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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> volunteers have been searching two months is and hoping for answers today. >> you zrnt a heart. i hope he just breaks down and confesses and let's us know where she is. >> the suspect's family brief qusly told abc 7 news that they believe garcia-torres is innocent. he told them he never knew sierra lamar, today they're not commenting. >> public defender just wants us to be quiet. that is it. >> and sierra's family was not in court. they told me that emotionally they're just not prepared to face garcia-tors skbres want to focus on finding sierra. the suspect accused of killing her will be back in court on may 31 to enter a plea. >> and right now we're following breaking news out of pleasanton. police found a body at laurel
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creek drive not far from stoneridge mall, investigators shut down part of dublin canyon road. sky 7 shows gateors removing a trash can, then placing it into a van. as you can see no word on what type evidence was inside of the trash can. and police and sheriffs department are on the scene. a man killed this afternoon, in a freak accident near sonoma just before 3:00 in the afternoon. a prius went into a fence. the person died at the scene, police investigating what caused the driver to lose control. >> and to the weather, and the wind. still very gusty in a number of areas tonight. just take a look how blustery sit on great highway along ocean beach. so windy there southbound lanes have been closed. and sandhya patel is here with wind speeds and sandhya, maybe some snow. >> i know.
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it sounds crazy but happens in may, unusual, late, whatever you want to call it. there is snow about four inches in month of may. there are wind speeds now still going strong. gusting to 51 miles per hour, gusts 30 at half moon bay. you can see other areas are gusty now. novato, 31. napa, 33. fairfield, winds 37 miles per hour. and there is winds tonight, tomorrow, still going strong, tomorrow you might want to keep this in mind. there is a winter weather advisory and and 6:00 p.m. friday. this snow may impact u.s. interstate. eight inches possible at higher elevations. snow means showers possibility here tomorrow. and i'll be back to let you know what the timing is of the showers and whether it will impact your travel plans. >> thank you.
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and sadly a woman died when a car she was in was crushed under a big rig in san jose this morning on northbound interstate 680 at mckey road area. the chp says the big rig was coming off an onramp. it ended up on top of a toyota camery. a passenger in, her late 40s, was killed. it took about four hours to right that big rig. just a terrible tragedy there. >> and a mountain view man is under arrest. he drove on to a street sealed off for a motorcade. police blocked off part of el camino real and a 49-year-old did not stop. he drove down the street the wrong way and he crashed into the curb, police say he made a poor decision and there is no evidence he intended to harm
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the president. >> and in the south bay, three teen-aged girls are suspended from school for threatening their classmates. we're live with the story. david? >> and the school model here is just be nice, however, three girls, 8th gridders were not nice to a fellow class mate. they've been suspended for sending threatening messages on facebook. we don't know what threats entailed by postings caught attention of the mother. she reported threats to officials the next morning. administrators conducted an internal investigation and that led to suspension of the three girls. the parent of one seventh grader says she did say parents need to inlt convenient. >> we have to have sometimes very action for kids so they learn. you know? if they don't take action from the beginning and if you let goit too long, it's going to
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get worse, not better. >> and we contacted headquarters of the evergreen school district director of education services. and he told us an e mail is revising policies on bullying and cyber bullying. he said the district has authority to suspend students even if it occurs off school property. the last day for classes is only two week as way. part of the investigation, authorities contacted san jose police, however, we contacted the police, they did not return our calls. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and the coast guard with a ban on sailing off the coast just in time fr a race that begins tomorrow. the ban went into affect after the disaster that killed five people on a racing boat near farallon islands. one recommendation by sailing officials after that tragedy is to keep boats away from
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rocky areas. a large wave pushed the boats on to rocks after the farallons. >> it's hard to define what is the difference between safe and not safe. clearly, this is a boat that got in too close. and this is a wake up call. >> another recommendation? calls for all crew members to use proper safety gear at all times. >> and san leandro police suspect they may make more arrests after finding a large illegal marijuana growing operation. officers arrested this man. they believe he grew pot illegally in a warehouse on washington avenue again in san leandro. a search turned up 523 marijuana plants and seven pounds of processed pot. police say they found handguns and steroids and 0,000s ndz cash when searching at that
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home. >> and police also are issuing a warning after two robberies within the week connected to craig's list. they're reminding everyone to be careful when you buy expensive things like cars through craig's list and other online sites. both robberies involved car sales one taking place on wheelan avenue and another victim robbed at gun point last night on san jose street. detectives believe the cases are not related and they do emphasize thiefs have lured victims through online ads in other cities as well. just a reminder of use there are more lawsuits accusing facebook of deceiving investors during its public offering. a suit filed in san mateo county claims facebook misled investors. and another suit accuses facebook's lead investment bank of insider trading for warning only some clients that facebook was opening too high.
