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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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5:01 on this friday before memorial day thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. vallejo police on the scene of a shooting where an officer killed a suspect. terry mcsweeney is at carolina street and sonoma boulevard. what is your new information? >> reporter: that the suspect who had a weapon with him was carrying a pellet gun a nonlethal weapon police had no way of knowing that at midnight when they came upon this person and they were told he was either a robbery suspect or that he was walking down street with a weapon that is why police you can see the squad car there the police pulled up to that exact location officers got out approached the suspect as we
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go across street with our picture you can see orange markers those mark the casing from the bullets fired by police at the suspect who is just down the street a third of a we are not going to be showing you that. i can tell you that four investigators are standing over the body right now trying to find more information he has not been identified other than as a white male. if you see the mural on the side of that wall down by where the casings were tired that -- were fired that is lidge con elementary school. they have school today we are told by police that the coroner is on the way out here and will taking care of things this scene should be clear by the time school is scheduled to begin that's not going to be an issue. what we have is a man dead, shot by vallejo police he was either a suspect in a robbery or just report came in
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carrying a gun police are not sure wait was that took their attention to this man. have a gun it turns out to be a pell -- he did have a gun, it turns out to be a pellet again. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. high winds have been causing problems around the bay area knocking down power lines last night anyone's lark add winds to sand and the great highway in san francisco and you have -- and you have closure the great highway is where amy hollyfield joins us live right now. >> reporter: where amy hollyfield is getting tossed about. it is very windy could you tell -- windy out here. the great highway closed even the gate is getting tossed about it it is very strong out here. here's a look at some of the daytime pictures to get a better sense what it looks like you can see sand creating the problems on the great highway the public works department closed it yesterday morning this is crews say they
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won't be roping until the winds die down and they can have time to clean it up. -- i just spock with the national weather service the for -- i just spoke with the national weather service the spokesperson say it probably won't be late morning or early afternoon until the winds die down something to keep in mind if you rely on this highway during your morning routine. we are dealing with 20 to 30 mile per hour winds out here, very cold and uncomfortable the stand is -- the sand is blowing, huge problems, if you can avoid it, which would highly recommend it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:04. firefighters snuffed out a fast moving grass fire on bethel island overnight it had crews worried when it began burning near homes they were able to stop the flames before any structures were damaged.
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the fire is the second around bethel island in the past few days, no one was hurt. this morning pleasanton police investigating a homicide i have an body was discovered in a trash can yesterday morning. the coroner's office has not positively identified the age and gender of the body. it is believed to be that of a female, not a child. authorities don't believe it is missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar based on decomposition and age of the victim. the body was discovered inside a 45 gallon plastic container near laurel creek drive a neighbor called to report suspicious trash can because it did not resemble other city-issued cans in the neighborhood. >> there's only a few one here and here so it is very few people so everybody kind of knows what is going on. >> the alameda county coroner's office is performing an autopsy and the body.
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later today friends and family of a missing castro valley teenager killed 18 years ago will hold a candlelight vigil. jenny lynn was stabbed to death inside her home in may of 1994 she was 14-years-old and her killer has never been caught. the family will hold their annual vigil at 6:30 tonight. the sheriff will speak at the ceremony. $100,000 reward is being offered in the case. the vice mayor of a contra costa county city will be in court charged with illegally keeping $1 at,000 in insurance premiums. prosecutors -- $15 -- failed to for the money to the parent company. medrano pleaded not guilty after he was charged in february. he says he's confident a jury
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will dismiss the charges when they hear the facts. breaking news. privately owned spacecraft in the process of making history by docking with the international space station. katie marzullo in the breaking news center. this mission has bay area ties. >> reporter: it does. we have breaking news from outer space. the crew of the international space station is scheduled to capture the dragon capsule right now. we want to get to the live pictures. now you are looking inside mission control. definitely excited group there let's switch over to the video so we can show you what it looked like from outer space a little bit ago you can make out the outline of the capsule. it went from a tiny blinking light to this. we'll bring you those pictures as soon as we can. the launch, this was tuesday from florida the spacex falcon
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9 rocket. besides supplies for the space station which is its main mission bringing a half ton of supplies to the astronauts at the space station the rocket is carrying a secondary payload the remains of 300 people for burial in space including those of star trek actor who played scottie. >> he's where he wants to be. the only thing he would have prefered would be to have gone up alive. >> reporter: his widow was at the launch tuesday. look at this animation how the docking is going to work which should be happening now. the space station astronauts are using a robotic arm to capture the capsule. then they will release it next thursday and it should safely reenter the atmosphere and splash into the ocean. last check the dragon had been cleared to end the keep-out sphere around the international station.
