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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good friday morning. thanks for checking in with us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. what is the weather going to be like? >> clouds on the increase already good morning showers staying out over the ocean for now breezes are the big story this morning still gusting from 60 -- 16 miles per hour up to 26 hayward, 29 at half moon bay to 31 oakland 29 novato the breezes will be with us all day scattered showers even thunderstorms possible mid to upper 50s along the coast the rest of us in the 60s also scattered showers around the monterey bay 50 monterey, low to mid 60s for rest of the bay and inland. here's sue. good morning. the one bridge taking the brunt of the golden gate and dumbarton closure today and all weekend will be the bay bridge and right now looking good no metering lights we'll follow that for you all weekend long mass transit fine muni n judah line starting
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7:00 tonight will be shutdown until the 4th of june. make alternate plans. we have an accident in san jose right now southbound 101. we are staying on top of the breaking news we were first to bring you this morning. vallejo police shot and killed a robbery suspect who it turns out was carrying something close to a toy gun. it happened after midnight on carolina and sonoma boulevard near lincoln elementary in vallejo. officers believe the man was armed with a handgun but investigators at the scene say it appears it was just a pellet gun that fires only plastic pellets. they say it looked like a baretta. officials say the coroner will be at the scene and the body will be removed before kids start arriving for school. terry mcsweeney will have more at 6:30. gusty winds forced shutdown of san francisco's great highway not clear when
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it will reopen. amy hollyfield is live in the city with the conditions on the great highway now. looks windy and cold where you are. >> reporter: the wind is not letting up out here. you still feed to plan a detour around this area. just to give you a sense of how windy it is, the gates are not only shaking, the barricade, the wind knocked it over let me show you what the problem is, sand this is obviously, supposed to be a sidewalk but tears a huge pile of sand here -- but there's a huge pile of sand here blocking the way. the problem is that -- is on the road. we have pictures that we took yesterday to give you a sense of piles of sands causing the problem they shutdown this section of the great highway yesterday morning this problem has been going on for a while this is between lincoln and slout. -- -- and sloot.
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winds aren't going to die down until late morning and early afternoon then they have a cleanup ahead you have to keep this in behind as you plan your get -- getway for the weekend or -- winds are knocking me off their feet when they pick up. we are not seeing department of public works out here they are not attempting to get in cleaned up now it would be a futile effort it is so windy still. a bus coming up here muni bus will have to figure out how to get around this is causing some issues for people who use this highway, including the bus. keep this in mind, very windy, very uncomfortable out here, not a great day to do sightseeing or see the beachy recommend avoiding the area, if you can. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> looks and sounds windy.
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6:04. later today friends and family of a missing castro valley teenager kill 18 years ago will hold a candlelight vigil. jenny lynn was stabbed to death in her home in may of 1984 she was only 14-years-old her killer has never been caught. the family will hold their annual vigil 6:30 tonight at the cast tremendous valley library. a $100,000 reward is being offered in the case. in a meeting that stretched late into the night the san francisco board of supervisors voted to replace sod at golden gate bark with synthetic turf,. however, opponents say they will appeal they say the park should be kept as natural as possible they are threatening legal action. one of the groups opposed has hired an attorney. when students in fairfield start school in the fall there's a good chance they won't have sports or
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afterschool programs. the board just voted to cut them it was packed and he phogsal last night board members voted in february to cancel all sports and other afterschool activities to offset a 6 1/2 million dollar deficit student athletes from fairfield say they won't know what to do if the district carries out its plan to eliminate sports. >> devastating. it will be devastating. >> you aren't just taking away sports, you are taking away mentors, cons horse, father figures, motivation to get good grades, livelihood, college opportunities and clean criminal records. >> the only viable hope is for the employee unions to make concessions. so far two of the five have agreed to pay and benefit cuts. another option for parents to do fundraising. nasdaq could be looking at lawsuit exceeding 100 million dollars over the botched
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facebook ipo last friday four main -- a technical glitch delayed the stock debut by a half hour and client orders were delayed that translated into big losses for many investors and traders as the share price fell. facebook is considering moving to the new york stock exchange after this debacle. privately owned spacecraft is about to make history the spacex dragon is in the process of docking with the international space station. katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center hearing about a delay. >> reporter: right now there is a delay. let's get to the live pictures i'll tell you what is going on. the space station was supposed to capture the spacex dragon capsule an hour ago the new time is 6:10. this is a live feed from the advantage point is from the space station. you can see the -- the capsule at the bottom of your screen.
