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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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lives across the street from where the body was found. >> i came home around 4:00-ish. vehicles were out here in my front yard. i was wondering what is going on. my son said he'd spoken with someone and they found a body in the he area. that is kind of creepy. >> and she lives just here in the distance. the trash can was found over here. just on the side of the road. and she says that it's a quiet area, there are only a few houses, but she doesn't z get a lot of commute traffic going back and forth. it will be interesting to hear what else police have to say about this investigation. we don't know much. just a body found inside of a trash can in z.police are investigating. for now, police are gone, just all of the media is here left now. >> there is some media talk about whether it could be sierra lamar. there is no indication that it
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s but there is that question out there. since her body is still missing. tonight deputies have not given up trying to find sierra. they're urging people who live in and around rural communities to check around properties for signs of the 15-year-old. today her accused killer was in court and charged with her murder but did not enter a plea. the complaint accuses garcia-torres of killing the 15-year-old after kidnapping her. >> i can say that where we'll prove that case is in a courtroom in front of a jury, can facts. >> investigators did find dna evidence on the clothing and they say the suspect's family previously told abc 7 news they believe he's inskpent did not know sierra. today, they didn't say much. >> and public defender just wants us to be quiet. that is it. >> garcia-torres scheduled to be back in court on thursday.
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her family was not in court. they say they're not meegsally prepared to face at accused killer face-to-face. the family wants to focus on finding sierra. >> we just rern learned that a san jose soldier died in afghanistan. the 25-year-old was killed in an explosion yesterday when insurgents attacked his patrol. he was assigned to fifth ba tallin third striker brigade combat team this, is the sail boat that wound up on the rocks of the farallon islands last month. five lives were lost. just in time for long holiday weekend, those racing restrictions have now been lifted. for more on this story abc news is at the san francisco yacht club in marin county. mark? >> i have heard from the coast guard that the recommendation that's have just been released are the result of an investigation by u.s. sailing. today i spoke with the rez of
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that organization gary jobson a hall of fame racer as well as a yacht racing commentator through espn. he told me after the accident, that saw the yacht low-speed chase washed up on the farallons with five crew dead, u.s. sailing investigators began interviewing crew members and race committee and other racers about what went wrong. >> and narrowed it down to how do we make this common sense, easy to understand, and effective. they came up with these rec men daig autos first, enhanced training of sailors in seamanship and piloting including u.s. sailing seminars on how waves develop in shallow waters. two, once a season training seminars on safety gear, mandatory skipper meetings for off shore races. three, assurance of compliance with existing requirements including post race inspections.
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and improved race management, including accountable of the boats on course and who is on board to make sure the committee has their names and contact information. sensitive over the deaths of the five racer who's sailed out of this club have caused management to shut down to reporters questions. and about their recommendation autos i will say the statement none of the members wants to be on tv. >> really? none of them? >> not that i know of. i'm the director of sailing. >> he is not a member, but he is a yacht racer. >> some of the guys who, you know, who lost their lives are friends of mine. and to this day when i cross golden gate bridge i look over at grair lones and see the guys looking at me. anything that can be done to safety live, you've got to do it. >> it's hard to define the difference between safe and not safe. but this is a boat that got in too close. and giving something more room
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is just prudent. i think this is a wake up call we've got to pay attention. >> and the coast guard saying they did pull safety permits for races. after the accident, but this weekend's spinnaker cup race is good to go. it's starting tomorrow. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> and if you know what you're doing the weather is great for sailing but winds have been heavy along the coast today. and the great highway on the western edge of san francisco has been forced to close because of the sand blowing ashore, you can see the problem, cal fire warning that dry, windy conditions increased fire danger for memorial day weekend and have responded to twice as many fires as last year. winds are going to continue to be an issue. spencer christian is watching and you're talking about snow in the sierra. >> there are winds and there
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are strong gusts, many inland locations have gusts over 30 miles per hour. novato, santa rosa and napa. there is 25 miles per hour in concord. windy conditions and showers maybe hitting us overnight and tomorrow. into the sierra, there is winter weather advisory in effect and we expect two to six inches of snow above 6,000 feet, possibly eight inches into higher elevations. this may impact travel on highways 80 and 50. very fushl weather for day leading into memorial day weekend. this is san francisco superior court officials warning of possible service disruptions was of a labor dispute. there are voted to authorize a