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we are streaming live on our website go to 5:09. state officials are punishing the accounting firm that failed to catch the fact that of a small southern california city was pilfering the town's coffers. the firm could be fined up to one million dollars and lose license to practice in 2010 it was uncovered that bell city leaders were paying themselves some of the highest public salaries in america. the manager was making over 3/4 of a million dollars a year and bell has fewer than 40,000 residents. 5:09. memorial day weekend is upon us we are talking about high winds, possible showers, possible hail. >> your typical memorial weekend weather, right mike? >> yeah if you were in the south maybe in the midwest, not here. good morning winds gusting up to 31 mile pers hour in
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oakland everybody else 15 to 25 to 29 novato the winds have not subsided and they will stay fast throughout the afternoon due to this area of low pressure you can see it sliding didn't the coast kicking up showers over the ocean with its -- sliding down the coast, kicking up. breezy through 7:00, temperatures near 50 mid to upper 50s around the coast and bay for lunchtime mid 60s inland upper 60s by 4:00 inland as warp as it gets 61 around the bay 55 as far as your coast still scattered thunderstorms possible with mid to upper 50s along the coast into the bay and mid 60s inland by 7:00 stray chance of shower tomorrow north bay otherwise breezy and slow warming trend through the holiday weekend monday upper 50s along the coast low to mid 70s for the rest of us. good morning. we have a high advisory wind
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advisory on the benicia and san mateo bridges, go bridge clear, blustery, gearing the big birthday celebration on sunday they will be shutting down the bridge for the fireworks about 9 p.m., shutting it down to pedestrians 5 p.m. in the afternoon. advised to take the golden gate ferry from marin, bart will be adding extra service from the san francisco side to crissy field and marina green where all the festivities will be taking place. bay bridge toll very light dramatic sky out there as the sun is beginning to rise, no traffic issues metering lights off at this hour clear sailing on the upper deck wind advisory benicia, san mateo bridge for the next little while the dumbarton bridge closure begins tonight if you travel that you your alternates would be 92 to the north and 237 to the south.
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still doing your job may be an ing your health. new study shows how work could be making you sick. financial fallout from the facebook ipo. how much money the main bankers lost? >> plea to save say sports program heading for the chopping block why the cuts need to be made. san francisco transit gets an earful over a plan for neared parking on sundays. why gist leaders say they feel targeted.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. fueling up before your holiday drive gas prices dipped well below april's highs west coast could average $4.50 in the south below $3. in a poll released overnight americans overwhelmingly say mitt romney would do more to help banks and the wealthy when it comes who best to help the family he and the president run even. average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage has hit a new low 3.78% the lowest rate in four years of record-keeping. epic box office battle brewing in weekend experts say men in black 3 will be the film that sends the avengers from first place after today the avengers is expected to be the fourth highest grossing film of all time. that's america's money.
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5:15. nasdaq could be looking at lawsuits exceeding 100 million dollars over the botched facebook ipo. four of wall street's main dealer firms have collectively lost that much from the ordeal when a technical glitch delayed the stock debut by half an hour and/ors were delayed that translated into big losses for many -- as shares prices fell facebook is considering moving to the new york stock exchange over the debacle. when citizens in -- when students in fairfield start school there's a good chance they won't have sport programs. last -- board members voted in february to cancel all sports and activities to offset a 6 1/2 million dollar deficit athletes from fairfield and rodriguez high say they won't know what to do if the district carries out its plan to eliminate sports.