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it is a historic moment as it is the first commercial craft to ever make this trip. the capsule is unmanned and carrying a half ton of supplies to the astronauts. look at another cool view from earlier this morning. space station astronauts will use a robotic arm to capture the capsule they are proceeding cautiously with good reason. listen to a transmission from master control a few moments ago. >> the spacex team as well as the nasa team here is taking a method kal approach even though some of these -- methodical approach even though some of the maneuvers are looking like they are going in slow-mo this is a test flight. >> reporter: the dragon was launched from florida tuesday. until this morning the space station crew was reliant on russia, japan and europe for supplies. this mission, besides the supplies, the rocket was also
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carrying a secondary payload the remains of 300 people for burial in space that includes the remains of star trek actor who played scottie. we are streaming this live so keep watching it is fascinating the picture changes from moment to moment that is on >> just as were you delivering that report, we saw nasa tweet saying the capture time is going to be 7:40 our time delayed again because they prefer daylight for that purpose. 6:09. latest observation sunnyvale light rain falling one of the first areas getting wet this morning, live doppler seeing cloud cover streaming in and right now everything is fairly quiet other than a few drops as we moisten the atmosphere with counterclockwise flow off the ocean radar returns diminishing over the ocean once we get the heat of the
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day expect those to pop breezy through 7:00, sprinkle possible, upper 40s to near 50 showers will be developing by noon mid to upper 50s around the bay and the coast mid 60s inland and thunder possible from 4:00 to 7:00 hail temperatures in the mid 60s during your evening hours inland mid to upper 50s around the bay and coast three day forecast, one more chance of a stray thunderstorm tomorrow north bay otherwise increasing sunshine still a little breezy and warmer weather for sunday and monday. we've got wind advisory on two bridges benicia and san mateo. so far, bay bridge and golden gate not reporting too many major gusts it is really blustery out there. take a little extra time. once again dumbarton closure can't remind you enough begins tonight, your alternates this
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weekend would be 92 to san mateo to the north and 237 to the south. good news in san jose accident 101 southbound 880 now cleared. our time is 6:11. the common illness that could get worse by going to work. coming up first, swift water danger at yosemite national park, the warning that rangers are giving to visitors this holiday weekend.
