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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 25, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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>> jimmy: well, that is graffiti6. this is their album. you can see a benews song from them at i want to thank charlize theron, i want to thank manny pacquiao and i want to apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. thanks for watching. good night! kikikikikikikikikikii
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>> the alert neighbor makes suspicious find pl pleasanton. >> ladies police to dead body and puingts them tonight on a search for answers. good evening. >> that grizzly discovery was made on the 11,000 block of note not tar from thear laurel ridge mall. we are leif at the pleasanton police station with what they learned. . >>reporter: pleasanton police are investigating this as a homicide right now only because they don't know otherwise. they are wait to go hear more
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from the alameda county coroner tomorrow. now washington we know about the victim is that it is a female and that it is not a child. police aren't saying if this could be missing 15-year-old sierra la mar but i can tell that you santa clara county investigators were not on scene today. >> nothing remarkable about the trash can at all. >>reporter: nothing remarkable except the body found inside. shortly before noon somebody who lives nearby spotted this trash can along dublin canyon road near laurel creek drive. >> it was ajaysen to the roadway among foliage an area in an area where the casual driver may or may not have noticed it. >>reporter: when police responded they discovered a body i hope the 45 gallon plastic container. alameda couldn't corper removed the remains. >> preliminary is investigation on their part revealed a female body. we don't yet know the age sl but we are hoping to learn that very soon. >>reporter: discovery has st the miss young a little
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worried. she lives across the street from where the body was found. >> i have had the property for 50 years and not seen any problem like this before. you know. in the area at all. >>reporter: she isn't surprised: she isn't of the neighbors called police about unfamiliar trash can that doesn't belong to the city. >> only a few. just a couple. one here and one over here so very few people so everybody kind of knows what is going on.y raises many questions. some wonder if it could be missing morgan hill teenager sierra la mar. >> we are obviously sensitive to that cased and we just can't until the coroner completes their investigation we can't make the determinatio determination. there is an autopsy scheduled for tm and we are hoping to get more information after that. >>reporter: santa clara county investigators call pleasanton police when they heard about the body. they say pleasanton didn't call them but with tomorrow morning to hear fromrom the coroner. police
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investigate this as homicide because they don't know how the person died n.pleasanton abc 7 news e.thank you sky murder charges have now been filed mean time against the man accused of killing tl sierra la mar, missing 15-year-old girl. lisa ise saint cle at the sainte couldn't courthouse tonight with the very latest on the case. lisa snishtion suspect is being held without bail tonight. he did not enter a plea. detectives say that when at the has been asked about sierra la mar whereabouts he remains silent. >> her family wants her home. >>reporter: outside santa clara couldn't hall of justice la mar supporters want l just. that while in the man of of kidnapping and killing her made his first court appearanc appearance. f garcia torrez was silent as judge 10ed his rainment until next week. >> i fake the way fake the way he walked in like a little child with a head down lick scolded by his parents. >>reporter: seeing the man who
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murdered la mar infuriated those who love the 15-year-old. the parents were not in court today as details released about the crime. according to this statement of facts attracting key 99 traced her accident from her thousands point approximately midway down her street. where the dog appeared to lose the accident. investigators believe garcia torrez snatched sierra just 150 yards from her home. they say her dna was found inside his car and his kna was on her >> >> dna is essential to the prosecution case because you need to tie these 2 people together. they did not know each other. they had no reason to have their dna on one another possessions. so it is critical in the case. >>reporter: garcia torrez mother told me she feels good about today's hearing and maintenance her son's innocenc innocence. sheriff's department released more detail parameters about where sierra
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body might be. according to court documents she's not alive because all of her known permanent belongings including her asthma inhaler, her money, her house keys g she was wearing the morning of her disappearance has been located e.we didn't have information that situation era ever left the area so we will concentrate our effort on locating her in the morgan hill south county area. >>reporter: the suspect will be back in cort here next thursday. live in san jose, abc 7 news. all right thank you lisa 8.n walking in a bicycle lane hit d by a car this afternoon near sonoma. police say 74-year-old driver veered into the bike lane on arnold drive. cause of the accident is under investigation. the victim identity has not yet been released. on the peninsula right now more than 200 pg&e customers without electricity after winds knocked down power lines tonight. outage is in san
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mateo on hills dale boulevard l camino real including the hills dale shopping center. right now crew are repairing the toppled lines at david court and adrian avenue. >> whip driven sand force authorities to close san francisco great highway this afternoon when it made driving too dangerous. city says itx÷ will not reopen until the wind finally dies down. when will that be. sandy is here with a look at the windy weather. sandy. >> yes. winds still going strong although not quite as strong as where they were earlier in the evening. sfo gusting to 58 miles an hour early this evening now 38 miles an hour wind, 30 at half moon barracks 30 in oakland. still going strong in some areas. westerly gusting 35 in concord. wind going to continue tomorrow. finally start to drop off as we head into the weekend but add to the wind snow for the sierra nevada. winter weather advisory starts at 5 and continues to 6:00 p.m.