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>> devastating. it would be devastating. >> you aren't just taking away sports. you are taking away mentors, counselorses, father figures, motivation to get good grades, likelihoods, college opportunities and clean criminal records. >> the one hope is for the employee unions to make concessions. so far two of the five have agreed to pay in benefit cuts other option for parents to do fundraising. san francisco's transportation chief is defending his plan to start charging to park at street meters sundays despite criticism from supervisors and local church leaders. municipal transportation executive told the supervisors budget and finance committee that adding meter enforcement sundays would raise two million dollars a year. enforcement won't start until noon church officials say that is not good enough.d$oñ
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asthma sufferers if symptoms get worse at work you are not alone. a new study finds 9% of all cases in u.s. are made worse by workplace environments. florida had the highest rate. researchers say workplace asthma can be prevented when employers have better understanding of the causes. 5:18. on this friday more graduations out there today, they have to hang on to those caps. >> absolutely and watch out for lightning and near the evening hours. >> remember the flying nun they may float off somewhere too, be careful. >> be careful what you put on your head. >> that's right4sañ let's look at graduation forecasts no wings on your gown and cap today. evergreen valley in san jose the first one we kickoff this morning, 10:00 no need to worry about showers partly cloudy and breezy and chilly,÷ym
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58°. for piner high in santa rosa 6:00 today isolated storm possible that 64 will feel good unfortunately with a 20 to 30 mile per hour wind. right now you can see some of the clouds rolling in as we t%btzi southeast from our roof cam and downtown san francisco out ahead of the main system live doppler during the morning when we don't have instability from the heat of the day most showers develop over the ocean where we have the biggest temperature contrast where we have the greatest instability where they are going to stay for the better part of the morning let's talk about temperatures when you step out upper 40s to low 50s the same monterey bay watsonville gilroy mid 40s already today thunderstorms isolated snow in the sierra could be down to pass levels overnight watch out for slickness there isolated storm possible north bay tomorrow temperatures, mid to upper 60s
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south bay well below average 58 millbrae low to mid 60s peninsula mid 50s coast upper 50s downtown and south san francisco mid 50s along the north bay beaches mid to upper 60s inland low to mid 60s east bay shore with mid to upper 60s into the east bay valleys monterey bay mid to upper 50s monterey and carmelo to mid 60s the rest of the bay and inland if you are going to the coliseum tonight yank i -- yankees in town 7:05 first pitch showers possible 58 to 53 tonight stray shower possible most likely partly cloudy upper 40s to low 50s waves of showers coming in 8:00, 9:00 in the north bay more developing in the north bay around noon developing over all of our neighborhoods the higher one in the east bay around 4:00 moving from north to south if you see one coming from the north good bet you may hear thunder and see
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lightning. tomorrow everything is clear until the afternoon and up in the north bay we could have another stray shower. if you are going to the golden gatefest fifths sunday breezy partly -- golden gate festivities sunday breezy partly cloudy. 70s around the bay inland sunday monday won't be as breezy 70s and 80s return away from the coast tuesday, wednesday, thursday. live shot san jose 280 snaking towards cupertinorvr traffic light no problems there. east shore freeway from golden gate field through berkeley into the macarthur maze beginning to pick up a little speeds are at the limit with no problems. high wind advisory benicia and san mateo bridge at this hour golden gate bridge still blustery, no advisory yet bay bridge looking clear as you make your way checking in with friends at mass transit muni
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shutting down the n judah this evening around 7:00 until the 4th of june for construction. expect muni delays throughout that period. we've got critical mass starting 6:00 this afternoon at justin herman plaza that will be tying up the area make plans to avoid that area if you can. terry mcsweeney has been reporting police activity in old downtown vallejo carolina and sonoma boulevard closed for the time being. he'll have more on that coming up. 5:22. next, take your sightseeing on the run. the new tours offered to give tourists the sights and sounds as well as a workout. going, going, gone. the king's ransom paid for this royal slice of cake at auction. cccccccccc
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good friday morning. being part of a tour group is not for every traveler. there is a new way to take sightseeing on the go jogging tours are happening here in the bay area. several hotels, including the hotel palomar downtown san francisco are organizing jogging groups. the concept combines a tour group narration and healthy workout. >> we really love to make sure everybody who comes can participate. whether you are walking, first time runner, whether you have done ultra marathons, we make sure that everyone feels comfortable. >> obviously, a little rain doesn't stop 'em either. the running tours are free for guests other companies are organizing running tours and there are apps available to
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plan your route. after you workout you can have your cake and eat it too if you are the winner of the british royal wedding cake. we told you had a chance to bid on a slice of prince william and kate's wedding cake it was put up for auction by an anonymous seller that slice went for $2500. a slice of william's parents cake sold for $2300. next, we are learning new details about a deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. live report on what led up to the confrontation between a man and police officers oversight night. cameras coming to a park near you. next, weekend of excitement for the golden gate bridge. the big celebration in store for its 75th birthday. today winds the big story then scattered showers and
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thunderstorms this afternoon mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco the rest of us in the 50s if you are traveling across the lower 48 warmest around st. louis 91.