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good morning. 6:newer toon now. right now the coast guard and sfpd towing an abandoned sailboat back to shore. they believe -- they don't
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think anyone is onboard but they will check to make sure there is no one in the water. we are understanding that right now is happening a quarter mile west of the north tower of the golden gate bridge. we'll keep our eye on the story as the coast guard toes that abandoned sailboat -- toes that abandoned sailboat back to shore. yosemite park will be a popular destination this weekend. rangers are advising everyone there to stay out of merced river. search-and-rescue team put out a demonstration yesterday to show how dangerous the river can be snowmelt is keeping the water bitterly cold. this comes after three hikers were swept over vernal falls and died last year u.s. soldiers continuing a tradition dating back to 1948. soldiers have placed small american flags at the griffs of money than 260,000 service members at arlington national cemetery. the army's third u.s. in--
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army's third u.s. infantry regiment will place the flags they will be removed after memorial day. whole entire weekend whether you are graduating as archbishop high is doing tomorrow at 9:00, congratulations seniors. don't stay out too late tonight. san jose 9:00 tomorrow morning partly sunny and 57° they are having at the school's football field petaluma high graduating tomorrow 10:00 it will be partly cloudy and 58 congratulations seniors if we don't include your school let us know we would love to put them on here also i'll be putting these on facebook so post some pictures we would love to share them. clouds on the increase as we east from emeryville this morning clouds are going to drop some rain like it is
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doing now down in mountain view upper 40s to low 50s with sprinkles possible through the morning commute low to mid 50s -- [ unintelligible ] thunderstorms possible isolated snow in the sierra could drop to some of the pass levelsm7 had overnight isolated storm to round out this event tomorrow in the north bay east bay valleys mid to upper 60s today east bay hills low to mid 60s everywhere five to 10 degrees below average mid to upper 60s south bay low to mid 60s peninsula mid 50s along the coast upper 50s downtown and south san francisco mid 50s beaches if the north bay mid er 60s inland monterey bay mid to upper 50s monterey and carmel gusts around 25 to 40 miles per hour this afternoon. showers possible at the game tonight go any way the yankees
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are in town 7:05 first pitch. 58 and fireworks night. here's a look at what is going to happen sprinkles through 8:00 then one batch of showers could develop in the north bay slide south another batch around noon and pop-up thunderstorms thanks to the heating of the day by 4:00 through about 9:00 we'll get quiet overnight only to see one more chunk of energy roll through the north bay tomorrow around 2:00 to 6:00 a chance of scattered showers. if you are heading to the golden gate bridge sunday partly cloudy, breezy and cool, 54 in the morning at 11:00 58 the high, 54 by 11 p.m.. we have breezy conditions throughout the weekend, it will be warmer sunday and monday warmest temperatures will be tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 70s and 80s away from the coast mid 60s there. pooh good morning. regards to the a's series bart
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ram manying up service -- for all of the memorial day and weekend event including the giants game monday extra trains, extra cars 75th anniversary mike was alluding to weather-wise authorities are asking drivers to an individual the area no parking at crissy field and marina full bridge closure 9 p.m. pedestrians asked to clear the bridge 5 p.m. sunday fireworks begin 9:30 traffic will be a mess in the area golden gate ferry is offering extra service on sunday as well. elsewhere around the bay critical mass this evening at 6:00 at justin herman plaza that will affect your getaway commute if you are heading out of town for the long holiday weekend. carolina and sonoma boulevard, terry mcsweeney has been reporting on police activity that intersection is closed as is part of highway 29 alternate would be mare island way or broadway. coming up on 6:20.
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uh-oh new research says going into work could make a common illness worse. going once, going twice, sold! the price paid for a slice
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good morning. giant beat up on the marlins in miami last night 14-7 most
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runs in game all season they will go at it again tonight a's were off will take on the yankees tonight. >> sure it is not football season? 6:24. you can have your cake and eat it too, if you are the winner of the british royal wedding cake. we told you had a chance to bid on a slice of prince william and kate middleton's wedding cake. it was a fruitcake, paid by a famed british baker and it was put up for auction the price went for $2500. a slice of william's parents cake sold for $2300. asthma sufferers if your symptoms are worse at work you are not alone. new study finds 9% of all asthma cases in the u.s. are made worse by workplace environments. florida had highest rate of occupational illness. researchers say workplace asthma can be prevented with
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better under stage of the causes. new this morning, the california mother now in police custody accused of trying to drown her child. fast moving grass fire had firefighters working late into the night in contra costa county. grisly discovery in the east bay what is happening today after a body turns up in a trash can in pleasanton. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in vallejo. we now know the chain of vents -- chain ever events that led police officers to pull their guns and shoot a man. the story after the break. breezy, scattered showers and thunderstorms and cool conditions 50s at the coast into san francisco says for the rest us. warmest east of the rockies spilling into the east coast mid 70s boston new york mid to upper 80s washington and atlanta up to the pacific northwest mid to upper 60s there flight arrival delays into laguardia newark quiet across the middle part of the