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strike if negotiations remain stalled. the court asking workers to take a 5% cut. if a strike is called by service employees international union there are administrators say services will continue but other services like filing documents and seeking records or paying a traffic ticket might be disrupted. >> oakland mayor announced she'll move ahead with floornz a coliseum city despite the loss of the golden state warriors. the city will spend $2 million to study the idea. part of a proposal the mayor says reflects an approving economy in her city. >> mayor kwan said this is the best budget she's sneen a decade. others had their doubts about how good this is. >> this is all good news. >> on his face, oakland's
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budget looks good. for the first time in four years, the mayor announced no cuts for the coming year. >> part of the reason that we're not making layoffs is that the economy is growing. we have modest revenue increases and in our sales tax and business taxes. >> that is after a tough decade. oakland laid off a thousand employees, more than 20% of the work force. now, rt city plans to increase funding for a police academy and reforms. and there are budgets taking into account $6 million spent on officers and clean up. >> oakland is grappling with a significant amount of unfunded liability autos leaders acknowledge there are $2.5 billion in unfunded improvements and pension costs. and this makes the counselman how to call the budget
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balanced. >> i don't know you can say that when next week they're going to be asking to us vote for each other in bonds to make payments for pension liabilities. >> it includes $1.8 million in reserves. just days after the warrior as announced they're moving to san francisco. >> oakland deal as far as i'm concerned is farther along than san francisco deal. san francisco is just an idea and some think oakland should put focus and money, elsewhere. >> there are people and programs that can use that money. >> and there will be debate before it goes final. it's set to go on the city council june 4th ooj a debate is underway in san francisco city hall expected to go late into the night, pitting kids
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and parents who love soccer against people who love the natural habitat of golden gate park. >> there are groups of kids out here all afternoon playing soccer on a makeshift course, their parents testified upstairs at a joint hearing of the planning commission and rec and park. >> it's estimated 10,000 kids play soccer on the beach chalet fields in golden gate park. and we shot these kids practicing just before that project. but with the renovation the system is still poor. and there are holes and patches. rev and park admit players hurt themselves. now there is a new plan on the table. >> key areas of creating enough space for kids to play
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ball. >> the city proposing a $14 million renovation with half of the tab picked up by city fields foundation. the grass would be replaced by artificial turf and lights installed for night time games. >> artificial turf can be played on in any weather. half of our games this season were cancelled due to rain.. >> and as excited as some parents and coaches are there is vocal opposition from those who see it as a december sek consideration of golden gate park. >> we think it should be kept natural. artificial nerve a park like environment is not appropriate. >> you have plastic grass and there is concrete and 150 lights up until 10:00 every night is not park land anymore. >> both sides are weighing in at a hearing expected to drag into the night that. debate takes place inside city
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hall, outside, kids are showing off their moves. and there is a goal of more playing time. >> when it's raining this gets muddy. we have to cancel it. >> and what ever happens the board was thooz weigh in on it. one group has a lawyer so litigation could be in the future. at san francisco city hall, abc 7 news. >> and still to come late word from san francisco city hall. the mayor announcing a $2 kblinl plan to help save a san francisco landmark. >> why the military had to scramble fighter jets today as the president was aboard air force one leaving the bay area. >> a cop could have retired years ago calls it quits. find out about his dirty harry connection. stay with us. the news at 6:00 continues
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco coit tower is getting a face lift. the mayor announced funds will be made available through recreation and parks department. the money will be used to restore tower's murals and carry out much-needed work. this is as backers of prop b say it's time to reinvest in the landmark. it stands 210 feet tall and built in 1933. fighter jets sent to intercept a plane that entered restricted air space today as
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the president was taking off from morit air field. the plane described as a small experimental aircraft. it had taken off and no private planes are loued to fly within 30 miles of air force one. and we now know the story behind this car that crashed after driving past barricades and police surrounded a 49-year-old outside of a fox theater last night. on el camino real. investigators say he did not intend harm towards the president just oblivious, apparently. police say he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. >> the president left the bay area this morning with millions of dollars in new campaign cash. there is the motorcade. he held a round table with 20 asian american supporters. the first event the president had held in san jose since taking office. dozens of people were outside to see him off and take pictures.
