis player, i can go to wimbledon. big investors are getting better information. >> facebook has not commented on the stock controversy since it went public. shares finished up at $32 yesterday ipo price was $38. mark zuckerberg is down about three billion dollars. facebook is reportedly considering moving from the tech heavy nasdaq exchange
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where it had opening day troubles to the new york stock exchange. strong gusty winds are blowing through most of the bay area overnight. high winds complicated firefighting efforts yesterday. the fire burned 10 acres along highway 128 in the area of eastern sonoma county before being brought under control. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. the gusty winds are a problem in southern california. it contributed to major damage in the antelope valley the wind tore metal off roofs and toppled power lines and poles. cars were damaged. there will be more on the ongoing high wind warning in southern california coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 after this newscast. in the bay area wondering if those winds will continue to blow strong today. they will pick up during the afternoon like yesterday 45 mile per hour gusts at the coast. right now things have calmed.
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our west wind sustained 16 at sfo gusting to 18 at santa rosa everybody else around 10 even calm in napa, live more and san jose now. if you are stepping out -- dress for mainly 50s we have 60 antioch and 46 napa, 48 in los gatos. as far as what is happening at 7:00, quiet, temperatures still holding 48 napa, 49 in san jose, low to mid 50s for rest of us, noon winds start [.pásj5t$ere. 60s around the bay 70s inland. by 4:00 still in the 50s along the coast low to mid 60s around bait south bay and north bay and low 70s in the east bay valleys, temperatures drop quickly during the evening hours from the 50s around the bay to 60s inland. here's a look at your
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three-day forecast tomorrow isolated showers possible warming trend calmer saturday and sunday. sue is here with traffic. good morning. golden gate bridge gearing up for the big celebration in weekend. right now roadwork north end of the span down to two lanes that should be picked up by 5:00 this morning. fireworks expected sunday evening. bart adding extra trains. ferry adding extra service. do not drive to the golden gate bridge sunday evening because it will be jammed. elsewhere, right now this morning, san tomas expressway in san jose south homestead a car hit a power pole. we'll show you on our waze app what that looks like. we have a brushfire in oakland area westbound 580 near macarthur boulevard. things are slowing there just a bit look at our waze app san tomas expressway you can see slow near homestead
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because this car is into the power pole. you can expect delays until they get that cleared. for now you can take the alternate around the saratoga avenue as that gets cleaned up. 4:41. hewlett-packard employees return to work after yesterday's devastating news of massive job cuts. worsening poll numberses for the governor, approval rating in trouble. -- >> downtown oakland cafe hit hard by occupy protests shuts it doors. why the civil unrest has nothing to do with the closure. 3q from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone
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good morning. look from sutro cam towards san francisco and bay bridge and the bay beyond temperatures mild this morning. what will it be later?
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we know gusty winds are headed this way. we'll check in with mike. growing uncertainty at hewlett-packard after the largest round of lay-offs in 73 year history. the computer company is cutting 27,000 jobs or 8% of its workforce. investors like the news. shares shot up 11%. the move is seen as a sign it can no longer compete with the popularity of smartphones, tablets, the cuts could save hp 3.5 billion dollars annually. for the first time since taking office, governor brown's disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating among likely voters in a major california poll. according to a poll 4 % disapprove of the job governor -- 43% disapprove, 42% approve. last month it was 47%. the dip comes after the announcement last week that
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the deficit has grown 60%. the poll shows 56% of voters support his november ballot initiative to raise taxes. 38% opposed. spokesperson for tully's coffee says state imposed furloughs are partly to blame foreclosure of downtown cafe. with no notice they closed may 17th. the company said the company was not meeting minimum financial requirements to stay open. [ unintelligible ] 4:45. the new way to move you through airport security faster. mysterious explosion onboard a nuclear submarine. why investigators are stumped about the cause. calcium supplements and your health. what is good for bones could harm heart. >> science on the chopping block. the governor's plan to save
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welcome back. breezy to windy today cooler upper 50s along the coast mid to upper 60s bay shore low to mid 70s inland. cooling around seattle, portland, low to mid 50s. heat is moving into the midwest st. louis 91, d.c. 81 low 70s boston and new york. all major airports along the east coast and midwest where there's the possibility of severe weather in the bay area and regional airports on time. use our flight tracker 4:48. firefighters worked through the night to put out a fire onboard a nuclear attack submarine docked for maintenance in new england. full investigation is underway. tahman bradley has been following the story and has latest. >> reporter: a frightening scene aboard a nuclear submarine.