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country san francisco flight arrival delays of 68 minutes observing and -- oakland and san jose on time. she is turning 75 sunday, lots of traffic challenges there entire memorial day weekend. all that and more
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning it is friday
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may 25th, gate way to memorial day weekend coming up. live look 'em you can see clouds grayish start and windy as well. good morning. thanks for joining us. kristen sze. >> yes. >> eric thomas, as far as i know it is may 25th. let's check in with mike. thank you. good morning. welcome to friday welcome to retro weather we are going back to fall and possibly winter with a chance of showers even thunderstorms right now over the ocean we had report of light rain around mountain view and a few sprinkles are possible this morning the real deal later this afternoon winds calmed gusts up to 20, 25 half moon bay hayward concord oakland and san jose will get back up to 30, 35 during the afternoon mid to upper 50s along the coast 60s for the rest of us some showers
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containing hail, lightning and thunder the same around the monterey bay in afternoon. as we roll into the three-day weekend beginning this evening first street towards mission and howard in san francisco will be shutdown transbay terminal construction. dumbarton bridge beginning tonight 10:00 it will be shutdown to seismic retrofiting. san mateo bridge to the north and 237 to the south will be your alternate there is. n judah line shutting down beginning tonight until june 4th. 6:31 now. we are continuing to follow breaking news in vallejo that we were the first to bring you this morning. terry mcsweeney live in vallejo with details on the robbery that preceded the police shooting of a suspect. >> reporter: 15 seconds ago the coroner's office took the body of this person who was shot and killed by vallejo police put it in the back of
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the van and headed down sonoma boulevard at carolina you can see behind me still investigators on the scene and the san mateo county sheriff's office forensics van is here they are contracted with the solano county to do their investigation on incidents like this i'll tell you how this began shortly before midnight a couple blocks from where i'm standing where an individual tried to rob either a cab driver or someone in a cab whether he was successful or not, police aren't certain. they say when they responded to try to find this person they found him walking didn't the street down sonoma boulevard officers pulled him to the intersection told him to stop he showed his gunpointed at officers apparently he didn't fire officers had no way of -- of knowing if he was going to do or not so they opened fire killing him they found the gun he had all along looked like a baretta but was either a pellet gun or an air soft gun
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not a lethal weapon. officers had no way of knowing that in the darkness, especially after hearing what they heard about the attempted robbery down the street. the person who has been killed is being described as a white male right now they are saying he's a john doe they do not have identification on him this is under investigation now. the body just being taken way intersection still closed off lincoln elementary is right there but the body is gone and things should be back to normal by the time the children start arriving. again vallejo police have shot and killed a man a robbery suspect who showed a gun which turned out to be a pellet gun or air soft gun a none lethal weapon,. -- a nonlethal weapon. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> we go an e-mail from the police department saying that male was a 53-year-old north vallejo resident who had prior police contacts with the department. terry thanks for that
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information. also, new this morning, the coast guard is towing a sailboat back to shore near the golden gate bridge here's video from 15 minutes ago the coast guard found that boat empty they also found an empty kayak next to the boat it is not clear if the two watercraft are related authorities are trying to figure out where the owners are. also new, firefighters snuffed out a fast moving grass fire on they will island overnight the fire -- on bethel island overnight. they were able to stop the flames before any structures were damaged. the fire is the second around bethel island in the past few days. this morning we are waiting for the autopsy results after a body was discovered in a trash can yesterday in pleasanton the coroner's off was not able to positively identify the age and gender of the body investigators believe it is a female and not a child the contra costa times reports that authorities do not
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believe it is missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar based on decomposition and the apparent age of the victim the body was inside a plastic container near laurel creek drive a neighbor called police to report the suspicious can because it did not restem other city-issued cans in the neighborhood. >> there's only a few, within here and here -- one here and one here. everybody knows what is going on. >> we'll let you know what the autopsy turns occupy this evening at 4:00. next thursday the 21-year-old man accused of killing sierra lamar is scheduled back in court yesterday antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge for one minute without entering a plea. he did not speak and stood mostly with his head down. new details was released according to the statement of facts, a tracking k-9 traced sierra lamar's scent from her house to a point midway down
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her street where the dog appeared to lose the scent. investigators believe garcia-torres snatched sierra, 150 yards from her home. they say her dna was found inside his car and his dna was on extra set of clothing found in her backpack. >> the dna is essential to the prosecution's case you need to tie these two together. they did not know each other. they had no reason to have their dna on one another's possessions. it is critical in the case. sierra lamar's parents did not attend yesterday's hearing. garcia-torres remains in jail and being held without bail. new this morning, police in southern california have tan a mother into custody. she accused of trying to drown her young son if a pool after 7:00 last night in palmdale in los angeles county the woman was screaming about the world ending and repeatedly pushed the child underwater.