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candidate obama raised $4 million at the three fund-raisers he held. >> the oldest and most-senior cop in san francisco is calling it quits. he's earned witness half of a century on the job. he says it's just getting harder to chase down the crooks at his age. abc 7 news has the story. >> the fellow cops can't believe he's retiring. after all, inspector marty is only 79 years old. >> marty came into the place department two years bri was born. >> that he's been a cop for 56 years would have qualify forward pension 25 years ago. he served under 18 police chiefs. >> i was waiting for that phone call to be chief but i never got the call. so i figured i'd stay where i'm at. >> me, i'm here. the heavy one. >> this is bastiani as a young
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cop, spent four decades in a n.that unit and says the tough part was being with victims. >> you see how they've been injured. you see what affect it has on them. and not only the victim but also, the families that they have. >> the inspector has two silver and two bronze medals and close calls, too. including the time he and his partner disarmed a suspect when he camed a -- aimed at shotgun. >> he sthed is loaded and i said so this s.this one. he had two shotguns waiting for us. >> no wonder clint eastwood is one of his favorite stars. a stage hand gave him this chair. the one woe use when they shot dirty harry at the all of justice. why is he retiring? it's because of the day he bumped into a young cop. >> he said i think i worked with your father, he said yeah, my grandfather. i figured i'd better not stick around working with great
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grandkids. >> you come back any time. >> don't be surprised if he does. >> vic lee abc 7 news. >> congratulations autos what a career, huh? >> and it's very cold and windy out there. >> yes z there is a full forecast for holiday weekend. >> i think we've been saying that all week. >> and it's been getting cooler getting later into the week. tomorrow we expect will be the coolest day. and so it's unusual. we're going back to winter here, there is a live view from our mount tam camera. looking down at ocean beach, clear skies. you might see off there a little low clouds well to our south, clear skies because of the winds. there is a look at our loop, you can see we began the day with patches of clouds and there is still a strong flow and a gale warning and this is wind gusts up to 53 miles per hour. there is gusts up to 30 miles
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per hour in hayward so there are strong winds spread evenly not in terms of wind speed but distributed around the bay area, temperatures now into 60s inland and we do have 71 degrees in fairfield. there is chance of showers overnight. and there is snow likely so unusual weather that is is in the bay area as well, a center of high pressure off shore and low pressure inland. that is a now this cold upper level low to our north that may bring us showers. we'll start at 11:00 tonight. at which point we expect the bay area dry, but overnight and early morning we can see patches of showers developing down in parts of the south
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bay. then later in the day there is more wide spread areas of rainfall could develop there. is a possibility of thunderstorms into lower napa county and into maybe solano county as well. and there is showers or possibility of showers tapering off and ending. overnight we'll see areas of low clouds and there is that area that could develop in east bay and south bay. low temperatures into upper 40s to low 50s and there are mid-60s in the south bay. there is mid to upper 60s near east bai. low to mid-60s. inland highs reaching only
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into mid to upper 60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is mill yil day weekend coming up. we'll see highs next week into mid-80s inland wednesday, and thursday. that is the weather we expect now. right? >> yes. >> and we'll have to wait for it. >> coming up next a report card on bay area beach autos it's mostly good news for the holiday weekend. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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deadly consequences when a big rig took on an on ramp too quickly. killing the passenger in that car a woman in her 40s. another woman driving the car escaped with just minor injuries. and it took about four hours to right the big rig. a man reached a $4 million settlement in what is being described as the largest police misconduct case in the decade. the man suffered a spine injury after his neck was broken by two officer who's entered his home without a warrant then daysed him and put him in a choke hold when
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he told them to leave. he is now disabled. >> welcome news for beach offers. there is summer weather approaching. a report finds water quality is betting better. that is the word from heal the bay. it found during dry weather 98% of the beaches have good or excellent water quality. even baker beach. >> water quality can be unpredictable. there have been improvement projects that have been going on that may have helped. >> main problem areas are on the bay side, including oyster point and lake shore park. there is runnoff sending bacteria levels peaking. several beaches remain closed because of the problem. >> tug boat crews rescheduled the voyage of the uss iowa for
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saturday afternoon. and there is choppy waters prevented it from making its final trip. plans call for turning it into a ep floating museum. it is scheduled to sail between 2:00 p.m. and pk p.m. saturday. >> coming up next at 6:00 a look at what we have to measure up to and past parties have been amazing. >> this is where people want to spend 12 years. the ballot proposition that would let them do just that. >> ahead on 7 on your side, help for women looking to gain financial independence. free assistance is straight ahead. news continues right after this.
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governor brown will speak tomorrow morning in special anniversary of the golden gate and organizers want everyone to know there will be no parking near chrissy field or
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the marinea. you can reach by walk org riding a bicycle. golden gate and bart will provide service on sunday. lie lights include a vintage car parade and artist's exhibit from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 with music and dancing alt chrissy field and marina green this, finish was a show at 9:30. and we're connecting to you details about the celebration at abc 7 you'll find that under see it on tv. >> over the 75 years there have been many memory as associated with that iconic bridge. tonight abc 7 news with people who remember other golden gate bridge anniversaries including a woman who was there when it opened 75 years ago. trent green took this video 25 years ago. he remembers standing on the bridge for the 50th anniversary celebration. there was so many people on the golden gate it flattened.