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billowing smoke and a race to save lives after a fire broke out aboard the uss miami docked at the naval shipyard in maine. crews responded to reports of the fire last night after 5:30. >> fire spread to spaces that were difficult to access which includes crew living and command and control spaces and the torpedo room. >> reporter: seven were injured, no fatalities. >> the heroic actions of the firefighting team as ed what could have been a much more severe situation. >> reporter: firefighters battled the blaze well into the night, the heat created kept the smoke going nearly five hours into the fire smoke could still be seen billowing from the shipyard so mighty special crews and equipment from as far away as boston had to be brought in the reactor wasn't operating at the time and unaffected. >> ship's reactor is safe and stable as it has been
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throughout the event. no weapons are onboard. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is unknown. the miami was docked for maintenance and upgrade work. the damage done to the 900 million dollar sub is being called major. tahman bradley, abc news. >> the first commercially launched spacecraft has rendezvoused with the international space station. the spacex blasted off into orbit earlier this week and overnight it came within 1 1/2 miles of the station. the first time a privately built space vehicle has ever approached the station. it is owned by elon musk who owns tesla. musk is getting high level praise. he tweeted last night president obama called him to wish him congratulations. this morning governor brown wants to dump a high school science require to save money it could drive students to out of state colleges. at a science competition students showed off projects they started in high school.
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projects like these could be a thing of the past. the governor wants to cut the second year science requirement in high school. schools were reimbursed by the state for -- for teaching that class. >> to the school board and said this is a good requirement. but we want the locals to pick that up otherwise they charge us. >> another problem is uc and cal-state schools both require two years of science for admission which will make it harder for future graduates to get in. one option is going to school out of california. happening later, east bay teenager showing off his geography skills. one of 10 finalists will compete at the national geographic bee in washington, d.c.. the 7th grader in fremont passed tuesday's preliminary. he will compete in the next round 7:00 this morning we shall learn the results by 9:30. the winner will receive
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$25,000 and a trip to the galapagos islands. special express lanes similar to this are now open for business for clear card holders cards use fingerprinting to identify registered users who pay $179 a year. the company is returning after declaring bankruptcy in 2009. other airports accepting the pass now are denver and orlando, dallas on deck and many more expected. if you are flying this morning, clear but could be a little bumpy. >> definitely during the afternoon winds peak between 2 and 5:00 like yesterday. relatively calm now thankfully, you could see on her peak camera bouncing a little emeryville in the foreground, san francisco in the background. 46 napa, 48 los gatos low to
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mid 50s until you get to antioch 60, santa rosa 58, you have the fastest winds now gusting to 18 miles per hour upper 40s santa cruz, what the von -- watsonville and gilroy. sunshine this afternoon, windy and cooler this afternoon. area of low pressure tonight and tomorrow and it is so cold with this low we could have showers even thunder possible, calmer and warmer through the holiday weekend. two degrees cooler oakland livermore and san francisco four, five napa, eight -- redwood city 65°, 11 cooler than average. east bay valleys warmest low to mid 50s. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore oakland and fremont around 67. mid to upper 60s south bay 70
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los gatos. peninsula low to mid 60s. near 60 downtown south san francisco. north bay 69 san rafael, 64 sausalito, low 70s inland valleys 59 monterey almost that in carmel upper 60s to low 70s around the monterey bay low to mid 70s inland. showers to the north eureka 56, 77 chico tahoe 60. 72 l.a. today, 97 in palm springs. tonight mid 40s to low 50s, light scattering of showers. better chance of showers tomorrow. thunder best chance of lightning south of the monterey bay temperatures coolest tomorrow. slow warming trend by the holiday monday 80 inland 72 around the bay, 60 at the coast. here's sue with a new accident. j
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first the macarthur maze flowing smoothly from -- from 80, 580 to the macarthur maze and the toll. you will find on the incline section a stall left lane there in the process of being cleared. elsewhere, new accident westbound 580 past the livermore truck scales. road sensors aren't showing significant slowing. if that doesn't get out of there we will follow that. fire westbound 580 in the oakland area. it will have a little significant slowing as rubberneckers are taking a look and crews are on scene. accident still remaining in the san jose area, san tomas south of homestead car vs. a pole. if you look at the waze app, free downloaded app, traffic slow. you might want to take saratoga or kiley as your alternate. southern california
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company is recalling dried mushroom slices sold at costco stores that may have been contaminated with chemicals the corporation issued voluntary recall for the mushrooms with a sell by date april 16th 13. the mushrooms may have been contaminated by a side used to control plant diseases -- it was found after federal inspectors tested a sample. -- german researchers found people who take calcium supplements were 86% more likely to suffer heart attack. eating a balanced diet that includes calcium instead of supplements until further studies uncover if there is a relationship. finding in the journal heart. cheryl jennings took a break from the news yesterday to receive a special honor. she won a gracie award in beverly hills.
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they are presented by the alliance of women in media to honor programming created by women for women. the award honored herrion the headlines show about the fight to remove land -- landmines in war torn countries. >> gold dust lounge leaving for fisherman's wharf. the 47-year-old gold dust was in its final days downtown after losing a battle overits lease. the final call at the bar was last night. they say they expect to reopen a bigger and better gold dust on the wharf by september. next, today's developments in the sierra lamar kidnapping and murder case. the man who allegedly kidnapped and killed her is due in court today. combating violence in oakland. where and when cash will be handed out in exchange for guns. s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@@
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