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good samaritans pulled the child to safety and called 911. that child is at the hospital in good condition. former convenience store clerk is expected to make his first court appearance today in new york city where he is charged with the murder of the first missing child to ever appear on a milk carton. 33 years ago today 6-year-old etan patz vanished on his walk to school to a school bus rather 51-year-old pedro hernandez is under arrest for the murder of young etan. police say he has confessed. the case was roped last month. police searched a basement, down the block from etan lived they didn't find evidence but did get a tip hernandez told people years ago that he had killed the child. san francisco police are offering a simple reminder this holiday weekend, don't drink and drive. officers will fan out across the city this weekend for a four-day dui crackdown that includes a sobriety checkpoint set to take place monday
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evening. last year officers arrested 42 people. mike just got word of airport delays, sfo. >> 68 mine flight arrival delays into sfo. because of the winds and mainly clouds that's what see on doppler. a few sprinkles possible this morning the real deal comes during the afternoon as low you can see spinning counterclockwise fashion rolls in as we get into the heat of the day which makes the air the most unstable for 7:00 we go with partly sunny, upper 40s to near 50 showers a few around your lunch hour keep an eye to the sky mid to upper 50s around the coast bay mid 60s inland winds will pick up during the afternoon thunder best around 4:00 to 7:00 mid to upper 60s inland upper 50s to near 60 around the bay mid 50s along the coast you get caught under one of these thunderstorms brief heavy rain,
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brief is the key word lightning obviously thunder and small hail tomorrow there's a small chance of a stray shower in the north otherwise breezy increasing sun warmer sunday into monday mid 70s inland low 70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. good morning. happy friday! long weekend ahead right now big story for your drive will be the high winds out there right now benicia bridge, san mateo bridge both have a high wind advisory bay bridge and golden gate so far, so good blustery out there for all the weekend events, a's, yankees giants, golden gate festivities extra trains, bart ramping up with plenty of extra times for new weekend monday they will be operating on sunday service for the memorial day holiday. right now couple of drive times 880, 23780 carquinez
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bridge light less than 20 minutes to the maze and altamont pass is mild. right now police activity that terry has been reporting on vallejo, car are -- [ unintelligible ] 6:40. >> trading underway now on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange. right now the down 11 points. large wildfire continues to burn out of control in southern california the all-out assault now underway to help get the flames out. new exhibit opening this weekend putting visitors in the middle of an earthquake.