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tomorrow. 2 to and 6 inches a8 inches possible for the higher elevation. prepare for winter driving conditions if heading to tahoe. this may impact 80 and 50. snow there means showers here in the bay year at least possibility and perhaps even some thunderstorms. i'll be back to tell you a little bit more detailed look and when they may happen. >> certainly unusual late may weather. thanks. >> san leandro police issue a warning after 2 robbery within the past week connected the craigslist. reminding people to be careful when they buy expensive items such as cars over craigslist and other on line sites. both robberyr sale involve car sales. one took place on wheel avenue on may 19. another victim robbed at gun point last night on san jose street. detectives believe these cases are not related but they emphasize that thieves lured victim through on line ad in other bay area cities as well. >> san jose mercury news report that lawsuits filed around facebook tainted i p o could total 1 billion dollars in
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damages. suit filed today in san mateo claim facebookty claik misled investors in potential earnings in the documents. facebook lead investment bank is accused of insider trading warning some clients that facebook was opening too high. there are reports that morgan stanley will compensate investors who over paid for facebook shares although facebook says the suits are without merit. stock rose more than 1 dollar today closing above 33. still 5 dollars less than the i p o price. well, you can expect weekend of congestion. traffic around the bay area starting tomorrow night at 7:00 o'clock. that's when muni is shutting down the tl light rail lines for 10 days to work on the church intersection and karl avenue. then in our later first street between mission and howard will be closed for work on the transbay transit center. stay closed until
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tuesday morning through the holiday weekend. starting at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow the entire bridge here out of commission. full closure due to seismic retrofit work runs through tuesday morning. not easy around the golden gate bridge on sunday. shutting down between 9 tl and 10 for the fireworks show l full list of event connected with the big anniversary celebration on 7 under see it on tv. >> by the way our exclusive way traffic app can help you navigate any traffic detour. down load way from the app store or the android market. it's free. of tough budget decision could mean game over for student athlete. >> you are taking away a community from children. >> fight to play in fairfield coming up in>> balance budgeliv. >> balance budget for the city of oakland that doesn't include any cuts. >> then we show you the picture
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of president clinton that is raising eyebrows. >> later on "nightline". >> the coming up next onnline".e of america most famous cold cases. we tell you what police think really happened to 6-year-old plus hidden injury causing wide spread concern in the nfl. even wee wee players could be at risk say doctors. "nightline". >> thanks. stay with us. 7 news at 11 continues right news at 11 continues right after this
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sfwi. >> plan to replace soccer field with synthetic turf was tentatively approved half hour ago. about play in league using the field behind the beach chalet but drainage is a problem creating slippery field that sometimes lead to injuries. opponent who want the park to remain in a natural state say they will appeal. well when students in fairfield start school in the fall chance
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they won't have any they sports or after school programs. school board voted to cut them but tonight students and parents are putting u fight. lillian is live in fairfield tonight with the story. lillian? >>reporter: >> i weren't to know what we can do as a community to get a plan in action to save our sports. >>reporter: parents came pleading. so did students. student athletes from fairfiel fairfield. rodriguez high say they won't know what to do if the school district carries out the plan to eliminate sports. >> devastating. many it would be flat out devastating. >>reporter: board members voted in february to cancel all sports and other after school activity as way to offset 6 and half million dollar deficit. the parents students and teachers hoping the board will find a way to keep the trams alive. >> you aren't just taking away sports. you are taking away mentor. counselors. father figures. motivation to get good grade. likelihood. college
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opportunity. and clean criminal records. >>reporter: district however says there just isn't any wiggle room. district employee attended state budget briefing early this week and th bl is bleak. >> the pi is worse not better so tm there is no miracle money coming from the state of california that will save the district or any anybody. >>reporter: one viable hope is for the employee union to macon session. so far 2 of the 5 agreed to pay endut benefit cut and for option to kick in money. one mother went so far to criticize the parent community for lagging in booster club donation. >> we failed our community fwlam we going to do if we want it back, we have to figure this one out ourselves. we have the opportunity t.we blew it. >>reporter: the district will get a better idea on the state of high school sports when done negotiate with the remaining employee 81s no word on when