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and the crowd ordered off the bridge. >> i remember this being exciting and i don't remember it being scary. the only memory very of the bridge moving is when my niece and nephew went "it's moving". >> there were people with crazy hats and a man trying to cross on his pogo stick. glenn's son was only four he's now in graduate school at ucla. >> walking on the sidewalk is one thing but across the bridge with marching bands going by? that is awesome. it's a shame they're not going do it this year. >> this time there will be no bridge walk. perhaps more exciting was the day the bridge opens in 1937. barbara campbell hicks was only seven years old. little did she know she'd make news that day. >> got lost. l.o.s.t.lost. >> fourth from the left.
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in a local newspaper with other kids who got lost in the crowd that day. campbell is 82 and lives in burlingame, recalling everyone dressing up in western outfits. the theme back then. she says her parents were work sog a neighbor offered to take her. chp found her and fed her. >> they took us down to the police station z that night my father picked us up. my mother must have been shocked when she came home and i wasn't home! >> despite that, she says those were good times. >> abc 7 news. >> and new york detectives placed a man under arrest for 1979 tis appears yens of etan patz. police say he has admitted strangling the 6-year-old, walking to his bus stop for the first time. his hernandez told police he
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promised to give etan a soda where he work asked took him into the basement and choked him. hernandez says he left the body in a box in an alley. later moving to new jersey. neighbors were surprised. >> it's hard to believe woe do something like ta. -- that. i don't think he did it. but i mean, you know, you never know with people. >> investigators say they were led to hernandez by a phone call containing a new tip. the disappearance was one of the first high profile missing childrens cases in the united states. >> now, california term limits law restricts lawmakers to serving 14 years total in the state legislature. >> going to polls proposition 28 will ask to you lower that limit and allow lawmakers to stay in their jobs longer. >> there is mark matthews to explain. >> prop 28 would allow lawmakers to spend 12 years in the lenl slay tour, unlike
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current rules no limit on where those years were spent. unlike now, instead of a maximum six years, they could say all 12 years. >> just trying to come up with another way to wrap bacon on a pig. >> this volunteer spokesperson on the no campaign. >> i think for people watching news stories they would never realize that all of the legislatures get to serve more time in office. >> and the campaign is about calling it a scam. because it reduces the total number of years a lawmaker can serve in sacramento but... allows members to stay in one house or another for longer than rule as lou. what is going on is that if public understood, i don't think it's a scam. we invite voters to read it and common cause spokesman for yes on 28. here is the title and sum marie. the proposition reduces the
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amount of time a person may serve from 14 to 12 years, allowing a person to serve 12 years in either asem blirks senate or a combination of both. but that means if 28 passes the limit on time will go way up. from six years to 12 years? >> right. >> doubles it? >> well, would you say that. yes. but over lifetime, it decreases by two years. >> supporters of prop 28 know term limits are popular. if their side is getting help from big names in the g.o.p., among them, former senator jim brual tie having served as leader of my party i'll tell you that term limits hasn't worked the way they expected. >> he tell meez under term rules legislatures especially into assembly aren't in office long enough to do a good job. >> and there is a california is a complex state.
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the idea is that you can master and make great decisions is wrong he is not the only well known republican coming out in favor of prop 28. tom mcclintock now says they've harmed the legislature. and an l.a. supervisor who wrote the term limits law says if he had to do it over again, woe have made the terms longer rather than having them bounce from one house to another. >> just ahead challenges facing women in the bay area. >> there is a tip to help build your wealth.
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building a nest egg in the bay area can be a challenge. >> but women can often face unique financial challenges. there is a new resource to help. >> it's a web site called daily worth. each day sending out bite-sized amount of information to assist women in building financial independence. >> i love to do this all day. >> sarah just graduated with a masters degree from california college of the arts. supporting herself as an artist straight out l school, earning enough to bay pai bills as been difficult. >> it's been challenging. and the job market has been tough.
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>> amanda steinberg throws out this challenge to other women. >> what i think is important for women is not only be interested in saving money and frugal ti but understanding long term picture of how you're going to build wealth. >> she started the daily worth. a free web site. and. >> i said i'm making a lot of money but not making right decisions with my money. i invite you to be on this journey with me. >> the journey includes reducing credit card debt, figuring out how to pay back $100,000 in student loans. investing for the future is the furtherest thing from her mind. >> i'm more about getting a job now and kind of getting like an emergency savings. so i know they recommend that have three, four months of income. >> but she considers herself an avid reader of the daily
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worth. she finds recipes, information how to budget for gifts and trips and features she finds inspiring. >> they do a spotlight on someone who is maybe starting their business or maybe trying to change careers this is help oofl amanda has her own challenges. cease going through a divorce and trying to figure out her financial security. her three biggest suggestions are set a budget and understand where money is going. set aside $500 for unexpected expenses, and finally open up a brokeage account and trade index funds. >> adjusted my overhead, cut it significantly. opened savings accounts and i've never been better. and this is in terms miff financial situation. >> saying it's time for women to take charge and not wait
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for others to do it for them. and this is good advice for men. >> it is. that is universal. >> coming up next historic earthquake autos from great quake of 2006, how you can experience them for your elf. stay with us.