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welcome back. you can see some of the showers on live doppler kind of most prevalent around the oregon border everybody else quieting down once the heating takes over we could have showers down to southern california. let's check out the snow in the sierra snowing today and a little in tahoe tomorrow 70 monday 80 in yosemite monday with a chance of rain and snow tomorrow no rain around l.a. and san diego mid to upper 70s around l.a., upper 60s for san diego. a fast-moving wildfire continues to burn out of control in southern california. the banner fire started yesterday east of julian in san diego county, already more than 1,000 acres have burned and this fire is only 5%
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contained. high winds are fueling the flames, more than 100 homes have been evacuated. water dropping helicopters and air tankers are helping the 200 firefighters on the ground. let's check in with josh for what is coming up next. >> reporter: good friday morning to all of you. breaking news police documents leased overnight in the case nav missing tucson girl. footprints and what appear to be blood discovered in and around the family home. full details, next right here on "good morning america." right now, france's new president is vowing to take his country's troops out of afghanistan by the end of this year. president francois hollande made at innocencement today during his visit to kabul. the exit of french troops would be a change from an original plan laid out by the previous president sarkozy. he said french troops would stay in afghanistan until next year. soldier from san jose has
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died in afghanistan. the defense department says he died in kandahar province yesterday. this is his graduation photo from high school. the 25-year-old travis was the victim of an ied blast he deployed to afghanistan in december. it was his first overseas deployment. this afternoon, former democratic national committee chairman howard dean will deliver the commencement address for preside -- presidio graduate school in san francisco. he will speak to more than 1,000 people during the ceremony. the presidio graduate school opened nine years ago as one of the first offering masters in sustainable management. the school has more than 250 students. they say a picture is worth 1,000 words people talking bun photo featuring former president bill clinton he took a picture with two porn stars and their friend. the picture was snapped at a
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casino in monaco. it sounds worse than it is he was there attending a fundraiser and he said he didn't know what their profession was >> new exhibit that will put new the middle of an earthquake opens tomorrow at the california academy of sciences in san francisco visitors will get a dynamic look at how quakes affect our planet simulator takes visitors back to the 1989 quake and the quake of 1906. >> san francisco is famous for quakes what better way than to be in a victorian and experience the quakes. >> the familiar voice that you will hear narrating the new exhibit comes from none other than our own abc7 news anchor dan ashley.
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an s at one bay area university are leading the pack -- an alums at one bay area university are leading the pack when it comes to -- >> [ unintelligible ] .
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markets up and running not a lot of movement so far a lot of people already gone for the lodge weekend dow down s&p, nasdaq higher bloomberg tradeing lower. home sales are in recovery mode if you are in need of a renovation how about help from former rapper vanilla ice? he flips homes, holding a contest where two homeowners can get a $30,000 rock star room renovation. taking contest submixes -- submissions. if you want your house to look nice, nice baby! there you go. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. touche. i think he goes by his name robert van winkle, his real name now. >> he does good work i've seen
6:50 am
his show. >> i'm glad he found his calling. >> exactly. [ unintelligible ] >> tomorrow archbishop riordan height oldest all-male high school in san francisco 11:00 tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and breezy, 53°. we'll stick with tomorrow 5:00 cardinal newman in santa rosa will be having their ceremonies on the football field mostly sunny and 70° there's the possibility of a stray shower to your east tomorrow evening keep an eye out for that check out tahoe we've talked about snow and there it is, it is snowing up in tahoe right now and it will be for the better part of today and tonight if you are going up there make sure you check the road conditions because it could get slick on the passes overnight. as far as temperatures outside still in the 40s to near 50 not only here but also around the monterey bay 41 gilroy the cool spot today thunderstorm
6:51 am