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that might be. live in fairfield, abc 7 news. >> all right thanks lillian. >> tonight oakland mayor kwan is moving ahead with plans for coliseum city despite the loss of one of the major tenants warriors to spend. city plans d nearly two million dollars to study the idea. part o t proposal reflects improving economy in her city. decision to move ahead with that study comes just days after the warriors announce they will be moving to san francisco. >> oakland as far as i'm concerned is farther along than the san francisco deal. that's just an idea and handshake with my good friend ed. >>reporter: in addition to putting more money into economic development there are no cuts in city jobs or service force the coming fiscal year. that's the first time oakland mayor has been able to say that in 4 years. >> let's go back to the weather and talk about this wind for the hotel difficult weekend. >> this is unusual. sandy is here now. >> yes we have seen blustery conditions and winds stay with us head nag tomorrow. we add to the mix and possibility of
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showers. here's a look at live doppler. showers developing just off eureka coast license here and we are seeing the possibility of showers here as well. show you what it looks like in the sierra nevada we begin of rainmix of rain snow heading into the tahoe area tonight. this is all going to switch over to snow for tomorrow morning. if you have travel plans to tahoe long holiday weekend reminder there's a winter weather advisory up at 5:00 a.m. continues until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. here in the bay area it's quiet but live doppler 7 hd may tracking showers as we head into your morning show you show you computer animation in a moment. temperatures in the 50's. the winds definitely chance of showers overnight. isolated thorms possible tomorrow and snow likely over the sierra passes. in the month of may tahoe averages about 4 inches of snow. south lake tahoe that is. so they do get it even though it's late in the season. the system we are watching is
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this one here but for the time being it's pressure difference between the high and the low so is so large we are squeezed in between that's why we see the strong winds and we have been seeing them for a couple of days. that's going to continue tomorrow and then this low hered pulled upper level low drop down and this is what is going to produce the possibility of showers here. few clouds throughout we head into the 5:00 a.m. morning commute. might want to grab umbrella. you see here green showing up in the south bay. also in the north bay come see some showers as we head into the afternoon hours even potential for thunder. cold system. strong heating from the sun and that destabilize the atmosphere so best possibility now looks for afternoon hours east south by hill, mount diablo and hamilton and showers could linger into your friday night. holiday travel plans may impacted tomorrow. tomorrow morning
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like i said grab your umbrella. t. swaert or jacket. windy out there mid 40's to the mid 50's. making it feel colder as the wind so definitely raw out there and it's raw tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow afternoon mid 50's to the upper 60's. windy day partly cloudy with few showers. definitely below average for this time of year by good 10 to 15 degrees. around the monterey bay upper 50's to the mid 60's. see the possibility of wet weather there as well. not sunday. it's a big day. golden gate bridge 75 anniversary. it's the golden gate festival. partly cloudy breezy 54 in the morning. 58 for the afternoon and 54 degreeworks get the fireworks gt under way. so looks really good for the fireworks show. accu-weaorecast 7 day forecast breezy weekend not quite as windy. a little bit warmer for memorial day as well. warming continues tuesday through thursday with plenty of sun but tomorrow is the day watching skaivlly. mike is here
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starting at 4:30 tomorrow any possg any possible showers on live doppler 7 hd. >> thanks sandy. luckyomentescape.ntescape. >> more of the death defying >> more of the death defying highway moment caught on video. srz.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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>> terrifying moment of impact when semi truck take as turn here too sharply. look what happens. the truck topples over and careens into an suv. this happened in russia. the video is from the dash board mounted camera that is on the suv. everyone is fine. you can see the driver of the semi there inside the cab. he's fine. suv driver just shaking his head. >> wow! well a picture is worth 1,000 words. people are really talking about one photo former president former presidt clinton. he took a picture with two porn stars and their friend apparently. picture was snapped at casino in monte carlo, monaco. sounds worse than it is. he was there attend ago fundraiser and apparently these ladies were attending the fundraiser as well. >> massachusetts farmer wants his cow on the wagon. seems the steer are drinking beer.