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and there are reports that morgan stanley is examining records and will compensate investor who's overpaid for shares. facebook says suits are with out merit, the stock up $1 today, closing just over $33 but remember, it opened in its public offering friday at $38 a share. >> and president oib yauma completed a visit to the bay area after a 16-hour fund raising trip here, hosting an expensive breakfast this morning. to asian americans and pacific islanders paid $35,000 each for tickets, raising $4 million in total at the three local fund raising and other two in redwood city. and today, the president boarded air force one shortly before 10:30. and as we speak he's in iowa, campaigning for reelection. >> and a lot more to bring you
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here, lady gaga taking heat in thailand for a tweet made about knock off merchandise. >> and a california mother's quick thinking saved her child's life. they came face-to-face with a big rig. >> and latest lego novelty item, the target of another bar code scheme. stay with us. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a a second lieutenant who was 5 died in afghanistan yesterday. he was the victim of an ied explosive device blast. a mother's quick thinking likely saved her son's live aichl rig big ran them over as they're crossing the street in downtown fresno today. the 35-year-old is expected to
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be cited for failing to yield to-to-a pedestrian. police say he was just not paying attention, making a wit right turn and hitting the woman and her 2-year-old son. a witness says she swau doherty shield her son from tire autos for a mom to be that brave to save her baby that, takes a lot of heart. so i mean she just grabbed the baby trying to take it for him. when i seen her i didn't think she made it a mother's love. and mother and son are recovering from their injuries police say that she was teaching her son the proper way to cross the street. >> and a san francisco man faces burglary charges for stealing star wars lego sets by substituting fake bar codes for real thing. police say the 44-year-old stole 14 of the sets from san mateo county targets stores and sold them on ebay. and silicon valley tech
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executive thomas langenbach was recent lay rested on nearly identical charges. police say there is nothing to indicate they were working together. just a coincidence. >> in sacramento state lawmakers just aren't feeling lf these days. a new poll is out on the job they're doing. that may cost them physically as well as politically. we're live to explain. nanette? >> governor brown proposed a 5% pay cut and saying that everyone needs to share in the pain. now, a voter-approved commission might do the same for him and other state lawmakers. >> and a new institute poll found only 25% approve of the job lawmakers in sacramento are doing. next week, the citizens compensation commission votes on whether to make them take another 5% cut. and dan loeb thinks it's well
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deserved. >> we have a second highest unemployment rate in the country. jobs are leaving california in record numbers. sacramento spends beyond its means. we zront a spending cap. you know? i don't blame them. >> the commission slachs pay 18%, cutting salary from $116,000 a year to current $95,000. another 5% would take pay down to $90,000 a year, they still would be able to keep their 142s aids day tax free per diem for living expenses. critics say every day people won't be able to run for office is the @ this rate. >> i'm concerned because the commission continues in the direction it's headed only rich people will serve. only rich people are serving voters have to ask who are they serve something. >> and it began reimbursing them 53 cents per mile.
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for many with big districts that is more expensive than giving them a car. >> they're in the saving money. they're costing more money. >> office older pay cuts won't solve the $16 billion deficit, the must have may do more than send a message. >> it's only 25% approving of job performance, people think that maybe there should be repurr xs. >> state controller john chung says he will be following a recent order and will not be docking state lawmaker pay for every day the budget is late. so this cut may win over more californians. if approved the governor will be making $165,000 per year. >> in consumer news a lot to talk about involving price of a gallon of gas. and there is also our travel plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. >> good news, bad news story
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today. average price for a gallon of gasoline on thursday, that is today, was $3.67 nearly 30 cents below the high for the year reached in early april. that is the good news. bad? that is a number here in california the price of a gallon is going for more than 50 cents above that. the state wide average of $4:31 a gallon. national average expected to keep dropping and be at $3.50 by july 4. north carolina they're experiencing an event you probably only heard about from your grandfather there. is a gas war going on. little city of marion. a new gas station, murphy usa set the price low, then keeps lowering it. the price is now $3.19, forcing other nearby gas stations to lower their prices and they have only got down to $3.39. >> oh, yeah.