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tonight money matters wall street gives hewlett-packard a thumb's up after announcing layoffs hewlett-packard stock rose more than 3% today and had been up is 1% in trading. pan dora shares about better, up 14%. and pan dora based in oakland has 52 million regular listeners. here is how markets did today, dow jones gained 33 points and nasdaq went down by 106789 sa. and p posted a slight gain z after spending $1 billion on a photo sharing company intsa
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fw. ram announced a new. and in golden gate park there is an inform tiff look at the risks we live with every day in the bay area. scenes like this are part of the past, and with certainty, our future. at kad my of sciences finishing touches to an exhibit as exciting as it is educational. >> what is your hope, scott, for visitors to take way? >> understanding that earthquakes are part of a bigger process its continued for hundreds of millions of years. there will get a look at how earthquakes affect our planet.
6:48 pm
shifting plates beneath us have had a pro found affect on evolution and on human existence. >> san francisco famous for earthquakes what better way than to be in a san francisco victorian and experience the earthquakes it takes you back in time. >> and there is i'm delighted and impressed by the experience. first, the loma prieta quake of 1989. >> oh, my. really? >> hold on. >> yes. you do. >> this is like what we've experienced?. >> yes. >> very, very similar. >> good. >> yes. >> there is this voice is
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soothing. >> yes. >> and experience is realistic to a point. the great quake was actually three times longer than the 30 seconds in the simulator and much, much more powerful. >> that is terrifying. >> this is a lot of fun and inform tiff. and we have a link under see it on tv. check it out. >> it's incredible. and there is hard to believe there is snow in may. >> there will be some. we have a winter weather advisory from 5:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening and expect two to six inches of snow. so it's impressive. and possibly eight inches of snow that may impact travel on highways.
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there is a look at conditions here, temperatures into 60s inland and there are areas of showers. and there is golden gate festival starting at 11:00 in the morning and partly cloudy skies and there are fire works expected to go off about 9:30 sunday night. temperatures into 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up and monday, not very warm, highs into mid-70s inland. and there is back into mid-80s inland. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the cal team making history. >> there iscucucu
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join me tonight on cable channel 13. coming up, lucky escape. nerve wracking video. >> and there is a school district considers cuts that would mean an end to all after school activities. join us for those stories and
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pore coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is larry beil here. >> yes. getting a taste of miami. the new marlins park starting a four-game series against sanchez, owned them. marlin was their new $515 million stadium. there is a monstrous grand slam on monday. this is crush asked a solo bomb and there is a sculpture that looks like a pin ball machine. there is ain a single in the fourth. we're tied at one. giants catch a break into the alley here, greg dobs and there is a kick save and a beauty. there is giants load bases and pagan comes through.
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and they keep adding more. there is a bloop, single to center, giants busted this open, now 8-1 in the 7th. a's have the night off. for the first time in their storied history cal soft ball will host washington, best two out of three series beginning tomorrow night in berkeley. winner earning one of eight spots, and this is coming up in oklahoma city. the top seeded bears hit their record this year, 54 and five. there is three straight last weekend just to get to this point. >> they're willing to go through a brick call to make things happen this year. i know they weren't ready to have their season ended yet. and they're confident they're going to win both games. and next tuesday, cal men's golf team begins a quest for a national championship. entering ncaa tournament in
6:56 pm
l.a. is number-three seed. bears won six times in 13 tournaments coming off a successive wins in the pack 12 tournament. >> i feel like if year ever going to make a run at this this is a great time. and the guys are full of confidence. we've got a lot of help with the golf course. we're going to be very competitive. >> check out pros in colonial in texas what a day for zach johnson. four birdies on the back nine. 64 by a stroke. crowded field him him. eight holes in the bunker, up, down, gillis part of a tie that is one back. there is a shot of the day. approach on 18. and eagle here but louie is well off the lead at one over par. nba playoffs game six. there is a larry byrd called
6:57 pm
his pacers soft and there is dwyane wade explodes, come get sm. this last move, splitting degrernds. to the rack. that is 20 ponts in the second quarter alone. >> what a series that has been, too. >> yes. and physical, too. >> yes. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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