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big bridge cloy shirt coming up 5:30 a.m. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze vallejo police are on the scene of a fatal police shooting. terry mcsweeney is live at carolina and sonoma boulevard. you got more new details? >> reporter: i do.
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the suspect has been covered over here on sonoma boulevard at carolina street. his body had been in the street since midnight since the shooting took place. officers came upon this person, we are told that he was either a robbery suspect or had a gun and was seen with that gun and police were called it could be a combination of both midnight officers approached you can see with the squad car stopped across the street right in front of that forensic says van where the body still lays where he was shot dead video from before midnight vallejo police pull up and see this person across the street they fired at least six rounds i base that on the number of evidence markers that were across the intersection and about maybe 50, 40, 50 feet from where the suspect lay
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dead. next to the suspect was a handgun talked to officers out here and they are saying that handgun looked like a baretta, but it was not it was either a pell -- pellet gun and now they are saying it could be an air soft gun even less dangerous than a pellet again the pellet gun not a lethal weapon officers had no way of knowing that midnight complete darkness and this person had a weapon possibly pointing at the officers, officers say the gun the suspect had was not fired at police can also tell new is occurring at carolina and sonoma the intersection where lincoln elementary school is the forensics lab from san mateo county solano county contracts with them to come up and do the investigation and they they are doing their worker with told the coroner's office is
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going to have a van out here soon and will be removing the body long before school begins they have an hour and a half maybe two hours before that takes place. latest, again a man shot to death by vallejo police last night either a robbery suspect or having a gun with him or a combination of both. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:33. next thursday the 21-year-old man accused of killing sierra lamar is scheduled to be back in court. yesterday antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge for one minute without entering a plea. he did not speak and stood with his head down. prosecutors had to release new details about the crime according to the statement of facts file by the sheriff's office a tracking k-9 traced sierra lamar's scent from her home to a point midway down her street where the dog lost the scent. investigators believe garcia-torres snatched sierra right there, 150 yards from
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her home. they say her dna was found inside his car and his dna was found on an extra set of clothing found in her discarded backpack. >> the dna is essential to the prosecution's case you need to tie these two people together. they did not know each other. they had no reason to have their dna on one another's possessions. it is critical in the case. >> sierra lamar's parents did not attend yesterday's hearing. garcia-torres remains in jail and is being held without bond. alameda city council set to hear a budget proposal next tuesday that calls for trimming more than a million dollars from the police department, including closing the city jail. city manager says he wants to prevent cuts from the police department's patrol and investigation divisions. if the city jail closes, six employees will be laid off he's asking for cuts in other departments to help offset a five million dollar deficit. soldier from san jose has
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died in afghanistan from the defense department says he died in kandahar yesterday this is his high school graduation photo. the 25-year-old was the victim of an ied blast. he deployed in december. his first overseas deployment. antioch police warning muggers, taggers and drug dealers to stay out of city parks unless they want to be captured on video committing crimes. antioch adding seven cameras to three high traffic recreation spots with a history of crime nole park, antioch community park and antioch marina cameras will cost $225,000. this is a big weekend for the golden gate bridge as we've been reporting, it celebrating 75th anniversary sunday expect a lot of delays thousands are expected to attend a bridge party all day sun -- all day sunday at crissy field traffic on the
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bridge will be interrupted from 9:00 to at least 10:00 for a fireworks show they have to inspect the bridge after the show and there will be no parking at fort point, crissy field for the marina green. >> is starting 7:00 tonight you can speak other closures muni shutting down n judah and j at church an hour later first between mission and howard will be closed for work on the transbay transit center until tuesday morning. starting at 10 tonight the entire dumbarton bridge will be off-limits due to seismic retrofit work through tuesday morning. something else you have to factor into your plans the weather which is interesting and different for this time of year. >> windy and chance of rain? >> yeah, absolutely. good morning, gusts 20 to 30
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miles per hour bay shore to the north bay out to the coast 20 livermore and 16 in concord going to be a tough morning to travel if you have a high profile vehicle let's take about temperatures under an increasing cloudy sky or increasing clouds we have temperatures in the upper 40s near 50 through 7:00 scattered shower possible by noon 60s bay and coast, 60s inland 4:00 better chance of showers becoming thunderstorms with small hail 50s along the coast and palo alto into san jose 60s for rest of us 7:00 keep an eye to the sky still scattered thunderstorm possible and moving north to south 50s and 60s once again well below average three day forecast breezy tomorrow slight chance of a thunderstorm in the north bay everybody else dry and sunday monday, still breezy increasing sunshine and warmer weather upper 50s at the coast for memorial day low to mid 70s for the rest of us.