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it's you feel like this is a grocery store about to snow or something. >> and murphy usa says it's a way for the new business to be noticed in the community. >> and we seem determined to have a good time this memorial day weekend that. is a good thing, triple a projects three and a half million californians will be taking road trips, increase of 1.5% over last year. and there are more of us driving and there is just shy of 400,000 will be take together spy sky. and if you aren't traveling consider getting into that hot restaurant with many people leaving town, there are reservations available. >> good point. >> yes. >> just driving seven miles down the road to your house. >> let's go and move on here,
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we'll talk about uss iowa departing for southern california this weekend. the ship has been docked in richmond where it was restored and converted into a floating museum. it's scheduled to leave saturday morning passing under golden gate bridge. and rough seas in central california delayed it's departure last weekend soit will now set sail this weekend. >> and let's talk about the wench tkt. windy here. >> it's still really windy out there and there is big changes coming up. and if showers materialize. this is a view from sutro camera. you can see cameras shaking. we have take a look at san francisco. it's breezy to windy out there. there is another live picture from our mount tamalpais camera. there you can see trees swaying and definitely
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windy along the coastline. strong winds along the coast, here is a picture, patchy clouds we did have this morning cleared away by strong winds that have been creating choppy seas to gale warnings in affect for san francisco bay until 9:00 p.m. tonight. the winds just whip up the water there. just be aware of this. here are the current speeds gusting to 52 at sfo. there are winds in oakland up to 31. 37 in napa. fair feemd. 25 miles per hour wind gusts out of the west. that is why if you're wondering why it feels cool, wind is gusting to 32 in santa rosa. temperatures at this hour mid-50s to mid-70s and there is a cooler day, temperatures have ranged from mid-50s to about upper 70s at best. so running cooler than average. chance of showers overnight tonight. isolated thunder possible tomorrow, snow is likely over the sierra passes.
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tomorrow so just be aware of it if you're traveling. it will impact plans. there is a set up. low pressure inland. high pressure over pacific. interest are there is a winds continuing throughout tomorrow. cold upper level low dropping down tomorrow and going bring us potential for wet weather here, we'll start at 11:00 and there is showers showing up at 5:00 a.m. if you're working there could be showers out there. scattered in nature, limited in moisture if we get anything it would be a couple hundredths of an inch at best. and weigh we head into afternoon hours, we hang on to showers until late evening and then, will wind down. temperatures tomorrow morning with possibility of showers mid 40s to about 50s. boy just carry umbrellas
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tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, there is a windy day z potential for showers there is turning cooler, mid-50s upper 60s, partly cloudy skies and around the bay, upper 50s to mid-60s and there is a shower chance as well. sunday, we have a big celebration going on. golden gate bridge 75th anniversary. the festival fund morning partly cloudy skies and breezy afternoon temperatures peaking at 58 degrees and fire works we're going mid-50s so looks like good-looking weather. accu-weather forecast we clear out possibility of showers for the long holiday weekend so saturday through monday, including memorial day, sthiz and warmer. partly sunny to mostly sun eye, then going into warmer days tuesday through thursday of next week. tomorrow could be a bit difficult if we do see snow vefl here. >> thank you. >> just ahead here, little dog survived a vicious attack with
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fire works then at 6:00 michael finney with a tip for women on building your wealth in the bay area economy. back in a moment.
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incredible news in the world of medicine. italian doctor showing off the tiniest artificial heart that saved the live of a 16-month-old baby. it weighs four tenths of an ounce, keeping the little boy alive while he wait forward a heart transplant. the pump only had been tested on animals but the hospital got special perm dwroigs use it. and it worked. wonder fully, apparently. >> authorities in the central valley looking for a man and woman accused of committing a vicious act of animal cruelty. police say the pair tied a fire work to the side of a
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small dog and lit the foouz fuse. it happened yesterday morning in stockton. the dog did survive but rocket as it was named by the staff suffered burns on the neck and right side of the body. the dog is expected to survive. >> he's doing way better than we would have expected for a dog having such an injury. he's eating real well, doing really good for what he's gone through. >> no one has come forward to claim the dog. very sweet creature. >> and lady gaga angered fans in thailand she tweeted she wants to shop for a fake rolex saying she wanted to buy a luxury knockoff. some fans called her comment offensive and bad for the country's image. it's the latest incident in her asian tour her provocative learics angered religious groups in south korea and the philippines and is slamists in indonesia want the show banned
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all together.. >> coming up here next, where in the world did our local geography bee finalist place? the answer is just ahead.
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coming up in pleasanton police found a body and police are addressing questions whether it could be sierra lamar. and a san francisco cop who could have retired years ago finally calls it quits. those stories and more when we see you at 6:00. finally for thousand, a bay area 7th grader helped put the bay area on the map. the 13-year-old is a fremont placed third in the tee in washington, d.c. today and won a $10,000 scholarship, not too shabby.


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