possible anywhere but very isolated slick slow in the sierra tonight another isolated storm north bay tomorrow east bay valleys today [ unintelligible ] low to mid 60s along the east bay shore wind gusts 25 to 40 possible again today, mid to upper 60s south bay low to mid 60s most of the peninsula millbrae 59 only mid 50s at the coast with blowing sand today upper 50s along south and san francisco downtown mid 50s beaches north bay mid to upper 60s inland mid to upper 50s monterey and carmelo to mid 60s rest of the bay and inland. coliseum fireworks with yank town 7:05 first pitch 58 depositing to 53. scattered showers -- dropping to 53. scattered showers in the north bay fade away more noon then
6:52 am
everywhere 4, 7, 8:00 hour keep an umbrella eyes to the sky. overnight everything quiets down tomorrow chance of shower in the north bay in the evening those fall apart you could get small hail out of these storms. golden gate bridge partly cloudy and breezy for sunday, 11:00 in the morning five four. -- 54 high of 58 breeze taper slowly so will temperatures warm up slowly sunday and monday warmest and calmest after the holiday weekend is over. good morning. happy friday pretty much friday light on the roads anticipating a busy, long holiday weekend is the bay bridge toll problem-free no metering lights incline section moving well no problems upper deck birthday girl 75 sunday doesn't look day over 74 absolutely
6:53 am
beautiful, no fog that's nice when you have a birthday a lot of the festivities starting at 11 a.m. sunday, the bridge will be shutdown during the fireworks sunday evening at 9 p.m. until the fireworks are over that will cause a big traffic problem extra ferries on golden gate and bart has ramping up train service from the san francisco side no parking at these events make plans to get there one way or the other elsewhere around the bay travel times light 101 from santa rosa to marin highway 4 out of antioch and 580 to the maze still a good commute this friday. 6:53. tugboat crews have rescheduled the voyage of uss iowa for this saturday afternoon. choppy waters off the central coast have prevented it from making its final trip to southern california. plans call for transforming
6:54 am
the iowa into a museum. the big ship is scheduled to sail beneath the golden gate bridge between 2 and 3 p.m. saturday. coast guard intends to lift a ban on sailing off the coast in time for a race from san francisco to monterey today. the ban went into effect after the disaster killed five people on a racing boat near the farallons islands last month. one recommendation is to keep boats away from rocky areas. a large wave pushed the boat named low speed chase into the rocks off the farallons. >> it is hard to define what is the difference between safe and not safe, clearly this was a bet that got in too close -- this was a boat that got in too close, giving something more room is prudent and this is a wake-up call. >> another recommendation calls for all crewmembers to use proper safety gear. as we -- here are five things to know before you go.
6:55 am
number one, vallejo list shot and killed a 53-year-old robbery suspect past midnight investigators say pulled what appear to be a handgun it turns out to be a bb or air soft gun that fires plastic pellets. >> number two highway along ocean beach in san francisco remains closed high winds piled up sand on the road forcing authorities to close it, city officials say it won't reopen until the winds die down. >> number three, golden gate celebrates 75th anniversary sunday. that means you can expect a lot of traffic delays the bridge will shutdown from 9 p.m. until 10 for a fireworks show. >> number four, san francisco police offering a reminder this holiday weekend, don't drink and drive. officers will fan out across the city over the weekend for a four-day dui crackdown >> number five, for the first time ever a commercial spacecraft is expected to dock shortly with the international space station the dragon
6:56 am
capsule was launched onboard a spacex falcon 9 rocket tuesday the capsule is bringing a half ton of supplies to the space station crew. final check on weather and traffic. good morning. winds are slow as they've been all morning guts around 15 to 25 miles per hour up to 45 this afternoon sprinkles live doppler showing that the wettest of the weather still ahead of us in the forecast flight arrival delays, 68 minutes into sfo, oakland and san jose on time. sprinkles near 50 this morning, mostly cloudy all afternoon with temperatures running in the 50s and 60s thunderstorms possible during the afternoon and evening. couple of recaps on your challenges for your drive this weekend. bay bridge looking good so far, nice alternate for the closure of the dumbarton this weekend. n judah shutdown starting tonight through the 4th of
6:57 am
june part of the j church as well, dumbarton closure starting tonight highway 92 san mateo bridge and 237 your alternate there critical mass at 6:00 tonight justin herman plaza it is going to be a busy traffic weekend. >> ouch! >> yeah patience. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> keep track on twitter and talk about it at facebo
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