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he says 5 wandered out of the pasture in a beer pond party last weekend. cattle figured out the game or so it seems. went on to dominate except for the ping pong part and led to drunken until bounced back to the barn. it looks like somebody staged that whole thing doesn't it? >> are you questioning the integrity of those cows. >> i am i am. >> hard to follow drunk cow but how about drunk with power? the giants visiting south beac beach. erupt for season high in run and hits. sports is in run and hits. sports is next.
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>> fwechlt giants must love the new ballpark in miami. first visit to marlins park they produce a season high 14 runs on 15 hits. this is what 5 15 million dollars buys you. complete with an aquarium. near home plate. he loves tha that. take it home. carlos can hit the ball a ton. this is to the beer garden off ryan. 1 nothing marlins in the second then kaleidoscope takes off here in center field. water cannon thing and fish. 1-1 game in the sixth. angel
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with two run double off sanchez who has dominated the giants in the past but not tonight. 4 rbi. wild pitch. made it 4-1 then belt with a blooper. giants 7 of 17 with men in scoring position. 3 more in the seventh. 4 more in the eighth. milk man bang out season high 14 run 15 hits and double up 14-7. a's night off host the yankees tomorrow night. when miami fell hyped 2 games to 1 against indiana in the play off series seemed like the end of the world for heat. how would they respond to the challenge? 3 straight wins. the larry pacers were soft. game 6 welcome to the wade show like a man possessed ever since held to 5 points in game 3. tonight waden in just the second quarter. that is spectacular right there heat pulled away in the third. eping lebron sweeping hook to get away from roy. had 28. then
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went a little yapping at the pacer bench. they don't like each other. pacers not quietl quietly. west turn around. get within 5 but that is it. couldn't stop wade. strong. 41 points and 10 rebound. heat takes 105-93 victory.- 4 gyms-2t team. won in 2002. bears have another chance season. this season. 54 and 5 heading into this weekend super regional in berkeley. best of 3 series against washington. winner worldon to the college series head coach dianne says this team is special. >> they are willing to go through a brick wall to make things happen so year so i know they weren't read to have the season ended and i thinkcame ouy came out on sunday prepared and confident they would win both games. they are looking forward to success this weekend. >> keep the cow theme. men golf team also had shot at the national title. many
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tournament starts next tuesday at riviera in la. bears roll after back-to-back win. >> i really feel like if we are ever going to make some make a real run at this this is a great time. full of coll. full of confidence that's reminiscent of the 2004 until championship team. we have a lot of help with the golf course so i think we are going to be very competitive. >>reporter: like the enthusiasim. >> yes. do you know what is nice we always show football and basketball but it's good to see sports like softball as well as golf it getting attention and thriving >> doing ly in both of those cool. >> "nightline"is up next. i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn thanks for joining us. 7 news continues tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 and of course always available at our web site and facebook and twitter. >> check us out there when you can. thanks for watching we
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appreciate your time. appreciate your time. >> good night everyone. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right ♪
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♪ if being right means being without you ♪ [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. storm and making it the earliest major hurricane on the record in he eastern pacific. bud is whipping up 115-mile-an-hour winds as it inches closer to beach resorts along mexico's southwestern coast. but it's expected to weaken before making landfall tonight. the atlantic hurricane season is also getting off to an early start.
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tropical storm burl could form this weekend. >> here's your forecast. heavy rain in florida. showers from the carolinas to new york. thunderstorms around pittsburgh, cincinnati, louisville and indianapolis. snow showers the dakotas, northern rockies and pacific northwest. more snow near yellowstone park. >> expect 90s from texas to florida. upper 70s around the great lakes. 94 in phoenix. and 75 in salt lake city. here's a morning special delivery, literally. meet lily goldsboro of provo, utah. she was born on monday. check her out. >> she was born in a hurry. in such a hurry, that there wasn't even time to get to the car. her grandmother had to catch her so she wouldn't fall to the ground. >> man, oh, man. >> lily was 7 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches long. baby, mom and grandma are all doing fine. >> oh, no. >> as a man i'm going to ask you


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