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good morning icloud did sky at the bay bridge toll -- traffic flowing smoothly into the tolls and upper deck and incline section is good as you can see no metering lights on we'll keep following that. walnut creek commute southbound 680 past north main into highway 24 junction a little slowing there but not too bad so far so good we'll follow that. here we go closures over the weekend, first street closed between mission and howard due to the transbay terminal building over the weekend major thoroughfare to the bay bridge you need to find an alternate route beginning tonight at 8:00. dumbarton bridge closure starting tonight for a seismic retrofit alternate san mateo bridge to the north and 237 to the south. incident in vallejo that terry mcsweeney has been reporting on. the intersection of carolina and sonoma boulevard police activity, alternate would be
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mare island way or broadway. 5:39. still ahead, honoring ourselves members, where you can remember their sacrifices this memorial day weekend in the bay area. break in the case, new developments in the investigation into the murder of 6-year-old new york boy etan patz. when a historic warship is set to leave the bay area.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 33 years ago today 6-year-old etan patz vanished on his walk to school. 51-year-old pedro hernandez is under arrest for the murder. police say he confessed. the arrest after the case was reopened last month. police digging in a basement down the block from where etan lived. they received a tip believe to have come from a relative or friend of hernandez. >> in the years following etan's disappearance, hernandez told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york."
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>> the day etan disappear was the first morning his parents let him walk alone to the bus stop the case changed the way parents sent their kids to school. tugboat crews rescheduled the voyage of the battleship iowa for saturday. choppy waters have prevented from it making its trip to southern california. plans call for transformer it into an interactive museum at port of los angeles. the battleship is scheduled to sail between 2:00 and 3:00 saturday. coast guard intends to lift the ban on sailing off the coast in time for a race from san francisco to monterey today. the ban went into effect after the disaster that killed five people on a racing boat near the farallons islands last month. large wave pushed the boat into the rocks off the farallons. >> it is hard to define what is the difference between safe
5:44 am
and not clearly, this was a boat that got in too close and giving something a little more room is didn't and this is a wake-up call. >> another recommendation calls for all crewmembers to use proper safety gear. event honoring those who served in the military will be held in alameda memorial day at the memorial park and uss hornet museum. monday onboard the aircraft carrier will feature a wreath-laying ceremony, tours will be available. exhibits trace history from world war ii through the apollo moon landings and the vietnam war. this weekend, men in black release is sure to be in 3-d thanks to sonny. the bloomberg business -- thanks to sony. the bloomberg business report coming up. what researchers found when testing mercury content in fish.
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offensive tweet that has lady gaga fans in an up -- uproar. what she said about shopping in thailand. the new exhibit that will leave you shaking.
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this afternoon mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco the rest of us in the 60s right now scattered showers north of i-80 strongest near eureka now look at the possibility of showers all the way from top to bottom today, mainly in the 60s as you head into tahoe, snow mixing in and it will be that way tomorrow also sunday, monday, thrower to upper 60s, lower to upper 70s around yosemite sunday and monday, heading to southern california, 70s around l.a., upper 60s in san diego. 5:48. new this morning, statewide study of fish caught off the california coast finds high concentration of methylmercury in more than 1/3 of the locations sampled. seven an species that are popular were found to have high concentrations of the contaminant, including leopard sharks, copper rock fish and
5:49 am
striped bass. the report says higher rate of methylmercury was found in fish caught on the northern coast than the ones caught in the bay area. the toxin damages the nervous system in people. children and pregnant women should especially not eat the fish. four -- four facilities have received 25 citations for health and safety. -- [ unintelligible ] two serious violations were reported in oakland which had blocked exits one serious violation reported at the va clinic at travis air force base in fairfield for improperly using equipment san francisco, va medical
5:50 am
center received several violations facilities have 15 days to correct each violation. novato san er to district reached $350,000,000 settlement with -- state regulators over dozens of sewage spills tolding 500,000 gallons. district offs say some of the spills were caused -- district officials say some of the spills were caused by aging equipment new plant opened in 2010, working on a 15 year project up to grade more than 200 miles of pipes. the settlement was approved behind closed doors by the novato sanitary district board and must be approved by the state. new exhibit will put nut middle of an earthquake opens tomorrow in san francisco, visitors will get a dynamic look, one way to put it, how quake as effect our land net it includes a new simulator that brings visitors back to the 1989 quake and the quake
5:51 am
of 1906. san francisco is famous for quakes what better way than to be in a victorian and experience the 1989 quake and 1906 quake. >> when you go you might recognize the voice narrating the new exhibit it is that gentleman on the right holding on, dan ashley our own abc7 news anchor. if you are going this weekend, perhaps tomorrow when it opens [ unintelligible ] tomorrow, up north chance of shower, more showers today graduation first moro catholic high in hayward 7:00 tonight we could have an isolated storm dress for 57°.
5:52 am
high school in walnut creek they will be in the golden hill community church isolated storm there better chance of a storm there 63° this morning the staff is making the 97 graduates breakfast at the church, pretty cool. you can see clouds are increasing as we look at the golden gate bridge in morning i'll show that you forecast sunday -- for sunday. clouds out there doppler picking up clouds radar returns around sonoma and napa more clouds what you see the greens that's probably a knew showers they are dissipating as they head towards us stepping outside upper 40s to low 50s breezes from 15 to 35 miles per hour mid 40s gilroy and watsonville everybody else around 50 today thunderstorm isolated but possible snow up in the sierra to the pass levels another chance of a
5:53 am
storm in the north bay tomorrow afternoon mid to upper 60s east bay valleys low to mid 60s along the east bay shore south bay mid to upper 60s up the peninsula drops to 59 millbrae mid 50s along the coast today upper 50s downtown south san francisco a little chilly this time of year mid to upper 60s north bay valleys upper 50s monterey and carmel. 10° cooler than average yankees are in town 7:05 first pitch showers possible at the coliseum 58 drop fog 53. partly cloudy -- upper 40s to near 50 again. watch as showers dance around the north bay during the morning redevelop around noon mainly north bay dance around all of our higher elevations during the afternoon and evening all these storms will develop to the north and slide down to the south. they will taper tomorrow
5:54 am
morning and then another chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow during the afternoon hours golden gate bridge partly cloudy breezy sunday 54 warming up to 58 dropping back to 54 by 11:00 breezy this weekend it will be dry and warmer by monday warmest weather next week. good morning. for the a's game and the giants monday bart has extra trains for you and extra cars all weekend long that's a good alternate. right now bay bridge toll very light as you can see no metering lights yet smooth sailing upper deck into san francisco. benicia and san mateo bridge high winds take extra care. golden gate bridge everybody has been talking about the 75th anniversary sunday, a hard closure beginning 9:00 for the fireworks all pedestrians will be asked to leave the span at 5:00 in the afternoon. alternate ways to get into
5:55 am
san francisco would be the ferry and they will be having extra service and from the san francisco side bart providing extra trains, extra cars for all events. sunday's service -- sunday service on monday. 101 right now we have an accident reported southbound at 880 in the left lane. 5:55 now. if you plan to be in the sun this weekend you don't need to pay big ducks -- -- big bucks to buy the pricey sunscreen. here's jane king. if you are looking to soak in rays this weekend consumer reports say the most expensive brands aren't necessarily the best it rated walgreens as ies best buys. travelers on a weekend getaway dreading prices at the pump. according to a survey that with sitting in traffic and other drivers on the road are what americans find the most
5:56 am
stressful. brokers at morgan stanley may -- [ unintelligible ] lead underwriter of the facebook ipo will adjust prices for some investors who may have overpaid. sources tell bloomberg, sony retreating from a fight with major u.s. theaters and has decide foot the bill for 3-d glasses moviegoers can rest assured they will see their alien taxes up close for the men in black 3 release this weekend. i'm jane king. italian doctor showing off the world's tiniest artificial heart that saved the life of a 16-month-old baby it weighs 4/10 of an ounce. it kept the little boy alive almost two weeks while he waited for a heart transplant. the pump had only been tested on animals the hospital got special permission to use from it american inventor and the italian health ministry.
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lady gaga angered fans in thailand when she tweeted she wanted to shop there for a fake rolex. some fans called her comment offensive and bad for the country's image. her lyrics and tombs -- and costumes have angered some. breaking news that you saw right here first. deadly officer involved shooting downtown vallejo. we are at the scene to explain how a pellet gun caused officers to open fire. strong winds forcing drivers in san francisco to take a detour. live to the great highway to show you results of the gusty conditions. cccccccccc
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